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Because Pain illness and fatigue are destructive to our
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Mysterious Disorders of the Heart?

One may term this as hiding from the truth as we all appear to do - when mysterious illness strikes?

The Heart Muscle - does not self-repair?

This Paper is as much of what is reasonable to consider - as it is a matter of fact...

Moreover, for a Medically qualified Person considered as. Anecdotal - a posh word for storytelling.

If in reading this paper my writing appears to be like a foreign language or even rambling.

Consider reading this paper - not as a book; take some time to comprehend the contents.

Where I would like to think and feel sure, it will make sense?

So often we read or hear in detail "What" (description) of an illness - but rarely if ever does anyone take the time to truly explain.


...this paper is designed to answer many of the questions - we are so often left with.

Where many times we have the questions and no answers - or the answers and not the questions.

If I have unwittingly left anything out or not satisfactorily answered, please email (address at the end of this page) and I will include it in this Paper at the earliest opportunity.

Please include a copy and paste if possible - of the item that is not clear.

Did we not all struggle as a Child to learn many things we now through the experience of life - are now extremely competent with.

No apology if offered if discussions are repeated within this paper.

The understanding for this, is nothing is more repeating than illness that is there every day of one's life and - despite treatments does not get better or have a satisfactory explanation/understanding or when Medical Science writes Scientifically Proven Papers about illness; in a confusing or repeating manner that confuses everyone - even themselves!

The first thing in the process of answering this is, for any one suffering, it is clear...

"...New understandings are required about illness..." it appears the existing education is the same worldwide?..


From Talking Cures point of view and therapeutic practice - names of illness especially Medically Diagnosed recognised and Scientifically proven, are of no real value in the understanding and treatment of any illness - the only Name we should use or symptom we may label is...

"A Person is unable to achieve a Healthy and satisfactory lifestyle...”

...Or never allowed to become the Person they should have...

Thus requires. “Specialised assistance,” in order to make sense of the presenting symptoms, the cause and reason for them - enabling automatic resolution via the Persons own immune systems and Body replication process - referred to as, the entire body chemistry.

Surely if a Person cannot be in control of self-repair when can they be in control! 

To a trained Medical Mind these questions and answer updates may well appear or feel patronising - it is hoped not, as their structure is at the very "Heart" of the success of Talking Cures as a therapeutic application and may well be a serious asset and improvement in Medical Treatment outcome success.

In order to fully appreciate this, it is helpful to consider and accept;

All of the information as to why a Person became ill in the first place and as a consequence - all of the information required for them to automatically create immune response repair is - not only contained within the confines of their Mind - it is the only information required to bring about the required Automatic Cure using their own immune systems and body replication processes. As designed by the Mind and Body.

By creating very cleverly constructed questions - knowing the Person is able to answer them with their own knowledge of themselves of which they are a Master and if they are unable to with my interpretations, accepted as re-education of their own information, that continues/completes on an ongoing bases; the process either returning to well-health or well-health for the very first time in their lives.

These explanations are from a collection of Scientifically Proven papers in the public domain and discussion forums and are in a Question and Answer forum style.

It is important to accept I am both the Questioner, on behalf of interested Person's as well as the Person supplying the Answers, thus in many ways - my own best critic.

Leaving one to choose the Questions and Answers that are important for a better or individual understanding of this seemingly mysterious illness.

Mysteries of the Heart …Disorders…?

Question: It is suggested Medical Scientists have made enormous gains in understanding the Mysteries of the Heart and in reducing deaths from Coronary Heart Disease? Is this substantiated?

Answer: Yes, this is true - although Heart Attacks are still one of the leading causes of death yet it is astonishing how much - Medical Science still does not know about the Heart.

Question: Where does this leave - not only a Person with a Heart condition, but all of their attending Doctors?

Answer: Sadly, it leaves Patients and their Doctors uncertain about the best way to fight a disease that is still a leading cause of death for both Men and Women - in many countries of the world.

Question: Has anyone up to today's date February 2016 - questioned this sad state of affairs?

Answer: It appears - the successes and remaining puzzles in treating Heart Disease were laid out within a recent article in a leading publication.

Question: May we explore and examine these findings?

Answer: From 2003 to 2013, the death rate from Coronary Heart Disease plunged by about 38 percent, thanks to better control of cholesterol and blood pressure.

Question: Does it appear there are other implications?

Answer: It was reported - a decline in smoking rates, improved medical treatments and faster care of People after a Heart Attack, were serious contributors.

Question: When I consider your contribution regarding Substitution - treat one illness and another is created if the cause is not addressed and resolved?

Have you been aware of any negative response to such profound successes by the Medical Profession?

Answer: Sadly yes - the incidence of Diabetes and many forms of Dementia have risen - beyond all predictions.

Moreover, if one were to inspect the Audit Commission's Data of illness reporting; one may well be able to include ALL other illness increases - including the incidents of Suicide.

Question: Is this to suggest? there is much missing in these understandings?

Answer: It was reported in the published paper - The most surprising gaps in knowledge involve Two of the most common treatments: Stents and Statins.

Question: What are Stents? What about Statins?

Answer: Stents are small wire cages - to prop open blocked coronary arteries.

Question: And Statins?

Answer: Cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Question: Is the prescribing of Statins implicated in other theories?

Answer: it is suggested - they might do as much to reduce Pain.

Question: Do you feel this is a valid hypothesis - guesswork?

Answer: The Scientific Studies suggest - Stents save the lives of People having Heart Attacks. And Pain in 2015 is still very poorly managed and without a definitive cure.

Question: Does this have validity or is perhaps best considered as propaganda?

Answer: Sadly - there is no convincing evidence that Statins prevent Heart Attacks in People suffering Chest Pain because of a partially blocked coronary artery.

Pain speaks for itself.

Question: Where does this contradiction leave us?

Answer: Unfortunately, belief in Stents and perhaps Statins is so ingrained among Cardiologists and Patients that it has been difficult to recruit enough People for a study comparing the treatments.

Question: Is it fair to suggest this leaves the Medical Profession with little option - but to reduce the accepted Blood Pressure levels?

Answer: Yes, this appears so and with the long-standing quandary of... far to drive down blood pressure?

Question: Is there a considered Normal Blood Pressure.

Answer: Yes for many years, it was 120 Systolic and 80 Diastolic. Read 120/80.

If my memory serves me correctly the Medical Profession allowed the norm to be raised some Twenty or so Years ago.

Perhaps this was because they were then, as now unable to explain why People have Heart Attacks - now it appears; for the same reason the Blood pressure must be lowered.

Question: Is there a suggestion the researchers have a direction to take?

Answer: It is reported - Researchers need to find out more about just how low blood pressure needs to be to prevent Heart Attacks, strokes and other ill effects.

Question: How are researchers going about this and when will the results be in?

Answer: A clinical study of 9,000 adults with high blood pressure being conducted now "might," offer some answers when results are in, probably in 2017.

Question: I will not be swayed by the words "9000,""Might" and "Probably in 2017," these speak for themselves?

What is the reported progress so far - of such a study?

Answer: Half of the participants were told to reduce their systolic blood pressure - the top number, to below 120 by using common medications, while the other half aimed for below 140.

Question: But is that another adaptation of the War Protocol - Divide, Conquer and Rule?

Answer: Sure appears that way - my understanding if we are to use Blood Pressure as an indicator; both the Systolic and Diastolic should be lowered at the same time - as they are both inextricably linked.

The above does not appear to suggest this is in the Brains of the researchers.

Question: Is there a suggestion Diet or the Foods we consume are implicated in High or the Lowering of Blood Pressure?

Answer: Yes, they are trying to understand the role diet plays in Heart Attack and combining the importance of diet and exercise as well of risk factors like - family history, in determining optimal blood pressure for an individual.

Yet once again supplement this by saying, "this still needs more research."

Question: Are you able to see any implications in Diet Control and Exercise?

Answer: Yes - once again it is a desperate attempt to ensure all illness is of biological creation and nothing to do with the Mind.

Question: Have any recent studies found new practices that make a significant difference to the outcome for Heart Attack Patients.

Answer: In a multiyear Data analysis, researchers found that when some hospitals reduced the time - between when a Patient suffered a Heart Attack and had a clogged artery opened, by simply changing emergency room procedures.

Thus we must conclude anything that helps a Person having had a Heart attack - is of necessity.

Question: So is low blood pressure implicated or not in Heart Attacks.

Answer: NO.

Question: "NO." that is a bit definitive is it not - please explain?

Answer: If the blood pressure is high or low and there is a Heart concern - then both are no more than symptoms which have their individual or joint cause not at all in the body; in the Mind and it negative thoughts following an emotional trauma.

Question: Why does the Medical Profession consider? "Family History," important and more importantly - is it?

Answer: It appears in order for the Medical Profession to maintain superiority it has to have tangible answers to intangible questions - hence it is not their fault the Person does not get better and it is nothing to do with the Mind. It is a Family concern. 

Therefore, it must be considered not only is Family History not important - it is a serious contributor to the failure of their treatments.

Question: Why is it a serious contributor to the failure of treatments?

Answer: Even if in a Person's daily life they are unaware, their Parents and significant Persons in their life caused all of their illnesses - deep in their Mind they will - with pinpoint accuracy, "know this" and will put up a force-field resistance that would protect against a battery of Exocet Missiles.

Question: It is noticeable so far the article does not discuss the role of inflammation in the development of Heart Disease?

Answer: Much if not all Medical Science tells us. "What," has happened, but never in real terms. "Why."

In addition - it is just possible Inflammation whilst well known about, is not well reported because it appears - as of yet no one has come up with a successful understanding as to. "Why," or an effective treatment.

Question: What is inflammation in relation to the Heart?

Answer: Although it possibly has many Medical Explanations it is perhaps mostly referred to as - Myocarditis, or inflammation of the Heart Muscle.

Question: Accepted? More importantly - what do they suggest causes it?

Answer: I am not sure quite how to take, "it is reported as The latest research implicates inflammation as poorly written and even worse researched."

Question: I do not expect this nonsense from Talking Cures? Please explain?

Answer: Myocarditis can be caused by a variety of infections and conditions such as viruses, sarcoidosis and immune diseases, such as systemic lupus, etc. Pregnancy and others...

...More importantly these are all symptoms with individual or similar causes.

