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Because Pain illness and fatigue are destructive to our
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Diabetes - Explored - Explained - Understood.

It is some many decades since Medical Science adapted the bio psychosocial model to fit it to the lived in experience of Chronic illness with HISTORICAL HYPOTHETICAL AND THEORETICAL Guesswork UNDERPINNINGS all being - Scientifically Proven.

Seemingly continued by significant People in 2015 only having the desire or educated technical ability of regurgitating past mistakes as new research and thus because significant People in the past - SAID IT...

...then it must be correct now!

Always the desire is to Manage illness - no one it appears asks;

How Can we Change the illness?

Question: In keeping with this discussions? It would be helpful to consider when perfectly healthy athletic People become Diabetic - yet by the same token why some unhealthy and obese - do not.

Answer: Perfectly Healthy People do not become Diabetic, who goes to their Doctors and says "I am not ill." Doctor but please find something wrong with me. 

Talking Cures Work/Findings/Papers are about - why People get ill and never get truly well; despite all of Medical Science protestations it has the Scientific Proof - and not why is it People do not ever get ill in the first place.

Question: May we explore what appears to be a Scientifically Proven explosion in Diabetes?

Answer: We may, first let us look at a brief resume of the information any Patient or Clinician would tell us:

Diabetes Mellitus Type 1.

Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 is also known as Type 1 Diabetes, or T1D; formerly insulin-dependent Diabetes or “Juvenile Diabetes,” moreover is a form of Diabetes Mellitus that results from the autoimmune destruction of the insulin-producing Beta Cells - islet cells in the Pancreas.

The subsequent lack of insulin leads to increased blood and urine glucose.

The classical symptoms are polyuria (frequent urination), polydipsia (increased thirst), polyphagia (increased hunger) and weight loss.

Type 1 Diabetes is distinguished by autoantibody testing.

Administration of insulin is essential for survival.

Insulin therapy must be continued indefinitely and does not usually impair normal daily activities.

People are usually Trained to Manage their Diabetes independently; however, for some this can be challenging and left untreated can cause many Serious long-term complications: include heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, foot ulcers and damage to the eyes - to name but a few.

Furthermore, complications may arise from low blood sugar caused by -


Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 accounts for between 5% and 10% of cases of Diabetes.

Globally, the number of People with DM Type 1 is unknown.

The cause of Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 is in the year 2015 still unknown.

Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

Formerly noninsulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus or adult-onset Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that is characterized by hyperglycemia - high blood sugar in the context of insulin resistance and relative lack of insulin.

The classic symptoms are excess thirst, frequent urination and constant hunger.

Type 2 Diabetes makes up about 90% of cases of Diabetes.

Obesity is thought to be the primary cause of Type 2 Diabetes in People who are genetically “predisposed to the disease” - although this is not the case in People of East-Asian ancestry.

Type 2 Diabetes is initially managed by increasing exercise and dietary changes.

If blood sugar levels are not adequately lowered by these measures, medications - such as metformin or insulin may be needed.

In those on insulin, there is typically the requirement to routinely check blood sugar levels.

Rates of Type 2 diabetes have increased markedly since 1960.

As of 2010 there were approximately 285 million People diagnosed with the disease compared to around 30 million in 1985.

Type 2 Diabetes is typically a chronic disease associated with a ten-year-shorter life expectancy.

Long-term complications from high blood sugar can include heart disease, strokes, Diabetic Retinopathy where eyesight is affected, kidney failure which may require dialysis and poor blood flow in the limbs leading to amputations.

The cause of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 is in the year 2015 still unknown.

Question: Do you see any of these points that should raise a concern?

Answer: Yes I do; “Rates of Type 2 Diabetes have increased markedly since 1960 and “this is not the case in People of East-Asian ancestry.”

First one makes it clear to me! Medical Science was never set up to be anything but illness creating and profit making - never a cure and the second confirms it - as surely to study this phenomenon would provide seriously important questions and very possibly SERIOUS ANSWERS.

And Genetic - surely after all the Genetic Study medical researchers should be able to see our Genetic Structure - is a "use once" process and nothing to do with illness - if it was; everyone with Diabetes would have it from Birth.

Question: Are there any other forms of Diabetes not normally recognised or generally discussed?

Answer: It appears there are? Diabetes Insipidus (DI) is a condition characterized by excessive thirst and excretion of large amounts of severely dilute urine, with reduction of fluid intake having no effect on the concentration of the urine.

Question: So it is clear Medical Science has no idea about this - would I be correct?

Answer: Sadly so - one may suggest, otherwise there may well not have been an explosion of cases. And still growing at an alarming rate!

And these confirm it for me! “Formerly noninsulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus” and Type 2 Diabetes is typically a Chronic Disease associated with a

Ten-year-shorter life expectancy!

One is a name change to hide how little was and still is known and the other should have been and still be a RED FLAG warning of impending disaster.

Do we Humans not always Bury Our Head in the Sand of being busy when Danger Threatens - The Pearl Harbour raid is a fine historical example.  

Question: Can we make some sense of this? - or NOT?

Answer: There are different types of DI, each with a different set of causes.

Question: Here we go again?

Answer: Sadly so - but let us not become disillusioned.

The most common type in Humans is the neurological form, called Central DI (CDI), which involves a deficiency of arginine vasopressin (AVP,) also known as antidiuretic hormone (ADH.)

The second common type of DI is Nephrogenic Diabetes insipidus (NDI,) which is due to kidney or nephron dysfunction caused by an insensitivity of the kidneys or nephron's to ADH.

DI can also be gestational, caused by alcohol or some types of drug abuse.

DI should not be confused with Nocturia - we will leave the confusion too Medical Science - is derived from Latin nox, night, and Greek [ta] ???a, urine, also is defined by the International Continence Society as,

“the complaint that the individual has to wake at night one or more times for voiding.”

Its causes are varied and, in many Patients, difficult to discern.

More importantly both are no more than symptoms - with their own cause.

Does that Satisfy you.

Question: For the minute? But where do we go from here as clearly - it appears. Still not much is known from Ancient Greek times where it was known as; Sweet Pee?

Answer:  Although they have a common name, Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetes Insipidus are two entirely separate conditions with unrelated mechanisms.

Question: Already I am disillusioned - I hope you can make some sense of this for me?

Answer: Both cause large amounts of urine to be produced - polyuria and the term "Diabetes" is derived from the Greek word meaning siphon.

However, Diabetes Insipidus is “either” a problem with the production of antidiuretic hormone called it appears - central Diabetes Insipidus or kidney's response to antidiuretic hormone, again as it appears called - Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus.

Whereas Diabetes Mellitus causes polyuria via a process called Osmotic Diuresis, due to the high blood sugar leaking into the urine and taking excess water along with it.

Question: Back on the tell me about it - but not why, treadmill - are we?

Answer: Sadly so - The incidence of Diabetes Insipidus in the general population is 3 in 100,000.

With this being a big clue and a load of Scientifically Proven NONSENSE -

“due to the high blood sugar leaking into the urine and taking excess water along with it.”

Question: What is it saying? All I see is Symptoms not cause?

Answer: Correct! The High Blood Sugar does not “leak” into the Urine.

Like the Bowel System the Bladder and Urinary Tract are WASTE Disposal organs, thus the mentioned excretions are DELIBERATE within the safe activity of the Mind and with due regards of the Body it Controls.

As the Mind is the Greatest Chemist the World will ever know; thus would be aware of the dangers of retaining the Sugar within the Body and at the same time be aware of the requirement of HIGH Energy requirements of the Fuel - so called Sugar affords.   

Question: Surely Medical Science has been able to diagnose Diabetes for decades, however as it still does not know the cause or have a cure and it appears Type 2.5 is here and Three is on its way...

- should we not answer these questions first? Or even next?

Answer: We have to consider - answer the very simple question of Diabetes Insipidus and we have the foundation for the...

answer to every mysterious illness we as Humans could ever create.

Question: Hold on here these are powerful statements are they not - what is the justification for them?

Answer: Human Insulin Market will be worth $42 Billion by 2019.

It is reportedly Priced US $4650 for a single user license.

Modern Human insulin accounted for the largest share - 84% - of global Human insulin market.

Premixed modern Human insulin and long acting Human insulin are estimated to grow at a brisk pace over the next few years.

Technological advancement is expected to be a “major revenue pocket” for the Human insulin market in the coming years.

The report on Human Insulin Market includes “qualitative data” covering various levels of “industry analysis,” such as market dynamics as the drivers, restraints, opportunities and threats and the five forces of analysis at global level.

The report also covers the detailed profiles of the Major Pharmaceutical Companies of the world. 

How desperate can a profession get it has to predict future illness levels in order to sustain profits!

Instead of recognising it created this ever growing problem by having everyone believe there is scientific proof relating to this or any other disorder

- when clearly there is not.

When is the entire medical profession going to recognize of the 100,000 diagnosed and recognized illnesses it has the scientific proof of - they do not know the True Cause of one of them and there is not one definitive cure either?

And then seek Cures instead of more profit for more failure.

