Talking Cures
Because Pain illness and fatigue are destructive to our
Health, Wealth and Well being...

It is 2017 "WHY" - do we still have to Explain - what Pain is?

And if we do - just who are we explaining Pain too and why?

Anaesthetizing forearm decreases sensorimotor impairment and cortical excitability in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Surely if someone has a Pain in their hand, then they have a Pain in their hand - does one as a clinician really have to look the sufferer in their Face to confirm what has been so eloquently explained?

Can the new. "What" really make an Identification of Pain from facial expressions using spatial frequency information and then profess to have an effective treatment. Or is it just another money making exercise or to hide how little is known about Pain.

Talking Cures and Peter Smith never receive funding in any form or at any time past, present or in the future - from any source, other than for treatments applied.

Surely it is time we stopped thinking. "Body in Mind" and accepted."Mind in Body" as the ultimate controller of the entire Body.

In reading this document it would be helpful to consider - Talking Cures educational style treatments are only applied in addition to and supportive of all and any forms of therapy, including Snake Oil style treatments.

If in reading this paper my writing appears to be like a foreign language or even rambling.

Consider reading this paper not as a book - take some time to comprehend the contents - where I would like to think and feel sure it will make sense?

So often, we read or hear in detail. "What" about an illness - but rarely if ever does anyone from the Scientific Medical Community take the time to truly explain, "Why," this paper is designed to answer many of the questions - we are so often left with.

Where many times with illness we have the questions and no answers - or the answers and not the questions.

If I have unwittingly left anything out or not answered fully or to your satisfaction, please, email me (at the end of this page) and I will include it in the Paper at the earliest opportunity.

Please include a copy and paste if possible of the item that is not clear.

Did we not all struggle as a Child to learn many things - now, through the experience of life we are extremely competent at.

No apology if offered if discussions are repeated within this paper - the understanding for this, is nothing is more repeating than Medical Science itself about illness and illness that is there every day of one's life and - despite treatments, does not get better or have a satisfactory scientific or acceptable explanation/understanding.

The first thing in the process of answering this, is for any one suffering...

- "New understandings are required about illness..." it appears - the existing education is the same worldwide?


From Talking Cures point of view and therapeutic practice - names of illness especially Medically Diagnosed recognised and Scientifically Proven, are of no real value and are to boost the sagging ego of the attending Clinicians at their wits end not knowing. "What," to do next - thus fall into the category of. "What," in the understanding and treatment of any illness - In keeping with this New Understanding should not the only Name we use or symptom we label be...

"A Person is unable to achieve a Healthy and satisfactory lifestyle.”

So - what is Pain?

Question: It might seem an easy question everyone knows the answer too, but really, what is Pain? 

Answer: Sadly it depends on who you ask.

Question: What do you mean by that?

Answer: Some say Pain is a warning signal - that something is damaged.

Question: Much as maybe, but it is 2016, does this seemingly simple statement - actually satisfy or begin to answer the question, for anyone who suffers; Pain?

Answer: Not in the slightest; it is in reality, most patronising.

Question: Why?

Answer: Making such a statement to a Person in Pain who in reality is far more intelligent than the Person making the statement - on themselves, is no more than a Red Rag to a Bull...

...Thus of negative long-term therapeutic value.

Question: Please summarise that for me?

Answer: Pain is Pain no more no less, complicating it with different names. "What," is only to hide how little the clinician/therapist knows.

Question: But what about Pain-free major trauma? How does this feature?

Answer: If; one as a therapeutic technician is unable to see past, the "incident," then there is no such thing as - Pain free Trauma.

Question: Explain that please?

Answer: Yes easy, the Pain as a result of Emotional Childhood Trauma is what caused the Incident Trauma or the Persons negative reaction (even if legally they were not responsible for the incident,) which may well not be seen for some time - even years.

Question: Some People say Pain is the Body’s way of telling - you something is wrong? Point made.

Answer: Does in reality anyone know just who. "Some People" or, "They," are, or are in reality are these no nothing entities hiding behind just how little is known and more importantly - desire to know.

Question: How does that answer feature when the Painful Body part - is not even there?

Answer: It is clear you are referring to Phantom Limb Pain, Still in 2016 Medical Science has no real clue as to why this is.

Question: "Some" say; it is an evil tormentor, relentless, brutal and unforgiving?

Answer: And some say if one fly's around in circles one fly's back to the beginning...!!!

And Back to the No Nothing. "Some," Surely if. "Some," or "They," actually had useful information about Pain, the world not be consumed by Pain - oops no profit in that is there.

Question: I get your point? But. "Some" say, it is a reminder that they are broken?

Answer: Surely if a Person is in Pain; they do not require reminding they are broken as the Pain is relentless - thus some of these Knowledgeable. "They" or "Some," are not seeing with their Mind, only their Eyes and hearing with their Ears - both of no value, if the content of the message from a Person in Pain; is not comprehended and acted upon.

Question: What if they proclaim "their Spine" is; ‘out’ or; that their disc is - ‘slipped?’

Answer: With all the Medical And Scientific Proof that has abounded for so many years one would like to think - unless it is for profit only. People who say this have it explained to them, if indeed it is the real truth; "discs never slip. Ever."

Question: Do not often. "Others" say, it is punishment for their sins, or a test of their faithfulness?

Answer: So we have another branch of no-nothings the "Others." Who in reality are just spreading Fear in order to maintain the Psychotic or Religious control of the Non believers.

Or are they looking to the Heavens for answers - as their own body of Scientific Medicine has none. And in so doing get those in Pain to accept the Medical Science - all Pain is of biological cause and nothing to do with their Mind. 

Question: Some Scientists say Pain is a particular pattern of Brain activity?

Answer: So what branch of know nothings do these so called Scientists belong to. The "Some" "They" or "Others."

Surely it is no less than dodgy Scientific motivational talks for profit, kudos or a Noble a Prize reason to suggest this and then not have a satisfactory understanding or treatment process.

Question: So what do this mysterious and as yet unknown branch of medicine. The "SOME," "THEY" or "OTHERS" call Pain?

