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Because Pain illness and fatigue are destructive to our
Health, Wealth and Well being...

Simple Pain - to Stress. Chronic Pain & Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

What is Stress and how can it be managed if living with Chronic Pain or a condition like Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

These questions may be answered in this Stress Management for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Chronic Pain essay.

Where there is the possibility of finding tips for Stress Understanding - Management.

One may term this as hiding from the truth as we all appear to do - when mysterious illness strikes.

This Paper is as much of what is reasonable to consider - as it is a matter of fact...

It is also combined information from Wikipedia and a number of Personal and Professional sources.

Therefore it may contain a number of repeats - giving rise to different opinions and or conflicting information; perhaps therefore, this particular set of mysterious and distressing symptoms, demands such scrutiny.

Moreover, for a Medically qualified Person considered as. Anecdotal - a posh word for storytelling.

If in reading this paper my writing appears to be like a foreign language or even rambling.

Consider reading this paper - not as a book; take some time to comprehend the contents.

Where I would like to think and feel sure, it will make sense?

So often, we read or hear in detail. "WHAT" (description or symptoms) of an illness - but rarely if ever does anyone take the time to truly explain...

"...WHY," or how it is really caused...

...this paper is designed to answer many of the questions - we are so often left with.

Where many times we have the questions and no answers - or the answers and not the questions.

If I have unwittingly left anything out or not satisfactorily answered, please email (address at the end of this page) and I will include it in this Paper at the earliest opportunity.

Please include item number or a copy and paste if possible - of the item that is not clear.

Did we not all struggle as a Child to learn many things we now through the experience of life - are now extremely competent with.

No apology if offered if discussions are repeated within this paper.

The understanding for this, nothing is more repeating than illness that is there every day of one's life and - despite treatments not only does not get better or have a satisfactory explanation/understanding.

Moreover often becomes worse, as Medical Science continues to write Scientifically Proven Papers about illness; in a confusing, repeating strange to many language/words or description in a manner that confuses everyone - and ultimately even themselves!

The first thing in the process of answering this is, for any one suffering, it is clear...

"...New understandings are required about illness..."

Far too many times I have heard from People. "If Doctors cannot Cure me how can a Person not medically qualified."‏

...making it appear the existing quality medical education is the same worldwide?..


If on reading this or any of Talking Cures understanding of illness one gets the impression...

....I am angry...

...then please believe it; because in 2017. People are not only not recovering from any illness - so often the treatments make them worse and no one knows why or it appears. Cares.

One could also be forgiven for thinking I am against:

1. Doctors.

2. The Medical Profession.

3. Medical Scientists.

4. Medical Researchers.

5. Alternative Medicine.

6. Complimentary medicine.

7. Religion.

8. People that have any illness.

The reality is I am a staunch supporter of any Person or Institution that helps People through tough Emotional and Physical concerns.

I am I confess most seriously against Bad Medical Science that has never once in real terms demonstrated the cause is truly known of any illness and as a result created a cure...

= more illness and no more medications or later corrective surgery.

From Talking Cures point of view and therapeutic practice - names of illness especially Medically Diagnosed recognised and Scientifically proven, are of no real value in the understanding and treatment of any illness - the only Name we should use or symptom we may label is...

"A Person is unable to achieve a Healthy and satisfactory lifestyle...”

...Or never allowed to become the Person they should have been...

Thus requires. “Specialised assistance,” in order to make sense of the presenting symptoms, the cause and reason for them - enabling automatic resolution via the Persons own immune systems and Body replication process - referred to as, the Entire Body Chemistry. 

...Surely if a Person cannot be in control of self-repair when can they be in control!

To a trained Medical Mind these questions and answer updates may well appear or feel patronising - it is hoped not, as their structure is at the very. "Heart" of the success of Talking Cures as a therapeutic application and may well be a serious asset and improvement in the outcome and success of Medical Treatments.

In order to fully appreciate this, it is helpful to consider and accept;

All of the information as to why a Person became ill in the first place and as a consequence - all of the information required for them to automatically create immune response repair is - not only contained within the confines of their Mind - it is the only information required to bring about the required Automatic Cure using their own immune systems and Body replication processes. As designed by the Mind and Body.

By creating very cleverly constructed questions - Knowing the Person is able to answer them with their own knowledge of themselves of which they are a Master and if they are unable to with my interpretations, accepted as re-education of their own information, that continues/completes on an ongoing bases; the process either returning to well-health or well-health for the very first time in their lives.

Based on the secure knowledge. "The only Person with the Integrity and Wisdom to fully Understand their illness and its cause - is the Person themselves."

There are most serious considerations as to why this process as with all illness treatment interventions - appears not to succeed...

...when the Protection created in response to early Childhood Emotional and or Physical traumas is so great the Person is unable to see the Protection and therefore unable to lower the Protection - allowing a Person to observe in a safe therapeutic environment the cause and consequences of such Protection, is the only safe way to resolve illness.

And. As a result, to gently - if one dare uses such words, lower the Protection, which will allow an immune response and an automatic alteration in ones thinking process, leading to a natural life - with comfort of Mind and Body.


These explanations are from a collection of Scientifically Proven papers in the public domain and Personal views in discussion forums and are in a Question and Answer forum style.

It is important to accept I am both the Questioner, on behalf of interested Person's - as well as the Person supplying the Answers, or Responding thus in many ways, my own best critic.

Leaving one to choose the Questions and Answers that are important for a better or individual understanding of this seemingly mysterious illness.

Furthermore it is imperative one recognises; I have no medical qualifications to make such assertions as contained within my answers.

This should leave one in no doubt - it is only written because the entire medical profession since its creation, have never once produced a cure for any illness.

A life time of medication - is not to be considered a cure, only management of an ever changing and most times ever growing list of symptoms and medications.


Question. 1: Given the understanding you have no medical qualifications - are you able to explain how you can present this information regarding perhaps an illness you have no real prior knowledge of; in the way that you seem very able and comfortable with?

Answer. 1: Good question and thank you.

A. First may we understand it is the ability to work - using only the Persons Mind, with as many and constantly changing set of symptoms a Person is able to present; is at the very foundation from which I work.

B. My understanding and acceptance - everyone in the Medical Profession is doing the very best they are able with Management techniques, yet fail to truly comprehend the enormity of the constantly repeated statement. "Of the 100,000 illness recognised and diagnosed," still in 2017 there is not one definitive cure for any illness.

C. Thus I start from a piece of information where a Person - say on Facebook or LinkedIn posts a question about an illness and collect from the available sources, as much information as I am able, regarding the latest information known about the illness.

D. I then create a new web page and copy and past the information into the page.

E. From here I start the edit process of this information - yet do not attempt to understand it, in much the same way a Person with the illness may in pursuit of answers and questions.

F. Part of the edit process is to convert words that appear are used only to confuse - by research many medical publications or dictionaries, into a readable format, by providing the meaning of the word. This sometimes proves to be - quite a time consuming task.

G. I then go through every word and edit out the grammatical parts that I feel could read better. IE. Don't = do not. Doesn't = does not or isn't = is not and any reference to the First Person, "You." At the same time apply reference numbers to each sentence as well as colour highlights of information I feel deserves such treatment.

H. Finely - once the page is in a presentable format. I then start to comprehend the enormity of the message and make responses as required, ending with why Talking Cures feels or has proven if only to my own satisfaction, how the illness is caused.

I. Once the creation process is complete I use a number of ways to spell check the entire document - often confused by different ways of spelling the word from country to country.

J. Some forty to sixty hours later, or more depending on the amount of information - having read the document more times than I am able to count. having finely checked for best level of continuity. I take the decision it is ready to publish free of any sign up - no collection of saleable contact information or fees for all to use at their desire, or discretion.

1. After all of this there are still times when an error jumps out at me.

2. Usually at this time with a final read/edit - I am reminded; I have no Medical Qualifications and often breath a sigh of relief and work therapeutically to these principles...

Talking Cures Standards & Priorities


Section. 1.

Simple Pain - to Stress. Chronic Pain & Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

This article is about making 2017 sense of this Individually Symptom Presented disorder, using perhaps for the first time in history...


Regarding Person's having Stress and Pain with many interrelated symptoms - all with unknown cause and no known cure, which in time may require Surgery.

Question. 1. Have you not written about Stress and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome before?

Answer. 1. Indeed I have sadly, both fell on deaf ears.

Question. 2. Why do you think that is?

Answer. 2. Human and indeed Animal lives are filled with various Stresses, Strains and Frustrations, however - how one Perceives and Understands Stress is most important.

Question. 3. That sounds a bit too technical for me - please explain in more clear terms?

Answer. 3.  Yes of course. All illness is an advantage not in the slightest a disadvantage so the Human protocol is. "Do not take my illness away from me I will not know what to do without the Stress it appears to put me under."

Question. 4. Pardon?

Answer. 4. Yes that is what I said and moreover meant. Make any noises that suggest there is a secure understanding of illness and an ill Person and a Medically Qualified Person will run away - mention a Cure and a rocket will not catch them up.

Question. 5. You cannot be serious?

Answer. 5. Yes I am - just like with the failure to truly understand and treat Stress and its product outcome. I am Deadly Serious.

Question. 6. Let me get this straight. "Are you saying Stress is Good or Bad?     

Answer. 6. Not all Stress - if we have to use such a word; is seen as bad for health as long as that Stress remains at a comfortable level that one can cope with.

Question. 7. So are you saying now Stress is Good and Bad for us?

Answer. 7. It is when Stress becomes overwhelming, that is when well health becomes affected along with Emotional Moods, the quality of life and Relationships.

Question. 8. So what is Stress?

Answer. 8. Patience, we will I feel sure come to that.

Question. 9. But how?