How blinded by Science can so many dedicated and intelligent people be, in a profession which has never once improved it product (Cures) outcome.

By believing the mistruths of Medical Science instead of the well published facts - millions are ill and the numbers are growing expedientially, as the advert above clearly demonstrates.

Question: My understanding is? A Father of Two Children with Type 1 Diabetes? Is one of the leading figures in a modern day Diabetes research - do you have a view relating to this?

Answer: Yes I do - we have majored on the Emotional Phenotype (the image we show to the world) thus  when I read or respond to discussions as this I always feel at the Heart of Medical Science study there is a Person - who has one of their loved ones with the researched disorder (Emotional Phenotype) and will let them die or be in perpetual Fear of another attack.

Rather than recognize their failure as Parents is at the heart of the creation of all illness - by releasing them from the bondage of Fear they have created and by Understanding how the illness really started and in so doing develop a cure!

Question: Surely things must improve?

Answer: But not with this precision - for although Medical Science is becoming more sensitive with its assays, the closer they feel they get to new targets.

The reality is the further away they get from managing the ever changing set of symptom presentation - at all; let alone well.

Question: I have heard tell of a Bionic pancreas and or Transplanted Cells? Will this help? 

Answer: Like with every illness Scientifically Proven - whilst this this may well appear to be a stop gap, until the Scientific Excitement once again rears its ugly head with - stem cell therapy that will end with therapies being regulated in and by the Brain.

We must consider in Medical Science own words “Several extra hurdles would need to be overcome before Stem Cells can be used as part of Routine Treatment for People with Diabetes.”

The first problem is the potential for the Immune System to destroy the transplanted cells.

And the need to take anti-rejection medication, which can have its own side effects.

Question: What if anything can one make of this?

Answer: Medical Science themselves say. “All of this is null and void without serious lifestyle changes, easy access to healthier food and cheaper healthier options and past times,”

- sadly it will never be achievable if the Mind is not included instead of excluded as above.

Question: I suspect there is an addendum (add on) to this?

Answer: Well observed - But only when the world’s population accept all illness is a "Process of the Mind" which instructs the Brain an organ of the Body - via its thoughts both Positive and Negative, to instruct the Pancreas via the entire Body Chemical Systems - the Immune and Body Replication Systems, to carry out “its” part in the task of maintaining comfortable balancing of the entire body chemicals - thereby enabling a comfort of Mind and Body and in so doing...

- not create illness?

Question: It is always reported - foods “appear” to create or ease symptoms labelled as Diabetes? Is there any truth in this?

Answer: In order to makes sense of this one must first accept Foods are not the Cause and not the Cure?

However as you suggest People in the absence of sound medical treatments are able to modify (self-Manage) the symptoms - in some cases even make Diabetes seemingly disappear altogether. 

Question: Is there a suggestion here - you support Dietary intervention?

Answer: Of course - if a person has symptoms Medical Science cannot do a lot for, then if diet assists, so be it.

We must however take into consideration the devil is in the word in your question above “APPEAR.”

And if Medical Science says “Healthy diets and lifestyles have long been proven as a preventative measure and an improvement on the quality of life of a Patient with Diabetes.”

Then it must be so, as they have the Scientific Proof - do they NOT.

The simple fact is for generations People have aspired to a Healthy Life style there's nothing new in that.

Yet even with a Perfect Diet People still become ill and does Diabetes under the regime of Dietary Alterations - really become “Cured” or does time clearly demonstrate - another illness mysteriously takes its place.

Question: We touched on Stem Cell Therapy? - may we continue with this interesting concept?

Answer: In considering Stem cell therapy - although I do hope this finding will create the long sought after cure - however; based on the secure history of Scientifically Proven Medicine with the 100,000 illnesses in the world where not one is the cause truly known and not one of them has a disease modifying - to a cure treatment.

Cure = no more illness and no more medications or diet self-management.

One has to consider this will remain until Medical Science accepts the Mind and Body are "one" and understands the interaction between the subconscious Mind with its negative memories and the Body - being the cause of all illness and is incorporated into mainstream medicine?

Time may well demonstrate the excitement of this Stem Cell CURE will be somewhat short lived.

Question: Is there a value in Beta Cells being transplanted into Mice?

Answer:  My understanding from the Medical Literature is; Beta Cells that develop over time when transplanted into Animals are Able to produce Hundreds of Millions of the Cells in one go, making them a potentially useful resource for transplants on a large scale.

As well it appears from embryos and reprogrammed cells from adult tissue.

And these New Cells have - not yet been tested in Humans.

Question: Where will this lead do you feel?

Answer:  We have to consider there will come a time when the experiment will move to Human Transplant or for studying new medications in the lab.

Question: And then?

Answer: I feel it is best we look for answers to Medical History for the first part and the future profits for the second. 

Question:  I'm not sure why it's taken ALL These WORDS to state nothing of value or where the Medical facts pertaining to this Disease - are Scientifically Proven?

Answer: There is a necessity to be as exhaustive as possible to make sense of the Amazon size Forest of Papers relating to this Disease and still no one within the Medical Profession really knows...

- therefore Nothing is Scientifically Proven only an OPINION - in real terms.

When this process of illness is truly understood and is REALLY Proven with cures, then and only then will Medical Science be as it proclaims. Scientific. 

Toxic Shock = a Body Chemical and or Electrical reaction.

Positive through to Negative the Mind Body makes to an internal or external stimulus is perhaps the best answer one could make and Talking Cures has made sense of this - for the first time in Medical History.

Link to Illness or Toxic Shock…?

Therefore it is Scientific Dreaming - Stem Cell or any other Biological Therapy will in real terms be of any substantial therapeutic value.

Yes Medical Science may well be able to create say a Nose on a Forehead for later transplant - but will a lifetime of anti-rejection medications not bring us to the reality of Dolly the Sheep.

Thus People not only get ill, but never get well?

Be Assured this is not romantic? For anyone, let alone the ill person?

Question: Why bring Dolly the Sheep into the conversation?

Answer: Because the Essence of Dolly The Sheep, is at the heart of Nose (organ) transplant - if the Negative information contained within the Mind having spent years destroying an organ is not addressed and resolved - then it will do the same as before or move the destruction to another part of the Body without the Knowledge or Permission of anyone; let alone a Doctor Specialist prescribing Anti-Rejection Medication - try stopping these medications!!!  

Question: The long history of Diabetes as the cause is unknown as is why Fit young athletes develop Diabetes, very many morbidly Obese people do not always develop Diabetes, so how can this have anything to do with Diet and Lifestyles and how or why - can this not be explained?

Answer:  The simple answer is, with current mainstream medical thinking it cannot with the overly complicated terms and understandings so often used.

Amongst all the  Plastic Surgery (excess skin removal) due to obesity - which is not very romantic or successful - just highly profitable.

Question: Is it not fair to say? - Medical Science so obviously blinkered in their perceptions of how the Disease occurs and still with the many findings of Modern Medicine appears incapable of accepting new and innovative ideas, thus under these circumstances; People ill are never going to become Disease Free?

Answer:  illness is not a Mystery it is a Process of the Mind following Childhood Emotional Physical Trauma.

Question: Forgive me, I am exasperated with your over-long prose and unnecessarily long sentences.

Answer: Someone has to make sense of the mess Medical Science has taken us into.

Being brief - but making it sound complicated by keep repeating the same information in ever more complicated Medical Speak is what one should consider as - LONG PROSE.

Have you not tried to or read any paper on illness and as you say I use overlong sentences...

- it is damaged Human life we are trying to unravel here not make a Pizza.

Question: Yes it is said? Gestational, MODY and T1 Diabetes can be Genetic, so the question to be posed is - which environmental factors and/or Genes start the Epigenetic Cascade of the mutation or is it in the womb?

Epigenetics is the study, in the field of genetics, of cellular and physiological phenotypic trait variations that are caused by external or environmental factors that switch genes on and off and affect how cells read genes instead of being caused by changes in the DNA sequence.

Answer: Medical Science may well answer this with -  “much work must be done here, with Genetics; yes of course it cannot be helped - but lifestyle can prevent it also.”

The reality is Diabetes is not - Genetic or Epigenetic in cause nor Food related, Lifestyle or Environmental factors.

It is a Process of our Minds following Childhood Emotional and or Physical traumas - as the definitive cause.

We must also consider the Negative life of an individual's Parents - prior to a Childs conception.

Question: What then will General Practitioners be expected to do? And can they be forgiven?

Answer: There is nothing to forgive they are merely Agents for Medical Science acting as they have been taught - to hear but not listen.

I worked out the mystery of illness over Thirty Three years ago and specialise in failures of Modern Medicine called...

- People with lots of symptoms.

Question: So what is Diabetes?

Answer: Diabetes is simply put, an expression of a Person’s complete Body Chemistry as instructed by our Master keeper of all memories - our subconscious Mind and thus is not a mistake as our Body Chemistry is perfectly balanced at all times - even if a Person is close to death as a result of Diabetes?

