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Anyone Know the Success Rate or Failure of Chemotherapy.

Doctor Blows the WHISTLE on Chemotherapy.

Romel Cordeiro

Partner at Nerve Pain Solution & Natural Pain Clinic.

Hello, Peter Smith Talking Cures, could you add something to this discussion on LinkedIn.

Dear Romel Cordeiro

Many thanks for the invite to comment in this interesting discussion.

Having read the many erudite points I would confer agreeing with many of them and compliment the contributors for their open mindedness.

However; there are a couple of points I would raise missing from the comments and I suspect from the video, just the headline is sufficient for me to make a decision on the content and its intent.

Now let us start where we mean to carry on - These points are missing from almost "everyone's" vocabulary.

The Mind and the True Cause of all illness.

For without this information as the discussion demonstrates - all are fumbling about in the dark ages and never will a true understanding of Cancer or a real time cure be found.

For if Cancer is not stopped before it starts - then the attending Doctors and the Patient have very little apart from dedication to the cause (treatment modality offered) to work with.

First, it would be helpful if we accept Cancer like any illness is not under any circumstances doing anything wrong - it is trying to right a terrible wrong.

All illness - no exception, starts with Loving Parents ensuring their Children do not grow up to suffer in the same manner as they.

All very well if it fits within the Children's Code of Conduct and Standards and Priorities.

If it does not - it no better than trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and blaming the hole for being the wrong shape.

This attitude for the Parent (S) is they are not doing anything wrong they want the best for their Child.

However for the Child in simple terms it strips away the fundamental right to be one's own life driver.

Thereby requiring a lifetime of Strengthening or Bolstering up.

In Cancer; this is achieved by the Mind through the Brain - only an organ with no other abilities but to wait for instructions from the Mind and its altering ALL of the Body chemicals.

Which are now sent into the Body although perfectly balanced at all times; with instruction to - in simple terms to stop the Amino Acids activity on the Proteins - building blocks of the Body, that are now reduced in size - slipping through the capillaries.

Rather a mute way of strengthening the Body - as the Body chemistry now makes the entire body both toxic and caustic. Acidic.

Like a Dam the Protein Builds up in front of the capillaries and as the Protein is a growing organ continues to grow as if it was building a stronger body.

Hence later it becomes a growing organ or what is cutely known as Cancer.

One can think one has many interventions to change this process as there are People on the Earth and the Mind is clever enough to let one think this is happening - for a time.

Then it will always demonstrate just who is in control - based on the original instruction stored in the Mind.

For the Mind will put down the illness, whilst the Liver and Kidneys deal with the Prescribed Poisons.

Under these circumstances EVERTHING is by the Mind considered a Poison - thus as soon as the Poison is stopped the Mind will continue on its path to gain understanding as to why the Parents sought to control their Childs life in such a brutal manner; by recreating or moving the illness elsewhere in the Body.

Thus the success rate of any intervention is only as long as the Mind approves of or allows making any chemical intervention - only a long-term medical or well-meaning death.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures 

Romel Cordeiro.  Peter.  Are you able to explain in simple terms. How "The Mind  the causes Cancer?"


How the Mind creates Cancer in the Body?

To answer this interesting question – one that has eluded so many over so many years, so we have had little option; but to believe what the Medical Profession tells us. 

In very simple terms and it need not be more so – as it is the same for all illness, although all with different and unique endpoint activity – it is also the same process for so called; genetic illness.

Parents of Children grow up as individual People – mostly not knowing one another.

They meet and having grown up in perhaps, unrecognised fear from THEIR OWN Parental caused traumas – this on-going process interferes with their entire Cody Chemistry, which is somewhat Toxic and Caustic.

They come together and still in fear – often if not always hidden by other poorly treated illness yet despite this, seeks to become Parents and not knowing their Body chemistry may well be injurious to their Child.

With a now aged policy of. “I will not bring my Children up to suffer in the same manner as I.”

During confinement, the Child is on a 24-hour base, bombarded with these chemicals and takes them – having caused a chemically driven anxiety as instructions. Affecting everything, life will mean to them in the future.

This acts as a further Trauma that is reflected in their life by rendering them inadequate unable to cope with life’s demands. Also known as, Tiredness/Fatigue no rest/sleep will quench.

This in turn creates an internal Mind-Body driving force that may or may not be recognised – as a desire to build their life in a strong way.

The shape of the trauma depicts the area of the Body deemed requiring strengthening and as we are all constructed from Proteins – it seems reasonable to consider the Body will send Protein’s to the area of the Body that requires the support.

To enable this to happen; the Mind has to switch of production of Amino Acids – perhaps to be considered the most important element or chemical in the Body.

The activity of Amino Acids – again in very simple terms is to reduce the size of the Building Block Proteins, in order for them to pass through the eyelets in the Body capillaries.

This chemical. Amino Acid – of course, must not to be seen as acting alone, moreover without it we would grow to the size of Dinosaur’s and is at the forefront of the Body’s Immune systems activity and Body replication processes.

Now if we can accept we are all constructed by Proteins and Proteins are a life growing process.

It does not take a quantum shift in thinking (A mind Process) to understand in the absence of Amino Acid – the sole reason its productivity is eased or ceased, the Body is trying to build/strengthen  itself.

Therefore now, to be considered trapped Proteins rather like flotsam and jetsam build up in a pond. – as they are a living organism. Simply “grow” at the site of an eyelet and as so often experienced; bits break off and are transported around the Body for further improvement of structure until with what is called Cancer metastases,  appear to have spread into unexpected areas of the Body.

Moreover, in so doing this now growing organism is consuming all of the Body Chemistry – thus is fuel to sustain the Cancer growth at the expense of the Body.

Process:  Fear > Anxiety > Inadequacy > Fatigue > A Lifetime of ever-changing illness symptoms – sustained by Unresolved and Unresolvable Mind stored Content, that maintains the entire Body chemistry is a constant state of Negative Toxic Caustic Flux. Cancer is but one product.    

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Continuing Reading at your Desire...

Cancer Explored Explained Understood

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures.

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