The most common cause of myocarditis - is infection of the Heart muscle (What) by a virus.

The virus invades the Heart muscle to cause local inflammation.

After the initial infection subsides, the Body's immune system continues to inflict inflammatory damage to the Heart muscle....

...This immune response - actually prolongs the myocarditis.

Question: Are there any points of interest in this answer to further our understanding?

Answer: Sarcoidosis: Also called sarcoid, is a disease involving abnormal collections of inflammatory cells that can form as nodules in multiple organs.

Most often located in the lungs or its associated lymph nodes, but any organ can be affected.

Sarcoidosis, "seems" to be caused by an immune reaction to an infection or some other trigger - called an antigen that continues even after the initial infection or other antigen is cleared from the Body.

Virus: Much is written about this with examples of common Human diseases caused by viruses include the common cold, influenza, chickenpox and cold sores. More examples of What.

Many serious diseases such as Ebola virus disease, AIDS, avian influenza and SARS are said to be caused by viruses.

The relative ability of viruses to cause disease is described in terms of virulence.

Other diseases are under investigation to discover if they have a virus as the causative agent, such as the possible connection between Human Herpesvirus 6 (HHV6) and neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue syndrome.

There is controversy over whether the bornavirus, previously thought to cause neurological diseases in horses, could be responsible for - psychiatric illnesses in Humans.

Perhaps the most interesting yet possibly much overlooked is..;

"...the Body's immune system continues to inflict inflammatory damage."

Leaving one to consider - a Virus in name is but a Medical Science dismissal of Not knowing what it is and what role it plays in Human and indeed all Life.

Thus anything that appears to be caused by a Virus is no more than an Opinion about a symptom.

Question: What role does a Virus play in Human and all life?

Answer: First, I feel we must dismiss the word Virus - as it is misleading.

This comment is based on the fact if under the most powerful of microscopes, if something from a living organism does not move - it is dead.


Thus a Virus can be seen as no more than an expression of the entire Body Chemistry as instructed by the Intangible Mind as a result of Childhood or even Pre Birth Traumas - for a perceived outcome.

Question: How is myocarditis treated?

Answer: Except in systemic sarcoidosis and immune inflammation such as from systemic lupus erythematosus where myocarditis can respond to corticosteroids.

There are No proven effective medications currently available for treating active myocarditis.

Treatment measures mainly involved in alleviating Heart failure are: salt restriction, water pills, ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers and treating as well as monitoring Heart rhythm abnormalities.

Question: What is the long-term outlook for a Person with such a disorder?

Answer: The prognosis - outlook, for Patients with myocarditis for long-term damage is not predictable and only becomes evident if the Patient is followed by the Doctor over-time. Or to use the clinical terminology. "Watchful Waiting."

After the initial phase of myocarditis, some Patients can experience complete recovery; others may develop Chronic Heart Failure due to injured Heart muscle.

Infrequently, some Patients develop fulminant (sudden) Heart failure, a fatal condition without Heart transplantation.

Patients who have had myocarditis are at some risk for sudden unexpected, potentially fatal, Heart rhythm abnormalities.

These can often be prevented with implantable defibrillators - if the Heart muscle damage is severe.

Question: Is there a conclusion one can make from this?

Answer: Yes - Watchful waiting (substitution) - a Medical terminology for; "We do not know, "why" and are waiting to see if there is something we can recognise and cut out or add a treatment too."

Question: Are there any improvements in surgical techniques that are saving lives in cases that would not have been possible before?

Answer: This has been true with one procedure that has become a preferred treatment for Patients suffering from severe aortic valve stenosis, an often-fatal condition involving the narrowing of a valve controlling blood flow from the Heart.

Some 100,000 People in one major country have this condition but are too old or sick - for open-Heart surgery to replace the valve.

Now, many such Patients are being saved by threading a catheter through a blood vessel and using it to insert a new valve, made of cow or pig tissue, without removing the old one.

Some experts believe this will become the standard treatment for most Patients with the disease, not just those who are frail.

Question: Are any further gains in Heart treatment expected?

Answer: There is an anticipation they may come from breakthrough medicines that are being tested.

Just last month (September 2015) a panel of experts recommended to approve two drugs that reduce so-called bad cholesterol to remarkably low levels for Patients in whom Statins do not work well.

The recommendations were based on highly encouraging preliminary data, with large clinical trials ending in 2017.

However - making sure that there are no unexpected risks in lowering cholesterol to such levels will require more hard data.

In this and other cases, more data can help Doctors and Patients overcome ingrained resistance to new medical approaches.

Question: Surely, there are weaknesses with this answer?

Answer: Certainly are:

1. "So-called bad cholesterol,"

2. "Remarkably low levels,"

3. "Statins do not work well,"

4. "Clinical trials ending in 2017,

5. "No unexpected risks,"

6. "Require more hard data."

Answer, 1. Indicates there is still insufficient knowledge of the activity Cholesterol really plays in ill health and our body.

Answer, 2. Indicates lack of knowledge regarding the level of Cholesterol that is really required in our Body.

Answer, 3. Indicates lack of knowledge as to why in some cases - no amount of medication will lower Cholesterol.

Answer, 4. Trials ending in 2017 indicates a lot of guesswork is going on in order to satisfy the agent supplying the funding for the research.

Answer, 5. Indicates, if without satisfactory knowledge of Cholesterol activity in the body, the correct levels, what it really does and why if considered high will not respond to lowering techniques - how can they know what are or are not - Unexpected Risks.

Answer, 6. Indicates more money as anticipated is required for more research.

Question: There must be some Patients who are satisfied?

Answer: Of course - but should we allow the excitement of such outcome to mask up the very many whose lives are not improved or even made worse.

What Doctors do not know may be astonishing, but what they do know appears to have extended many lives.

Studies certainly have value and doubtless will clarify which treatment may work better, but in many cases with all of them combined that seem to be working well, does anyone consider the longer term outcomes with - Watchful Waiting.

Question: What are the roles Cholesterol has in our body?

Answer: One has to consider in the absence of secure information relating to Cholesterol in the Body - whilst Raised Levels are nothing to do with the food we eat, attempts at diet regulation must be considered until we are able to accept raised Cholesterol levels are created by the Mind as a result of Emotional Traumas and thus elevated Cholesterol is a Minds an attempt to ensure local energy levels are maintained or enhanced, as well as being part of - the body repair mechanism.

Question: Is it true to suggest? The reduction in the death rate for those with Coronary Heart Disease - is more pronounced among the wealthy.

Answer: Sadly it appears the more money we pour into improved treatment, the more the disparity grows.

Question: But why should this be?

Answer: It has been suggested by a leading cardiologist, "I know there is substantial financial gain from performing stent procedures, whether they are necessary or not."

Question: So it appears the more money you have, the better treatment you can get?

Is this really true?

Answer: It appears our medical system overpays those who perform procedures and underpays/undervalues those who perform counseling and as a result, far too much is spent on high-tech and far too little on low-tech.

If one were to study the death rate amongst those with high financial security - one may find the efficiency of the treatment - is only as long as the funding holds out...

...Then - they died of an unrelated disorder!

Question: So is the problem two-fold. There is too much unnecessary care and too little necessary care.

Answer: Fortunately, or so it is reported the health care costs are being driven from high-quality, towards high-volume.

Question: Is there a truth in the content "High Quality?"

Answer: When one considers from the Medical Profession themselves of the 100,000 recognised and diagnosed illnesses in the world today - they do not know the cause of one of them and more importantly - do not have a definitive cure for any illness.

From this, one can only conclude the Financially Secure are being seriously deluded into believing their money will bring well-health from ill-health.

Question: So what if anything is the Scientifically Proven answer?

Answer: More work is needed.

Question: Is that really a satisfactory answer?

Answer: Patients in particular need to understand that their physicians' motivations include making money and as such, they may not always have their best interests 'at Heart.'

Question: Is there a consideration Patients generally feel - that more treatment is better?

Answer: One may consider that is often the case - as has also been mentioned. "Less is more."

Question: If we accept that, is the truth of it? Is there an explanation?

Answer: Yes the Subconscious Mind - our master keeper of all memories sets up a diversion via the so-called Conscious Mind.

I prefer to call the so-called Conscious Mind the Emotional Phenotype - treat this (often-referred to as biological symptoms) at the peril of both parties and the only outcome will be more profit for the Doctor until the Patient dies of an unrelated disorder and stops paying the invoices.

Question: Surely there are more up-to-date and even interesting advances in Heart Disease management?

Answer: It appears the Medical Industry are deep into gadgets more so in 2015 than ever seen in Heart disorders where improvement can be made - in the management of Heart Pacemakers.

Question: Are there different types of Pacemakers?

Answer: Yes many and very clever they are too. From; may we say simple Pacemaking of the Heart - to more elaborate Heart Arrhythmia control.

When if the Heart goes into an arrhythmia - which can be life threatening the unit implanted in the chest wall will give a shock to bring the Heart back to a more normal rhythm.

In addition; the implanted unit constantly monitors the Heart and through a modem and the telephone line sends a report to the attending team at the hospital.

Question: Would I be correct in suggesting these are used when a Person has a weak Heart.

Answer: Yes, you would be correct with just one condition called cardiomyopathy - which means weak Heart.

Using a procedure called echocardiogram optimization, in which the wirelessly managed pacemaker's internal timing delays were adjusted using measurements made by an echocardiogram system.

Perhaps a 15% improvement in throughput can be achieved and in some cases, the attending cardiologist may well explain from the reports an 80% improvement in ejection fraction - left ventricle output measurement had been achieved, often making a huge difference in a Persons quality of life.

Question: If a Person is on Statins and now has satisfactory cholesterol levels, as it should be without Statins?

Should we believe cholesterol levels - tell the whole story?

Answer: What is, "astonishing," is how it appears the studies strive to create no controversy - where some actually exists.

Question: Are you suggesting we do need better treatments for hyperlipidaemia?

Hyperlipidaemia involves abnormally elevated levels of any or all lipids and/or lipoproteins in the blood.

The lipoprotein density and type of apolipoproteins it contains determines the fate of the particle and its influence on metabolism.

Primary hyperlipidemia is usually due to genetic causes, such as a mutation in a receptor protein, while secondary hyperlipidemia arises due to other underlying causes such as Diabetes.