Double the percentage of Adults with Type 2 Diabetes will achieve National Institute of Clinical Excellence - recommended blood glucose targets, blood pressure and cholesterol levels in five years. "WONT THEY!"

Question: Who will set these targets?

Answer: The Government (following it would be reasonable to consider - pressure from Pharmaceutical Giants) under new targets said more should be done by GPs to make sure that risk factors were controlled in Diabetes and set a target for 40% of Patients with Diabetes to be within NICE-recommended levels, which will double the current rate of 19.8% by 2018.


It also recommends a dramatic increase in the proportion of Patients with Diabetes being given Nine basic care processes checks annually - such as foot checks and micro albuminuria tests - from 50% to 80% by 2018, possibly by bundling the QOF indicators together.

Question: What is a “micro albuminuria test?”

Answer: A urine test is a test to detect very small levels of a Blood Protein - albumin.

Also used to detect early signs of kidney damage in People.

Question: Is it fair to say there are financial implication in what we have discussed so far?

Answer: Yes it appears that is so. Pulse (Esteemed Medical Journal) revealed last year that ministers had written to National Institute of Clinical Excellence (UK) to ask it to explore the practicality of raising QOF thresholds and creating a ‘composite’ indicator in QOF for Diabetes worth over £5,000.

Question: What is “QOF?”

Answer: A blind man’s joke is the best answer I can apply. 

Truthfully -The Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) is the annual reward and incentive programme detailing GP practice achievement results.

In other words Money for Failure or increasing the number of People with the disorder - whether they in truth have it or not.

Question: So accepting the Doctors adhered to this protocol what may happen next?

Answer: The targets were revealed in a response from the Treasury to a report published by the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee that was very critical of GP management of Diabetes in the last year.

Or in the UK the Politically created destruction of the National Health Service.

Question: Why does it appear politically expedient to destroy the NHS?

Answer: There is a Knowing in the collective Subconscious Mind of Politicians - No ONE in real Terms ever becomes well with Medically Scientifically Proven Treatments.

So why Pay or waste money on Failure!

Government is The Business and we play no active part in it - other than Pay Money to keep it afloat.

Question: Seems there is no pleasing some People is there?

Answer: The Public Accounts Committee said too few Patients were achieving the recommended levels for blood pressure, cholesterol and Diabetes and called for QOF indicators to be bundled.

In its response, the Treasury further added: "It will never be appropriate for every person with Diabetes to be within the recommended outcomes ranges defined by NICE," which are set for the UK population as a whole.

The specific proportion cannot be defined, particularly for glucose control.

Question: Where if only in the UK does anyone go from here?

Answer: The Treasury Department agrees that more can be done to increase the proportion of People with Diabetes achieving the recommended levels for blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol.

It appears the intention of this - is to destroy the NHS as we know it.

Question: Is there a degree of Proof or understanding in the UK the government desires to increase the amount of People with Diabetes?

Answer:  Apparently The Treasury recommended changes to QOF, although this would be up to NICE’s assessment of whether to bundle indicators and the NHS Commissioning Board.

It said: The current payment system is not driving the required outcomes.

GPs are paid for each individual test they carry out - rather than being rewarded for ensuring - all nine tests are delivered.

The QOF revisions - especially relating to micro albuminuria testing and the DM13 indicator, are expected to help achieve ‘universal’ annual coverage for the nine basic Diabetes care processes.

Question: So is this Good or Bad?

Answer:  However the UK Treasury rejected a recommendation for GP contracts to include mandatory provisions for multidisciplinary care and structured support for People with Diabetes.

Meaning if The Medical Profession does not understand and neither do we - then The Treasury has to take some form of control.

Saying -The Government does not consider it is appropriate for the department or the NHS Commissioning Board to mandate which individuals should provide specific elements of care.

The chair of the GPC’s clinical and prescribing subcommittee said - "the targets set by the Treasury were unrealistic as they depended on Patients attending appointments."

Question: Were there any more items of interest within this understanding?

Answer: One of the main reasons why things are often out of control in Diabetes is because Patients - just do not listen to medical specialists and act on the Medical Advice - they are given.

Question: So what is the situation of the QOF?

And "Why" do Patients not Listen and Act on their Doctors advice?

Answer: It appears The QOF was never designed to achieve the things the Treasury is suggesting.

The concept is all about incentives and that GPs will chase these things down until the last man standing thus is quite erroneous - for if a Patient does not come in for a test there are only so many times - you can telephone them.

Question: So is there a hidden agenda here - something we all miss - but should be aware of?

Answer: One could consider based on the past Ten years in the Money World and comments by Mr Horton the CEO of the Lancet relating to Scientific Papers "so many research papers are not fact" - this is no more than a money making or controlling swindle - based only on anecdotal (story telling) evidence.

Question: So? - We all aspire to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy balanced diet there is nothing new in that...

So - who gets Diabetes?

Answer: Fit young athletes develop Diabetes; very young Children still suckling their Mothers develop Diabetes, elderly People who have never had a day’s illness in their lives develop Diabetes.

Question: So is this to do with Life Style, Diet or neither?

Answer: Many morbidly obese people do not develop Diabetes, thus we can consider this has nothing to do with Diet and Lifestyles.

Question: So how can all this be explained?

Answer: The simple answer is, with current mainstream medical thinking aided and abetted by a Government - it cannot with the overly complicated terms so often used. 

Is it not fair to say Medical Science so obviously blinkered in their perceptions of how the disease occurs and still with the many findings of modern medicine appears incapable of accepting new and innovative ideas, under these circumstances People ill are never going to become Disease Free? 

One it appears is never going to change Peoples Mind. We will see about that!

Question: How can you justify the last part of your answer?

Answer: The simple fact is for generations People have aspired to a Healthy Life style there is nothing new in that.

And yet people not only get ill, but never get well?

All sorts of similar claims by the Medical Profession “We have found a cure” have been made over the years and I have yet to actually find anyone who has benefited in the long term.

With a “cure” program supposedly to suit everyone - but as we know, no two people are alike - so a lot of what is claimed has to be Scientifically Proven - nonsense.

Question:  So does this mean even with a Person who have never had a day’s illness in their lives who then develop Diabetes - poor management is so often the only course open to them?           

Answer: Many morbidly obese people do not develop Diabetes so how can this have anything to do with diet and lifestyles and how or why - can this not be explained by the Medical Profession - or do we have to listen to People who have an opinion - as a right, yet of a mind-set say...

- They are right and you are wrong because they have the disorder thus THEY KNOW. 

Yet this idiom is only based on the Failure of the Medical Profession and not new information - everyone with and through his or her's Emotional Phenotype - is desperately searching for.

Question: How would you respond to this “As a right, yet of a mind-set They are right and you are wrong because they have the disorder thus THEY KNOW. for me this is no more than an unqualified medical dismissal without better or substantial information?

Answer: My making of this as any post - is because I am against ANY form of Suppression...?

Although from the Medical Model Point of View a Person so disposed has but to Protect themselves in any whey they are able with;

“Do not take my illness away from me as I will not know what to do without it or the Time now on my hands.”

Demonstrated by; "Confirmation Bias" (Francis Bacon (1620) which reinforces itself while seeking to destroy all opposing opinions and vilify those seeking logical and scientific truth.

No one will ever be able to change a Person - so set in their Mind as and if they listen to others - unable to cure any illness despite having Scientific Proof. 

Thus, it would appear - we all suffer from "Confirmation Bias" and good for the advancement of Humanity it is too.

Question: May we look at the process of "Confirmation Bias.”

Answer: Of course.

1. Say with their own confirmation Bias - a film maker is surely started off where their superior intelligence picked a subject - Mind and Body connection, of which the writer perhaps knew very little, yet recognised it had never been covered very well before.

One then took all the available information currently available applied this information to this highly intelligent mind with ability to search and more importantly - collate history.

Then picked out the nonsense from the interesting and made it into a film, which would be of serious interest - to a wide range of viewers.

Thus one have confirmed a BIAS towards the truth of inviting others to add if only in their own mind information presented in a new way, thus confirming their own "Confirmation Bias" - by deciding if they agree or not.

2. My Confirmation Bias is for Thirty Eight Years of my life I had relied on others for life understandings based on their Confirmation Bias and were it not for my becoming a MIND/BODY therapist Thirty Three years ago with my early life-time of agony. My future would not have been good.

I am obliged to say during that time thanks to the interpretation of Scientific Medicine from a number of Doctors - my life has been improved, but they did not cure me; for their Bias was ONE symptom at a time...

- not me as a Person!

If we look at history as I feel sure we all have in more detail especially in the making of such a film you will see "Confirmation Bias" was perhaps created in 1620 and by 4 20! in the afternoon. Confirmation Bias was born!

When the lecturing Professor of Medicine was getting tired and a young enquiring mind - say Nostradamus, who put forward an idea which threatened the Professor’s limited knowledge and in order to shut him up, said in his Medical Trained Manner.

“That young sir is Confirmation Bias.”

Of course the whole class laughed their Gowns off, the student suitably and purposely embarrassed to a point he/she shut up and never introduced a new idea again.

