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Mind Mapping vs. Brain Grid Lines?

The grid lines of the Brain are only a memory created by the Mind and not of biological construction.

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Purpose of this demonstration is - we Humans and Animals need a special awareness.

My most sincere congratulations to John O’Keefe, May-Britt and Edvard Moser for being awarded the coveted 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

As a Team effort they Discovered the Brain's Positioning System;

Contribution by John O'Keefe...

The awareness of one's location and how to find the way to other places is crucial for both Humans and Animals.

To understand the ability to orient ourselves in space, John O'Keefe studied the movements of Rats and Signals from nerve cells in the Hippocampus, an area located in the canter of the Brain.

In 1971 he discovered that when a Rat was at a certain location in a room, certain cells were activated and that when the Rat moved to another location, other cells became activated.

That is to say, the cells form a kind of internal Map of the Room. 

Peter Smith Talking Cures

At long last with extreme seriousness Medical Scientists are studying the Brain, for too long separation of the Mind from the Body has ruled our medical thinking?

In part thanks to Rene Descartes dualism. Suggesting the Mind and Body are separate.

Can we therefore consider; Gridlines are but a Memory - switch of the Memory and they no longer exist.

Nobel Prize 2014 For Physiology and Medicine - John O'keefe. May-Britt Moser. Edvard Moser. 

Extract from The Gaurdian Newspaper dated 6th October 2014.

We have had a late reaction from Hugo Spiers, who as the head of the Spatial Cognition Group at University College London who is perfectly placed to explain the research behind this year’s prize: All three Scientists awarded the prize have dramatically changed how we understand the Brain’s Navigation and Memory systems. John O’Keefe made a remarkable discovery in 1971 when he found ‘place cells’ in a Brain region called the Hippocampus, which provide an organised map of space in their activity patterns.

O’Keefe speculated that place cells would need information akin to Latitude and Longitude in order to map space.

Where this signal was located remained mysterious until 2005 when May-Britt and Edvard Moser discovered ‘grid cells’ in a Brain region known as the Medial Entorhinal Cortex.

These cells show hexagonal patterns of activity stretching over the space traversed, similar to the lines that mark out distances on a globe.

Grid cells and place cells offer one of the few bridges neuroscientists have linking the cellular level to the cognitive level, as they help explain how individual Brain Cells help us navigate, remember the past and imagine the future. (End of Hugo Squires Quote.)

Peter Smith Talking Cures

My understanding of The Noble Standards of Medical Science is. "Always keep searching." With many of our forebears dedicating their entire lives to improving the understanding of the ill health mysteries of the world’s population.

Furthermore although not so well publicised. Science likes things to be simple and is very unhappy with coincidence in its findings as it demonstrates something is wrong in its fundamental thinking?

Surely with this in Mind it has to be of a serious consideration, if a researcher writes as part of a paper to explain the secrets of the Brain, with. "Creativity, that of course cannot be distilled into a single mental process and cannot be captured in a snapshot-nor can People produce a Creative Insight or thought on demand," is most surely missing the very ingredient of “Creativity” - which is to have a seriously open Mind? If only by Traumatic Incident(s.)

Thus any outcomes from this research are only of novel hypothetical value and not of therapeutic long term understandings of how the Brain - just an organ of the Body, works on the instructions of the intangible Mind. 

There are a number of ways we can consider this thesis:

Item. 1. Consciousness does not exist; it is like an illusion we see in a mirror.

A. Or a way of the subconscious Mind, our Master, talking to itself in order to create a better understanding of difficult to comprehend information or make sense of information whist the Mind is in turmoil.

B. In its way, this process creates an open Mind or “Creativity.” So often masked by Emotional illness? Anxiety. Bi-polar, Depression are just three examples.

2. If we could or do switch of the Mind - the Brain as described by the Grid Lines ceases to exist, thus is only as an organ - because it has no memory of its own.

