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Addison's Disease-Polyglandular Syndrome - Endocrine - Disorders - Explored - Explained Understood!

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Disclaimer Information

The first thing in the process of exploring this mysterious disorder is, for any one suffering new understandings are required about "illness" - as it appears the existing education is the same worldwide? Somewhat Nonexistent.

From Talking Cures point of view and therapeutic practice - names of illness especially Medically Diagnosed recognised and scientifically proven are of no real value in the understanding and treatment of any illness - the only symptom we may label is...

"A Person is unable to achieve a Healthy and satisfactory lifestyle.”

The second part to consider is as so many People attest too is...

The Truth hurts - and so it should that is why it is the Truth. Mistruths on the other hand never stop hurting and some we never see - are mistruths.

During the course of my career, many People ill or significant Persons related to ill People have requested of Talking Cures; “My (insert relationship) or I have (insert disorder) do you think your treatment method could help.

I answer, “Based on the limited information you have shared with me, whilst we have to prove it - there is a lot we can do.”

In a Ten-year period information came to my attention of at least 110 of these People have succumbed to their illness.

When reading this paper please consider working on the bases if one cannot or is not prepared to question one's own motives - what does one in reality stand for. Especially when this information is presented.

So often an ill Person with great determination will say.

"You have never been ill or had "my" mysterious illness - so you cannot possibly...


Therefore the Questions in the paper are myself demanding a better understanding from myself by supplying the Answers.

Question: Does the point you made above indicate someone is making a decision other than the Person ill?

Answer: Whilst I cannot prove that, I have every reason to believe this is the truth and the ill Person often being complicit within this process - too which I do have serious and very long-term knowledge of.

Question: May we explore this illness as per the heading?

Answer: Many times in Media as well as Medical Publications there is published as Scientifically Proven - information that comes to my attention.

It is most times so serious, it always leaves the way open - thus there are no compelling reasons for me not to at least write about the illness in question.

This places me in a position of discussing the stated compilation of symptoms on this page as it always fits nicely with everything I believe in and allows me to write about the above-mentioned illness.

Question: When presented with such a disorder are there any understandings, which have to be made and expressed.

Answer: Yes there are. May we consider the information received and expand on it for situations as this - with; whilst Talking Cures can be - but almost never is, a Primary Therapy or a first port of call when a Person is showing illness, always they would be either referred back to their Doctor for a secure Medical understanding of their presenting symptoms and/or be made aware of the situation - if they choose not to.

Or they would have already seen many specialists in the Scientifically Proven world of Medicine and not received any satisfactory information to really improve their health.

Thereby ensuring Talking Cures is in addition to ALL therapies never Alternative or even Complimentary.

The Patient MUST be made aware - What the Doctor says always comes first.

The reason for this when our work is complete or even during the process the Doctors integrity must be maintained at all times and under all circumstances.

Question: I get the feeling what you are talking about here is a conversation you often refer too; ”illness is an advantage not a disadvantage?" Is that correct or is there another way to express this?

Answer: Yes, this is correct however; many People in the therapeutic world talk of “Gains” relating to illness?

Question: Can you please explain?

Answer: Yes of course, From Scientific sources it appears there are - Three Gains.

Gain or secondary Gains are used in medicine to describe the significant psychological motivators Patients may have in reporting symptoms.

Primary gain produces positive internal motivations.

For example, a Patient might feel guilty about being unable to perform certain tasks.

If the Person has a medical condition justifying an inability, they might not feel so bad.

1. Primary gain can be a component of any disease, but is most dramatically demonstrated in conversion disorder - a psychiatric disorder in which stressor manifest themselves as physical symptoms without organic causes.

Such as a Person can become blindly inactive after seeing a traumatic Incident.

The resulting "gain" may not be particularly evident to an outside observer.

2. Secondary gain can also be a component of any disease, but is an external motivator.

If a Patient's disease allows him/her to miss work, avoid military duty, obtain financial compensation, obtain drugs, or avoid a jail sentence, these would be examples of secondary gain.

These may, but need not be, recognized by the Patient.

However if they are deliberately exaggerating symptoms for personal gain, then they are Labeled as malingering.

However, secondary gain may simply be an unconscious psychological component of symptoms and other personalities.

In the context of a Person with a significant Mental or Psychiatric Disability, this effect is sometimes called secondary handicap.

3. Tertiary gain, a less well-studied process, is when a third party such as a relative or friend is motivated to gain sympathy or other benefits from the illness of the victim. Please refer to Munchausen's at this link

Question: Malingering?

Answer: Yes if ever there is a word that describes the useless understanding Medical Science has made of illness - it is when they use this word. It is even more dismissive than -

"Its all in your head."

Question: All very interesting may we resume the essence of this exploration?

Do you have specialist knowledge of the Endocrine system itself?

Answer: I know the disease is rare and I have never directly treated a Person with Addison's Disease or Poylyglanular or an Endocrine Disorder - but I am keen to explore the situation as you request...

However; The best answer to your question is NO, however would question - what value of Medical understanding of the Endocrine System - if the cause is not known and there is no known cure.

Moreover I would not necessarily know as Diagnosed names are of no value to Talking Cures.

The realism is - I find trying to understand the Endocrine System of little value, as it is only part of the entire body chemistry, which consists of approximate 2000 chemicals, which are in constant flux - Self-adjustment based on Life's daily activities.

This flux is why of all of the 100,000 illnesses in the world - not one of them has a definitive cure.

Understanding and being able to alter the chemistry (illness is Toxic Shock) without the use of any medication, medicinal preparations, diet changes, exercise or any other management tool is a different matter and is My specialty.

The Mind has to automatically authorise and drive a Person to and then with Talking Cures - working towards the resolution of the illness creating traumas.

Question: Toxic Shock? How does this relate to the Endocrine System?

Answer: If one reads my paper on Illness Toxic Shock you will see what is meant about Illness or Toxic Shock.

Question: But does not a willing subject still require assurances.

Answer: We of course have to recognise many in not all People with the disorder have seen some or most of the top endocrinologists and been told; "it is a dangerous disease and is so easy to kill." So yes they have to be given assurances.

Question: How would you give such assurances to such a Person?

Answer: First is I have to be given the opportunity then I would explain in very simple terms - to which working as a team, we have to prove.

The buck stops here and to continue at all times as directed by the Medical Teams and let our work be - in addition.

Thus working with the medical teams not against.

And if you are able to give Talking Cures such an opportunity. "I will never let you down or dismiss you - because the going gets tough."

From this position we will be able to demonstrate - yet never make promises of a cure we cannot meet, enough information to demonstrate to me why all of the top Endocrinologists still today know so little about this Mind created Body System disorder.

