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It seems apparent since Adam and Eve first met, Humans have indulged in sexual relationships.

Before that Animals surely did it, and we always will, for the races to survive, it is a must.

One other thing that is an odds on certainty; is inter race Sex. Such Sex must surely give rise to Genetic mutations that would not normally occur. i.e. cross a Zebra with a Donkey - result, a Zedonk.

To look at this with a little humour, cross a Sparrow with a Parrot, result, a Sparrot.

Hence a lateral look for one to observe the idea.

Of course one would expect such activity of Animals - a Human would say; more so of days gone by, than the present. However; Cross a Black Person, with a White Person, result a Person with a questionable definitive colour and place in society.

All People are conceived and Born in the same manner; it is only the sadness of Mankind’s desire for perceived power or a higher self-estimation, which designates them different?

The attitude to a Person of a different colour and gender assignment in Two Thousand and Seventeen is however and thankfully so, softening, one can however, consider, not quickly enough.

We will come back to that word (attitude) later.

We all know, and for obvious reasons, that Sex between Humans and Animals is illegal.

We also know that Sex between consenting Adults is legal.

So let us look at the different relationships that Humans have:

Homosexual. Man with Man.

Lesbianism. Woman with Woman.

Bisexual. Man with Man or Woman or Woman with Woman and Man.

There are others, including the one we have already spoken about, "Sex with Animals, these, may well be labeled as Bi or Tri-sexual.

To think that this does not occur is perhaps to bury ones head in the sand, it would be my guess there are enough pornography films about to prove this?

To see this lateral look at Aids it is essential to appreciate the above information and the fact there always has and will be Sexual deviancies based on the constant need to relieve Anxiety or preferences in the Human or Animal kingdoms.


My desire is not to sit in judgment on things that have happened over many thousands of years, my aim is merely to bring certain information into mainstream thinking.

Since the Church began - Church being a collective word for the many Religious beliefs of People.

Mankind has lived in Fear, true to say that he possibly lived in Fear before. IE,. Fear of being killed, of Freezing, to Hot-thirsty, Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes, Tsunami’s, not having enough Food or even having his/her mate taken away from him/her...

However the Fear I talk about is different; it stems from attitudes codes of conduct, standards and priorities.

Many of these laid down by the various Churches, and put over to the masses as something to be in Fear of. I.e..:

"Catholics must not use any form of contraception..." Or "Go in Fear of the Lord..."

Hindu; not to kill the sacred cow.

In medieval times when People with mental illnesses were ducked as witches in the village pond to rid them of evil spirits.

Not too hard to see the Fear instilled in the various generations of People, if only as onlookers.

To read the Ten Commandments, thou shall not steal; thou shall not commit adultery, all of these things and many more standards and priorities, that we must do and not do - for Fear of Retribution.

I.E You will never go to Heaven or you will surely go to Hell; if you lead your life like that?

Instilled Fear as this is in every Human Person - Animals or even Plant Life - even though we do not readily recognise it.

Does not a plant turn to the sun, send it roots deep for water, close at night just to survive, is this not a Fear - of not doing so; damages survival. Whether we can talk plant language or not, the evidence is clear to see.

Fear - traumatic/learned negative experience, causes Anxiety; Anxiety is a free floating Fear able to attach itself to any and everything and must be relieved, we now turn full circle to pre-historic Mankind living in perpetual anxiety.

We have seen attitude’s form and shape our lives from the day we are born and even present prior to and during out confinement in the womb, all of these things we more or less know, but of course we do, we have been brought up with them, have we not.

By now one might be asking how AIDS fits into all of this, we will get to that soon.
The next thing we must look at is how is illness caused, a very complex procedure, or is it;

My therapeutic practice is, to a greater or lesser degree; every Person has a past life influence, which does not and never will affect us, unless certain criteria are met;

The circumstances under which we are conceived, the type of confinement we experienced, what is the Mind attitude of the Mother, the length of labour endured, the type of journey we experience through the birth canal; was the bearing down-pressure by the Mother, great, were forceps used during delivery, the delivery room was it over bright or noisy...

Last and by no means least, was the new-born taken away from the Mother, wrapped up too-tight in swaddling clothes, or not placed over the Mother’s Heart. Even for a minute, to enable the Child to stabilise itself to the strange environment, as well as to the sound of Mother’s Heart rate, as it had done for the last Nine months.

If some of these criteria were met, then the Baby from that moment will be sensitive, which is not a problem unless it is interfered with, or will have Anxiety, a natural reaction which must be relieved, yet creates our super abilities and superstars; but these are only sustained if from Birth we are not traumatised...

It is from this - the Attitude of Grandparents, Parents, Brothers, Sisters Aunt’s Uncle’s Teacher’s Doctors and any Person of high significance who bullies another Person or comes into contact within a Childs formative years, from Birth until twenty-one or when they leave the Parental home, by choice or just to get away from the negative destructive influence of home life.

It is the negative attitude of these People toward a youngster which causes illness along with changes a Person makes in pursuit of living with the memory of; "if everyone thinks my Mind and Body are theirs to control They are confused and badly in error," the sad part of all this is no one is aware of the damage caused, because all they are trying to do is ensure the Child/Sibling does not grow up to suffer in the same manner - As they?

