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Because Pain illness and fatigue are destructive to our
Health, Wealth and Well being...

Re: Pain:-

It is now mid-2017 and it is very clear the world is in a serious condition with more illness and People ill and in Pain than ever.

Time to recognise the understanding of Pain - is not broken it has never been fixed.

Please ask yourself this question. “What do I know about Pain” and “Do I have the desire and ability to improve the knowledge of Pain - that People in Pain look to their highly qualified practitioners for lasting relief.

Rules for your individual response.

1. Your own words and knowledge.

2. No reference to Books, Video’s, Papers, Potions, Pills or Lotions or needles.

3. No reference to another specialist.

4. No reference to any religion, God, Allah, Mohamed, Buddha or any other mystical person - so many dream of but never seem able to poses.

The rationale behind these rules is there are NONE or No one that knows anything of value about Pain – if they did there would not be the necessity to extend the name – Acute, Chronic, Head, Back, Arm, Leg, CPRS and that catchall - Breakout Pain.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures.

Peter Smith Talking Cures

May I start.

There is only once following an impact Pain and immediately it is transferred to the Mind for storing - following this all Pain impact or not is nothing more than a reaction to a bad memory.

Kindest regards and best wishes,

Peter Smith Talking Cures.

Dear Stephen,

Many thank for your comment - in Pain understanding we must improve.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures.

Roman Garcia

Mr. Smith the recommendation #2 and #3 . Does that include yourself to or are you except ?

Brahma Sharma, Ph.D.

Patients suffering from pain ( Acute, Chronic, Head, Back, Arm, Leg, CPRS and that catchall - Breakout Pain) are frequently treated with opioids, antidepressants, antiepileptic drugs and anti-anxiety medications.

However, response to these medications is highly variable.

Many patients do not experience adequate pain control with opioids leading to increased opioids consumption, and raising concerns about drug dependence or abuse.

Clinical response to antidepressants and opioids, as well as the risk of adverse side effects and addiction, is dependent on a patient’s inherent ability to metabolize these medications.

Please start using Pharmacogenetics (PGx) Test to improve drug therapeutic management and reduce Adverse Drug Reactions, 4th leading cause of death in US.

Dave Bandyk

Would you be open for a meeting with my development team for CareExpand?

I can have our doctor development group show you the performance and monitoring of the CareExpand portal, so your doctors can have the one on one they desire in their practice.

Currently, we have thousands of patients in the physician portals and the doctors can see all patient activity, daily.

CareExpand can auto populated from any EMR, secure for our member clients.

Doctors especially enjoy the ease of patients contact, via phone, text, email, using physician instructions and retaining auto responses, returned to the patient profile.

We added CCM to the program and it pays for the monthly fee for all your doctors in the group practice. Website review and video:

Review the information and call us for a demo.

Dear Dave Bandyic.

Always is is my desire to support any therapeutic application that works towards easing People's Short-Medium and Long-Term Pain and illness discomforts.

Whilst your posting does not answer my original question, may I thank you for your invitation, as Management of Symptoms is never in my therapeutic remit and it is only a Software Package you are selling I do not feel there will be a mutual benefit of our meeting, even if I was resident in your country.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures.

Nancy Shaw.

It is amazing to me that the work of myofascial trigger point pain and dysfunction is, seemingly, ignored.

I have practiced the protocol for years with a focus on the perpetuating factors of active trigger points and their referral patterns.

The knowledge presents the pain as a result of incorrect muscle function.

Muscles will do whatever you "teach" them.

Let them get tight just from normal use, but ignore returning them to a neutral function through "frequent" stretch retraining, and you will, by default, make adaptive and accommodating changes in their use that will, without question, result in pain.

Keep adapting, and making more accommodations in order to "be comfortable" and it simply "teaches" further shortening, and, therefore, increased pain.

Don't let the simplicity of its treatment protocol let you think
it can't work.

I work with a 91% success rate over the time of my clinical practice and have shared the work in writing and national and international teaching.

Peter Smith Talking Cures.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.

The only success about Pain treatments is their Failure and that in time is 100%.

Thus the question was in ones own words not more scientific speak, using your many years of experience, explain "What is Pain" I started with my own interpretation.

Are we not all working to improve the Pain treatments not repeat the long term failures.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

Roman Garcia

Stephen, Nancy, Dave,  Brahma in case you do not understand Mr. Smith. I will put it in very plain words . Mr. Smith is not interested in hearing what you have to say. He is only interested in what he has to say. His pain manifesto is not intended to nurture a diverse debate, but a totalitarian debate where the only voice to Be heard would be his.