Question: Am I to understand People dismiss you and Talking Cures?

Just from that one small sentence the Name of the Disorder and "SOME," you are able to determine what appears to be a Volume of information?

Answer: Yes in the word "Some" of the "World's top endocrinologists."

The Person already on HIGH Alert will DIE in order to protect the Cause - rather than face it safely with Talking Cures.

Which is ONLY an Emotional Phenotype expression - of the real Person, that will never let the most highly skilled Endocrinologist, or any other therapy/therapist close enough to see - let alone work towards a cure.

Question: How are the findings and workings of Talking Cures challenged?

Answer: I have to consider many read my website and feel Talking Cures is offering false hope for a cure.”

Given the opportunity I would reply with; I am exhilarated by your feedback, moreover love it when a Person has the professionalism to make such challenging statements and thereby give me the opportunity of response.

Question: Does anyone ever respond with information to demonstrate they are right and you do as they suggest?

Answer: No never especially if one recognises on many of the papers on my website - I request just that and offer to adjust the website in accordance with the information they supply.

Question: Do you really mean - Never?

Answer: In response to the question; Yes - recently I was requested to make alterations to which I listened intently to the points made and readily agreed to make the changes.

My desire is to educate not purposely hurt.

"We surely have to recognise the Truth Hurts; However is not a Person hurting enough with a mysterious illness - no one knows anything about."

Question: Can we explore your understandings of Addison's Disease?

Answer: Addison's Disease - often it appears linked to: Polyglandular Failure or Polyglandular Autoimmune Syndrome.

This appears to be classified under:

Classification and external resources:

Specially Endocrinology

ICD-10 E27.1-E27.2

ICD-9 255.4

DiseasesDB 222

MedlinePlus 000378

eMedicine med/42

Patient UK Addison's disease

MeSH D000224

Question: What is Addison’s Disease?

Answer: Just the fact it has undergone a name change or alteration of name - tells me it is once again to keep what is clearly a Mind created disorder - as Biological in its cause.

Question: OK so we accept this as a given? - But what is it?

Answer: Addison’s Disease also, chronic adrenal insufficiency, hypocortisolism, and hypoadrenalism are rare, chronic endocrine system disorders in which the adrenal glands do not produce sufficient steroid hormones - glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids.

Question: Knowing the Medical Profession and how they attempt to explain things - how would it be characterised?

Answer: By a number of relatively nonspecific symptoms, such as abdominal pain and weakness.

Question: What happens then?

Answer: Under certain circumstances, these may progress to Addisonian crisis, a severe illness that may include very low blood pressure and coma.

Question: How does this occur?

Answer: The condition arises from problems with the adrenal gland, primary adrenal insufficiency and can be caused by damage by the body's own immune system, certain infections, or various rarer causes.

Question: “Various rarer causes? What does this mean?

Answer: In simple terms, we need more money for research - as we do not know.

A Scientific explanation may be - Addison's disease is also known as chronic primary adrenocortical insufficiency, to distinguish it from acute primary adrenocortical insufficiency, most often caused by Waterhouse–Friderichsen syndrome.

Question: Does this confirm your earlier answer? “Most often caused by Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome?”

Answer: Sure does and is confirmed with “Addison's disease “should” also be distinguished from secondary and tertiary adrenal insufficiency, which are caused by deficiency of ACTH - produced by the pituitary gland and CRH - produced by the hypothalamus, respectively.

Despite this distinction, Addisonian crises can happen in all forms of adrenal insufficiency.

Question: I see what you mean and how so very confusing it would be for a Person with the disorder?

What is ACTH and how does it figure in this disorder?

Answer: Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), also known as corticotropin (INN, BAN) (brand names Acortan, ACTH, Acthar, Acton, Cortigel, Trofocortina), is a polypeptide tropic hormone produced and secreted by the anterior pituitary gland.

It is an important component of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and is often produced in response to biological stress along with its precursor corticotropin-releasing hormone from the hypothalamus.

Question: What is Biological Stress?

Answer: Another way of saying we do not understand anything of value with this disorder - thus we must keep it of Biological Creation - never the Mind.

Question: Does this illness have any principle effects?

Answer: It appears - Its principal effects are increased production and release of cortisol.

Question: What are the effects of this?

Answer: Primary adrenal insufficiency, also called Addison's disease, occurs when adrenal gland production of cortisol is chronically deficient, resulting in chronically elevated ACTH levels.

Question: There you go again telling me about it - not why?

Answer: When a pituitary tumour is the cause of elevated ACTH - from the anterior pituitary, this is known as Cushing's disease and the constellation of signs and symptoms of the excess cortisol - hypercortisolism, is known as Cushing's syndrome.

Question: That surely does not answer my quandary?

Answer: No that is true, but it does once again demonstrate a name change - because again the cause is not known and there is no cure; however more funding and research is necessary.

Question: Is? A deficiency of ACTH the cause of secondary adrenal insufficiency?

Answer: It is (guessed) hypothesised ACTH is also related to the circadian rhythm in many organisms.

Question: What are or how do Circadian Rhythms feature in this disorder?

Answer: In simple terms this is our body clock, made to appear of Scientific Medical merit.

However if one has no understanding of the Emotional Phenotype or of the Body Chemistry and how these relate from the Mind to the Body - nothing of value is the answer.

Question: How are the many forms of this multisystem disorder diagnosed?

Answer: From the best knowledge I have - Addison's disease and other forms of hypoadrenalism are generally diagnosed via blood tests and medical imaging.

Question: Is there from this - an effective treatment?

Answer: Treatment involves replacing the absent hormones - oral hydrocortisone and fludrocortisone.

And a Lifelong continuous steroid replacement therapy is required, with regular follow-up treatment and monitoring for other health problems.

Question: So is there a suggestion - treatment is only of short-term management?

Answer: Sadly, as the Scientific Medical answer to almost all symptoms appears to be Steroids and the desire to ensure all illness is biological - you are correct.

Question: What does it mean Monitoring for other Health Problems?

Answer: Sub-Clinical or Watchful waiting - as we know from our research studies People will only gather more symptoms and get worse - no matter what the disorder.

Question: So was it an intelligent scientific finding or not?

Answer: Addison’s disease is named after Thomas Addison, a graduate of the University of Edinburgh Medical School who first described the condition in 1849.

Sadly, although rather pathetic to name a disease after its founder - the important factor his work appears to have been destroyed - rather than improved on.

Question: So what does Addison’s mean?

Answer: The adjective "Addisonian" is used to describe features of the condition, as well as a Person suffering from Addison’s disease.