Answer: Ha Ha Ha you are catching on. reminds me of a prayer like saying I heard when I was very young...

..."O Lord please help me to keep my big Mouth shut, until I am awake and know what I am talking about."

The reality is - A ‘weakness leaving the body sensitive,’ is one comment so eloquently put by this Erudite Sage like branch of Medicine. If it does not include the Mind it is money making nonsense.

Question: Is there perhaps an addendum to. "A weakness leaving the Body sensitive?"

Answer: Yes "They" profess. "No Pain? No Gain!" A pathetic statement from any professor of the, "They," "Some" or "Others," department of Medicine - if ever I heard one.

Question: Is that statement. "No Pain? No Gain? the essence of your point and is it one of those"What," you speak of?

Answer: Yes anyone who thinks this is a valued explanation - often used in sports fitness, has to be out of their. Brain, could have said Mind there, but as it does not exist in Medical Science; one has to speak in understandable words.

If there is Pain; there is. Never any Gain, quite the opposite, there is only more Pain - that arrives when one has ones eye of the ball (not concentrating) much worse than before, most times in the guise of New and Mysterious Symptoms of unknown cause or a recognisable illness.

Question: Often in your questions and answers routine, you speak as though there is a hidden message in a statement, If so, is there one here with this? ‘Pain is what makes me stop and look for you?’

Answer: Imagine this being said by a Son or Daughter to their Mother or Father and change the words to. "The Pain makes me stop and look to you both as to why you acted the way you have that caused my Pain and how are you going to resolve it before it becomes a lifelong pursuit - of ever changing Pains and illness. Only for the Child to be scolded for saying such things or shut up by being confined to bed without tea/supper.

Question: All that from such few words?

Answer: Yes and had the Pain a label as to where in the Body it was situated and without knowing the Child - I could have made the story more real or personal.

Question: So are you saying every symptoms tells its own and unique story?

Answer: This is true and to the recipient it is like reading their Mind - which of course it is not and must be made abundantly clear - this is so; as attempting to read another's Mind, is Rude, Crude and abusive of the highest order.

Question: It is said Pain Scientists are reasonably agreed that Pain is an unpleasant feeling in our Body that makes us want to stop and change our behaviour? Has this validity?

Answer: In my Thirty Three years as a therapist who only works following the best efforts of so many. "Others." I have never once read a scientifically proven paper of any value on this subject.

This extract from your question, "hat makes us want to stop and change our behaviour" is a confirmation of my point and confirmed by Medical Professors. "We no longer think of Pain as a measure of tissue damage - it does not’ actually work that way, even in our highly controlled experiments." Strange how Medical Science slips in; "Think," when it feels no one is watching, surely this is a Mind process.

Question: So are, "They" able to with, "Some" and "Others," now say with conviction what Pain really is?

Answer: This strange branch of Scientific Medicine now think of Pain as a complex and highly sophisticated protective mechanism.

Question: But are. "They," right?

Answer: When. "They" say "there is no such thing as a Pain receptor." it strikes me this is the Kettle calling the Pot black by those who are making the smoke.

In other words medical infighting in order to distract those in Pain from becoming aware the reality is Medical Science by its own words - knows nothing to very little of real value.

Question: How can you quantify that seemingly harsh statement?

Answer: By quoting words from a recent publication...

..."We do, however, have specialized nerves that detect potentially dangerous changes in temperature, chemical balance or pressure."

"These ‘danger detectors’ or - ‘nociceptors,’ send alerts to the Brain, but they cannot send Pain to the Brain - because all Pain is made by the Brain."

We must give credit where credit is due as the first extract is the truth of it - although I have to wonder the wisdom in 2016 as any one medically qualified or not; would be able or perhaps allowed to - quantify this interesting point.

As for the second part it is not more than Back to Front medical thinking and working on the instructions of; The entire Medical Institution of."They," "Some" and "Others" of...

"...We do not do it that way DO WE."

Meaning - If you are a Medical Researcher and do not in your studies and published papers say. "All illness is Biological" then you cannot remain in our club...

...Confirmed with "because all Pain is made by the Brain."

Question: Are you suggesting Pain is not made by the Brain?

Answer: I do not suggest, as I belong to a new breed of People who are starting to understand, all Pain is but a memory stored within the Mind - thus I do not belong to that prestigious no nothing group of. "They," "Others," or "Some." I say what I mean and for my and many others satisfaction have proven...

"...The Brain is no more than a LUMP of Meat without instructions from the Mind.

Thus the reality of this form of medical thinking is as always - Back to Front.

Question: Interesting concept. "The Mind," am I to understand you have been advocating this a long time?

Answer: Yes from my very first training session as a Hypnotherapist in 1982 and all my Thirty Three years as a therapist and still today (2016) to my knowledge from the collective information I have received. All illness is a Mind Creation and Talking Cures is the only therapy/therapist able to treat every symptom a Person is able to present, including dormant or yet to be presented or ever changing Mind and Body symptoms, with just one therapeutic application. (not to be confused with just one treatment.) Using only one therapeutic intervention. "Talking."

Question: Is there any indication some in the Medical profession are beginning to catch up to you.

Answer: It appears so - although the possibility exists they are driven by myself and my long term demands in many Medical Circles - they incorporate the Mind and from many different quarters where they are now beginning to suggest...

..."The Conversation is on Pain being in the Mind, but not in the way we might think."

Question: That is funny and for sure a, "They" "Others" and "Some" statement? But why or how?

Answer: Yes it is sad and funny at the same time. Shall we will call this mysterious group of clinicians. "Them" for short and confirm this with a quote from a paper published in the somewhat public domain...

..."Pain depends upon the Brain evaluating a massive amount of information, including danger data - from the danger detection system."

How in the year 2016 can highly qualified practitioners and well respected published professors - make such ludicrous statements. And then tag it with...

..."but also cognitive data, for example expectations, previous exposure, cultural, social norms and beliefs where the context is critical and confirm it with - other sensory data, for example that from vision, or from other sensors in the area.

Moreover expect to continue with their perceived status.

