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Because Pain illness and fatigue are destructive to our
Health, Wealth and Well being...

Depression Explored-Explained-Understood

If in reading this paper my writing appears to be like a foreign language or even rambling.

Consider reading this paper not as a book - take some time to comprehend the contents - where I would like to think and feel sure it will make sense?

So often we read or hear in detail about an illness - but rarely if ever does anyone take the time to truly explain. "WHY," this paper is designed to answer many of the questions - we are so often left with.

Where many times we have the questions and no answers - or the answers and not the questions.

If I have unwittingly left anything out or not answered fully; please email me(at the end of this page) and I will include it in the Paper at the earliest opportunity.

Please include a copy and paste if possible of the item that is not clear.

Did we not all struggle as a Child to learn many things we now through the experience of life we are now extremely competent at.

No apology if offered if discussions are repeated within this paper - the understanding for this, is nothing is more repeating than illness that is there every day of one's life and - despite treatments does not get better or have a satisfactory explanation/understanding.

The first thing in the process of answering this is, for any one suffering...

- "New understandings are required about illness..." it appears the existing education is the same worldwide? Nonexistent.

From Talking Cures point of view and therapeutic practice - names of illness especially Medically Diagnosed recognised and scientifically proven, are of no real value in the understanding and treatment of any illness - the only Name we should use or symptom we may label is...

“A Person is unable to achieve a Healthy and satisfactory lifestyle.”

Thus requires. “Specialised assistance,” in order to make sense of the presenting symptoms enabling automatic resolution via the Entire Body Chemistry.

Question. 1: May we for the point of discussion use the word. “Depression,” still today despite all of the many Scientific Studies waiting any - let alone satisfactory understandings and treatment outcomes?

Answer. 1: It is widely reported Depression is one of the common of disorders for someone living with Chronic Pain with the consideration Depression is able to undermine Pain treatments and Chronic Pain can make Depression worse.

Can the Mystery of Depression be; Explored - Explained - unraveled - Understood?

Depression is only obvious if one has the desire and intention to avoid the most important part of our being - the MIND.

DESPITE the fact it will affect one in Four People at some point in their lives;

Depression remains a bit of an uncomfortable conversation to have - unless we are talking about someone else, then it is normal to discuss openly!

The one in Four amounts to approximately 1.75 Billion People in the world who will suffer some form of Depression in their lives and if we take into consideration there is in the year 2016 - still not one definitive cure for any illness and add that to all of the other illnesses and make a statistical number count; it adds up to one big Medical Science Failure and if we were to apply the same counting procedure to all known illnesses...

Then there are more illnesses in the World than there are People - well-done Medical Science, the only thing you have really Scientifically Proven - is how to make more and more people ill; with no known cause - illness, with no known cure.

All because ""No One" is capable of "Understanding."

Can the Mystery of Depression be; Explored - Explained - unraveled - Understood?

Although the increasing awareness of the illness has seemingly improved with access to help and treatment, thereby helping break the taboos surrounding Depression.

There is still a long way to go before Mental Health will be as openly discussed by all of us in the same manner - birds of a feather flock together - we do with all other - Medical illness concerns.

However, it appears there has been some progress as more and more People who have been affected by Mental illness choose to speak out about their experiences - in order to help others, who may be suffering alone.

Depression sufferers are often reported as saying; before being affected by Depression...

"They had no idea of the reality of living with the illness."

Question. 2: Is this paper only a Framework upon which you build later and better information regarding illness?

Answer. 2: Yes, the Framework for this Paper is courtesy of Wikipedia - and contains most of the questions and answers - I just interpret them both.

Question. 3: Can we then start by exploring what is currently being said about this illness that so many People suffer and it appears is implicated in so many other illnesses?

Answer. 3: Depression or Dark moods has long been described by many People as well as Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and credit is given to the website for this information we will use as a way of exploring and working - to offer a new perspectives of Depression.

Question. 4: It is said there are other words of expression to describe Depression - one of them "Despair," or "Disambiguation?" may we explore these as well?

Answer. 4: There are many different interpretations of this word - Disambiguation, it is the process of identifying which sense or meaning of a word is used in a specific context.

Closely related to Ambiguity, an attribute of any concept, idea, statement or claim whose meaning, intention or interpretation cannot be definitively resolved.

Thus from this alone we are already able to understand why Depression has no definitive or satisfactory understandings and treatments.

Question. 5: May we explore the situation in order to make better sense than currently available?

Answer. 5: Of course. Sadly, it appears when a Person presents with a; "Mood" style of feeling - immediately within the Brains of Medical Science, the direction is already away from the Patient towards the text books; For a description and understanding of the Mood disorder of Depression and towards a Medical Specially - Psychiatry, Psychology; all from listings in the instruction manuals - ICD-10 F32.8 Diseases DB 3589 MeSH D003863.

From here, all is lost and the specialist only sees with their Eyes and hears with their Ears and never their Mind - of course, the rationale for this is the Mind is never implicated in illness - IS IT.

Leading to only one direction a highly trained individual is able to take -


Question. 6: Can? Chronic Pain really make Depression worse?

Answer. 6: Only if the clinician is either practising illness Management or desiring the next and ongoing invoice.

Question. 7: You cannot mean that?

Answer. 7: Sadly, I do - Chronic Pain and Depression are no more than symptoms or an expression of the Emotional Phenotype - both have their cause steeped within the Mind and Emotional and or Physical Traumas. 

Furthermore, whichever one came first; if one is poorly treated or only managed, it will CAUSE the Mind to bring forward the other or make it even more mysterious by bring forward Dormant symptoms - not make the Depression worse.

Question. 8: Can we now explore Depression in more detail?

Answer. 8: Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a Person's thoughts, behaviour, feelings and sense of well-being.

Question. 9: What does this do to People?

Answer. 9: People with Depressed mood can feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable, ashamed or restless.

Question. 10: Is that all?

Answer. 10: They may lose interest in activities that were once pleasurable, experience loss of appetite or overeating.

Have problems concentrating, remembering details or making decisions, Insomnia, excessive sleeping, fatigue, aches, pains, digestive problems or reduced energy may also be present and as a last desperate action - may or contemplate, attempt or commit or even succeed in a suicide attempt.

Question. 11: How does a Medically Qualified Person understand this?

Answer. 11: There is no question in my mind to make such comments - many wise People and Doctors are sadly limited by the Medical Science available.

Thus are committed to maintain the moral high ground with “Clinical Depression.”

As a Scientifically Proven diagnoses with no real value.

Or even suggest - Depressed Mood is a feature of some Psychiatric Syndromes such as major Depressive Disorder.

As importantly it may also be a normal reaction to life events such as bereavement.

Or a symptom of some bodily ailments or a side effect of some Drugs and Medical Treatments.

Question. 12: Something does not add up in your response - what is it?

Answer. 12: There are Three issues here:

A. The use of the word "Some" says it all as it is a catchall or a guess.

B. If Depression is a reaction to a "Normal event" why cannot Medical Science explain why they were susceptible to such events to become lifetime (no cure) Depressed.

C. Thus we can see Scientific Medicine is - if not altogether responsible for originating cause of Depression, it certainly does exaggerate the cause with either lack of knowledge - as to the true cause or through ineffective biological treatments.

Therefore. “Scientifically Proven” treatments are never implicated - as having failed!

Question. 13: Knowing the Medical Profession is keen on labels and specialist modalities can we explore how many there are?

Answer. 13: Yes of course, however we must at least recognise the list may never be exhaustive - the Mind is far too clever to allow such list to be complete.

Life events. Medical treatments. Nonparasitic illnesses. Psychiatric syndromes. Substance use disorder. Epigenetic. Assessment. Treatment. Gender differences. Controversies. Scholarly References.

Question. 14: Even I am able to see there are at least Four that warrant further discussion?

Answer. 14: Correct: Epigenetic. Gender differences. Controversies. Scholarly References.

Question. 15: What then can we make of this list?

Answer. 15: Epigenetic is a study, in the field of Genetics, of cellular and physiological phenotypic trait variations that are caused by external or environmental factors that switch Genes on and off and affect how cells read Genes - instead of being caused by changes in the DNA sequence.

Question. 16: So what does Epigenetic mean in the Scientific understanding of Depression?

Answer. 16: Nothing. It is one of those sort of new age words designed by Medical Scientists to explain away - how little they know.

My experience tells me this is the case.

Notice how once again there is a desperate attempt to maintain the Biological cause with the use of the words - External and Environmental Factors.

Gender differences. How sad it is of the entire Medical Profession they still maintain the stupidity of this - as they fail to recognise Males and Females all have exactly the same body organs and cell structure - it is just some of them are conveniently made inside out to accommodate the other - for procreation.

Controversies. It appears so many students leaving Medical universities have a low self-worth perhaps because of Professor Tutor suppression of new and innovative thinking.

The only thing they know as sensible thinking, is that is all they have been taught - is to protect the lack of true teaching by suggesting everything that does not have their Scientifically Proven seal of approval; by protesting new findings are somehow - only of controversial or novel merit.

Scholarly References. Thus, Students and newly qualified Doctors are only able to accept Scholarly References, as they are only able to read with their Eyes and Ears and not with their Mind - because their profession will not accept into their vocabulary - the Mind.

Question. 17: Surely, with all of the scientific study there must be some good outcomes from the Medical Profession.

Answer. 17: Of course there is; we are extremely fortunate to have so many dedicated Medical professionals who can achieve so little in treatment outcomes confirmed with comments as this:

Causes: Life events. Adversity in Childhood, such as bereavement, neglect, unequal Parental treatment of siblings, physical abuse or sexual abuse that significantly increases the likelihood of experiencing Depression over the life course and not be able to see these are not Biological.

How can so many dedicated professional be so blinded by their own findings.

Question. 18: OK accepted - they have the knowledge but do not know how to use it, may we clear the decks and explore the rest of what they fail to recognise they know?

Answer. 18: Life events and changes that may precipitate Depressed Mood: include childbirth, menopause, financial difficulties, job problems, a medical diagnosis: cancer, HIV, etc.

Bullying, loss of a loved one, natural disasters, social isolation, relationship troubles, jealousy, separation and catastrophic injury.

Question. 19: Are there any specific groups of People at risk?

Answer. 19: Adolescents may be especially prone to experiencing Depressed Mood following social rejection.