Question: That is silly?

Answer: So is the name Addison’s or is this, then, as now; a way of attempting to hide how little is known and pave the way for further renames.

Question: Does this demonstrate your concern? “The negative feedback loop for glucocorticoids?”

Answer: Sure does. The Entire Body is rather like a Wheel - only goes round and around.

Question: How would one describe? Or even recognise Addison’s?

Answer: The symptoms of Addison's disease develop gradually and may become established before they are recognized.

Question: Is there a deeper understanding or message in this answer?

Answer: Well spotted - yes. The only way Medical Science is able to make a response is when it is already too late, as the illness has now taken hold and as the cause is not known and there is no known cure - pay on the way out please is the only acceptable Medical Option.

Question: Are there signs or symptoms one could if one had the correct knowledge observe and treat?

Answer: The list is as comprehensive as there are amount of People on the planet.’

The most common ones are fatigue; light headedness upon standing or difficulty standing; muscle weakness; fever; weight loss; anxiety; nausea; vomiting; diarrhoea; headache; sweating; changes in mood or personality and joint and muscle pains.

Question: Does this tell us more than what is being said?

Answer: Yes a lot more.

Like if one stood a line of dominos and pushed the one at the front - all of them in turn would fall over, thus if the first one (symptom) is not pushed (treated correctly) the others (more symptoms) would not be affected/created.

Question: Earlier we spoke of Hormones is it true what they say these body chemicals - that flow through every part of our body rule our lives shape our destiny turn Children into Adults govern our appetite, affect our passions as well as our moods.

Answer: Medical Science would have us believe they are a mysterious set of chemicals and are fundamental to our lives. Cannot argue with this.

Question: How would you argue this premise then?

Answer: The endocrine system is only part of a larger system of 2000 or so chemicals and all driven by the Mind and never the Body.

Castration Which is often referred to as the seat of understanding the endocrine system, never proved anything other than the Person was left traumatised by the surgery which affected their Biological and Psychological growth.

Question: Some Patients have cravings for salt or salty foods due to the loss of sodium through their urine? How do you understand this?

Answer: Esoteric claptrap - Or Scientific NONSENSE.

If we accept for this discussion sodium is indeed being excessively secreted in the Urine, it is on instructions from the Mind in order to ensure the entire body chemistry is always balanced - as instructed by the Subconscious Mind.

Does not Medical Science itself say. “Sodium (salt) ions are necessary - but as a nutrient is more generally needed in larger amounts by animals, due to their use of it for generation of nerve impulses and for maintenance of electrolyte balance and fluid balance.”

In animals, sodium ions are necessary for the aforementioned functions and for heart activity and certain metabolic functions.

The health effects of salt reflect what happens when the Body has too much or too little sodium.

Question: Why is the salt excreted in the Urine in such large amounts?

Answer: Acting on instructions from the subconscious Mind and its memory bank of information there is a desire to reduce the activity of the Brain-Body due to over stimulation of the adrenal glands as a result of - Fear in the Mind causing Anxiety.

Question: Does this say the same as above and or confirm your answer? “Hyperpigmentation of the skin may be seen, particularly when the Patient lives in a sunny area, as well as darkening of the palmar crease, sites of friction, recent scars, the vermilion border of the lips and genital skin?”

Answer: Although it appears this is not encountered in secondary and tertiary hypoadrenalism, it is clearly, as you suggest - a demonstration of my previous answer.

Question: What then is the suggestion here? “Which it is said occurs because melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) share the same precursor molecule, pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC)?”

Answer: Jobs for the boys.

Question: It is suggested? On physical examination, the following clinical signs may be noticed: Low blood pressure with or without orthostatic hypotension - blood pressure that decreases with standing? Has this a value in Scientific treatment?

Answer: When the cause is not known and there is no known cure - No; is surely the only answer to this.

Thus, is just a sort of a Scientific Cuddle - meaning there, there - we are doing something.

Question: It appears research has extrapolated - After production in the anterior pituitary gland POMC is cleaved into gamma-MSH, ACTH and beta-lipotropin.

The subunit ACTH undergoes further cleavage to produce alpha-MSH, the most important MSH for skin pigmentation.

In secondary and tertiary forms of adrenal insufficiency, skin darkening does not occur, as ACTH is not overproduced?

So in the understanding of this seemingly simple to understand disorder - is this worthy of any Scientific Merit?

Answer: NO! It is absolute; No Nothing nonsense and this is Demonstrated by “Addison's Disease is associated with the development of other autoimmune diseases, such as Type I diabetes, thyroid disease (Hashimoto's thyroiditis) and vitiligo.

The presence of Addison's in addition to one of these is called autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome.

Question: So what then is an “Addisonian crisis”?

Answer: So you did not miss its mention earlier.

It appears to be some form of explanation by a University Institute - of little value in understanding and treating this multisystem disorder or blame the Patient; as the Medical Teams are not doing anything wrong - ARE THEY.

Question: I accept this and it is possibly the truth - but it does not satisfy my curiosity and perhaps desperation - if I were to suffer this disorder?

Answer: An "Addisonian crisis" or "adrenal crisis;" is a constellation of symptoms that indicates - severe adrenal insufficiency.

Question: If I were to suffer this disorder and in keeping with your own findings "illness is an advantage;" would I have a defence against what one may consider as - previous Medical Stupidity?

Moreover, may well force me to pass by the very “understanding” all my life I have sought?

Answer: And of course not only would you be right and you may well protest; "If the best Endocrinologists in the world using Scientifically Proven treatments do not know how can you."

Sadly this using this protestation it may well be complicit in one dying far too early - for the cause!

Thereby allowing the Medical Profession to say you died of an unrelated disorder - so they are protected from any claim that suggests - it was in fact through lack of knowledge - their own fault.

Question: I can see this confirms what you are saying? “This may be the result of either previously undiagnosed Addison's disease, a disease process suddenly affecting adrenal function, such as adrenal haemorrhage or an inter current problem; e.g. infection, trauma in someone known to have Addison's disease?”

Answer: Thus, it our most dedicated Medical Professions are so Scientifically blind, they are unable to see this in no more than regurgitating confusing nonsense. With the essence on the words, “a disease process “SUDDENLY” affecting adrenal function.”

Question: So is this disorder? A medical emergency and potentially life-threatening situation requiring immediate emergency treatment? And if this occurs just why you say and mean. "The Medical Teams must come first."

Answer: It can be and in an emergency must be and surely, with the information provided by Wikipedia - it can be seen - most of it is as a result of Medical Science Incompetence?