There is another aspect of the recent introduction of the Brain into Medical Thinking and there is a possibility I am at the heart of this thinking. "Medical Science has a long history of Taking a new and innovative set of thinking - studying it to extinction and declaring it Unsafe or not scientifically proven or even of Novel but no scientific value.

Thus If it (Talking Cures) is not Scientifically Proven it is of no therapeutic value. Therefore dangerous.

Failing to see if Scientifically Proven Biological for Mind created symptoms treatments do not cure - there is nothing more dangerous than; Scientifically Proven Medicine.

Question: Am I therefore to understand this statement has no value in the understanding of Pain? "We now know that Pain can be turned on, or turned up by anything that provides the Brain with credible evidence that the Body is in danger and needs protecting?"

Answer: Yes you are correct it is no more than guesswork or another nonsense statement by. "Them;" yet they profess to know - it is one of the wise choices we make.

Another and perhaps more profound way of expressing this - is once again...

...Back to Front Medical Thinking.

Question: Back to front Medical thinking - what does this mean?

Answer: It is no secret the entire medical profession still today best we say 2015 as 2106 has hardly started, will or does only accept - all illness is of a Biological creation and the Mind plays no part in illness (Pain.)

Hence the statement extract from above, "the Brain with credible evidence that the Body is in danger and needs protecting?" clearly demonstrates.

Therefore. Body first, then Brain, Never Mind - is Back to Front medical thinking - as are all scientifically proven medical approaches.

If it were not then we would not be required to have this debate.

Question: Are there any ways we can confirm. "Them;" work in this manner?

Answer: Yes there are and this extract from published papers demonstrates...

"...Pain is only one mechanism by which we are protected."

And another...

..."We are blissfully unaware of the other things that are happening, all the time, to protect us."

Question: Is it "us" or Medical Science referred to with, "we are blissfully unaware?"

Answer: Both would be the correct answer. We... can be forgiven... But!

Question: Ha Ha very funny. I am not so sure that is what was intended with the statement? So did you miss what it was saying?

Answer: No I did not miss it - but felt it required more of an examination.

This is what I feel it was referring too.

1. The immune system releasing inflammatory molecules to kill invaders or repair broken tissue.

2. The autonomic (automatic) system increasing our arousal, preparing us to run.

3. The endocrine system stimulating healing and recovery.

4. The motor system tweaking our movement patterns to modify and vary mechanical Stressors on certain tissues.

Question: Very good how are you able to verify you saw this?

Answer: By once again recognising, "preparing us to run." is a Mind Thought process not Biological and being aware this is Back to Front thinking of. "Them..."

"...It is only our Feelings - Pain, Fear, Hunger, Thirst and Fatigue - that engage our entire being in the task of protection and preservation."

Question: So does this really demonstrate - it is all about the Brain and not at all about the Mind Body connection?

Answer: Of course not. "Them" say - these danger detectors are distributed across almost all of our Body tissues and act as. ‘Eyes of the Brain.’

Question: Surely they are correct by suggesting..= "When there is a sudden change in tissue environment, these danger detectors are our first line of defense - they alert the Brain."

Answer: Of course from a pure biological point of view this would be correct as the signals from the Body to the Brain mobilise inflammatory mechanisms, releasing their own immune molecules that increase blood flow, cause the release of healing molecules from nearby tissue, thereby triggering the repair process.

Question: So where is the problem or contradiction?

Answer: Surely we must recognise this is a Natural - as stated in No 2 above, response the entire Body would make to an external stimulus and is correct - but if we use this papers own words. "The Brain creates the Pain" - we can surely see this is Back to Front thinking or simply put the lack of desire and subsequent blindness of the Medical Profession to see the Brain as is the Body - no more than a lump of Meat, that only works on instructions from the Mind and its collective memories.

It is when Pain persists after a reasonable healing period it is easier to see this is Back to Front thinking by. "THEM." And of no treatment value whatsoever.

Question: If we accept the premise of Body sensors to alert the Brain; are there or should there be - automatically overriding Body functions to act as a protector?

Answer: Yes there are and of course there must be - A Local or Body created anaesthetic renders these danger detectors useless, so danger messages are not triggered and, as such, we can be Pain-Free despite major tissue trauma.

However as we previously discussed to make sense of this process we must first understand the Incident causing; the. "Major Tissue Trauma damage."

And the reason why there is no or delayed Pain - the Mind is still processing or attempting to make sense of the traumatic incident information as to apportioning responsibility.

If the Mind accepts responsibility Pain is as demonstrated at the start of this paper - Number One below.

If it cannot accept responsibility, then Pain not only is demonstrated it only slots into Number Two below.

Moreover is why Pain persists despite the very best Scientifically Proven Treatments we are working to understand.

Not the Automatic Tissue repair process, that we cannot interfere with - as the autonomic process cannot sustain the damage or not repair - unless instructed by the Mind.

Question: How are we to know the automatic repair process you mention is not or has not taken place?

Answer: When Inflammation exists long after a considered natural repair time.

Question: What happens if this automatic process does not take place?

Answer: The inflammation renders these danger detectors more sensitive.

Question: What does this mean?

Answer: The inflamed or damaged tissues, respond to situations that are not necessarily or actually dangerous, as they are programmed to create a magnified buffer of protection so that healing can occur without interruption.

Question: Is there a better way this can be expressed?

Answer: Yes the inflammation is in reality part of the repair process - which should naturally diminish its activity as repair progresses?

Question: What a fearfully and wonderfully complex protective adaptation? Does it have a Medical, Name?

Answer: Yes it is often referred to as Fibromyalgia a cause unknown and with no known cure multi and ever changing symptom presentation disorder - which still in January 2016 is still a worldwide mystery.

Question: So are these Danger messages highly processed before they even reach the Brain? and is the Brain itself complicit in the processing?

Answer: This is total nonsense by. "Them," in order to once again ensure all Pain is of Biological creation.

Question: Please explain that - in a manner I can understand?

