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Because Pain illness and fatigue are destructive to our
Health, Wealth and Well being...

Therapy Fees.

Talking Cures is a Private healthcare provider fully self-funded or by therapy fees and not an Institution, Establishment or Charity.

From the very first contact a Person is expected to be in complete control of their healthcare by only making appointments according to their own daily activities.

This applies to all appointments no matter by what method of contact.

Any treatment must only be for the Person never the Therapist. 

Initial Discussions.

Fifteen to Thirty minutes via, Telephone, Email, Skype or in Person to decide if they would be eligible for treatment, are free of any Fees.

Once a Person starts therapy, now matter how long the treatment in continuum lasts, the fee is never increased.

Fees are payable in full at the end of each session for one to one therapy in the surgery, in advance - with cleared funds, by electronic banking for Skype/Telephone or home appointments.

No refunds are given if Skype or Telephone or Home Appointments are not kept; unless at least Twenty-Four hours notice is given and acknowledged.

Fees for Telephone or Skype treatment appointments not pre-booked are for each Fifteen Minute period and automatic credit is given and an email invoice sent for each period up to a maximum of one Hour, fee then to be paid via electronic banking or other accepted means for this period.

There are no fees for receiving an email or letter which supply's an update or feedback response to treatment.

A fee applies if an email or letter requires a response.

There are times when a response is made to an Email update - at my discretion - free of fees.

Telephone electronic banking information supplied as required... Bank account has no authority other than to receive funds. Funds are automatically transferred to main business account.

Skype: Talking.Cures. Please send Skype Invitation request. or to

Business Hours: Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm; last appointment. Earlier appointments (At Surgery, Telephone or Skype) by arrangement with Pre-Payment.

In Surgery by Appointment

£50.00 per full hour. Payment at end of session.

Skype By appointment

£50.00 per full hour. Paid in advance

Skype if available

£20.00 minimum. Per 15 minute minimum fee

Telephone by Appointment

£50.00 per full hour. Paid in advance

Telephone if available

£20.00 minimum, Per 15 Minute minimum Fee

Email information or assistance

£20.00 minimum/maxim fee per email


£70.00 per full hour minimum 3 Hours, plus travel costs. Paid in advance.

Contact on an ad hoc basis via telephone or Skype is subject to my being available which of course is not always possible.

Talking Cures annual turnover as presented to Her Majesties Revenue and Customs is currently below the VAT threshold.

Peter Smith Talking Cures asserts the right to be recognised as author and Intellectual 

© Copyright holder of this document dated 23rd February 2011.  

Talking Cures is a Twenty First Century Medicine... to treat multiple symptoms of Mind and Body in a Person.

Via Telephone 01702 603030 or Skype. Talking.Cures

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