Answer. 9.  We hear much about the Scientific Model of illness and its treatments - yet very little from a Person with the integrity wisdom and education to put their own experience on the line of public scrutiny and exposure.

Question. 10. Why do you feel a Person would subject themselves to such public scrutiny and exposure.

Answer. 10. Although I have edited out all personal details - let us explore their story and make comments as we progress through it.

A. And in so doing consider we are being respectful to the author of such detailed information.

B. To enable us to keep track and make reference points - may we itemise in this manner. Person. - Question. Answer. Conclusion.

C. Of course we have to also recognise the information provider is unable to react to our comments.


STRESS MANAGEMENT for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome & CHRONIC PAIN - Explored Explained Understood?

Section. 2.

Person. Item 1. Stress and Pain are so closely linked with each other, they each have an impact on one another, thereby creating a vicious cycle that sets off the Chronic Pain and the Stress.

Question. 1. Would it be the correct thing to question - Stress and Pain being so closely linked?

Answer. 1. Yes it would, sadly, these are no more than Scientific Nonsense or better said back to front Scientific thinking.

Question. 2. Back to front thinking?

Answer. 2. Sadly yes,  for if one is unable to see when a Person is ill in any manner - these words are not in the slightest closely linked, as they are both Individual Symptoms.  

Person. 2. Emotional Stress can most certainly worsen the Pain from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - CRPS.

Question. 3. Is there any truth within this item?

Answer. 3. Sadly not  - the highlighted word "From" suggests the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome makes the Emotional Stress make the Pain worse.

A. Again this is back to front protective thinking.

Question. 4.  Protective Thinking?

Answer. 4. Yes, a Person would rather die and often does - protecting the true cause of their illness.

Question. 5. I am just going to accept that - knowing you would not make such comments if you did not sincerely mean them?

Answer. 5. Thank you - this is the truth - there are far to many smoke and mirrors regarding illness and its cause for this to continue without it being stated.

A. If we do not - it will not be many more years before Every One will be ill - thanks to the mis information; Medical Sciense has the answers.    

Person. 3. A part of having Pain relief is learning how to Manage Stress.

Question. 6.   When the Author of this paper writes. "Stress cannot be eliminated - however it can be Managed by using a number of different techniques and tips." Can there really be any value in Person Item 3?

Answer. 6.  I feel sure as we progress the futility of such a statement will be demonstrated - we have to be Patient.



Section. 3.


Person. 1.

A. Stress is any Physical, Chemical, or Emotional factor that causes Bodily or Mental unrest.

B. Stress happens when it is felt coping with pressure that comes in many shapes and forms is triggering Physiological Responses....

C. Is a Body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. 

D. When a Person feel threatened, the Nervous System responds by releasing a flood of Stress Hormones, including Adrenaline and Cortisol, which arouses the Body for emergency action.

E. Living with Chronic Pain is itself very Stressful.

F. However Stress can contribute to a range of health problems, including:

1. High Blood Pressure.

2. Heart Disease.

3. Obesity.

4. Diabetes.

5. Depression.

6. Anxiety.

G. In addition, Stress can trigger Muscle Tension or Muscle Spasms that may increase Pain.

H. Managing Emotions can directly affect the intensity of Pain according to a well known Psychological Association. 

I. Finding when Stressed the Heart starts to race, breathing quickens up, some muscles begin to tighten.

J. This is a totally Normal response to Stress.

K. This is also called the; ‘fight or flight,’ stress response and it is basically a Body's way of trying to protect itself.

Question. 1. Is there a value or truth in any of this?

Answer. 1. Yes there is - both, sad part is - collectively it is nonsense.

Question. 2. How can this information be both true, of value, yet still be nonsense?

Answer. 2. When the word; "Mental" is used, coupled with: "Stress Hormones, including Adrenaline and Cortisol." It demonstrates to the Mind which is sadly lost in translation behind the word Mental what ever comes next is of no value.  

Question. 3. Item F 1-6 demonstrates a list of symptoms how can this be disputed? Please explain answer 2 in a way that makes sense?

Answer. 3...

A. If we really have to accept the word Stress as a cause or contributory factor to illness and or Pain; should we not list every illness there is in the data base and not a just what appears to be a Personal list from the Author.    


Section. 4.

Stress Management.

Person. 1.

A. Unfortunately Stress causes Pain and Pain causes Stress and the most important thing is to try and break the Pain-Stress cycle - which can be difficult.

B. Therefore part of getting Pain relief is learning how to better Manage Stress. 

C. In a 2013 study at a University found that  for Chronic Pain Sufferers, avoiding the harmful effects of Stress may be key to managing their condition.

D. It was  also found that this was particularly important for People with a smaller-than-average Hippocampus, as they seemed to be particularly vulnerable to Stress.

Question. 1. Something tells me I have missed something very important but am unable to express just what ? are you able to assist?

Answer. 1. Yes it is very important; however in the absence of later and better information in relation to the Hippocampus and its unique and Personal size - acceptable to consider my response is not much short of guesswork.

A. The author can only be writing this because of their Personal Pain they now are able to manage and wish to allow others to share in the excitement and in so doing manage their own Pain. 

B. Or a Personal Pain they have a history of not managing well at all and are seeking a deeper understanding - to that so far received, for their Stress and Pain.

C. Medical Science would tell; there are some Seven Billion People on the Planet and every one of them are Genetically Individual.

1. Therefore any so called medically qualified practitioner that feeds into a Persons health care program items as this; "smaller-than-average Hippocampus."

2. It is surely time they handed in their license to practise anything, let alone medicine.

3. For every one of us - although within parameters would have a different size hippocampus, as our Genetics and Body Chemistry as well as Body Size and Shape would be unique.

4. Moreover when such times as Medical Science understands the Brain is no more than an Organ of the Body and if we are to accept it contains units such as the Hippocampus - then until we accept all of the internal organs of the Brain are not only interlinked but interdependent and rely on instructions from the Mind and as a result; Chemical Instructions via the Brain into the Body for it to work at all; let alone individually or badly.  


Stress Pain Connection.

Section. 5.  How may we explore the Stress Pain Connection?

Person. 1. Researchers are not fully clear as to how Stress and Pain are related, but it is known, when People are stressed out they often experience Pain in the Shoulder, Back and Neck.

A. This could be due to the link between Stress and Tension in the Muscles - however it could also be related to Brain Chemicals.

C. Studies have found that the more Anxious and Stressed People are, the more Tense and constricted their Muscles are, therefore over time causing the Muscles to become Fatigued and Inefficient.

D. According to a medical director at a centre for Pain Management - suggesting - to allow us to keep functioning despite the Pain, the Brain will try to maintain some sort of balance when it receives Pain signals by minimising these signals.

E. However Chronic Stress can offset this balance that has been created. 

F. There is research that shows that some Stress is good however there is a limit.

G. Stress it is suggested; ‘revs up’ the Body - thanks to naturally-occurring performance enhancing chemicals like Adrenaline and Cortisol.

H. This heightens ability in the short-term.

Answer. 1. Let us extract the pertinent information contained in Person 1. A-H...

1. ...Researchers are not fully clear as to how Stress and Pain are related to Brain Chemicals that causes Fatigued and Inefficient muscle abilities, as the Brain will try to maintain some sort of balance when it receives Pain signals by minimising these signals.

2. However Chronic Stress can offset this balance that has created Adrenaline and Cortisol which heightens ability in the short-term.

3. If one within the Medical Profession is not aware because of poor training there are  between Two and Four Thousand Chemicals in the Body and every one of them is implicated in every facet of how the Mind and Body operate - then one can be forgiven for thinking just two chemicals are involved. 

4. However as in Law it is said. "Ignorance of the law is no defence," Then there is no defence against not knowing when one accepts and uses the useless word. Hormone  (S) and Scientifically Proven.

5. For the use of the (S) indicates there are more than One - thus for a fertile Educated Brain this should spark Scientific Enquiry.., order to make the simple stay simple; instead of making it so complex - no one understands.


Section. 6.

Stress Management – Stress Pain Connection.

Person. 1. Experts have noticed that experiencing a traumatic event can have an impact on the development of Pain.

A. Approximately 15-30% of Chronic Pain sufferers also have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD.

B. Trauma happens when our ability to respond to a perceived threat is in some way overwhelming.

C. Most researchers disagree on a precise definition of Trauma.

D. But do agree that a typical Trauma response might include Physiological and Psychological symptoms such as:

1. Numbing.

2. Hyper arousal.

3. Hyper vigilance.

4. Nightmares.

5. Flashbacks.

6. Helplessness.

7. Avoidance behaviour.  

E. It is during these Traumatic events that the sympathetic nervous systems goes into survival mode and on occasions will have a problem in reverting back to its normal Parasympathetic Nervous System Mode again.

F. If the nervous system stays in this survival mode then Stress Hormones such as Cortisol are constantly released therefore causing an increase in Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar in turn causing the immune system’s ability to heal to be reduced.

G. This is when the physical symptoms start to appear when the Body is in constant distress.

H. To break this down further because Pain is regulated by the Nervous System, the Brain is a key player in how we perceive Pain.

I. The Brain is always trying to inhibit Pain Signals.

J. But if when stressed, the Brain’s ability to filter these Pain signals is affected in a bad way and Pain can be increased.

Question. 1. Is this not like saying. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde were not related.

Answer. 1...

A. The reality is there is no such thing as a Medical Expert as items B, F, I and J clearly demonstrate.

B. This being the reason why Simple Pain is so poorly understood and treated worldwide - thus made into all the other forms of Pain.


Section. 7.

Stress Management – Cortisol functions.


Person. 1. Stress has been known to increase the intensity of Pain, contribute to Depression and Anxiety ultimately decreasing a Persons ability to tolerate Pain and diminish a Persons ability to cope with Pain.