Answer: First we must recognise the Body itself has no processing ability as it works on a loop back process as instructed by the Mind - it is by this papers own definition, "the Body is only able to transmit messages from damaged and can we accept undamaged tissue to the Brain." The Mind responds according to the information received to instigate healing or sustain Pain, depending on the style of information received.

If the Pain is in the Mind as a traumatic memory - then it will select (Laser Aim) an area of the Body relative to the information and the trauma in which to create sensitivity or Pain and will not release this Pain until an understanding is received for the Trauma(s.)

In addition as the Brain is only able to work like a computer with the power on and with instructions, something has to be doing the processing and that is not the Brain - as on its own it has no processing power.

Question: Can you demonstrate some form of proof of that statement?

Answer: Of course and using the published papers own words; For example:

1. The danger detectors synapse. "In the nervous system, a synapse is a structure that permits a neuron or nerve cell to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another neuron with, ‘second order danger messengers,’ called ‘spinal nociceptors’ in the spinal cord.

2. Spinal nociceptors send their danger message into the Brain, but they are also are under real-time control from the Brain.

3. Increasing and decreasing their sensitivity according to what the Brain suggests would be helpful.

4. So, if the Brain’s evaluation of all available information leads it to conclude that things are truly dangerous, then sensitivity of spinal nociceptors increases - called descending facilitation.

5. If the Brain concludes things are not truly dangerous, then sensitivity of spinal nociceptors decreases - called descending inhibition.

Thus items 1-5 are no more that a desperate effort by desperate Medical Science to ensure ALL Pain is of Biological Cause as the Mind is never mentioned.

Finely one can consider there are only Two Types of Pain.

1. Self-repairs and requires no specific intervention.

2. Never repairs - despite the very latest and Scientifically Proven Treatments.

Thus when there are comments as this from this paper. "Remember that it is not a Pain message that is being modified, but a danger message..."

...where - Clearly; there is a demonstration once again not much is in reality or almost nothing is known about Pain.

Moreover as. "Them," suggest - In this way, the Brain works like a Government Minister who advises the head bureaucrat what the Minister wants to hear!

Clearly it is poor Medical Science messing with the entire Body Systems in the hope one day they will find some answers.

Rather like the fictitious story of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde which had the message - Mess with the Mind and one becomes a Mad Person who Murders innocent People.

Perhaps in reality Should have said...

..."Dr Jekyll gave Mr. Hyde a Poison in the guise of a Medication and it was this that made Mr. Hyde a Mad Murderer."

Question: Be Serious? What then - in the light of the above can be made of this. "Once a danger message does arrive at the Brain, the extent and complexity of evaluation is truly mind boggling."

Answer:  I am deadly serious. Although, "we" "Them" know there are - Many Brain regions involved and the exact mix of Brain regions varies between individuals and in fact, between moments within individuals.

We have not a clue what we are talking about or why all of this happens and we cannot do a long-term management thing with the Pain - as it keeps changing.

Question: Does this extract from the paper confirm your point?

..."To understand how Pain emerges into consciousness will require us to understand how consciousness itself emerges and that is the ‘hard problem,’ which is proving to be very difficult indeed..."

Answer: It sure does, surely in 2016 if Medical Science had proven its worth to date this type of publishing should be confined to the waste bin of medical history failures of ability to understand Pain or comprehend anything of real value.

Question: So are you saying there is a complete failure to understand how Pain works in ‘real life People,’ with ‘real life Pain.’

Answer: Surely one has to accept - if one can apply a reasonably easy principle: using credible knowledge or any credible evidence that the Body is in danger and then develop a treatment regime that offers a protective behaviour - this would be helpful.

Sadly it still does not exist! As millions of Pain sufferers including highly acclaimed and published Pain Specialists would attest to; still being in Pain after often decades of suffering and many different management techniques behind them.

Question: So what should or does indeed happen with current biological treatments?

Answer: Any credible evidence that the Body is safe should decrease the likelihood and intensity of Pain.

Sadly this never happens as this style of Scientifically Proven Intervention will only increase the likelihood and intensity of Pain and in so doing create more and often mysterious symptoms. 

Question: It is as simple and as difficult as that?

Answer: If one is mesmerised by Medical Science one would like to think so,  If one is not then the answer lies within the available and so called latest understandings as described in their own words.

1. There are important implications here. To reduce Pain, we need to reduce credible evidence of danger.

2. We can do this by turning off danger detectors, which is very effective in cases of acute injury.

3. When it comes to Pain not associated with a clear or ongoing injury - which is the vast majority of persistent Pain states, even those with positive MRI results or blood tests...,

...Oops - then local anaesthetic approach is usually unhelpful.

Question: Are you saying this is all Back to Front biological medical thinking?

Answer: No. "Them" are - read on. 

Then the challenge becomes a more complex one - we must identify all the sources of credible evidence of danger - that might exist in how the immune system is working, or the endocrine system, the movement system, the evaluative - cognitive system, or the very mechanisms by which the Brain is representing the Body.

This Is an unambiguous demonstration in their own words how pathetically little is known and a desperate attempt to maintain the perceived status of Medical Science - know and have the so called scientific proof - all illness is biological and this must not be argued.

Question: From a Scientific point of view - where if anywhere does the final consideration relate to, with Chronic Pain?

Answer: Medical Science tells us - The most burdensome health issue on the planet in terms of years lived with disability and economic cost to our society. Is Chronic Pain.

Question: But after all of the years of intense study - how or why can this be?

Answer: All the above applies but with one very significant caveat: the hardware - the biological structures involved in conveying and processing danger messages and in integrating other threatening cues, increases its sensitivity.

Thus all Pain is of Biological creation - well we the Medical Scientists believe this to be so.

Question: Does Neuroplasticity fit anywhere into the thinking of."Them?"

Answer: I feel sure they (THEM) would attempt to explain this away with. "This, the dark side of neuroplasticity is one significant reason that recovery from persistent Pain is seldom a quick fix, but requires a journey of patience, persistence and good coaching.

Meaning once again in their own words, "patience, persistence and good coaching." We are too blinded by Medical Science to see Pain is a process of the Mind and not at all Biological.

