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Does Britannia still rule by Deceit and TREASON?

As an eight year old in 1953 - in hindsight I was unaware of the implication of your becoming the Sovereign Queen of the United Kingdom and all of its provinces secured by colonisation of the many countries at that time - now under your rule.

In all of that time since I have observed your regal patients as your subjects go about their business in relative peace.

Never once have I been aware of your interference in matters pertaining to how the United Kingdom is managed by our Prime Minister or Parliament - only recently, if we are to believe the press, showing your discomfort of the situation to our remaining in the European Union.

This I greatly admire.

Madam; may I confess my knowledge as a loyal subject of state affairs in relating to their legal status - is way above my knowledge grade.

I am however aware of the aged saying. "Ignorance of the Law is no defence."

Thus I rely on our and any court of law working within and under your majesties realm to deliver Justice - which in my ignorance means a fair and honest outcome from any examination of the facts, as decided by my/our peers.

Many of the countries colonised by the realm of the United Kingdom have in the same fashion of the United Kingdom on the 23rd June 2016 - my knowledge of the involvement of other provinces under the control of the UK is limited, have sought and received Independence from the Crown and in this case the UK has sought and legally voted for Independence from the EU not the European Countries.

This I see as a demonstration over your many years of reign, of your increasing Integrity and Wisdom.

Over my now many years and the beauty of hindsight; I have become increasingly aware of the brutality of those that colonised the many countries - although under the guise of the UK crown.

I find it extremely difficult to believe any modern thinking reigning monarch would condone such brutality just to control another country.

Thus I am left to consider - such lies deceit were only in the eyes of the Servants of the Crown at the time, leaving in its wake a long history of fermenting destruction of which in recent years we are beginning to see the true-worth of colonising other countries, by such means.

And in so doing sequestrating the intrinsic wealth for the profit of the United Kingdom Realm.

I believe it is this process, albeit not in the conscious minds of the worlds population is at the very core of why - even by a small margin the United Kingdom sought freedom and Independence from the same/similar style of tyranny, so many other countries have endured for so long.

And in so doing lighting a very bright beacon of what is to come - as rightfully so. ALL other countries seek their own independence.

I must confess I am not so happy with the small margin the Leave the EU vote produced but am confident in my belief had it been a National vote in a General Election you would have been in the process of swearing in a jubilant Prime Minister and their equally delighted party.

Thus as a new duly elected government; I, as a servant of the realm rely on your judgment and would accept with all the graciousness I can muster - support our New parliamentary team.

We; your many millions of subjects are only able to make a judgment in such serious matters as voting - based on the information presented to us by specialists informed in the due process of the Law, as is the case of the referendum as promised and to the best of my knowledge written into the statue of law we call justice and have come to rely on by the countries leading spokesperson - our incumbent Prime Minister Mrs. Theresa May whose word we must or indeed; should be able to place our full trust in.

With this in mind and with great discomfort I find again from the national and indeed international press our incumbent government is...

...seeking to dismiss the will of the People by ensuring the United Kingdom remains in the European Union.

This activity from my own point of view brought about partition of India and the creation of Pakistan and in so doing by the same deceitful slight of hand created the division between many of the religions in India at the time - much the same as the break up of the middle eastern countries around the same time as India and Pakistan.

Madam as just one of your many millions of loyal subjects for just once we your subjects call upon you with your extremely long-career as our reigning monarch and perhaps the only Person with true Integrity and Wisdom... see this act of dismissing the will of your subjects is tantamount to TREASON of the highest order.

That in times gone by with poor communication slipped into the history books unnoticed - now with instant internet communication, this cannot for world peace be allowed, for the implication of the United Kingdom vote to be Independent will affect every country of the world and every Person alive today or in the wings as a Person of one of our future generations.

