Question. 1. This is rather a strange subject for you to write about CIP when the discussion started with a Baby with a Serious Skin condition? based on the non-documented fact; such subjects are not within your study and therapeutic practice remit?

Answer. 1. This it appears is so, However following a discussion posted in the Facebook Group Pain Fellows  - by Apicare Journal Pakistan asking the question...

"Anyone seen a Case of Congenital Insensitivity to Pain - CIP, I made some comments.

Question. 2...

A. How did this interesting question to you, start from this? "Anyone seen a Case of Congenital Insensitivity to Pain - CIP."

B. Are you saying just out of this internet debate this Person asked your views?

Answer. 2. I wrote in response to the question, as below... Please accept I have slightly edited this information to ensure it reads in a timeline fashion and may not be precisely as online. 


Section. 17. 

The most likely Diagnosis of this Baby's Skin concern - IS..?


1. As of the 3rd July 2017 some near six months since the above discussion was posted and the question asked - now; in the absence of secure knowledge that has to be considered outside of the requirement of questions of the Professor of Medicine at the University of Aden in the Republic of Yeman who posed this recent question to me and knowing the original question now to me was posted in the Yemen.

2. It is now time to start at the beginning and make Conclusions on each Section thereby contributing to a satisfactory answer to the original question.

B. There is one question I would care to ask that may well be implicated in why the Child has the skin disorder such a mystery to the Medical Profession. But will refrain at this time.


Section 18.

Yemen History.

A. The Yemen, officially known as the Republic of Yemen, is an Arab country in Western Asia at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula.

B. Although Yemen's constitutionally stated capital is the city of Sana'a, the city has been under rebel control since February 2015.

C. In 275 AD, the region came under the rule of the later Jewish-influenced Himyarite Kingdom.

D. Christianity arrived in the fourth century, whereas Judaism and local paganism were already established.

E. Islam spread quickly in the seventh century and Yemenite troops were crucial in the expansion of the early Islamic conquests.

Question. 1. How is it possible to history of the Yemen is implicated in this unfortunate Childs illness.

Answer. 1. Surely the good Professor and the Doctor and Cardiology Group involved would not accept a word I proffered to a question that is perhaps extremely long standing and has more answers than one from any Scientific Group in the world could imagine and rightly so - were I not to at least demonstrate I have tried to apply Scientific Inquiry to the question; rather than add to the previous Hypotheses that has opened up here the pathway for an improved understanding.

In addition...

A.  is it not possible in the absence of Scientifically Proven knowledge the Professor has looked inside the box and decided from Talking Cures writings that have come to his attention a better understanding will be established.

B. That is intended to improve the lives of any Child so disposed with such distressing symptoms others cannot help but notice and react negatively too. 

Let us review the discussion on Childhood Insensitivity to Pain...  


The Discussion. 

Section. 19.

Peter Smith

Dear Apicare Journal...

1. I do have to laugh at items as this.

2. One may choose to argue with me, but this is not Genetic - our Genes are a use once process to create us, once created, it is our Body Chemistry that takes over from the Construction Genes with a working copy of our Genes.

3. If this were not the case - we would never stop growing?

4. Pain Insensitivity as described by the original discussion is due to the Toxic-Caustic Body Chemistry from Parents and continued during gestation by the Mother.

5. Another way of saying this is...

6. ...The Parents or better said; Mother was in Pain - not necessarily physical.

7. Emotional and she did not want her Child growing up to suffer in the same manner as she, thus created her Child with. No reaction to Pain.

8. There is the possibility Doctors see them every day if they treat Pain.

9. Pain is only to protect a Person against their sensitivity to Emotional Pain.

10. Which makes real Pain pale into insignificance.

11. Pain or illness is no more than a memory.

12. The world wide evidence is very suggestive...

13. ...No One desires the cause of Pain - more of a mystery today than ever; to be found, no more than create a cure.

14. For the Child mentioned; the Parent may well show concern.

15. However, deep in their own Mind they will be aware the Child is running their life  exactly as they - as Parents, unwittingly planned.