And yes the Medical Teams must always come first.

Question: May we look at some of the Characteristic and Symptoms?

Answer: The reality is there are as many a list of symptoms as there are People or People with the disorder - and they will be constantly and ever changing in their presentation, thus any list cannot and must not be considered as comprehensive.

Sudden penetrating Pain in the legs, lower back or abdomen.

Severe vomiting and diarrhoea, resulting in dehydration.

Low blood pressure.

Syncope (loss of consciousness and ability to stand.)

Hypoglycemia (reduced level of blood glucose.)



Slurred speech.

Severe lethargy.

Hyponatremia (low sodium level in the blood.)

Hyperkalemia (elevated potassium level in the blood.)

Hypercalcemia (elevated calcium level in the blood.)



Question: So how can we make sense of all of these and the fact the Symptoms are ever changing?

Answer: From a Medical Science point of view “NEVER Will” is the only answer as a well as the only Outcome researched for.

One does not surely require a Medical Degree to see these symptoms are of Mind creation: Confusion. Psychosis. Slurred Speech. Convulsions.

Thus hidden in a list of what may appear to be of Biological cause or demonstration - they must be or are all-Biological or created in the Body.

Question: Does this prove your point? “Causes of adrenal insufficiency can be categorized by the mechanism through which they cause the adrenal glands to produce insufficient cortisol.

These are adrenal dysgenesis - the gland has not formed adequately during development, impaired steroidogenesis - the gland is present but is biochemically unable to produce cortisol or adrenal destruction or disease processes leading to glandular damage?”

Answer: Absolutely.

Question? Are you able to explain what “Adrenal dysgenesis” means?

Answer: All causes in this category are Genetic and generally very rare.

These include mutations to the SF1 transcription factor, congenital adrenal hypoplasia (CAH) due to DAX-1 gene mutations and mutations to the ACTH receptor gene or related genes, such as in the Triple A or Allgrove syndrome.

DAX-1 mutations may cluster in a syndrome with glycerol kinase deficiency with a number of other symptoms when DAX-1 is deleted together with a number of other genes.

Question: OK so you have told me about “Adrenal dysgenesis” but have you adequately explained - just what it means?

Answer: Adrenal dysgenesis:

The development of the adrenal gland depends on multiple interacting Genes.

Mutations in any of the essential Genes may lead to the presence of Adrenal Dysgenesis.

In these conditions, adrenal androgen secretion is not increased and the response of cortisol and other precursors to ACTH stimulation is blunted or absent.

Some examples include:

DAX-1, a nuclear receptor protein causes an X-linked form of CAH, which presents in Males with life threatening adrenal crisis in the new-born and hypogonadotropic hypergonadism - later in adolescent.

ACTH receptor Gene mutation results in Familial Glucocorticoid Deficiency an autosomal recessive disorder in which cortisol and androgen secretions are deficient and unresponsive to ATCH stimulation.

It presents with hyperpigmentation, weakness, hypoglycemia and seizures.

Question: Once again may I reprimand you for telling me about the disorder not WHY? Or what it Means?

Answer: It is a good job in the same way as a Patient I work with you comply with my instruction "If at any time I say or do anything that is not to your way of thinking in your best interest - argue the point with me and let us use that as a therapeutic application."

I could write a book just about this subject. It means in very simple terms; Parents collude together to have Children. Not realising their entire Body Chemistry is both Toxic and Caustic - as a result of their own negative upbringing.

Thus, once the Child is conceived Mothers Body chemistry and the interpretation of the now growing Child’s perception of the Body Chemistry - works as an exciter in the Mind of the Child.

Which in turn creates a memory the child once born would not be able to remember - yet it would be as active as though they could and would be for the rest of their life.

Change this to Fear-Anxiety which has to be relieved and the result is a lifetime of emotional activity not considered normal as well as mysterious illnesses and in this case - high (makes no difference) or low adrenal activation with a Genetic (another word for Joke) Cause - with no known cure.

Question: What then is “Impaired steroidogenesis”?

Answer: Impaired Steroidogenesis:

Disorders of cholesterol or steroid biosynthesis. Cholesterol biosynthesis disorders: Abetalipoproteinemia Smith Lemli-Opitz syndrome. Steroid biosynthesis disorders: Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia - due to various enzyme deficiencies.

Question: Ha Ha very funny - says nothing?

Answer: OK fair cop! Let us look at some to the Scientific Findings.

Deviancy is the most common cause of AI in early infancy and results from complete enzyme insufficiency with defective production of both glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoids and severe salt wasting and adrenal crisis in the first 2-3 weeks of life.

Affected Females have ambiguous virilised genitalia and are usually diagnosed at birth while Males often are undiagnosed - until they present with salt wasting.

Dehydrogenase deficiency can present with AI in the neonate with affected boys presenting with ambiguous genitalia or as Phenotypically Females.

Mitochondrial DNA mutations may also cause AI and are characterized by chronic lactic acidosis, myopathy, cataracts and “nerve deafness.”

To form cortisol, the adrenal gland requires cholesterol, which is then converted biochemically into steroid hormones.

Interruptions in the delivery of cholesterol include Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome and abetalipoproteinemia.

Of the synthesis problems, congenital adrenal hyperplasia is the most common in various forms: 21-hydroxylase, 17a-hydroxylase, 11ß-hydroxylase and 3ß-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase), lipoid CAH - due to deficiency of StAR and mitochondrial DNA mutations.

Question: So we have looked - but what if anything have we learnt?

Answer: Nothing is the answer, as it is all Emotional Phenotype Expression, demonstrated by; Some medications interfere with steroid synthesis enzymes (e.g. ketoconazole), while others accelerate the normal breakdown of hormones by the liver e.g. rifampicin, phenytoin.

The use of the phrase “nerve deafness” does tell a story all of its own.

Question: What does? “Nerve Deafness.” Tell us?

Answer: Although it sadly demonstrates, how little the Medical Profession knows and how Thomas Addison’s work has been destroyed rather than improved on.

Talking Cures would be able to treat this disorder from just this snippet of information.

It tells the story of why the body secrets salt and demonstrates - The same as Woman’s Vaginal Discharge Colour; the situation relating to the entire body chemistry.

Question: What is? Adrenal destruction?

Answer: Just a Medical Science way of saying “We do not know so have changed the name or expression of the disorder.”

Question: So is it the truth to say? Autoimmune adrenalitis is the most common cause of Addison's disease in the Industrialised World?

Answer: Autoimmune destruction of the adrenal cortex is caused by an immune reaction against the enzyme 21-hydroxylase is a phenomenon first described in 1992.

