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Pain sufferers know the treatment is not working - but continue in the same cycle. "WHY."

Chronic Pain Management Support.

Chronic Pain Support Groups research in the USA..

We as an independent research group search Pain behaviours and mechanics, carried out recent research on 15 Chronic Pain Groups in the USA of which there are hundreds.

One thing we found was, that even though 90% of the members were not satisfied with the results of medication, they showed concern as to the way Pain Doctors were dealing with them in evaluations and treatment protocols. Yet, they still continue the programs even though they were not working.

A minority of these members made the decision to move away from the standard based on the unhappiness as the medications was not working on the present and past experience.

Our question is: Why is this behaviour a constant, as they know standard approach is not working?

Why even though there is suggestion of possible benefits in other alternatives Sufferers of Pain, still stick to what is not clearly working?

The essence of the Pain support group interaction, is complaining, mostly that the medications are not working, yet they still continue in the same protocol.

 Romel Cordeiro

Peter Smith Talking Cures 

We had a discussion today in a meeting about Chronic Pain and some of us thought to ask your opinion.

We found this very amazing and overall depressing - that not too many sufferers were up to wondering outside of what is already not working.

We even saw many comments where the Doctors prescribed some medication for Pain, when the same medication was taken by these Patients that clearly did not work in the recent past and they did not question. Why the same medication is prescribed, when it did not work for them at other times. 

We went into many Chronic Pain groups and we found that the majority of the People, just want to complain about their problems, but they still follow the pill/prescriptions even though it is clearly not working.

Even when we point this out they still continue in the same path of pills.

And sometimes when something else is offered they just keep on the same tracking with not much in results.

The question is:

Why is this happening?

Why they do not try different approaches or move along to another search?

They know is not working but continue in the same cycle?

We saw the same behaviour in 9 different Chronic Pain groups we researched?

We are amazed with this behaviour?

Any clues on this, will be greatly appreciated.



Peter Smith Talking Cures

Hello Romel

What a lovely and very necessary question. Thank you

During my now near Thirty Five Years specializing in People with multiple symptoms including Pain - Never once have I read a document that contains a satisfactory answer of this question - even from the complimentary fields of medicine.

Yet - there is no question - they all try their Educated best, but sadly never succeed.

There is much information required in the explanation of your question, perhaps after the many years of Medical Sciense seeking to make the Simple Pain - so complicated even they do not understand.

We can work - although it is complex, at it being as simple; yet at the same time as fully explanatory as we can make it.


Prior to and or around 1980 Pain was very limited in its understandings and sadly as I see it - worse today and getting worse with every Scientific finding.

It was in July 1983 with my first Patient - a Woman that twelve times had been confined to a Psychiatric Unit; that I realised, the only way to treat illness, is to first recognise there is a Person attached to the long symptom list they may present.

Although I did the best I could with my limited knowledge and Experience - and the Woman went on to enjoy to a greater or lessor extent. Ten Years of life, before taking her own life.

Even today; I do not feel I have fully overcome my sadness - however; although taking some time, this was perhaps the final message of the vulnerability of treatments; for if they are not of a secure nature and that which the Patient is compliant and comfortable with. All Treatments will ultimately FAIL.

Prior to and following the Ladies death. I started to recognise and work with the protocol - that every Patient has to be educated into from the very earliest of Treatments.

"All illness is an Advantage and not in the slightest a Disadvantage."

Coupled with. My-Our work is to be solely to make the Illness into a Disadvantage...

Equal to or greater than prior to starting treatment.   

Fail to do this at ones Peril - as the Person's Mind will never forgive the Therapist for entering this information at such a late stage - as is the case in point you make Romel in asking this question of myself.

It is these three items that make for the foundation - when the treatment, yet appears to be failing, it is being most successful to complete its task.

Setting aside any thought process considerations; let us consider the Innate Process of the Mind and life activity.

From at least conception and even; one may consider prior and for the rest of our life - no matter how intelligent we become or how stupid we have always felt we have been.

With The greatest of Integrity and Wisdom our Minds only have one and one only - pursuit or process.

And that is to...

"Pursue Pleasure and Avoid Displeasure at all costs."

Therefore; we may consider Illness is the Pursuit of Pleasure and Avoiding the Displeasure of the true cause embedded within our Mind - yet not always in our recall ability.

This process cannot be altered - nor should it, as it forms the bases of our Natural Protections and thus Natural immune systems response.

Therefore if illness be the pursuit of Pleasure - dare anyone try to take it away before the Person is ready or without specific Subconscious Mind authority.

This would be like. "Trying to take the Food from inside the Mouth of a Great White Shark." Again the bases of your question.


