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Nelson Hendler

Acute Vs Chronic Pain.

This chapter describes the neurological and neurosynaptic pathways for both acute and chronic pain. It also delineates the psychological differences between acute and chronic Pain. Finally, it introduces the concept of the specific type of Pain associated with a specific tissue type, which is useful in the diagnosis of Pain problems.

This chapter is the foundation for understanding all subsequent chapters on Pain.

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Course 1 acute versus chronic pain

This chapter describes the neurological and neurosynaptic pathways for both acute and Chronic Pain. It also delineates the psychological differences between...

Peter Smith

Dear Nelson Hendler

This paper is a clear affirmation as to why the understanding and treatment of PAIN worldwide is so pathetic as is shows not the slightest understanding of the true cause of Pain or why post injury/incident it does not self-repair as it should.

When a Person attends a clinic with Pain anywhere in the Body if the clinician does not speak the right or same language treatment will only result in more and treatment resistant Pain.

Language = Pain is Pain and is that simple any other names just change irrevocable the language.

Best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

Helen Kariv

Dear Mr Smith

Your article was excellent; the explanations clear and precise.

So please explain and why no one has found a way to cure CRPS - this disease which leaves the Patient with extreme, interminable Pain, 24/7.

Which no drug or any other means you described can stop.

It is also known by the name the "Suicide Disease."

Thank you.

Dear Helen Kariv.

May I first thank you for your most polite salutations as well as the erudite, thoughtful reasoning and courage for asking this question of me.

To answer this question one first has to lay out a proper foundation.

One may perceive from my writings I am against Doctors and Medical Science, this could not be further from the truth, my support of any front line clinician is formidable and with every person I treat they are instructed to comply fully with their medical teams, as for Medical Science “We must continue to explore illness using Medical Science; what I am most seriously against is poor or corrupt Medical Science for profit alone.

I am not medically trained or qualified and everything I do say and write is self-Funded - I will allow no one to tell me what to and how to say things or any institution who attempts to Suppress me or Talking Cures be it at their PERIL. I WILL NOT BE SUPRESSED - and I am supported by no governing bodies.

The reason for this last part is Talking Cures is so unique that with any governing bodies the closer it gets to Medical Science the governing body will only seek to dismiss or discredit as it always has, is the reason we are having this discussion and the world population is only becoming more and more ill with more mysterious illness or subsets of illness.

My position is clear; when a Person is ill they have a very Basic Human Right - not as a gift - to all the help they can get. Thus; I support any form of therapeutic application which offers help and understanding in the absence of true or full relief from Medical Science and am constantly amazed by our most dedicated Doctors tenacity in the face of a life time of applying medical treatments are still working their lives to a standstill in the face of only a long list of their failures to cure anyone of anything - a life time of medications although appearing to give some relief is NOT A CURE…? NO more than any form of management is…?

For thirty years (2012) now as a therapist the only Persons I have ever given treatments to, are People who are with Long-term treatment resistant mysterious and multiple symptoms often on multiple medications, who, to me then and still today are best seen as Medical Failures.

For all of those years Medical Science has proclaimed it has the Scientifically Proven Evidenced based Treatments yet still today and every day it is confirmed to me, as I have never read ONE SINGLE Scientific paper of any worth as they all proclaim “The cause is not known or well known” and as agents for Medical Science; Doctors and front line health care specialist aided and abetted by Charities and Television so called Health programs “There is no CURE.” The last four words are the only evidence I am able to find of true value from Medical Science.

To answer your question “Please explain and why no one has found a way to cure CRPS.

To a sufferer these multiple symptoms are very very real and is negatively experienced for most if not all hours of every day and can be demonstrated by so often the destruction of various area of the Body by electronic scanning - this is the progression not the cause.

Recently Dr Charles Flash Folashade, MD, OPE USA. Stated in the public Domain “Medical treatments are not meant to "cure.”


Chronic Pain Management Support - LinkedIn


Study report: Most Doctors Are Prescribing Illegally

The goal of treatment is to provide relief and improve functions, but not to cure. It will be an equally criminal act not to do help a patient in distress. But no matter what you do, do it within the scope of the law. Do you know the scope of the law?