Lipid and lipoprotein abnormalities are common in the general population and are regarded as a modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Answer: Should not the requirement be - why Cholesterol levels, if we are to accept a normal level - become elevated in the first place.

And genetics dismissed as of novel but no real scientific value - demonstrated by "In a receptor Protein." Just one of approximately 2000 body chemicals.

Question: If Cholesterol in the Body is considered High? Can it really be lowered by Statins?

Answer: Whilst we of course have to recognise in the absence of better understandings - Cholesterol Levels accepted as too high must be lowered - should we not consider important - what are the true consequences of lowering the levels.

The Mind although never implicated in High Cholesterol levels will always seek to maintain a Chemical Balance in the Body and will see any attempts to rebalance with Statins as an intruder and will never allow such activity, thus in response will either block such activity or create new and mysterious symptoms.

Question: But surely? Scientists now know more about the Heart than perhaps any other organ in the Body; more than the Brain, Kidney, Liver, or Gut?

More importantly - no comparable treatment exists for Alzheimer's disease, stroke, end stage kidney disease, or even irritable bowel syndrome - the way it appears to for coronary or Heart Valve Disease.

Answer: Let us accept all of this is the Scientifically Proven Truth.

Then have the courage to ask our self. "How does this stack up against the 100,000 illness in the world recognised and diagnosed and not one of them is the cause truly known and not one of them has a definitive cure. = no more illness and no more medications.

Is this not a demonstration of how very little in real-terms the medical profession actually knows about the Human Body. One might add or argue the Heart unlike the Brain and other organs can be operated on or even exchanged for a previously used - Heart.

Question: Mysteries indeed? Does this information do little else but highlight the closed mind of the medical profession?

Answer: First, we must say according to the Medical Profession there is no such thing as the Mind - it is the Brain they are only concerned about. Thus, they themselves have no Mind to be closed or even opened.

Question: Are there other approaches to Heart disease that are worthy of consideration?

Answer: Yes, it appears one of the biggest mysteries or even known but conveniently forgotten is long-term inflammation of the blood vessels.

Question: Should inflammation be counted as a worthwhile mystery that might actually get closer to the roots of the problem?

Answer: For sure - especially as it appears there are long-standing observations that cholesterol and other substances that block the arteries - do their damage because of underlying inflammation.

Then there is the discussion of the qualities of different subtypes of cholesterol.

Question: Different types of Cholesterol?

Answer: Yes, anything to disguise how little is really known.

Question: May we discuss Inflammation of the Arteries?

Answer: Yes, - A diseased artery looks as if someone took a brush and scrubbed repeatedly against its wall.

Question: Are there any Medically Proven Suggestion as to why this is?

Answer: Yes, the Medical Science suggests - several times a day, every day, the foods we eat create small injuries - compounding into more injuries.

Question: Do they suggest what type of foods cause this damage?

Answer: Yes, they say. Whilst we savour the tantalizing taste of sweet foods, we perhaps fail to recognise they are loaded with Body tissue damaging agents - sugars and simple carbohydrates or foods processed with omega-6 oils for long shelf life, which have been the mainstay of many Peoples diet for decades.

Question: Doctors are highly admirable People, but they are still Human beings.

They all make mistakes? However, do they all learn from them?

More importantly, are the really good Doctors willing to admit to them?

Answer: A physician’s word is often taken very seriously and with little skepticism.

An opinion from one or two Doctors, when made in a professional office or hospital can persuade a worried Patient to take drugs with complex side-effects, or even undergo traumatic treatments - such as radiation and chemotherapy.

Question: Please answer my question?

Answer: Sadly, it appears Physicians with all their training, knowledge and authority - often acquire a rather large ego that tends to make it difficult to admit they are wrong.

Made it seems much worse by convention they are not allowed to speak out without their peers all ganging up against them to stifle them with silence or...

"...We do not do things that way." "DO WE."

Rarely if ever does one hear a Medically Trained Person with many years high valued experience say...

"...I freely admit to being wrong."


"All my career I have been Bombarded with scientific literature, continually attending education seminars, where opinion makers insisted Heart Disease resulted from the simple fact of elevated blood cholesterol."

"Today is my day to right the wrong with medical and scientific fact."

Where the only accepted therapy was prescribing medications to lower cholesterol and a diet that severely restricted fat intake.

"The latter of course we insisted would lower Cholesterol and Heart Disease."

Question: Wow some revelation from inside the Medical Profession? How was this viewed and acted upon?

Answer: Deviations from these recommendations were considered heresy and could quite possibly result in malpractice.

Question: How could a Doctor respond or recover from such accusations?

Answer: Whilst they may protest, "It Is Not Working!" These recommendations are no longer Scientifically or Morally defensible.”

Sadly, like in so many areas of institutional suppression it is only the weak who are featured - and such a Doctor close to or already retired from practice - is a safe bet to take away their license to practice medicine.

Even if they were able to challenge the validity of Statins - commonly known as cholesterol-lowering medications - such as well known brands and others with data; which demonstrated in a major country -

"still more People die each year of Heart Disease than ever before."

Question: Interesting diversion? May we return to Inflammation?

Answer: Of course, remembering any health related subject that is or feels uncomfortable - is the only one worthy of debate...

It is reported in a discovery a few years ago that inflammation in the artery wall is the real cause of Heart disease and is slowly leading to a paradigm shift in how Heart disease and other chronic ailments will be treated.

Appearing to confirm - The long-established dietary recommendations have created epidemics of obesity and diabetes, the consequences of which dwarf any historical plague in terms of mortality, Human suffering and has dire economic consequences.

Question: And that is Medical Science?

Answer: Coming from a highly qualified cardiologist having peered inside thousands upon thousands of arteries.

With such contradictory information - one can only wonder; why or how Medical Science - has existed so long.

However, should we not challenge the statement that appears to be controversial - in that...

..."Cholesterol does not cause Heart Disease" …In which case it surely makes Statin drugs superfluous."

Question: Since we now know that Cholesterol is not the cause of Heart Disease, is the concern about saturated fat even more absurd today?

Answer: It is reported - the cholesterol theory led to the no-fat, low-fat recommendations, that in turn created the very foods now causing an epidemic of inflammation.

Thus, we now have an epidemic of arterial inflammation leading to Heart Disease and other silent killers.

“Simply stated, without inflammation being present in the body, there is no way that cholesterol would accumulate in the wall of the blood vessel and cause Heart Disease and strokes.

Without inflammation, cholesterol would move freely throughout the Body as nature intended.

Inflammation causes cholesterol to become trapped, causing the Body to respond continuously and appropriately with inflammation...

...In response, our Bodies respond alarmingly... if a foreign invader arrived declaring war.

Question: Are there any indications as to where the medical profession goes from here:

Answer: It appears they are suggesting the Heart has also strong connections to the nervous system that might explain the effects of stress and even childhood trauma.

Question: Is this a suggestion they are at last admitting the Mind is the cause of Heart Disorders and is an explanation of why it does not self-repair?

Answer: Sadly, no - the entire medical profession is at the moment still stuck - somewhat securely in the Brain.

Question: How can this be demonstrated - if at all?

Answer: Still left to answer is the little known question of the hormonal functions of the Heart cells themselves and they are saying, "these should be studied as well."

Question: Is that why all a Person receives is superficial surgery, questionable statin claims and both questionable and superficial focus on blood pressure?

Answer: In other words, nothing about the true causes of the problem that very probably involves the low profit elements of nutrition, exercise and psychology.

Question: Can the medical profession not be afforded at least some credit?

Answer: Yes of course; One such unsung hero wrote and published the first methods manual (1964) in blood coagulation that led to an explosion in clotting sciences especially blood platelets.

Question: What in today's medical environment, have these finding amounted too?

Answer: Whilst is has to be considered nothing in Heart care could have happened without anticoagulant control - especially platelets during procedures.

Nothing is the truthful answers as more people die of Heart Attacks than ever before.

Question: Does a daily-prescribed dose of Aspirin help or hinder Heart disease:

Answer: That depends.

Scientific evidence appears to show taking an Aspirin daily can help prevent a Heart Attack or Stroke in some People, but not in everyone...

...It also can cause unwanted side effects.

According to some well-informed sources - one thing is certain: One should use daily Aspirin therapy only after first talking to your health care professional, who can weigh the benefits and risks.

However, it is worth mention that Aspirin can play a big role in disease mitigation during lipid reduction and improved health.

In addition, is likely underutilized mostly because high blood pressure is a confounding variable in treatment.

Question: Are there any Cautions Needed with Aspirin use?

Answer: It appears; this is the reported case - As Aspirin is a blood thinner - with Other Blood Thinners.

Question: How is it reported Aspirin works?

Answer: When a Person has a Heart Attack, it is because one or more of the coronary arteries that provide blood to the Heart has developed a clot - obstructing the flow of blood and oxygen to the Heart.

Aspirin works by interfering with the blood's clotting action.

Therefore, as is also reported; Care is needed when using Aspirin with other blood thinners.

Question: What about People who have not had Heart problems or a stroke; but who, due to family history or showing other evidence of arterial disease are at increased risk?

Is an Aspirin a day a safe and effective strategy for them?

Answer: Sadly, as with much Medical Science as the evidence appears to emphasize; the clinical data does not show a benefit in such People.

However, there are a number of ongoing, large-scale clinical studies continuing to investigate the use of Aspirin in primary prevention of Heart Attack or Stroke.

These studies are being monitored and will continue to examine the evidence as it emerges.

Question: May we discuss? The Genetic basis for this disease?

Answer: The data is strikingly clear:

For anyone having a Heart attack before age 70, the cause is almost entirely inherited through an unfortunate combination of alleles that predispose one to Coronary Artery Disease.

An allele is a variant form of a Gene. Where one allele is inherited from each Parent.

Question: Do you accept Heart Disease is Genetic?

Answer: No - it is pure scientific nonsense.

Our Genes are a use once process and nothing to do with any illness.

What may be more acceptable is.

The so-called Genes post our creation and Birth are no more than a working copy of our construction Genes and in constant flux (alteration) as instructed by our Mind and via our entire body chemistry.

In keeping with our thoughts - be they Positive, Negative or indifferent.

Question: Is this the truth or a myth, "if we eat more of this or less of that and exercise more, etc. we will be fine.

Answer: Not true.