Let us in pursuit of answering your multifaceted question, return to around 1980.

And for the Point of this discussion accept, there was Just. "Pain" with no known cause and no known cure.

Sensing a Profit or perhaps recognition of their worth in the Medical Industry - a process I became aware of in around 1985; Anesthesiologists stepped up to the mark with the suggestion they could successfully treat Pain.

This would have been all well and good had they remembered the foundation of their work - is to Numb a Patient whilst they are undergoing surgery - a process even at that time all of us understood.

Moreover, this treatment may well have had a greater impact had the anesthesiologists recognised - when the Pain returned it was no different to returning to full awareness following the Numbing effects of the Anesthetic of Surgery now called Pain treatments. A process. "The Numbing effects of the Anesthetic," that has still not been satisfactorily - Scientifically fully understood.

Although one might care to argue with the timeline back beyond 1980. It appears from this moment in time; things started to go seriously wrong for now more than ever front-line clinicians were controlled by the Evidenced based Medicine referred to as Scientific proof - or to use its modern term. "The Data."

In desperation of keeping the funding stream going and to maintain Patient superiority of knowledge -  when the Pain at first went, there was joy, only to be dashed; when later it returned.

The treatment was repeated and over time the Pain not only returned - but often with mysterious ferocity or even moved to a different part of the Body.

Desperate measures were required at this time - thus Pain Clinics were created and Pain, now on an evolutionary journey became: Chronic Pain, Acute Pain, Breakout Pain, Back Pain, Leg Pain. etc etc etc in reality all was nonsense; as the Mind of the Patient, quicker than the speed of light would once the first treatment failed be on hyper alert - this Person is dangerous and when the Pain returned; became a confirmation.

Time passed and Simple Pain became: Fibromyalgia - from Fibrositis' and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis from tiredness and fatigue.

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - ME, is a chronic degenerative neuro-immune disease described in medical literature as early as 1935.

Where a Child or Adult with ME has serious immune and cardiovascular abnormalities, with resulting serious CNS - central nervous system consequences - due to brain injury.

To which to date. No one in the Medical World has a clue as to its cause, no more than a cure.

Solve this and every illness on the planet is solved. 

One could add; the new and fancy names - all meaningless like: CRPS, Migraine, Migraine with Aura etc etc etc. 

The  more names Medical Science created, the deeper clinicians dug themselves into a hole they will never be able to dig themselves out of.

Leaving the pathway clear for other as yet to be confirmed more treatments for Pain that cannot possibly Cure or even manage for much longer than the time it takes for the potion to be excreted from the Body: Botox. Cannabis and then there is the mechanical processes: Electrical Stimulation, Sound waves. The outcome will always be the same.

All may well provide a modicum of relief - but for how long is the question and where do we all go from there...

Patient Involvement.

We can confirm the fine job Medical Science has thus far achieved in seeking to unwittingly destroy everything it has ever worked so hard to achieve.

However we must not forget the part the Patient plays in all of these processes.

This is the part that is Complex - not Complicated; as it is as individual as our Scientifically proven Genetic Structure.

Thus there is no universal process that fits all, however if but to no other and the Patients involved - Talking Cures has proven this process many times, thus there is no reason to doubt it.

1. From just before Conception, During confinement at and Post Birth - a Rule; based on the perceptive value of the information received by the Mind is set up as to how life should be run.

2. This rule is created and of course in illness in the Negative and by two processes.

A. Based on the entire life of the Mother - her Body Chemistry; the Childs food stuff of life creation, is Toxic, Caustic and on rare occasions Acidic. It is most unlikely Blood tests would ever be able to demonstrate this; as there are in excess of Two Thousand Chemicals in the Body and Medical Sciense has only evaluated say Fifty at this time. In addition the mathematical computations would be impossible to track as the Entire Body Chemistry is changing on a second by second bases.

B. During the entire confinement and the surrounding emotional content of Mothers life - whether the Father is present or not, Mothers Body Chemistry will be in constant flux and thus of a Toxic Caustic and possibly Acidic nature.

C. It is by this process all so called Hereditary, Genetic, Congenital Illness and Child Malformations are created. Leading to Inflammation disorders, yet cutely referred to as Genetic.

3. It should now be evident from before conception - we are 100% what happens to us and we react from this, and 100% to all and any new information that is delivered to us in whatever form. Based on the mathematical wisdom one cannot experience more than 100%. Surely if we are offered Half a Glass of Water, from a consumption point of view it can only be 100%, even if we only drink half of the glass content; in must surely be 100%.