Question: Is that a. "What?"

Answer: Sure is and this confirms so - Our efforts focus on decreasing sensitivity in the system and training it, gradually over time, to be less protective.

Question: Has this Conversation really allowed us to expand the current vision of the understanding of Pain?

Answer: To give them credit where it is due, it may well have been an excellent Explainer of Pain had it incorporated the Mind as the cause of Pain.

Sadly it is just a clinical scientist trying to desperately garner a funding living out of investigating - Pain in Humans.

In addition - If I was in the position of having employment posts at major and well respected Universities in many countries, being appointed professor of neuroscience published many papers, books and numerous book chapters. 

Given many keynote or invited presentations at interdisciplinary meetings in many countries, provided professional education in Pain Sciences to as many again medical and health practitioners and given public lectures.

Consulted with governmental and industry bodies on Pain-related issues. been awarded for being an outstanding clinical scientist working in a Pain-related field and was short listed for the Best Innovative and Potentially Trans formative Project.

Based on the clinical fact of access to Patient records. I would seriously have to look at the short Medium and long-term outcome of the People I offered treatment too - or the outcome of treatments by my students and be especially concerned if the Treatment for the Pain was by my own or even the Patients reckoning 100% successful - what happened to such a Person's health some Three years or so, after the so called successful treatment.

Understanding the Mind and its interactions with the Body I would know without a doubt the Person would have developed new and now mysterious symptoms of Mind and Body ill health.

However for the Persons new medical teams - if the Person died as a result of the new mysterious symptoms; they would have to protest loudly...

..."The Person Died of an unrelated disorder,"

In order to protect the seemingly successful treatment of the Pain listed clearly in the Patient records.

Question: So having been through all of that whilst at the same time recognising the importance of the understanding of Pain at the start of 2016?

How does Talking Cures view Pain?

Answer: Having understood and treated Pain and Multiple Mysterious Symptoms in People as Medical Failures and written extensively about Pain for over three decades now - in order to understand Pain we have to understand and accept, all illness is as unique to a Person as their fingerprint.

in order to understand Pain in 2016 one must look back in time - take any individual and look along their time-line to before even their Parents met.

Each Parent will be in some way or another traumatised by their Parents. - who do not desire - in a loving sort of way, their Child to grow up to suffer in the same manner as they did.

Not realising all they will accomplish is a clone (Carbon Copy) of themselves - thus a Victim of their own upbringing.

Two People meet fall in love marry and procreate as expected - not being at all aware their body chemistry is both Toxic and Caustic.

When their Child is born they too are a Victim with their own body chemistry and reaction to the now - non beneficial family history.

This Person will seek to establish their own Code of Conduct and Standards and Priorities to run their life by.

When a Person has life information coming at it from the earliest of age, it automatically recognises it as comfortable, unpleasant or traumatic whilst the information is within the so-called Conscious Mind, where it instantly stores the information in the Subconscious Mind, be it Positive Negative or indifferent in a logical sequential order at that moment in time.

This information cannot be changed - although it may well appear to be forgotten, it is always as active chemically as if remembered on a minute by minute bases.

In order to really understand Pain we must accept a Persons explanation as an uncomfortable sensory experience.

Therefore Pain - from Painful information is a process of the Mind enacted in order to make sense of this mass of information and store it within the confines of the Subconscious Mind for Lifetime use, or to run one’s life, attitudes, interest and activities by.

If the information is deemed as Negative - This will be felt as Fear = Anxiety = Inadequacy (unable to cope with life’s demands) Anger, Frustration, Aggression including many or all - natural/unnatural and comforting Human Emotional Traits.

Fear of Spiders or Mice is a symptom not a cause.

During this process the Mind and the Body, in order for these processes to take place or be set, creates a new chemical order; or complete bodily set of chemicals.

From this point on in simple terms - a Person becomes susceptible to illness, Pain or both.

Now we can again consider. There are only two types of Pain:

1. Pain which self-repairs and requires no treatment intervention.

2. Pain - deemed as biological, which never repairs and is always changing and treatment resistant.

Whilst from a conscious point of view Pain can seem to provide a degree of protectionism, it cannot and must not be relied on to protect us.

Yes of course Pain, particularly Chronic Pain is extremely debilitating in as many ways as one can think, touching all members of the community at some time in their lives.

However most Pain is never successfully treated. 

Pain can be considered in a number of ways Pain! Pain! And more Pain!...

...It is no more complicated than that…

For a Therapist or Pain Specialist to consider threshold of Pain in a Person - to be of a high or low level - is of no therapeutic treatment value.

The only Person qualified to judge Pain is the sufferer.

No amount of telling or explaining the different scientific Names or explanations of Pain will make in the long-term an iota of difference to the Pain experienced. 

Can we consider; If we have had a Pain for a long time and no amount of rest and exercise has helped in its cure, why is it, when we say take vigorous exercise and are left the following day with muscle aches we had not experienced before, it  repairs on its own! 

The onset of Pain - symptom - is no more than that, yes there may have been an accident/incident. Illness takes the same course - still this is a symptom.

Or is Pain when described by a Patient no more than a collective (symptom List) or is it really just descriptive (Diagnoses) and is the former the reason why Pain is so Treatment Resistant or the latter?

The real cause of the Pain is what caused the distraction of the concentration to allow the accident/incident in the first place and is why in 2016 so little in real terms is known about PAIN.

Because WE all have been subjected to. "The Mind;" is not implicated in illness by Medical Science with not a cure to its name.

Part of the above explanation of Pain has been extracted from a 1998 Paper. "Pain;" at this link. Pain

Question: Do you or do you find Doctors try to think as if they were their own Patient? And if so how can you express or describe such a situation?

Answer: Nice question I do love being put into such situations, in addition if I have to result to "Thinking" - like one of those "What's" - I would feel there is something wrong with my Training and Long-term and updated latest knowledge.

Consider this fictitious letter were I to feel I was one of. "Them." I "may" ( I would not I would face my Patient) if only to comfort my own Mind and technical skill, write in order to make my peace - with a long suffering Patient.