And so was born the "Suppression" Scientific Medicine uses today to shut People up with new and innovative ideas and why our dedicated medical professionals - only practise Illness Management - instead of Cure.

There are many such incidents in history with much the same story and again my Confirmation Bias into believing my creation Talking Cures - based on many mistakes of the past innovators is so strong; I passionately know...

“All illness is a process of the Mind,

"that seriously affects as a symptom, the Body?”

And over Thirty Three Years thanks to my Absolute Bias many People with Long-term Multiple Symptoms of Mind and Body deemed failures of medicine, have recovered to go on to lead a very comfortable and meaningful life.

Now thanks to the likes of Nostradamus and of course many others my Confirmation Bias is such a narrow minded strength - after some Six years on LinkedIn (A Business linked Social Media style forum) of constantly and very politely defending myself and others right to make their point.

Gradually People are - even if they do not know it, thereby considering it a virtue in the light of New and better Information too alter their Bias to incorporate the Mind and Body as one - into their conversations.

For without the Mind and its thoughts/memories the Body is no more than a Lump of Meat?   

Having said that I will not have to change; if someone can even talks as if they know better let alone achieves, I will bow to their Confirmation Bias and recognise their superior knowledge and skill with consummate ease.

For the first time in history as best as I am able to determine a Person is able to stand ALONE unfunded with a disease modifying treatment (Talking Cures) against the perceived Confirmation Bias Might of the entire history of the medical profession and not be swayed by idle threats and meaningless innuendos who collectively still at 2015. 21st century. Cannot muster one Confirmation Bias understanding of illness where the cause is known and a cure has been created.

Cure = no more illness, no more drugs and the Person died of an unrelated disorder - being a Confirmation Bias opinion - not an option, therefore relegated to the Medical waste bin of history.

Talking Cures is my truth and Confirmation Bias - now tell me yours; change my Bias.

Question: Are we too reliant on traditional health research methodologies and should Diabetes Psychology be included in mainstream Medicine?

Answer:  New research methodologies can or should lead to significant breakthroughs and insights, but health research still does not utilise this potential.

Despite the large amount of creative and inspirational research.

If we are to apply this to Diabetes should we not have the courage integrity and wisdom to apply it to ALL illness as still today there is not one scientifically Proven Treatment which truly knows the cause of illness and has any long term efficacy in relief and never a cure.

As for Psychology - this (Psychological) for integrity of understanding the interaction between the Mind and Body must ONLY be seen as a "symptom" caused by something as yet a mystery to all concerned and most certainly not a diagnoses, yet is imperative if the Medical Profession are to survive for the essence (The Mind) to be included in ALL illness Studies - not just, the one within this discussion.

From my side of the pond - the UK, the question "the relationship between Diabetes and Psychology?" is one continually swept under the carpet as with all illness.

Thus the whole Scientific System of understanding illness should be subjected to deep and honest scrutiny.

Question: How then do you feel about the current and seemingly not improving situation with the understanding of illness?

Answer:  if I was of a disposition I could become angry and frustrated with so many People being ill and never recovering and so often being poorly managed even though we have Scientifically Proven Evidenced Based Medicine.

However that is not me or my intention, constantly I write - for no financial reward, in the secure understanding someone will listen and start the process of truly understanding illness - no matter what name it is given and then begin the Painful Process of Creating Treatments which Cure - instead of Maim or Kill?

Question: What about Smart Phone Apps in the management of illness?

Answer:  If one thinks change is desperately required - then if one has the time and patients to wait until the upcoming Smart Phone Apps have done their damage in understanding illness...

"As I see it "You Have seen - Nothing Yet."

Question: There is or has been suggested there is now recognised Type 2.5 Diabetes and perhaps Type 3 on its way? Do you have any knowledge or views about this?

Answer: Could not agree more, Diabetes is just one example of how we can truly move to understand illness, the Patient and their lives by bringing a new approach.

Sadly I have never seen a tangible outcome from any earlier protestations of a secure understanding leading to a cure - I hope for the first time in history this demonstrates; I am wrong. 

Type 2.5 = May in reality have little foundation other than 2.5 million People in the UK have the disorder.

Or is under review as Genetic studies appear to be suggesting it is a new inherited form of the disease.

Type 3 = It appears is a title that has been proposed for Alzheimer's disease which results from resistance to insulin in the Brain.

Question: Symptoms of Mind or Body should not ever be seen as Cause? What does this mean?

Answer: Any symptom whether it is seen visually or through the modern day imaging wizardry is only a demonstration by the Emotional Phenotype - yet so often this is interpreted as “The Cause” and often even the Definitive Cause.

Always and ONLY there is a corresponding and therefore - real cause vested within the Mind as a bad/negative memory.

Question: What is Pre diabetes?

Answer: Preparation of and for - a good little earner.

Question: What is HbA1c?

Answer: Derived from a reliable source - The term HbA1c refers to glycolate haemoglobin.

It develops when haemoglobin, a Protein within Red blood cells that carries oxygen throughout your body, joins with glucose in the Blood, becoming 'glycated.'

By measuring glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c), clinicians are able to get an overall picture of what our average blood sugar levels have been over a period of about 13 weeks.

Question: Is there an importance attached to such findings? ?

Answer: For People with Diabetes this is important as the higher the HbA1c, the greater the risk of developing Diabetes-related complications.

Nice observation on behalf of Medical Science - but “why” is surely a better question.

Clue - “Protein” is the very stuff we are made of and what happened to the “Amino Acids” the very heart of our immune system.

Sadly it appears - none of these understandings or monitoring actually stops the progression of the complications, but does anyone ask “WHY” and then develop understandings to do something about it.

Or is that too simplistic for my little Mind.

Question: What do you mean "What happened to the Amino Acids."

Answer: As I said it disappears in the understanding of illness and Proteins are seen as the problem.

For me I see Amino Acids as the controller of the entire Immune Systems in our Body as well as controller of The Body replication process.

Question: I know I am a pest but may we revisit Stem Cells in the light of a recent Television Headline Grabbing News Story?

“New stem cell findings - hope or hype?”

Answer: Yes of course - it reported “People - waking this morning Friday 10th October 2014 were greeted with dramatic front page headlines and national TV and radio coverage about how a “cure” for Type 1 Diabetes might be on the way.

Sadly it appear the Medical Profession is incorporating "Hope" more and more into its Science - seen more recently in BPHope = Bipolar Hope.

Question: But what exactly was involved?

How does this build on what has been discovered already?

And what do the findings mean for People with Diabetes?

Answer: When one considers my previous comments regarding there are no cures for any illness, one would wonder why not or should the Advertising Standards Authority be involved - if only in following this amazing story.

Surely we must consider with our historical eye - what in real terms this means for a Person with Diabetes is - Nothing of value.

Question: Are you able to expand on the research?

Answer: Let us explore this research. Beta cells in the pancreatic islets;

The researchers, led by a young Doctor - himself a Father of Two Children with Type 1 Diabetes, worked in the lab with Human Stem cells which can develop into many different Human Cell Types.

Using a series of complex steps, the Stem Cells were encouraged to become Beta Cells, which are the Insulin-Producing Cells that are destroyed when Type 1 Diabetes develops.

Question: What if any are the Results?

Answer: The results;

Crucially, when the new Beta Cells were transplanted into Mice, they could produce and release Insulin in response to changes in blood glucose - a key indication that they were working effectively.

But who speaks Mouse Talk!

Question: Was there or is there any requirement or limit of the number of cells produced or required.

Answer: The researchers were also able to produce Hundreds of Millions of the Cells in one go, making them a potentially useful resource for transplants on a large scale.

Question: Are there any updates on the exciting development in the understanding and treatment of Diabetes?

Answer: Teams of researchers around the World have already used stem cells to produce Immature Beta Cells that develop over time when transplanted into Animals.

Question: Animals testing that is all I ever hear - what about Humans? And what goes on in the Mind of Animals treated in this way?

Answer: if we understood what really is in the Mind of a Person let alone an ill Person - we would never have thought Animals could provide answers as to

“why we get ill and - why we do not get well.” 

Question: The research team believe that they are the first to ever produce fully functioning Beta Cells that could be used in Human Transplant or for studying new medications in the lab?

Have these findings demonstrated any satisfactory outcome yet?

Answer:  It appears they say. “Although Both types of stem cells used by the researchers from embryos and reprogrammed cells from adult tissue - seemed to work equally well."

And conclude with - “A step forward," but with "more hurdles to overcome.”

Question:  Recognising  - This is a significant and exciting step forward and it is important to emphasise that the new Cells have not yet been tested in Humans and several extra hurdles would need to be overcome before they can be used as part of Routine Treatment for People with Diabetes.

What does this suggest?

Answer: The first problem is the potential for the Immune System to destroy the transplanted cells.

This is the reason why people who have Islet Cell Transplants at the moment need to take anti-rejection medication, which can have its own side effects.

Question: Is there a suggestion of any kind as to the limitations in applying this development?

Answer: It appears and is a Medical fact there is a limited supply of donor islets - which means that only limited numbers of People with Type 1 have so far been able to benefit from such transplants.