Patti Young

Agree with that, Roman

Ketan Patel

Hey Peter and group,

Hoping you can help us get the word out for our documentary exploring accessible non-opioid options for pain control. Giving people (and their providers) a peek into interventional or alternative/complementary options they may not even know exist, as a start.

We aren't taking any sides (other than accepting that opioids aren't the only path to pain relief) or accepting corporate "bribes" to push a specific agenda. Just good old education and awareness.

Any help is great to help us raise for our Indiegogo campaign:

We have a great team of dedicated folks seeking to get a quality message out about alternatives to high opioid doses rampant in North America today.


Dear Ketan Patel,

Always it is my desire to support any therapeutic application that works towards easing People's Short-Medium and Long-Term Pain and illness discomforts.

Whilst your posting does not answer my original question, may I thank you for your request, as Management of Symptoms is never in my therapeutic remit and it is only a Management you are offering I do not feel I am in a position to recommend the process you advocate.

However, having viewed your introductory video; May I concur with its massage - also this extract from your page clearly demonstrates the requirement for my original question.

Roman Garcia

Ms. Patel forget about tying to get Mr. Smith and his group in on this. You have a better chance trying to get an Eskimo to buy ice. But i wish you all the luck in your endeavors.

Nancy Shaw

Try reading : "Simple Changes to End Chronic Pain" available on Amazon.

Paul Turner

In my experience chronic health is an issue simply because the emphasis is on pain and not on improving function (i.e. healthy relationships) within the whole person (including the relationship between the internal and external world.

I.e. there is the relationship between the tissues/pathology causing pain/symptoms and then there is the relationship between everything else going on in a persons being (Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, nutritionally, socially, etc) and the tissues causing symptoms.

If more practitioners assessed the later relationship better there would be more people recovering from chronic health issues.

Simple issues are like X (muscle) + Y (joint) = pain for example. someone with a complicated health issue would be represented more like (X+Y)2/R + UV/2 + T = Z (the same pain as in the simple case).

Each component in the 'pattern of imbalance is a different element of the whole (mind, faulty technique, organ dysfunction, etc) all intertwined in a complex pattern of relationship.

We need real mathematicians so to speak to solve these issues (which are rendered more simple once all involved components are out on the table and the relationship between them understood).

True chronic patients have multiple equations present and not only one or two.

The secret is to feed the flower of health and starve the weed of disease.

Again - the issue is in understanding the entire pattern of relationship - a thing which can't be done when practitioners dwell solely on pain and not promoting healthy function in all the relationship imbalances setting up the symptomatic tissues.

Food for thought yes?


Roman Garcia.

Stephen, Dave, and Ketan i warn you do not be tempted to go where Mr. Smith wants to take you.

it is is like a Alice in Wonder land experience.

You are entering the rabbit hole.

A place where you will see such strange things you may not ever recover from it.

I warn you.


Roman Garcia

Mr. Turner i agree with you.

There should exist some kind of health formula where you can plug numbers into it each variable and be able to calculate a real time health prognosis and even give some guidance as to how to treat against functional decline.

Your health formula is a good first attempt at something so prodigious and potentially disruptive as would a health formula be to the medical community.

I recommend you reevaluate the formula and think about adding a few more vatriable into the formula. include an entropy symbol and an energy symbol.

After all complex systems- such as ourselves - are in a state of neg.-entropy when we are healthy, and evolve into a entropy state as we get older.

Without energy being extracted from our environment the entropy state evolves at a greater rate, than when the system is using energy at a more efficient flow rate throughout the system.

Your formula has to include energy flow rate variable or else it will not be representative of life.


Katie Gardner.

Here's what I know about pain:

I thought pain was when I fractured my L2 in a MVA, but it's much more than that.

I thought endometriosis was "painful," but it can be worse.

The worse pain imaginable is total body pain from fibromyalgia.

To describe the pain would be like showing you a color you've never seen before.

It's a kind of pain that never goes away and destroys lives.

All of the passions I had and career goals are gone, friends are gone, routines are gone.

There is no where to turn.

No doctor that wants to treat fibromyalgia, or can help.

No medication without seriously dangerous side-effects.

With fibromyalgia, you are on your own hoping to survive one day at a time of pure suffering, hoping to enjoy the smallest pleasures that life overs.... being able to breathe without pain, laugh, enjoy a hug.

It's about survival in a world that can't help you and full of practitioners with harsh and inaccurate judgments.



Dear Kate Gardiner.

Nice comments thank you.

May I reply...

I asked this question of the group.  “What do I know about Pain” and “Do I have the desire and ability to improve the knowledge of Pain - that People in Pain look to their highly qualified practitioners for lasting relief." in the first instance of the 9000 members of this group then extended it into unknown numbers.

