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Hypnotherapy to Talking Cures Video Presentation.

My Thirty Two year journey from learning hypnotherapy - to the creation of Talking Cures.

Wisdom is wonderful is it not - especially if one can utilise it in reverse.

As I was able to do some six or seven years ago; in 1982 when I became a Hypnotherapist I was in reality too ill - generally rather than specifically, to be "Me" let alone all of the different demands of a Person’s life: Son, Brother, Cousin, Friend, Fiancée, Husband, Son in Law, Business Man, Father and finely Therapist.

For once in my life lady luck shone on me in the guise of my saviour - Mr Steven Quinn, Teacher of Hypnotherapy Techniques extraordinaire, which have in 2017 ONLY been superseded by Talking Cures, not only with better techniques; but understandings of ill health.

From my very first lesson I was able to come to terms with the still today strength of knowledge...

"All illness is a Memory Process of the Mind - therefore a Painful Memory."  

Fully confirmed on July 11th 1983. And later to add - which instructs the Brain - itself a non-thinking Organ of the Body - to deliver instructions to the entire Body via chemical and electrical secretions; as to how to react, following information delivered through the openings - holes - we call, Eyes, Ears and the Skin.

Later I was to add "If we do not remember Pain or illness," then our natural Immune and Body replication systems will create an automatic repair. 

My very first Patient - first appointment 11th July 1982 was recommended to me by my tutor Mr Steven Quinn - a lady having attempted to take her life some Twelve times in the preceding years and again when I was knocking at the front door attending for an appointment, she was in the shed haven taken another overdose of a prescribed medication. Yet cleverly I later worked out - she had consumed not enough to take her life?

Following many hours of treatment over some three or four months she was able to achieve a reasonable quality of life - although by my reckoning not yet fully well.

This continued for Ten years during which time I had no contact with her, yet was aware she had started her own decorating business - until one day she arrived at my front door with a small gift - a cake she had made.

This was to be the last time I saw her and I did not see it coming. A week later and sadly she made a successful attempt to end her life of torment.

This had a profound effect on me as it made me realise my frailties as a therapist – where, soon I was to become a Multiple and mysterious Symptom treatment specialist.

To achieve this in 1986/7 I attended Southend on Sea College of Further Education on a return to study course to learn “Human Biology” more importantly to understand - where the major organs of the Body were and what in simple terms - not as a doctor - was their function.

I subsequently received what was to be my first and only recognised certificate of education.

Since the early days of my journey into the realms of mysterious illness I have been fortunate to be asked to give many after dinner speeches, many times requesting a Person from the audience I have never met to allow me to demonstrate on them by treating their Pain.

There is one such demonstration (see item three) treating Three People at the same time; which comes easily to mind: items 1 and 2 are from other presentations.

1. A lady whose left arm had been somewhat withering for the previous Seven years, some Three weeks following treatment her arm, she explained, was becoming stronger.

2. A man who for a number of years with knee pains had problems rising up from a chair and walking. Following treatment he stood and went back to his seat. Ten Years Later when giving a talk to the same group, it was confirmed he still went skiing with the group each year.

3. One of the Three People in the video demonstration was a man of many years with a frozen shoulder - following treatment his shoulder was free of Pain and stiffness and later this was confirmed.

None of this as we are constantly reminded as a necessity is; Scientifically Proven - thus it is hearsay. “Mine.”

Now to celebrate my Thirty Five  years since my very first Patient July 11th 1983 may I invite you to see a presentation of what was to become the seedbed of creation of Talking Cures and a somewhat unique demonstration of Hypnotherapy at work treating Three People at the same time?

This is via a video taken in 1998 by a friend and had been missing for a number of years and is the only tangible evidence of my Thirty Four plus (Jan 2017) years as a therapist.

It is with thanks to a friend for the filming and to Ray Donn a long term as well as a Facebook friend who kindly offered to convert the video to the modern format for internet viewing.

Please feel free to use this video for Education and Patient led purposes it is by all parties free of any fees and there are no copyright restriction on the use of this video duration 132 minutes.

Click here for Video

Video Free of Copyright and Fees to download for Training and Education

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