3. We do not live on Earth. We live in what we have learned to recognise as the/our universe.

A. I do not even think we could describe the Earth as a Grain of Sand, relative in size to the universe.

B. Therefore if we look at our world and went inside it, which we cannot.

C. Our spatial awareness of our World would only be some 12,000 miles across, some 6000 if we were in the middle. If you take “us” as that Grain of Sand and look at us on our World/Earth as our spatial awareness in the universe and let us just say our documented length of the universe is Ten billion miles - we will not worry if it is Ten billion light years, you can call it what you like. The numbers are not important, as it would describe our Spatial Awareness. Spatial awareness - is the ability to be aware of oneself in a space.

D. It is an organised knowledge of objects in relation to oneself in that given space.

E. Which allows and also involves understanding the relationship of these objects - when there is a change of position?

Item. 2. My question would then be; ok what we appear to be indicating here is the Universe Stops at a given point.

A. If one is going to say something we have little of knowledge of stops, surely we must have the courage and wisdom to ask; what starts then.

B. Now we come back to the main thrust of this conversation because if we are on or are in this Grain of Sand, let us now bring the Moon into play.

C. Great discoveries have been made Scientifically of the activity of the Moon on the Earth. Where to me in reality the Moon only does two things:

1. It gives us light when we do not have any from the Sun’s reflection on a ball of rock.

2. It gives us a way of determining in that Spatial Awareness our Perception of Time, Day and Night.

3. When it comes to moving Tides and making people Mad just as an instance; because that happens every time.

4. Based on probabilities is pure novel hypothetical speculation and not definitive proof as demanded by Scientists.

5. As we cannot switch off the Moon to see what happens.

6. Although it has to be said and is beyond argument Scientific Astrologers can and do monitor magnetic influences from the Moon and other planets; however if we cannot turn the Moon off, any measurements are only scientific hypothetical speculation.

7. Therefore, this thesis cannot be proven.

Item. 3. So therefore coming back to the discussion if we take us in Grain of Sand size - 1000 to the power of 1 to the minus or negative, as relative to us in the universe. These numbers demonstrated here are irrelevant.

A. Thus in terms of Size we do not Exists as “Relevant,” so the question is - how can we understand how it is we can place ourselves in that enormous and seemingly unending space, or is it a clear demonstration of Mother-Nature at work.

B. And as yet not fully answered for we do not have the ability of Animal Talk to comprehend their activity. Yet recognise Birds and many other Animals can, time and time again navigate themselves over many thousands of miles to and from a destination. Not marked for them on any map. With no navigational aids or fuel.

C. There surely has to be something else at work here and can we now look at the suggested Gridlines in the Brain being explored by scientists who rightly so have received a Noble Prize for their findings.

Item. 4. Which is all very well?

A. However as a demonstration or comparison.

B. We would all recognise how difficult it would be to utilise a blank excel spread sheet reliant on Grid Line Cells.

C. Leaving it now difficult to impossible to work with.

D. Now it surely has to be understood this is a difficult scenario to comprehend and except.

E. Thus can we consider we as a Race of People led in our thinking by Noble Scientists have made understandings of the Brain having Gridlines for us to use as a Map for Spatial awareness.

F. Failing to recognise and at the same time creating long-term misunderstandings as to just what the Brain is, or is it no more than a piece of Meat or an Organ of the Body which in real terms does nothing as a reactive organ, because it is not proactive, meaning it has to be instructed to do something.

G. Thus we surely have to understand, how does the Brain or any other organ of the Body get instructions of how to carry out an activity, of, or in the entire body.

Item 5. If we take a Hand or any other Organ of the Body, on its own it can do nothing without specific instructions, this being no different to the Brain, it is just an Organ.

A. Thus the hand is reactive not proactive. We cannot pick something up and call that proactive because the “Mind” has to instruct via thoughts, the Brain to instruct the Body to react. Therefore - Picking up an item cannot be realised or activated, without Spatial Awareness.

B. The Brain having been so instructed by the Mind in turn instructs the Eyes to focus on an item to be “picked” up and then has to have further instructions from the Mind. Which instructs the Brain to instruct the Hand to navigate to the item and clasp/pick it up.