As importantly one and most serious restriction is a Father with a Diabetic Child being on or is the research team.

For without realising so - he caused his Child’s illness thus will only seek to continue it - not improve it; as deep in his Mind he was only doing as instructed.

“To not bring his children up to suffer in the same manner as he did.”

How can this person be open-minded enough to create a Medical Understandings let alone a cure. 

Question: Is this the end of the Scientific Excitement and the reason for your comment regarding the Advertising Standards Authority?

Answer: At the moment it appears so.

Question:  It is said? Many research groups are already trialling new and better ways to protect transplanted Beta Cells from an Immune attack.

What can this mean?

Answer:  It is suggested by the researchers involved. These include vaccines to modify the immune system and techniques to shield transplanted cells.

Used together with the new cells, this could ultimately provide an effective cure for Type 1 and perhaps also benefit people with Type 2 who use insulin.

This would be a historic breakthrough with the potential to transform the lives of People with Diabetes the world over.

We do not know how long this will take and it is important that we do not create false BPhope - that a cure is just around the corner.

But the research Team believe that the cells produced could be used in Human Trials within the next few years.

In the meantime, the New Cells could be incredibly useful in the lab by offering Scientists new ways to give existing Beta Cells a boost or to work out the details of why Diabetes develops in the first place.

Question: What is BPhope?

Answer: An admission of “We do not know anything” thus we are going to impregnate "Hope" into a long-term suffers vocabulary in order to keep them paying whist we forage about looking for the elusive Cause - we do not want to find and the Cure we know we will never find - WILL WE!

BPHope is Possibly wrapped around the Hope something interesting regarding Bipolar Disorder will sometime be found!

Hope - for a Long term sufferer of any disorder as it attempts to Predict the Future - only fools do this, is a Weapon of Mass Destruction - not a useful therapeutic Tool!

Question: Is there with this a demonstration once again - this illness is only of a Biological Concern?

Answer: On the face of it - one would feel this is so.

However there is also a demonstration of Eyes wide Shut as one Doctor concerned Not only specialises in the Holistic reversal of Diabetes but works closely with a Psychotherapist for Diabetic clients benefit.

Surely a contradiction in terms or a subconscious knowing the Mind is the creator - but for profit and confirmation of Training Bias - has to be Biological.

Question: Since I re-asked the question about Stem Cells - It has been noticed in all of your answers it appears there is an element missing - are you able to collect all of this into an explanation?

Answer: Well noticed - there were too many items to make an individual comment on so I will as you request - collect, Review and Answer - them.

Review: What do the findings mean for People with Diabetes.

Answer: It appears. Beta cells in the Pancreatic Islets are the - in thing.

Review: Which are the Insulin-Producing Cells that are destroyed when Type 1 Diabetes develops?

Answer: Those that could produce and release Insulin in response to changes in Blood Glucose.

Review: How a “cure” for Type 1 Diabetes might be on the way? As it is a Medical fact there is a limited supply of donor islets?

Answer: A serious lack of foresight as to what will happen to this Medical Science - if this demand cannot be fulfilled when the created Human Insulin Market predicted to be worth $42 Billion (represented by Numbers of People with the Disease) by 2019 - materialises.

Review: To protect transplanted Beta Cells from Immune attack?

Answer: If by Twenty Nineteen the Emotional Phenotype and The Entire Body Chemistry has not been solved and methods of dealing with it - then we will not have to worry about Protecting the Beta Cell from Immune system attack, as a New and more insidious form of Diabetes - will be in all Doctors Surgeries; if indeed the Medical Profession - as we know it, still exists.

Review: One would wonder should not or why are the Advertising Standards Authority not involved.

Answer: Surely "if" the success of Medical Science was allowed to come under the scrutiny of the ASA - The Medical Profession would always find themselves Constantly gagged - as never once has the National Press Publicised excitement of “We have found a Cure,“ ever proven itself justified.   

Review: Vaccines to modify the immune system and techniques to shield transplanted cells?

Answer: If we look at the Vaccine use based on its poor outcome record; that is coming under attack from the inside by Medically Qualified Doctors then Vaccines as we know them may well soon be on the banned list - what then.

Review: This could ultimately provide an effective cure for Type 1 and perhaps also benefit people with Type 2 who use insulin?

Answer:  Surely if the cause is not known and the Scientific Proof is subject to closer scrutiny that it currently gets with the outcome of treating Diabetes which so often if not always results in more and more symptoms - it will always be a mystery to medical Science.

Review: This would be a historic breakthrough with the potential to transform the lives of People with Diabetes the world over?

Answer: Nothing else has - so why should this be singled out to be different.

Review: We do not know how long this will take and it is important that we do not create false hope - that a cure is just around the corner?

Answer: Or is this saying - by the time the failure is “not” noticed we will have taken the Funding and run long ago and is it not fair to say the only thing...

...the entire Medical Profession do - is Give false BPHope! 

Review: But the research Team believe that the cells produced could be used in Human Trials within the next few years?

Answer: Now! tell me this is not false BPHOPE!!!

Review: In the meantime, the New Cells could be incredibly useful in the lab by offering Scientists new ways to give existing Beta Cells a boost or to work out the details of why Diabetes develops in the first place?

Answer: Our research Funding is getting low so we have left the smouldering embers of a new funding requirement.

Review: Not only specialises in the Holistic reversal of Diabetes but works closely with a Psychotherapist for Diabetic clients benefit.

Answer: Holistic Reversal of Diabetes is no more than another word for management and is confirmed to be short lived by the use of a Psychotherapist if they only listen to the Emotional Phenotype of the Person and NOT the Real Person.

Question: Thank you; I am now able to see why you did not go into detail with these earlier? And the requirement of repeating discussions?

Answer: Thank you. When I am treating a Person the same question (s) are put to me in many different forms and I have to be able to give a satisfactory answer, otherwise the Mind will simply dismiss me as - Not Understanding! 

Question: Are you ever and is it acceptable to be or appear to be wrong?

Answer: I am extremely careful to ensure I am never wrong or say anything wrong - bearing in mind in the main I only work on or with the Persons own Knowledge and Information.

I either know or I do not know - there must be no Grey matter - thus it is acceptable to be wrong as long as one knows one is being so and says so.

In addition sometimes it is essential to knowingly say something wrong (as long as both parties know the rules) as it can be a very powerful tool in order to open a very closed Mind.

Surely if we are to allow many readers to incorporate these findings into their own treatment regime and appear to be criticising their own work we must at least “try” to do it in a respectful manner - otherwise the important People at the front end of Treatment, the clinicians - surely will not learn...

New and Innovative ways of listening to their Patients.

Question: Is that why so much - as you are able, you refer to Medical Science?

Answer: Yes Medical Science is an Entity - not a Person.

Question: So are you saying? It is acceptable to argue (forcibly Debate) on these points but surely not dismiss an idea - especially if it makes one feel uncomfortable.

Answer: A perfect end to a nice debate is - Surely if a discussion comment makes us whether medically trained or not uncomfortable; this is the discussion we must debate and even draw hypothetical blood on - if we are to answer some of these seemingly unanswerable and uncomfortable questions.  

Question: If you think you are going to get off that easy, you have another think coming for - Surely if the cause is not known and the Scientific Proof is subject to closer scrutiny that it currently gets with the outcome of treating Diabetes so often if not always resulting in more and more symptoms is a mystery to Medical Science; surely we have to Ask some serious questions of ourselves as a race of People?

Answer: Do you have any in mind.

Question: Yes Two?

1. Can we explore some of the questions and answers say from suffers or interested and involved Practitioners?

2. Have you ever treated or cured Person with any form of Diabetes.

Answer: Of course. Let us first explore Question 1.

Statement: "We never said Diabetes was the primary cause of the Fatigue.  Only that all types of Diabetes can cause Fatigue?”

Response: Of course there are a many various reasons for Fatigue symptoms, none of them anything to do with the Body - thus are Mind created and not of Biological Cause!

Statement:  Type 2 Diabetes (maturity onset) is linked to obesity and age?

Response: Obesity - again a mystery to medical Science is a symptom of an earlier cause nothing to do with food whatsoever and Age just a poor excuse for knowing very little.

Sugar is no more than a fuel and if great quantities are required then surely so is the demand for Fuel to drive a Mind and Body struggling with a form of Mind Fatigue just another and perhaps the greatest mystery of all time to Medical Science.

Statement: The true cause of Diabetes is that the Pancreas cannot cope with the demands for insulin... For one reason or another?

Response: Statement by Medical Scientists: The islet cells either slow down because of demand or they get knocked out by the Body's immune system.

Accepted as a Scientific Answer; but should we not have the integrity to question “Why.”

Surely "For one reason or another" is only a demonstration of no nothing useful Medical Science.

Statement: The really sad thing is that loads of younger People are developing this type due to poor diets, high in sugar? "a thousand candy bars can bring on diabetes for some?"

Response: But surely as not every Person on such a Diet contracts Diabetes once again we must question “Why.”

In addition - A thousand candy bars would never cause Diabetes!