4. Although a Rule of life can and often is created during conception it is dependent on reaction to trauma perceived at any time from Conception and Birth right up until the Child leaves the Parental home or Twenty One - which ever comes first. No illness is ever created after this time, only released from being dormant.

5. Part of this Rule although is restricted or unique to an individual - is expressed in these words.  "I will find someone to. "Understand" me, and what has happened to me and help me to make sense of the negative scrambled information, in order for me to resolve the Pain."

6. Later in the teen years this automatically converts into. "When I grow up I am not going to get married, but if I do I will not have any Children, but if I do, I will make sure they do not grow up to suffer in the same manner as I. Sadly this process only makes the Child suffer much more and always; they will be made to be or feel Responsible or Guilty.

7. Once a trauma has taken place and or including subsequent traumas - the Person will forever react to the information placed at them at any given time and instantly evaluate that against every piece of information that is contained in their memory store.

8. Consequently - every word that comes out of the Person's Mouth is only to be heard as the Emotional Phenotype; not what the Mind is saying. The reason for this is the Mind is set on gathering the necessary "Understanding" by any means.

9. Knowledgeable People in Pain - will often with great integrity and in the Public Domain write. "Untreated Chronic Pain can Kill!" Demonstrating and suggesting with great authority in their writing. "This is true," especially, because many Chronic Pain Patients live with the risk factors that are written about in Scientific Articles and Medical Journals etc.

10. Often such articles and even International Whiplash Injury Conferences, suggest - the problems started following a Motor Vehicle Accident. Consequently forcing them to live with: Systemic CRPS and other Chronic Pain illnesses. ME-CFS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus. Phantom Limb Pain. Etc. This is their Emotional Phenotype truth; not the real truth we are all so skilled at avoiding.  

11. Many People; have multiple and or pre existing symptoms gathered over their lifetime: a pacemaker fitted, for not only Dysautonomia & POTS, but for an Arrhythmia called. “Sick Sinus Syndrome!” And live with Atrial Fibrillation, MVP & TVP - mitral valve & tricuspid valve prolapse, CAD - coronary artery disease & long QT syndrome! Many in the recent past may well have suffered a Heart attack, a CVA or a Stroke and medications to support all of these SYMPTOMS.

12. Yet such Writer/Patients with all this wisdom fail to recognise; because it is not and never has been in their learning curve. "This is what comes out of their mouth. Their Emotional Phenotype - their truth; but not the real truth stored in the depths of their Mind; which as yet they do not have. As Medical Science - still stuck with that old fashioned Brain; is a million years or more, behind the curve of learning.

13. A Writer-Patient will confirm all of this with comments as. "So many People, including our clueless government representatives do not realize that severe untreated Chronic Pain can lead to death." And in so doing conveniently forget - because they do not have a Mind, all of the other symptoms and medications used to treat them and of course the Emotional Cause they may well not be able to recall; still exists. 

14. Such a writer Pain suffer will in pursuit of keeping their friend close and their enemy closer - will seek to offset their responsibility with. "How do we get these officials to learn the difference between the words, “Addiction” and “Dependence,” before more People die from under treated Pain or lack of any successful treatment. 

15. And in so doing force the now Anxiety driven clinician into feeling they have to do something - thus; as Anxiety Blinds, the Mind, Brain and Body; seek to ease the Anxiety by ignoring the clue. "Pain" in the singular and insidiously convert it into the Plural - of the hundreds of different names of Pain and in so doing create a Rod for their own Back and that of the Patient. Forgetting the old wives tale. "One can change the colour of a Rose to any colour, but it is still and always will be a. Rose.    

16. The entire process as listed here; at any time from birth - as we said, let us keep it to Simple Pain - this is only like a mirror image based on the perceptive value of every piece of information stored within the Mind reflected out for the world to see or hear in the many ways Pain is verbally expressed, yet never once it Pain, really the topic of conversation.

17. Change the name of Pain to any illness symptom and the process is always the same.

18. Thus we are programmed to use that meaningless word. "Stressed" or "I cannot get my Head around that," perhaps the worst of them all, as the meaning, is, as intended, to stifle any conversation - especially of a Person or Clinician doing their best to assist; other than proffering an acceptable understanding of the true cause of their illness. "I do not want to talk about this any more." The reality - what they are screaming, is, "You do not understand and cannot understand as you have never had what I have."

19. What we have now - although we have mentioned the Emotional Phenotype; leaving one to consider; everything a Person says is not the truth, where any dedicated Pain Specialist or Doctor would have no option but to somewhat dismiss their Patient with; "its all in your head," where in reality it is the absolute truth; better said, their Truth.