In reading this letter please take into consideration it is a letter from the Public Domain from a Doctor to their Patient and may or may not be fictitious.

I have edited it in such a way as to be Positive not negative as it was originally - I cannot treat every Person in my street in Pain - thus this is for education purposes only - with the hope it eases someone's long-standing and treatment resistant PAIN or helps a dedicated Doctor ease his/her Patients Pain. 

Dear Patient

You have it very hard, much harder than most People and Family and even Dedicated Doctors -Therapists accept or are even prepared to try to understand. 

So let us work as a team in order to prove them all incorrect in their thinking, "all Pain is biological and nothing to do with the Mind."

Having spent Thirty Three years listening to the stories, seeing the tiredness in many People's eyes, hearing People try to describe the indescribable, I have, having listened to many Doctors and Therapists doing their very best with poor Scientifically - or not, Proven Tools Techniques and Understandings. Accepted - I completely understand what a life of Pain is like.

Yet am absolutely aware; I not only cannot truly understand any Personal Pain or Illness and must NOT; as this is most Patronising and not at all Therapeutically Helpful.

More importantly from a Patient "If you do not have or have had Pain or illness like ME - then you do not or cannot Understand my Pain or illness. Is not helpful to either party.

If anything this style of thinking is often more destructive to healthcare and long-term well being, than NO Treatment at all or only for the well-being of the treatment applying clinician/therapist.

When a Person Having been asked so many times to answer this question, “how do you feel?” when as that Person you have forgotten what “normal” feels like.

But then - because I do not have to Think, "Why," about your answer, I never ask such patronising questions - for if with my vast training and experience having applied a treatment; if I do not know whether there will be a beneficial outcome - even if it is not instant, then No one Does or Will, so why should I have to ask such a question.

Moreover - I know deep within your Mind you will say. "You do not or cannot know - as you do not or will never Understand my real Pain because you are not ME, therefore asking me such a stupid question - will only get you a stupid non sensible - change of conversation - reply.

Therefore - I will never ask; how do you deal with all of the People who think you are exaggerating your Pain, your emotions, your fatigue or illness.

I will say. "Why." These are the very People who made you ill and in so doing, do not see anything wrong - so want to keep you in the position they unwittingly designed for you.

And with my integrity, wisdom and extensive knowledge - teach you at the appropriate time, how to naturally and comfortably deal with such People.

Working on the secure understanding; "If working together, "we," cannot get you to a position of being more comfortable in your Mind and Body and able to defend yourself with a fierce ferocity yet in an assertive and passive manner - as required and more superior than my own ability.

I would have no option but to feel and think - there is not only something wrong with my education and teaching - there is some wrong with Me.

Moreover following such a situation you will carry on as if nothing untoward had happened.  

In addition - I will understand this long-standing process leading you to have Pain your Body is not or has not been able to self-repair, denies you the ability of being Pain-Free by making you a. "VICTIM" and you have no option but to feel - all is your "FAULT," thus incapable of deciding when to believe significant others in your life or when to trust your own Mind and Body?

I will never request of you; "How do you cope with living a life that will not let you forget about your frailty, your limits, your mortality." Unless I have well prepared you to understand the implications.

This is most seriously Patronising and nothing to do with treatment by a Doctor only able to manage Pain - never even thinking of a Cure.

Moreover when one considers the entire Medical Profession will not accept the Mind is implicated in ill health - this is either just for the ego boosting of the practitioner and attending team or for the creation of another invoice for the Future attending/prescribing Medical Teams.

As this letter and the list below  so eloquently describes - I cannot imagine myself or any Doctor saying to a long-term suffering Patient. "I do bring something to the table that you may not know: And this revelatiob being for the Patients benifit.

1. I feel sure you are full of  information that you cannot really understand because of your unique perspective of your battered world, where the reality is because - so far no one has been able to explain in understandable language your situation - we will change that.

2. There is something that you need to understand, while it will not undo your Pain, make your Fatigue go away or lift your Emotions, it will help you.  How; you have just told me you cannot will not cure my Pain.

3. It is information without which you bring yourself more Pain than you need suffer; it’s a truth that is a key to getting the help you need much easier than you have in the past. How!

4. It may not seem important, but trust me, it is. Why should I trust you!

5. You scare Doctors. No, I am not talking about the fear of Disease, Pain or Death. Are you saying you do not have the courage of the convictions a successful treatment should bring.

6. I am not talking about Doctors being afraid of the limits of their knowledge. You are not talking any sense!

7. I am talking about your understanding of a fact that everyone else seems to miss, a fact that many Doctors hide from: we are normal, fallible People who happen to Doctor for a job. We are not special. So come down of your high moral horse and recognise the Scientific Proof you have to rely on only demonstrates you are worthy of such an accolade of - not being Special.

8. In fact, many of us are very insecure, wanting to feel the affirmation of People who get better, hearing the praise of those we help. So why do I not hear you scream at Medical Science...

..."We want treatments of the Twenty Firsts Century designed to cure not Maim - as in the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."

9. We want to cure disease, to save lives, to be the helping hand, the right Person in the right place at the right time...

...So why do you not recognise the only success in reality you ever have - is subsequent and total failure. Is it not said, Medical Science always buries their successes.

10. But Chronic Unsolvable disease stands - square in our wayPoint made.

11. You do not get better and it makes many of us frustrated, it makes some of us Mad at you. Why Mad at us should you not be Mad at your Masters, after all you are supposed to be the medical professional.

12. We do not want to face things we cannot fix - because it shows our limits. So just who is the Mug here Doctor - People in Pain or you the highly trained medically qualified Doctor.

13. We want the miraculous and you deny us that chance. You make my point very eloquently Doctor.

14. And since this is the perspective you have when you see Doctors, your view of them is quite different. And it appears justifiably so.

15. You see us getting frustrated. No not true - you see yourself getting frustrated and take it out on People in Pain because the convention of Scientific Medicine will not allow anyone to question the uselessness of Medical Science.