A. However Stress is not credited with causing Prolonged or Chronic Pain but rather feeds into it.

Question. 1. Comments on a postage stamp please?

Answer. 1. Nonsense as this is not even worthy of discussion.

Question. 2. Seriously now?

Answer. 2. If one does not understand Stress is a Symptom - then one understands nothing.


Section. 8.

Stress-Pain Cycle - Stress Management for Chronic Pain and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.


Person. 1...

A. It was one of the early pioneers in Stress research, who first described the; ‘Fight, or Flight’ response.

B. At that time it was noted that when we experience a shock or we think there is a threat, our Body quickly releases Hormones to help it survive.

C. It is these Hormones that help us to run faster and fight harder.

D. The physical response from these Hormones include - increasing the Heart Rate and Blood Pressure which in turn delivers more Oxygen and Blood Sugar to power important Muscles.

E. They increase Sweating to try and cool these Muscles and help them stay efficient.

F. They divert Blood away from the Skin to the core of our Bodies thereby reducing Blood loss if we are damaged.

G. Also these Hormones focus our attention on the threat and exclude everything else going on.

H. Breathing is accelerated to supply more Oxygen for conversion to Energy.

I. The Heart moves into overdrive to supply the Body with more Oxygen and Nutrients.

J. Our immune system is activated, ready to administer to wounds.

K. Attention and sight become acute and highly focused and our sense of Pain is diminished as the Body releases Analgesic Hormones. 

Question. 1. What can we make of the. ‘Fight, or Flight’ response.

Answer. 1. For the time it was brilliant - today of Novel but little Scientific or Human value if the process involved has not been understood and updated.

Question. 2. Are you able to update it?

Answer. 2...

A. If we take this document thus far, whilst there is some value in its content where it mentions Emotions and Brain - no mention of Mind, Fear and Anxiety have entered into the debate.

B. Without these - the only success from any intervention is failure and that will be 100%.    

C. Item D holds the clues; what happens when the Heart and the unmentioned Lungs are no longer able to provide the Oxygen required for sustained effort. 

D. Item F May have some merit - the reality may well be better expressed as the Entire Body Chemistry including Blood is diverted to the internal organs; in order for us to survive and produce the heat and cooling  as demonstrated in Item E.


Section. 9.

Stress management – fight or flight response.

Person. 1.

A. The physiological aspect leaves us viewing the world as hostile and we are fully prepared to fight or flight.

B. Whichever we choose, our Body will expend an immense amount of energy which in itself prevents the build up of Stress related to this response.

Question. 1.  Does this not somewhat prove your last answer?

Answer. 1.

A. Certainly does for if one is unable to see the nonsense in the highlighted comments - one is demonstrating one knows less than nothing about the Body and Stress - if we have to use such a meaningless word.

B. The Immense amount of energy is no more than a relief of Anxiety and may well demonstrate as a prevention of the build up of Stress - however based on the secure understanding.

C. Anxiety has to be released and when it is - immediately it starts to build up again, until the pressure has to be released again. EG; Smoke a Cigarette = relief of Anxiety. Need another is Anxiety built up again requiring a cigarette to relieve it again. 


Section. 10.

Stress Management – Fight or Flight.


Person. 1.

There are a number of symptoms of Stress that become apparent. These include:

1. BODY.

A. Breathlessness.

B. Headaches.

C. Frequent Infections.

D. Muscular tension.

E. Fatigue.

F. Skin irritations.

2. MIND.

A. Nightmares.

B. Worrying.

C. Negativity.

D. Inability to concentrate.

E. Muddled thinking.

F. Indecisions.

G. Hasty decisions.

Question. 1. Now this content must surely merit value for its input?

Answer. 1. Had it been not a Personal symptom list of the Author I would have agreed - what about all the other illnesses - Stress - if we are to use such a useless word, is implicated in.


Section. 11.

Symptoms of Stress diagram.


Person. 1.

A. Loss of sex drive.

B. Accident prone.

C. Over or Under eating.

D. Sleeplessness.

E. Restlessness.

F. Smoking or drinking more.


G. Depression.

H. More fussy.

I. Irritability.

J. Anger.

K. Apprehension.

L. Anxiousness.

M. Loss of confidence.

Question. 1. The message here is?

Answer. 1. Looks to me once again a Personal Symptom list. Interesting and clearly demonstrating nothing has changed within the diagnoses and subsequent treatment.

Person. 2.

A. Scientific studies have shown that Psychological Stress may worsen the symptoms of almost every known Medical Conditions.

B. Examples of conditions in which Stress may worsen the intensity of symptoms include:

C. Cardiovascular Diseases.

D. Asthma,.

E. Multiple Sclerosis.

F. Chronic Pain.

G. Acne.

H. Fibromyalgia.

I. Depression.

Question. 1. Again I can see the list is not comprehensive enough to be of real value? 

Answer. 1. Sadly it leaves People to say. "I have not got that so I am ok."

A. If one cannot contribute something of therapeutic value - contribute nothing at all.

Person. 3

A. Although Stress on its own is not a cause of Cardiovascular Disease nor High Blood Pressure, it may actually worsen the progression of these diseases in a number of People.

B. Stress also has effects on the Immune System. 

C. There are some studies that show acute short-term Stresses may be able to boost the Body’s immune response.

D. Chronic or long-term stress has the effect of; “wearing down” the immune system, leading to an increased susceptibility to Colds and other Infections.

E. Scientific studies have also shown that Stress can decrease the immune response to Vaccinations and prolong Wound Healing.

Question. 1. Is it fair to say something clever is required here?

Answer. 1. Not so much as clever more witty. This is a bit like...

A. "Running with the Fox and Hunting with the Hounds"

B. "If the right one does not get you then the left one will."

C. Or the best "the revolving door of so called Medicine Science."

Question. 2. Are you able to prove your answers?

Answer. 2.

A. Of course, using the authors own information, Item Person 3.A; "it may actually worsen the progression of these diseases in a number of People.

B. Surely if we are to use and accept the word Stress is anything but Novel but of no scientific value - then surely if anyone is ill in any manner; they would all be stressed and not just, "a number of People.   


Section. 12.

 Stress Management Tips for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Person. 1.

A. There are Clinics who have created guidance for Stress Relief to help build up some coping abilities for Stress.

B. Here are four:

1. Avoid.

2. Alter.

3. Accept.

4. Adapt. 


A. Please try and remember that everything cannot be avoided. 

B. There are some problems that cannot be overlooked.

C. It is on these occasions that it is necessary to find other Stress Relieving technique to help.

D. To help start to get some relief from Stress, it is required to remove a lot of needless Stress that can simply be avoided.

E. Try and plan ahead and/or rearrange the surroundings, these things should help in avoiding the needless Stress.

F. What do we mean by; Rearrange surroundings.

G. Taking a crowded bus or train at the same time everyday.

H. Driving the same crowded route to work, the supermarket or Children's School.

I. Instead drive a less travelled route or leave a little earlier to catch an earlier bus or train.

J. Learn to say. ‘No,’ It is not a necessity  to try and do everything all in one day.

K. There are many responsibilities and demands on a Persons time, learning to say. ‘No,’ can you help avoid some Stress and allow some time for oneself.

L. Organise a To Do List and include the crucial and important jobs to do at the top of the list.

M. If finding there is a very busy day ahead, take off the last few jobs and put them on the next day’s To Do List.

Question. 1.  Is it really possible to. "Avoid," in the manner suggested by this section?

Answer. 1.  

A. Once we acknowledge the possibility this is an Author to do or not list, then it becomes easier to see this is not a possibility - although surely, one must try the best to get on with life, despite the Complexity of the ever changing symptoms one has to endure.

B. If one considers the implications of item H, not only does it confirm answer A it also clearly demonstrates the mistake all clinicians make when they accept the original Pain or illness only recently started when in reality it had been gestating since Childhood.

C. Anxiety is perhaps the very first biologically recognised symptom there is. Once it is driving our Life -  without knowing we are doing so, we will only ever be drawn towards the Anxiety we try to draw away from.

Question. 2. Are you able to demonstrate an example of Drawn towards the Anxiety we try to draw away from?

Answer. 2. Yes of course.  There are so many to choose from let us look at two.

1. Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs and Food.  We so often see People seemingly Addicted to them or have a Habit with consumption - yet the more they try to desist and cease the consumption the less they are able to. Often resuming with a greater vengeance than before.

A. There is no such thing as Addiction or Habits they are both a driven force from Childhood traumas.

2.  Irrespective of this being a Man or a Women situation - so often it is from the Woman's perspective, it is reported. After years of abuse, they found the strength and courage to leave an abusive relationship; only to create a new relationship with the same type of abuser.

Question. 3. You sure know where to hit where it hurts?

Answer. 3. Sadly this is so - as the Truth Hurts and so it Should. That is why it is the truth. Lies never in real-terms show the hurt they cause.  


A. According to the Mayo Clinic and their Four ways of Stress Relief, they say that during times of Stress, one of the most helpful things to do is to take an inventory and then try and alter the situation for the better.

B. Communicating feelings openly by using the word ‘I‘ in statements such as ‘I feel that I have too many tasks to do today, is there anyway I can balance this out.

C. Managing time in a better way so that tasks are put into groups such as make the phone calls together, check emails, car errands etc.

D. This will hopefully increase save time and increase efficiency.

E. State limits in advance, for example instead of listening to a long non-stop conversation about nothing in particular, tell the Person that you only have Five minutes to go through the issue in hand.

F. Kindly and respectfully ask other People to change their behaviour and also be willing to do the same.

G. Small problems and issues tend to grow into larger ones and can eventually cause severe issues if they are not resolved.

Question. 1. I almost feel silly asking this adapted question? Is it really possible to. "Alter," in the manner suggested by this section?

