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as The Lancet were unable to recognise the importance of the paper or was it - a truth too hard to bear? With:

This is our truth Now tell us yours The Lancet Wakley Prize 2012 Essay Writing Competition.

In July 2102 Apicare Journal Pakistan whilst making a compliment relating to one of my postings, saying, “With your enlightening postings it may be beneficial to enter this years Wakley Prize writing competition.” Supplying the relevant information with which an entry could be made.

In all my years - nearing thirty experiences of therapeutic applications - of being a therapist and many of them taking the online version of the Lancet. I have not been aware of this competition.

Following my entry I found this competition is still to this day a much coveted prize.

Courtesy of Wikipedia:

The Lancet was founded in 1823 by Thomas Wakley, publishes original Medical Research articles, review articles, editorials, book reviews, correspondence, as well as news features and case reports. As of 1995, the editor-in-chief is Dr Richard Horton.

Dr. Horton recently published a statement declaring that a lot of published research is in fact unreliable at best, if not completely false.

“The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue.

Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.

Following Thomas Wakley creating the Lancet he also inaugurated an Annual Writing Essay entitled “This is our truth Now tell us yours.” “Change someone’s Mind.”

I was particularly energised by the tag line “Change Someone’s Mind.” As the Mind its working and interactions with the body in the creation of ALL illness of Mind and Body is the subject of Talking Cures Unique Position in the World of Medicine.

Whilst in my heart of hearts I felt the paper I submitted for this years Wakley Prize competition was the most profound paper regarding Illness I have ever written and perhaps read, thus I felt it would “Change someone's mind” and stand a fair chance of being selected as this years winner.

Although this was not to be I am delighted to offer my congratulations to the winner Dr Nielsen - Anaesthetist.

Yet Based on Thomas Wakley's original aims and aspirations; this essay - “Thank you for seeing my beautiful daughter Kate…” Google this and register to read! - is as far removed as one could ever imagine from the rules of 'engagement' which Thomas Wakley described as. “Change someone’s Mind.”

My first impression was that it is selfish, more about the writer than the child.

Undoubtedly a caring man but it still makes me wonder how the judges could have seen this as in any way altering the thinking of the Scientific Medical Profession. So goodness only knows what was in the Minds of the Doctor-Judges at The Lancet.

Or is it as always with Medical Science and it unique ability “when limited in our capacity to understand the very complex (Many Symptoms) we seek to understand the very small, (one symptom) with the full recognition any answer received will be only a small component of the large or studied illness. “then with the now published Scientific Proven Papers - treating the symptoms and not the cause.

On reading the winning entry by Dr Nielsen I would have willing withdrawn my entry in his favour if only for the encouraging title of the essay “Change someone’s mind.” Let alone the heart wrenching story; of his Cerebral Palsy ill daughter.

And maybe “Change someone’s Mind” in the understandings - Scientifically Proven Medicine is not delivering the outcomes it professes and still does not truly know the cause of any illness on the planet and does not have one single cure. To understand this illness; one has to look at the Child's Mother and Fathers healthcare pathway, the answer will be clear to see?

Cure = No more illness, no more Drugs and None of the dismissive statement “The person died of an unrelated illness.

Please feel invited to read my Essay Submission (below) to the Lancets 2012 Wakley Prize, may I be forgiven for labelling it as. “The one which would change someone's Mind, if only it was allowed.” instead of “"ALL ILLNESS IS A PROCESS OF THE MIND"

As always comments are invited and maybe someone will provide a different “Truth” and thereby “Change my Mind.”

The paper has been edited to now include recognisable information for self publishing.

Talking Cures entry to the 2012 Lancet Essay Competition This is our truth Now tell us yours- The Lancet Wakley Prize Essay Writing Competition.



This paper is an attempt to breathe new life and sense into Medical Science and Medical Research before it is too late by discussing illness in a way which may well be extremely uncomfortable to medical professionals.

Medical Scientist, have always tried their best to understand the cause of illness and create cures and Medical Researchers have rewritten the findings although in the Twenty First Century - year 2012; not one illness has truly a cause known? Or a cure been found?

Moreover our worldwide dedicated medical professionals do an amazing job of interpreting and working with the Medical Science/Research available.

