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Much is known about our emotions, or is it?

The game of Snooker relies on fifteen Red balls, six coloured object balls, black, pink, blue, brown, green, and yellow and a white striker ball called the cue ball. All of the balls are required to be on the Snooker table to start the game with two players.

Emotions are in a strange way similar, with a subtle difference. All emotions are required to be off the table, meaning within our Mind processes and available at a moments notice. Only brought to the table when an external stimulus has been received.

What are Emotions;

An emotion is a mind thought process, first an internal then an internal or external response to an exterior stimuli, (to our liking or not) invoking positive or negative thoughts and connected body chemical reactions. this places us in a position of being comfortably or uncomfortably in control of our actions.

The Unknown part;

What we, as a race of people, it seems, cannot comprehend, are how Trauma(s) that bring on an emotive response (when speaking of trauma it is always meant in the plural, meaning many,) affect us, we cannot know how they affect our attitude, our thinking even our body language. Let alone how our body’s two thousand or so chemicals and hormones are affected.

The desire of the Mind/Body is always to maintain a balance. Even where in illness seemingly imbalanced, the Mind has perfectly balanced the Bodies chemicals and hormones.

A way of looking at how our Bodies Chemicals cause illness is to consider Pyramid Selling. long since banned;

Start of with an embarrassing (to us) incident that cause one to blush - seems simple; the face goes red. After a while the Redness goes and all is forgotten. Are we really to consider the Mind is that stupid.

Let us say the Redness for the point of this discussion is just one Body Chemical, are we to consider in the way of Pyramid Selling - it does not affect any other Body Chemicals.

Let us say it just affects one other, so now we have two Body Chemicals affected. Does not seem too much of a problem.

However in the way of Pyramid selling one sale causes two sales cause three sales causes four sales, and on and on dependent of the power of the sales force.

Now let us consider in the case of a Red Face the sales force was a traumatic incident - say a Parent shouting at a Child. "Why are you so stupid, why cannot you be clever or behave like your Brother/Sister.

Not to hard to understand the Child would be embarrassed, give this a few years gestation and the amount of Body Chemicals affected by the Trauma/Embarrassment can and does mount up.

There are about two-thousand body chemicals, thus it does not take a degree in anything let alone a medical degree to work out there are millions of body chemicals now affected, left unresolved Will manifest itself as a Mysterious Illness.

Under these circumstances, The body, cannot be detoxified. Attempting to detoxify the Body may well in the short term appear to be successful, however in the long term will Only create more symptoms of Mind and Body that are more mysterious and thus, even less manageable, let alone treatable to a cure.

The Bodies Two Thousand or so chemicals once stimulated - especially negatively - can and do multiply in numbers that may put the brightest of mathematicians numerical abilities and the most powerful of computers to information overload. This is the reason why we have Multiple, Mysterious and Untreatable symptoms.

What happens next?

Our Mind attempts to make sense of what has happened to us. Relative to the power (strength) of the trauma, we begin the process of an insidious (creeping) change.

Firstly, with the thought in our mind - "I do not want to go through that again."

Put it to the back of our Mind, we are told - this changing process, if the emotive response is negative - will be continuous for the rest of our lives.

In other words the emotive changes made are to protect us during the course of our lives from the same thing happening again, relative to the changing demands life seems to place upon us.

From a person that is ill in any manner, saying, with Protestation "1 do not want to go through that again" did not or has never gone through my mind, are of no value. For it some manner this phrase, most certainly did!

This phrase and its words are mine, however; somehow using some similar or other words, this phrase Does or Has gone through every persons Mind that is ill, in Pain or Extremely Fatigued.

Even if the emotional experience is positive it will affect our body chemistry for the rest of our lives.

"Put it to the back of our mind." we are told. Although we do not seem to hear this statement so much these days. In years gone by that is precisely what we were told, was it safe to do that, can we actually forget a trauma by taking such seemingly harmless action. If we cannot, what about the chemical secretions.

Today the message is ”You have got to move on.” If we could move on, would we really need to be told?

The answer to this conundrum is most definitely NO. For the more we try to tuck the trauma away in the depths of our Mind; the more active it remains for the rest of our life, always adjusting the (negative) secretions of our body chemicals and hormones to ensure a balance (to the mind and body its chemicals/hormones are always balanced even if scientists say they are not) is maintained. In addition adjusting our likes and dislikes this includes ANY relationships.

These adjusted chemicals are always destructive, for there is no part of the Mind or Body these now Toxic or Caustic Hormones-chemicals cannot reach. It is from here we have what we may describe as "voices in our head,"

This is to be seen as the subconscious Mind attempting to make sense of a series of traumatic experiences. Only a concern if an onlooker or therapist deems it to be so, and does not have the therapeutic knowledge techniques or experience to deal effectively with the presenting symptoms.

End Product of emotive trauma.

New and science defying Pains/illnesses/Fatigue that cannot be seen by new technology, Pains that are a real as the nose on ones face, even when, accident or surgery has removed a part of the body….Once emotions have been brought to the (snooker) table in this way it is impossible for us to put them away - back in the pockets - without specialised assistance and education.


Fear, Anxiety, Inadequacy, Tiredness, Aggression, Anger, Jealousy, Bitterness, Resentment and Hatred seem to be the main emotions involved, however there are many others, some we may not even recognise as emotions.

One of them is Perception; without doubt the only important emotion in our Mind or Body is also the most destructive of all emotions.

Without Perception we can achieve nothing nor can we do or think anything in pursuit of organising and running our short Human lives?

The other is Confusion (not to be mistaken as confused as in say Dementia) this emotion "could" be labeled our Conscious Mind in reality it is the mechanism with which we make sense of the mass of information which comes at us before we store it in our subconscious Mind for comfortable running of our lives.

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