Answer. 1.

A. Once again it appears this is the Authors very selective list - indicating there are but a few areas we should work at altering.

B. This activity is only a possibility if one can, sadly it only works if the listener is listening with their Mind and not as most times their Mouth.

C. In other words - as the ones that should listen are no longer available, we are then Unable to Communicate our true feelings as no one will change their behaviour, thereby causing small problems to grow into mysterious illness or bigger problems. 


A. If the source of Stress can not be avoided or altered, this is when there is a requirement to try and adjust the ability to tolerate it.

B. Sometimes there is no other option than to accept things the way they are.

C. This is the time when there is a need:

1. Talk with someone - Change a frustrating situation may not always be possible, so phone up a friend, join a support group or schedule a coffee break. This may assist in feeling better talking things out with someone.

2. Forgive - It takes up a lot of energy being angry, so why sit and stew in anger when  could trying  to move on may be an option.

3. Forgiving may take some practice by doing so will ease the burning of more negative energy.

D. Positive self-talk - One may be wondering what this actually is.

E. When Stressed it is easy to lose objectivity.

F. One negative thought can lead to another and can lead to a complete mental melt down. Instead, be Positive.

G. Do not think of what it is that one cannot do or have done wrong, instead think that yes there may have been a hiccup or a mistake but one will get through it.

H. Learn from mistakes - No one can change something that has already happened or already done.

I. Instead recognise that what has happened and it was a mistake and realise that more time be allowed in the future.

J. Acceptance of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome can take a long time to reach and it is a hard road to go through.

Question. 1.  Dare I ask this adapted question again? Is it really possible to. "Accept," in the manner suggested by this section?

Answer. 1.

A. A necessity if we are to make some sense of this 2017 mysterious disorder Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

B. Accept and Forgive are connected to Gratitude - all only exist because - the physician treating the initiating symptoms, did not include, indeed dismissed the Mind from the treatment program.

C. Item H suggests we learn from our mistakes - how does this work if we never make mistakes.

D. Item J suggests Acceptance of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome can take a long time.

E. Should we not ask what process is going on during the same time; are we or are we not creating new and even more mysterious symptoms waiting another name - that is not connected to the symptoms being treated of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Question. 2. Item C. says "We never make mistakes?" What does this mean?

Answer. 2. Precisely what it says...

A. Only makes sense if one is able to comprehend; "when a decision is required based on information received or already within the Mind - The Mind, quicker than the speed of light evaluates the information the new information input against every item of information stored in their entire and instantly makes a decision as to the response required.

B. A mere Two Hundredth of a second later is able to say.

1. That was not the correct decision; thus it was not a mistake.

2. Sadly, those that think with their Mouth - would jump at the chance of saying. "You have made a mistake."

3. And of course they are right and the other Person  is wrong by default - just because they say so. 


A. One of the greatest Stressors in People’s lives is the Perception that one cannot cope.

B. By learning to adapt which may mean changing of standards or expectations, can be really helpful in dealing with Stress.

C. Adjust standards – Is there a need to mop the floor Three times a week.

D. Is it required  to tidy up every day.

E. Is it possible to  substitute an easier meal rather than make rather more complex meal.

F. Redefine perfection and success may allow less of a guilty and less frustration response.

G. Practice thought-stopping - stop gloomy thoughts right away.

H. Do not replay a stressful situation as a negative and maybe it will stop being negative.

I. Adopt a phrase or mantra - Create a phrase or mantra such as; ‘I can handle this,’ or, ‘I am good at this and during tough situations repeat the phrase or mantra in the head.

J. Look at the big picture - Think - will this actually matter in 1 year or 5 years or 6 months? Most of the time the answer is simply no.

K. Stressful situations are good and bad parts of every life.

L. Learning to apply the Stress relief techniques can help balance the Stress equation.

M. Stress comes as a big part of life with Complex Regional Pain  Syndrome - CRPS and dealing with that stress in the context of CRPS can be very difficult and require a number of professionals to help in all areas of the condition.

N. In a research article it was said:

1. Psychological treatment strategies designed to relieve Stress and strengthen cognitive coping skills might favorably influence supraspinal activity patterns.

2. Supraspinal means above the spine and may refer to, above the spinal cord and vertebral column: brain.

3. For Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Patients with Emotional Stress as a precipitating factor, these approaches should be more vigorously explored.

Question. 1.
I am able to see item A in this section is of serious importance in the understanding of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, yet unable to express it - can you assist?

Answer. 1.

A. It is abundantly clear in 2017 the implication of this statement. "Perception that one cannot cope." have never been considered.

B. If it had then there would have been a realisation Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is an Adaptation of and from earlier traumatic experiences, with Perception being at the very beginning of life the only Emotion we carry during our time in the Womb and; the only Emotion that is of true value to us in life.

1. As without it we could not achieve anything at all, let alone of value.    

Conclusion. As the next section describes - Whilst it is essential for a Person with any illness to stay mobile by doing the best they are able to maintain fitness - surely if we ignore the part the Mind plays in all of our activities we are doing ourselves a serious disservice.


Section. 13.


How can Stress be managed.

Here are 12 stress management tips to try or consider when dealing with Stress from Chronic Pain or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome…

12 tips for Stress Management for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome & Chronic Pain - Exercise.


A. Trying to do Exercise with a Disability or Chronic Pain can be hard.

B. However there are things that can be done to benefit from exercise, such as swimming, walking - if there are not any lower limb problems, water aerobics, aqua jogging or even dancing.

C. These Cardiovascular Exercises help to raise the Heart Rate and increase endurance.

D. There are strength training exercises that build muscle and bone mass, improve balance and prevent falls. 

E. If there is a limited mobility in the legs, focus will be on upper body strength training.

F. Similarly, with a shoulder injury, for example, focus will be more on strength training legs and abs.

G. There are flexibility exercises that help enhance range of motion, prevent injury and reduce Pain and Stiffness.

H. Exercises such as  stretching exercises and yoga.

I. If there is a limited mobility in the legs, there may still be a benefit from stretches and flexibility exercises to prevent or delay further muscle atrophy.

Question. 1. Is it really possible to exercise oneself out of illness?

Answer. 1.

A. We must accept a Person with or without any illness is doing their very best to live their life as well as possible.

B. Once again this is serious Back to Front thinking - indicating Chronic Pain is caused or is even implicated in the lack of fitness.

C. Everything we do in life requires a level of fitness which we keep automatically topped up by interest in a particular activity.

D.  Inability or lack of desire to Exercise as described above is nothing whatsoever to do with any illness - is an adaptation of the original cause now securely stored in our Mind as a Traumatic Memory we constantly have to react too - depleting our energy and interest in anything that requires expending energy.

E. Item C suggests. "These Cardiovascular Exercises help to raise the Heart Rate and increase endurance."

1. However one may be forgiven thinking this is of value if one is not aware of the requirement of the Heart to rest in-between beats to let the Blood turmoil stop and in so doing assist in the repair of Inflammation and thus the production of Histamine -  an inflammation creating Body chemical.


Section. 14.

Stress management tips for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Chronic Pain - Relaxation.


A. Learning relaxation techniques such as guided imagery, deep breathing, biofeedback, Qi Gong, yoga, mindfulness and meditation can help to relax and more importantly decrease Stress levels.

B. Once learned these techniques they can be carried out at any time throughout the day when required.

C. Learning to rest when needed is an important part of life with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or Chronic Pain. Learning to pace is extremely vital in life.

Conclusion. Learning to Relax must be considered a necessity - although it may also be wise to consider; so many illness come with what is termed as Brain Fog - if we change that to Mind Fog - should we not ask "where does our Mind go when it is relaxing from the Stress its store of Traumatic Memories caused.

1. Moreover; as Item B suggests is this management activity really for the Patient or is it only to relieve the Anxiety of the attending Physicians and their inability to offer management techniques that last if nothing else all day.  


Section. 15.



A. Mindfulness is a form of meditation and it can help with learning to cope with Chronic Pain or CRPS.

B. Mindfulness is creating awareness of what is happening all around at that particular moment in time ie in the present moment, as well as acknowledging and accepting present thoughts, feelings and sensations.

C. Mindfulness teaches the ability to control the Mind and not allow it to exert control.

D. There is also a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction - MBSR program. 

E. MBSR is a program that helps with the ability to learn to calm the Mind and Body to cope with illness, Pain and Stress.

F. The aims of a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program is to address prolonged periods of stress, which can lead to poor mental and physical health.

G. The Be Mindful - practitioners may say MBSR:

… incorporates techniques such as meditation, gentle yoga and Mind-Body exercises to help People learn how to cope with Stress. 

It gives People greater clarity on what is happening in their lives.

Conclusion. Is it not fair to say in the absence of any better symptom relief. Mindfulness is a serious asset.

A. However if we accept its many values of guidance - is to improve a Persons ability of being in the "Moment" as a way of Calming the Mind and Body and reducing Stress

B. Should we not consider how much more of being in the Moment is any illness that alters its symptom presentation on a Moment by Moment bases. And then with Integrity and Wisdom ask. "Why."


Section. 16.

Counselling for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Chronic Pain – Group Counselling.


A. Stress-management counselling is offered by various types of mental-health professionals.

B. Stress counselling and group-discussion therapy have proven benefits in reduction of Stress symptoms and improvement in overall health and attitude.

C. It does not have to be a long-term commitment, as some People do benefit from a short series of counselling sessions.

D. They will try and identify the main issues in life and work out some strategies to try and learn to control different situations.

E. Why not visit a Counselling for CRPS & Chronic Pain blog to learn more about what happens in a typical counselling session.


1. Any treatment process that avoids the use of medications is worthy of support  - would it not be better putting all ones energy into resolving the past traumatic issues that caused the illness requiring Counselling and not try to fix the present and in so doing let the future take care of itself automatically.