Whilst for the most part it is reported; Heart Disease is a disease of the elderly that is basically a time bomb that goes off in our Body - as we age.

Thereby- Inheriting those unfortunate Genes makes it happen earlier.

With the links to total or LDL cholesterol being real but only to exceptionally high levels.

The data for reducing Heart Disease by lowering total Cholesterol by 20%, from say 240 to 200 are very weak in terms of preventing the disease.

Clearly, we within the medical profession demonstrate - we have a very long way to go.

Question: What is CAD in relation to Heart Disorders?

Answer: Coronary Artery Disease is fundamentally an inflammatory disease that is exacerbated by dyslipidemia.

Dyslipidemia is an abnormal amount of lipids (e.g. cholesterol and/or fat) in the blood.

In developed countries, most dyslipidemias are hyperlipidemias; that is, an elevation of lipids in the blood.

Are reported by Medical Science as - often due to diet and lifestyle:

Question: What are Lipids?

Answer: Lipids are a group of naturally occurring molecules that include fats, waxes, sterols, fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins A, D, E, and K, monoglycerides, diglycerides, triglycerides, phospholipids and others.

Question: Is this the real truth?

Answer: The Science appears to suggest; "Lifestyle modifications may help, but they are not a "cure" and "no one is to blame for their Heart Attack."

Moreover do we not know when Fat and Wax are heated they turn to a liquid and harden when they cool.

Natural Body heat keeps Fats and Wax liquid and Fear, which lowers core temperature - hardens.

Question: "No one is to blame?"

Answer: Yes must keep it biological must we not - for to admit someone was to blame means - it is a process of the Mind.

Question: What then is the scientific suggestion in order to combat the rise in Heart Disorders?

Answer: It appears more and more the medical profession are recommending; Patients need early access to naturopaths, perhaps in their 20s, to prevent Heart Disease, Cataracts and many Cancers.

Question: What is a Naturopath?

Answer: Naturopathy or Naturopathic Medicine is a form of alternative medicine employing a wide array of, "natural," modalities, including homeopathy, herbalism and acupuncture, as well as diet (nutrition) and lifestyle counseling.

Or for the Medical Profession a slippery slope to oblivion.

Question: So is it fair to say - People have a vested interest in their health-care, thus preventing onset of illness?

Where will this leave the Medical Profession and the employed clinicians?

Answer: Yes it appears more and more People are being placed in a position of self-managing their Life and illness by writing Journals as Doctors do not seem to - as they have a definite financial interest in maintaining the situation or illnesses at the current levels.

Question: May we return to the role of inflammation in the development of Heart Disease.

More importunely to your own understandings - as they do not appear to have featured very much, so far?

Answer: It appears - The latest research implicates inflammation as the primary causative factor in the development of Heart Disease and not high Cholesterol.

Thank you for the invitation to express my views...

Before we start, may we explore a few questions I am aware of - relating to the Heart and certain dietary recommendations!

Question: How many folks are reported as saying - they do not want to drink anything before going to bed - because they will have to get up during the night?

Answer: far too many.

Question: If one was to ask a Doctor - why People need to urinate so much at night time. What do you feel would be the response?

Answer: From any Cardiac Doctor the response may well be and perhaps many derivatives of. "Gravity holds water in the lower part of the Body and when upright the legs swell.

Question: And the derivatives?

Answer: And when a Person lies down and the lower body - legs etc... seek to level with the kidneys, it is then the kidneys remove the water - because it is easier.

Question: Is that a good answer from a Cardiologist?

Answer: No of course not.

However, as always in the absence of a proper answer - it has to be acceptable.

Question: Does this tie in with the last statement?

"We know we require a minimum amount of water to help flush the toxins out the body? but this flushing out of toxins is news to me?"

Answer: A long term process of the alternative/complimentary medicine body, to detox the Body. Of course to drink water or consume fluids is very Important, lest we forget we obtain fluids from most - if not all of our food intake.

Question: Would there be more information on this subject from a Cardiac Specialist?

Answer: Yes. I feel sure they would say.

"Drinking water at a certain time maximizes its effectiveness on the Body.

Two glasses of water after waking up; helps activate internal organs.

One glass of water 30 minutes before a meal, helps digestion;

One glass of water before taking a bath, helps, lower blood pressure.

One glass of water before going to bed, helps avoid stroke or Heart Attack.

Water at bedtime will also help prevent night time leg cramps.

And they wonder - why with all that water consumption a Person will rise multiple times at night to urinate.

Question: The reality of this is? - does all of this water consumption actually help or hinder?

Answer: Firstly, I feel it is important to recognise in the absence of any satisfactory understanding of the mysteries that are involved in Heart Disorders - then let the medical science speak for itself.

Question: But what do you think?

Answer: It is pretty much nonsense.

Question: so are you saying the body cannot be so called Detoxed?

Answer: A long-term impossibility - even Medical Science has the knowledge the body always maintains Homeostasis being the property of a system in which variables are regulated - so that internal conditions remain stable and relatively constant.

I would add - and is the process that maintains the stability of the Human Body's internal environment in response to changes in internal and external conditions, based entirely upon the Emotional Phenotype. The Minds collective of memories which depict how we should run our life.

Question: Does this confirm your response? "The leg muscles are seeking hydration when they cramp and if a Man - he would very likely wake up with a Painful Erection." Please explain why it is nonsense?

Answer: There are two main items for consideration:

1. Over consumption water and I would like to think in some areas of scientific medicine there would be an agreement - is too much of a burden on the system and would put extra strain on the Heart, little and often may be a better approach.

2. The only biological way a Person can have any Heart disorder is for the Mind to instruct a Negative re-balancing of the entire Body chemistry based on traumatic events much earlier in their life - this would be demonstrated at the time of a Heart Attack where the Body chemistry is perfectly balanced - thus excess of water would put the Person and their entire Body chemistry into toxic shock.

Thereby; Balancing anything whilst it is perfectly balanced is not a mathematical possibility - no more than it is biologically possible.

A Man or even a Male Child getting an erection following a period of sleep - is an external demonstration the bladder requires emptying before the Mind and Body is compromised with the toxic and caustic Urea - Urine recycled for re-cleansing.

Question: As a Women has different attributes to a Man although they are not immune from Heart Attacks - how would this show in a Woman?

Answer: Nice question and we have to consider there are many ways a Women would demonstrate this.

In simple terms; A Woman would not have the external signaling of a Man, thus her body would take over and when the bladder is full recycle the urine around the body until her endurance is challenged - forcing her to wake or rise and go to the toilet.

In the meantime - especially if this were a regular occurrence the Body would seek to store the waste it cannot satisfactorily dispose of, in body tissues.

This would result in ever changing Mind and Body symptoms and in extreme or rare cases a body odour that in reality is Urine (urea) yet to others close by - may smell rather like Fish.

Question: Do you feel this information above has a bearing on. "Most Heart Attacks occur in the day, generally between 6 A.M and Noon?

Answer: Whilst we have to accept there are many contributing factors some decades old leading to a Person having a Heart Attack.

However as all illness is based on Fear which can and most times increases a Person's thirst, then whether it is self or medically prescribed the over consumption of water may be seen as - a serious contributory factor.

In addition one has to consider as the data suggests - Heart Attacks happen between 6am and 12 Noon.

Is nonsense if there is no understanding of the entire body chemistry and toxic shock following what one may consider a night's sleep.

Question: How does this figure when a Person has a Heart Attack during the night? When the Heart should be most at rest?

Answer: Surely to have an attack at night - means that something unusual happened.

Question: But what?

Answer: There we are back to the. "What," again - never the "Why."

Some medical institutions have been working for a decade to show that sleep Apnoea is to blame.

Once again, this is a clear demonstration that Heart Attacks are only of Biological Creation.

In addition fails to take into consideration the cause of the Sleep problems is based on FEAR and this is the true cause of Sleep Apnoea.

Question: When Heart Attacks happen in the wee hours of the morning? What would be the, "Something unusual has happened?"


Note: There may be NO Pain in the chest during a Heart Attack.

The majority of People (about 60%) who had a Heart Attack during their sleep - do not wake up.

However, if Pain does occur, it may wake a Person up from deep-sleep.

Question: Please answer the question?

Answer: I will copy some of the questions and give my answers:

Question: I asked my Doctor why - People need to urinate so much overnight?

Answer: Whilst gravity has some effect on our Body. ALL of our chemicals including water - our main constituent, is pumped around our Body day and night regardless of gravity.

When we lay down to go to sleep part of this process is our Body chemistry becomes - naturally, more toxic, bringing on sleep.

If our Body chemistry is both toxic and caustic as a result of the chemical balancing - a necessity, due to emotional and or physical traumas in Childhood.

It is the Mind thought processes and the Toxic and Caustic chemicals putting ALL Body tissues under duress, which - even if we drink nothing at all for many hours prior to going to bed, is responsible for us rising in the night to urinate - sometimes every hour?

Often called dreaming - nightmares or Insomnia or even sleep Apnoea - in reality, Just an unresolved Anxiety.

Question. I know we need a minimum amount of water to help flush the toxins out of our body?

Answer. Under the circumstances described in the above answer as our Body does not require a flush of the toxins from our system, or we cannot by drinking lots of water flush out toxins - if anything the reverse is true...;

...drinking more than required makes our Body chemistry in the medium to long-term - more toxic?

Question. Water at bedtime will also help prevent night time leg cramps as our leg muscles are seeking hydration.

Answer. This is possibly the furthest from the truth; even if the muscles in the legs are seeking hydration the cramps are ONLY caused by a process of the Mind which may well restrict - not only water but also ALL of the natural nutrients all of the Body requires especially under duress...?

...water on its own will not solve?

Needless to say, "anything," in the absence of something better we can achieve, in order to improve our Health and Mind Body comfort is not only worthwhile - but a necessity?

Question: "What would be the. "Something unusual has happened?"

Answer: Sleep-time is not only, the time when we recharge our self - it is the time we make sense of the mass of information that comes at us on a daily bases.

If the information is of a positive nature - storing will be natural and rapid.

If the information is of a negative traumatic nature whilst we will store this information in a logical order at the time of creation, the reality is we may never store this information in a Comfortable Logical order.

Thus if this information relates from the time of our creation, we will automatically adjust our entire Body chemistry and this will lay dormant - not easily seen or recognised, yet as active as the illness it will create in the coming decades.