C. This activity is Reactive? Not proactive. Example; The Eyes see and item the Mind when it comprehends interest, instructs the Eyes to focus on the item.

D. If interest is confirmed by the Mind, instructions are then sent to the Brain to instruct the activity required by the Mind to pick up the item.” In order to better inspect it or show to another Person.

E. What we have sought to demonstrate here is the Brain is only an Organ and Reactive - thus has to have instructions.

F. Otherwise we cannot control our Body to be aware of any items, including the whole body and its three dimensional positioning. Imagine an item laying on a surface; if the Brain is only Proactive, then we would be able to pick up the item without instructions. If the Brain is only Reactive, we can only pick up the item when so instructed.

G. But now imagine the Brain having no instructions as to Spatial Awareness. Now try to pick the item up, surely if there is no Spatial Awareness to know the three dimensional position of the item. How can we guide ourselves towards the object, in order to pick it up?

Item. 6. First we must understand the process and the mechanisms of how this works in order for us to prove this to our own satisfaction.

A. Imagine an ordinary compass; and consider everything on Earth we do is relative to a compass setting, this is our understanding of our Spatial Awareness around the globe we call Earth.

B. Demonstrated by using a compass and relating our position to Longitude and Latitude settings.

C. What we have perhaps failed to take into consideration is “our” compass is only two dimensional, like a sheet of paper we take a compass and turn it to the direction we wish to travel. North, South, East or West - this is two dimensional.

D. Therefor to understand our Spatial Awareness we have to consider a compass as multi or Three dimensional and the process by which we navigate our Mind and Body.

E. Two dimensional = 360 degrees.

F. And by rotating second by second; Two dimensional = 360 degrees.

G. Result is Three Dimensional =- rather like a Gyroscope.

Item. 7. Therefore - The process by which space travel is navigated. If we go through a doorway we duck giving rise to us to believe and or accept we live in a three dimensional world.

A. What we have is now is true Spatial Awareness where we can position our self, Longitude and Latitude with pin-point accuracy. Including in space.

B. Surely it is satisfactory to us as we are only ever in a two dimensional plane on where we live on the Globe and as it is a two dimensional plane which allows us to position ourselves on the Globe Latitude and Longitude and extend from any given point to a given destination.

Item. 8. Therefore something else has to be at work here to enable us to do this.

A. Can we first consider - I have proven this to “my” satisfaction many times over many years giving treatment to People with long-term multiple mysterious symptoms of Mind and Body with no known cause and no known cure.

Item. 9. If we take a compass as having 360 points called minutes and we can turn it in every angle with the 360 degree minute lines of Longitude and Latitude viewing the two dimensional plane, at the any point on the grid is representative of our Spatial Awareness because we now know where we are.

A. Imagine ourselves at the centre, or any point is representative of the activity which controls our Mind and Brain.

B. Turn the compass through every point as looking at a sphere, like a spiky ball.

C. And consider our/the Mind controls everything we do via memories, yet tangibly does not exist as it is in the Brain.

D. Where it can now and only be seen as electrical or chemical impulses of instructions.

E. Bearing in mind we still cannot look into or at the Minds thought/memory activities, be they positive negative or indifferent with any X-ray style imaging device.

F. At the end of each of these points is an or our, memory storing camera; in 3-D, Infrared colour, black and white with gyroscope style ability and a sound recording devise.

G. For without this ability we would have no substance as a living human being, this ability gives us our status (presence) in Time and Space and thus Spatial Awareness giving us the ability to focus on an item, reach out to it and pick it up, for examination or showing to others.

Item. 10. How can we prove this to our individual satisfaction? From whatever position we are in at a given moment time. Try this - do not move your Eyes or Body and using your Mind look at yourself from the Rear, first time you would surely say it cannot be done?

A. The reason for this is for all of our life we have carried out this function automatically, what you were requested to try out, was to do it manually.

B. A process we are not used to, nor do we or should have experience or knowledge of doing it manually.

C. If this were not true how could one turn round stand up from sitting in a chair and walk safely to wherever one desires to go.