16. You see us when we feel like giving up. How do you think (oops you do not think - you are not allowed too) we feel when you keep changing the name of our Pain in order to hide up how little you know and then Blame us for YOUR failure.

17. When we take care of you, we have to leave behind the illusion of control, of power over disease. Is that because the reality is you always knew you never had any control as treatments are not designed to cure.

18. We get angry, feel insecure and want to move on to a Patient who we can fix, save, or impress. Name just one Doctor in an illustrious career with perhaps a Noble Prize who has actually cured a Person of a disease. Cure = No more illness and no more medications and the term The Person died of an unrelated disorder did not apply in the next say Ten Years.

...Now that truly would be impressive.

19. You are the rock that proves how easily the ship can be sunk. So it is true Medical Science always buries its successes. Does not the Sea always give up its dead.

20. So your view of Doctors is quite different. Based on decades of suffering being promised a Cure - is it not the correct thing we in Long-term Pain have a different view.

21. Then there is the fact that you also possess something that is usually within our domain: knowledge.

22. You know more about your disease than ALL Doctors and Therapists NO Exceptions...

...So why is it no Doctor ever listens to their Patients. Surely if they did we would at least have one Cure for one Disease.

23. Your MS, rheumatoid arthritis, end-stage kidney disease, Cushing’s disease, bipolar disorder, chronic pain disorder, brittle diabetes, or disabling psychiatric disorder - your defining Pain - is something most of us do not regularly encounter. And do not want to because in the Main - we caused it for invoicing reasons.

24. It’s something most of us try to avoid.

25. So you possess deep understanding of something that many Doctors do not possess.

26. Even Doctors who specialise in your disorder do not share the kind of knowledge you can only get through living with a disease.

27. It’s like a Parent’s knowledge of their Child - versus that of a Pediatrician.

28. They may have breadth of knowledge, but you have depth of knowledge - that no Doctor can possess...

...So it is the real truth; Doctors do not see with their Eyes or even listen with their Ears let alone their Brain - as they do not by their own scientifically proven findings; have a MIND.

29. So when you approach a Doctor - especially one you have never met before, you come with a knowledge of your disease that they do not have and a knowledge of the Doctor’s limitations that few other Patients have.

30. You see why you scare Doctors? They are no different to you as Victims of Profit makers.

31. It is not your fault that you do scare Doctors, but ignoring this fact will limit the help you can only get from them...

...So are you saying Doctor I should be permissive to you and take without proper medical advice the medications that have no long-term proven efficacy and ignore the possibility.

If I take the medications you prescribe - all that will happen is the Pain albeit temporarily will be obliterated - but you have no knowledge my Mind is still working very hard or harder to create the Pain and will just move it somewhere else in my Body.

32. I know this because, just like you know your disease better than any Doctor, I know what being a Doctor feels like more than any Patient could ever understandSadly Doctor by your own words, you do not know "ME."

33. You encounter Doctors intermittently - more than perhaps you wish; I live as a Doctor continuously. With that comment what happened too and did you not take at the beginning of your study to become a Doctor; the oath. "First do no harm."

34. So let me be so bold as to give you advice on dealing with Doctors. Having read only part of this letter from you - How can any advice you give a Person in Long-Term Pain be of any value!

35. There are some things you can do to make things easier and others that can sabotage any hope of a good relationship: Dont come on too strong - yes, you have to advocate for yourself, but remember that Doctors are used to being in control. Are you as a Dedicated Doctor not able to see my Pain was created by a Psychotic Control Freak so with that comment why should I listen to you and more importantly take the Poisons you so profit making prescribe.

36. All Patients should enter the surgery with immediate respect, but your understanding has torn down the Doctor-God illusion. And not before time I might add. I was brought up with "Go in fear of the Lord."

And unlike the medical profession I can see this idiom has killed more People than any natural disastrous event - including Man made wars.

37. That is a good thing in the long-run, but few Doctors want to be greeted with that reality from the start. Surely if Doctors were not taught to have such a low self-value of what they are professing to do; then People in Pain would not have to attempt to Emotionally - Pull Doctors up to their level.

38. Your goal with any Doctor is to build a partnership of trust that goes both ways and coming on too strong at the start can hurt your chances of ever having that. So if it goes both ways should the Doctor not start the process as they are the one with the qualifications and scientific knowledge - thus deemed to be in charge. Do we not go into a shop and expect the salesperson to be civil to us and in so doing - desire our business.

39. Show respect. I say this one carefully, because there are certainly some Doctors who do not treat Patients with respect  - especially ones like you with Chronic Disease. Demonstrates my point with the eloquence of a battering ram.

40. These Doctors should be avoided. Perhaps should relinquish their license to practice.

41. But most of us are not like that; we really want to help People and try to treat them well. So scream at your profiteering masters for treatments that cure not maim. Not at us vulnerable Patients looking puppy eyed to highly educated Doctors for some relief from our Pain.

42. But we have worked very hard to earn our position; it was not bestowed by inheritance or family tree.

43. Just as you want to be listened to, so do we.

So do some listening for a change with your Mind - your treatments are designed not to cure but for Profit and we are the ones paying the invoice in some manner or other.

Thus if you want to earn a living Doctoring - do not do it at our expense by keeping us on many medications with more evidence they do not work than ever suggested they did, therefore are purposely; not curing.

44. Keep your eggs in only a few baskets - find a good primary care Doctor and a couple of specialists you trust. Perchance to Dream anyone in Pain or ill could achieve this as; All Doctors are under orders to sing from the same song sheet. "Profit before Profit." All Scientifically Proven of Course.

45. Don’t expect a new Doctor to figure things out quickly. But do they in real terms EVER.

46. It takes years of repeated visits to really understand many Chronic Disease Patients. Makes my POINT.

47. The best care happens when a Doctor understands the Patient and the Patient understands the Doctor. But do they in real terms EVER Understand.

48. This can only happen over time. Is it not fair to say the only time our dedicated Doctors understand is when the Patient is Dead - but died of an unrelated disorder.

49. Heck, I struggle even seeing the chronically sick Patients for other Doctors in my practice. Do you ever report this failure of other Doctors to the Medical Scientists so they can improve their product outcome.

