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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - the truth. 2016?

Seemingly written as a story - however with a different viewpoint did the story in reality have a Very Dark hidden meaning - known as an allegory.

...That Writers or Speakers typically use as a literary device to convey through symbolic figures, actions, imagery and/or events, which together create the moral, spiritual, or political dark meaning - the story is meant to convey.

The story appearing to be derived from an intrigue of how different personalities can affect a Human and how to incorporate and weave the interplay of good and evil - into a story.

However, was this really written as a story aimed at the, "moral instincts of the public," rather than the merits of art.

It is said Stevenson - the so called author; re-wrote the story in three to six days.

Leaving one to ponder - as to why it was re-written in such haste, or was it just adapted to incorporate - a very long-term and very dark hidden message.

We the public were aware of, but not able to express its true meaning.

It was “alleged.” Stevenson was on drugs during the frantic re-write, or did something or some; “institutional Body,” seriously and intentionally with malice aforethought increase his Anxiety Level?

And if so HOW and for what MOTIVE?

The story is frequently interpreted as an examination of the duality of Human nature, usually expressed as a Personal inner-struggle between good and evil, with variations sometimes substituted - as Human versus Animal, Civilisation versus Barbarism.

Closer examination reveals - it is the Mind and Body where Duality is being demonstrated.

Still today, we as a race of People accept the Mind and Body are not connected - because a higher body of knowledge has constantly told us so.

The main thrust of the story appears to being that - of an inner struggle between the main character of the story and his inner hidden self-alto ego.

And the failure to recognise and accept this inner tension results in evil barbarity or violence, being projected onto others.

Where occasionally it is felt - there is a battling between the good and evil within, thus leading to the struggle between, what appears to be the dual-personalities.

Gaining popularity and Popular at the time was the Freudian theory. "Thoughts and desires banished to the unconscious Mind motivates the behaviour of the Conscious Mind."

Where it can be observed. "If someone banishes all evil to the Unconscious Mind - Modern Version is Put it to the back of your Mind; in an attempt to be wholly and as instructed, completely good, it can result in the development of a Mr Hyde-type aspect to a Person's character.

Thereby becoming a clear demonstration of a Person having spent a greater part of their life - trying to repress strange Emotional and Physical urges, not fitting for a comfortable. Mind and Body life.

Leaving one with a Personal feeling or view by social standards - of not being a morally good Person or everything is your fault.

Is it possible at the time - as a result of the Fear the Church and significant others kept the populations in, there was a failure to accept this tension of duality is possibility related to Christian theology, where Satan's fall from Heaven is due to his refusal to accept that he is a created being - that he has a dual nature and is not a God...

...But a trauma created; psychotic controlling ego with Devilish intentions.

That eventually grew so strong that a Person or Dr Jekyll had no option but to turn to and latterly becoming reliant on a Drug style potion relief to remain comfortable of Mind and Body.

This new idiom rapidly becoming one of the best guidelines of the Victorian times because of its piercing description of the fundamental observation of the 19th century - because this period had a tendency for social hypocrisy... and profit

....With outward respectability and inward yet hidden lust

Is this suggesting - does or did this duality represent the national and linguistic dualities inherent with the wider Britain and later the World respectively; thereby seemingly extending the repressive effects of Religion on the Peoples character.

A further parallel may also be drawn with countries and cities, historically inhabited by the poor, where the dark crowded slums were rife with all types of crime compared to the modern Georgian area of wide spacious streets representing respectability...

...Arguing that. "Good versus evil."

The very idea is suggested as an attempt to mask this hidden evil within a personality by Dr Jekyll creating and drinking a serum or Potion to stem the now - not so hidden evil Mind thoughts.

With the accompanying thought ... “and your sight shall be blasted by a prodigy to stagger the unbelief of Satan."

Is this because in Christianity pride, to consider one-self as without sin or without evil is the greatest sin, as it is the precursor to evil itself.

Initially, thus with the prescribed-created potion...

...Dr Jekyll was able to control the transformations, but one night involuntarily in his sleep - he became Mr Hyde.

Where he finally sees through to the very fabric of Hyde, his own and very real ugliness, as if deformed - he is amazed; yet aware discovery would lead to losing his social position and in so doing found a way to transform himself, by writing of; "the most racking pangs" accompanying this transformation and thereby indulge his vices without fear of detection.