D. From Sitting in a chair in a familiar environment is not a problem, but with all life activities, surely we have to have a memories of our Spatial surroundings.

E. If we did not have a recording facility at every point of our multifaceted compass position in our space which is done by the metaphorical Mind, because biologically it does not exist, we would not have any Memories of our life’s Physical activities.

F. Good examples are shown in; why we do not fall out of Bed and why a Mother awakes in an instant if her Child cries in another bedroom, without this compass at all-times giving us Spatial Awareness in such detail, we would have memory blocks? Or no memory at all.

G. Because everything we do is listed within our Memory Bank in order for us not to have to go through this process every single time.

H. Demonstrating Spatial Awareness is not a construct of Brain Gridlines or the Hippocampus, it is construct based on Memory, everything we do is based on Memory, every movement and is recorded in multifaceted detail for us to recall on demand.

Item. 11. Try this awareness test again and you should be able to see yourself sitting in the chair.

A. How does one remember one might ask? “Say one uses a clipper to keep Hair short, how do we remember where the Back of our Head is, because we have had to do it manually, never automatically, now with the understanding of the process, try again and you will be able to see yourself siting in the chair; from the back.

B. Which appears impossibility. Unless what I am suggesting really does exist.

This is the truth as I see and understand it. Now tell us yours - change someone’s Mind.

Copyright Peter Smith Talking Cures 14th October 2014 - Extracts excluded Credits given.

Item. 12. Whether we accept this as a serious discussion or a joke one has to consider it makes one think, if nothing else.

A. Another way we can explore our Spatial Awareness is with the many reported - Near death experience of People.

B. Demonstrating Spatial Awareness and how our Mind works with our internal memory controlling devises - is when one Dies in an Accident or on an operating table and everything goes white and we appear to float up and look down and see the Accident or Operation - what is going on this is what keeps us in Spatial Awareness and the recording devise for if we did not do this when we came back to life - as People often appear to do and tell their story; there would be blanks in our Mind and this will cause us to Die.

C. Living is a clear demonstration we did not Die - therefore as or when we return our perception - memory recall, is distorted into OUR TRUTH!

Item. 13. Giving rise to our belief - We have sacrificed our life for the wellbeing of others to offer a glimmer of hope or may make you a better Person so you will return with a chance to redeem ourselves by returning to life to help a family in trouble.

A. If our mission is a success we can or may to some become an angel.

B. If it is not time will tell and the journey we started will continue its course.

C. Returning under these circumstances brings via Creativity is the Brakes on Madness - with it a new or attenuated set of Rules:

1. Tell no one or every one you are trying to improve their or your life.

2. Avoid the many temptations which may distract you for your mission.

3. Must complete your mission in a predetermined time.


And of course we must recognise there are as many versions as a Person so returned will tell.

It leaves me aghast as there was enough information presented within the Noble Prize entry paper - which demonstrated it is extremely necessary for Medical Science to incorporate the Brain into its current thinking.

Therefore can we conclude the Noble Prize entry paper is fundamentally flawed, as it fails to incorporate the Mind and its Memories into the Equation.

Thereby instead of Scientifically answering questions, it leaves as many if not more questions to be asked and answered?

Kindest regards and best wishes,

Peter Smith Talking Cures

We all have a lot to teach and a lot to learn and learn we must.

This is my truth now tell me yours - change someone's Mind.


...In illness - The Mind/Brain/Body is not in the slightest doing something wrong, it is desperately trying to right a serious and terrible wrong.

"No apologies are made if this paper is seen as repeating or simplistic, for too long Scientific Medical Papers have been written in a manner no one truly understands, if this were not so, cures would have long since been found making this paper and Talking Cures unnecessary or redundant.

Whilst it must be recognised, the framework - part of the content, for this paper is in the public domain and credit given to the authors;

Peter Smith Talking Cures asserts the right to be recognised as author and Intellectual ©Copyright holder of his contribution to this document."

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