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10th February 2016

The Joy of Friends of Water Rats

With my dearest friend Liamie we visited a pub in the Grays Inn Road Camden London - right opposite Kings Cross St Pancras Station.

And for a Princely sum enjoyed a lovely meal where the surroundings and service were of a very high ORDER thus not to be Rat ted on.

During our meal our Splendiferous Host entered the auditorium where we were greeted in True Entertainment Style.

Much to the delight of my guest and friend Liamie - who had no prior knowledge of our visit.

On completion of the first act - our meal and at the appointed time as instructed and with "Great Expectations," we pressed the bell to the ratSStar entrance.

The Curtains opened where we were greeted by our Compere host Mr Ken - and Joy it was.

Stepping into and onto the stage (entrance hall) we were introduced to the Role of Honour of many names who make the show and many who have sadly faced the final curtain.

Many - who I have had the grace, privilege and good fortune to have met, being Brother in Law to Past Queen Ratling Sheila Lawrence. having attended so many Lady Ratlings events over many years.

This Joy was further compounded by our host explaining - the Lady Ratlings are coming home to and are set to join the Order at this Lodge.

Ken - Having the Stage SET with Great Joy, we traversed up the Marble Staircase to the Stars.

By the time we reached the top of the stairs for my part I was somewhat Star Struck - more impressed by the way the whole show had been created and the scene set with many pictures on the walls.

The stairs followed onto a hallway and a small room where the Show began in earnest.

At the back of the Stage was another more mysterious doorway to which Mine Host beckoned us.

This room - known as the Club room where members meet for social discourse and frivolity, reeked with the perfume of Entertainment History and as expected of a great Compere and Comedian, we were left to savour it and fill in the Punch Lines.

At the rear of the stage was a backdrop curtain made up of the pictures of so many who dedicate much of their lives helping others in Mind Body and Grand Order Spirit.

The music started and in celluloid fashion the history starting from 1889's unfolded "Before" our "Very eyes" and a thought, "You lucky People," meaning Liamie and myself; entered my Mind; as did Ann - Stage Left with a very timely mid show interval coffee and biscuits. Fair brought a Trinder Tear to my Eyes. Oops  Tender.

Soon the stage was full of other actors who helped set the scene for our special day - including Fran making the show now in full Swing.

Out of the corner of my eye amidst all of the Stage Settings was something rather special which sent a chill down my spine - in a special area of the stage, as if waiting for the great man to emerge from behind the curtain was, Norman Wisdom's stage Drum set.

No time to sit and ponder as our host was now advising us - other delights were on offer.

Like the glistening eyes of excited Children at the pantomime; we followed Dame Ken to yet another stage - set as though Music Hall time had stood still.

With mesmeric wonder we perused - the Museum of artifacts, going back almost till the beginning of time.

From Charlie Chaplin's famous walking stick and bowler hat to Danny Lar Rue's Pink pantomime dress, with all the Over there and Look Behind You - one could muster.

With our compere standing at the door I sensed more was to come - like Little lambs we followed to what one could only termed as another mysterious door - to which in an almost threatening, yet exciting way, we were beckoned through.

Not before being frightened out of or into our costumes for the show to follow.

Like Matthews Mist we passed through the portals, onto a new stage - where just being there, forced me for the first time to pluck up the courage to request permission to take photographs. Which was most eloquently and Joy esly confirmed.

Authority to photograph came with a somewhat expected caveat Yet came as no surprise for in my Mind I already knew the mystery of the Entertainment industry had to be maintained - like the magician who must never divulge the secrets of the tricks, then surely some of the contents of this special room; I had Lodged in my Mind, had to remain secret.

Not as a Secret Society more as a Society of Secrets of which the entire Entertainment Industry are Masters of and do we not evoLLove them for it.

Of course I already knew and Ken confirmed, he was a Rat - yet I thought; there must be more to this man than meets the eye than just being a Rat - surely one is not given the honour of being a Rat just by being Stage orrible.

Just community, charitably minded and nice with it. And of course being a long time multi-skilled entertainer of which Before our very eyes was about to be demonstrated and became a Great Joy to watch.

With a One Man Show to a Packed Front of House audience comprising of two special feeling guests, the History of how The Magpie Trotted through time and how many Treasures were gathered for the special few to enjoy - on behalf and in support of the many.

I took my photos where our host made the correct protestations. "You are not filming are you," to which I replied, "Oh" no I am not," thus and with great care; I ensured the Secrets of this room were maintained - thereby ensuring the Audience is always kept entertained up to the very last curtain.

As this point I became aware this very special and privileged tour around this magnificent Theatre was surely drawing to its finale - and then with a smack in the kisser, there was more.

Expertly as if working to a tight script our host Ushered us into another room and introduced us to Annie who did not need a Gun, as she had the necessary Post-Production selling of Show goodies and information relating to future events and very skillfully of course presented as the Final Act... Order for everyone to share the excitement - the necessary papers to sign up to be a Supporter and Friend of...

...The Grand Order of Water Rats.

King Rat 2016 Mr Ian Richards.

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