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Because Pain illness and fatigue are destructive to our
Health, Wealth and Well being...

How Talking Cures Therapy Works.

The concept is Pain or Symptom Relief. 

That is relief from any pain or symptom of the Mind or Body, Medicine, the automatic immune system, or time alone cannot or has not cured. 

Often, within our life, in our Minds, when we are in pain or ill, there are thoughts... 

“I will never go through that again.” And “No one will ever understand.”

If are unpleasant thoughts in a Mind, that cannot be talked about or books/articles one cannot read, programs on television that cannot be watched…? This educating treatment will automatically and comfortably allow a Person to do so. 

If being unable to comfortably achieve any of the above daily tasks, means a Person has been traumatised.

Working on the principle all Pain - even accident comes from the Mind as a Memory Process, or previously stored negative destructive information, thereby bringing about a change, either. Physiologically i.e., Hormonal/Chemical or Psychologically i.e., attitude/emotion/action or simply..;

"I will not allow myself to go through that again."

With the aid of a highly specialised conversation and educational technique, an openness of the Mind is created which allows the Person to face the original trauma that caused the immune systems weakness or as importantly the pain-illness to remain.

Using new knowledge, once this awareness is achieved...

The Person is guided through a conversational technique, which allows the Mind to resolve the destructive incident and with the use - if required of a special treatment program, developed in Nineteen Eighty Six - to switch off the Minds control of the Pain using the body meridians, without the use of needles or touch.

With Talking Cures Pain Relief techniques it is not necessarily easy to face the traumas that caused the illness/pain, it is however extremely beneficial...

Giving relief of Mind and Body we only dream about.

The Illness is always more painful than the thoughts/memories!

We consume more energy, with great discomfort to friend’s, family and ourselves over a longer period of time by maintaining the Pain-illness. Than we use with the Pain Relief Therapist’s education techniques to resolve it?

Retail Therapy is always for more costly - buying things not required, as is divorce, death - than Talking Cures fees will ever be. 

This has the effect of allowing the immune system to begin normal function, for it is the Mind holding onto the trauma that causes the immune system to cease functioning as it is designed to do.

Among the many areas this method of treatment has shown to be most effective with are: Migraine, Emotional Pain, Sports Injuries, Muscle Aches, RSI, SAD, ME, IBS, P.T.S.D, Chronic Fatigue, lethargy, Phobias, Asthma, Post Operative Pain, Skin Disorders, Accident Pain (i.e., Whiplash). In addition, Infertility, especially where the couple in question have normal Egg and Sperm counts.

Thirty Four Years have past following successful treatment of : Asthma, Pain, Feminine concerns, Speech impediments... etc. Sadly or perhaps stupidly on my part; none of which was documented.

If the Pain illness you experience is not included in the above list, please contact/telephone the Pain Relief Therapist for an understanding or appointment. Skype; Talking.Cures

The only thing you have to lose is the Pain? 

Is not the relief more important than believing illness is only in the Body and not a Process of the Mind?

Treatments are applied in addition to any any all other Treatments or Prescriptions.        

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Talking Cures is a Twenty First Century Medicine... to treat multiple symptoms of Mind and Body in a Person.

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