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EU Vote - Two

Dear Gateshead and Newcastle UKIP

Around the 16th June 2016 following a number of comments I made in support of Nigel Farage and his dedication in obtaining a referendum for the United Kingdom to free itself of the apparent tyranny of the European Union, you requested I wrote my thoughts regarding how we managed to get into the serious position we currently are in.

Rather than taking your request as a commission. I was delighted to make it my contribution to Mr Nigel Farage's near Twenty Years of dedication and, like the many millions of People around the country that have dedicated only a moment or two by his comparison - sought no financial recompense.

Indeed was quite prepared to expend some Thirty Hours of my time in order to create a page on my website, with the intention of making the comments more enjoyable to read and also for others to save.

Adding many hours with this update.

With no consideration of Fear of any negative or Favour from positive advertising this may or may not attract to my own business.


Your response was..

Wow it's brilliant, lots of subjects that all come together.

Post it when you're ready Peter, thank you for sharing your work with us.


Of course history now demonstrates the referendum came and went - leaving behind it as expected the bitter pill of defeat by those who it appears sought to manipulate the outcome - thus with great hue and cry demanded a second referendum.

In my life - now Seventy two years I feel I can honestly say only Twice have I occasioned a Person that I can as a role model; truly take inspiration from.

1. A Woman - a tiny framed French Facial Reconstruction Surgeon, she did not have to concern herself of the cause of the presenting illness problem; just give a Person a face shape they could live with.

2. Mr Nigel Farage. Although I confess it was not until October 2015 I truly became aware of and involved in his life's work, aspirational intentions, unswaying passion and drive to the ultimate outcome. Something I myself aspire to in the outcome from my own work.

Nigel's message has yet has to truly reverberate around the world - for which in time I feel the entire world will benefit and be eternally grateful for.

For a Man with great integrity and wisdom to see - although he came from the very institution - the financial markets that had serious implications of the United Kingdoms desperate requirement to free itself of the tyranny of the EU, with such long term endurance - is a role model inspiration with no equal.

Following the announcement of the demand of a second referendum I felt obliged in keeping with our earlier discussion to advise Gateshead and Newcastle UKIP of my intentions and offer of first refusal to publish and the invitation to contribute - if desired.

I feel sure they as we all are aware of - Churchill saying. "It is not them over there I am concerned about - they are just the opposition; it is those behind me are the main concern." One might add as it appears to be being demonstrated on a daily bases in politics - there are only enemies?

Thus It was with great concern, dismay and astonishment following my private note I received this reply.


"Hi Peter

Thank you for your message, please feel free to write an article for our Facebook page but we can't advertise your web page."


Failing to recognise everything written is a form of advertising and to make such a suggestion is a mark of a seriously closed Mind to think anyone reading the article would in reality be remotely interested in purchasing my wares - it is the content they are directed too and that is clearly in support of Mr Nigel Farage and UKIP.

And if they were is Nigel's campaign - not about friendliness and inter trading.

This suppressive/oppressive attitude I will not tolerate as it sits at the very core of why the world is in such a state and even more will not tolerate such activities from Group Editors that deem to know better than anyone else about the very essence of the given subject.

On the subject of the referendum - there are some forty six million United Kingdom subjects, all with a viewpoint as equal to any others. Including those who voted OUT.

Even the EU as with Nigel Farage's latest speech at the EU. Martin Shultz said something I admire during the EU sitting. when he stopped the audience and said...

"Ladies and gentleman one major quality of democracy is, you listen to others views - even if you do not share their opinion."

This is unlike the United Kingdom parliaments spineless or corrupt speaker of the house, who allows the house to be - not as civilised as a school playground.


Under these circumstances I give no quarter and no opportunity of recourse.

I go ahead and publish with a full explanation of the prevailing circumstances - for if I do not; I fear the back benchers of Mr Farage's own party will contribute instead of to the astounding and yet to be realised worldwide beauty of the Brexit Outcome - its ultimate failure.