2. Item C suggests; "Some," People, do benefit from a short series of councelling - Should one not ask "How does one decide just who will benefit and ask what happens to those it does not and how long does the benefit of the short series of councelling sessions last. 


Section. 17.

Stress Management – Biofeedback.


A. Biofeedback is a non-drug intervention that is used to treat Patients with a variety of medical conditions.

B. Taken simply, Biofeedback can be defined by breaking down the word as; ‘bio,’ referring to the Body and; ‘Feedback,’ receiving information about the Body, that one would ordinarily not be aware of.

C. Changes in Blood flow often accompany Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

D. Learning deep relaxation techniques can be paired with a biofeedback device which measures skin temperature in order to help a Complex Regional Pain Syndrome sufferer  learn to relax deeply...

E. ...Increase Blood flow to a part of the Body with a restriction in Blood flow, will increase the temperature of that part of the Body and decrease the Pain…  

F. ...Biofeedback, sensors attached to the skin measure stress response by tracking processes like Heart rate, Blood Pressure and even Brain Waves.

G. Strategies teach the relaxing of Muscles and the Mind, by watching a computer screen as Body’s stress response decreases.

H. In this way, it can be determined which relaxation strategies are most effective and increase the practice and in so doing using them to control the Body’s response to tension.

I. There is considerable evidence that supports the use of Biofeedback as a non-pharmacological therapy for Chronic Pain.

J. Patients with low back Pain, Chronic Migraines, Musculoskeletal Pain and other Pain conditions have experienced reduced Pain intensity and frequency with biofeedback training.

K. Example - Knowing breathing from the diaphragm is beneficial, Biofeedback can document just how effectively - or ineffectively - breathing is being achieved.

L. Then use the feedback to mindfully adjust breathing. 

M. In addition to becoming aware of how the Body is functioning, learning how to truly relax is a necessity.

N. While elusive, this requires one to incorporate three states of relaxation:

1. Mental.

2. Physical.

3. Emotional..

...In order to implement the type of changes needed to improve health and well-being.

Conclusion.  It would be a greater asset in accepting this process as another useful management tool - if there was an fuller explanation of items M and N of how would M be possible with the existence of N.


Section. 18.



A. It is known - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome can make sleep extremely difficult and sleep sometimes seems an impossibility.

B. However proper Sleep can help with the ability to cope with Stress.

C. A visit to a blog on Rapid Eye Movement where we have explained Seven quick steps to try and get a better night’s sleep.

D. Remember a few common rules to help obtain a good night’s sleep:

E. Do not have a caffeinated midnight snack - Caffeine is a stimulant and can  block sleep neurotransmitters causing insomnia.

F. Do not try and catch up on sleep - Most people need Two  or Three good nights Sleep to get back to normal.

G. Do not share your bed with a pet.

H. Do not keep hitting that snooze button - Any extra sleep is fragmented therefore making is low quality.

I. Do not have a nightcap - Although alcohol does allow healthy People to fall asleep quicker, it does reduce REM sleep.

J. Do not use your phone or tablet - ie technology –  These gadgets emit blue light which is said to delay the production of melatonin which is the sleep inducing hormone.

K. Do not leave the TV on - Watching TV encourages the staying up later harming the sleep cycle and leading to poor sleep quality.

Conclusion. If the entire Medical Sleep research departments do not understand sleep and how to bring about a natural nights sleep then it seem reasonable to accept  visiting a blog and understanding REM sleep is of little use - especially if one factors in. REM, is only a symptom and not in the slightest a cause of or even connected to sleep or lack of.

A. In addition items H, I, J and K are adult activities, therefore should we not ask. "How long before was the symptoms known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in the developing process - or earlier symptoms, dismissed as growing Pains. 


Section. 19.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.


A. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT can help alter a way of thinking.

B. Which can then lead onto being able to alter the way one feels and copes with Pain and Stress.

C. There are a number of CBT techniques available such as pacing, gentle exercise, pace and monitor and goal setting.

D. More can be found out about CBT for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Chronic Pain by visiting CBT for Chronic Pain and CRPS - Websites.


1. Yet another treatment intervention worthy of support - although the jury is still out as to the long-term value of such intervention, will it ever allow the observation so often missed with all treatments - that have "Cured" or managed well one symptom and in a short space of time; new and even more complex symptoms arrive, or the cured or managed well symptom returns with a greater ferocity.

2. Would there not be a greater benefit if Item A. "Thinking," was given greater consideration.  


Section. 20.


Breathing Exercises.


A. Although breathing exercises will not cure Chronic Pain or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, they could help with getting  through the day. 

B. Why is breathing a good source of Managing Pain.

C. The answer is that not only does it relax the Mind, lessen Stress and Tension, it will also assist with the Brain focusing on something totally separate from any Pain or Pain flare up.

D. When in a state of frustration, Stress, Tension or Pain the Mind and Body are not in a sense of relaxation and this is what is the aim to change, so when slowing right down and beginning to draw in some deep breaths, the Brain and Mind begin to slow down and to relax.

E. This then gets a message sent from the Brain to the rest of the Body and soon after both the Body and Mind will become relaxed, the Blood Pressure will drop, Heart stops pounding and racing fast and heavy fast breathing begins to calm down.

F. Deep breathing techniques where breathing is from the diaphragm - rather than shallow breathing from the chest and meditation that focus on the breath and eases Pain; are the best to try.

G. Quick, short shallow breaths from the chest will mean the Body is receiving less Oxygen.

H. Whereas breathing from the diaphragm means the Body is receiving more Oxygen creating a feeling of being more relaxed.

I. These types of techniques ease tension in the muscles and allow even Blood flow through to the extremities.

J. The soothing power of the Breath or Heart beat - lets one ignore thoughts of Pain.

K. In a research article that studied the Deep and Slow Breathing techniques in relation to Chronic Pain perception it was found...

L. … the way of breathing decisively influences autonomic and Pain processing, thereby identifying Deep Slow Breathing in concert with relaxation as the essential feature in the modulation of sympathetic Arousal and Pain Perception.

Conclusion. Surely it is essential for a Body with the use of the intermediate organs: Mouth Oesophagus Heart and Lungs to be able to breath normally and in so doing convert the Oxygen in the atmosphere into quantities usable for efficient Body Oxygen.

A. Is this advise not seriously compromised - albeit the truth with the opening statement. "Although breathing exercises will not cure Chronic Pain."  

B. Continuing with - The answer is that not only does it relax the Mind, lessen Stress and Tension, it will also assist with the Brain focusing.

C. This information whilst acceptable in one way; is surely only an Emotional Phenotype Expression of a Person still suffering - despite the application of the very best Scientifically Proven Treatments.

D. Desperately trying to ignore the serious implications of the Mind and its activity via the Brain and Body in order to live a life free of illness.


Section. 21.

Tips on Stress Management – Time Management.


A. One of the most common causes of Stress is feeling pressured by a lack of time.

B. Time management methods involve finding ways to work more efficiently, so as to maximize one’s use of time.

C. A variety of techniques and tools for list-making, task analysis scheduling and task prioritisation are most typically used. 

D. We certainly can not add an hour or extra minutes to our day, time management techniques allow the use of time more effectively and help to save an hour a day by becoming more efficient.

Conclusion. Time and Tide wait for No One - the saying goes.

A. Does this not mean; Time runs at the same pace for everyone - despite the protestations of the Human Race.

B. Are we able to consider - if lack of time = Stress, then there is no such thing as Stress; this being only a word created by those that only pretended to know - however in realty did not. It is a symptom of an earlier negative experience.


Section. 22.

SMART Goal Setting.

There are 5 GOLDEN RULES for time management. This is where SMART comes in:

A. Set goals that motivate – Those important goals are those required to try and make -  Setting goals one has no interested in then one will not make those goals and so there will be no success in achieving them.

B. Write down WHY the goal is important.

C. Set what is called SMART goals – SMART is an abbreviation for:

D. Specific – This is to set specific goals that are clear and well defined.

E. Measurable – Set measurable goals that include dates, precise amounts.

F. Attainable – Remember to set attainable goals that are possible, easily achieved and are not too far out of reach.

G. Relevant – This concerns setting relevant goals and - the way life is required to go.

H. Time Bound – Set time-bound goals that have an actual date or deadline desired to achieve.

I. Set goals in WRITING – Writing goals down makes them real and so there is no excuse for forgetting them.

J. Write the goals in a positive way and use a To Do List.

K. Do not forget to post written goals somewhere they are visible.

L. Do not just put them in a drawer where they can be forgotten.

M. The TO-DO list must have goals in order of priority with the highest priority being at the top of the list.

N. Make an ACTION plan – Write out the steps needed to reach the goal, making sure each step is not too big - otherwise thinking negatively -  because of seemingly impossibility to reach those steps; will creep in.

O. Do not forget STICK WITH IT. 

P. It will not be all achievable straight away, remembering the goals and steps along the way.

Q. A reward for each step and goal attained are all ongoing so do not forget.


1. When a Person is ill in any manner or in Pain - both of which they have a fundamental right to be supported through.

2. Is it not best to ensure when working at setting goals - the only item of importance to consider is; be comfortable as best one can at all times.

3. For like symptoms are able change from one minute to the next - would not also the Goals set by the Mind.


Section. 23.


A. Trash perfectionism – ie unreal expectations.

B. Beat procrastination – Do the worst tasks first and reap rewards.

C. Set priorities – Identify priorities and plan around them.

D. Work backwards –  Goals to milestones to tasks.

E. Keep a time log – Stop wasting time.

F. Learn to say NO.

G. Use time saving techniques – ie skimming and power reading.

H. Find creative solutions – pool resources, hire someone, use technology.

I. Multitasking vs multi-focusing – Stress and Pressure.

J. Work in intervals – Work in 60 to 90 minute intervals.


1. As Perfectionism is like Stress; just a symptom and as a result we Please People always and only at our own expense can we really: self manage procrastination, Power read and say NO.