Question. 20: Is social rejection a valued explanation?

Answer. 20: No - it is nonsense.

Question. 21: Why is Social Rejection - nonsense?

Answer. 21: Because it fails to recognise the pre-existing emotional vulnerability or damaged Mind of a Young Person.

Question. 22: What if any Medical treatments/medications are known to cause Depressed Mood - in a significant number of Patients?

Answer. 22: It would appear there are and these include interferon therapy for hepatitis C.

Besides this, medications for high blood pressure and sleeping pills are also believed to increase the risk of Depression.

Question. 23: How is it so many highly educated People can be so blind and why does the population put up with them saying or even believing - they have the Scientific Proof?

Answer. 23: Sadly, it gets much worse. Nonpsychiatric illnesses or Depression with a differential diagnoses.

Depressed mood can be the result of a number of infectious diseases, nutritional deficiencies, neurological conditions and physiological problems, including: hypoandrogenism (in Men,) Addison's disease, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, stroke, diabetes, cancer, Psychiatric syndromes and Depressive Mood disorders.

Question. 24: But does not answer my question?

"...Why do we put up with this nonsense?"

Answer. 24: I feel sure the question will be answered soon.

Question. 25: You mean there is more bad news to come?

Answer. 25: Afraid so - one has to take the bad with the bad to get to the good, as it is reported a number of psychiatric syndromes - feature Depressed Mood as a Main Symptom.

Question. 26: Now I am confused?

Answer. 26: And so is everyone - as this is once again back to front medical thinking in order to ensure...

...Depression is ONLY of Biological creation.

As the mood disorders are a group of disorders considered to be primary disturbances of mood.

Question. 27: What then - do these include?

Answer. 27: These include major depressive disorder MDD; commonly called Major Depression or Clinical Depression - where a Person has at least two weeks of Depressed Mood or a loss of interest or pleasure in nearly all activities and dysthymia...

Which is a state of Chronic Depressed Mood, the symptoms of which do not meet the severity of a Major Depressive Episode.

Question. 28: What defines Clinical Depression?

Answer. 28: To be diagnosed with Clinical Depression, one must meet the symptom criteria for major depressive disorder...

... in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

This manual is used by mental health providers to diagnose mental conditions and by insurance companies to reimburse for treatment.

Question. 29: So am I to understand to be diagnosed by a Medical Professional with Clinical Depression - they have to first look in the instruction manual and then the pricing manual to see how much they are going to be paid - before they diagnose?

Answer. 29: It appears that is so. Guesswork may well be another explanation:

Question. 30: Is it then fair to suggest? Often there is a suggestion or a list of life style activities to change and things to avoid for someone living with Chronic Pain and Depression, which may individually or collectively help in the recovery process? May we explore such a list?

Answer. 30: As your question suggests - there is more to it than that.

To be diagnosed with Clinical Depression, one must have five or more of the following symptoms over a two-week period, most of the day and nearly every day.

At least one of the symptoms must be either a Depressed Mood or a loss of interest or pleasure.

Signs and symptoms may include:

Depressed Mood, such as feeling sad, empty or tearful in Children and Teens, Depressed Mood can appear as constant irritability.

Significantly reduced interest or feeling - no pleasure in all for most activities.

Significant weight loss, when not dieting, weight gain or decrease or increase in appetite and in children, failure to gain weight as expected.

Insomnia or increased desire to sleep.

Either restlessness or slowed behaviour that can be observed by others.

Fatigue or loss of energy.

Feelings of worthlessness or excessive or inappropriate guilt.

Trouble making decisions or trouble thinking or concentrating.

Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide or a suicide attempt.

Question. 31: Tell me - with that list does the Medical Profession ever do anything - other that tell us what and never why?

Answer. 31: Sadly, it appears they are not capable of understanding "why" let alone explaining it to a long suffering Patient who blindly still pay the invoices - let alone explain to their suppressive tutors or colleges.

Whereas the worldwide evidence clearly demonstrates with not one single cure for one illness - no one in the medical profession actually desires a cure or if they indeed did they most certainly would not be allowed to say so.

One may term this as hiding from the truth as we all do - when mysterious illness strikes?

Question. 32: Once diagnosed - what is the treatment or management suggestions from the Medically qualified practitioners?

Answer. 32: Eliminate the use of alcohol. Eliminate social drugs. Eat a well-balanced diet. Reduce or cease the use of: nicotine, caffeine, sugar.

Use a daily multivitamin.

Sleep well.

If sleep is a problem discuss this with your Doctor/Therapist.

Seek emotional understanding or support from Family or Associates.

Think positive.

Pace yourself.

Ensure your schedule is set with realistic outcomes.

Consult with a Physician if you are experiencing alterations in Medical Symptoms.

Seek early intervention which may improve the severity of your Depression.

Question. 33: Accepting this list is not or may not be exhaustive? What does this list mean to a Person so disposed?

Answer. 33: Nothing. For if they could actually do any of these by being told; they surely would do them naturally - thus Depression would not be a requirement.

As for approaching People like Close Family members - lest we forget it was them who caused or contributed to the illness.

Question. 34: Nothing? But Why?

Answer. 34: A damaged Mind is incapable of listening to such nonsense, because of the Brain Fog or other Mind related symptoms (High Anxiety) that so often or always is present with all forms of Depression.

Question. 35: Are there any points which make this clear?

Answer. 35: “Yes there are: “Consult with a Physician if you are experiencing alterations in Medical Symptoms.”

“Seek early intervention which "may" improve the severity of your Depression.”

Both of these demonstrate the current clinician is only dealing with the Emotional Phenotype and in so doing ignores the long history of concerns a Person would have as well as the now Depression - was in fact caused by inappropriate Medical Intervention.

Question. 36: What about Pharmaceutical companies they are always saying they have a Cure?

Answer. 36: This is true - but try to find one!

Question. 37: Surely, there must be other illnesses within the same category where the same protocol applies?

Answer. 37: Yes; another mood disorder is Bipolar Disorder that features one or more episodes of abnormally elevated (high) mood, cognition and energy levels, but may also involve one or more episodes of Depression (lows.)

Question. 38: So is this form of Depression understood?

Answer. 38: No, not in the slightest. If anything, less is known about it today by comparison to say forty or fifty years ago.

Moreover, management often has in a manner speaking - disastrous outcomes.

Question. 39: Big words can these be explained?

Answer. 39: Of course, I never say anything to which I have not already seen the outcome.

When the course of depressive episodes follows a seasonal pattern, the disorder major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, etc. may be described as a Seasonal Affective Disorder.

In other words hidden by a name change as indeed it was originally called...

...Manic Depression!

Question. 40: Means?

Answer. 40: Medical Science has a very long history of - if it cannot earn any more research funding or obtain a Noble Prize Award for failure, then a name change will blind innocent victims with a scientific belief that something is being done about their illness. And we believe them!

Question. 41: So it must surely get worse - before it gets better?

Answer. 41: Indeed it does.

Outside the mood disorders: borderline personality disorder often features an extremely intense Depressive Mood.

Adjustment disorder with depressed mood is a mood disturbance appearing as a psychological response to an identifiable event or stressor, in which the resulting emotional or behavioural symptoms are significant - but do not meet the criteria for a major depressive episode.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is an anxiety disorder that sometimes follows trauma and is commonly accompanied by Depressed Mood...

...Therefore, everything is alright - is it not?

Question. 42: Is that the lot - or are there more unpleasant surprises?

Answer. 42: One would wonder - with the ever improving status of Medical Science if we have started to understand at all the list of Medical Mysteries as Depression, for it appears for a Person with any form of Depressive Disorder the light never "was" at the end of the tunnel.

Then surely we must expose all avenues in order to make sense of this much studied, with no tangible outcome - disorder.

Depression is sometimes associated with substance use disorder.

Both legal and illegal drugs can cause substance use disorder.

Epigenetic Depression and Suicide are associated with significant epigenetic change.

Assessment Questionnaires and checklists such as the Beck Depression Inventory or the Children's Depression Inventory can be used by a mental health provider to detect and assess the severity of Depression.

Question. 43: Is there in the same manner as above a list of “Things to Avoid When one is Depressed.”

Answer. 43: Yes and perhaps the number one is combined:

A. The People in your life who are constantly telling you how to run your life in direct correlation with their rules.

B. And Medical Practitioners who only seek to Manage your symptoms as Biological and with their insufficient knowledge - ignore what you are telling them. “It is a Process of my Mind.”

Isolation tendencies. Making long-term commitments. Making important decisions.

Over-committing to activities.

Assuming or mistakenly believing things are hopeless.

Engaging in negative emotional reasoning.

Assuming responsibility for events outside of your control.

Avoiding appropriate treatment as a way of coping.

Pushing People away who are trying to help you.

Question. 44: Are you saying these are not at all helpful when one is Depressed?

Answer. 44: If they are delivered as part of a Management program - that is exactly what I am saying.

Question. 45: Is there a way this can be avoided?

Answer. 45: Yes - but we must not allow ourselves to be carried away in the fast flowing current of Medical Science knows anything of value - Give a damaged Mind the correct Understanding and it will self-repair itself and Body.

Relative to time left and the damage demonstrated by many other symptoms along with directions from the Subconscious Mind.

Question. 46: Point taken? May we now talk about treatments?

Answer. 46: Of course, be prepared for quite a ride.

Treatment of Depressed Mood may not require any professional treatment and may be a normal reaction to certain life events, a symptom of some medical conditions or a side effect of some drugs or medical treatments.

A prolonged Depressed Mood, especially in combination with other symptoms, may lead to a diagnosis of a psychiatric or medical condition, e.g. of a mood disorder, which may benefit from treatment.

Different sub-divisions of Depression have different treatment approaches.

Question. 47: That is not a rough ride or even a roller coaster ride; it is a whirlpool of confusion?

Answer. 47: Indeed it is and for someone with Brain Fog as a side effect of a Mood disorder - impossible to keep track of and as a result; they will become a

...Victim not a Person or a Patient.

Question. 48: Under the circumstances above - how many People are affected or seek treatment for Depression?

Answer. 48: It is reported or has been estimated in one major country; two thirds of People with Depression - do not actively try to receive treatment.

I suspect for the UK - it is the same or much worse.

Question. 49: Are there any Treatment guidelines in the UK that support this last sentence?