This - my role model Mr Nigel Farage - for my part being of no concern who I upset - I will not allow.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures


The Referendum

How the EU came about

On the 23rd June 2016 having spent some three months is deep debate, the entire United Kingdom population had the unique opportunity of deciding the future of the European Union.

The end result was perhaps for the first time in voting history seen as a demonstration of as close to fraud as it can be, with many People turning up at the voting booth - with a Pen. Rather than use the pencil supplied. It is unknown how many or if any of these were marked SPOILED?

Surely a list exist of the very best to the very worst Lawyers - yet I cannot believe one of them would allow their client to sign a legal document in soft nosed pencil - unless they had an illegal or immoral motive behind their very action.

The People have been asked their opinion at the Ballot Box in as democratic manner as the United Kingdom is able to muster and their. "WILL had the fundamental right to have been demonstrated - by a democratic and truthful count.

Not at any time was I made aware by David Cameron The incumbent United Kingdom Prime Minister or by any legally binding means - the document was in any way not a legal and binding document or had to pass other STRESS Tests in order for it to be validated or not. Is this not tantamount to TREASON of the highest order?

Would not even the EU Laws deem this a good legal argument?

Whilst I confess during this time I did not read many National, International or Local papers that may have swayed my decision one way or the other, no more than I watched all the News broadcasts, documentaries and live or recorded debates.

Preferring to read the will of the People via the many social media outputs.

The reason for this - my Mind has long since seen through the falseness of our political and monetary systems and concluded The Stock Exchange is only BULL and in real terms BEARS no resemblance to. Real business.

Thus The World Stock Exchanges must not be considered as our political Masters or a demonstration of how well or bad a countries economy is doing.

For too many years I have had the belief. The Stock Exchange - in cahoots with a larger order or even a brotherhood, worldwide is no more than a Gambling Den of iniquity, that has for too long ruled the worlds finances by manipulation of the Markets in often not so good ways - for some perceived or real outcome of financial profit or control.

How this Entity did or was allowed to become our Political Masters as well is surely only in the Minds of those with "something to hide."

How can we with so many intelligent financial minded People in the world not see gambling on the stock exchange is not real business, so why does the media always use the Index with such excitement having gone down or up post an important event.

Thus with an open Mind and an extremely high dose of Skepticism I was drawn to the group that started the process that lead to the country for the first time having a say in the outcome of membership of a club EU, that does not appear to be satisfying the reason we in the United Kingdom felt it voted for - some Forty Years ago.

Now including the UK it is reported there are Twenty Eight members - long had I been aware the United Kingdom were never once influential in the outcome of a vote - or only appeared to be, the real vote with the words somewhat changed is always made in secret.

Following which - the United Kingdom and all other members were stifled into silence by the very rules of EU engagement.

Following the population of the United Kingdom voting to Leave the EU, there has been, it appears somewhat of a Hue and Cry, not only from the principles of the EU but from many other members.

Whether their Populations should vote Remain or Leave.


With my lateral Mind - where I believe everything I hear and at the same time do not believe a word - a process I have relied on for more than thirty years and it has never once let me down.

Thus I posted on Social Media sites and Twitter. "Rest assured for weeks now THE Company EU and Backers have had Thousands of Lobbyists badgering the other 27 Members into Fear of recession - that will be create when UK Votes OUT."

As perhaps they may well be doing to many other vulnerable countries outside of the EU and even inside the Commonwealth.

Thus when the vote was cast counted and published:

1. Total votes cast. some 42 Million. The voting population of the UK

2. Remain 46.0% of the voting population of the UK = 16.1 Million

3. Leave 53.2% of the voting population of the UK = 17.4 Million.

4. Balance in favour to Leave = 1.269.501

Now in all honesty I am obliged - following a discussion with a friend to say, the gap is not really large enough to satisfy me, however it is the result the count demonstrates IF FAIR HONEST AND TRUE which as a Citizen of the United Kingdom and in fairness to every one else. I am happy to abide by.