Statement: Type 1 Diabetes is an auto immune condition that can in some cases, be brought on by stress.. but there are several factors involved.... so I disagree and confirm - A Thousand Can't Bars will cause Diabetes?

Response: The reason a Person is driven to eat this many Candy Bars is Emotional Childhood traumas.

Are you debating from a Scientific Knowledge base (Auto-Immune) or personal (Stress) as your point; “but there are several factors involved.”

Both appear to be a contradiction, based on the pathetic understanding worldwide of Both - Autoimmune Disorders and Stress.

Statement: Of course Obesity is to do with food!!! Reasons for overeating are a different matter?

Response:  Surely this appears to be a contradiction as well.

Statement: Genetics is a big part?

Response:  Prey tell me when the entire Genome systems and their individual ability has been Securely and Comprehensively mapped - Where does Medical Science go then, if it still has no definitive cures.

Question: May I come in here with a question “There is a Genetic part of the equation which has only recently been discovered and you should not discount this new research - which might explain why so many People become Diabetic when the disease came down both sides of a family?"

Answer: Of course my information is of no value how you interpret and use it IS. - I can and do and will only ever dismiss such nonsense as my secure understanding (not scientifically Proven) is our Genes are a use once product in our construction - after that play no part in our life at all and MOST certainly - NOT in the creation of illness.

Even with Children born ill it is ALWAYS and ONLY by the instructions of The Parents (Mothers mainly) Chemistry as distinct from our Genetic Structure.

Question: Thank you please continue.

Statement: I worked in Diabetes Research for a number of years by the way and only met one Patient out of hundreds - who had a stressor as a possible factor?

Response: I would not dare to question your experience in Diabetes Research and the understanding that ensued, however I can challenge this research - as still today not one Scientific Paper knows the true cause of Diabetes and no Medical Scientists has ever come anywhere near to a cure.

Is it just possible because that is how you were educated - you have only ever looked with your Eyes and never your Mind and therefore, surely would not know the difference.

Statement: The Pancreas cannot cope because it has either been knocked out by the immune system or has a greater demand on it and more than it can deal with!

Response: WHY cannot the pancreas cope - Mind - post emotional traumas has instructed it so.

Statement: Reasons for over eating are the cause of food being the problem?

Response: Yes as instructed by the Mind post traumas - thus food is not the problem or even connected in real terms - only a demonstration of outcome.

Statement: Diabetes causes Fatigue?   

Response: Diabetes is a symptom the same as Fatigue both have been studied to near extinction - yet there is not one paper anywhere in the world with knowledge as to the real cause and even less a cure...

- thus “no one” is sufficiently qualified to suggest Diabetes "causes" Fatigue.

Statement:  Stress lowers the efficiency of the immune system.. we all should know "thiazole" (a colourless, slightly water-miscible liquid, having a disagreeable odour. With various derivatives of this being used as dyes or reagents) contributes to poor diets, combined with high sugar legal are a big risk factor for developing Diabetes?

Response: Your comments make my case for me, as these two comments are as contradictory as they come. 

Statement: Type 1 Diabetes is an auto-immune condition that can in some cases, be brought on by stress?

Response: Your comments make my case for me, as these two comments are as contradictory as they come.

Statement:  I will send you some links re research if you like re causes... of which there are many?

Response:  When I read Medical Facts information as per the website you sent me, it reminds me of the time laden fact I am in Awe of all frontline medical staff as well as researchers of which you now explain you are or have been one - in the field of Diabetes for the determination they put into their work as either a clinician or a researcher.

What I am not at all in Awe of or sort of unable to give credence too, is why or how Medical Science Mesmerises or Hypnotises such people into believing the nonsense it puts out as Scientifically Proven - so adequately demonstrated in virtually every paragraph of the website link you sent to me. 

With very eloquent information as to the progress from cause to what may well be on its way Type 3 Diabetes.

None of the pages are anything other than an explanation of how very little is known and just describes the symptoms even the average Diabetic would be able to achieve this level of description. Not one of them talks of a Cure?

Statement: I wasn't hypnotised one bit! And yes “not” everything is known about Diabetes… or anything really!.. but progress is being made?

People aren't dying so young from Diabetic complications anymore on the whole... but nothing is perfect Peter as you know. the Body is a finely tuned machine and so many things will tilt it off balance.. Genetics, Environmental Factors, Stress, Disease, The Weather.. the list is endless?

All the medical profession offers is a panacea, we both know that?

Response:  It appears to me you are in real terms much closer to home suggesting the so called Diabusiness has no real interest in finding a cure, because it would cost the significant people; Billions - if Diabetes permanently disappeared of the face of the Earth.

Leaving me to ponder if this was forwarded to the Diabetes Researchers and Charities what their response would be and indeed to see if they are prepared to comment.

In the absence of any such contact it surely would lead me to consider from Research to Charities desperately foraging around in the underbrush looking for something they already know is not there, or if they were per chance to find something - they would bury it deeper in pursuit of further research funding or charitable donations from Puppy Eyed Long-term multiple symptom sufferers looking to so called Scientific Medicine to ease their suffering - often made worse by the very medications designed to “manage or are even suggestive of a Cure.”

Statement: It has been reported a clinical advisor at Diabetes Charity has discussed the latest research on "coffee" and how studies show that boosting your "coffee" intake by a cup a day can lower the risk of developing Diabetes?

Response: So many times I despair about what after all - is a Premier Diabetes Charity.

They frequently publish what I can only describe is a load of old Scientifically Proven Nonsense, which is a bit like receiving bad money after bad money for researching the effects of drinking extra coffee has on developing DM.

Where does the information for their so called research come from, at best it can only be anecdotal or the result of someone's fertile imagination having listened to too many Peoples Emotional Phenotype expression of their Subconscious Minds will. 

And Still No institutional Body is any nearer to finding the Cause or the Cure.

Thus the Disease as known by Medical Science - I do not include myself in this, offers nothing but long term destruction and surely whilst an early warning or quicker diagnoses system may be helpful, does it or will it in the long-term offer much or any more than currently available?    

One; Lives in hopes and dies in despair!

Answer: To question 2:

Most times when a Person attends a first appointment I request they DO NOT tell me the Diagnosed Name of their illness.

For if a Highly Qualified Medical Practitioner was unaware of the cause of their illness and unable to offer good management - let alone a cure, then we have to consider having knowledge of Diagnoses Names is a detriment not an asset, moreover of no therapeutic value whatsoever.

Meaning I would not always know if a Person is Pre or even Diabetic.

This does not mean I am unable to determine myself the severity of their multiple symptoms and adjust treatment to such an extent I KNOW the Person - will be able to responde to treatment.

If they cannot I have not prepared them as I should have - thus it is now MY FAULT.

However to answer properly your question “Only Twice” have I knowingly applied treatment to a Person Diagnosed with Diabetes.

1. One who also had Bi-polar Disorder - named changed from Thirty plus years of being a Manic Depressive, Hand Tremors, Sleeplessness, Chronic Back Pain (17 years,) Extremely High Anxiety; etc etc etc.

Seven Months into Treatment although with now many of the symptoms starting to improve including the Diabetes which using the Patients words was - nonexistent, the marriage and controlling partner intervened and stopped further treatment of the many previously untreatable to a comfortable easement - mysterious symptoms.    

2. In 2011 a Man in his Sixties came to me for treatment and presented Thirty One different symptoms - one of them Diet Controlled Diabetes on Six different prescribed medications.

Following a Three hour treatment although the Person never attended for further treatment - there was some feedback that he felt much more comfortable in himself and was able to manage his symptoms much better.   

Statement: Surely? People's lives are improved with Scientifically Proven treatments - when they have any form of Diabetes?

Response: Although Medical Science in the past spoke of Prevention - no longer - is better than cure, I am unable to find anyone with Pre Diabetes who has not gone on to develop Diabetes and anyone who has not gone on to develop more and more complex symptoms related to Diabetes, or has been cured.

Question: I agree? It appears so many People are told by their Doctors they have 'Pre Diabetes' because of their height and weight which of course would worry anyone without a satisfactory explanation; a lot of top class athletes would be diagnosed in the same way without any real justification?

Answer: If one independently tested the Blood Glucose after overnight fasting and over a period of time.

One would almost always be in the 'normal' range.

Yet The World Health Organisation specify that if any three BG tests taken randomly and consecutively during a 24 hour period exceed the latest research numbers - then the Person should be considered as having Diabetes.

Question: Does this appear to demonstrate The current Diabetes - is not natural at all; but being created?

Answer: Sure looks that way.

Question: OK OK I am convinced People in or with their collective innocents - display serious protection for either the Medical Profession and Charities or indeed, their own illness?

Question: What does it mean with the term Diabetes Psychology?

Answer: If by the term “Psychology” it is meant “Psychological” - the answer is Nothing as the latter is but a Symptom - which in real terms bears no relationship with the true cause.

Question: So what then is the answer to this mystery and do you know it?

Answer:  Yes of course. We must first be aware of the most serious clue this brings to our understanding - for if one does not understand this then one will not only never understand this illness - one would never understand any illness!

