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The Discussion started with

"What Do You Do When Good Medications Go Bad"

To Dr John Quintner Medical Scientists Perth Australia you have decided once again to use this interesting discussion to attack Talking Cures. with his continual argument The Mind and Body are separate whilst Talking Cures always discusses they are interdependent and interrelated.

And in doing so admirable demonstrates Medical Science at its best in whittling down from many items (symptoms of ill health) so big it cannot makes sense of them, to an item so small it can be found in the dictionary with this vexatious (unnecessarily nasty) comment; "don't fool yourself that you have solved the mystery we call Pain." Now we have it clearly described; all of the different names of Pain are just to hide up what the dedicated Doctors as agents for medical science cannot create a cure!

Medical Science through their dedicated agents - Doctors, working with terrible tools techniques and understandings for decades now have sought to dismiss all other methods of treatments as quackery this is seen as they have had their day and had their way all because their inability to see my colleagues all over the world - the silent unsung hero's of medicine other than so called main stream - ONLY seek to sort out the mess - Multiple drugs with Multiple Mysterious Symptoms - Medical Science leaves people in following often many decades of failed scientifically proven treatments which in reality may well be seen as the most severe form of QUACKERY...When our dedicated Doctors are only able to treat one symptom at a time with one modality of treatment; all other forms of medicine treats people not a list of symptoms.

"The Mind and Body are separate as described by Rene Descartes before his death in 1650 and Talking Cures argues this was then and is still not correct. Bringing about "Its all in the Mind" when the Body hurts or is ill, just to hide up the fact medical Science then as now knows so little when it comes to "why we get ill and why we do not get well."

Rene Descartes is perhaps best known for the philosophical statement "Cogito ergo sum" (French: Je pense, donc je suis;

English: I think, therefore I am.

Sigh; if only he were then and later Medical Scientists able to comprehend this revelation?


TO: John Quintner Perth Australia - Fibromyalgia Medical Scientist.

As self appointed spokesman for the Medical Scientists Industry.

Having time and time again demeaned Talking Cures yet at the same time unable to explain your own specialty and create a cure, you are hereby publicly challenged to prove your Medical Science is right by putting up your Medical Science in response to this challenge or Shutting up.

John Quintner 

• Peter your comments; 'In all of the Thirty Years, although I may say "I have cured many people of these medical mysteries," the truth is I have never cured any one of anything, what I have done is shown them why their immune systems although running perfectly - as per the instructions which caused the very illness or pain, which is treatment resistant - only because the Mind instructs it to be so.' 

Peter, with the greatest respect I suggest you are espousing rather simplistic body/mind dualistic thinking.

Wear your badge proudly if you must but don't fool yourself that you have solved the mystery we call pain. In a subtle way, you are blaming the sufferer for his/her pain. I have not mentioned the many insults you have thrown out to those of us who come under your label "medical science". 

Dear John Quintner

Thank you for your comments, sadly I wish I could agree by capitulating to your admirable defence of Medical Science, but I cannot and if but only they were my words “showing up the stupidity of Medial Science.“ They are not. This is carried out admirable by Medical Scientists in almost every Scientifically proven papers it publishes. 

Scientific Medicine are the ones fooling themselves into believing they have anything of any real value, let alone an understanding the cause or cures for anything, let alone Pain. Someone has to solve the simple Puzzle; it is not a Rubik Cube! 

And it is the stupidity of you and your supporters John Quintner Medical Scientist Perth Australia and anyone within the whole medical profession who still supports this outdated and absolutely wrong understanding of the way the Mind and Body works by “Espousing” Dualism. In Queens English this means being married to the belief the Mind and Body are separate.  

There is not one Gold Standard Scientifically Proven Treatment in the World where the cause is truly known and a cure been found, as well you know. We have long debated this point and I have many times requested from you at least One demonstration "I am wrong." 

Sadly this has never come, not from you nor anyone else. 

Please rest assured I am not only active on LinkedIn, still the answer does not come. leaving me to believe there is not one cure for any illness? There’s Scientifically Proven for You.” 