Always we will seek to make better understandings of this now negatively stored and active information - to which we will demonstrate by our ever changing life activities.

Thus, we will attempt to make better understandings when the responsibility of running the Body is removed from the Mind, during - so-called sleep.

The reality is under these circumstances although we may well appear or feel we sleep soundly - we do not.

Dreams or nightmares are a demonstration of this; as we whilst asleep we attempt to make sense of the information and in the case of a Heart Attack during the night - we are demonstrating; our emotional response to the original traumas or the Person's responsible.

By a lifetime of anger or aggression - even if we say Hand on Heart; I have never been angry or demonstrated anger or aggression - in my life.

This leaves us nicely with two situations.

1. What is the true cause of any form of Heart Disorder?

2. The Medical Profession states, "The Heart Muscle is the only Muscle in the Body - that does not self-repair?"

Answer 1. Trauma - Emotional or Physical, always places a Person in Fear.

The Mind, based on information received always and can only store this information in a Logical Sequential Order for later recall in the activity of running the Body and our daily activities.

This list is a consideration - not a definitive description of the pathway Fear takes, as it is always based on an individual's perception - thus unique.

1. Depending on the level of Fear - Anxiety is created.

2. Reaction to Fear; say naught to Ten

3. Zero = no response, information stores logically and sequentially therefore - no negative chemical response.

4. Reaction to Trauma 10+++ = Information still stored by the subconscious Mind, but not in a proper safe comfortable sequential order resulting in a massif toxic shock of Body chemicals.

5. If trauma(s) are not resolved-understood and information stored in logical sequential order the entire Body chemistry remains toxic and in subsequent years will be diagnosed as illness.

6. Anxiety remains and must be resolved - better said relieved. 

7. Toxic body chemistry causes Mind inadequacy - unable to cope with the demands placed on a Person or Body.

8. Causing what may be described as Brain Fog and is now the creation of long-term treatment resistant Pain, fatigue and illness.

9. Fear lowers Body core temperature; Body chemistry is now an irritant to Mind and Body.

10. Hypothalamus - Body temperature control mechanism found within the Mind/Brain reacts by raising core and Body temperature setting - resulting in a Person’s inability, to naturally, control Body temperature.

11. Cold when Hot - Hot when Cold or both at the same time; are a good examples.

12. Core temperature adjusted in this manner cannot be detected with any form of measuring device, as all other organs respond to Cool or Heat giving rise to normal temperature - this is not the same as an immune system response reaction to infection.

13. Part of the Body chemistry response is to raise Cholesterol levels as an in line store of energy, because the Fear, created Anxiety, created Inadequacy - say, Tiredness/fatigue un-refreshed by sleep.

14. Fear coupled with lowered core temperature constricts all muscles, arteries, veins and respiring cells of the Mind and Body as well as on a selective bases. I.e.: Relative to the style of Trauma. Heart is a perfect example.

15. Anxiety raises Heart rate but is only biologically intended as a short-term burst to warm the Body and gives rise to flight from fearful incidents or increase Body strength beyond normal ability.

16. The Body’s Heart Pulse rate will rise at this time and not return to normal - until the fearful event is resolved.

If the traumas are not resolved to the subconscious Minds satisfaction the lowering of the Pulse rate will be only on a temporary bases.

17. Meanwhile the Body will respond with an Immune response secreting amongst many other chemicals - Histamine, which in turn creates inflammation that cannot be relieved.

18. Which in turn creates the seedbed for Cholesterol to so-called, "stick," to the walls of the arteries at vulnerable places (tight corners-small spaces,) the reality may well be - a repair is being attempted.

19. In addition. Blood cooled by Fear causes Cholesterol secretion to be increased along with certain fats as energy, from diet or fuel store to parts of the Body for Cell repair mechanism activity by the Mind to solidify and are not removed by the natural body - cleansing systems - as they are now all deemed - a local store of restorative energy. Which is never truly available for use - quite the opposite. As Fatigue will be unresolvable.

20. Constricted Arteries through the now resident Fear and higher blood rate causes Cholesterol and Fats to collect in raised areas of arteries junctions or bends ultimately causing blockage.

21. As Body temperature is now set the Body will not see this as inappropriate - thus will not remove them, no matter how much a Person changes their Diet or takes Cholesterol - lowering medications.  

22. Further changes in the entire Body Chemistry and the Fear lowered core temperature often accompanied by the Blood becoming sticky - causes the Fats to Stick to artery walls, causing furring or narrowing - not only within the Heart, but of many other areas of the Body.

Although as we have discussed the Mind creates this activity purposely - it does not suggest the rest of the Mind controlled Body activity is not active - in many (all) areas of the Body.

Especially at the fat collection sites, the Body Chemistry is on High Alert and in turn inadvertently causes further or increases Inflammation - often referred to as Endocrine Disorders Addison's Disease Endocrine Disorder.html or described as. "The immune Systems attacking the Body."

During this time an unstoppable and constantly changing, the Mind adjusts all Mind, Body and Social activity likes and dislikes in order to accommodate to original Fear thereby creating a fierce protection against revisiting the original trauma, making symptoms untreatable or difficult-impossible to manage.

Reaction to Fear lowered Body temperature are as a general rule - although there are exceptions - by emotive response Aggression in Women and Anger in Men - even if a Person says, "they have never been angry in their life?"

Reaction to Cold by core temperature is demonstrated in the stomach, intestines and bowels - restricting activity of Human waste discharge, as the bowel waste acts as a radiator in stomach system in an attempt to maintain the heat in core systems to an acceptable level.

Which in turn and forever places extra burden on all internal organs by re-circulating waste in an attempt to cleanse itself of the now toxicity.

Even if a Person whilst unwell - vacates their Bowels on a regular Bases.

The very same activity causes Constipation and Diarrhoea.

Anger and aggressions created Heat in the Body core systems - at the same time dries water out of waste causing Body chemistry to be more toxic and caustic, not only in intestines - but in all organs especially the Heart and Nasal cavity in Men and Vagina in Women. Often resulting in an Unquenchable Thirst.

Toxic Body chemistry following trauma - still unresolved in adulthood acts as an agitator to the Mind and Heart often making the Heart chambers irritable and electrical conductivity of the Heart erratic.

Toxicity of this nature cannot be detoxed and this process is not affected positively or negatively by consuming more liquids or any other dietary substances, as the Body chemistry will automatically be adjusted by the Mind and in the long-term become more toxic.

These detoxing substances will have an effect of cooling the intestines - in order to maintain core temperature the Mind will increase Chemical Productivity thereby creating unexplainable or unexpected mysterious symptoms, in different areas of the Body.

Further aggravated by emotional activity Anger or Aggression or even no activity - Passivity of a Person who cannot as a result of the original traumas - become as required, temporarily as a protection; angry or aggressive.

Body chemistry makes Arteries/Veins and Heart chambers sensitive and thus raw thus in response creating a localised immune system response with a locally (all parts of the Body) Histamine.

Under these circumstances, inflammation is a result - which the Body does not respond to, as it is the Body’s own chemistry - not an intruder

Fear lowers the Body temperature Anxiety raises it on a temporary basis.

If the Fear is not resolved; the Mind brings into play other organs to raise and keep raised the core temperature, liver, Pancreas and Heart, Blood pressure increase etc.

To name but a few.

All of this Body Chemical activity is the sole reason our arteries fur up.

The reality is the foods we consume if of a sensibly balanced nature - have very little or nothing to do with Heart disorders at all.

Answer 2. Quite why the Medical Profession say the Heart Muscle is the only one in the Body that does not self-repair - if indeed they still say this!, is somewhat a mystery to me.

As so often is seen with many People in long term Pain - there is not only a requirement to result to surgery, as all previous treatments have not brought about the muscle and surrounding area repair desired.

So often if not always - the Pain is as bad or worse following surgery.

Leaving no option but to consider the reality...

...unless Pain is Accident/Incident high activity created...

...No Muscle or Body Tissue self-repairs!

Feeling externally cool or hot is not the same as being core hot or cold.

Whilst as time passes the Mind stores negative information when the Heart is implicated in this process, it becomes central (hidden) to safe storing.

Thus, Arrhythmia exciting chemistry originates within the Mind following trauma many decades before the Heart Attack and will have its way - unless the traumas are resolved.  

From creation of the traumas the Body is reacting in a fashion as though the symptoms can be diagnosed - referred to as sub-clinical or as I prefer Dormant yet Highly Active - meaning the Body chemistry. which will later turn to diagnosable symptoms is being secreted - every moment of our life.

All of this time the Bowel and Bladder when they are full or unable to vacate fully and naturally the Body’s waste, following emotional trauma - is somewhat toxic or caustic and being recirculated.

See: illness or Toxic Shock.

This process whilst the Body utilises the waste as an internal radiator = retaining body heat within the core can and does make the Person feel edgy or anxious - a message from the Body back to the Mind and for ALL to see - something is not correct.

Essential Tremor or Parkinson’s Disease are a good example of this.

...With Arthritis being a demonstration of the outcome.

See; Parkinson's Essential Tremor.

Immediately following emotional and or physical traumas the constrictions of the Heart Arteries will not be necessarily seen by any imaging devices as the Mind and Body intentions are far too subtle for this.

An understanding of this process will allow the recognition the Mind Body chemistry is perfectly balanced at all times - no matter how ill or close to death, on instruction from the subconscious Mind our master and keeper of all memories.

Resolve negative thoughts within the subconscious Mind and the possibility exists the Heart will self-repair or replicate the  Body Tissues as well as the electrical and chemical signals from the Mind to the Heart Pacemaker and in doing so self-regulate the Heart Rate - to a natural rhythm.

However - Even if the Heart muscle does not repair by restoring natural and therefore comfortable thought patterns within the subconscious Mind, it surely follows, the electrical and chemical signals from the Mind to the Heart will be less disruptive and therefore of a more comfortable nature thereby allowing the Heart to function in the best possible way - under the circumstances.

Body chemistry, which is both Toxic and Caustic is possibly responsible for burning sensations in not only the Heart/Chest but also many areas of the Body under attack from what is commonly described as Stress.

Do we not proclaim when faced with a seemingly impossible task in order to solve the Problem we must ask...

...Why the Heart Muscle does not self-repair?

And - Ask why we need to...

"...Get to the Heart of a Problem."