Answer. 49: The UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) 2009 guidelines indicate that antidepressants should not be routinely used for the initial treatment of mild depression...

...Because the risk-benefit ratio is poor.

Question. 50: If treatment of Mild Depression outcome is so poor - where does this leave People?

Answer. 50: Once again, "Up the Paddle without a Creek." Nowhere SAFE to go - in other words.

Question. 51: Are there any other or new treatment options?

Answer. 51: Deep Brain stimulation (DBS) is a newish neurosurgical treatment, which entails the implanting/application of a device into certain parts of the Brain.

Question. 52: Is this saying a Surgeon Digs into the Brain of a Person with Depression and does something?

Answer. 52: Much worse than that. Surely one must take into consideration in the absence of any relief a Person has a fundamental right to make their own decisions as to treatment.

Question. 53: Are you suggesting there is more to this treatment than this?

Answer. 53: This treatment is still undergoing controlled trials, but it is showing very promising results in regard to treatment for resistant Depression.

Question. 54: But what in more clear terms - is it?

Answer. 54: Deep Brain stimulation (DBS) is a very clever neurosurgical procedure involving the implantation of a medical device called a neurostimulator, which is sometimes referred to as a 'Brain pacemaker,' which sends electrical impulses through implanted electrodes, to specific parts of the Brain or Brain nucleus - for the treatment of Mood or Movement.

Question. 55: This surely has to be considered similar to docking the Titanic on an Iceberg at Twenty Knots of sea speed.

Answer. 55: Perfect understanding - for after years of so-called Brain Mapping, if the Medical Profession still do not know the true cause of Depression - how can they know the true position - for implanting a pacemaker.

Question.. 56: Is there a suggestion this is a "Cure."

Answer. 56: As well as for Mood disorders - Deep Brain stimulation (or DBS) is the main type of surgery used to treat the symptoms of Parkinson's and perhaps other movement disorders.

Scientific Medicine confirms - It is not a cure, but it may help to control movement symptoms.

It may also mean that someone has to take less medication, which can reduce the risk of medication side effects, such as involuntary movements.

It would be reasonable to consider the Jury is still very much in deliberation on the effective outcome of this procedure - made especially worse if the Emotional Phenotype (presenting symptoms) and not the true cause is treated and the value of Substitution is not known about.

Question. 57: What is Emotional Phenotype and Substitution?

Answer. 57:...

Emotional Phenotype - is the image we show to the world based on ALL of our Past history/memories. Often confused with illness symptoms.

Substitution - Our Master Keeper of all our Memories, our Subconscious Mind knows with Pin Point accuracy the true cause of all of our Mind/Brain and Body Symptoms of ill health and ANY inappropriate treatment - often referred to as management, will cause the Mind to give the impression one or a number of symptoms has been eased or cured...

...whilst it sets about creating new and even more mysterious symptoms; for presenting at a later date.

Often referred to as - relapse or return from remission.

Question. 58: May we discuss - Gender differences in Depression?

Answer. 58: It appears there are number of symptoms used to help diagnose Depression relating to Gender differences.

Looking at all instances of Depression that can be confirmed. i.e. psychological help is obtained or a suicide occurs from depression-related circumstances, as one-author report states...

Women have a higher rate of Major Depression than Men, but looking at individual symptoms, the gender divide intensifies in some areas, disappears in some and reverses in others. Really.

While Women have a greater proportion of somatic symptoms than Men - the gender difference is much smaller in other aspects of Depression.

One surely has to consider If one is only able to count numbers it is clear to see the understanding of Depression - is lost in the Numbers.

More importantly separating Male and Female by numbers - conveniently forgets they are People looking to Professional Medics for help - not Gender Discrimination.

Question. 59: What are Somatic Symptoms?

Answer. 59: Somatic Symptoms are a category of Mental disorders included in a number of diagnostic schemes of mental illness.

The diagnosis requires physical symptoms that suggest physical illness or injury symptoms that cannot be explained fully by a general medical condition or by the direct effect of a substance and are not attributable to another mental disorder - may be either clearly attributed to a distinct medical disorder or be placed into one of the following categories:

Stomata disorder (body opening disorder? Mouth, Anus? ETC.) another primary psychiatric disorder, often Depression and/or anxiety, functional Somatic syndrome e.g., irritable bowel syndrome, Fibromyalgia, appetite, sleep disturbances and fatigue accompanied by pain and anxiety.

Question. 60: It is not to difficult to see Somatic Disorders are no more than confusing - even to the Medics? Forgive my interrupting - Please continue?

Answer. 60: Thank you. And yes just from the above answer - confusion is a major defence tool to hide - the little understanding of Depression and other illnesses the medical Profession in reality has.

Females report twice the prevalence of somatic symptoms.

According to somatic psychologists, our Bodies hold on to past traumas which are reflected in our Body language, posture and also expressions as male (2.8% vs. 1.4%) versus Depression not associated with somatic symptoms (2.3% vs. 1.7%.)

Depression with somatic symptoms is highly likely to also have an anxiety disorder (31.4% vs. 22.9%,) to have pain (60% vs. 48%) and to have Chronic Depression (49.2% vs. 36.8%.)

Men with Depression with somatic symptoms were more likely than those without to have pain (48.9% vs. 28.6%) but were not more likely to have an anxiety disorder (39.3% vs. 31.9%) or chronic dysphoria (37.8% vs. 33.3%.)

Instances of suicide in Men are much greater than in Women.

In a report by a two major Universities, it was shown that Men commit suicide at a rate almost three times that of Women in a comparison of two major countries and that the rate in one major country - is almost four times as many Males as Females.

However, Women have higher rates of suicide ideation - the creative process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas and attempts.

The difference is attributed to Men choosing more effective methods resulting in the higher rate of success.

Question. 61: Please sum that all up for my confused little Mind?

Answer. 61: Yes easy - it is all nonsense. It is somewhat like trying to win the National Lottery - using a calculator.

Question. 62: Earlier we spoke of Controversies? Is there an Unbalance in the scales?

Answer. 62: Sadly, many Published Papers of Medical Science Self promote Criticism or Controversy as.

The True Cause of illness is not known and there are no definitive cures for any illness.

Thus, all Scientifically Proven Papers compromise any article's neutral point of view of the given subject.

Question. 63: So are you saying - The problem in analysing the results of Mental Health research and Mental Health Statistics - is the prevalence of reporting bias.

Answer. 63: Surely if no one in the Medical Profession has the integrity and wisdom to ask...

"...Why do we not have any definitive cures for any illness?"

"Then surely, everything they say - has or is, a reporting bias."

Question. 64: Can you be more succinct in your answer?

Answer. 64: Fraud is the best answer I can suggest...

Yet one should surely ask - just who is the Fraud really aimed at.

It can only be the dedicated front line clinicians doing their very best with terrible tools techniques and understandings all Scientifically Proven!

In addition, any use of the word. "Analysing," has surely to be considered all the confirmation one would desire - as number crunching never once proved anything of value in the understanding of illness.

Question. 65: It is suggested the only way to collect data is to survey People and look at hospitalisations rates.

Answer. 65: There are most serious problems with People mis-reporting their feelings, along with the frequency of Depressive and Anxious thoughts and other information that subjects might want to suppress or might not realise are significant.

Question. 66: But do these problems still exist? And what if anything exacerbates them?

Answer. 66: So many cultural norms encourages Males not to express their feelings and to “tough it out” while Women are encouraged to "express emotions."

Question. 67: Surely, it cannot be as simple as that?

Answer. 67: Sadly, still today the entire Medical Profession although publicly professing to incorporate the Mind - still have the belief the Mind does not exist and it is the Brain where the problems reside.

Thus there is still the tendency to view Mental illness as "all in your Head," with the preconception that the problem can be solved by - just trying harder.

It is not the Toughing it out or Express emotions is the problem - it is the why cannot this be automatically and comfortable achieved.

Question. 68: Is this the reason why People under report the prevalence of Depressive or Anxious episodes, Men more so than Women?

Answer. 68: Yes for all of the above reasons.

Perhaps more importantly because of very real not perceived stigma attached to Mental illness.

All because the Medical Profession will not accept the Mind is the controller of all life activities, thus People will resist the idea that they might have a Mental illness and attempt to suppress any hint to the contrary on any surveys.

Question. 69: Are there more reasons why Women are diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety statistically more often than Men? And are in reality Women weaker than Men?

Answer. 69: There is a pressure from Society itself - on all genders to not report Mental illnesses because they are afraid of being viewed as "crazy," or are afraid of being judged as weak and powerless to control themselves.

To consider Women weaker than Men is sheer Male Dominated Stupidity - any illness is a strength if turned to positive; will lift the world.

As a demonstration of this - perhaps Man should try having a Baby or a monthly menstruation for some Forty Years of their lives.

And then say Women are weaker than Men.

The truth is they both suffer from Depression and Both have a Fundamental right to be free of the Life destroying symptoms.

Question. 70: Does this lead to potentially significant errors in statistical analysis of the prevalence of internalised Mental Disorders and potential errors in the judgment of differences experienced by gender.

Answer. 70: YES everything will be an error - As purposely (although we may not be aware of this) yet Subconsciously as intended by the Patient themselves; it shows up the stupidity of statistical analyses of all illness.

Question. 71: What can possibly be the outcome of such Human activity?

Answer. 71: Because of pressures of our society, People suffering from Mental Disorders or Emotional Trauma - for example, sexual assault or abuse, may feel as though no one will support them, even if they do report it - they have or have developed a form of learned helplessness.

Outcome = More mysterious illness! Or relapse or return from remission or appearing to be strong.

Question. 72: Does this happen to all genders?

Answer. 72: This is true - but Medical Science hypothesises (guesses) that different genders and gender identities are affected disproportionately - depending on the specific situation.

Question. 73: May we explore the type of discussions on this subject that may well prevail in the public domain?

Answer. 73: Yes of course - sadly as a result of Medical Science education of us as a race of People, all I really read is the Emotional Phenotype from People - many of whom suffer not only this - but many other illnesses as well.

These points clearly demonstrate the apparently worldwide situation.

“Seven years ago I could cope with almost anything and would never have dreamt of how debilitating this illness can be.”

"Now. I suffer memory loss, have no concentration, sleeping problems and I do not want to go out or even get out of bed sometimes."

"I have no energy and have also felt I cannot carry on."

