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Medical Neuroscience requires answers to many questions?

The world of Scientific Medicine is constantly changing evolving and re-evaluating past medical history - and so it should.

Not least amongst these changes is the is the desire to understand the Brain, yet no matter how many endorsements an institutional body awards a study group... appears there are always more questions than answers or is it more answers than there are questions.

Question: Whilst I agree in principle, are you not calling the pot black as it appears to be you making the smoke - if you do not introduce the topic for discussion?  

Answer: Computational explorations in Theoretical Neuroscience.

Question. Does this doctrine really still as you have described ? NO Answers?

Answer: Yes, this is so; during a recent online discussion there were some 14.6k Views and up votes in response to a posting from a PhD student in neuroscience and machine learning - who specialised in Neuroreceptor Brain imaging and Computational Neuroscience.

Question: So are you saying despite having many commendations this Neuroscientists still have as many questions as answers to this interesting and much required topic?

Answer: Yet it appears the Scientists has some Thirty-Seven awards.

Question. That surely must be recognised as extremely impressive?

Answer: Of course - but what does it really say about the Peer Reviewers of the Phd Papers - if the list of unanswered questions is somewhat as long.

Question: How can the Peer reviews have any significant bearing on a research papers as important as this.

Answer: If after extensive research and Thirty Seven published Phd Value papers there are still many answers without questions and questions without answers - it would seem reasonable to consider, either there was something wrong with the papers; the reviewer, or perhaps more importantly the Process - as it appear to me there is the aged - and the sole reason why this situation prevails; Suppression or "we do not do it that way Do we." in action.  

Question: May we then explore the possibility of us answering the questions?

Answer: Yes most certainly - should be most interesting exercise.

Question: What do you feel are the biggest unanswered questions in neuroscience? And are you aware how many there are?

Answer: It appears for the moment there are some. Ten questions without answers.

Question: How does the Brain generate consciousness? How does it work mechanistically?

Answer: As the Brain is no more than a lump of Meat - it has to be considered for memory there are no "mechanical," workings in the Brain. 

there is no such thing as Consciousness - if we are to use such a term as consciousness; it is best seen as a mirror the Subconscious Mind uses to reflect difficult as well as simple to store information - in order to make sense of it.

Thus conscious is but a reflection of the collective of ALL worldly information, stored in the Intangible Mind as a result of Chemical and electrical activity throughout the entire body.

That uses the Brain as an exchange portal for the chemical and electrical activity to instruct any and all body functions. 

Question: How are memories stored, represented and retrieved?

Answer: For us to function in life it is imperative we have recall of all life's events - even if we feel we cannot remember much of our early life - our Subconscious Mind not only can, but uses them for every aspect of our life - no exceptions. 

Memories are stored using a unique spatial awareness system which locates us in our space and our time - rather like multiple cameras and sound symptoms at every point of our compass. 

Thus our memories are stored in pictures form and it is by this process we are able to recall at an instant - instigated by a chemical process faster than the speed of light.

Question: How does short-term memory work?

Answer: It has to be considered short-term memory does not exist - other than in the Brains of Medical Science, unable to make sense of so-called biological symptoms.

One could explain it using a simple cup of tea; surely, no one would put the tea bag in one's mouth and then the water straight from the boiling kettle - would one!

Thus, the Cup is a safe way of tipping hot water down our throat - change cup for Short-term memory and all is revealed, as the Short-term memory is no more than an exchange mechanism from outside the Body to inside the Mind.

Question: How does the cortical microcircuit work? Moreover; what does it do?

Answer: Courtesy of Wikipedia...

It is still unclear what precisely is meant by the term, as it does not correspond to any single structure within the cortex.

It has been impossible to find a canonical microcircuit that corresponds to the cortical column and no genetic mechanism has been deciphered that designates how to construct a column.

However, the columnar organization "hypothesis" (guesswork) is currently the most widely adopted to explain the cortical processing of information.

