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Because Pain illness and fatigue are destructive to our
Health, Wealth and Well being...


Welcome to the Unique therapeutic desire, understandings, educating ability and Innovative work of Talking Cures.

This site is dedicated to relieving all discomforts of Mind and Body using new innovative ways of education and treatment, derived from tried and tested techniques of past innovators.


To guide - a Person suffering from dis-ease of Mind, Body, life, ill health, Pain - by resolving every traumatic event stored within a Persons Mind, automatically using their own Immune System(s) to a position of being able to continue life in a manner that suits and is comfortable.

There is no limit to the number of symptoms Talking Cures can work with and offer an educational treatment.

We can achieve nothing in our lives without education.

To be ill is to have been inappropriately educated - not academic education.

To become well requires appropriate education which Talking Cures delivers, in a just in time manner.

The first and subsequent appointments are made by the Person, allowing the Person to control treatment course by their own finances-diary and not to suit the therapist.

This is to allow the Subconscious - our Master and Conscious Minds, to create self-motivation and perhaps for the first time in a Person's life, the direction and control of the Persons future wellbeing.

Company Profile:

For Thirty Five Years. Peter Smith as a local community therapist has provided Complementary counselling and educating treatments for a wide range of disorders of Mind and Body.


Talking Cures are the most significant of findings since the creation of Illness with the unique ability of treating - with a Person able to work with Talking Cures - with ONE therapeutic process, including illness which are "dormant" - stored within the Mind - and highly active for later use which will become. " Mystery's illnesses." 

There is no necessity to blame the Patient for not following the treatment or becoming angry, frustrated or stressed by the overwhelming and constantly changing symptoms list.

Outcome from successful treatment is because of a team-partnership between the Patient and Therapist with the Person being able to automatically adjust too and use new educational learning as to how their multiple illnesses were created and why their immune system has not been able to bring about the natural cure from within.

Talking Cures is: Under no illusion as to the cause of illness and how to apply educational style treatment(s.)

Talking Cures is Not a Magic Panacea nor claims all illness is curable if it has been allowed to become critical before Talking Cures becomes invited to apply educational treatments.

Talking Cures is - Best seen as in addition to any and all other treatments. 

An extremely powerful process that is not to be confused with - Just Talking. Understands a traumatic experience may happen only once yet can rear its ugly head in more ways and on more days than given credit for. 

Where there are NO instructions or forceful changes to make and most definitely no challenges to meet or retraining of parts of the Brain/Mind or Body, where all the Person has to do between treatments is to get on with their life as best they are able, or lay in bed and get well.

Once Talking Cures education treatment has been applied, the outcome of "that" and "any" subsequent treatments will do its work and cannot be avoided, interfered with or stopped, no matter how much the Person, the treatment was applied to or any onlooker protests; "the treatment has not worked."

When education treatments have been successfully applied, the Person does and should believe they have created the wellbeing, because they have.

Talking Cures education treatments, only show them how. Complementary Medicine must be seen as in addition to Medical Practice, not instead of...

Therefore there are no such treatments as "Alternative," Treatments either work or they do not. 

All comments contained in the web site are not intended as a definitive, however they form the foundation of an extremely powerful education-treatment process.

Which are applied to People not Symptoms. 

"There is only one illness" "Someone needs Specialised Help."

Pages are written so as to be read and understood by any Person.

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Talking Cures is a Twenty First Century Medicine... to treat multiple symptoms of Mind and Body in a Person.

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