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Requiring a handicap license plate.

I parked and got out of the car, I had this lady say to me, "well, you look perfectly normal to me!", as I turned to look at her, I crossed my eyes and said, very seriously, "maybe that's part of the problem, you can't see what's lurking under my shell."

The look on her face was priceless!

Just because YOU can't SEE it doesn't mean it doesn't exist!

Until you have walked in our shoes and have felt the pain we feel, keep your cruel comments and opinions to yourself.

Ignorant People can be so cruel!!

I'm posting to stop people from mocking and laughing at people for things beyond their control...

Not one of my Facebook friends will copy and paste (but I am counting on a true family member or friend to do it).

If you would be there no matter what then copy and paste this.

I'm doing this to prove a friend wrong that someone is always listening.

I care.

Hard to explain to someone who has no clue.

It's a daily struggle being in pain or feeling sick on the inside while you look fine on the outside.

Please put this as your status for at least 1 hour if you or someone you know has an invisible illness (IBS, Crohn's, PTSD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Cancer, Heart Disease, Bipolar, Depression, Diabetes, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, MS, AS, ME, , Epilepsy, hereditary angioedema , Migraines, Hashimotos, AUTISM, Borderline personality disorder, M.D.,D.D.D., CFS, .) Histiocytosis, O.D.D, A.D.H.D, RSD, RA (rheumatoid arthritis ) PBC,RLS ,COPD etc

Never judge.

And neurofibromatosis For Guy Stevens, myself and many others.


Peter Smith


The real truth regarding this matter is; illness is so much as an advantage no one wants to recognise this - as they are the Problem not the solution.

Is illness a mystery?




Pat Moore 3 June at 19:28

To many people judge a book by its cover, nobody understands if they have not been through it themselves when you get over this crisis you become a more caring person



Dear Pat

Wise and necessary words - not so sure I totally agree with; "one has to have been through the process oneself," as there are far too many People in the country/world with multiple illnesses for that to truly be effective.

I do however agree with the most sincere sentiment your comment brings; regarding becoming a more caring Person.

Something we all could use a dose of.

Best wishes



Peter/Pat Smith

Still today in the year 2016 far too many People with long-term and as most illnesses are hidden - blamed in some backhanded manner or other for putting it on, or faking the illness and if that fails. “It is all in your Head.” As if that had any value; without the Understanding Compassion and Caring brings.

Your own words to me circa 1989 of erudite wisdom which was some years later to lay the foundation of Talking Cures - which appears to be the very first and perhaps only disease modifying treatment the world has ever seen; where you said to me. “You do not need to Hypnotise People to cure them, you only need to Talk.”

Without question this was to be the most significant piece of information in my entire therapeutic educational history - for without this nothing was ever going to truly fit together.

It took me far too many years of my life to work out why everything I touched ultimately failed - all against my Childhood aspirational dreams of perfection.

A chance meeting with my sister in 1991 brought to my attention why the above was true.

Having spent since becoming a Hypnotherapist in 1982 the intervening nine years trying to avoid a Heart attack - I intuitively knew was coming.

A year after my Sister explained to me - "A month before I was born; someone in order to terminate my life; Punched Mother in the Stomach."

Following a heart attack in 1992 - without the years I had spent trying to avoid it and the information from my sister latterly it would come to my Mind - I would no doubt had a heart attack and died.

It was not until May-June 2016 and another hospital stay because my heart went into an Arrhythmia - this time even a general anaesthetic and a shock could not bring me out of. Yet to the surprise of the attending team of cardiologists I came out of the arrhythmia on my own.

Later and the day after my 72 birthday I was to consider the past month perhaps the worst experience of my life and the day after in many ways the worst - as more than ever I was able to see and experience the full and most negative effect of my Fathers actions on myself and everyone I ever came into contact with throughout my life - with those closest too me at the panicle of suffering.

This was the proof I required that my life had been to a greater degree destroyed by the activities I could not possibly have understood, had I not majored all of these years on the strong possibility - what Negatively happens to us as Children, even in the womb, affects everything the way we run our life by and including our ill, well health success and failures during our life.