A cortical column, also called hypercolumn, macrocolumn or sometimes-cortical module, is a group of neurons in the cortex of the Brain that can be successively penetrated by a probe inserted perpendicularly to the cortical surface and which have nearly identical receptive fields.

Neurons within a minicolumn - microcolumn, encode similar features, whereas a hypercolumn "denotes a unit containing a full set of values for any given set of receptive field parameters."

A cortical module is defined as either synonymous with a hypercolumn or as a tissue block of multiple overlapping hypercolumns.

Question: Tells me about it - surely there is more?

Answer: If we adopt an historical approach to the understanding of this then we can see it is no more than guesswork - a more up to date view is it is still guesswork but aided by computer analysis of data.

Thereby of no value in understanding illness whatsoever and with the mechanical probing into the Brain to cure Psychiatric symptoms, is just practicing something to see if it works.

Just like aged Electrical Convulsive Therapy in the early 1900's has never in real terms been shown to be an effective treatment as so often either a medication is required or the Patient develops other equally serious symptoms.   

Question: How is complex structured behaviour learned?

Answer: As Humans, we only have one function - often hidden by our life achievements, to pursue pleasure and avoid displeasure at all costs.

Therefore in order to function in line with our peers; we MUST remember and react to all the stored information - Therefore Life is like an inverted pyramid of bricks.

We start with One brick and Two add Three add Five etc.

All of the time building up our lifestyle (Emotional Phenotype.)

In addition ALL illness no exceptions is no more that the pursuit of pleasure and avoiding the true traumatic cause avoiding displeasure at all cost - all of this activity is so much of a mystery to Medical Science there can only be one explanation - "Complex Learned Behaviour."  

Question: What is "fed back" in the extensive cortical feedback pathways?

Answer: It took me a second to make sense of this question, clearly the answer is; information is delivered to the Mind via The Eyes and Ears (negative causes illness) in order for the Mind to makes sense of this, it mirrors the information (often in the way of Daydreaming or Night Dreaming/Nightmares) onto the so called Conscious Mind or Short-Term memory where a  filtering takes place or one might say layering of the same information and re stored in the subconscious Mind with an ability to remember or not - both are the same.

This information now acts to protect the person (for life) and is activated on a daily bases by Chemical and Electrical Activity throughout the entire body.  

Question: How does interactive - sensorimotor, learning build a model of the world?

Answer: It appears this is an attempt to make sense of and provide a therapeutic intervention to previously difficult to make sense of or manage psychiatric and often body symptoms - thus of no real value as the Mind will always show; just who is in control with such Scientific Interfering, with its thought process which at creation are perfectly stored and not a problem.  

Question: How is human language represented in the Brain?

Answer: Using our entire body chemistry and the resulting electrical activity human/animal language is laid down in the intangible Mind as Pictures or in Neuroscience computing binary language of 0 and 1's - thus; place a child from Birth and one spoken language region speak only in another language and the Child will grow up having learned the seemingly foreign language. 

Question: What is the role and function of cortical oscillations - gamma, beta, alpha and theta?

Answer: The only values these have is for Medical Science with little or no understanding of how the Mind relates to the Body via its memories and chemistry-electrical activity - is to regurgitate as new scientifically proven findings.

Question: What is the structure of the neural code?

Answer: If we have to use such words - lack of knowledge by decades of Scientific endeavours and attempt to equate this activity with mathematical analysis.

Question: I am able to see there are at least Eleven questions here? Moreover, it appears this one to be the most important?

"Will these problems be "solved." In 2015? by 2030? or even 2050?"

Question: What if anything is the value of Computer Analysis in understanding illness data and creating cures?

Answer: Computer Data Analysis have No value whatsoever. it has taken us some three hours to answer these questions, all of the answers are readily available within the Scientific Papers - of course we must recognise the answers may well not please the Medical Fraternity as after all of the studies with no answers at all there has to be a very good scientific reason for this - perhaps to add to the 100,000 illness still waiting a definitive cause and cure found.

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