Over the years a pattern of outcome has emerged through well documented; by many Scientifically Proven papers as well as Patient Forums - most illnesses still today are extremely difficult to manage?

From its beginnings to date in the understanding of the body; Medical Science appears to have advanced with amazing results, with the ability of electronically scanning the body to investigate the workings and in doing so; understand illness in all of its forms including the analysis of the many body constituents.

Cure = no more drugs no more illness, or. “The person died of an unrelated disorder.”

Can we now consider the pathway to understanding the Body and Mind appears to be guided with misconceptions and myths?

1. The Mind and Body are separate.

2. All illness is of Biological cause.

If found “the real cause of all illness Fatigue and Pain,” could it became second nature to - treat People rather than just a list of symptoms? As history tells; Einstein suggested generations ago.


What we refer loosely as Consciousness, is, in reality short term memory or interchange, from the outside world, to our Master - the Subconscious Mind where all information for life is stored.

Where the process of storing the information received from our: Eyes, Ears and body sensations, is arranged into an order - the task has to be layered because of the enormity of the information received at any single moment - based on the Positive/Negative value of what we have seen heard or felt for later recall, to which we will respond to this information and run our life, health, ill-health and all activities too.

Are the mass of information delivered to our senses at a rate which may well make a modern computer crash; sensed by all living organisms as external threats, however because they are regular are quickly seen as natural, thus are automatically dealt with by our mind/body immune/replication and information storage systems (Memory.)

These are not the same as the true cause of stress; trauma? - If we are to use such descriptive word - as illness.

Medical Science own words “when limited in our capacity to understand the very complex we seek to understand the very small, with the full recognition any answer received will be only a small component of the large or studied illness.”

Is this the most clear and unambiguous of understandings regarding the sheer enormity of Scientific Medicine’s lack of true success, one could ever read?

If So;

Surely if Medical Researchers could be this open and honest regarding the most serious of limitations in Medical Research, it would give rise to their being hope for us all with a new breed of researchers taking over from previous generations.

Based on the outcomes from almost all medical treatments this makes the qualifications of scientists pale into insignificance.

Makes the outcomes of earlier treatments, not being as desired, with the most profound and extremely clever Surgery; an admission of failure.

This does not include physical body damage, by impact and the requirement of emergency operations and critical care.


Leading up to say 1984 started as Pain; through to today there have been many attempts to rename Pain in an attempt to give relief to Patients now demanding freedom from Pain, or relieve the frustrations of our dedicated front-line clinical staff.

The amount of time consumed in research by Medical Scientists is perhaps beyond calculation in pursuit of looking without success for the biological cause which will unlock the mystery of Pain and indeed illness.

All to no avail as Pain - as have many illness - having gone through many process changes: Cure, Preventive medicine, Manage, Poorly manage and currently, self-manage and perhaps the next stage is Write an Illness Journal and harm Reduction due to as it may well appear to “medications overuse.” Which it is not?

All it appears has happened is to fill the dedicated Doctors surgery with even more mysterious Fatigue, Pains and illness; all without cause known or cure and strain NHS funds to breaking point.

Surely we cannot go on without some sensible answer to this conundrum, as before long there will be no one left to makes sense of this simple equation, let alone create the necessary scientific research papers and subsequent cures.

However can we look at the loss to the world as dedicated professionals themselves succumb to either a poorly managed or incurable illness?


1.Stressors as sensed by Living Organisms?

Thus in the light of later and better information one can consider; we see, hear or feel, which is often too late, as the eyes have already observed the oncoming threat and by using the mind made chemical adjustments to the information. This is only when a person is ill; as otherwise, we store information to no negative effect.

This information is collected within the conscious mind for sorting into an order, which makes sense, prior to storing within the subconscious mind. These now are the instructions by which we run our life.

2. Stress is poorly defined in its common usage?

Is it worthy to consider Medically Diagnosed names are a collective not descriptive.

Stress is a list of symptoms caused by emotional childhood trauma(s) or collective of many unresolved information threads and not an illness in itself.

Demonstrated by a pair of Binoculars, to see the desired image as close up and crisp as the binoculars will allow, do we not adjust them to suit us and do we not use our mind to create which we desire to see clearly. Of course, we could say it is the eyes doing the adjusting, but surely, this is to admit, we have no mind.