This may be isolated or in the context of autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome - APS type 1 or 2, in which other hormone-producing organs, such as the thyroid and pancreas, may also be affected.

Adrenal destruction is also a feature of adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), and when the adrenal glands are involved in metastasis - seeding of cancer cells from elsewhere in the body, especially lung, haemorrhage (e.g. in Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome or antiphospholipid syndrome,) particular infections tuberculosis, histoplasmosis, coccidioidomycosis or the deposition of abnormal protein in amyloidosis.

It may well be the only Scientific Proof - thus truth one can expect from a profession who in real-terms have never once improved their product outcome.

Question: Corticosteroid withdrawal? What can we interpret from this?

Answer: Use of high-dose steroids for more than a week begins to produce suppression of the Patient's adrenal glands because the exogenous glucocorticoids suppress hypothalamic corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) and pituitary adrenocorticotropic hormone - ACTH.

With prolonged suppression, the adrenal glands atrophy - physically shrink and can take months to recover full function after discontinuation of the exogenous glucocorticoid.

During this recovery time, the Patient is vulnerable to adrenal insufficiency during times of stress, such as illness.

Answer: As it appears; Steroids in their various guises are perhaps the only treatment approach Medical Science has and this is the outcome - burying one’s successes appears to be the safest Medical Option.

Question: Can you explain? Whist accepting Drugs are not in your remit - Steroids and treatment desires?

Answer: Steroids it is thought stop DNA from being made.

Whilst from a Scientific point of view may well have merit - the reality is Steroids puts the entire 2000 body Chemicals on High Alert and makes a chemical cascade/pyramid that would put the most Powerful adept Computer to task to work out the computations of the new chemical expression, created by the Mind - in order to expel the considered Poison or rebalance the already balanced Body Chemistry.

The sad part of Steroid use by blocking chemical called histamine released during an allergic reaction, perhaps amongst the most important body chemicals, is now stopped from doing its job - clearing out Poisons.

The result of this will without doubt create a new series of so-called symptoms.

In reality just a new but more negative Mind created body chemistry balance.

Not surprising Steroid medicines are man-made and albeit similar to natural hormones have an outcome, which appears to be for profit only as there appears to be no tangible therapeutic benefit.

Question: Are you able within your remit to discuss Addison’s Disease Diagnoses?

Answer: As you, correctly point out. It is not in Talking Cures therapeutic vocabulary or legal responsibility to diagnose any illness - this is why I only work as in addition to all therapies and the list of symptoms in a Person’s own words are more than sufficient for me to create a treatment program - of All the presenting and dormant symptoms.

We are however able to consider a different understanding to the recognised protocol of medical diagnoses, first we must understand the restrictions our dedicated Doctors have to work with - called diagnostic techniques.

Diagnosis = “Suggestive features.”

Routine laboratory investigations “may” show the following:

Hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, worse in Children due to loss of glucocorticoid's glucogenic effects.

Hyponatremia, low blood sodium levels, due to loss of production of the hormone aldosterone, the kidney's inability to excrete free water in the absence of sufficient cortisol and also the effect of corticotropin-releasing hormone to stimulate secretion of ADH.

Hyperkalemia - raised blood potassium levels, due to loss of production of the hormone aldosterone.

Eosinophilia and lymphocytosis, increased number of eosinophils or lymphocytes, two types of white blood cells.

Metabolic acidosis - increased blood acidity also is due to loss of the hormone aldosterone because sodium reabsorption in the distal tubule is linked with acid/hydrogen ion (H+) secretion.

Low levels of aldosterone stimulation of the renal distal tubule leads to sodium wasting in the urine and H+ retention in the serum.

First it is imperative we recognise in the absence of later and better knowledge and information relating to the cause, management or cure of this and any illness of unknown or apparent cause we have to support our Doctors efforts, by working with them - instead of against them.

Once again, we have to consider the Devil is in the detail as this copied from above demonstrates; “Suggestive Features” “may” show the following.

As it clearly demonstrates Medical Science must not lose the excitement of always looking for the elusive cause and in so doing seek a cure but not recognise there are no cures.

Conclusion: Once again a Mind Created illness is maintained as Biological.

Question: Is there any testing, which shows efficacy?

Answer: Cortisol Aldosterone appears to be implicated in suspected cases of Addison's disease, demonstration of low adrenal hormone levels even after appropriate stimulation called the ACTH stimulation test with synthetic pituitary ACTH hormone - tetracosactide is needed for the diagnosis.

Two tests are performed, the short and the long test.

It should be noted that dexamethasone does not cross-react with the assay and can be administered concomitantly (pre-existing or during) testing.

The short test compares blood cortisol levels before and after 250 micrograms of tetracosactide - intramuscular or intravenous, is given.

If, one hour later, plasma cortisol exceeds 170 nmol/l and has risen by at least 330 nmol/l to at least 690 nmol/l, adrenal failure is excluded.

If the short test is abnormal, the long test is used to differentiate between primary adrenal insufficiency and secondary adrenocortical insufficiency.

The long test uses 1 mg tetracosactide (intramuscular.)

Blood is taken 1, 4, 8 and 24 hr later.

Normal plasma cortisol level should reach 1000 nmol/l by 4 hr.

In primary Addison's disease, the cortisol level is reduced at all stages, whereas in secondary corticoadrenal insufficiency, a delayed but normal response is seen.

Other tests may be performed to distinguish between various causes of hypoadrenalism, including renin and adrenocorticotropic hormone levels, as well as medical imaging - usually in the form of ultrasound, computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging.

Adrenoleukodystrophy, and the milder form, adrenomyeloneuropathy, cause adrenal insufficiency combined with neurological symptoms.

These diseases are estimated to be the cause of adrenal insufficiency in about 35% of Male Patients with idiopathic Addison’s disease, and should be considered in the differential diagnosis of any Male with adrenal insufficiency.

Diagnosis is made by a blood test to detect very long chain fatty acids.

It is very clear from this Testing is exhaustive as it must of course be - sadly as it does not include the Mind at all and only utilises the understanding of just few body chemicals as well as manufactured chemicals - to stimulate a reaction.

All that one is able to comprehend is why the Chronologists are no closer to knowing anything of value relating to this disease - as it fails to once again consider even from a Child; all they are understanding is the Emotional Phenotype - of no value in understanding or treatment of this complex - not complicated disorder.

Leading one to consider - The Entire Medical Profession is under one big misconception.

That is the Mind is not implicated in any of these processes.

Question: Treatment - Maintenance? What value?

