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It is said in the year 2017, there is still no single universal scientifically proven diagnostic test for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and no effective treatments.

Who needs one when the greatest diagnostician and indeed biological chemist the world will ever see, has the disorder, does the Patient/sufferer not know what is wrong with them, better than anyone else.

Thus there is no requirement for Talking Cures to diagnose a persons symptoms of Mind or Body.

It for the clinician to create an appropriate educational treatment that will aid the persons ability using a better understanding as to the cause of their illness and their own immune system(s) to recover their health and life, perhaps better than it was before contracting the dis-ease.

It is also said by those who do not know the cause of this disorder "no one therapy will ever be able to work with and treat/cure, the multi-symptom ME CFS."

Clearly they know what they are talking about and have the Scientific Evidence to prove it?

Failing to recognise if the diverse complexity of ME CFS has say, a Thousand symptom presentations, then each of these has its own unique cause, which is a negative thought process within the Mind driving the Bodies many chemicals now inappropriately, to cause simple tiredness in the first instance not refreshed by sleep, to the most serious of and depleting of a persons life - Fatigue with many other mysterious symptoms of the Mind and Body.

They also say "What makes you (insert any Therapeutic Application or person who dares to suggest they have solved this mystery) an authority on ME CFS."

The above comment Often supported by sufferers of many illness's who say. "If the best Doctors in the world do not know what causes my illness (ME CFS) with all their research, how can someone who is not medically trained or a medical researcher."

Does this statement cause sufferers only to gravitate towards treatments they know will not work or they will not be able to allow them to work?

These statements; coming not only from educated sufferers but also from Medical Researchers, Professors of Medicine, Consultants and specialist who still after Fifty-Five years of intense study and so many descriptive names and lack of successful medications, in the year 2015 do not have a clue (their own well published words)as to the cause of their lifetime chosen specialty and are not able to apply a treatment to its multiple and ever changing diversity of symptoms, is very sad.

It is also said by many, ME CFS are mysterious illness's (they are most certainly not)and have many diverse and complex symptoms, diverse may well be true, complex only if the treatment being applied is able to treat only one presenting symptom at a time, or is unable to see all of the symptoms are only a presentation of a persons struggle with certain aspects of life, demonstrated as complex symptoms, to be Understood and Accepted.

On the other hand if the symptoms are dealt with by a therapeutic and educational application that sees only a Person who is suffering and is able to work as a partnership with the sufferer, then slowly - as it should be - the symptoms based on the persons better understanding as to the cause, will, by their own immune system, resolve themselves.

Surely if a treatment for any illness let alone ME CFS is to be affective then it must offer treatment to a Persons Mind and Body at the same time - as does Talking Cures and not as a collection of individual symptoms, with one being selected out for treatment based on the singular understandings of any highly qualified specialist.

This document is about showing believers of "this illness is only in the Body," because the Person is unable to function normally - are not correct in their assertions of the cause of this simple to understand illness.

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