Moreover I feel once again with my lateral Mind - it is correct to question with the amount of information regarding Lies and Deceit our National Media have presented us all with - well they MUST know the TRUTH must they not...

...The real truth regarding the count and - did the boxes leave the Polling Booths and arrive as they left at the counting headquarters, without the possibility of being exchanged for identical boxes with a known result inside - to remain as cast.


Referendum Two

Now it appears we are presented with a demand for a Second Referendum - that, in a strange manner of thinking I agree with.

Prompting me to review the data and the possibility of a change in outcome.

Surely if we are to concede to such demands - it must be made certain NO ONE in any manner shape or form is in a position to manipulate in the same manner as the stock exchange index - the voting outcome. Thus the figures can be trusted.

Is it not time we as a united Kingdom with a total population in excess of 75 Million adopted the process of the Criminal Investigation departments of our Police force and used Genetic Smart Water monitoring of the ballot boxes with the unique mixture being made at the individual polling stations - thereby giving rise for this process to be accepted as being secure.


This accepted - may we review the numbers and what they mean to a lateral Mind.

May we look at the differential of votes cast. 17.4 - 16.1 = 1.269.501.

Now if we reverse the numbers with the Remain group voting for OUT - the differential remains the same.

Leaving as per the campaign the desire for a New Referendum to increase the Leave Vote.


During the campaign my observations somewhat fell into Four main categories.

1. Leave = Migration and the making of a limited amount of repeated negative comments.

2. Remain. Migration and a serious amount of what appeared to be Misinformation lies and deceit and a very liberal amount of FEAR made the campaigning somewhat self-defeating.

3. Migration where the truth about this serious situation was somewhat lost in translation or a diversion.

Meaning the true implications of mass migration while spoken about did not appear to gather the attention it truly deserved.

4. Or was this certainly of the remain side a deliberate policy as the immigrants were desired to bolster the Remain Campaign voting numbers had the timing been right.

5. Debates so rowdy and uncontrolled by the central chairperson, as to render for the most part the debate unintelligible.

BBC News as of 18.28 25 06 2016 - EU referendum petition signed by more than 3.2m

As at 29th June 2016 it appears - More than 4.0 million People have signed a petition calling for a second EU referendum, after the Population voted to leave. One may accept these are all from the REMAIN Side?

It has more signatures than any other on the parliamentary website and as it has passed 100,000, Parliament will consider it for a debate.

The UK voted to leave the EU by 52% to 48% in Thursday's referendum but the majority of voters in London, Scotland and Northern Ireland backed Remain.

David Cameron has previously said there would be no second referendum.

Let us be gracious and give Scotland the 30% of their population that voted to remain and consider not an exhaustive part of the discussion.

A. Were you a Remain campaigner?

B. Are you sure about the referendum result?

Check out these top self-comforting strategies.

Did the televised debates leave you more confused - not because you were stupid, more because perhaps as designed by the TV producers, who for them it is just another EU paid product.

Thus not allowed to make an informed decision because so many times the message was lost in translation by the inability of the Chairperson working under orders from the director not to control the participants from all screaming at the same time; so the audience could clearly hear the debate.

1. Call every white Person who voted Leave, a "racist," ignoring the fact that Europeans are also white.

2. Make sure you ignore and marginalise ethnic minority leave voters.

3. Claim that the - huge turnout was not high enough. 72%?

A. It should have been at least 75%! 80%?

B. It should have been 85%!

C. Make sure to keep moving the goalposts.

4. Make an e-petition demanding another referendum, just as we have seen so many times in History.

5. With the possibility of. We need to keep having referendums until; we get the "right" result.

6. Get over-excited about the economy, even if the impact has been pretty boring and mundane.

7. Pretend that your 2:2 in English Literature or Social Media makes you an expert on currency markets.

8. Attack the very idea of Democracy, because it is only a good thing when it goes the way you want it to.

9. Working class voters do not know what is good for them, but all other classes - definitely do.

10. Share memes - a concept, belief, or practice conceived as a unit of cultural information that may be passed on from Person to Person, subject to influences in a way comparable to natural selection.

