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Understanding Creativity.

Many of the Scientific Psychological Treatment worlds research and findings would have us believe Many People of High intellect, High IQ and special abilities, often confused by or with Artistic Temperament; often fall victim to illness: Extreme Fatigue, Bi-Polar and Dementia are three good examples. 

Is it the High IQ at work here or is there another more satisfactory explanation.  

To understand this we have to start at the end and observe a Person with High IQ as a Person of High Creativity even though they have long suffered a long enduring illness - Bi Polar is a perfect example, for People with the disorder often say. “Without Bi Polar I would not be creative." 

Not at the same time being aware of the insidious demonstration of new or aged presentation of symptoms - weight gain or memory concerns are a prime example.

Although for many years prior I had worked with this principle. 

It took the understanding gathered as a result of seeing the life story film of Gulliver and his travels Five or Six years ago. To create. “Creativity is the Brakes on Madness.”

The real strength of the quote is: Trauma places us in Fear which causes Anxiety.

The Anxiety value is dependent on the level or power of the Trauma and our Perception of the Trauma and how we should deal with the Trauma - even in the womb.

Sadly most times we cannot “deal” with the Trauma(s,) so as. "Trauma is a disadvantage," we have no option but; “create illnesses as an advantage,” in order to gain Understanding of the Trauma (s) from the Person (s) who created the trauma (s.) 

From this we can see in order for us not to think about or experience the same Trauma again - we must make changes or have to make sense, of the Emotional unrest the trauma instilled.

If we cannot make sense of the Trauma (s) which placed us in perpetual Fear - we create Anxiety. Anxiety is an exciter/confuser which can be a very unpleasant emotional and physical feeling.

FEAR - Now being the bases of all illness; no exceptions.

Therefore in order to stop this unpleasant/uncomfortable feeling we insidiously become Creative as the Brakes on the “Madness” the “Trauma” and the illness may well “create” without the oft times special Created Skills we have to use. IE Being the Best!

Remember the Singing Detective TV Series Circa 1986/7...

"I will be the best detective and a Singing Detective I will."

In the same manner as illness is an advantage; when extremely creative a Person must now adopt the sincere belief. “The illness made me creative,”so I do not want to lose it."

Not realising if they JUST lost the illness then they would have no option but to face the originating trauma - to which they have spent a life time tying desperately to forget. 

In so doing retain the Creativity the Trauma created.

These Words are best seen as part of the Tools Techniques and Understanding of the Blueprint of Talking Cures, thus extremely necessary in order to bring about the resolution of Multiple Mysterious symptoms of Mind and Body (Brain is no more than an organ of the body) as one integral and interrelated unit.

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