By Charles Flash Folashade, MD, OPE

This email was intended for Peter Smith (Pain relief specialist at Talking Cures). Learn why we included this. © 2013, LinkedIn Corporation. 2029 Stierlin Ct. Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

What I felt Charles meant was for so long the Medical Profession - way before Medical Science - acquired the stupidity or the habit of suppressing their own kith and kin: Galen - possibly. Galileo, Mesmer, Freud, Darwin Et al and recently myself and Talking Cures; by Dr John Quintner. Perth Australia.

It is by this process no one has the courage or is allowed to say “They have found the/a cause or cure,” for fear of being dismissed by anyone or body whose profit or perceived position in society is threatened.

And even worse by “Where is your scientific proof.” How can a body of Scientists demand Scientific proof when they do not possess the knowledge themselves, how would they know what is the truth. Therefore I am only humbled by a person with greater knowledge than I; never threatened or suppressed.

To make sense of my statement and your question “no drug or any other means you described can stop the Pain from CRPS”

Language; From a Patients point of view Pain is Pain - our dedicated Front line clinical staff in pursuit of Hiding up they - with the best Scientific Knowledge, do not know the cause or have a cure. Therefore have to constantly change the diagnoses (Name,) failing to recognise this to the person is like a language change which the only understanding they can then make is “You do not have a clue about my Pain and are not interested in curing it, only another invoice.” This last part is my adaptation of many words from many Patients.

There are only two types of Pain.

1. Pain which self-repairs and requires no treatment intervention.

2. Pain which never repairs and is always changing and treatment resistant.

Whilst from a conscious point of view Pain can seem to provide a degree of protectionism, it cannot and must not be relied on to protect us.

Pain can be considered in a number of ways Pain! Pain! And more Pain!

It is no more complicated than that…For a Therapist to consider threshold of Pain in a person as to be of a high or low level is of no therapeutic value.

The only person qualified to judge Pain is the sufferer. No amount of telling or explaining the different scientific explanations of Pain will make in the long-term an iota of difference to the Pain experienced.

Can we consider; If we have had a Pain for a long time and no amount of rest and exercise has helped in its cure, why is it, when we say take vigorous exercise and are left the following day with muscle aches we had not experienced before, it repairs on its own?

The onset of Pain - symptom - is no more than that, yes there may have been an accident/incident. Illness takes the same course - still this is a symptom.

Or is Pain when described by a Patient no more than a collective (symptom List) or is it really just descriptive (Diagnoses) and is the former the reason why Pain is so Treatment Resistant or the latter?

Thus Talking Cures view and lifetime of Proving is “All illness is a process of the Mind” and not the stupidity of “It all in your Mind, Dear…?

Suicide as a Disease.

We now come to Suicide Disease this only come about in frustration of the real Pain within our subconscious Mind not being Understood or resolved, not only by the medical Profession but by all of a persons loved ones as well as Society and is in reality an accident/incident - never meant to come to fruition.

Pain and Depression.

Are two symptoms developed from the same or different causes and in reality are not the slightest linked - other than a person may experience both at the same time or one following the other post treatments not addressing and resolving the true cause.

Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome cause and definition.

Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome is just a name and quite meaningless perhaps better said detrimental in the understanding of the cause and progression of this disorder which is;

From a Trauma mostly if not always in childhood irrevocable changes take place within the Persons Mind set and daily life style activity and more importantly body-chemistry.

Negative thoughts drive everything we do - as do Positive thoughts although non-destructive, demonstrated by our Body Chemistry which is Twenty Four hours a day being secreted into the body, the body does not see this chemistry - although both toxic and caustic, as an intruder, therefore makes no attempt to cleanse itself of them via our immune systems.

Constantly distributed around our Body and collect in the Body tissues in an area, which is directly proportional to the style of trauma.

Now our Body makes an effort to protect itself from the toxic caustic nature of these chemicals by secreting histamine in every area affected, this in turn causes inflammation to which the Body now utilizes ALL of its circa 2000 chemicals to deal with or remove. Resulting in multiple Pains or Tender spots - resistant to any form of intervention Medically recognised or not.

Hope this answers your question

Best Wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

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