Someone has to have the courage as well as better answers - as none have come forward, despite the Millions of Hours and resultant papers to demonstrate they have, yet all protest they are looking avidly for the cause as well as the cure. 

Someone who can; has to hold a mirror up in front of our Medical Researchers for them not only to look at what they are doing, but also look rearward to see the extremely long line of failures behind them. This may as well be me and Talking Cures. 

Surely John, the simple fact you and others - and many have tried - have only strengthened my resolve rather than the object to weaken or destroy,  this sad act - which threatens to expose how little Medical Science really knows - has only brought misery to all researchers looking for the secret code and blinded them to the obvious, to which I give thanks to my many forbears and despite more attempts than you could muster; have had the wisdom,  ingenuity and integrity to see the need and create a treatment regime to suit.

The same applies even if there are no other treatments which know the cause and have cures, it is time to start again if this is the case? Currently there are too many millions of people with Long Term illness not cured or made worse without the knowledge as to why and more important how to change this.

How have I done this by recognising Rene Descartes was wrong and anyone who did or still does follow his dualistic approach is more wrong than he, for it is 2012 and Medical Scientist, have the scientific Proof, or so they say. ..

There is nothing subtle about my message and I will repeat it here just for you.

All illness which includes "Pain" - and there are no exceptions - are caused by emotional trauma occasioned on Children - even children within the womb - by those who are supposed to love nurture and cherish them. 

And yes WE as children create as a result of this abuse - to keep to your point "Pain" it does not require to be any more complex than this - as an Automatic response to the said abuse.

There is no way anyone with the slightest modicum of intelligence could mistake this as blaming the person for causing Pain as a deliberate act.

Only Doctors as Agents of Medical Science, say, because they have no better answers "It is all in your Mind." These words are not only not subtle they are highly creative of new and mysterious symptoms; designed automatically by the subconscious Mind to confuse anyone who does not have a clue what they are talking about or doing.

We all have a lot to learn and a lot to teach and medical science is going to learn from Talking Cures or perish by their own hand. 

If as a Medical Researcher I had Spent many years studying Pain and with many peer reviews and many papers to review and base my finding on and I still did not know the cause and still had no cures, I would be wanting to throw in the towel, as all I would have achieved is the ability to seriously and irrevocable insult not only myself, but the whole of my profession.

Yet if a medical researcher or their agent Doctors could create a cure even in the surgery let alone via Skype his/her peers and colleges would be screaming for a UK Knighthood for services to Mankind or at the very least a Noble Prize or the very worst an American Congressional Medal of Honour.  

For many years now all Talking Cures has had to suffer is abuse and put downs - and not only do I love it; I have manufactured and promoted it over these years and thanks to Rene Descartes, Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Anton Mesmer, Galen - and many others - who were all wrong in their assertions, I have the strength to fend off all - who stupidly try to suppress. 

Moussa B.H. Youdim (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)  when talking about Parkinson’s - yet linked this premise to all other neurodegenerative disease - said; in an Interview “At present the treatments we have only are only SYMPTOMATIC TO TREAT THE SYMPTOMS BUT NOT THE DISEASE AND ARE NOT DISEASE MODIFYING DRUGS TO CURE DOWN THE PROGRESSION OF THE DISEASE. There’s Medical Science straight from the Horse’s Mouth! 

When Medical Science is able as Talking Cures alter and know how the Body’s Chemical balance is being re balanced to allow the immune system to work at an improved rate to replicate the Body to the resolve the presenting symptoms, without the requirement to prescribe or suggest alteration to the Persons Medical Regime or use any form of preparation (Vitamins-Herbs), Automatically - then Medical Science can criticise Talking Cures, until such times it may well be better of remembering; they are Just Doctors in another form.   

Question is John; are you or anyone else up for a challenge or dare you, or do you even have the courage to prove you/they have the Scientific Proof and are right and Talking Cures wrong. 


You only have to say the word John Quintner; the Rules of Engagement papers are ready for publishing on Talking Cures web site as well as Linked In and Twitter. If you do not say the word I will publish then anyway.

