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Righting The Inverted Pyramid of Health.

A good demonstration of a Pyramid which can be related to our health can be observed thus; the well-known Pyramid Selling techniques work well as long as the chain is not interrupted. IE one person starts the chain others continue by selling the goods, however if the chain collapses because one persons does not sell sufficient or recruit more agents, everyone in the Pyramid goes broke, or in this model, becomes ill.

How can we relate this to ill health and place the Health Care Pyramid on a secure flat foundation?

To ensure this paper has continuity may I first start of by describing, which we all in reality know?

To Enable a Pyramid to be built, first there must be desire, next a suitable plot of sand in the desert must be found based on religious directions or understandings. The footprint and thus the height and more importantly, the orientation based on the religious findings must be determined.

A Master builder found and the tools techniques and Army of builders amassed.

A constant supply of the right quality Stone, again perhaps based on religious understandings, must be sought.

Following the successful completion of all the above, construction of the Pyramid with all of its internal secrets can be started. 

Dr Mohammed Mohsin (Pain Treatment Specialist, Lahore Pakistan) in a very professionally and intuitive manner, recognised, firstly, that there is health care Pyramid and secondly perhaps more importantly, it is inverted and has the courage and wisdom to pose the question and given me, Peter Smith Talking Cures the honour and privilege, to answer it.

To understand this, may we go back to the sand in the desert and the Pyramid awaiting to be built and consider; if a Pyramid was built in the sand with the very top stone first and the rest of the Pyramid built inverted on top, it would not take much of a quantum leap in understanding when we consider the old adage saying of; foundations built on sand, to see a Pyramid built in this manner would in time, if the sand was indeed deep enough, sink to the point of disappearing, as it would act like a spear. 

To now move this into the medical model; if one was to take the surface of the sand as a membrane and consider this as protective layer as one might consider the skin and skull as protective layers over the body organ contained within, often if not and perhaps inappropriately, always inappropriately separated as left and right, Brain. The Mind is ignored?

Whereas in reality all areas inside our Head, are just one interconnected, Interrelated and interdependent organ responsible for control, of complete body-activities, driven only by our thoughts and memories, which are all contained within the largest organ of the body -The Skin and our Mind is the Master keeper of all life activities.

If we can now consider this organ - the Mind - as unfettered-undamaged and therefore, natural, it is easy to see if the first stone of the Pyramid - the top one, was placed onto the membrane there would be a pressure below into the Mind, can we now consider that the Mind will, see, observe, feel, experience this pressure, as an unwelcome intruder, or perhaps we could consider it in medical terms; an antigen- rather like a Virus.

The Mind by using its natural immune system response, should in normal circumstances, attempt to cleanse itself of this antigen intruder.

For reasons we need not going to into in detail at this time - traumatic experience response, instead, the Mind takes an informed decision as to not remove or respond to this intruder, this places the person into a position of having what we can now call, a symptom. It is the same process which creates Genetic Mutation?

To the Mind and indeed the Body this is not a concern, it is however more to be considered a concern for their family and friends surrounding the Person with this now symptom, who would all say "If you do not go to the Doctors to get treatment; don't expect any sympathy from us!"

The Person thus has no option but to approach their Doctor to diagnose explain and create a resolution of the symptom, which may well have, if left alone replicated/repaired itself.

It is this very action which now begins the slow insidious process of building the inverted Pyramid, because from the Mind's point of view it did not see the symptom as an intruder, thus any attempt by the Doctor to cure this by any form of medication or treatment application, will, if we use the Pyramid model, create another layer.

The Doctor would have no option but to secretly open his eyes and see this as either, a side-effect from the medication or as just another symptom to which there would be no option, but to apply another medication.

It does not take much imagination to see this process repeated time and time again over a decade or two would create an audit trail in a person's records of many symptoms and many medications with often an operation in an attempt to resolve some of the medical mysteries, which now ensue.