The Heart so Medical Science would have us believe is the only muscle in the Body that does not self-repair, leaving the way open for a later and better understanding as to...


Are these acceptable reasons the Heart Muscle does not self-repair following a Heart Attack - which caused muscle damage...

1. Sharpe Pain in the Chest Pain and Arm etc.

Or are these not so much a symptom as a message - we are blissfully unaware of?

2. Heart Muscle does not self-repair?

3. Getting to the Heart of the matter - where our darkest and worst of our - emotional trauma secrets are hidden.

In very simple terms is - Inadequacy, unable to cope with the demands of life or perhaps the very first emotional response we make to emotional and or physical traumas in early Childhood or even during our confinement within Mother's Womb. 

Often described by Parents of Children as Lethargy, listlessness, Lazy or Boredom. 

Why is getting to the Heart of the Problem implicated?

In simple terms, the Mind in two ways is the cause of why the Heart Muscle will-not cannot self-repair in the same manner as any other physical damaged Pain.

Of course, it is important we recognise Pain anywhere in the Body only self-repairs if we know and accept the cause our Mind-Body immune systems are able to automatically create self-repair.

1. The Brain is only a biological structure and without the activity of the Mind and its memories - is just an organ of the body.

2. The Heart being only a receiving agent of the Electrical Signals from the Mind, like a Light Bulb when the power switch is thrown.

The Mind and its store of memories be they Positive Negative or indifferent, all effect the way the Heart responds.

"Get to the Heart of the Problem."

We all are aware when we have a problem to solve the answer is “In the Heart of the matter.”

Thus in the case of understanding the pacemaker of the Heart, does not the answer to this aged question lie here...

...The Person so traumatised is self- sworn to secrecy or has to keep the activity of the trauma secret; because no one including the Parents who cause the traumas in most cases...

...will Understand or they will blame the Person (Child) for telling lies?

Placed in such a position the Person (Child) has no option but to automatically - outside of the so-called Conscious Mind - store the information securely and beyond the reach of anyone without a serious depth of understanding and demonstrated; if so required over a long-period of time.

This is done in an area of the Subconscious Mind - Sadly, there is a payback, for simplicities sake, can we say a Heart Attack.

Leaving the muscle and the Physical Pacemaker of the Heart damaged beyond repair, yet in is reality responding to the instructions of the Mind. 

Resolve Negative thoughts in the Mind and the possibility exists - the Heart will self-repair or replicate its Body tissues and at the same time regulate the Minds electrical and chemicals signals to the Original Heart Pacemaker setting of the Heart itself.

Question: All very interesting enlightening and indeed necessary, I know we have discussed it a number of times, I am still not clear on the role inflammation in this process? May we finish this section on this?

Answer: Yes of course; Inflammation has many different expressions - all of them at the Heart of all illness.

Inflammation starts as a reaction to emotional and or physical traumas - no exception during following or even pre-conception or birth of a baby.

Automatically the Mother often the bearer of the original trauma alters her entire body chemistry and in so doing - the Child alters their entire body chemistry - both based on the value of the traumas.

To the Child, Mothers negative Body Chemistry will be sufficient to traumatise a Child in her womb and the surrounding environment a negative addition.

As indeed, will the process from the commencement of Mothers Labour - signaling the starting of the Birth process right up to and through the pelvic girdle, the vaginal canal and vaginal opening - often tearing in the process or requiring cutting.

To summarise - if Mother has any arduous concerns during Labour then the rest of the Childs life will be negatively affected - yet strangely no one notices or takes this into consideration, even if a Child is delivered by Forceps or Suction cup, ill or has a lifetime of both Mind related and Body uncomfortable concerns.

For to do so would most seriously implicate the Mind as the Child in the womb knows nothing - does It.

Once this process is established, the entire Body Chemistry is now set for the life of the Child/Person and is Perfectly balanced at all times - no exceptions.

No amount of chemical or dietary interference will long-term alter this chemistry.

There may appear to be a change in presenting symptoms - body chemistry expression, only as long as the Subconscious Mind allows or excepts the interference - time will pass and the symptoms will return or new one's WILL take their place - no exceptions.

A way of describing this process is when a Person - whether presenting symptoms of illness or not or on any medications, rises during the night to vacate their Bladder - especially if it is multiple times.

As we have discussed Man and Women have slightly different ways of internally dealing with this.

The process is however much the same for both Man and Women;

When the bladder is full it requires to be vacated at the time it is full, not when the messages, received or not - Man with an erection. Women with no specific external messages, forcibly demonstrates it should.

When the bladder is not in a timely fashion vacated, the Urine from the Kidneys to the Bladder is recirculated around the Body for re-cleansing.

At this time in very simple terms - the Urine is converted to Urea.

A waste by product of entire body activity.

Urea is an organic compound.

Urea serves an important role in the metabolism of nitrogen-containing compounds by Animals and Humans.

The Body uses it in many processes, most notably nitrogen excretion.

The cycling of and excretion of Urea by the kidneys is a vital part of body metabolism.

Urea plays a role in the exchange systems of the Body that allows for re-absorption of water and critical ions from the Urine.

Urea in the collecting ducts of the Body cells causes water to reabsorb.

By action of the Urea transporter, some of this re absorbed Urea eventually flows back through the Kidneys and into the Urine for excretion.

The Body uses this mechanism, which is controlled by the body's own antidiuretic hormone, to create Urine with a higher - Toxic and Caustic, concentration of dissolved substances - than the blood plasma.

This mechanism is also important to prevent the loss of water, maintain blood pressure and maintain a suitable concentration of sodium ions in the blood plasma.

Furthermore, 1 gram of nitrogen is roughly equivalent to 6.25 grams of protein and 1 gram of protein is roughly equivalent to 5 grams of muscle tissue.

In situations such as muscle wasting, 1 mmol of excessive Urea in the Urine roughly corresponds to a muscle loss of 0.67 gram.

Thus we can see the Body very cleverly recycles the Urine (urea) that cannot be excreted in a timely manner for cleaning and to avoid (in very simple terms) wasting water.

Is it as simple as that - of course not... is the mystery of inflammation we are talking about.

Thereby for a Person with NO traumas in their lives this process is normal and natural, non-damaging and most certainly not Inflammation creating.

However, for a Person with Traumas in their life - whether they admit to this or not is inconsequential - if during life they have any illnesses the traumas are implicated in this process.

When the Bladder is full with a body chemistry that is both Toxic and Caustic from traumas and the Urine is recycled, by the time it gets back to the Kidneys it has infiltrated every cell in the body - NO exceptions.

Just one journey of Urea around the Body is not a problem - however, as the Toxic Caustic Body chemistry is unchanged further recycling will only compound the toxicity within the blood and no amount of Bladder vacating will stop this ongoing process.

As there are no cells in the Body that escape this process and the waste is being produced faster than it can be excreted, it will reside in every cell in the Body and never be excreted - more importantly the Mind/Body will not see this residue as an intruder thus will have no desire to cleanse or excrete.

Sadly, the process does not stop there, seemingly in direct contradiction the Body's automatic protection process will see this as an intruder or poison and seek to excrete it.

The process of achieving this is in very simple terms - is a locally secreted Body chemical - Histamine, is utilised.

Which usually relies on an open wound to demonstrate is true worth - as it will disallow any further entry of Poisons and attempt to excrete resident Poisons.

This, as there are no open wounds is not a possibility - yet as the threat not only continues to exist is compounded by the daily arrival of more waste - and responds by continuing the process by secreting more Histamine.

The outcome of this process is often referred to as Fibromyalgia. With the implication of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis being a cause.

This process is better described as inflammation of all the Body cells that are in constant flux - moving altering and changing their expression of: Pain, Tenderness, Soreness, Redness and swollen limbs.

Not to mention what it does to the digestive systems - Nauseous, Stomach wind noises, Diarrhoea, Constipation, as well as the bladder vacating, not a natural event - more and involuntary or impossible activity as the Bladder and Bowels are now so inflamed as to have a mind of their own.

There is one other process not usually attributed to Heart Disorders seriously implicated in this process - where the excess of this process are laid down in certain areas of the Body and mostly called by a hundred different scientifically proven names with the cause not known and no effective long-term management. Arthritis.

We can now conclude It does not take a degree in Medical Science to comprehend the enormity of this process from Emotional and or Physical Traumas often many decades prior to the onset of any illness.

To see this process is at the very Heart of the problem of Inflammation the cause of the Heart problems - so much as a mystery today as they have ever been.

In addition may well be a contributory or the originating cause of Gall Bladder and Kidney Stones.

Conclusion the Mind will hide the most serious - by its interpretation negative traumas and spend a lifetime defending them from discovery - even at the cost of their own health and life

What is the Pacemaker of the Heart?

Question: How can we now explain the Pacemaker of the Heart?

Answer: Imagine the Element in a Light bulb - small wires that when the electricity is switched on start to burn - in a controlled environment with an inert gas - they glow giving light.

Imagine a similar devise in the Heart an agent of the Mind - only instead of the wires glowing.

The electricity of the Heart via chemical activity is initially switched on by the Mind  - and  then self-propelled in rapid succession, as we have come to recognise as a Heart Beating (Lub Dub is the sound it makes) until an event interrupts the natural Heart rhythm. Referred to as an MI or a Heart Attack.  

Based on the natural Genetic Structure of the Mind/Body and a life time of Emotional and or Physical events - now memories.

All memories cause the Heart to beat in a regular manner or as the Hearts own pacemaker instructs.

Thus it can be seen if the body chemistry is Toxic and Caustic - the Heart will not act in a natural manner, but will be erratic and be susceptible to an Inflammation and Cholesterol build-up; the Mind created based on traumatic events.

Update Sunday 6th December 2015...

Question: Are you able to update this mass of information?

Answer: Easy, yet I would request; one please accept this is the truth of a Patient's own story - Mine.

Question: Your own story? how come?

Answer: Yes Talking Cures may well be to the best of my knowledge the first and only disease modifying treatment in history.

However that does  not mean I have in my now Seventy-Two years been immune from Mind Body concerns and symptoms.

A recent letter from my Cardiologist and local University Hospital has prompted me to re-evaluate the information in this paper with this update; with and for myself - later and better information and knowledge.

To understand this we have to go back to my conception circa mid-August 1943 and then traverse on through my Birth and real creation - the wonders of hindsight; as my skill with Hypnotherapy applied by and too myself continues to demonstrate.