To date the replies received number a few - with a couple attempting to silence my question as is the norm of the medical profession by attempting to bring disrepute to the question - failing to recognize they are seriously contributing to the advert as the question requests.  "Time to recognise the understanding of Pain - is not broken it has never been fixed."

If one takes just the combined experience of clinicians and indeed long suffering Patients of this group of say Ten Years each - if my maths is correct and I am no mathematician that amounts to 90,000 years.

Surely if that amount of years has not answered the question then the question is not designed to be answered.

Thus, the combined knowledge of everyone in Medical Science Study amounts to nothing of value if as it appears - from the Scientifically Proven data and available evidence of Pain, Fatigue and if we may use just one word Fibromyalgia is far less understood today than say just 25 years ago.

Surely, if one does not understand Simple Pain and Tiredness that never self resolves with the aid of the immune systems of the Human Body - then all one demonstrates of value is Profit; that is not now or ever has been requirement to Clinically and Scientifically Proven - Profit, only a spreadsheet and a accountant and calculator are required.

Thus we have to accept if Simple pain or Tiredness does not self resolve yet with the best efforts of our most dedicated clinicians only becomes worse; then the Understandings of the symptoms and treatments being applied are the wrong understandings and therefore treatments.

If we are to understand Pain Tiredness and Fibromyalgia we have to look elsewhere - The Mind is the only place then if we incorporate the entire Blood System both Toxic and Caustic lacking in oxygen is causing the very inflammation called: Pain, FM, CFS, ME, and any other illness one still has, despite the very best scientifically proven treatments.

All illness is only a reaction to  bad Childhood Memories still unresolved...

Thus is a. "Process of the Mind."

Not that patronizing dismissive;  "Its all in your Head."

If the truth  of this hurts then so be it - as lies. "We have the Scientific Proof," never stop hurting or show their true negative cost, as no family - Including the Money People, seeking to control the populations of the world is now or ever will be; exempt from the Pain of their loved ones or them self suffering illness that their own immune systems will cure nor  will the treatments they attempt to protect - if only the profits of.

Kindest regards and best wishes,

Peter Smith Talking Cures.

Steve Frischman

I may be something people in "Pain Management" don't want to hear but at the end of the day, double blind, randomized, placebo controlled, clinical data must be taken seriously.

With the latest guidelines put forth my the American College of Physicians regarding treatment of back pain, it stands to reason my company is more relevant than ever before given we have the data.

I am open to discussions as well as questions regarding our technology and how we ameliorate pain at the link below.

Heart Rate Variability and Vagul stimulation have become a focus in many medical research studies from AFib to TBI to PTSD and I would be happy to discuss it with anyone.

Our clients include doctors of all types as well as professional sports teams and the military.


Steve Frischman.


Dear Steve Frischman.

Apart from your post does nothing to answer the question I have posed.

Please explain where the Data that must be taken seriously is.

Are there not 100 million People in America alone in Pain.

Leaving one to most seriously question the Data that must be taken seriously, moreover are these number true as of mid 2017?  

I find it difficult to believe all of the 100 million have never tried any form of Pain Management techniques that were all derived for the data.

You appear to major on Back Pain and a drug free management – a necessity.

Are we really to believe that Back Pain is only located in the Back and does not under any circumstances affect the entire Body.

Whilst I recognise in reading your link, this extract. "offers a whole-body immersion utilizing precise, low-level electromagnetic fields to enhance feelings of relaxation, which helps address chronic stress and its primary symptoms of pain, inflammation, digestive issues and sleep disorders."

Is not the use of the word. "Offers" and “Enhance feeling of relaxation,” - somewhat of a self- defeating prophesy.

Thus no more than as the advert suggests - a Management of non-biological symptoms “Stress and Sleep.” A Mind Process...

...That has a very long history of defying the very best of Medical Science by quicker than a bullet create a new and even more mysterious set of symptoms. 

None of which have ever been known to last very long in treatment efficacy.

You mention you method treats. “Inflammation,” is it not fair to say the jury is still very much deliberating about its true cause and no effective long-term cure treatment has ever been established.

Thus I have to consider as you did not respond to my question as requested - this posting of your is no more than a direct advert that contributes nothing to the discussion.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures.

Roman Garcia

Mr. Frischman the problem with taking something seriously is you have to believe in it first, before you take it seriously. All the clinical data you have collected means very little to Mr. Smith. You might as well have demonstrated beyond doubt you had the cure for cancer, and still Mr. Smith would still have not believed in you.


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