20. In order to bring all of this together; one may consider, for the Mind to accept any treatment of. "Pain," one has to use the knowledge the Mind has when it knows - as it created the Pain; there are but two types of Pain... Now say illness.

1. Pain that self repairs.  Needs no intervention.

2. Pain that never repairs.  Unless specialised intervention is received.


A. Thus, all clinicians could well learn by listening to themselves by placing themselves in the same position - opps, they so often are already.

B. Or listen to their Children or even if able - when they were an aspiring teenager; retorting to Mum or Dad. "But you do not Understand."

C. No one recognises the point in discussion - is not what the understanding is for; it is screaming. "You brought me into this world as a Human being; now stand back and encourage me to be one, instead of continually attempting to make me a Clone of you two Pathetic Control Freak Specimens of what you so cutely and loosely term as. LIFE." It is My Life not Yours!     

     Pain sufferers know the treatment is not working - but continue in the same cycle. "WHY."

In 2004 in a Paper submitted to Southend University Hospital Research Department this subject was covered by saying. "a Patient will only be drawn to a Treatment/Diet/Exercise regime - they know will not work or they will not let it. Working along the lines of. "Do not take my illness away from me I will not know what to do without it." Unless you are able to help me swop it for something I have never in reality been able to Naturally do - REST.

Perhaps we can see the process to Pain with no known cause and no known cure is complex not complicated, but not necessarily why - Pain sufferers know the treatment is not working - but continue in the same cycle.

It makes no difference how one says this, as it is the same both ways...

All illness - there are no exceptions, is based on Fear which causes Anxiety that causes a Body Chemical Agitation that converts into Inflammation.

Or Body Chemistry from the Womb or Traumas - that is Toxic, Caustic and sometimes Acidic; causes Fear that converts from Birth into Anxiety, that although a Person may spend a lifetime trying; cannot be permanently relieved. 

Fear, whilst a natural tool of protection when interfered with by Emotional and or Physical trauma - permanently alters the entire Body Chemistry that pools in a designated by the Mind area of the Brain and or Body and causes Inflammation - Tenderness or Pain.

Thus, if the Fear is not resolved or goes away - will force the Mind to create; what everyone around the Person sees as Symptoms that must be; cause found and treated and in so doing hides up the real cause and ONLY relieve the Anxiety of The Family and Clinicians; who in turn ignore the suffering of the Patient.

Yet, at the same time gives solace to the subconscious Mind; as it is now safe and content with the original Rule it set up, "No one will ever be able to truly Understand ME as I now, feel stupid and everything is my fault and NO one does or will ever listen to me. So I have no option but to protect myself with illness through which someone will Understand - WONT THEY."

Now the process is set; not to gather treatment for the presenting symptoms - but to continually prove the Rule is correct and the Fear cannot be resolved. Thus, I must protect my Parents as they love me and do not desire me to grow up to suffer in the same manner as they did. So I will adopt their rule and do the same to my Children. The seedbed for so called hereditary Disease.

There is no point whatsoever of my accepting a Treatment that cures me - if the originating cause from which I made a vow never to return to this memory, is not resolved; however, if I continue with the Revolving Door of Scientific Medicine and show that up for the miserable failure it is - then and only then can I stop the ever seeking treatments and making them fail; as I am "Understood" and can now allow them to Cure my. Simple Pain.

Conclusion. On a daily bases there is the possibility we all see a process in others albeit we do not comprehend the enormity of it - no more than we readily see it in ourselves. "we are all drawn towards the Anxiety we try to draw away from.

EG. A Person with a troubled emotional history meets with another to form a romantic relationship.

Once into the relationship cracks begin to appear.

One or the other becomes. "Emotionally Controlling."

Time passes and the Person becomes aggressive if things do not go their way; later this aggression turns to violence.

The other Person steeped in what they feel is Love - not only puts up with the controlling, but make excuses for the violence. "I fell against a door or down the stairs."

Time passes often many years or even decades and the victim musters the strength to leave.

Only to later form another relationship with the same type of controlling Person.

Thus - drawn towards the Anxiety they try to draw away from.

The reason for this is the same as repeating Treatments that fail.

The violent Person at the creation of the relationship was made into their Punitive Person - Punishing Person the same as from whence they came - only this time this Person will Understand. "WONT THEY."

Kindest regards and best wishes,

Peter Smith Talking Cures

We all have a lot to teach and a lot to learn and learn we must.

This is my truth now tell me yours - change someone's Mind.


...In illness - The Mind/Brain/Body is not in the slightest doing something wrong, it is desperately trying to right a serious and terrible wrong?


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