"It is so frightening, when this happens to you.”

"Mental health problems are equally common in Men and Women, but the way the sexes are affected differs."

"Women are more likely to be affected by Depression and Anxiety, while Men suffer more from substance abuse such as alcoholism and anti-social personality disorders."

"Men are also most at risk of attempting to take their own lives, as 75 per cent of suicides are men, mostly under the age of 35."

Question. 74: How can we better understand? "Seven Years Ago?"

Answer. 74: All illness has a distinct gestation period - cause to effect. Thus; from, "I could cope with almost anything," to depression - had to have some form of time-transition.

That surely is...;

"...Creativity is the Brakes on Madness."

Question. 75: That appears to be rather a dismissive statement - I thought you understood Depression?

Answer. 75: I do and I stand by my understanding - From a trauma we go through many changes before illness prevails.

When such times as we are unable to relieve the resulting Anxiety we - without realising become Creative and Depression (illness) is the result - if we cannot as an interim create a spectacular lifestyle many People will commend us or others for.

Question. 76: Is there more to this discussion?

Answer. 77: For an unfortunate Person this illness would begin after a series of traumatic personal events, combined with stress, which led to the suffering Anxiety and Depression.

Question. 78: How would you view this information?

Answer. 78: Although it was reported family and friends are a great support, still general attitudes to the condition are difficult to deal with.

Yet the clue to the situation surely with the Anxiety and Depression has to be with the words; "Combined with Stress." Surely, this was a precursor or much earlier sign of an illness - let alone Depression.

This would perhaps be many decades prior to the onset of any illness.

Question. 79: Are there any calls for changes to be made?

Answer. 79: Yes indeed - It can be quoted!

“It would be more preferable if the words Mental illness were changed to "Mind" illness, because the word. "Mental," has such a "stigma" attached to it.

Question. 80: Can any conclusions be drawn from such a statement?

Answer. 80: Yes and very sadly "WE" can be forgiven for lack of secure education;

And this is perhaps a clear demonstration...

“People who have no insight into the illness - just think others are a nutter or loony, but that is far from the truth."

Question. 81: Do you feel there is validity in the previous quote extract? "Far from the Truth."

Answer. 81: Yes; many times in my now Thirty-Three (2015) year career as a specialist therapist I have proven - if only to my and certain individuals satisfaction.

We are all conceived/born with the ability to be of the highest educating standards and if there are no life traumas or if there are and they are satisfactorily resolved - including Unresolved and Un resolvable Conflict - a Person will have the ability if desired - to use that level of education.

Question. 82: What is Unresolved and Unresolvable conflict?

Answer. 82: Unresolved; A trauma we are aware of that destroys our fundamental right to well health. Unresolvable; A trauma we are not aware of which is just a life destroying as one we are aware of.

Question. 83: The first is understandable - can you explain the second in more detail please?

Answer. 83: Grieving that does not self resolve in a reasonable period of time - is a good example.

Question. 84: Means nothing - please explain in more detail?

Answer. 84: When a Person is Traumatised - in the main it is always by either a Parent or a significant Person in another's (Child's) life unwittingly given the opportunity of imposing a Trauma by a Parent who has their attention diverted elsewhere.

If the Understanding or Apology behind or for the Trauma is not given and the Person responsible Dies - this will leave a Child (Adult) with Unresolved and Unresolvable trauma; as the responsible Person is no longer available to explain or apologise.

Question. 85: So where does that leave us with Depression?

Answer. 85: Depression is an illness where one's life stands still and is full of tears, despair and desperate loneliness.

Question. 86: So no one Understands or more importantly can do anything about this illness?

Answer. 86: The physical effects often go unremarked upon, but can include weight loss or gain, lethargy and disturbed sleep, which can have a huge effect on sufferers’ day-to-day lives.

Therefore - People from a very young age have nowhere to go to gain the understanding Traumas demand.

Leaving sufferers to live in hope and die in despair - saying.

“If I was wearing a bandage on my head or had my leg in plaster People would see I was unwell, but this illness is also physical.

"Sometimes the simplest of tasks is like climbing a mountain.”

Question. 87: Are there other things People with this condition experience?

Answer. 87: In common with many illnesses People, who are prescribed medication for their condition experience difficulties as Doctors try to find the correct medication.

Their Doctors say and they find:

“It is very difficult to find the right pills to suit each Person and it often takes a long time - to find the right balance."

Question. 88: Does this disorder like so many - experience side effects of taking medications?

Answer. 88: Yes, it appears there are and one would wonder what part or true value medications really play...

- in what is clearly a Mind created disorder?

Question. 89: Are the often-reported side effects - difficult to cope with?

Answer.89: On the face of it, one would desire to say yes.

But how can a Person cope with the disorder or the medications to treat the Biological disorder - when as we have discussed.

NO ONE in the Medical Profession understands the disorder as to its real cause and No ONE in the Medical Profession - has a cure.

Question. 90: Are things or is there any consideration things will get better in any country let alone the UK when one considers they all work from the same Evidenced Based Medicine - instruction manuals?

Answer.90: It is said. “Things are getting better in the NHS, but a lack of funding and resources is still a problem.”

And if we apply this same to any other country - can it really be any better when the UK is supposed to be the World Wide hub of intelligence and finance.

Question. 91: So how or with what do People cope?

Answer. 91: In a manner of thinking they do not ever; "cope."

People have also to cope with the loneliness the condition can appear to cause, with some friends and acquaintances struggling to know what to do or say.

Question. 92: What do the People say?

Answer. 92: It appears People just repeat the nonsense the Medical Profession has told them is - the Scientifically Proven facts. With:

“One in four People has some kind of Mental illness in their life."

"Some suffer alone because of there is still such a stigma about it all.”

“I have lost touch with some good friends and I know it’s not because they do not care."

"It’s because they don’t understand and feel helpless when I just do not seem to be getting better."

“People say, ‘pull yourself together, try harder, Move on."

"And I say, "I do not want to feel like this."

"Do you not think I would if I could?"

"It is just my wonderful Children, family, friends and medical teams who have kept me going."

“But I am getting there slowly and I am passionate about getting this message across to People.”

Question. 93: Is not this last line of a contradictory nature?

And - When People are in this position - do any special attributes appear to show in them?

Answer. 93: Yes it is contradictory; as the evidence suggest. No One - truly recovers from Depression.

Yet it is common and very public knowledge, many People as demonstrated by our lost superstars who choose to publicly speak about their experiences after being moved by the stories of other sufferers in the public domain.

And then go on a Creative Pathway of dedicating their energy  to raising funds for Depression Charities often in memory of their or others lost ones - who had suffered from Depression and Died after suffering serious ill health body failure or other reasons.

As well as being driven by the publicised articles by supporting others doing a marvelous job raising money for Depression Charities.

Concluding with - “The need for Charities like this is so huge because there are so many People who suffer."

Question. 94: Do you feel there is real value in supporting - illness related Charities?

Answer. 94: When I review the Scientific Evidence relating to this or any other disorder - be that of Mind-Brain or Body and conclude there is not one disease modifying (cure) treatment for any illness and never do I hear a Charity Demanding from Medical Scientists. "WHY."

Then I have no option but to conclude - if only with Health related Charities - what in reality and better said; for who - do they in reality exist for!

Leaving one to consider the wisdom of these quotes of other's words.

"Some suffer alone because of the stigma, which is very sad." and “I would urge anyone if they have got a few pounds to spare to donate to the wonderful work many Charities are doing."

"The money is greatly needed not only for the Patients, but for support for their families too.”

Question. 95: What do you say to all of this?

Answer. 95: My heart and feelings go out to every Person, all of them deserve - all the help and understandings there is available.

I am not entirely sure thus can only IMAGINE suffering from a condition where there is no effective treatment, let alone a cure.

From an illness that can leave you with Memory loss, lack of concentration, no energy, sleep problems, anxiety and loneliness, caused seemingly by loss of close relationship.

With so Many people around the world suffering from Depression and Anxiety, both are still mystery illnesses, for which there is no known cause and treatment/management is difficult or only of short-term effect.

All because the Medical Profession will NOT recognise the Mind as a result of traumas - created the disorders.  

Or worse turning to a Charity whose one aim is “not” on behalf of their long suffering members - to find a cure!

Surely were it to be - we would have at least one cure for one illness by now, as it appears there are Health Charities for all illnesses.

However; here in Southend on Sea Essex England - the cause of Depression is not a mystery and is treatable in a natural way without drugs and without interfering with any Doctors medications.

As is: Anxiety. Fatigue, Brain confusion/disorientation (Brain fog) and many other symptoms of ongoing and long-standing ill health.

It really is. “Time to Change" not just talk about change!

Surely after so many years of the failure to understand this disorder as well as many more - is it not now reasonable for us all to consider...

“illness is a process of the Mind” and most definitely not. “All in the Head.”

No more than it is biological, yet the realism is I can on a worldwide bases find NO ONE or Institutional Body even thinking in this way let alone working in this way - that is seriously sad.

Question. 96: Have you had direct discussions with a Depression Charity?

Answer. 96: Yes in April 2009 with a publication Features Editor - relating to Overcoming Depression.

This is a series of quotes from their website today (September 2015.) 

"The term 'cure' means different things too many of us, but for the most part, it implies full relief from an illness."

"In the case of Manic Depression, there is no cure."

"Certainly, there is no one treatment that provides full relief for all the People with diagnosed Manic Depression."

How can such an institution exist if they are not even saying to Scientific Medicine..

"...WHY" WHY" "WHY." 

Question. 97: What was the content of your discussion?

This is an "edited version; with inclusions not in the original letter" extract from the letter.

Dear Features Editor

RE: A Quick Question about Overcome Depression 4th April 2009 - Talking Cures is the therapy and is not a subset of any other known treatment.

Once the treatment has been applied, the positive outcome from any one or collection of treatments cannot be avoided, no matter how much a Person may protest the treatment has not worked or it has made them worse.

The Patient or sufferer following treatment has to do nothing but get on with their life as best they can whilst the treatment works as the immune system response is fully automatic.

No diet changes, no rest, no exercise and definitely with the exception - automatically of the therapy itself “No Challenges” to comply with and in addition - Talking Cures never interferes with the prescriptions or therapy of any other clinician so is best seen as in addition to all therapeutic applications,

It is the outcome that is important - not the therapy.