Thus gradually and insidiously this Medical Pyramid sinks into the Persons Mind rather than the sand and becomes all too consuming, where the Mind and Body are no longer able to create the necessary immune response and body replication process, enabling return to before the time when the first stone was laid, inverted, on the virgin sand (Mind) - and so often long, confusing, Painful and untimely Death.

Most of the confusion is only on the dedicated Doctors side for this pathway strewn as it is with symptoms hides the most insidious of the all; never once is the Doctor with all of their wisdom and imaging techniques allowed - by the subconscious mind, our master and its seemingly conscious protection systems - into the area where the Pain or illness really is - meaning it is never in the body, save for a few seconds, at all.

No matter how much the Body is appears to be ill, in Pain, Fatigued or structurally destroyed? The conscious Mind being only and interchange mechanism used in the process of laying down memories with which we will now run all of our Mind Body activities for our life as we know it. 

To right the Pyramid please consider as Talking Cures as an entity is unable to talk and I am merely guardian, custodian of Talking Cures, in other words the mouthpiece.

One must rightfully, question my credentials or better said medical qualifications, which are in simple terms "none," unless of course one wanted to count my C grade pass in human biology from a return to study course at our local college of further education and of course near Thirty -Years (at time of writing 2012) of treating people with multiple and mysterious symptoms, that are best considered as Scientific Medicines lack of real knowledge and treatment success and in many instances, returning people to either well or an improved level of health, with what are still today considered symptoms of Mind or Body that have no scientifically proven cause and no known cure.

I am not a Physicist or Mathematician but surely quantum physics would tell us if only by the power of equal and opposite force, this part of the statement (no scientifically proven cause.) cannot possible be acceptable; surely there can be nothing within the universe or outside the universe that does not have a cause?

Moreover whether we know the cause or not pales into insignificance, thus cannot and should not be considered; the Gold Standard! With treatments being based on this understanding?

Therefore to right the Pyramid, certainly to my medically untrained and unscientific mind is simple arduous and perhaps an impossible task to achieve.

However, when we consider such an extremely high percentage of the population of the world, including many Medical and Complimentary professionals are ill in some manner. Should we dismiss the task because it appears too difficult?

And if we do how long will it be before there is no one well enough to apply treatments Medical Scientists are too ill to develop.

The answer is simple, one that I have long since advocated, yet the proclamation must come from the Medical Profession in cahoots with Medical Science researchers, politicians - and too the world at large - who must no longer rest on their laurels and act in the dismissive manner, it is long since used to and mostly unchallenged. Therefore considers their now suppression of new and innovative medical interventions; correct!

If Charles Darwin had been allowed to publish his true beliefs and findings as I see them, today we would all run with the belief, "it is the weak through RNA - the true building blocks of life - alteration of the DNA - the Scientifically Proven perceived building blocks of life," not the strong who create evolutionary Genetic Mutations. The strong have no need to change?

With this information can we consider Illness, irrespective of the Scientifically proven diagnoses or Patient description is merely a collection of symptoms collected together under the banner of Scientifically Proven and given a label. Yet in reality is as unique to a person as their DNA signature.

Let us say, with; Diabetes:

1. 1000 people are diagnosed with Diabetes.

2. Diabetes has been diagnosed in 1000 people.

Would Scientifically Proven data have us believe they are the same or different.

Confirmation of this may well come with the new diagnoses of Type 3 considering insulin production comes from the Mind as well as the Pancreas.

Too my simple mind no 2 would fit the scientifically proven model as it has collected the data based on the symptom probability to come to the data proven diagnoses; all have Diabetes.

Whereas No 1 demonstrates; to come to this conclusion it has been recognised Diabetes is as unique to the Person as their DNA or Fingerprint.

Leaving me to understand; we can liken the process of Scientific Studies to a lucky dip where the only prize is Smarties - brightly multi coloured sweets, therefore the only prize a person can win is Smarties, no matter whether one wins, first prize or way down the pecking order, the only thing that alters is the colour.