16. Until we all recognise this - sadly no amount of symptom management will ever be more than short-term relief.

17. Evidence Based Medicine - the process bible where the entire medical profession demonstrates it knows about illness.

18. Today more than ever in the year 2017 this is by the very same evidence, demonstrated by. “There is not one illness on the planet any Human or Animal suffers where the cause truly known, no more than there is a cure = no more illness, no more medication.

19. With this information to hand and again using the available evidence - with the exception it appears of myself, no one has ever understood illness; no matter how highly scientifically qualified and as a result of these qualifications been able to makes sense of any illness.

20. There are simple answers to this. Management of symptoms whilst a necessary evil only demonstrates a very short-term relief because still today - although things are changing thanks perhaps in part to my efforts this past 35 years. The Mind has by Medical Science always been dismissed as. "Novel but no scientific interest or value."

21. With this in Mind all that has been created is long-term medically assisted death - where the Person always; Died of an unrelated illness, in order to hide the failure of Medical Science.

22. Thus, we all must alter our thinking and this discussion is as good as anywhere to start.

23. As a United Kingdom born and bred citizen - I am open-minded enough to see the current problems in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world were in fact created by the brutality of past colonisation of many countries, for their intrinsic values.

24. Some years before my birth; 1944, there was what was labelled as. “The war to end all Wars.” 1914-1918.

25. These days I am not so Mind-Blind to see this was anywhere near the truth.

26. For we are entering a new War situation, one that will make us dream of a war between neighboring countries seem like a fight between friends that would seem like a school-time Child play ground Kiss.

27. This War will not involve any form of weapons - even those that have yet to be developed.

28. It will be a singular war where everyone will be ill and as medical science is such a failure, it will have played its part in the creation of such a war.

29. Now of course and rightly so, one would question; what has this to do with the discussion at hand and. "Congenital Insensitivity to Pain." Everything I would add, with contributing factors.

30. How this will come about is the point in question. You will have seen by my earlier comments I will not tolerate any form of suppression or even secrecy - not even by myself; suppression  being the value all illness stands on.

31. Today it is for me very apparent; if Israel and the Vatican through many secret societies says to the world sneeze, everyone, not only does so, but never recovers from the virus so injected.

A. Yet everyone is so Mind-Blind or is it Mind Absent, they do not notice who said sneeze. Thus no one and longer really knows why they carry out activities so destructive to life itself.

32. Now in my pathetic little Mind one has to go back some Two and maybe even more thousand years to see the battle that went on then for supremacy in what is now known as the middle east to include many other countries including India and East and West Pakistan. All of this had but one purpose - to relieve a hidden anxiety.

33. Today there are to the best of my knowledge some Four Thousand Gods in many forms and with many names.

34. The reality which has to be considered is, no God ever existed - only in the Mind of Psychotic control freaks.

35. This activity had to be extended as it contravened - thus interfered with the first psychotics personal space and comfort and did nothing to relieve their Anxiety.

36. From this  Circumcision was created. Nothing wrong with that - for cleanliness.

37. However, in order to control the races and as it is said with Muslims and Jews many times and places it was made into a Public spectacle and without Anesthetic's. Nothing wrong in that - at that time.

38. However nowadays there is everything wrong - for like a seed planted and given: light, air, sun and water will flourish, so does the damage of this activity, always producing unhealthy fruit. Not only skin deep but right through to the very core - The Human Mind; where the affected will always be too close to see such damage - is anything other than their Rights.

39. Today this activity is in the process amongst many other factors of creating the aforementioned war, that will not be the war to end all wars - it will be the war to end humanity.

40. For that is the depth of the Pain this activity causes - not physical, more as a Painful Memory the affected Person has not the ability to truly recall and thus resolve, as per the Doctor Surgeon you spoke of.

41. He is fortunate to, as a result been diverted to medicine in his direction, as other directions may well produce the end of humanity through the terrorist activity we see in many guises today and in many countries - not all of it is with Religious desire, or just a lifetime of ever changing symptoms far too complex for our dedicated Doctors to comprehend.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures.


Section 20.

Apicare Journal

A. Yes, it is fairly common; hypoalgesia or hyperalgesia denotes a decreased sensitivity to painful stimuli.

B. Hypoalgesia occurs when nociceptive - painful stimuli are interrupted or decreased somewhere along the path between the input - nociceptors and the places where they are processed and recognized as Pain in the conscious Mind.