Following the information received from my sister it took me near twenty-years to firmly establish in my Mind and to my satisfaction what had happened and then to go to the only Person I was aware of that may well be able to confirm the story I would tell - the Husband of My late cousin Denise, who I grew up with in the same house for my first six years and was close too in the years that followed.

This Person should not have known.

His Mother in law my Aunt and a substitute Mother went screaming to her death bed carrying the secret she was sworn to keep - even though in receipt of two strokes and was close to death, her Mind knew what I meant when I requested; she tell as to what had happened to me. Within a very short space of time she left this world taking her secret with her - and as a result of family convention, oblivious to the lifetime of damage she had caused to so many by telling everyone she could. The secret her sister asked her to keep.

It is my belief and to the best of my ability the May-June 2016 incident confirmed to me - my Two elder Brothers, Sister and indeed my Younger brother who died in 1960, all died; not so much as a result of what happened to me, more the from Family Secret they were sworn to - although my treasured Aunt made sure everyone in the Family knew; except my wife and children and myself. The only important people that should have known.

As the incident that happened to me one month before I was born and the secret changed irrevocably the dynamics of the entire family forever - even those that came along in the years to come and anyone connected to the family.

Taking since 1982 but in reality all my life - From May 10th exactly one month before my 72 birthday I was finely able fully Recognise and Understand the complete picture of the actions of My Father - a Person with his own lifetime traumas to deal with; my opinion was he attempted suicide at the age of Seven as a way of dealing with his own emotional and physical traumas.

Clearly - although leaving him with a stiff-leg; having had the Knee Joint removed, this taking of his own life was not successful, as he went on with my Mother to sire Seven Children.

Although I was the fourth Born it appears clear - Fathers Mind concerns did not surface until my conception coming to a head in a seemingly uncontrollable rage one month before I was born where in a fit of frustration he punched Mother in the stomach in order to terminate me, as he was under the impression I was sired by his best friend named Pat?

Had he waited just five-weeks the evidence was clear to see - I was his through and through.

If there was a flag to draw attention to my own concerns; just one of the many comes to Mind - a lifetime of a dry stomach cough I could never relieve and constant sniffing and snorting, although so many People chastised me in order for me to stop, so many failed to realise, because they have never had such a disorder it was as, if not more unpleasant for me - as it was for all who had to endure my disposition.

As the years passed from 1991 I was able to work out the Punch two operations (1963 -1984) and a third looming did not stop there - as the force had a Hydraulic action on Mothers Amniotic Fluid, forcing it up my Nose, Down my Throat as well as into my Ears and Eyes, the latter making hearing in loud areas with deep base sounds difficult and a life time of burning smarting eyes, causing me to roll them up into the top of my head and an unrelievable Anxiety.

The cough in the remaining month before I was born was to force the fluid out of my stomach, yet sadly only to be forced back again by the equalising of the pressure on the outside - hence a constant cough that cannot be relieved or a reoccurring memory I did not know I had.

Many years ago I recognised in a strange manner. A trauma can be a cure too, this means, when something one has unwittingly been programmed for goes wrong or does not work out as earlier planned or dreamed of - there is Creativity is the Brakes on Madness realisation - signalling a change is required.

Insidiously and certainly from around 1982 - reaffirmed in 1992 I made changes as best I could in order not so much just to repair my own past but more importantly not repeat the past and pass that on to others by being as caring and understanding of any situation presented to me by any Person under whatever circumstances.

Where today my improved level of caring is such - whether in collaboration or just by my own words input into another Person’s life; where my desire is only to use the integrity and wisdom my own emotional and physical pain and time has allowed me to gather, to guide a Person to become the Person they should have without the emotional and or physical traumas imposed on them by significant others in their life - who felt others Mind and Body was theirs to control.

They were then as now if the same activity continues - both confused and badly in error and in so doing demonstrate they have no knowledge of what Caring is or should be.

Take care and best wishes



This is my truth now tell me yours - change someone's Mind.


...In illness - The Mind/Brain/Body is not in the slightest doing something wrong, it is desperately trying to right a serious and terrible wrong?

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