Circa mid-May 1944 - One Month before my Birth; my Father punched my Mother in the stomach in order to terminate me, as he thought I was his best friends Child.

One month more of waiting would have proven conclusively - I was his own Child.

I survived, Dad died in 1971, long before he could see what he had done - not only to me but the whole of our family, forever.

Today through much hard work and resolving traumas that may well have been unresolvable had I not created Talking Cures - I feel no more than sadness for him and indeed my Mother - just as responsible and the life they were forced to endure at the hands of their Parents, who for father could not live together and his failed attempt at taking his own life at the age of Seven - that left him with a Stiff Leg.

Fast forward to 12th October 1982 where in the space of Fifteen Minutes my life and direction changed forever - I had enrolled in a Learn Self Hypnosis class and instantly I knew although it took a while to surface - the true cause of all illness.

The reality is right from my applying to attend the training sessions I was not interested in Self-Hypnosis no more than any form of Hypnotism technique called Suggestion which is just another form of - short-term Symptom management.

From this point in time and a number of incantations - Talking Cures emerged.

Today in February 2016 - I stand resolute by this understanding;

Many of life's activities are able to take away my life and lifetime acquisitions. I would willing give all of these up: Family, Friends, Home, Money, Store of unique health care writings, my reputation, freedom - in fact everything including my many Facebook friends.

However. There is no activity or Person's Psychotic hidden agenda intentions capable of taking away my now long-standing belief which I have proven - if only to my satisfaction and many Patients - whose life is now their own and not my publicity machine.

Because the foundation of Talking Cures being the first and only disease modifying treatment, always confirmed by so many Scientifically Proven Papers that will not accept we have a Mind, let alone it is the ultimate creator of all we do and all illness - no exceptions.

Thus I will Never Ever concede to anything other than, "all illness is a process of the Mind" and the Mind given the opportunity and the correct understanding at the correct time will - not after many symptoms are of mysterious unknown cause are beyond repair of any kind - create the healing required, using a Person's own Immune and Body Replication Processes.

This process was created During my first lecture class - following which; I always presented myself as a study subject on the grounds - if I were not prepared to go through the treatments being taught, what right did I have applying them to others.

In the deepest recesses of my Mind I knew I was working to stop myself having a Heart attack - although this did not work, for in September 1992 I had a Heart attack - later I said.

"if" I had not had the attack then and under the circumstances that prevailed, working diligently on my Damaged Mind - I would have had a Heart Attack and Died.

Fast forward to 2013 and in all that time I had been extremely well with no management medications and by playing squash along with other very strenuous working activities - extremely fit.

In June 2013 during a home refurbish  construction job in my home I was carrying out.  

The job itself I was very familiar with, but not the materials, during the work I became blind to the consequences of my actions.

Working on the instructions from the material suppliers I managed to shut down my Kidneys and Liver functions and put my Heart into an Arrhythmia.

Later and perhaps better knowledge allowed me to see - for all I know my Heart had been in and out of Arrhythmia for years.

Thus I was able to use all of the information as an advantage to improve my Heart Health.

A week in hospital and one month later I collapsed in my office, another week in hospital saw me fitted with an ICD in a cleverly constructed cavity in the top left of my chest near to my collar bone.

The device is designed and considered capable of correcting most life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias.

Recently following a shock (electrical discharge of the device through two wire implanted in my Heart) of the ICD, my cardiologist team wrote (copied to myself) to my General Practitioner and explained.

"This Gentleman's recent Echocardiogram shows significantly impaired Left Ventricle systolic function and the Global Left Ventricle Ejection Fraction is approximately 25%."

Leading me to enhance my own long-term extensive mechanical knowledge by investigating this further.

Being already aware - The Heart is just a pump like any other and the function is to pump blood around the Body.

May we look at any pump;

All pumps built to a specific material gravity - Thickness or Weight, no matter what the substance required to be pumped have an efficiency factor and many have to be primed with required fluids - before pumping is possible.

Very few if any pumps will deliver a One Hundred Percent efficiency - this as with the Heart Pump is known as - the efficiency fraction.

The remaining fluid within a mechanical pump is required as either a part of a vacuuming (sucking) value or a compression factor to push or pull the new delivery of fluid.

May we look at the Heart pump:

My investigations began with: 

Movement of Blood through the Heart.

1. Blood from the muscles and organs of the Body enters the right side of the Heart into the Right Atrium

2. It is then pumped into the Right Ventricle

3. From there the Heart pumps the blood to the lungs, where it takes up oxygen and gets rid of the carbon dioxide it has been carrying.

4. This oxygen rich blood then enters the left side of the Heart into the Left Atrium.

5. It is then pumped into the Left Ventricle - the strongest of the four chambers.

6. From there it is pumped into the Aorta - largest blood vessel in the Body to all parts of the Body including the Heart Muscle itself.

Question: From the available scientific understandings it is reported - the Heart efficiency fraction is 55 percent.?

Are you able confirm this from your findings and personal experience?

Answer: Yes according to the information Cardiologists glean from an Echocardiogram scan - they are able to determine the fractions of blood pumped during a Heartbeat cycle.

It appears it has long been accepted the Heart of most People pumps at approximately 55% and in others or the super-fit can rise to approximately 70%.

Question: What about following Heart damage or a Heart Attack?

Answer: This when and why the medical profession have so many different imaging devices to look deep into the Heart to determine is pumping efficiency in order to determine what if anything can be done to assist repair of the damaged Heart. 

Question: I have for a long time now understood - Scientists have long advocated and It has long been assumed, "when the heart is damaged" - such as after a Heart Attack, Heart Muscle cells do not regenerate and the damage is permanent.

Are you able to elaborate on my understandings?

Answer: It appears there are teams of scientists challenging this as you suggest - one of Scientific Medicine's long-standing beliefs, who are now beginning to suggest and appear to have found the strongest evidence to date - that Human Heart Muscle cells do or can regenerate following a Heart Attack.

Question: Have there been any advance on this revelation?

Answer: It appears - Further information was demonstrated In a paper, recently published by Medical Scientists at a renowned Medical College who report their success in finding large-scale replication of Heart Muscle Cells in two regions of the Heart and in identifying several other key indicators of cell regeneration. Following a Heart Attack?

Question: It appears to be challenging the long-held assumption by appearing to demonstrate with Scientific Evidence - Heart Muscle Cells - may in fact regenerate?

Do you feel this is worthy of Scientific Approval?

Answer: Whilst it is imperative we allow this latest research and in so doing hope it provides the most dramatic and clear-cut demonstration to date of Heart Cell regeneration following cardiac injury and in addition, consider this new understanding opens up the possibility of repairing Heart Muscle damage.

As and if this finding, if confirmed, may begin to clarify how Hearts respond to the normal insults of Aging through previously undetected repair mechanisms.

Question: Accepting you are supportive of this approach? Is there a demonstration of where it will lead or what direction it will take?

Answer: It appears the study is majoring on Myocytes - Heart muscle cells were taken from the Hearts of Thirteen Patients; Four to Twelve days after a Heart Attack and from the Hearts of Ten Patients - who did not have cardiovascular disease.

Samples were obtained from the border zone near the site of the Heart Attack and from a more distant site where the tissue was damaged.

Question: Are you able to see the relevance of this?

Answer: First we must see from Myocytes - it is Only to determine the Heart Attack was of Biological Creation and second once you involve well Patients the outcome is only as one was seeking or had received funding for.

Demonstrated by such a small sample size of participants.

Question: Why is involving well People not of any value let alone Scientific?

Answer: Simply put the Body Chemistry of an ill Person will not be the same as a Well Person - also all illness is unique to a Person as their Fingerprint.

Question: Is there a form of conformation of your point here. "By viewing these areas of the Heart with a high resolution confocal microscope, the scientists were able to measure the expression of a protein found in the nucleus of dividing Heart Muscle Cells.

Answer: Yes the paper concludes - This Protein s expressed during all phases of a cell's life cycle and is a strong indicator of cell division.

Sadly as there are some Two Thousand Chemicals in a Body and every one of them is either a Protein or an adaptation of a Protein as well as implicit in not only the Body working naturally; but also the Heart when it does not work naturally.

Thus the study of one Chemical or Molecule - is for the funders of the study and their instructed outcome - only.

Question: Does this confirm what you have explained? "The scientists also obtained images of mitotic division and found other evidence of myoctye replication, including the formation of the, "mitotic spindle" and "contractile ring," known as critical structural indicators of cell division."

Answer: Combined with; Important evidence of myocardial repair was demonstrated by the mitotic index, a measurement of the degree of myocyte division.

In comparison with Normal Hearts, the number of myoctyes multiplying in diseased Hearts was 70 times higher in the border zone and 24 times higher in the remote myocardium.

And confirmed by. The next challenge, is to find the source of the dividing myoctyes.

A clever use of words instead of saying. "The cause is still not known." Says it all.

Question: So is the suggestion - "these cells a sub-population of known cells that retain the capacity to divide, or are they multiplying cells that originate from stem cells present in the Heart?" Or is there more too it?

Answer: There are preliminary indications that primitive cells like stem cells exist in the Human Heart.

And Stem cells may have the ability to develop into the various cardiac cell types and form new healthy functioning myocardium.

If we can prove the existence of cardiac stem cells and make these cells migrate to the region of tissue damage, we could conceivably improve the repair of damaged Heart Muscle and reduce Heart Failure.

When one considers this to be a funded research - it is clear there are too many If's and maybe's to be of any real Scientific Value in the understanding of why a Heart muscle does not repair following a Heart Attack. In addition is forgetting the well known fact...

..."The Body has its own replication Processes thus is the Primitive process they speak of.

Question: Confirmed no doubt with the somewhat obligatory research on animal models that supports this possibility.

Answer: Same as you say and in and in an issue of a popular health magazine, the team reported that adult stem cells isolated from mouse bone and injected into a damaged Mouse Heart became functioning Heart Muscle by developing into Myocytes and coronary vessels.

Moreover, the newly formed tissue partially restored the Heart's ability to pump blood.

Perchance the researchers could speak mouse talk they would understand the frailty! of this statement forming part of the research - Although a cardiac stem cell has not yet been identified, as scientists have identified a neural stem cell in the Brain. "Why not the Heart?"