All the time as indeed were the fine-body of medically minded intellectuals who perhaps commissioned the story - yet were unable to see it was an unbelievable Anxiety that was, “the most racking of Pangs.”

The now Potion or Drug induced - hiding, Jekyll's transformed personality became, Hyde, an evil sociopath, highly self-indulgent and utterly uncaring to anyone but himself.

Horrified, Jekyll tried more adamantly to stop the now unwanted transformations and for a time he proved successful by engaging in philanthropic work of giving money and time to needy People, thereby unwittingly relieving the Anxiety.

One day in early January, at a park, he considered how good a Person he had become as a result of his deeds in comparison to others, believing himself to be redeemed.

However, before he completed his line of thought, he was seized by sensations of agony - the Anxiety had returned with a Mind of its own and a vengeance; once the feelings had faded, he looked down at his hands and realised that he had suddenly transformed once again into Hyde. With this Hyde was no longer Hidden.

Modern day understanding of this process - is where an illness is seemingly and with great excitement Cured - only to later surface again as either an adaptation of the original or a new illness completely.

This was the first time that an involuntary metamorphosis had happened in waking hours.

Today this process is known as Sub-Clinical; Relapse or return from symptom remission or side effects of medications.

With assistance from a friend Hyde returned to his laboratory and although hunted by the police as a murderer, Hyde mixed the chemicals, drank the potion and transformed back into Jekyll.

Eventually, one of the medicinal chemicals from which Jekyll had been preparing the potion ran low and subsequent batches prepared by Jekyll from renewed stocks - failed to produce the transformation and his ability to change back from Hyde into Jekyll - had slowly vanished as a consequence.

This process today is labelled as...

..The treatment prescribed has not worked, so we are going to try this new treatment and at the same time call your old illness by a New Name.

This process today is known as. “You are not taking the medications as prescribed” - or; if the problem is still there following our scientific treatments, it must be; “all in your head.”

Or was then and still very relevant today. Medical Science is an opinion and nothing to do with being Scientifically Proven Evidenced Based Medicine as proclaimed.

Jekyll noted that, in either case it was the end of the life of Dr. Jekyll.

This process is known today as Suicide whilst the Balance of his Mind was disturbed.

The story ended by Hyde saying, "I bring the life of that unhappy Henry Jekyll to an end."

The modern day Medical expression of this may well be. "The Person Died of an unrelated disorder.

With these somewhat Immortal words Medical Science had achieved the seemingly impossible of suppressing the Mind in favour of all illness is in the Body and therefore Biological - meaning it can be medicated.

Failing at the same time to recognise they had in REALITY created a Drug Crazed Monster they would forever try to control - ultimately destroying the very credibility of the Entire Medical Profession.

Conclusion: Leaving one to consider - The fictitious story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was created by the Medical Profession of the day in Fear of losing their position of perceived Power as the answer to all of our Prayers of a having a cure for illness by Destroying any Belief we have of a Mind - being the true cause of illness.

Therefore demonstrating all illness was of the Body, thus Biological cause and can successfully be treated by Medications - failing to recognise as time went on it was the Medical Profession who were now responsible for the cause of All Mysterious illness with no known cause and no known cures.

In much the same manner as Hyde did Jekyll or was it the other way around?

Thus - this is the process by which MediSin was created for Money and not Well Health.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


In all illness...The Mind/Brain/Body is not in the slightest doing something wrong - it is desperately trying to right a serious and terrible wrong?

"No apologies are made if this paper is seen as simplistic.

For too long Scientific Medical Papers have been written in a manner no one truly understands, if this were not so, cures would have long since been found making this paper and Talking Cures unnecessary or redundant.

Whilst it must be recognised, the framework for this paper is in the public domain and credit given to the authors;

Peter Smith Talking Cures asserts the right to be recognised as author and Intellectual ©Copyright holder of his contribution to this document "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - 2016."

Is Disease really originating in the Mind and in time manifesting in the Physical Body?

Talking, Cures? Really? = Blueprint of illness?

Dated 25th March 2016.

Thus, this document is free to use as an education or Patient led assistance in its entirety.

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