Can we now consider this is the reason why with all illness, irrespective of the label, the outcome is never illness or drug free as the dedicated front line Doctors and Patients desire?

In addition can we now consider illness is in reality part of Human evolution we are unable to see; simply because we are not here long enough and the change too subtle to comprehend?

Therefore if this connection can be made modern Scientifically Proven Medicine would have a much different face and more importantly more successful and therefore; stronger.

With Scientific Medical consideration to the above hopefully will bring about the release of a statement similar to this;

"Following international studies from many different researchers and clinicians in the field of medicine and the observation of the outcomes in terms of cure and drug-related treatments of all illnesses, including the improvements in the understandings of the workings of the Mind and its interaction with the Body, in addition the introduction and willing acceptance into the medical stream of treatments which are existing as well as new and emerging medical models, known as Talking Therapies: CBT GET Mindfulness, with perhaps many more to come.

It becomes clear the way forward to more secure understanding and effective treatments is for us a race of people to consider all of our illnesses are caused as a result of childhood - including pre and post sperm/egg fertilisation - emotional, traumatic and negative experiences which we react to for the rest of our lives; it is surely essential "we" understand how and why this process of the Mind interferes with our Body Chemicals causing all illness, to include how we when ill - through not wanting to talk about our negative memories, we hide up the true cause of our illness.

Surely making this quantum leap along with the secure understanding Lifestyle - comes only from trauma reaction and so-called poor diet/psychological are nothing but symptoms resulting from trauma, will ensure all medical treatments have an improved or desired outcome, for all?

It is sincerely desired this paper written in rather simplistic terms is taken seriously, for in the year 2012 it is surely unacceptable that medical research has not today one single illness in the world it truly knows the cause and has a cure.

Cure equals no more drugs, no more illness and the person died of an unrelated disorder, relegated to the Medical Waste Bin of History.

Many times in my therapeutic career I have been chastised for making the process of illness too simple or as one Person said "too grass roots."

Recently on an online forum discussing Essential Tremor I posted my comments and my website paper on the subject, a person came on and said "this person Peter Smith Talking Cures undermines our illness by making it appear too simple; failing to recognise there is not one published paper on the condition which is anything but complex made worse by the inclusion, distributed freely by the support charities. "There is no known cause and no known cure." Is it right; Scientific Medicine continues to be blind to this most serious and as yet unrecognised phenomenon it has created?

Furthermore; medical scientists with this knowledge to hand, now perhaps for the first time with scientific intervention of our population ills, start to write papers in this similar simplistic manner that clearly demonstrates the intention is there a tidy up the aforementioned lack of cause or cure and not hide the fact the cause is not known and there is no known cure within the complexity of the writing, as is so often the case in medical papers and then create cures which really show efficacy and cure instead of poorly manage.

Surely in the age of the internet and social media with so much information available we cannot expect the very people we are treating to have the desire or technical ability to read, comprehend medically written papers or Doctor instructions and subsequently become model Patients - papers even the writer is sometimes unable to make sense of, let alone translate it into another language!

Moreover; when management has run its course as many other directions in modern medicine have, if this direction is not considered where can medical science go next and what of the dedicated front-line medical teams?

It is Ten years near since I purposely created Talking Cures - as a trading name as well as the therapy - safe in the knowledge the only way all illness interventions could go, was into the Mind and its chemical processes. All I had to do was wait!

Although there are papers on my website written near fifteen years ago there is still a desire within me Medical Science will catch me up (Chronic Pain Research Papers on website) and overtake my thoughts and therapeutic practices for the good of the continuation of life as we know it and so much enjoy.

Leaving our dedicated medical teams revered as the first medical approach required by all the worlds citizens.

Comments and criticisms regarding the paper are considered the highest form of compliment.

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