“Diabetes Insipidus” is a condition characterized by excessive Thirst and Excretion of large amounts of severely Dilute Urine, with reduction of fluid intake having no effect on the concentration of the Urine.

There are different types of DI, each with a different set of causes.

The most common type in Humans is the neurological form, called Central DI, which involves a deficiency of arginine vasopressin, also known as antidiuretic hormone.

The second common type of DI is nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus, which is due to kidney or nephron dysfunction caused by an insensitivity of the kidneys or nephron's to ADH.

DI can also be gestational or caused by Alcohol or some types of drug abuse.

DI should not be confused with nocturia.

Question: Are you SAYING all illness hinges on this understanding?

Answer: Absolutely - although we have to take into consideration the Emotional Phenotype of any illness is Unique to a Person.

We have to accept the symptom expression - as is “DI” will be slightly different to each person.

Thus as I see things any form of Diabetes is from Childhood Emotional and or Physical Traumas still unresolved years later as an expression of the complete body chemical systems - mostly referred to as "immune system."

Leaving us to consider in the absence or real and tangible Medical Science we must have an open mind as to the cause, be that biological or of the Mind.

If one suffers - although it is really important to know and understand what caused it - surely only the "cure" is the real outcome desired, for all concerned.

Question: Why is it so often are Children either Born or Diagnosed very early in Life with Type 1 Diabetes - where the Pancreas does not work at all?

Answer: Let us look at Children with no Pancreas activity at all; In very simple terms the Parents and latterly the Mothers Body chemistry instructed the Childs Mind not to activate the Pancreas, as there is some perceived value to the Mother.

Question: May we now truly explore THE DEFINITIVE CAUSE OF DIABETES from Talking Cures perspective?

Answer: Yes of course. The first thing we must consider Names of illness are of no value in treating the illness.

This is the important clue we must first consider in the process of starting understanding the cause of Diabetes - there are no exceptions!

“Excessive Thirst and Excretion of large amounts of severely Dilute Urine.”

Whether the Urine is Diluted or Concentrated is of no real concern in the understanding - the amount is First a Symptom (a handle on the cause - nothing else) and second a “clue,” in the surgery one would or should be very quickly aware of this process taking place.

Question: May I come in here with a few questions -You state and I quote "Whether the urine is diluted or concentrated is of no real concern."

Surely this is not true in the diagnosis of DM.

Answer: As I do not diagnose and this paper is about exposing the myths of so called Medical Science and its inability to understand this simple illness - I stand resolute on this statement.

People only come for treatment to Talking Cures as Medical Failures - never success.

Question: Surely? If this is noticed “Whether the Urine is Diluted or Concentrated is of no real concern,” by anyone who your reads paper then it will throw serious doubt on what you have written.

Answer: If this is noticed by “anyone;” ill in any way let alone DM and subsequently throws doubt on my words and the intention - it will only be as a result of a long held yet unspoken thought/belief. “Do not take my illness/Profit away from me. As I will not know what to do without it or the spare time - I now have.”

Question: Before becoming diagnosed with DM, excess sugar - glucose, has built up in the blood and ones kidneys are forced to work overtime to filter and absorb the excess sugar.

If our kidneys cannot keep up, the excess sugar is excreted into the urine along with fluids drawn from body tissues.

This triggers more frequent urination, which leaves one dehydrated.

As one drinks more and more fluids to quench the thirst, the amount of urinate will be in even more in dilute form.

This is one of the very recognisable symptoms particularly in Children.

But why does all of this occur?

Answer: Have no desire to argue with the main thrust of your question.

As before anyone is diagnosed with DM a Person (Parent of Child) would have had many years of presenting illness symptoms to their medical practitioners who did their best with the available medical science.

Sadly the reality is they only made them worse and even to the point of causing DM.

Question: Is my thinking on this subject too simplistic or, as you previously mentioned, Diabusiness is worth billions.

Answer: Diabusiness is not my word - The trouble is with us and the Medical Science we have been blinded with.

We have lost the ability and desire to see the simplicity of illness - then we do not have to admit “WE” if we are Parents caused our Children’s illness and If we are ill - it was caused by our Parents.

Question: Do you have any confidence that there will be a cure for the millions thus afflicted.

Answer: There will NEVER be a Cure for this or any illness as the People with serious vested interest will ensure - as is happening in a major country at the moment with the somewhat unexplained Deaths (2015) of 13 Alternative Doctors.

Question: Maybe your thinking and influence will hasten that day. But I hold out no hope that it will be in my lifetime.

Answer: If one looks at just recent history and my influence in the World whilst it appears is having an effect it will never be improved on whist “silence” by those closest to me is used against me and my findings - as a weapon of mass destruction.

Just like my forbears with their misunderstanding as forced on them by the People closest to them.  

All because NO ONE WANTS the true cause of illness found and explained as it is too Painful - as we are all Children or Parents; implicit in the creation or sustaining of ALL illness.

If this were not the real truth my work by now would have been recognised by Millions rather than the few people by comparison I have offered treatment too.

In the recent months alone I have spoken to near Fifteen People all medical failures of one sort or another and not one of them - even though I was able to demonstrate; I knew more about their illness than anyone, has registered with me. Often saying - through significant others, to me. "I am desperate."

Conclusion to questions: These questions and my answers are no more than a demonstration of the distraction a Person will utilise, without really knowing why - away from the necessary subject requiring serious discussion.

As a Therapist I am extremely powerful - were I not - this would not only destroy the Person’s treatment (as designed) it would more importantly destroy me and Talking Cures. 

Therefore I have to keep the thread of the discussion - otherwise I will be Dismissed as NOT Understanding.

May we continue:

Yet strangely we ALL know this process but are unable or unwilling to take notice of it and the implication it has in the process of illness.

For any Person to exist at all whether in the Positive or Negative Mode it is imperative they have a Foundation.

If the foundation is Positive - well health and life style abilities are natural.

If Negative - ill health will prevail.

From or even before Conception a Person can have a Positive or Negative Foundation.

Both have the ability of being removed or created pre and post Birth by Emotional and or Physical Traumas - from this point be they Positive or Negative they are ONLY as our personality develops - our Emotional Phenotype = the image we show to the world based on our now stored information of experiences (memories.)

From this point on we are only concerned with a Negative Foundation - be it created as such or removed by pre Birth or post birth life traumas.

May we now introduce the part we all know, “ when placed in Fear - all of our Mind and Body goes on High alert.”

As the Fear passes and the Body returns to normal (as distinct to Natural) we then store the Fearsome information safely in our Mind but with the now unchangeable thought...

“I do not want to or I will not allow myself to go through that again.”

Our Emotional Phenotype Takes shape and cannot by ourselves be adjusted in life - no matter what our activities are.   

Thus we can see Fear is our driving force - it is what happens next is the concern and yet we are all - well aware of this.

We go Cold - our window to the world our Face goes deathly white or grey, we can and most times shake often violently all over and our Heart races - often repeated whenever we thereafter are placed in a Fearsome - activity or threat.

This activity is often based on our perceptive value of the Trauma and can if not always adopts a life of its own and for no apparently valid reason we shake all over or our Heart races and in extreme cases is permanently active - thereafter the now emotive response is our master controller in everything we attempt to or indeed achieve. 

Many times we do not readily recognise this as Anxiety - an extremely uncomfortable to Painful now Bodily function - as almost always it is felt in the Stomach area often excused as Hunger!

Whether it is Emotional (Anxiety) or feeling Physical (Hunger) the gap between Hunger and Anxiety is no thicker than a piece of paper.

It is the Fear element we are concerned with in order to understand the creation of Diabetes. 

Of course it is the Information which placed us in Fear we are Protecting and the Person (s) who created same.

Almost always it is Close Family Members at the real creation point of Diabetes! (illness.)

This Fear - The traumatiser Person (s,) element "we will PROTECT" with our Life - to our Death if necessary especially if not Understood through a lifetime of ever changing and multiple symptoms - all a mystery to our Dedicated Medical Professionals as we...

“Will never allow ourselves to go through that again.”

This thought is always in the background yet; permanently on active duty.

Perhaps the most significant and therefore Diabetes Creating/demonstrating symptoms of Fear - we are all aware of, is Our Throat and Lips go Dry - soon as the Fear recedes the Throat and Mouth with a glass of water moistens as do the Lips and soon normality returns as the Mind-Body readjusts its entire chemistry to accommodate the now new-thinking.

What sadly we are never told by our Mind - as it does not see the requirement to explain - as it has now set up an internal protection, as the Fear like an active Volcano often now seemingly asleep-lays dormant until the pressure builds up again and the Fear returns is an attenuated form.

“Creativity is the Brakes on Madness.”

Meaning we create a diversion, change of activity - become a sports person/high achiever in order to accommodate to the signals the Mind sends us - once achieved the Fear again becomes active.

For if we did not become Creative we surly would go Mad.

All of this activity as Time passes hides from us the insidious and damaging Biological symptoms being created and our attempts to accommodate to them.