2. Can we really multitask and stay with it or are we just in a hidden sort of way hiding the real truth as this section demonstrates - adjust the Mind and the Body will follow suit.


Section. 24.

Tips for stress management - Organisation skills.


A. Organisational skills can save Stress and undue pressures of life. 

B. They are priceless as they show the value of time and the importance of using it wisely. 

C. If organisational techniques become too rigid or overly ambitious, they can leave us feeling even more stressed and overwhelmed, therefore the vicious cycle continues.

D. The Brain is constantly scanning the environment. 

E. It is looking for cues; that signal a need for an energy investment, such as taking care of work or home obligations.

F. When we have chaotic surroundings or a fragmented mindset, the Brain can perceive this as a sign that there is more demand for energy than our current capacity, which triggers the stress response.

G. This is where organisational skills come into effect.

H. Anything from de-cluttering the desk to sorting through the e-mail inbox.

I. When organised there is a sense of having things in complete control. 

J. Becoming too rigorous with list making or scheduling, thought processes can become too rigid and tight. 

K. Constantly waiting for the ideal situation or moment to move into action a to-do list can and often does begins to pile up, it can then create more pressure and therefore more Stress.


1. In the absence of satisfactory relief from the ever changing symptoms of tenderness soreness and Pain and apart from the requirement to self-manage are there more serious clues in this section of more importance... 

2. ...One should perhaps invest ones time in - as the items marked in Red demonstrate.

3. All point to one value and that is the constant requirement to relieve Mind created Anxiety.


Section. 25.


A. Set healthy limits – Organize, plan and prioritise.

B. Find worthy - organisational causes.

C. Look at areas of clutter in life; ie inbox, junk drawer, filing cabinets, garages and set restrictive limits.

D. Then work backwards to figure out solutions to achieve each of them

E. Go paperless - Stacks of unwanted mail, bills and receipts can contribute to quite a bit of clutter.

F. Learn to say NO. – Stress can be  greatly reduced stress by knowing limits and sticking to them.

G. Deal with paperwork or emails now rather than tomorrow – It creates more work already for tomorrow.

H. Plan next day the night before – When time is organised, this can be felt by the reduction in stress levels.

I. Just take a minute at the end of each day to plan for the next.

J. Set out anything the night before needed in the morning, pick out clothes, find car keys and set a reminder of the first appointment.

K. Everyday make personal time – This is the number one way to reduce Stress and get organised.


1. Is it not fair to suggest with Chronic Pain and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome so often accompanied with: fatigue, brain fog and sleeplessness - making Personal time does not feature too high on ones abilities - although of number one importance.

2. Thus should we not invest more time in asking ourselves. "Why," by facing the truth - that is in reality the cause of our lifetime destroying ever changing symptoms, we in reality do not want to hear.  


Section. 26.


Distraction Techniques Adult colouring design for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Support.


A. Distraction techniques such as Adult Colouring can help not only with Stress but also with Chronic Pain.

B. Find some inspiration and free downloads for adult colouring pages on ADULT COLOURING websites.

C. One way to help is by using Virtual Reality - VR, to draw attention away from the Patient’s Mental processing, thereby decreasing the amount of Pain consciously experienced by the Patient.


1. From the busy life from Childhood through to working, social engagements and later retirement - is not fair we consider pastime enjoyment as per our choice; is a fundamental right not a gift for being a good Girl or Boy.

2. Thus if we have to force this process; is it not an unambiguous confirmation our Fundamental Rights have either never been given to us or removed by trauma causing Stress.

3. That, as item C confirms - draws us away from the only safe place to resolve the Stress, the Mind and our inability to process the stored information into a logical sequential order that improves the Blood Chemistry, decreases inflammation and creates healing.


Section. 27.


A. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome may have Support on a regular face to face CRPS support group in strategic areas of the country and may become more wide spread.

B. Face to face support groups are a great idea as not for meeting other Complex Regional Pain Syndrome sufferers, carers, families and friends, but also being out of the home environment.

C. One may also find an online community forum where it is possible to chat, ask questions, find tips and general help.

D. To find out more information, help and support search online.


1. Surely, with a diagnoses as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome one already has a fairly long history - From Simple Pain to say Chronic and Acute.

2. Thus if the Simple Pain was not resolved and as birds of a feather flock together - is there really a value in collecting in groups and only talking about the illness and not having the ability to create a real-time improvement in symptoms because they all talk from the same Scientific Evidence base.


Section. 28.

DISCLAIMER from the Author of the main frame work of this essay.

A. We are not Doctors or Medically Trained and so we are unable to give any form of diagnosis or Definitive Treatments.

B. It is essential to consult with a qualified Doctor or specialist before trying anything new or different to the current regime. 

C. Remember to say “No” when you need to and learn to ask for help. 

D. Hippocampus is the elongated ridges on the floor of each lateral ventricle of the Brain, thought to be the centre of Emotion, Memory and the Autonomic Nervous System.

E. Hopefully this Stress management information for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome & Chronic Pain - has given some guidance and help in understanding about Stress, managing it and coping everyday while living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and/or Chronic Pain.

F. Good Stress management is extremely important when it comes to successfully self-managing Chronic Pain.

G. However please remember that there is only so much that can be done, to reduce Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Pain and Chronic Pain and one cannot simply fix Chronic Pain or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Our question to is, how do you manage Stress?


1. Item D suggests; Hippocampus is the elongated ridges on the floor of each lateral ventricle of the Brain, thought to be the centre of Emotion, Memory and the Autonomic Nervous System.

2. Does this section - not clearly demonstrate anything to do with Medical Sciense and its understanding of this illness and the very People that not only suffer and lose limbs to it - have no desire or intention to ask "why."

3. Item F with Self managing tells its own story - having been operated on left in more Pain or other symptoms than, before the Doctors can now sit back on their hands; content they have rigidly adhered to the Scientific Data - thus the Patient has something else different to that which they have been treating them for; so they can now die of an unrelated disorder and the reputation of the Medical Profession and Scientific Data is intact.   


Section. 29.

LET’S SPREAD AWARENESS of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome! 

About the Author.

A. I am a barrister, advocate & sufferer of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - CRPS.

B. I am also a bilateral - double, above knee amputee due to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and the extreme symptoms from it.

C. However I have a zest for life and I am determined to help others who suffer from this devastating condition as well as their families and friends.

D. Please help spread awareness of this tormenting and life-changing condition - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome!

Question. 1. Would I be correct in thinking All of these techniques are it appears of a first Person - meaning the original Author aimed or seeking understanding?

Answer. 1. All very interesting and one might be forgiven for saying in the absence of anything from Medical Sciense that improves on a more Permanent bases Pain and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - this is very necessary.

A. However to answer your question although I feel certain the Author would not in reality be aware of the fact - yes everything is for a Personal understanding of the plight they have found themself in.

B. This being the basis for all illness - no exceptions.

Question. 2. May we now explore what may well be the only explanation of this seemingly complex with no satisfactory scientifically proven understandings or satisfactory treatments?

Answer. 2. May we first dispose of the names Stress and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome?

Question. 3. Pardon - how can you say such a thing and more importunately WHY?

Answer.  3. Easy answer is because I mean it.

A. Stress; Is a meaningless word used by a Profession Body that should know - but does not want to, or is not allowed to say, for, fear of being accused of being. "Controversial;" to explain an unknown Mind created and sustained Emotional Response.

B. Therefore of Novel - but not in the slightest of any Human or indeed Animal and most certainly not; Scientific value.

C. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome; Again another useless word created to cover up the failure to understand and offer a resolution of the many ever changing symptoms  -  from those presented in the early Childhood; tiredness and the so called Child diseases. Many Years before a Person was old enough to comprehend what email is or a desk is used for.

D. Let alone be credited with the Integrity and Wisdom to make decisions whether they are big enough or not.

Question. 4. Of all the information included in the framework of this paper; is there anything that deserves pride of place in the process required to enable a better understanding of this seemingly complex disorder - to which the true cause in still in the year 2017 not known and there is still only short-term relief of the symptoms and no known cure.

Answer. 4. Indeed there is and most important information it is too.

A. For overlooking the requirement to discuss this would have far reaching consequences for any Person that read the entire document - yet they would not necessarily be aware of just how.

B. May we copy and paste two items that demonstrate your question requirement and indeed my answer.   From the section about -  About the Author.

Copy. A. I am a barrister, advocate & sufferer of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - CRPS.

Copt. B. I am also a bilateral - double, above knee amputee due to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and the extreme symptoms from it.

C. As the evidence available to use exists - we can look at whatever caused the Person to become a Barrister - please do not try to tell me it was intelligence and an Ordered Mind.

D. It was no more no less as Creativity is the Brakes on Madness - a way of relieving an Anxiety that could not be relieved in any other manner. 

E. Confirmation of this is the fact the author suffered Complex Regional pain Syndrome and indeed still does.

F. It is item B that is more important. I would wager once the lower limbs were removed - if subjected to scrutiny using the very latest and best imaging devises and dissected to the very last cell; the Pain could not be seen nor found.

G. Now one would desire and rightfully so to argue either for the value of my comment or against the validity to use the very best scientific evidenced based medicine to make the decision to surgically Amputate the affected limbs.

H. Or would they - for if the true cause is not known for Pain or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome then the decision to Amputate was an opinion and could not possibly garner scientific approval for what one may consider a profit making barbaric act, leaving an intelligent and beautiful  young woman dependent in many ways for the rest of her life on others.