Answer: Treatment for Addison's disease involves replacing the missing cortisol, sometimes in the form of hydrocortisone tablets, or prednisone tablets in a dosing regimen that mimics the physiological concentrations of cortisol.

Alternatively, one-quarter as much prednisolone may be used for equal glucocorticoid effect as hydrocortisone.

Treatment is usually life-long.

In addition, many patients require fludrocortisone as replacement for the missing aldosterone.

Caution must be exercised when persons with Addison's disease become unwell with: infection, have surgery, other trauma, or become pregnant.

In such instances, their replacement glucocorticoids, whether in the form of hydrocortisone, prednisone, prednisolone, or other equivalent, often must be increased.

Inability to take oral medication may prompt hospital admission to receive steroids intravenously.

To truly make sense of this one must view. “Hydrocortisone tablets,” or “Prednisone tablets” “Mimics” the Physiological concentrations of Cortisol.

Life-long. Fludrocortisone, infection, have surgery or other trauma, or become pregnant.

And consider management or Maintenance - whilst a necessary evil is always of short lived duration and may well offer to a willing Patient a greater degree of false hope than is good for them.

Question: May we? Continue with “What is Addisonian Crisis?”

Answer: An "Addisonian crisis" or "adrenal crisis" is a constellation of symptoms that indicates severe adrenal insufficiency.

This may be the result of either previously undiagnosed Addison's disease, a disease process suddenly affecting adrenal function, such as adrenal haemorrhage, or an intercurrent problem e.g. infection, trauma in someone known to have Addison's disease.

It is a medical emergency and potentially life-threatening situation requiring immediate emergency treatment.

We covered this earlier, thus we have to consider any pre-existing understandings or treatments were of little value, in addition as the clinician had short comings in the cause understandings and was only able to read the Emotional Phenotype - notwithstanding the Persons through age or language barriers ability to communicate.

Thus was unable to educate the Person as to how to expect or understand the said crises.

The reality it may well have been a satisfactory response to the treatment.

Whereas a secure pre education would have offered the Person the ability to let the immune systems deal with the presenting symptoms.

Even with the secure Understanding and Education of Talking Cures, this may not always be sufficient for a Person, as the drive to be ill and the Persons surrounding them may well not allow Talking Cures work - to show its true worth.

Question: Are there times when a rapid improvement is made with Scientific Treatments?

Answer: Standard therapy involves intravenous injections of glucocorticoids and large volumes of intravenous saline solution with dextrose-glucose.

This treatment usually brings rapid improvement.

Question: Are we able to glean anything from this? "When the Patient can take fluids and medications by mouth, the amount of glucocorticoids is decreased until a maintenance dose is reached?"

Answer: If aldosterone is deficient, maintenance therapy also includes oral doses of fludrocortisone acetate.

Question: Not answered?

Answer: Is the truth. The correct answer is as usual - the devil is in the detail. “The amount of glucocorticoids is “decreased” until a maintenance dose is reached.”

Is this not suggestive of the Person is/was unable to tolerate the earlier medications level or the Mind was saying. “You do not understand - this is not the treatment I require.”

Question: Are there any Epidemiology (the science that studies the patterns, causes and effects of health and disease conditions in defined populations) knowledge to hand?

Answer: The frequency rate of Addison's disease in the Human population is sometimes estimated at roughly one in 100,000.

Some research and information sites put the number closer to 40-60 cases per million population. (1/25,000-1/16,600.)

Determining accurate numbers for Addison's is problematic at best and some incidence figures are thought to be underestimates.

Addison's can afflict persons of any age, gender, or ethnicity, but it typically presents in adults between 30 and 50 years of age.

Research has shown no significant predispositions based on ethnicity.

Question: Is the possibility the worldwide numbers are so small the funding for deep and secure research is limited?

Answer: One would like to think this is so - sadly when one takes into consideration the success at curing any illness on a worldwide bases is so limited it may lead one into thinking - if all the capitation of the world were put into research for the rest of time, the outcome would not be any different - as Medical Science is “only” looking in the wrong place.

Question: What is the Medical Prognosis for anyone with Addison’s Disease?

Answer: With proper medication, especially hormone replacement therapy, Patients can expect to live relatively normal lives, albeit somewhat on a roller coaster ride reality.

People with adrenal insufficiency should always carry identification stating their condition in case of an emergency.

The card should alert emergency personnel about the need to inject 100 mg of cortisol - if its bearer is found severely injured or unable to answer questions.

The card should also include the Doctor's name and telephone number and the name and telephone number of the nearest relative to be notified.

When travelling, a needle, syringe and an injectable form of cortisol should be carried for emergencies.

A Person with Addison's disease also should know how to increase medication during periods of stress or mild upper respiratory infections.

Immediate medical attention is needed when severe infections, vomiting, or diarrhoea occurs, as these conditions can precipitate an Addisonian crisis.

A Patient who is vomiting may require injections of hydrocortisone, since oral hydrocortisone supplements cannot be adequately metabolized.

Surely, we must take this as correct but only if it is ONLY Addison’s Disease the Person has - yet if there are other diseases implicated and the Person dies - would not the Medical Profession fall back on its aged response. “The Person died of an unrelated disorder,” thus the true figures of People dying with Addison’s Disease would as usual - be lost in the detail.

Question: Is it worth discussing the discovery and development of Addison’s Disease?

Answer: Addison’s disease is named after Thomas Addison, the British physician who first described the condition in 'On the Constitutional and Local Effects of Disease of the Suprarenal Capsules” in 1855.

Question: Looking back now with hindsight - were. Thomas Addison’s finding of value then and are they of value now?

Answer: Good question. As all of Addison's six original Patients had tuberculosis of the adrenal glands, when taking into consideration the term "Addison's disease" it does not imply an underlying disease process. It does leave one to ponder the true worth - then and indeed now.

This only made the situation worse and possibly gave completely the wrong direction for the understanding of the disease, as -

The condition was initially considered a form of Anaemia associated with the adrenal glands.

Because little was known at the time about the adrenal glands, which were then called "Supra-Renal Capsules."

It is reasonable to forgive Thomas Addison - but surely not Medical Science of today.

Question: So? Are you suggesting Addison’s monograph (a specialist work of writing in contrast to reference works on a single subject or an aspect of a subject) describing the condition was an isolated insight or a mistake?

Answer: As the adrenal function became better known, Addison’s monograph became known as an important medical contribution and a classic example of careful medical observation.

To which the Endocrinologists - it appears are still making the same mistake of Addison as the disorder which bears his name was possibly no more than his Own Emotional Phenotype Expression and thus then as now of very little tangible value to Medical Science.