Failure to rise to this challenge will along with all of your postings and writings; must be considered by all as just Peacock Style vexatious buffoonery in the vein hope the challenger will go away, this pathetic reasoning may well have worked for many generations BUT NOT THIS TIME.   

Keep up the argument John I love it.

Any reader is free to post this anywhere.

Best wishes  

Peter Smith Talking Cures


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Dr. Stephen 

What Do You Do When Good Meds Go Bad What Do You Do When Good Meds Go Bad.


Dr Stephen Grinstead.

Discusses what to do when opiate medication management starts becoming more of a problem than a solution.

Sometimes when people are taking opiate medication for years or more they can easily start having different problems. One of the problems with opiates is many people start developing a tolerance...

Dear Stephen,

It is not the opiates or any other medication which is the problem. "Ever," it is what caused the Pain in the first place and that is nothing to do with Pain whatsoever, it is a process of the Mind following childhood emotional unresolved trauma and nothing else. 


Dr. Stephen Grinstead

Hi Peter

I know you keep saying this and in some ways I agree.

However, there are some people who need physical symptom relief in order to learn to address underlying psychological problems.

I think it is not always the case that it's the Mind following childhood emotional unresolved trauma.

In some cases yes. I don't believe there is any "ONE" answer about this. We are all different. 

Also, at times yes it is the medication that's causing the Pain problems--Opiate Induced Hyperalgesia.

Steve G.

Dear Steven

Many thanks for your response and comments which are appreciated and respected.

I cannot agree with you more when you talk about people needing relief from their symptoms via some form of medication, the very reason why I only ever encourage people I treat to continue with ALL of their most dedicated Doctors advice and never interfere with any medications.

Talking Cures is best seen as in addition to ALL forms of treatment and never Alternative or even Complimentary - a point the Medical Profession may well be advised to adopt?

For thirty Five years now the only treatments I have ever given to people are at the end of a very long trail of previously treated and never successfully treated symptoms. Thus all are considered as Medical Mysteries and Medical Failures.

I am still today unable to find any other therapist or therapeutic application with the technical ability of treating not only as many symptoms as a person is able to present within the one treatment regime, but more importantly treat Dormant yet Highly Active Symptoms waiting to be triggered out by yet another treatment, which is only symptom management and not disease modifying, or only treats the symptoms and not the emotional or negative thought process cause.

Yes I am guilty of Keep saying the same thing; as a badge - despite many times being ignored or stifled - I wear with absolute Honour. This is because I have solved the illness code and have no other place to go.

Because all I hear of read is; we do not know what the cause is, there is no cure and drugs as your much needed conversation stated "When drugs go bad." Even with our most dedicated medical professionals who millions of people turn to for relief - many suffer in the same way.

In all of the Thirty Five Years, although I may say "I have cured many people of these medical mysteries," the truth is I have never cured any one of anything, what I have done is shown them why their immune systems although running perfectly - as per the instructions which caused the very illness or pain, which is treatment resistant - only because the Mind instructs it to be so.

Solve this as is Talking Cures specialty and the immune systems start to work Automatically more efficiently at repairing or replicating the body. 

Thus there is But one answer.

Medications which appears to make things worse “Hyperalgesia.” are in reality - if but only the person was educated in accepting the simple premise above - doing the job it was intended for, however the negative thought process driver will always override this as the thoughts have not or are not being resolved by the drugs or the clinician in conjunction with the medication and make the medication into a irritant or Poison, which has to be cleansed from the body, sadly; repeated prescription only serve to make this impossible.

Therefore the person will automatically - and unwittingly - draw on the Dormant Store of symptoms which although dormant - many times confused with or called Side effects which they are most certainly not -are highly active and secreting into the systems, chemicals which would defy the most modern of man made machines in analysing them.  

I am also unable to find any therapy amongst those that do use distant treating, able to treat a person with symptoms not a list of symptoms which is a person, via the telephone or Skype.

Keep up the good work Steven many a mile back to Socrates time left to travel yet.

Peter Smith Talking Cures

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