Consideration is also required to understand; Talking Cures are not a Panacea a Magic Bullet or a Miracle cure, for the Person it can be temporally extremely emotionally as well as physically painful and hard work - whilst the treatment does its work.

It appears everyone prays for a Miracle Cure - but when it comes along they are so sensitised especially by the Charity or well doer website's, they are unable to believe this is a Natural Cure - not a Miracle.

Even from an observers or carers point of view, the above can have an anxious creating effect as well.

A lot of time is spent ensuring the Patient and where possible the Family are made aware of all the circumstances; to ensure their loved one either returns to well health or becomes the Person they should have been without a lifetime of illness.

And if the Family will not work with their loved one and Talking Cures (as is most times the case) then everything they say has to be considered as spears (unnecessary or disparaging comments) and the Patient educated to deal with them - for if the Patient does not handle the spears extremely well - the Family will get their way and their loved one will grow up to be exactly as they planned and Die leaving them (onlookers) with unresolvable Grief. 

In addition; When a Patient does not return for further treatment it most always seen as the Family got their way and in so doing - creating and or sustaining the illness. 

As this therapeutic approach may be considered quite unique.

Onlookers to a Person seeking Talking Cures assistance will often say...

"You were, or are being cured by Talking - DO not talk such nonsense...."

"...If the best Specialist in the World cannot cure this disorder with Scientifically Proven Treatments - it certainly will not be cured just by talking."

Of course these highly skilled loved one always know they are right and I am wrong - by default, just because they say so.

Talking Cures has nothing to hide and feels the warts and all policy the most sincere and correct approach in the creation of a cure for the multiple presenting symptoms of any illness, let alone Depression, ME CFS Fibromyalgia and the many other, sometimes daily, changeable symptoms - that are so difficult for our dedicated physicians to understand, let alone treat.

From Talking Cures point of view, substitution (new or old symptoms re-present themselves) is expected and carefully explained to the Patient.

Thereby when this phenomenon occurs the Patient has a secure understanding as to what is happening and why and returns for further treatment, where a patient and thorough explanation is given and treatment to encompass the now new or worse symptoms is applied.

Substitution is most often referred to as Side effects. Or return from remission.

During this process Peter Smith Talking Cures knows precisely why and how Talking Cures works.

More importantly knows why, when it is not working and what to do at this time.

There are however times when the Patient as a result of earlier beliefs or persistent let downs by many significant Persons (including many different treatments) in their life - will not allow Talking Cures to complete the seemingly impossible task.

Alternatively, perhaps better said, "illness is an advantage and not a disadvantage;" so the cure is not always welcome - therefore a life without a lifetime of Illness, is not truly desired.

Talking Cures are the most significant of findings since the creation of Illness, Medical intervention and Scientific Evidenced Based Medicine, with the unique ability of working with many symptoms of Mind and Body at the same time, by - within the person - Automatically switching on the immune system.

Leaving the participant between treatments to get on with their life as best they are able.

Your comments and criticisms will be most warmly welcomed and responded to.

Yours sincerely

Peter Smith Talking Cures

Question. 97: Did you receive a satisfactory response to this letter?

Answer. 97: Sadly, no more than I expected one - my understanding is the same for People with mysterious illness they themselves do not desire a cure as that would create the cessation of their Charity Status requirement to exist.

Question. 98: Over the past few years we have lost some of our valued entertainers through some form of Depression - have you had any discussions about these People?

Answer. 98: Yes I have and stated publicly; "another superstar killed by lack of Medical Science knowledge?"

And repeated we must stop hiding from the truth as we all do when mysterious illness strikes!

Question. 99: Does anyone from the Medical Profession ever become involved in these discussions?

Answer. 99: One did and this is what was said; "I have read and re read many articles on People who take their own life and to be honest I think, they were lonely - very lonely."

"Loneliness was responsible for them taking their own life and Depression; unhappiness could result - in such a terrible end."

"We will never know the truth...." "why?"

Question. 100: How did you respond?

Answer. 100: With this. "There is no question in my mind you are a wise Man and Doctor, sadly limited by the Medical Science available to you."

Each of the points you have raised are very valued and true.

Surely, we must have the courage as you say - to ask. "Why," were they lonely and more importantly - what caused them to be so?

Question. 101: This seems to be a good place to start and ask you. "Why?"

Answer. 101: Thank you - The answer to this for me is very clear.

In the simplest of terms - Childhood emotional and or physical traumas unresolved in adulthood where they felt No ONE Understood causing them to withdraw from society and at the same time develop the entertaining skills we knew them for.

Yes - Loneliness kills but it is no more of a Symptom than Depression? what a loss.

Obvious it was Depression. But he knew what he was doing. We all are it appears, a Prozac Nation. But not everyone dies the way they did.

In a Family it often means the Significant Parent or Celebrity is earning well, loving well and in the best of their Mind.

Had they not become Famous and a High Earner they would have become Depressed or even Gone quite MAD, much earlier in their life.

Sadly, the reality he/she did NOT know What or Why they were doing - as they were Driven by The desires of their Subconscious Mind - thus it is the only logical thing to do as - they could not help Themselves.

Earning well was nothing to do with their Loneliness or Depression and whilst the Significant Parent played a large part - they were most certainly on own their own (alone.)

Question. 102: So in a strange way do we have to accept this?

Answer. 102: Indeed we must; sadly Depression and Pain are such large earners, often the attending Doctors are more concerned with their invoicing and thus leaning towards boosting their clients ego - they lose track of the multiple medications, which most seriously contribute to not only the end of their clients life; but more importantly the money supply; let alone the unwitting damage to their reputation. 

Of which - Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Robin Williams are extremely good examples.

Question. 103: Boosting their client's ego? What does this mean?

Answer. 103: One way of Boosting a Patients EGO is for the Clinician to get excited about the slightest improvement in their Patients symptoms.

Question. 104: Are you suggesting this is wrong?

Answer: No I AM SAYING it is just about the worst form of treatment a Person can give to another. And in reality is no better than invoice creating.

The Mind of a Person with any symptoms - will ONLY EVER prove the Clinician WRONG!

Question. 105: Ouch? Surely everyone at some time in their lives deserve an little dose of ego boost?

Answer. 105: Of course but it has to be not only justified it has to be secure and everlasting and more important - for the Person themselves, not the Clinician desperate for a sign their treatment is not failing - but improving a Person’s life.

Question. 106: Is there a somewhat simple way this can be demonstrated?

Answer. 106: Yes - take any Person that has some form of Pain or illness and is seriously applauded for their Life's efforts and ask - where are or how are they now. Robin Williams is a perfect example of this.

Sadly as Medical Science knows so very little - it cannot treat with a medication; loneliness; thus has to diagnose the Person with something.

This is now the Process by which Loneliness Kills!

Question. 107: In this or any health situation is it correct - there are no such thing as ridiculous or silly question?

Answer. 107: Precisely so - but due to the low form of education our People receive on the true cause of illness - everyone's viewpoint is not only acceptable but extremely necessary.

Question. 108: May we discuss a little more at one of our lost Superstars to see if there is anything - we should or could understand from their story?

Which in reality may well not be too much to ask?

Answer. 108: Surely, there is an explanation to Robin Williams demise?

Robin Williams whilst it may appear Died at his own hand, the reality is not so?

He was killed by the Noble Ignorance of the entire Medical Profession.

Depression is so easy to understand - yet the Medical Profession cannot do so, as it would interfere with their profits.

Question. 109: Can you be more specific?

Answer. 109: Because Depression is so easy to understand as it is caused ONLY by negative thoughts.

NO drug of any description will ever be able to reach the Minds thoughts and even if they did, very often it is said...

People with Depression have a high chance of having the side-effect to make them feel like Self-harming or Suicidal.

Question. 110: Is there more to this than meets the eye?

Answer. 110: Yes there is and may well apply to any Person so disposed; He did not Die by his own hand - this being only the instrument by which He died - as many social media posts tell; he "could not find Happiness for himself."

Can we now consider the reality is, he Died like so many of. "Assisted Death" imposed by our well-meaning and dedicated Doctors and Therapist who cannot - will not accept the Mind and Body are connected and that early life traumas - the very essence of his creation to stardom and his entertaining so many, are the very process by which he could not find happiness and yet in defiance became Long-Term Depressed to which still today in 2016 the Medical Profession does not a have a clue as to the cause, nor does it have a cure.

“As.” This Death of yet another of our much loved entertainers - demonstrates?

Question. 111: What would the response of the Medical Practitioners be if a Person did not or was not recovering with their treatments?

Answer. 111: If this happens then the Doctor’s will usually increase the doses as it appears to be as - Medical Science suggests; increasing doses is absolutely the correct approach.

Question. 112: Should we really consider - this an effective treatment?

Answer. 112: Sadly as is demonstrated by Robin Williams passing - this is not a truthful therapeutic application. It is the negative driving thoughts which will have their way, despite the futile attempts to thwart or drug them to oblivion. 

Question. 113: Often, with a Person with Depression and Suicidal thoughts it is considered...

“...Once Suicide enters the Brain it never leaves?” 

Is it possible to answer this quandary?

Answer. 113: Yes indeed; thoughts of Suicide are only a manifestation of the foundation of any illness, from its creation and the requirement to have the original cause understood. Thus thoughts are never ever in the Brain - only the Mind.

In the absence of this understanding anything goes and the final straw is the...

“...Accident of Suicide.”

Question. 114: Accident of Suicide?

Answer. 114: Yes...

Thus - is no more than a last ditched attempt to obtain a level of Understanding - that to them may well be or required as an...

“...Out of this world” level of understanding.

Question. 115: If we can accept a Person is dragged back - stomach pumped out from the brink of Suicide, what do you feel will happen to them now?

Answer. 115: The Mind is so quick it would create or bring forward from the store of Dormant symptoms an adaptation of the Depression - even more mysterious than the original.

Question. 116: Is there a time frame that could be applied to this?

Answer. 116: Yes there is, yet the Mind will not necessarily demonstrate this for a considerable amount of time - yet it is Quicker than any drug could get into the system for the very first time.

To truly understand this we must accept Depression or any illness is never in the Brain or Body - It is in the intangible Mind.

Question. 117: Then I then propose or raise such a question for you to explain in more detail - "Why" not as we so often hear "What?" just in case I failed to elucidate my facts correctly...?