How does this convert to AIDS?

All of the above was written in 1998 let us now jump forward to July 2015.

Let us first look at the distinction between HIV and AIDS;

HIV is a collective. In other words, from what appears by Medical Science to be an infective agent - is in reality a mutation of a Person’s own body chemicals, having the ability to progressively create more and more obvious physical and psychological - psychological is a symptom in itself and not a cause, symptoms.

AIDS however is like all illnesses the scientific medical researchers have to make a collective understanding of, thus AIDS is no more than all of the symptoms of HIV collected together into one convenient name, therefore proving or appearing to prove the funding input into research has a degree of validity.

Yet here is where the problem starts, for now pursuit is on to find a cure for a “name,” instead of HIV, which one may well consider if we are to use a name - is the illness. 

It is now over 30 years, since AIDS first burst onto the scene, one has to consider the Medical Science jury is not only still out, but will never return with a verdict; as to what actually caused this devastating disorder, giving rise to a serious speculation or even under speculation that it was caused purposely or inadvertently by the scientific medical profession itself.

How is this, one might ask. Or the scientific medical profession might scream; "prove it" and I would respond "prove it" With not one illness on the planet with a cause really known and a cure found. Cure = no more illness, no more drugs.

You... Medical Researchers could not put enough evidence to cover the sharp end of a pin of any illness, let alone HIV AIDS, so do not try and threaten me with your Peacock style brashness.

History or scientific evidence will sort of have us believe this came from monkeys, from the gay community or even Africa.

Although the cause is of no concern; for those suffering...

The consequences we must consider for Families and People around the sufferers including the dedicated Doctors trying to make sense of this seemingly mysterious disorder, is of a serious concern.

Having no formal medically training, thus I am not a microbiologist; all I do is look at the information presented to me.

We have to be open-minded enough to consider that at some time in the history of Man; a Man could or would have had Sex with a Monkey, if not for the sheer hell of it, but to relieve the Fear and Anxiety caused by being alone in frightening place like a jungle and not having a Woman partner to relieve the perceived sexual desires - anxiety. With or on.

We can also consider under these circumstances this Man's immune-system is likely to be compromised.

However we can consider the incidence of this.

So rare or few and far between, as of little or no consequence, in the creation of HIV.

Moreover medical sciences have diligently explained to us that it is a blood to blood, Body fluid to Body fluid transmitted disorder.

And a Monkey may well fight and scratch under such circumstances?

Thereby cause an infection, surely a Person with a normal immune system response would soon deal with this seemingly small body fluid exchange, would not the Monkey have to have a cut for this to happen?

The intestines and Bowels are for intruders highly toxic, therefore it seems reasonable to consider Blood and Semen into the bowel with Male to Male intercourse would soon be naturally disposed of.

It would seem reasonable to consider this to be a numbers game. Scientifically Proven Medicine most times is little more than number crunching and the number of times this were likely to of happened in the confines of a jungle to allow this disease to spread out into the world pales into insignificance.

There has to be a more plausible reason for this Pandemic disorder.

Still today in the Twenty First Century mankind and innocent Children can and are seriously unkind to those who are not considered; “normal,” indeed in my time as a growing youngster in open conversation and the early days of television, way before the word Gay was ever formally introduced;

Nobody would dare speak of knowing a Homosexual, let alone being one and us, “stupid children,” as adults would believe, in our Childish games would refer to them as Shirt-Lifters or Willy-Woofters.

Years later, although I'm not sure how, the word “Gay” was introduced to describe a Person outside of the confines of what is considered normal...

Surely there can be nothing Gay about contracting this Disease!

However, if one was to place oneself in the desperate situation of feelings whilst growing up of being a Boy in a Girl's Body a Girl in a Boy's Body or feeling drawn to a Boy, if you're a Boy and Girl's, if you're a Girl. You may well feel differently.

There is in my mind an absolute certainty, which is; this Person would require - in order to relieve/resolve Anxiety - a very special understanding and when this understanding never arrived and could never arrive; this Person’s Anxiety would rise beyond their control and at the same time alter their entire body chemistry.

This would give the impression - because it squiggles - to a medical telescope as being an infection, funny, sperm acts in the same manner and that is not an infection. Or is it?

Or is this the real cause of Morning Sickness Women suffer, whilst the Body adjusts to the intruder in order to create a new Human Being, to which a Doctor within their scope of medically trained understandings would desire to give a medication to resolve this now so-called infection.

Whilst internally - within the Mind of the Person they would know with absolute clarity; this is not what is desired or required and would seek; perhaps aggravated/agitated with pre-existing untreated to a cure symptoms and long-term medications, to enhance the required understanding.

In order to do this a Person’s Body language and attitudes will change - rather like the creation of a Bonsai Tree, wired to shape and leaves constantly plucked to ensure the growth is stifled - drastically, emotional desires would change, as would the dress code and body shape - literally or chemically-surgically aided.