In deepest regret we your subjects call upon you to exert all of the stately pressure required - as our then incumbent Prime minster Mr David Cameron nor any of the cabinet at any time Publicly Stated to his voters; the referendum as known by all that are knowledgeable of the law; was a contract with and for the People that had a inbuilt disadvantage to the voters. Thus had no validity in Law.

My knowledge of the law does not include - yet I am aware of the term Citizen's Arrest as an arrest made by a Person who is not acting as a sworn law-enforcement official.

In common law jurisdictions, the practice dates back to medieval England and the English common law, in which sheriffs encouraged ordinary citizens to help apprehend law breakers.

Despite the practice's name, in most countries, the arresting Person is usually designated as a Person with arrest powers, who need not be a citizen of the country in which they are acting.

For example, in the British jurisdiction of England and Wales, the power comes from section 24A of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, called "any person arrest."

This legislation states "any Person" has these powers, and does not state that they need to be a British citizen.

I feel sure and the dignity of the United Kingdom Citizens - As indeed those that remain Loyal to your Majesty and the Crown from other countries having sought and received Independence from the colony.

On the 23rd June 2016 the United Kingdom voted to be freed from the well reported in our media - Tyranny of the European Union, yet Not one Person would truly desire to rise up in their millions (Circa 17) and seek to make a Citizens Arrest of those who would conspire for profit and undisclosed reasons against the dignity and sovereignty of your Majesty and the Realm of the Crown.

High Treason in the United Kingdom.

William Joyce ("Lord Haw-Haw") was the last Person to be tried for treason in the UK in 1945.

Under the law of the United Kingdom, high treason is the crime of disloyalty to the Crown.

Levying war against the sovereign and adhering to the sovereign's enemies, giving them aid or comfort and attempting to undermine the lawfully established line.

Several other crimes have historically been categorised as high treason, including counterfeiting money.

High treason was formerly distinguished from petty treason committed against a subject of the sovereign.

Considered to be the most serious of offences, high treason was often met with extraordinary punishment, because it threatened the security of the state.

Since the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 became law, the maximum sentence for treason in the UK has been life imprisonment.

Is it not fair to say we have long passed the Gandhi style of beatings in order to maintain sovereignty - not only in foreign lands but our own.

I am aware correspondence as this will not receive a response - for as OUR constitutional Monarch, your Majesty does not intervene in political or personal disputes and letters asking her to do so will receive a standard reply to this effect.

As a loyal subject surely this is an instance it is the only thing we are empowered to do...

...WE your Subjects CALL ON YOUR GOOD JUDGMENT... intervene in this situation, that for us all is not just political and it is most certainly not personal - it is a plea for the survival of the world of peace we strive for and wish to know it to be, not the fragile ego's of a few who seek some form of Psychotic Control - as history so eloquently demonstrates with certain subjects just exerting their own will on the People.

For generations we have accepted the CLAIM that the state has the AUTHORITY to make laws and IMPOSE them.

Indeed one of them is the 1998 European Human Rights Act.

Can we consider with this in mind we are no more than prisoners of the EU. Considered a Private Limited Company.

Thus - until we finally are released from the shackles of this dictatorship, as British citizens, our Human Rights under the 1998 European Human Rights Act are being violated!

Section 5 quite clearly states that our Liberty and Security is being threatened!

And those of every European who live in constant threat and fear imposed upon us by eu politicians!

We are being told that we have to accept thousands more economic migrants and the government cannot tell us how many ISIS terrorists have already infiltrated our shores cowardly disguised as refugees!

This is a direct violation of article 5 and article 13 states quite clearly we have a right to be heard!

If every sensible European, who is not living in denial protested this basic right, then surely it could cause mayhem for the dictators of the EU!

NO one is suggesting we should not have order.

What WE should be demanding is to see THE PHYSICAL EVIDENCE that Such Laws APPLY to the general population alone and do not exclude the so called elite.

And. "We the People," instead point out the PREMISE that the eu CLAIMS it has the RIGHT to do so DO NOT EXIST.

'I have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty's humble and obedient servant.'

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith

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