" is Depression, Anxiety and Pain caused?"

Answer. 117: Perhaps the first and most important in understanding the cause of the symptoms - as that is all they are. known as Depression which can lead to Suicide - is the long-term failure of the entire Medical Profession in recognising and accepting the Mind and its negative thought processes are the cause of all illness.

Thus - when a Person becomes Depressed they will very likely have a long history of successful in the first instance and a complete failure in the second of Scientifically Proven treatments; as a new and an even more mysterious set of symptoms appear - causing the Person - if only; to be Angry and Frustrated.

Would this process if we take into consideration the Traumatically created, Negative thoughts - resident in a Person’s Mind; not send anyone to the point of Suicide - seemingly caused by Depression, Anxiety or Pain. 

Surely if the Medical Profession takes a Person from being comatose to appearing to be well they must allow that Person to express themselves and their new found freedom - not re-shackle them if they wish to demonstrate their excitement of perhaps for the first time in their lives of being alive by demonstrating their new found independence and in the process not only send them “Mad,” but enhance the original symptoms leading up to the comatose state. 

A clear demonstration can be seen in the 1990 film of the work of. Dr. Oliver Sacks and the Real-Life 'Awakenings' Video ...

Let us now understand the true and treatable cause of the symptom pathetically called - Depression, which will not place the Person in an impossible situation, as Creativity is the Brakes on Madness of desiring and as a last result by incident not accident - taking their own lives in the final and desperate act of Gaining UNDERSTANDING.

In order to establish a definitive cause of Depression in a Person one would have to have a willing subject to evaluate - in the absence of such a Person may we have and discus this in more general terms.

All of this we would have covered in this discussion - here we will put them into a logical Order to which a Person could-would adhere to if the subconscious Mind so desires or was “UNABLE” to place Traumatic incidents Into a Logical Sequential order creating a natural balance of the entire body chemistry - Leading to Mind and Body - well Health.

Prior to our subject's conception one or both of the Parents would have had their own compromised upbringing - leading them too individually or collectively have an extremely worthy attitude to their life as prospective Parents.

As an aspiring Teenager the absolute and dedicated desire to in the first instance “not get married,” then as a progression of this belief .“Not have Children,” leading to the final; yet can be the most worthy to. “Us,” yet is to be considered as the most destructive decision we as Parents ever make,

“But if I/we do have Children I/we will not let them grow up to suffer in the same manner as I/we.”

This statement. “WE.” “ALL OF US,” no exceptions - will have made this decision in our young lives, we have to make our own connection with the words we used at the time in order to understand, my words are no more than a framework of understanding.

Yet all we are doing to our. Children is reiterating the wise, to our Parents as well meaning individuals, instructions our Parents unwittingly - yet so destructively educated us with.

Although a decade or more passes and this process by ALL is seemingly forgotten - the outcome is somewhat set in stone and cannot be altered as in some manner the Child (us) will ONLY suffer - any illness is a clear demonstration of this, even though we may say.

“Hand on Heart,” I have never ever been traumatised in my life!?

How many of us have NO Mind or Body concerns AT ALL?????

Although we may not be aware of this process having an effect on us - everything we ever set out to achieve, whether the outcome is long or short lasting - has its roots set in this process.

Even if out of a Playground or Classroom full of Children and we are singled out to be Bullied (even by the teacher) is a result of this process.

As we unwittingly have demonstrated by our body language - we are vulnerable.

From the very first time a Child within the Womb or post Birth feels traumatised - mostly by aggressive sounds from outside or more importantly as a signal from Mothers body chemistry - which may be seen simply; as the food of life for the child.

The Child sets up an unbreakable RULE yet has the Integrity and Wisdom of a highly skilled tactician - thus leaves “a way out” of the now LIFETIME Un resolvable quandary.

Time passes and the Child reinterprets the Rule as described earlier - “I will not let my Children grow up to suffer in the same Manner as I.”

The Rule: (must be interpreted on an individual bases - never a catchall.)

To try to describe the Rule in absolute detail would be Scientific Folly, as it would have some 7 Billion interpretations - one for each of us.

We can only describe it in general terms.

Surely if one is to use this as a sounding board one can only make the most powerful statements as we are talking to an entity (every Person on Earth) with a degree of knowledge that would bring tears of fear to a Tutor Professor or an Exam Board.

A most powerful EXAMPLE of this Rule may be; “When I grow up I am going to be the most powerful Person in the world and to prove it I will Kill so many millions of People that all others will revere me forever!!!

Now if we look back in History with different Eyes - seeing now with one’s Mind this will be demonstrated many times - yet we all are still asking...


To makes sense of this rule in simple terms one would hear at some time from every Person, let alone Child...

“But you do not understand.”

To us as seasoned People we would only see this as the Emotional Phenotype (the current situation) where during a heated discussion or an argument one will turn to the other often with a degree of venom and Scream; “You do not understand.”

Of course, the other party can never understand - as it is not the content of the argument desiring to be understood, it is why The Rule was set up in the first place!

Hence The Rule in simple terms is: Wherever I go in Life and Whatever I do there will always be an agenda of seeking out a Person with the Integrity Wisdom Endurance and Patience to find the way out of my traumatised state and guide me to well being.”

Of course, all the time Deep in their Mind will be based on the receipt of information from significant others, “you cannot understand.”

Now we have the reason why Medications will never cure anything.

Immediately post Birth a Child now with their own systems taken over from Mother spends the next Three Weeks or so in cleansing its Body of Mothers Chemistry and replacing it with its own version - but only based on the Rule!

Please be careful how you read and comprehend this part - it is easy to feel it is anything other than an expression of how we as Children “should” begin the process of learning that will take us through life in a comfortable manner.

The reality it does not have to be.

At around Three Weeks of age - based if only from conception, we could include earlier.

We should or do create what we will call a Trinity - The combination of Mind-Body- Spirit. 

Not under any circumstances is this to be considered as having any connection to Religion or any form of Cult understandings...

It is no more than an expression or understanding of how we as Children have a fundamental Right to being a complete; all parts connected and operating Naturally - Person.

May we now return to just post Birth - We Naturally should have a degree of Sensitivity this is part of an ongoing process - which creates our Foundation for life to which we should stand on naturally and thus comfortably.

There are times when this sensitivity as a result of our Womb time and Birthing are negative experiences are what one may consider Off the Richter Scale - do we not often say of a Child. "They are Highly Strung."

This Sensitivity is NEVER a concern unless it is interfered with and/or the Trinity is not allowed to be created or is broken by further traumas.

Indeed, it can be and is so many times - a serious asset.

This sensitivity is the Birth place of ALL Creativity (NO EXCEPTIONS) “All” of our great thinkers, great inventors/inventions and Mass Murderers are created at this time and or course our greatest Entertainers - as well as this process being the one which so often takes a Person’s, life whist in their prime in often the most bizarre of ways; of understanding being sought. 

The understanding of Depression leading to Suicide starts with the comprehension of this process as described above.

If the Sensitivity and Trinity are of Natural Creation - well health prevails.

If the Sensitivity is interfered with at any time during a Person’s life or the Trinity not made or Broken - a lifetime of illness concerns now prevail.

Thus, we have a Rule that cannot be broken unless a very serious Understanding is received and accepted as complete/comprehensive by the Subconscious Mind. 

The only way is to show the Subconscious Mind with its Wisdom - it very cleverly left a way out, this can only be achieved as and when ALL of life’s reactions to Traumas are comfortably resolved.

Leading to the subconscious Mind adjusting the now aged rule with later and better information = Understanding.

May I reintroduce one of Talking Cures Tools of entry into a damaged Mind...

“If the Mind represented Every Grain of Sand on The Planet Earth and illness is contained in One of them.

Talking Cures would find that grain and with the Integrity and Wisdom of the Person guide them to improved or well health."

Recently (Oct. 2014) as a result of recent changes to my knowledge - there became a requirement to update this Tool too;

“If that one Grain was ground down and then viewed under an Electron Microscope it would surely show as a Grain and if this Grain contained the cause of illness - Talking Cures would find that Grain." 

Can we now consider Well Health - which we do not have to discuss; is a Fundamental Human Right, not a Gift.

ill-health is a Right removed and returned as a Gift - of serious need to discuss; more so in 2016 than perhaps ever.

As adults - in the early days aided and abetted by the Medical Profession, it is easy to consider a Child in the Womb is nothing until Born and as such can see hear see nor comprehend anything.

This assumption could not be further from the truth and is a most serious consideration as to why illness in 2016 is more of a mystery to the Medical Profession than it has ever been - for despite the incredible Scientific advances, still - no one ever returns to WELL Health with medications.

For within the Womb we have an ability that makes Seeing and Hearing so old fashioned it is a wonder it was ever invented - do we not wonder at Animals who live in the complete blackness of a deep cave; yet survive extremely well. 

It is the Emotion of Perception - not readily understood to be an Emotion, yet that is exactly what it is.

The only Emotion we well ever require in life for without it we would not survive.

Combine Perception with the only other Tool we use in life which is Not an Emotion - Confusion, and we have the process by which we make all life’s decisions.

All other Emotions are no more than an expression by/of the Emotional Phenotype.

As we are only talking about illness - may we accept Sensitivity has been interfered with by Trauma and the Trinity not made or Broken - by later trauma(s.) 

May we consider - sadly so many of the Medical Elite, have no imagination and no foresight.

They look at their errors and seeing it - they wish, not to learn from it but to repeat it and repeat it even more forcefully.

"This is an increasingly desperate attempt to hold together the crumbling ethos behind the Entire Medical Profession."

This explains the comment we so often hear, “but not everyone dies the way he/she died.” “The Person died of an unrelated disorder.”

Thus, we can conclude - Depression = Fear - causes Anxiety - causes Illness.

Resulting in a Mind thought process of total inadequacy - unable to cope with the demands life demands of us.

This process alters irrevocably the entire body chemistry in order for and part of the process of the Mind to make sense of the now negative destructive information and gather the understanding necessary for release from a life time of Trauma response.

The resulting Body Chemistry is both Toxic and Caustic yet the Mind/Body does not see it as an intruder - therefore makes no attempt at cleansing itself of them.

As these chemicals are both toxic and caustic they in turn are an exciter to the entire Body.