To an onlooker these would be considered strange, from here is not too much of a quantum leap to understand in modern times - because homosexuality is not a modern disorder - the word homosexuality to describe such a Person was somewhat softened; when Gay was created.

Sadly for these Persons this value of understanding was insufficient, this now required; a place, a standing in society and what better way to create an authority over society by doing exactly what the Church have done for thousands of years now, "keep the population in Fear" more than 30 years later still relatively in the same manner - by keeping the world in Fear of HIV-AIDS.

Do not we respect Gays in a lateral or perhaps strange sort of way?

If the jury is still out and may never return with a useful verdict, can we consider Africa may well hold the answer to this long-standing question.

Is it possible with the perceived ignorance of medical researchers governments and drug companies in some form of subconscious - could use under-conscious, collusion, perceived or otherwise.

Africa was - and perhaps still is - perceived ignorant because the population - in the leaders pathetic money/power crazed Minds - are a know-nothing race of People who can be/were used as a testing ground in the same manner as People were used in Porton Down, Wiltshire (common cold) and on Christmas Island with nuclear tests. And is this activity soon to be repeated in other countries?

This time it was perhaps the testing of new antibiotics and other more toxic and useless drugs and much more insidiously, a dumping ground for previously used needle and injection equipment - as we often told by Medical Scientists Aids: is caused partially by drug addicts using dirty needles.

Put these three things together mix them up and deny any truth is surely esoteric claptrap (only we the medical profession know) fashion the whole of the medical profession which, of course, must include the world at large; thus no one has a clue as to what is going on

Therefore, can we consider it one has a perverted Brain/Mind as I and a treatment regime to match which has the ability to not only see every single one of the various symptoms that makes HIV, as a single presenting symptom which may or does have a single or collective (same) cause and by using the investigative Talking Cures techniques to find within a Person each and every one of these causes and guide that Person into now making sense of information they previously were previously unable to, slowly surely insidiously, each one of the now collectively called; HIV symptoms will be automatically resolved using the Persons own immune system(s.) and Body Replication Process. 

Leaving the medical profession to play around with the word AIDS, which in their eyes is a diagnosis and in reality just an extended list of symptoms from HIV.

One only has to see the dictionary explanation of the acronym HIV and all is explained without the requirement to be medically trained. "Human Immunodeficiency Virus."  It is all in the word HUMAN, as a body chemistry creation.

It seems apparent to me the very last thing any Person within the HIV AIDS feeding-pecking order - money Kudos Tree, desires is a cause and cure to be found, for this would destroy the Medical Research Gravy Train.  

Failing to recognise; they would never have to think about money again as this finding would make them so rich and perhaps a Noble Prize Laureate, all they would be able to do is drink themselves to death because their self- estimation/anxiety returns to the level it was when a cause and cure could not be found - sort of comfort Zone.

This is an extract from a letter I sent in 2004 to an Aids specialist who had a newspaper article depicting his work on Aids.

Needless to say I never received a reply for him?

Dear Professor M

“Currently I am doing research into the HIV Virus and at the same time seeking to establish joint research with Southend on Sea Hospital and Primary Care Trusts Research Consortium into the cause and treatments - from a Complimentary point of view - of certain, medically difficult to manage/treat/cure symptoms.

On reading your article. “Human gene defence against HIV discovered.“ It was felt you may be willing to offer your expertise and assistance; At this moment in time I am in the process of treating a Patient that has been diagnosed with the HIV virus, sadly because of the unique and personnel information a Patient will give during treatment sessions, all information is confidential, which does not bode well for my creating and publishing papers or books to demonstrate the evidence of this.

A specialist observing this process could write up the evidence papers.

My knowledge of the virus is limited to attending a training course on HIV/Aids with SAIDSO (HIV/AIDS) Service in the grounds of Southend on Sea University Hospital and a number of conferences symposiums over the years. Not much, I agree, to allow the writing and publishing of research papers.

However, as my modality of treatment is within the Mind and how its processes affect the Body, it is not so relevant to be medically qualified.

This does not mean I should remain ignorant of the current thinking and treatments of this or any other disease.

As of today, my understanding is. “No Person has recovered from the virus.”

However one Person it appears has recovered, seemingly spontaneously, thereby disallowing Medical Science to understand - how. Is this correct?

My request of you Professor M, if you are able to assist is:

What would determine with a Person so diagnosed, a recovery.

What length of time following recovery would be required to positively establish recovery?

If we understand from Cowpox, a vaccination for smallpox was created;

How could and indeed would it be possible, the Blood and or Blood Plasma or any other constituent of Blood from a Person that has recovered from HIV; be used to create a vaccination?

It was interesting to read your comments regarding the virus RNA being implicated in the disease process, "is it possible the natural RNA - building blocks of DNA - of the Body is also implicated in the same process/progress of the disease?”

Circumstances outside of my control depleted my ability to bring to a satisfactory treatment ending of the Person with the diagnosed HIV, which sadly is often the case when the Medical Profession has had their way and created the Fear, with, “there is no known cause and no known cure for a disease and for us not to search the world looking for miracle cures which do not exist and any Person who is not medically trained cannot possibly have a cure or know what they are talking about' so must not be believed.”

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