Question: Does the fact this disease is found in other animals? - prove or disprove your contribution and understanding of this disorder?

Answer: Addison's disease as a condition has been diagnosed in all breeds of Dogs.

In general, it is under diagnosed and one must clinically suspect it as an underlying disorder for many presenting complaints.

Females Dogs are overrepresented and the disease often appears in middle age 4-7 yrs., although any age or either gender may be affected.

Genetic continuity between Dogs and Humans helps to explain the occurrence of Addison's disease in both species.

Question: Pardon me…surely any one could have made that assertion?

Answer: Yes, you are correct. Scientific Research Padding I would call this - to hide up the well-trodden fact “We know very little or nothing of value” and at the same time we must keep the cause of this disorder Biological and therefore nothing to do with the Mind and pave the way for more research funding.

Once again, the devil is in the detail “Genetic.” When Medical Science mentions any illness as Genetic it always make me think “How long” can this profession last, for when all illness is Scientifically Proven to be Genetic and there are still no cures - not to mention the cause is still not known, Where NOW!!!

Moreover does no one in the medical field realise - one cannot drug what is the essence of our very creation “Our Genetic Structure” as it is a use once process!

Question: It does not take much of a degree on reading the above and this paragraph below to comprehend your message?

Hypoadrenocorticism is treated with fludrocortisone or a monthly injection called Percorten V, desoxycorticosterone pivlate (DOCP and prednisone.

Routine blood work is necessary in the initial stages until a maintenance dose is established.

Most of the medications used in the therapy of hypoadrenocorticism CAUSE EXCESSIVE THIRST AND URINATION, making it important to provide enough drinking water.

If the Dog owner knows about an upcoming “stressful” situation, shows, travelling, etc.

Dog Patients generally need an increased dose of prednisone to help deal with the added “stress.”

Avoidance of “stress” is important for Dogs with hypoadrenocorticism.

Answer: The answers let alone the devil are always in the detail.

And the use of the word “STRESS” demonstrates nicely, however Humans do not have the same sort of stress as Animals - DO THEY…

Question: Are you able to sum up this discussion for me?

Answer: Yes we have surely to consider with any Medical Intervention all roads lead to Rome.

Illness or Toxic shock, Autoimmune disorders all demonstrate all the symptoms come from the same originating Traumas.

Question: So are we able to understand the Endocrine Hormone systems through the Pituitary Gland in the Brain - is at the heart of Addison’s?

Answer: No, it is nonsense as the Pituitary Gland is like any other area of the Brain just a lump of meat - without instructions from the Mind via the entire body chemistry system.

And the discovery of new hormones will only compound the confusion of the Mind Body connection and a little bit of Scientific Knowledge is a dangerous thing - if we all believe it, simply because it is said to be Scientifically Proven yet still professes -

the cause is not known and there is no known cure.

Question: Based on your many years’ experience and your quote. “The truth hurts and lies never stop hurting,” have you found a collective understandings from the many illness related posts in many countries you have commented on?

Answer: Sadly, yes, I have and that is very few Medical Professionals are able to accept the truth and it appears they would rather the excitement of always seeking the cause of illness and the dismay not finding it brings - than accepting and understanding the truth, if the true cause is found.

Question: May we now explore your interpretation of the cause of this much- misunderstood disorder?

Answer: Yes of course. The foundation of Talking Cures is for me absolutely fundamental as to its meaning and intentions.

“ALL” illness is a Process of the Mind and thus seeded within our memories.

Yet it appears and so often is the case - where even for me it is difficult to ascertain as to whether or not People, even though they are deeply interested in the intricacies of its workings, understand - Talking Cures as the Blueprint of illness and how the Mind based on its memories interacts with the Body.

And are able to comprehend my ability to deal with as many Mind, Body, Emotional and Social - current or as a result of the Person's collective Emotional Phenotype Expression; including what may be considered as sub-clinical and even dormant symptoms a Person is able to present - with just the one treatment regime.

May I repeat every interpretation of the available information relating to an illness is part of the knowledge of Talking Cures - whether or not I have ever heard of the disorder or not or never once treated a named diagnosed illness.

The reality is this - the understanding required is so simple these days any response I ever make to a Patient and their multiple symptoms - is so automatic I do not have to give it a second thought.

I adopt the question and answer routine - as we have above, as it is not very much different from the many questions a Person presents to me via their Subconscious Mind - unwittingly or wittingly through the (so-called) conscious Mind, albeit I have edited in such a manner as to be a question and answer - rather than a statement.

Perhaps the necessity for this is so many times Doctors at their wits end say to their Patient

“Do not Dr Google your symptoms the internet is full of rubbish.”

Of course in the face of no success in the treatment of their symptoms - that is exactly what they do!

Only to find the statement is correct as all the information papers they find are Scientifically Proven.

Question: May we explore what appears to be? A new study from researchers at a respected University who have found that synchronized “physiological” interactions between remote regional “Brain” neuron networks have “Genetic” underpinnings?

Answer: Of course. Whilst the research was performed at a university it was made possible by collaborations with an equally well-known Institute for Brain Science in collaboration with a multicenter project.

Surely, we are able to see just from the words in quotes this is destined to no real success in its outcome.

The study team found that an emerging consensus among neuroscientists - is that cognitive operations are performed not by individual Brain regions working in isolation, but by networks consisting of several discrete Brain regions.

And are anatomically connected either directly via white-matter tracts or indirectly through intermediary nodes that share ‘functional connectivity,’ meaning that activity in these regions is tightly coupled.

Question: Do you feel this is a correct assertion?

Answer: If we use just two words. “Anatomically connected,” We can observe even these researchers could NOT see the Brain is no more than a lump of Meat working on instructions from the Mind.

Thus in pursuit of understanding the Brain and illness is of no more than Novel yet not Scientific Value - or just a confirmation all illness is of Biological Creation.

Question: Does this confirm you viewpoint? “Previous studies show that any given functional network is normally most active during the performance of the task associated with that network, such as remembering dinner the night before and so on.”

Answer: Yes and if it was not Scientifically proven it would be a good joke - would it not.

Clearly, this is of Mind substance and only to do with the Brain if it is recognised as a slave to the Mind, "such as remembering dinner the night before and so on.”

Question: How does this correlate with the above? However, the synchronous activity of component regions persists when networks are idling?

Answer: Well over a dozen functional networks have been identified via a technique called resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging.

In resting-state fMRI scans the researchers explain - that the individual is asked to simply; lie still and relax for several minutes.

The results of these scans indicate that even at rest, the Brain’s functional networks continue to hum along at their own distinguishable frequencies and phases, like different radio stations playing simultaneously, but quietly, on the same radio.