Causing ALL body Organs to be on high alert - the Mind responds by trying to make sense of this seemingly excitement and in so doing has to make sense of it by becoming Creative (read this as just creative not necessarily special creative) or in other words to make sense of the excitement in the Brain the Mind becomes uncomfortable and creates a new activity - to which others will make negative comments regarding the corresponding and to them - negative activity.

Leading to a confusion that cannot be self-resolved.

The now toxic systems of the Body as they are all freely circulating around the entire Body and Brain make the Brain appear to be Poisoned (Brain Fog) this and all the inability to makes sense of the information trying to be stored in the Mind further affects a Person's Emotional Phenotype - others recognise as Something is Wrong, go and see a Doctor - they demand and thus the revolving door of symptom presentation misunderstood by the and all the attending Physicians which will ultimately lead to Depression and if not caught and understood at an early stage - Suicide in far too many instances.

All because no one will accept All illness is a Process of the Mind and in so doing Understand, the desperate plight we as People impose on others as Traumatic Incidents - because we will not Understand. 

How do "WE" deal with Depression?

Thank you again for your question.

The first thing in the process of answering your question is, for any one so suffering there is a new understanding required about the disorder..

"However the education about understandings - must be the same worldwide?"

Depression is a meaningless word used to describe a condition a clinician is attempting to resolve - but does not know what caused it and has no known cure or even good long-term management.

A Person's Mind will always create new and more mysterious disorders following treatments, which have not addressed the true cause within the Mind - as a traumatic event.

This process will only and always apply if a Person has any illness concerns.

Even if they say hand on heart. “I have never been traumatised in my life.”

Depression as all illness is however - “A Process of the Mind,” created automatically following Childhood Emotional and or Physical Traumas - sometimes, pre-birth or even conception?

In simple terms Depression is an adaptation of a Person’s Body chemistry resulting in a lack or satisfactory oxygenation of the blood system with other emotive activity - aggravating the cause with further symptoms: hopelessness and aloneness responses caused by the originating traumas and creating even further symptoms: Brain fog. Tiredness, Heaviness, lethargy,” etc?

In order to fully answer your question - is it not best we look with Eyes and Mind wide open into.

“How does one deal with Depression?”

The Person themselves, the entire Medical Profession as well as close family and well-wishers have to make a quantum alteration to their thinking - stop accepting as fact or using the many commonly used terms which if one looks closely at them are nothing short of abuse in themselves. “It’s all in your Head,” and "be strong," - you will get through this.

Most times if not always causing a Person to retort often with venom.

"This is a real not an imaginary illness."

Only to have significant others retort back often with a greater venom or authority with, "cheer up, look at the things you have in your life: you have a lovely family, home, money, job, you have to forget and move on? etc etc etc and so nothing to be Depressed for"

The realism is none of these words should be in our vocabulary as they only tell us about it not; "why," moreover - they are not in my therapeutic vocabulary.

Therefore if one was to take a pen and paper and ask a Person with the condition to explain to you the things People including highly skilled Psychiatrist and Counselors have said to them - it is likely they will fill a book!

Yet still No One will understand! Thus. Sadly this knowledge will be only of negative value.

However if a Person understands these things as Symptoms and nothing else, it will assist them in making sense of their condition - learning is everything we stand for?

Question. 118: Basically, what has been shown here by you states - no one can deal with rejection on their own?

Answer. 118: Sadly, there is a truth to this although the reason is simple to explain perhaps it is not so easy to except.

Question. 119: Why is that?

Answer. 119: Because the People who made them ill in the first instance will not let them or give consideration to Understanding - just what or how their own beliefs and activities impacted on their loved ones and the part such activity played in the creation of illness.

Question. 120: That is as they say - very Controversial?

Answer. 120: . Whenever the word Controversial is used all I hear is - it has been made luminous - brilliant intellectually; enlightened or enlightening, that the Family plays a very major role into being part of the cure, however, the kind of support that it will impart with still remains unexplained fully.

To explain Controversial more fully it says. "I do not agree with you - so I must be right and you are by default - wrong."

Within the understanding of Depression - It seems quite reasonable to defy anyone to produce information to prove they are right.

For surely - as much as the state of being distressed is regarded of less important, having to cogitate about it, it is very fatal and is responsible for most of the suicides we have seen.

I feel it a deep felt privilege to share my knowledge of Depression but on the other hand extremely sad there is no one within the entire Medical Profession able to answer the question of Depression and "Why"

Surely, it is very clear Death is fatal.

Therefore can we conclude for most of the suicides we have seen... If not all...

NO ONE ever sets out to take their own life - Suicide is not a purposeful act but an act of final desperation for the abusers - the cause of the depression, to UNDERSTAND the enormity of the damage their pleasure activities (religious and traditions values) have occasioned on a Person?

They were the Cause, not only of Depression but ALL illness - no exceptions and in recognising this in time we can eradicate illness as a waste of time.

“We” all of us have to stop thinking as learned Doctors - where still today the Mind and the Body and even left and right Brain are separate - items?

And add Religious and Traditional values to it and then consider with a Person’s negative thought response - these activities were not in “their best interest."

Question. 121: So how can we - or is there more in the way of Medical Science, in attempting to understand or adequately describe - Depression?

Answer. 121: I understand there is a Scientific understanding being explored where? “Chronic Depression shrinks The Brain's Memories and Emotions?

Question. 122: Is this a valid or - just a novel Scientific undertaking?

Answer. 122: My understanding is - a Global study has found the more episodes of Depression, the greater the reduction in Hippocampus size. A small Brain Organ.

Question. 123: Is there a suggestion within these findings - it is very likely the damage is reversible?

Answer.123: The global study of 8,927 People highlighted how important it was to treat Depression early.

Question. 124: You can be so frustrating when you answer in such a manner?

Answer. 124: The hippocampus, an area of the Brain responsible for Memory and Emotion, shrinks in People with recurrent and poorly treated Depression - a global study has found.

Question. 125: So are you suggesting with your poorly answered question - treating Depression with Medications will reverse the damaged occasioned?

Answer. 125: The findings highlighted the importance of treating Depression early, particularly in teenagers and young adults, the study concluded.

Question. 126: So what is early?

Answer. 126: When someone has no sub-clinical or proper diagnosable symptoms seen under an MRI scan.

Question. 127: What if anything does this mean? “Fifteen research institutes around the world, including from the US, Europe and Australia, collaborated to combine the results of their existing smaller studies comparing the Hippocampus’s of Depressed and Healthy People?

Answer. 127: This allowed them to examine the Brain magnetic resonance imaging. “Data,” of 8,927 People. 1,728 of whom had major Depression and the rest of whom were healthy.

The researchers found 65% of the Depressed study participants had recurrent Depression and it was these People who had a smaller Hippocampus, which is near the center of the Brain and is involved with long-term memory, forming new memories and connecting Emotions to those Memories.

If the Fifteen Research Facility’s from the DATA did not find anything of value then surely adding it to others has to have financial rewards attached to it.

Question. 128: Interesting? Are there any other clues to confirm your explanation?

Answer. 129: Yes or course there are - although; never is it my intention to be vexatious. 

If they are unable to see the Mind is at work with this; “which is near the center of the Brain and is involved with long-term memory, forming new memories and connecting Emotions to those Memories.”

Then surely they will never understand anything of any real value - for once the understanding of the true cause is created; then a cure must be found.

Based on past history - this is never going to happen.

Question. 130: The findings of the largest international study to compare Brain volumes in People with and without major Depression were published in the medical journal Molecular Psychiatry?

Is there a value in comparing Depressed People with Well People?

Answer. 130: No - not under any circumstances.

Question: Why?

Answer. 131: Good question. Simply because the Emotional Phenotype as will the previous history of both parties will be so different as to only give false positives - never the truth sought.

Surely were this process to be of any value by now the Medical Profession would have at least one cure for one illness. 

Question. 132: It is said those People in the study experiencing their first depressive episode had a normal Hippocampus size?

“But the more episodes of Depression a Person had, the greater the reduction in Hippocampus size?”

Answer. 132: The study suggests - recurrent or persistent Depression does more harm to the Hippocampus; the longer it is left untreated.

Question. 133: So does this Settle the question? of what comes first: the smaller Hippocampus or the Depression?

Answer. 133: The damage to the Brain comes from recurrent illness.

Question. 134: Does your comment answer the question?

Answer. 134: As usual the devil is in the detail of unspoken words or intent.

The clue is. “recurrent illness.”

Which surely means the attending Doctors have indeed and long-term tried their very best and never once - in real terms, improved the Person’s health. 

Question. 135: But surely if? A leading national mental health commissioner, said it meant identifying and treating Depression effectively when it “first occurred,” was vital to prevent this damage, particularly among teenagers and young adults. It must be Scientifically Proven?

Answer. 135: If we take into consideration; “when it “first occurred” was vital” and then understand still today in the year 2016 the cause is not known and there is no known cure - this could possibly result in more not less damage, as suggested by the leading national health commissioner. 

Question. 136: I am aware I have asked this before but surely it deserves a second airing? “But there was good evidence that with treatment, the damage was reversible.”

Answer. 136: Let us accept for this question. “Studies “have indeed” demonstrated reversibility and the Hippocampus is one of the unique areas of the Brain that rapidly generates new connections between cells and what are lost here are connections between cells rather than the cells themselves.”

Surely - If there is no understanding and ability of non-drug alteration of the entire Body Chemistry we then have to consider - this is no more than an attempt once again to demonstrate illness is of Biological creation and nothing to do with the Mind - confirmed by the Death as a result of poorly treated Depression of the superstars - along with the perhaps Millions whose lives were not of international press interest, in the earlier part of our discussion. 

Question. 137: So is all of this confirming you viewpoint?

“Treating Depression effectively does not just mean Medicines. If you are unemployed, for example and then sit in a room doing nothing - this can shrink the Hippocampus?”

Answer. 137: Monitoring of Suicide risk throughout the course of treatment with antidepressants for Depression is required, but vigilance is required for those on some particular antidepressant agents. Somewhat says it all…

Question. 138: Is there no answer to this? “And then sit in a room doing nothing as a result can shrink the Hippocampus?”

Answer. 138: Social interventions are just as important and treatments such as fish oils are also thought to be neuro-protective.”

The clue here is. “Thought;” this only produces failed outcomes as designed.

Question. 139: Accepting. “Social interventions are just as important.” Can just sitting in a room actually shrink the Hippocampus?