I. Such barbaric surgery without secure understanding of the real cause of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and the ability to deal with it only hid up or exposed the failure of many practitioners and their reliance on the Evidence based - were I to be in that position I would desire to hang up my therapeutic tools as Novel but no Scientific Value and at the same time check my Public Insurance Policy was paid up to date.   

Question. 5. So where do we start to explore explain and understand Pain, Stress, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. 

Answer. 5. Is it not fair to suggest if; one does not understand simple Pain that the Body is unable to self-repair -  then there can be no amount of exploring the rest that will have any effect in the knowledge and later treatments or self treatments/management, of: Stress or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.


Section. 30.

1. Simple Pain;

There are just two types of Pain:

A. Self repairs - never requires any form of treatment.

B. Never repairs - no matter what treatment is applied.

1. Item two is never from an impact injury unless there are other unexplored reasons for the incident - often referred to as an accident.

2. The reality is this type of Pain is never in the Body - even if inflammation is present at a physical site.    

3. It is only a reaction to a traumatic incident thus a memory.

4. Unless this memory is recognised as Traumatic and the Person guided to re-store the memory at the current date, then the Pain will resist all forms of treatments.


Section. 31.

2. Stress.

A. There is no such thing a Stress only in the Minds of those desperate to maintain authority over the now demonstrated fact they do not know what caused it and have no method of improving it.     

B. If we are to use such a word a Stress then it may well be better understood as a symptom of an earlier cause and thus is in itself no different to Pain and causes nothing on its own.


Section. 32.

3. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome...

1. Again it is best we look at this - not only as a symptom, but of a non successful treatment of the cause of earlier symptoms. Simple Pain being a case in point. 

2. Therefore in order to understand Complex Regional Pain Syndrome; we first have to understand why Simple Pain becomes shall we say - Complex.

3. We could have suggested Acute or Chronic Pain - this however is only a confirmation, the earlier Simple Pain had not been treated properly or Understood, causing the Mind to demonstrate lack of understanding had been received - thereby demands - Physicians - now try to sort out the damage so caused. 

4. Any attempt to; "TELL." The Subconscious Mind. "We are going to cut off your legs to; "CURE." The Scientifically Diagnosed and thus proven Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - will in the first instance and may well remain for a long time; be seen as; "A Saviour."

5. Simply because they have pandered to the symptom(s) of the illness and not the real cause, that may well be too painful to visit.  Thus is protected behind a firewall of ever Changing Pain and Tenderness.

6. From Conception and one could include even before - we are creating a data bases, a store of information and facts in our Mind.

7. Therefore, everything we ever do, think say, have said or done to us is from an all around perspective in Colour, Black and White, Sepia and sound, even a Three dimensional view stored within the confines of our Mind.

8. Whether we can recall every aspect or any of this information is of no consequence - it is forever being added to by our daily activities and thus only the parts of this memory are available at any given time as driven by the need of or response too; the information being received in any given moment. 

9. To try to recall at the same time; everything we have ever stored in our memory banks, would lead to information overload.  Sometimes referred to as Brain Fog. 

10. Attempting to say two different things both at exactly the same time is not a possibility and a demonstration - we can in the main, only say, think or do one thing at a time.      

11. Thus, can now be seen - everything we ever experience becomes the very foundation we stand on and is not only our truth, it is the only truth that is of real value and if of a negative nature, from this truth and our foundation, emanates the Simple Pain via our entire Body Chemistry we show or describe to the world and indeed ourselves - although we are unable to be objective and subjective regarding what we see and how we utilise both sets of information at the same time.

12. Objective and Subjective = Looking in on ourselves and looking out both at the same time...

13. ...What we show to the world and can see ourselves - although slowly altering and altered by everything we see say and do or is done to us...

14. ...From our creation and later Birth with the very powerful Emotion of Perception and with every item of information that is presented to us - be that Positive Negative or Indifferent. We will automatically and at the speed of light, evaluate the incoming information against every single piece of information within our Mind, how so ever stored and instantly make a chemical adjustment of every one of the 2-4 thousand chemicals within the Body.   

15. However, if our store of information is more of a Negative than Positive construction or there is a already a Negative input that is stored securely, albeit in a traumatic way - we are forever placed in a constant state of Fear.

16. Fear causes Anxiety that stimulates the Body into overdrive - the resulting Body Chemistry is now Toxic and Caustic.

17. No cell in the Body is exempt or excluded in the now on going and unstoppable process.

18. It is a most serious demonstration of the lack of Understanding - to think, feel and profess Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a set of ever changing symptoms that only arrive at the time and an age from which one can drive be a Parent and receive-send emails.

19. The reality from an initiating trauma - the symptoms  have been gestating for many years - often disguised or dismissed by our Elders and Doctors as growing Pains or just a Lazy, not wanting to go to school; Child.

20. From the moment a Child presents a symptom and seeks assistance from significant Person in their life - "ALL" treatments are for the relief of Anxiety of the Creators or the attending Doctors; never ever for the Child.

21. Do they not all - Parents, Doctors, Specialists, in unison, breath a sigh of relief when a diagnoses is reached and a. "Cure all Management Medication is applied - the Child is now forgotten in the excitement and every one sits back on their hands and lets the Child get on with; what is deemed a Cure.

22. And no one ever notices when new symptoms arrive and are more complex than before, requiring more and stronger medication or worse a new name all the new symptoms are as a result of the failed to manage well let alone cure the earlier symptoms.   Let us now cut to the chase and call this - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

23. Should we not ask - what biological processes are at work to cause the ever-changing symptoms now cutely called - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

24. If we may start at the Lungs and Heart.

25. Fear restricts the ability of the Lungs to extract sufficient Oxygen from the Atmosphere for the Body requirements, the Heart increases its pumping rate in an attempt to compensate. 

26. Anxiety created in response to fear demonstrates; it is not whether the Blood Pressure is increased or not to improve Oxygen Quality and Quality - is the problem in the biological creation of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

27. It is the time the Heart rests between Beats relative to the Turmoil at Artery and indeed Vein bends, junctions and every cell in the Body reliant on freshly Oxygenated Blood at the right pressure - in order to perform as designed.

28. Not to mention the entire Body Chemistry that plays a part in every Body Cell performance.

29. There is no - one Chemical in the Body responsible for causing  Pain in any form and more importantly inflammation.

30. Having said that - when the Heart is denied the ability to rest securely between beats; the Blood at the junctions remains in turmoil.

31. Resulting in various Organs, areas of the Body IE: Muscles and joints, becoming  inflamed where the Body responds with one of its many chemicals - Histamine.

32. Let us look in simple terms at the activity of Histamine. Best seen at the site of a skin cut.

33. Where a redness forms around the cut.

34. The process of this as Medical Science has demonstrated - is to stop the entry into the cut of further Bacteria, viruses or other life threatening Bodies and at the same time, excrete any Poisons which may have already entered the Body. This is often referred to as puss.

35. As our Blood Pressure is set in order for it to reach every part of the Body including the Brain in a correctly measured amount - when Histamine is switched on in the manner we have discussed and inflammation is created in every cell in the Body as we have described; on a loop back process the Mind is also affected, causing it to race even more than as a result of Trauma and in the process become Brain Fogged.

36. Under these circumstances no amount of mechanical interference will switch off the production of Histamine as the originating situation has not been resolved.

37. May we ignore the processes that are going on at the site of injury in the arteries and or veins; as this pales into insignificance to the process that is causing Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

38. Blood permeates to every cell, Muscle and Joint in the Body as indeed nature intended and via a very clever system of Arteries and Veins is sent to the Kidneys and other Organs for cleansing and back to the Lungs via the Heart for re Oxygenating.

39. Clearly this process even if ones legs were surgically removed at or above the knees is still working for in the absence of this surely - death is the only option.

40. Clearly from this it can be seen there is another process going on, as yet unidentified, or if it is, not well understood and even if it was - as the process would be far to difficult for Medical Science; having not yet fully explored and understood the complexities of Blood, as too how to alter for the positive, its Two - Four Thousand, ever changing Chemical Components.

41.  The Body is incapable of isolating just one chemical for good or bad running of itself - thus when Pain is present the Chemical computations amount to billions and every one of them is both Toxic and Caustic.

42. However for simplicity may we use and explore just one of these chemicals. As items: 31, 32, 33 and 34 discuss - Histamine.

43. For Histamine to be an effective part of the immune system, it relies on being switched on - locally at the site of damage, work until repair is complete and then switched off. 

44. Thereby allowing the Body's cleansing department to recirculate the Blood and the remnants of Histamine removed. Thus Histamine returns to - no longer in use, but at rest - waiting for the next call to action.

45.  It is not when Simple Pain does not automatically self, or mechanically repairs we have to concern ourselves with - it is when it never repairs or receives inappropriate treatments and thus is constant.

46. Thus, Simple Pain becomes Acute and or Chronic, just like the many other Regional Pains: like Leg, Back, Neck, Stomach, Cancer and of course we must not forget all the others not listed here - including, lest we forget. Bone Pain.

47. It is now fast approaching mid 2017 and it is abundantly clear for a highly qualified surgeon to remove the lower limbs of a beautiful intelligent  young woman - the Scientific Evidence base worked from, is less Evidenced Based now than ever in the history of Medical Science.

48.  So what right do I have - I hear screamed at me; in making such comments.

49. Where is the proof of my statements and what are my qualifications.

50. Without the proper Medical Qualifications and Scientific Proof of your statements - you are being very Controversial and Self Opinionated. 

51. To which - if the accusation was made, as often it is, from an ill Person, medically qualified or even a Person from the general public. I would JAB my finger at them in an Aggressive. Accusative. Manner and say. "No it is you that are being Controversial and Extremely Self opinionated - simply because you have the disorder or your specialists using the finest Medical Science cannot definitively say what caused the symptoms, no more than offer a Cure or even long-term good symptom management...