A. Which translates too; bashing Brexit, ignoring the unwelcome and uncomfortable realisation that you are in the minority of public opinion.

11. Boldly claim that Scotland will leave the UK, forgetting that:

A. they cannot afford to as the EU perhaps will not be able to afford to take them on.

B. The possibility the EU will demand a new application from Scotland to join taking perhaps many years or failing in the end. Or the EU will no longer exist?

C. 1.6m remain votes does not cancel out 2m NO votes.

12. Make fun of Boris Johnson while sweating slightly and really hoping he does not become Prime Minister.

13. Learn absolutely nothing from the campaign, blaming the result on everyone but yourself. True sign of Psychotic Mental Activity.

A. Accept. Scare mongering and bullying are clearly the best tactics to use, there is no way they could possibly backfire. because up until Brexit - they have always worked.

14. Curl up in a ball and cry yourself to sleep while listening to "Loud Music."

Are these the best reasons we as a race of People are able to make based on the information provided - having just made perhaps the most important decision in the United Kingdom and World history...

...No of course not; if we were given the full story in a manner we are able to hear with our Minds instead of just being a babble at our Ears.

Would then Brexit be accepted as a worldwide revelation the UK has required since at least the Pilgrim Fathers and the East India Company?

Is not the Gandhi story and the creation of Pakistan from the edges of India during the negotiation for Independence from the brutality of the English Colonisation and the deceit - that makes "YES MINISTER," seem like a television show, shown by the politicians with veiled threat of. "Partition or nothing," worthy of a revisit?

In the continual pursuit of improving our understanding of the dire-situation, we are all in?

Which as I see it created the now worldwide separation of Muslims from Hindus and other People of the vast Proud and intrinsically rich country - India.

It is the same as in America and the Founding Fathers if one is able to turn ones eyes the right way up?


So may we look at the desire for a fresh referendum for the outcome of the EU and the United Kingdoms involvement and revisit the numbers with a different viewpoint.

When the vote was; cast counted and published:

1. Total votes cast. some 42 Million. The voting population of the UK

2. Leave 46.0% of the voting population of the UK = 16.1 Million

2. Remain 53.2% of the voting population of the UK = 17.4 Million.

4. Balance in favour to Remain = 1.269.501

Let us for fairness add all of the People in Scotland that voted to leave to the remain campaign - then we cannot be wrong about Scotland's intentions.

Balance in favour of remain. may we call them 500 thousand.

Total 1.269. 501 + 500,000 = 1. 769.521. Plus or Minus.

Thus with my non educated into mathematics principles, financial instruments and currency understandings of this world - I am only able view the numbers in this way.

The Leave outcome to Remain have to gather twice the 1.769.521 votes to find themselves in the same position - bearing in mind I did not remove the added Scotland leave votes from the overall numbers.

Now I have to consider in using the higher percentage vote of let us be fair of 85 % of the population in favour of the decision from 72%; one has to find if one can trust my calculations - some 4 million "NEW" votes.

Leaving me to ask where on Earth are these People if the voting is fair honest and true as required by the United Kingdoms Advertising standards agency - going to come from. Illegal immigrants.

Conclusion: If this referendum were a General Election would we be arguing over the same percentage advantage to the winner - I do not think so.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

This is my truth now tell me yours - change someone's Mind.


...In illness - The Mind/Brain/Body is not in the slightest doing something wrong, it is desperately trying to right a serious and terrible wrong?

"No apologies are made if this paper is seen as repeating or simplistic, for too long Political and Financial papers have been written in a manner no one truly understands, if this were not so, financial stability of the worlds currencies would have long since been found making this paper and Talking Cures unnecessary or redundant.

Whilst it must be recognised, the framework - part of the content, for this paper is in the public domain and credit given to the authors; Peter Smith Talking Cures asserts the right to be recognised as author and Intellectual ©Copyright holder of his contribution to this document."

"The rise and fall of the EU." Author Peter Smith Talking Cures Copyright 28th June 2016.

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