Answer. 139: Sigh, if the researchers who wrote this paper are unable to see - for a troubled Person there is a message in sitting alone in a room - safety, which WILL create if only but temporary alterations in the entire Body Chemistry that could account for the hippocampus appearing to shrink - then any studies as intended - are designed to fail.

Question. 140: There was some evidence that the Hippocampus was larger in those Patients taking antidepressants, indicating these medications could have a protective effect.

Answer. 140: There is a lot of nonsense said about antidepressants that constantly perpetuates the evils of them, but there is a good bit of evidence they have a protective effect.

Moreover as the size of the Hippocampus is unique to every individual - then who is in reality to say WHAT the size of this Brain Organ should be for perfect health.

Question. 141: So how come all of these People with Depression never recover - or die?

Answer. 141: Because still today the entire Medical Profession will not truly accept - All illness is a Process of the Mind.

Question. 142: But does mean Antidepressants are not the only Medically prescribed treatments?

Answer. 142: It appears some research is now suggesting. “There are, in fact, a broad range of treatments that should be explored and in young People psychotherapy would often be explored as the first line of treatment, not medicines.”

Let us accept what may be impossible and this process is accepted on a worldwide bases and is successful - would it not mean if we only take this one illness; Depression it would cease to exist - when the now young become the older generations.

If we include this process into any illness and all cease to exist - then all is explained when one takes into consideration the lack of success of all illness treatments by the Medical Profession.

Therefore this will never be allowed to happen, unless this information comes to the attention of the important People in the world of Medicine.

As Talking Cures approach is Fundamentally Unique in the History of Mankind. 

Question. 143: A coauthor of the study said the findings provided new insight on Brain structures and possible mechanisms responsible for Depression?

From the above information - can this ever happen?

Answer. 143: When it is now in the public domain Professors of Medicine are the first to be nobbled - coerced - by the Pharmaceutical industry.

Can we consider - if Professors are Tutors of aspiring front line medical practitioners and only teach them say Two Thirds of their knowledge and the students later becomes Professors and/or Tutors and only teach Two Thirds of their knowledge - one can see this is a profession destroying philosophy and the reason why we are having this discussion.

Question. 144: So what is the possibility of this happening? It also indicated the “findings” that were possible through collaboration - may well produce. "Cures?"

Answer. 144: “Despite intensive research aimed at identifying Brain structures linked to Depression in recent decades, the entire Medical Professions understanding of what causes Depression or any illness is still rudimentary.”

Bad teaching by badly taught tutors may well be the reason for this along with - The Mind and Body are not connected. ARE THEY!

Question. 145: Do you feel there are other reasons for this? “our - the Medical Profession, understanding of what causes Depression is still rudimentary.”

Answer. 145: “One reason for this has been the lack of sufficiently large studies, variability in the disease and treatments provided and the complex interactions between clinical characteristics and Brain structure.”

The clue to understanding this is; “variability in the disease” and, “interactions between clinical characteristics and Brain structure.”

All is lost if one is unwilling or so badly taught as to recognise - there are 7 Billion People on this Earth and every one of them is Genetically Unique.

Answer. 146: For generations in pursuit of maintaining the moral high ground of being a highly educated and thus with a qualified person of the Medical Profession - there is still a belligerent attitude which we have to consider purveys throughout the Planet and every Person...

...“The Mind and Body are not connected and if I feel ill in the Body it is nothing to do with my Mind."

"Therefore - All illness invisible or not; is a Dirty Word!" 

Question. 147: I am led to believe? There is an increasing awareness of the illness and improved access to help and treatment are helping break the taboos surrounding depression? but is it really true?

Answer. 147: No; not at all - whilst we can consider there is still a long-way to go before Mental Health will be as openly discussed as other medical problems - the reality is this so called journey has not even got its bags packed yet nor the tickets booked. 

Question. 148: But that is not fair? There has been some progress as more and more People who have been affected by Mental illness choose to speak out about their experiences in order to help others - who may be suffering alone.

Answer. 148: If we take being financially secure or Super stardom affords access to the very best of Medical attention and Treatments.

The only help a Person suffering alone is a rather MUTE Help as - there are Millions others in the same desperate predicament. 

One does surely not require a degree in anything to see this is so - A bit like walking around a blind corner and not seeing the gaping hole you will fall into if you are not looking where you are going. 

Moreover. It is no more than the Subconscious Mind screaming for Understanding through the Emotional Phenotype.

Question. 149: Is this an expression of the Emotional Phenotype?

“Suffering memory loss, having no concentration, sleeping problems, not wanting to go out or even get out of bed sometimes. having no energy and have also felt it impossible to carry on...

...this Feeling it is so frightening when this happens to you.”

Answer. 149: Sure is. Just from this information alone I could create a very effective treatment program and would expect - if the Person is able to work in Perpetuum with me, all of these symptoms to be resolved Automatically - by the Person's own Mind-body Chemistry, immune and Body replication processes - themselves.

Question. 150: Is this a correct expression? Mental health problems are equally common in Men and Women, but the way the Sexes are affected differs?

Answer. 150: When I read comments as, “but the way the Sexes are affected differs.” I am always dismayed by the long-term collective stupidity of the Medical Profession and their; “only” ability of reading the Emotional Phenotype - but not being able to interpret what it is saying.

And making Scientifically Proven decisions - on what they think they see.

A Bit like still trying to watch a film projected on a wall - when the projector has been switched off.

Question. 151: How to you square that when so much Medical Research suggests. “Women are more likely to be affected by Depression, Anxiety and Pain, while Men suffer more from substance abuse such as Alcoholism and Anti-social personality disorders.”

Answer. 151: It is said. “There are lies Dam Lies and statistics.” Thus it may well be the statistics or Data tells this story.

But does it tell the truth; for to make this assertion surely one must not start at the end product - symptoms, or the Person blinded Data, in order to come to this conclusion.

Is it not the same as all roads lead to Rome - but we all take different routes to arrive there.

We all start from a glint in our Parents eyes and a single cell, this journey takes us to become a Human Animal - the end product Gender is of no real concern to each of us as that is where our journey starts or how life traumas affect us.

Question. 152: Why do you feel? “Men are also most at risk of attempting to take their own lives, as 75 per cent of suicides are men, mostly under the age of 35.”

Answer. 152: Many People say their illness began after a series of traumatic personal events, combined with Stress which led to their suffering Anxiety and Depression.

Although their Family and Friends have been a great support they still find general attitudes to the condition difficult to deal with.

Surely one has to consider there is a common blindness at work here... “no one” desires to know the real cause of illness.

Question. 153: Why do you feel this is?

Answer. 153: We as a race of People in collaboration with the collective blindness of the entire history of the Medical Profession have become ill in some way or another.

More so in 2016 than perhaps ever!

Leaving us with the belief - albeit hidden from our so called Conscious Minds so eloquently expressed in a film around 1950; by Dean Martins partner - Gerry Lewis...

“Do not take my illness away from me I will not know what to do with the time.”

One could add to this...

...“My illness protects me from being traumatised again in the same way as when I was young - so do not take my protection away from me.”

Question. 154: Are there any worthwhile discussions afoot suggesting. “It would more preferable if the words. “Mental illness,” were changed to. “Mind illness,” because the word Mental has such a stigma attached to it.

Answer. 154: It is now Thirty Three years since I started on the campaign gathering in earnest some 28-30 years ago to tell People closest to me. "We" - as Parents cause all illness.

Sadly still today not much has in real terms moved in this direction - but it will come - when...

People with this disposition who are often of extremely high intelligence - but have been forced by significant others; into not being able to use it.

And in addition - Open their Mind and see; in real terms - Significant Others are dangerous individuals or institutions.

Therefore the answer to your question must be; No - the outcome is of Medical nonsense pretending it knows about illness when it knows nothing and then has the audacity to give medications to what is very clearly a Mind Disorder - not in the slightest biological.

Question. 155: Tells me about it - not WHY?

Answer. 155: If one reads this as information not as a book it is very clear it is once again the Emotional Phenotype doing the talking - no one ever considers, what is really going on in a desperate traumatised Mind and with Therapeutic Safety address and guide the Person to resolve the Traumas or indeed stop them happening in the first place or again!

Question. 156: If this discussion is based on well publicised Scientifically Proven Facts relating to Depression created over many decades.

One does not have to have a degree in anything to see it is abundantly clear the entire Medical Profession knows so little about this Depression and Suicide and how they are linked, as to render the Scientifically Proven information as it appears; in direct contradiction to the law - which dictates.

”Legal requirements prohibits the practice of medicine without a license and a corporate or business entity may not obtain a license to practice medicine.

The historical model provided that all physicians were independent contractors. i.e., separate economic entities, even in their role on the Medical Staff of a Hospital.

Without an explicit employer-employee relationship, the liability of a Physician for malpractice most likely could not be imputed (i.e., passed along to) a Hospital.

A defendant Physician may be found liable for medical malpractice if the plaintiff Patient can establish that there was in fact a Patient-Physician relationship; that the Physician breached. i.e., violated or departed from - the accepted standard of medical care in the treatment of the Patient; that the Patient suffered an injury for which he or she should be compensated; and that the physician's violation of the standard of care was the cause of the injury.

So have I interpreted this correctly. “A physician is legally bound to treat a Person yet not legally responsible if the Person dies if the treatment did not work as invoiced for?”

Answer. 156: I am no legal eagle yet it appears that is the case as demonstrated by recent well publicised cases - the attending Doctor has been found responsible for the unlawful Death of their Patient - but the Scientifically Proven rule book they are obliged to work from - remains untarnished? 

Whilst it must be recognised, the framework for this paper is in the public domain and credit given to the authors; Peter Smith Talking Cures asserts the right to be recognised as author and Intellectual ©Copyright holder of his contribution to this document Dated 11th September 2015.

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...In illness - The Mind/Brain/Body is not in the slightest doing something wrong, it is desperately trying to right a serious and terrible wrong?

"No apologies are made if this paper is seen as repeating or simplistic, for too long Scientific Medical Papers have been written in a manner no one truly understands, if this were not so, cures would have long since been found making this paper and Talking Cures unnecessary or redundant.

Whilst it must be recognised, the framework for this paper is in the public domain and credit given to the authors;

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"Depression Explored Explained Understood."

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