52. ...Other than remove the offending Body part which is no more than lighting the blue touch paper on a piece of dynamite and then holding it to see what happens next...

53. ...Not long afterwards there is an explosion. in this case an explosion of Body Chemicals that make the symptoms worse.

54. Therefore we may consider - my opinion is perhaps more important than any Doctor or Patient if only that I offer an opinion that is the cause of all illness let alone simple Pain Stress and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and in addition to be considered a completely New Science, that only uses a Persons Mind, Immune Systems, Body Chemistry and Body replication processes to Automatically create the Cure from within the Person - with not one management technique, self or therapist administered. 

55.  In order to confirm my position; I belong to no governing bodies - therefore. No One - not even me, is in a position to say to me when I talk or write about the true cause of illness the way I do. "We do not say it like that DO WE." Meaning we do not talk about a true cause or a cure as this interferes with the university and medical school policies of. "Do not let a good cause known or a cure stand in the way of a good Financial or Emotional Profit. 

56. Let us now explore - how Simple Pain Mesomorphs - slowly changes into Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

57.   First it is worthy of accepting. Pain is never once in real-terms in the Body, even if it appears to come from an impact - it is a memory of an earlier Pain Emotional and or Physical and a sign the immune systems have not been able to create an automatic repair, of either Pain.

58. From here it is of no concern - if the Pain is Impact created or Emotional as a result of Trauma in Childhood, as both create within the Mind a Memory, the Brain at this time is no more than an organ of the Body, just like every other organ.


Section. 33.

59. The true cause irrevocably  alters every Body Chemical. In order to now make this process as it indeed is Simple - let us demonstrate the process by making a list.

1. Trauma - could be Emotional or Physical - makes no difference.

2. Trauma causes a Person to be and remain in Fear. Not the symptom Fear of say Spiders - this is just a softer version of Pain or illness.

3. Fear lowers the Body temperature - especially in the core.

4. At the same time Fear causes Anxiety.

5. Anxiety is a short-term measure in order to increase the heat in the core - it does this by making the Heart race.

6. Relative to the - perceived by the Childs Mind and power of the Trauma, the Anxiety will run from short-bursts to sometimes; permanent.

7. This causes the Body to attempt to Heat and Cool itself both at the same time.

8.  The Lungs and Heart with insufficient time to rest are unable to supply sufficient freshly Oxygenated Blood and Nutrients to the Body - thus overheat and require cooling. A process that will create if nothing else Inflammation. 

9. Turmoil at the junctions of Arteries, Vein, capillaries and muscles cause localised inflammation this in turn further restricts the Arteries and Veins from delivering and returning Blood to the Heart and Lungs to complete the cycle.

10. Based on the Persons Perception of the trauma value, the Mind on and equal and opposite bases selects an area of the Body to create Simple Pain - in the vein hope someone will understand the Trauma and its effects and guide to resolving the inner conflict.

11.  Once the Pain exists, the Body will attempt to carry out its Normal repair processes,  as the Trauma was negative and many years later still not Understood - becomes Unresolved and Unresolvable Conflict, yet still. Simple Pain.

12. This may or may not have been a serious problem - apart from the fact, as a result of the Trauma the Person is driven to find understanding in any manner possible.

13. Screaming at Significant others. "I cannot do that," "because I am in so much Pain," is only a way of getting Understanding from People who caused the Trauma in the first instance, thus they cannot possibly Understand or will not as in their Mind and Eyes they have done nothing wrong, Thus it must be the Childs Fault.

14. Mostly a Child is not in a position to request a visit to the Doctor, yet when the significant others -  Parents suggest a Doctors Visit, this is met with resistance, as the Person knows; yet would be unable to explain why, a Doctors visit is not what the Pain was designed for.

15. The Doctor as qualified as they come, yet not having the tools techniques and understandings to make sense of the presenting Simple Pain - either takes instructions from the Parents, ignoring the Child, then turns to the Child and without realising; Patronises the Child into believing the Pain is something they have done wrong or not doing right. Growing Pains - you will grow out of, is one stock dismissal.

16. The real rational behind this is because - we all are Children of Parents or in the main Parents of Children. Parents cause all illness - no exceptions, yet they are guilty of nothing.

17. The Doctor with the infinite wisdom bestowed by being University and Medical School qualified and a Pain Specialist or Anesthetist; prescribes a Management treatment, for the Simple Pain. Then sends the Child or now Young Adult on their way with the assertive. "Keep Talking the Pills."

18. Time passes the Pain now becomes more prominent - a return to the Pain Specialist and a different or a lower qualified specialist/Doctor, now diagnoses another form of Pain. Let us just call this Acute Limb Pain. And a different and unknown to the Now Customer - stronger Management Pill.

19. Once again the Customer is now - with be a good Boy or Girl pat on the head, sent away with a Stronger version of. "You Must take the Pills as Directed."

20. Time passes again the Pain once again increases in intensity now moved to another part of the Body as well - on return to the Doctor Specialist Pain Clinic - yet another Doctor with a puzzled rub of his wisdom chin suggests it is now Chronic Pain. Take these even stronger Pills and meanwhile we will make an appointment for you to see a specialist at the revolving door Pain Clinic.

21. Time passes following say a three week stay at the Pain Clinic and now the possibility of enough daily pills to fill a shopping basket - the Pain changes shape once again, requiring more in depth investigations more diagnoses and even more drugs and yet another Doctor Specialist diagnoses. Stress - related Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. And every one breathes a sigh of relief - at last we know the real cause of the Pain. 

22. A specialist with a string of letters after their name with all the aplomb of Scientifically Proven Medicine, declares with absolute Scientifically Proven certainty - "We will Amputate the lower Limbs. That will cure the Pain."

23. Once again and following surgery the Patient now a Customer is sent home with a Wheel Chair and Pain Killing drugs - this time to overcome the effects of the surgery, not for the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, that is no longer there; as the offending limbs have been Scientifically Removed. Or is it best said - everyone has conveniently forgotten.

24. Time passes and the Customer Person - no longer able to continue with their hard worked for Professional Career starts an online group, in order to help others with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome self-manage their multiple ever changing symptoms; is as clear an indication as is required; the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome so successfully removed by the surgery, has or is in the process of returning. Not in the Limbs as they are no longer there, in the remaining parts of the Body - thus the Customer reenters the revolving door of Scientific Medicine.

25. Now tell me are we not back to the beginning, where we started.  "Simple Pain - to Stress. Chronic Pain & Complex Regional Pain Syndrome." or should it say; Simple Pain - to. Chronic Pain & Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - leaving a Customer Stressed out by all of the procedures that have not only led to Amputation; but no on route positive attributes of Fundamental Human Rights previously not allowed or stripped away by traumas gradually being Automatically returned with the Integrity Wisdom, Character and the full force of endurance to go with them that created the Professional abilities lost in translation from Simple Pain to Chronic Stress all created by the significant Persons and so called Medical Professionals in the Customers/Patients Life.

26. Let us continue on from item 16 and in the process explain the real cause of Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome to which Stress plays no part in; as this is no more no less than a symptom in the same manner as the simple Pain that started the so called Biological Process.

27. Parents in their desire to not let their Child grow up to suffer in the same manner as they - this of course includes all Medical Professionals in a desperate attempt to ensure their wishes are complied with; control their Children in such a manner as to lock them in an Emotional Lead Jacket. Or fail to recognise the damage they are doing to their loved one.

28. The Child without knowing - feeling traumatised and always made to feel everything was their fault, creates Simple Pain. Ultimately - and indeed; if for simplicity we are to use that nonsense word. "Stress" the "Traumas" - if the Pain is not understood and addressed is driven by the originating Stress in order to gain understanding - from that moment on any treatment that does not address the cause will only ever end in tears for everyone and for the Child/Adult a lifetime of ever increasing, multiplying symptoms and medications responses; a mystery to everyone.

29. Meanwhile again in simple terms - the entire Blood system is both Toxic and Caustic and will remain so no matter what intervention is made or medications applied.

30.  As the Resting Time between Heart Beats is so restricted and the Lungs unable to keep up with the demands of re oxygenating - Blood pools in every cell in the Body and in so doing causes the Body to respond, seen by the Body as inflammation.

31.  Causing the Body in response to secrete Histamine - which instead of reducing inflammation, increases it to intolerable and constantly topped up levels for the Body to cleanse is an impossible task as production is as quick as is excretion.

32. Moreover, where there is no Natural Cut in the skin to allow excretion - the Body turns on itself and creates more and more Histamine that it cannot excrete and ever changing Pain that defies all efforts by our dedicated physicians to manage for a short-time let alone cure.

33.  Finely, as a loop back to the Mind all of the Entire Body Chemicals act as an exciter to the Mind appearing to suggest - it is the Pain causing the Brain Fog and thus the Stress.

34. Resulting in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - to which no one knows the cause of and no one has; not only a cure but any management tools to last for more than the time it took for the surgeon to sterilize the tools used to Amputate otherwise healthy legs and then have the audacity to stand back and call that Scientifically Proven Treatments.                

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith talking Cures.         

Conclusion; This paper  is as much or more so - for People affected by and being the reason. "WHY." Stress and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is so elusive as to a Cure and why there appear to be different Mind created expressions.

"No apologies are made if this paper is seen as simplistic, for too long Scientific Medical Papers have been written in a manner no one truly understands, if this were not so, cures would have long since been found making this paper and Talking Cures unnecessary or redundant.

Question: Is it fair to say all of this writing could have been summed up in that one small sentence?

Answer: That is the reason for being - thus the true cause of all illness...

...The Mind is not trying to do something wrong; it is trying to gather understanding in order to put right - something that is terribly wrong.


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