50. There is something very powerful in having understanding built over time. When with almost with every Patient they have many more symptoms on many more medications over time - please demonstrate to me where the Understanding EVER really improved a Patient's health.

51. Use the ER only when absolutely needed - Emergency room physicians will always struggle with you. When Politicians and Doctors treat People as this letter demonstrates sometimes as the Doctors best efforts have only made things worse - ER is the only option.

52. Just expect that. Their job is to decide if you need to be hospitalized, if you need emergency treatment, or if you can go home. If the Doctors best efforts have sent me here - is this not an Emergency.

53. They might not fix your Pain and certainly will not try to fully understand you. That is not their job. Is has been the job of the specialised Pain Clinic I have been attending for many years now and the Pain has become an emergency despite their best Scientifically proven efforts - so is it not NOW your job Emergency Service.

54. They went into their specialty to fix problems quickly and move on, not manage chronic disease. Is this because they knew from the start - Scientifically Proven Medicine is not intended to Cure.

55. The same goes for any Doctor you see for a short time; They will try to get done with you as quickly as possible.

56. Do not avoid doctors; one of the most satisfying things for me (Talking Cures) is when a complicated Patient comes in after a long absence with a huge list of problems they want me to address, so why should Doctors not be able to achieve this.

57. I cannot work that way yet I do not think many Doctors "can." Could not have said that better myself.

58. Each Doctor visit should address only a few problems at a time, otherwise Doctors get confused and make mistakes. Or is it better said they only get paid - cash or brownie points - for a visit not the symptoms - One visit, one symptom - one invoice.

59. It is OK to keep a list of your own problems so things don’t get left out. I actually like getting those lists, as long as People expect me (Talking Cures) to handle all of the problems under the one treatment regime and not Manage the symptoms.

60. It helps me by ensuring the Patient feels I am working with and not against them. Try looking at this from the Patients point of view - when their symptoms only get worse and you want to increase the medications that exacerbated the earlier symptoms.

61. Do not put up with the jerks - unless you have no choice - in the ER, for example, you should keep looking until you find the right Doctor(s) for you. Please tell me where this breed of clinicians reside - as based on the well proven fact Medical Science has no cures; I cannot find one.

62. Some Doctors are not cut out for chronic disease, while some of us like the long-term relationship. Great for the Profit - not so good for the Patient.

63. Do not feel you have to put up with Doctors who do not listen or minimize your problems. Would it not be better if Doctors changed this high-handed attitude.

64. At the minimum, you should be able to find a Doctor who does not totally have a little knowledge, desire and ability. But where on earth does such a Doctor reside.

65. Forgive us - Sometimes I forget about important things in my Patient's lives. Is this because Doctors will not accept - even they have a Mind.

66. Sometimes I do not know you have had surgery or that your sister comes to see me as well. As I do not read your Patient Records before you come into the surgery or they are not up-to-date.

67. Sometimes I avoid People because I do not want to admit my limitations. Funny that Doctor. People avoid People in Pain or ill when they talk about their Pain or illness to them, such is the Stigma the Medical Profession have created or contributed too.

78. Be patient with me - I usually know when I have messed up and if you know me well I do not mind being reminded.

79. Well, maybe I mind it a little.

80. You know better than anyone that we Doctors are just people - with all the stupidity, inconsistency and fallibility of Scientifically Proven Treatments that goes with that - who happen to be Doctor for a living...

...Surely if a highly educated professional who professes they have the Scientific Proof cannot be challenged on what they Profess - then it must be considered what they profess is not so Scientifically Proven after all - therefore not worthy of the challenge.

81. I hope this helps and I really hope you get the help you need.

82. It is not satisfactory that you have your problem; I just hope this information perhaps decreases that a little bit.

These last two comments are perhaps the final dismissal a Dedicated Doctor would have to make as the so called Medical Science has once again let them down and they do not know how to say so.



It is appreciated having read this list separating what a Doctor may have no option to say from Talking Cures comments may not be so easy - thus, consider if a comment rattles you and you are unsure why - it may well be but not always be a Doctors comment.

If there is a more comforting feeling - it is Talking Cures with but one aim in Mind when offering treatment to a Person with long-standing multiple drug obliterated symptoms, where the Mind is still carrying out the instructions that caused the Pain/illness in the first place.

Thereby enabling the Person at some time is able to become the Person they should have without the traumatic life that caused ALL of the illness symptoms.

Thus all illness, Pain, fatigue that does not self-repair whilst so often at a late stage be seen by imaging techniques - is no more than a Memory, for if the Mind did not remember the Painful Memories - there would be no Pain or illness as the Immune Systems would have carried out natural repair.

Question: May we accept in 2016 this is a much required and extremely detailed explanation of Pain and why it is so often if not always misunderstood and poorly treated or managed?

Please! Now explain Pain - in the simplest way possible?

Answer: In order to truly understand Pain or illness, it is helpful to Understand ALL illness is created for life; no later than the considered age of maturity - say Twenty One or when a Child leaves the Parental home, whatever comes first. Never later, as all illness experience is only a confirmation of an earlier belief - that no one will ever Understand.

Pain may wait until a Person has reached maturity or even become aged before it shows - No matter what age a Person is, there is no question it was created in Childhood, one could add, Pre Birth or even Conception.

Information not to the Foetus or Child's liking (it is pure Scientific Folly to consider a Child in the womb does not have a Mind or Memory) comes to the attention of the Child who makes a decision in order for the information to be securely stored in the subconscious Mind.

This information irrevocably alters the Entire Body Chemistry and can take many years to demonstrate Pain or illness.

As the Child grows it will make many attempts to gather Understanding of the now traumatic stored information - which will remain Dormant yet Highly Active as though it was Inflammation demonstrating Symptoms and will be ever changing as a result of failed attempts by significant People to Cure the Inflammation or Pain of truly demonstrate Understanding It need be no more complicated than this.

Whilst it must be recognised, the framework for this paper is in the public domain and credit given to the authors;

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