Question: So just what am I able to understand from this?

Answer: However it appears the research demonstrated “resting-state fMRI-derived images, which measure local blood flows in different places throughout the Brain,” that actually reflects neuronal activity - has been controversial.

Question: What does that really mean?

Answer: Once again the Two Teams did not understand what they were observing was the Brain only acting as an agent for the Mind, with the complexity of current Negative and Positive thoughts - based against the memories already stored, placing the Brain and the rest of the Body in constant flux.

Question: Having - as you may say; boxed themselves in? What do you feel would be their only option?

Answer: Perchance to dream it would be that simple; there were just simple answers.

The team would surely desire to dig deeper and get to the molecular underpinnings of these imaging results, which indicated that the Brain maintains its exquisite functional-network architecture even at rest.

We have at last proved Mental illness is of Biological Creation - have we NOT!

Question: Earlier you mentioned "Polyglandular Autoimmune Syndrome." May we explore this?

Answer: Yes it appears there are Three types 1.2 and 3.

Type 1. Autoimmune polyglandular syndrome is an inherited condition that affects many of the body's organs.

It is one of many autoimmune diseases, which are disorders that occur when the immune system malfunctions and attacks the body's tissues and organs by mistake.

In most cases, the signs and symptoms of autoimmune polyglandular syndrome begin in childhood or adolescence.

This condition is characterized by three specific features: mucocutaneous candidiasis, hypoparathyroidism and Addison disease.

Affected individuals typically have at least two of these features and many have all three.

Type 2: Is a form of autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome also known as Schmidt's syndrome, or APS-II, is the most common form of the polyglandular failure syndromes. 

It is heterogeneous - (diverse in character or content. "a large and heterogeneous collection" synonyms: diverse, diversified, varied, varying, miscellaneous, assorted, mixed, sundry, contrasting, disparate, different, differing, divergent, unrelated, variegated, wide-ranging; motley; literary divers, myriad, legion; rare contrastive,) and has not been linked to one Gene.

Patients are at a higher risk when they carry a particular human leukocyte antigen genotype - HLA-DQ2, HLA-DQ8 and HLA-DR4.

APS-II affects Women to a greater degree than Men - 75% of cases occur in women.

Type 3: The hallmark of polyglandular autoimmune syndrome is the absence of adrenal insufficiency.

In fact, PAS III is PAS II without adrenocortical involvement.

Once adrenocortical insufficiency develops, such Patients are reclassified as having PAS II.

The involvement of multiple glands may be apparent at the time of initial presentation, but, more commonly, individual glandular failure develops sequentially.

No specific sequence exists by which the individual glandular failures develop.

Question: Nice addition but does not tell us how Addison's Or Endocrine disorders - PAS Type 1 2 or 3 are caused?

Answer: I feel it is reasonable to consider the only reason 1.2 and 3 exist is because Type 1 was not understood as to its cause and did not have a cure treatment or satisfactory management.

However; Let us lay out a Secure workable understanding - in order to make sense of this Multiple Symptoms Disorder.

Consider A Person with a lifetime of the disorder - although very ill most of the time has through the great adversity of the illness created an extraordinary life style with many attributes and abilities - and may well explain if questioned about their past.

"I had a wonderful loving upbringing and wonderful Parents and have a very supporting Family environment."

The reality of this is far from the real truth to which they would be totally unaware.

As the lifetime of illness started perhaps many Generations before their conception with in simple terms from perhaps both sides of the Family.

"I will not let my Children grow up to suffer in the same manner as I."

As the generations procreated - this belief system was adjusted to and fro and their Children either accepting or not the now Traditional Values and accordingly adjusted their life and thinking patterns.

On the face of it this is nothing to do with any illness let alone Addison's/Endocrine disorders.

However as the Child of any given set of Parents deemed they should react - the entire body chemistry of that Child was irrevocably altered, many times to no negative effect.

However always this is the case when illness prevails; no matter how old a Person when illness presents.

We must stop a moment to consider - A Child can only be conceived under just Two circumstances.

1. Full love and desire to support their Child all of their Life with absolute respect.

2. Rape in some form or another - if a Child is born ill or deformed it will come under this heading.

As the Generations evolved Parents with their own belief was the same as their predecessors; but turned upside down a time or two.

Let us for this discussion accept it was by Rape of some form or another this unfortunate Person was conceived. Then we cannot be wrong.

It is the Parents Body Chemistry which is already both toxic and caustic prior to the Child's conception is the concern.

Once conceived the Father biologically is now out of the Childs time in the womb - only emotionally involved.

From this moment on and for all of the Child's life - even if the Parents are as described above, as the Child became ill, then this was only the Emotional Phenotype - not the true now forgotten intentions or instructions.

The Mother during confinement - although absolutely desiring the very best for her Child still produces ALL of the necessary nutrients for her Child to grow within her womb.

Not realising the negative impact her thoughts from her own history were having on her Child via her body chemistry as well as internal and external emotive activity.

We have to consider still in the year 2015 Medical Science in not giving credence to the Minds activity in illness - will or does not accept at least from conception a Child is a thinking Human Being.

If not accepted - this is always at the expense of the Child in the womb - its Health and Happiness in Life.

For the Child in the womb - it is a different matter as it has a number of things to deal with:

1. Mothers Body Chemistry - growth nutrients, yet both Toxic and Caustic.

2. The Amniotic Fluid surrounding it - in constant flux from Mothers body Chemistry and the Childs waste.

No tests would demonstrate this as the Chemistry would be perfectly balanced on instructions from the Mothers Mind.

3. The Childs own Body Chemistry as Automatically interpreted by the Child and adjusted accordingly.

Again no test would demonstrate this as again it is perfectly balanced as per the Minds instructions.

4. Mothers constantly changing emotive feelings reflected - if only in her ever changing or fluctuating Heart Beat - to which the Child must constantly adjust too.

Not only from a Biological but also a Mind/Emotional point of view - all build up a memory bank that will forever be a driving force - mostly not for the ultimate good of the Child.

This activity is achieved through the Emotional Phenotype and the many ever-changing symptoms a mystery to everyone to which any Chemical intervention - will only create more mysterious symptoms.

From Birth the Child will grow always having a "Knowing," but not being able to resolve the Knowing with secure understandings - as there will be no self-recoverable memory.

This now becomes the insecure foundation a Child has to live their life on and with no option but to attempt to gather from someone who can demonstrate they "Understand" and is able to guide through a secure education to well Health of Mind and Body.

Kindest regards and best wishes,

Peter Smith Talking Cures.

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