Hold up I hear the medical profession and researchers say. “This is all anecdotal, where is the scientifically proven, peer reviewed evidence.”

To this, one may be obliged to say, “If you show the world yours then others will show you theirs.” Meaning; have the courage to look along the healthcare pathway of any illness, say, Asthma.

Doctors may say with Childhood Asthma if it disappeared, it was through medication or the Person grew out of it?

Look more closely and follow a person through their life; you will see a pathway to destruction.

Meaning they were never cured of their Asthma all that happened was it moved onto another illness or emotional trait, scientific medicine still could not cure.

Moreover, show me a Doctor who has ever “Cured” any disorder or even has the courage to say “I have cured an illness.” If this cannot be done then we have to start somewhere; if only by seeking new and innovative treatments.

Thus, the moral of this story “do not call the kettle black if you are creating the smoke.”

3. Illness is never of Biological Creation?

The Body has an amazing immune system(s) and body replication system, if these highly efficient systems fail there has to be an extremely good reason why - the subconscious mind and Negative Thoughts!

Negative thoughts and resulting body chemicals poorly understood by us all - causes ALL illness - including Medical Science in much the same way as it will not address and resolve. “Why is it we always say with any illness? We do not know the cause and there is no known cure.” to understand body chemicals are the cause of all symptoms and has many traumatic causes, is surely the answer?

4. Definition of a Processes of the Mind?

We use Two emotions - neither readily recognised as emotions - in enabling us to make sense of external stimulation: With which; negative or positive information is converted into Body chemicals and electrical impulses.

Perception: - without which we could do nothing in our life at all.

Confusion: (not the same as being confused) again without this we could never make sense of any stressor/information that came at us and use the conscious mind to store it logically for later recall.

Although nothing to do with illness, they are poorly understood by Medical Science and forces patients to use them as an excuse, as they cannot blame their own Mind, for rear of being be dismissed by the Medical Profession when symptoms of ill health are treatment resistant, as “It all in your Mind,” or seen as a result as a fraud or malingerer by everyone around them in their personal life. Or even worse, causing sufferers to gravitate to treatments they know will not, or they will not let them; cure?

These are the understandings necessary to consider all illness is never a biological creation but of the processes of the mind.


Under emotional traumatic circumstances or even accident depending on the circumstances; the information is never stored in a manner, which makes proper sense. This forces the mind/brain - all organs contained within the head are one organ - to make adjustments to the whole body chemistry.

Based on the understanding the mind/body has to have an absolute chemical balance at all times - no matter how ill, how much medical science protests differently or close a person is to death, the body chemistry is always perfectly balanced?

When the body's ability to discharge waste as fast as it is able to secrete, is compromised by the instructions from the subconscious mind.

The resulting chemical secretions from the subconscious mind affects the whole body - post trauma yet are never seen by the mind or body as an intruder when they collect within the body; although technically speaking; this is now waste, the body never attempts to cleanse itself of them. So creates mysterious and treatment resistant list of symptoms: Fatigue, Pain, Mental and Physical illnesses Tender points, Sleep problems... and cannot be resolved by any form of medication or touch, yet coagulate into what medicine may well call; illnesses, which they are not.

Only by allowing the subconscious mind to alter - or store the information logically can this process be altered - therefore re balancing the body chemistry, automatically.

Therefore, the now negative chemicals do - and this is part of the intention - circulate into the mind and cause it to either talk to itself - so called voices in the head, or ringing in the head, not ears, or think inappropriate thoughts, create inappropriate actions. In addition cause the creation of Dormant yet Highly Active symptoms - often referred to as side effects from drugs - waiting to be triggered into existence by a lifetime of inappropriate treatments or an incident.

Therefore, it can be considered all symptoms are emotional responses or reactions to this process.

We have millions of (skin pores) places on our body to secrete the body chemicals which are no longer required or being created to excess to our requirements. This is a natural process.

Therefore is it possible can it now be seen all illness is a process of the mind following childhood emotional trauma.

More importantly create changes in lifestyle-diet which are purposely designed by the mind to enable the body’s chemicals to maintain balance or the protection required as now a “Process of the mind.”

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