Insidiously we start to drink more water - often dismissing this as a Healthy Option or simply because - we like it.

Time passes and this activity increases as again insidiously the Mind brings to our attention Something is wrong - soon we are not only constantly drinking, often we are unable to go to Bed without a Glass of water on the bedside table - we are gradually becoming aware, the Constant thirst we have; cannot be satisfied.

From this moment the Highly Un- qualified Medically Untrained Know all about everything illness significant Persons in our life - the ones who placed us in the originating Fear, insist they KNOW we have Diabetes and should go to the Doctor to get treatment.

What they do not tell us is - The very last thing they desire (Spears = use of unnecessary negative words and activity) is for us to be cured as we are now (with the illness) the Child they brought us up to be.

Of course like good Children and the now in built desire to “Please all others - always and only at our own expense;” we go to the Doctors and then on to a specialist where all of them diagnose us as having Pre or even full blown Diabetes and we now have the lifelong label of - being a Diabetic.

Deep in our Mind we now know our life is not now, never has been, or never will be our own - as we are now a very profitable commodity - or fair fodder to a Doctor/Specialist/Therapist who say they know all about Diabetes and yet at their own hand clearly demonstrate they clearly know nothing at all - apart from seeing yet not admitting they are unwittingly creating every new symptom our Mind had in its store and now is creating because the originating Traumas have had to be pushed aside; because all of these no nothing well-meaning People know best and say...;

“It is nothing to do with your Mind.”

Thus they as there are many of them must know what they are “Talking” about...

- so it must be our fault.

That is of course when they have destroyed our life and until they have exhausted all of their no know nothing treatments and now have no alternative but to commit us to the remaining days of our life of misery and dismiss us with...

“It’s all in your Head,”

of course this is nothing to do with our Mind as the Head (Now Brain) is like every organ in the Body - Biological. 

Can we now see - if one understands the Mind and its interactions with the Body via the Thoughts and Body Chemistry this as with any other illness is very simple to comprehend.

Let us look now at the process of progression a Person so disposed goes through from creation to demonstration to full blown Diabetes with ALL of the many and often life threatening symptoms that prevail.      

For no longer are We a Person nor a Patient - We are a Victim!

Fear (not the spiders type; this is a symptom only as a result of real Fear) can be difficult but not impossible to self-heal.

Because; it is usually not recognised, thus not healed it has an unqualifiable impact on our entire physical being and society in terms of dis-ease & distress. 

May we now explore the pathway Fear takes with Biological Presentations, in order to achieve this we must first surely realise illness causing Fear is not real Fear  - it is a product of our negative thoughts we create as a result of emotional traumas under these circumstances - Fear is the real danger - thus is not a choice.

This type of Fear causes Anxiety - a natural short term response, in order to return the body to normal temperature - lowered as a result of the Fear.

Traumatized Fear becomes the Foundation ALL illness stands on thus is unless resolved a lifetime weapon of Self-Destruction, caused by the very ones who should truly love and protect us!  

Fear evoked by Emotional and or Physical Traumas based on our perceptive value irrevocably and permanently alters - yet always maintains perfectly balanced, the entire body chemistry.

At the same time places a constriction on “EVERY CELL,” Muscle, Vein and Arteries in the entire Body including EVERY Emotive ability we have at our disposal. No exceptions!

Traumatic Fear lowers the Body Temperature - we go cold, shiver where the hairs on our body stand erect.

If this Fear remains it ONLY has long-term and unchangeable effects.

Anxiety as a result of Fear being evoked is a SHORT-TERM measure to warm the Body, take Flight or Fight or tell us we are indeed Hungry.

If the Fearsome experience is not resolved in order for the Anxiety to stop the Hypothalamus is altered to a new higher temperature rating,

The Fear and Anxiety as well as all of the other activity alters the entire Body Chemistry, making it somewhat Toxic and or Caustic (acidic.)

Here is the Birth Place of so called Auto-Immune Disorders!

Anxiety being a short term Body activity (most painful physically and emotionally if permanently running.) insidiously forces via body chemistry control over other organs of the Body in order to maintain the core and body temperature. Heart, Liver, Pancreas. The reality is - no organ is exempt.

If the Fear still remains unresolved and the Mind has responded by permanently altering the Hypothalamus (body thermostat.)

It is like - turning up the Heating or Air Conditioning.

Both require more Fuel to drive the temperature Up or Down.

We must take into consideration our Hot and Cold responses are controlled by the same Heat/Cold exchanger/management processes via  - our entire body chemistry.

Under these circumstances an affected Person can be and often is-  both Hot and Cold at the same time and cannot resolve either comfortably.

The core temperature of the Body is now in conflict, the internal organs demand more Fuel the skin is now sacrificed (loses its tonus or ability to stretch and shrink back unaffected) in order to protect the internal organs the waste disposal systems go into overdrive and either over produce (Urine-Sweating) or under produce (constipation.)

This process in turn causes Storing (overweight) or Not storing (losing Weight) of Fuel - both are to be considered the same.

Which in turn causes other heat creating organs (E.G. heart, liver, Pancreas etc) of the Body to increase chemical-secretions/activity to maintain the Body Heat?

At this time the exterior of the Body may well feel cold or hot. it is the internal core temperature (unrecognizable by measurement) which has to be maintained.

Constriction activity of the entire Body makes delivery of nutrients from food to the Mind/and Body - difficult to impossible.

This depletes the Body not only of the very fuel required to run the Body - Oxygen, but more important the cell space in the respiring tissues to store Oxygen and at the same time not only increases the Carbon Dioxide Waste but denies the Body the ability to transport this and all other waste for disposal.

As a result the Body becomes both Toxic and Caustic!

Which becomes an exciter to the Mind and in turn the Mind converts into questions - as the Mind cannot cope with unanswered questions seeks to answer them and in the process creating a store of symptoms - that would put the most powerful of computers to the test in order to analyse the chemical computations that result. 

Thus will be observed as an Emotive response (Emotional Phenotype) giving rise to the belief our Emotions are implicated in illness.

This is only if in the case of illness they are seen as Symptoms and never Cause!

Now the processes of the entire Body - Anxiety rather like a Volcano erupts then settles until the pressure builds up again - each time the Anxiety erupts it will bring with it an adaptation of the existing symptoms recognised as Diabetes, or new and mysterious symptoms; all impervious to any form of Biological Treatment. 

Is it not fair to say if we ALL understand our illness better - then our dedicated Doctors of all modalities work and the treatments they offer will be more successful than they are currently or perhaps really successful for the very first time in Medical History?

Question: Were? I to be of academic structure I would have to suggest this paper is quite some Treatise or a written work dealing formally and systematically with a subject.

Having said that - how if at all would Talking Cures be able to encompass and offer a treatment for all of the symptoms mentioned here - in one person?

Answer: Nice question and of course rightfully so we address this - if we are to learn anything at all from the dissection we have subjected this subject too.

When a Person first approaches Talking Cures before they have spoken a word I already know - then I cannot be wrong, the Person has been subjected to ALL of the World’s best Scientific Treatments and also many outside the conventional treatment regime.

And none of them has been successful - otherwise the Person would not be sitting with me. 

From this it is not too difficult or quantum leap to understand this Person requires a completely different approach.

One that contains no BPHope or false promises.

This is first demonstrated by asking the Person to list in their own words - not medical speak or some language only the New Age Therapist knows or understands; their complete symptom list - leaving nothing out (a guided by myself process.)

A process they very possibly have never been through before.

From this very comprehensive and will be; ever changing Symptom list - seen only as the Emotional Phenotype.

I know more about the Person than they will ever know - from which I can create a Talking Therapy (only) treatment regime, able to encompass EVERY symptom under the same treatment process - Talking Cures.

Thus by Gently as possible - time permitting (not going to die soon,) working through - although the Person does not know which, each and every symptom by recognising the message it brings.

The so called and diagnosed-recognise disorder Diabetes in this instance, will by using the Person's own immune systems and Body Replication via the entire Body Chemistry slowly and gently (we have to take a small reference here for the Person it does not always appear to be Gentle,) resolve - Automatically and Seamlessly the many symptoms as they appeared in the first instance. 

Because we all have a lot to teach and a lot to learn - it is my continuing desire and pleasure to not only discuss; “What” but more importantly “Why” the hidden secrets of “Why we get ill and Why we do not get well,” for no reward other than the comprehension of - and learn we must - if we are to survive as a race of People and not become automatons.

Question: Please sum this up as concisely as possible.

Answer: Yes of course. Diabetes if we are to use a name in any of its forms is no more than a collection of always changing symptoms.

If one were to count the different symptoms, there may well be as many as say Fifty or many more.

Each Symptom will have a corresponding NEGATIVE thought process embedded in the Person's Mind to which the Person will dedicate their life in seeking Understanding for these emotional and or physical traumas - and Die far too early if they do not receive to the subconscious Mind - a satisfactory UNDERSTANDING.

Once this Understanding is received and in an ongoing bases the Body will resolve the individual symptoms.

Further reading can be found here Understanding

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

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