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illness or Toxic Shock…?

Toxic Shock is the basis by which the Subconscious Mind, following emotional or physical trauma creates all illness and this is fundamental to the way in which Talking Cures works.

Toxic Shock = a Body Chemical and or Electrical reaction - Positive through to Negative the Mind Body makes to an internal or external stimulus.

When a Person has life information coming at it from the earliest of age, it automatically recognises it as comfortable, unpleasant or traumatic whilst the information is within the so-called Conscious Mind.

A process is enacted, in order to make sense of it and store it within the confines of the Subconscious Mind for Lifetime use, or to run one’s life, attitudes, interest and activities by.

If the information is deemed as Negative - This will be felt as Fear = Anxiety = Inadequacy (unable to cope with life’s demands) Anger, Frustration, Aggression including many or all-natural/unnatural and comforting Human Emotional Traits.

During this process the Mind and the Body, in order for these processes to take place or be set, creates a new chemical order; or complete bodily set of chemicals.

Once stored within the Subconscious Mind this information is forever running the Body and Minds thoughts and activities, even if we CANNOT remember the information; in order to achieve all of this it creates wittingly or unwittingly a small to large Toxic Shock - to which the Body can utilize all of its resources and balance ALL the Body Chemicals.

The Mind Body chemistry must be balanced at all times; even in illness and no matter how close to death, it is perfectly balanced as per the instructions of the Subconscious Mind - based on the information now stored.

This is seemingly natural. - of course, this is not the long-term outcome as this perfectly balanced body chemistry is now the bases for ALL illness Based on the Negative or Positive value the Mind placed on the Traumas at their creation.

Toxic Shock can also be seen as Side-effects from Medications-Treatments or many times as either a remission from treated long term illness - the Cancer has returned and in Hypnosis terminology - An Abreaction.

Abreaction - *Courtesy of Oxford Dictionary*

*The expression and consequent release of previously repressed emotion, achieved through reliving the experience that caused it (typically through Hypnosis or suggestion):*

Abreaction: A reaction to a stimulus created by a therapeutic intervention in an attempt to resolve traumatic events in a Person’s life.

Which often can and does somewhat frighten the Subject - because they feel they are being made worse by the treatment - or the therapist, who does not have the courage or knowledge required to make sense of the reaction.

This is especially so if the therapist has not made the subject fully aware of the process by which their therapy works.

Thus Abreaction is the Subconscious Minds attempt to recreate the illness - deemed now by the Subconscious Mind as a disadvantage - set up in reaction to traumas and the Body’s reaction to this.

If handled correctly by the therapist the outcome -as illness is the Pursuit of Pleasure, is only for the improvement of the presented illness as the Body readjust its chemistry to the improvement in the storing or understanding of the, traumatic event information, especially with due regards to onlookers (significant persons) at the time or following of the trauma.

Abreaction can also be termed Side effects from medication or return from remission - under these circumstances, will only be further Scientifically Proven, treatment-resistant.  

All of this from Talking Cures philosophy which is fully understood and effectively utilized to bring about a natural immune system and body replication response during treatment in a controlled manner. In part, this is the process by which it appears. Minds are readable - which they most certainly are not.

It is well known a Person can and often none stop “talks” for their own Country as if in an Olympic medal event; even to the point of writing books blogs and posting on related illness websites.

Whilst in the short-term this may well provide some relief or benefit, in the long-term this has very little impact of the progress or positive outcome of any illness Pain or Fatigue - if anything if one looked closely it may well make the illness much worse, indeed treatment resistant.

The reason for this is quite clear. A Person presents to a Doctor for say Pain; following much in the way of scientifically proven or perhaps manipulation treatments, when the Pain does not subside or is not cured - a new name is used say Acute or Chronic.

This to the sufferer is rather like another language or creates a Toxic Shock, to which only a negative response can or will be made.

Peter Smith Talking Cures, understanding of this seemingly complex process, creates a language based on ALL of the presented or dormant symptoms waiting to be brought to the fore by inappropriate treatments. The symptoms, which the subconscious Mind understands by searching its database of information.

Once found the Mind-Body goes into a controlled - by the care of and amount of treatment information delivered to it , Toxic Shock.

This in reality is the Mind attempting to continue the lifetime protection afforded by the Pain/Illness/ fatigue in pursuit of achieving understanding of, or for the traumas most times experienced many years ago by recreating the symptoms.

Which, it cannot fully do as in the process of revisiting the stored information in this manner the subconscious Mind  has made a new and more comforting sense of.

Therefore has no option but to create a new Mind-set and a permanent alteration in the entire Body Chemistry and in the process automatically improve or resolve symptoms by an immune response.

This process continued to completion will result in the subconscious Mind having to relinquish control temporally to the Conscious Mind whereby it immediately retakes control but with different desires and outcomes as the original traumas are now resolved and the protection of illness no longer required.

We can consider an example of Toxic Shock in the existence of:-

Persistent vegetative state.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia

A persistent vegetative state is a disorder of consciousness in which patients with severe brain damage are in a state of partial arousal rather than true awareness.

It is a diagnoses of some uncertainty, that it deals with only an ever changing syndrome of symptoms.  

After four weeks in a vegetative state (VS), the Patient is classified as in a persistent vegetative state.

This diagnosis is classified as a permanent vegetative state (PVS) after approximately one year of being in a vegetative state.

If we exclude physical or accident damage to the Head and Brain and look at this as perhaps a long misunderstood multi-symptom condition.

A Person having a long history of multiple symptoms, where, instead of the cure or even good management of the symptoms, the Person was placed in a permanent Toxic Shock if only by the many and perhaps - to the Mind and Body - conflicting medications and treatments.

This situation will never be resolved until the Persons Mind and its store of many negative traumatic thoughts are resolved; at this time, the medications will be seen as an irritant by the Mind and Body and will slowly be dismissed as waste.

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