In addition as Medical Science is stomping towards all illness is Genetic - surely if one takes stem cells from the Bones of the Heart Attack Person, then all one is doing is injecting them with the same cause of the original attack.

Without the knowledge of the outcome of such actions.  

Question: I feel from this there is more, but it did not quite fit in - so are you able to elaborate on what I feel is missing - but am unable to express?

More importantly are you challenging with your own Heart the Muscle and pumping action can be repaired/improved?

What have you learnt from your own experiences about The Heart?

Answer: Yes of course one cannot and must not attempt to profess the Mind is the cause of all illness - if one is not prepared to apply the very same protocols to oneself as expected of a Patient...

...I said to my cardiologist recently I will either cure the Arrhythmia of my Heart or it will kill me - I do not care which...

Question: What do you really mean by such a comment?

Answer: I had previously asked my cardiologist. "Are you going to cure me of my Arrhythmia. "No," was the resounding answer.

Thus I had no option but to consider as the Medical Profession has no cures...

And by always failing to recognise - When Pain of any form is obliterated by Medications; the Mind is; not only still producing the symptoms, it is in the process of making them - much worse or different.

Therefore any treatment they give to me was no more than management of symptoms, thus as time passed and the symptoms became more profound, then my Cardiologist would have no option - but to increase the medications...

...Which may well prolong my life; but at what cost to my comfort of Mind, Body and relationships.

Under these terms I had to consider Death - does not come easy...

A price I am prepared to pay for my failure to Cure my Heart and other related symptoms...

...Therefore there was no option - but to not only make the comment, but mean it...

...Or Death is perhaps welcomed!

...Let us first look at Heart Pumping.

We have discussed. From the available scientific understandings it is reported - the Heart efficiency fraction is 55%?

It appears it has long been accepted the Heart of most People pumps at approximately 55% and in others or the super-fit can rise to approximately 70%.

May we accept this as Scientifically Proven - this allows us to view the information in a different manner.

We - during the course of our education are led to believe 100% means there can be no more, is Pure or True. If this is so - then surely Medical Science would or should adopt this principle...

If a pump is unable by design to completely empty itself on any given stroke, then the scientific evidence is suggestive of the maximum a Heart is able to pump is 55% ejection fraction (70% in super fit) we must surely consider, something is not correct in the way these figures are utilised - in the advice given or medications prescribed.

Surely 55% has to be considered 100% as the maximum able to pump?

Therefore to suggest a Person as in my case has only a 25% ejection fraction - may not the real truth.

Moreover has the possibility of having a most serious psychologically damaging effect on a Person - who does not posses my knowledge and treatment application-understanding abilities.

Demonstrated by; If 100% is in reality 55% then it must be said - 25% is in reality just a little bit short of 50%.

And as an Ejection Fraction of 100% just under half - it would make - as indeed for a short while it did to myself, a lot a difference to how a Person thinks about their Heart disorder.

This in the short to long-term perhaps lead to many People being prescribed or over prescribed medications that are not required, which may well be, not only detrimental to a Persons recovery - but part of the very reason a Heart Muscle does not self-repair.

Like any pump the Heart will increase its output based on demand and the available energy source.

The Heart is a little bit different to a mechanical Pump, being dependent on the Mind-set of a Person as well as their current fitness level.

The demands are met by all of the chemicals of the Body and until or whilst the Mind accepts the increase of the Heart is as intended by the activity and adjusts the entire chemistry accordingly - the chemistry will be to the Heart as with the rest of the Body, somewhat Toxic and Caustic causing a temporary but quite normal and acceptable irregular Heart Beat or Arrhythmia.


Question: You have spoken of Arrhythmia and I have heard of irregular Heart Beats Please explain the difference between them?

Answer: I feel it important to consider the different names and accept the possibility the

first name - say Irregular Heart beat was acceptable - however as the funding to research this name ran out - a new name had to be invented.

Thus they are the same, just different names.

Question: Is this well known or published?

Answer: Whilst we must accept it is well publicized - And millions of People experience Irregular Heartbeats, called Arrhythmias, at some point in their lives.

We must surely consider not every Person with a Heart disorder as described, will be made aware of this understanding.

Question: Why do you feel that is?

Answer: People in the medical profession would perhaps argue, "we are in a business and this would not be conducive to our profit earning ability or not in our education."

Most of the time, Irregular Heartbeats-Arrhythmias, are harmless and happen in healthy People free of Heart disease.

However, some abnormal Heart Rhythms can be serious or even deadly.

Question: Are you able to explain why Arrhythmia's happen in Healthy People?

Answer: Abnormal heart rhythms - Arrhythmias are caused by problems with the electrical system that regulates the steady Heartbeat.

In Healthy People there will not be the Mind created situation to have other than Natural Irregular Heart Beats.

Question: Is this the truth or the Scientific Proof?

Answer: If one accepts the electrical impulses originate in the Heart - then this is the truth of it.

Question: And if one does not?

Answer: Then the impulses are contained in the Heart and the Mind instigated the impulse in the very first instance.

Question: Does this demonstrate your point? "The Heart rate may be too slow or too fast; it may stay steady or become chaotic, irregular or disorganized."

Answer: It does most eloquently. However we must always take into consideration - Some Arrhythmias are very dangerous and cause sudden cardiac death, while others may be bothersome but not life threatening.

Question: May we explore this in more detail?

Answer: Certainly - we must also keep in Mind this is perhaps the opinions and clinical findings of many and not to be dismissed, but understood in a more profound manner.

Circulatory: High Blood Pressure and coronary artery disease - blockage in the pipes of the Heart are the main causes of blood vessel disorders.

The results, such as stroke or Heart Attack, can be devastating.

Question: May I intervene?

Are you able to make some sense of this list for me?

Where it is reported there are different types of cardiac arrhythmias that may arise during sleep?

1. The frequency of episodes of paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia appears to follow a circadian rhythm, presenting a minimum peak between 4 and 6 a. m.

2. The influence of sleep on ventricular arrhythmias (ventricular premature beats (VPB) and ventricular tachycardia (VT)) is more controversial.

3. Most studies show that sleep exerts an inhibitory effect on ventricular arrhythmias with a possible circadian trend - the lowest incidence occurring in the early morning hours.

4. One study failed to disclose any effect of sleep on ventricular arrhythmias.

5. Obstructive sleep Apnoea syndrome is one of the most common causes of cardiac arrhythmias during sleep.

6. Even though these arrhythmias are severe, it has yet to be established whether they are a direct cause of sudden death in - Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome Patients.

7. Even though many types of arrhythmias may arise in sleep, there is no evidence that sleep is a determinant factor.

8. Some Arrhythmias with a minimal incidence in the early hours of the morning appear to be more affected by a circadian rhythm, which are at least - partly sleep-dependent.

9. The only Arrhythmias truly linked to sleep are sinus arrests in REM sleep and Arrhythmias linked to Obstructive Sleep Apnea's

Answer: On reading this list one would care to feel one has been reading too many posts that are more financially linked, or the selling of some training course or other, than for effective treatment of the three symptoms in the list: Arrhythmias, Sleep and Apnea's.

As item Seven clearly demonstrates - as do the items I have marked in RED.

Leaving me to consider there is a strict criteria for a Patient requiring sleep disturbance understandings to pass before acceptance into a sleep study clinic.

Concluding with; If one as a clinician is not able to see these are all progressively acquired symptoms through perhaps many years of seemingly successfully, yet in reality only of short-term benefit treatments - is now masked by the arrival of a more deadly form of symptoms one is desperately desiring to ensure are all of biological cause and of novel but no scientific value to the Patient long-term.

The reality is NOT one of the described symptoms are in the slightest anything to do with sleep or lack of.

However all of the described symptoms and the many others that the Patient will have not listed - all have their cause securely embedded in Childhood Emotional Traumas; still not only, unresolved in Adulthood, but made expedientially worse by any application of biological treatments - for what is clearly a Mind created situation.

Question: Thank you - please resume where you left off?

Answer: Thank you.

Fortunately, there are many treatment options.

Structural: Heart muscle disease - cardiomyopathy and congenital abnormalities - problems present from birth are two problems that can damage the Heart Muscle or valves.

Electrical Disorders Arrhythmias that start in the Heart’s upper chambers, the atria, include: Atrial Fibrillation (AF or AFib.)

More than 2 million People in one large country have atrial fibrillation.

In AFib, the Heartbeat is irregular and rapid - due to disorganized signals from the Heart’s electrical system.

The upper chamber of the Heart may beat as often as 300 times a minute, about four times faster than normal.

Question: Why do you feel this is?

Answer: It is essential we recognise in a normal Heart both input and output is or should only be equal to, similar or in unison in reaction to the other Heart Chambers.

Like a Four Cylinder Motor Vehicle where there is a cylinder rotation known as 1 3 4 2 in firing order - this is to dissipate the heat from the cylinders to ensure the engine does not overheat and to ensure the smooth running of the engine.

If the engine timing is out of sync or the timing chain jumps a cog, then depending on where in the cycle the fault is there will be a loss of power a misfire or a Hydraulicing of the Engine - causing it to overheat and stall.

From this one can see the Heart follows a similar Principle with the exception of the Electricity - unlike the engine where the spark is unique to each cylinder, is of a circular motion around the Heart and subject to the demands of each Ventricle or Atrium.

Yet all have the same process to deliver in simple terms a fresh supply of Oxygenated Blood to the Heart and Body.

Though AFib isn't life threatening, it can lead to other rhythm problems, feeling tired all the time and Heart failure - with symptoms such as filling up with fluid, swelling in hands, legs and feet, shortness of breath.

People with AFib are five times more likely to have a stroke compared to People without the condition.

Doctors often prescribe blood thinners - anticoagulants to Patients with AFib to reduce this higher risk of stroke.

Atrial Flutter (AFL) Atrial flutter is similar to AFib because it also causes a fast beat in the atrium.

However, AFL is caused by a single electrical wave that circulates very rapidly in the atrium, about 300 times a minute.

This leads to a very fast, but steady, Heartbeat.

Sick Sinus Syndrome (SSS) Sick sinus syndrome is not a disease, but a group of signs or symptoms that show the Heart’s natural electrical pacemaker, the sinus node, is not working properly.

In SSS, the Heart rate can alternate between slow - bradycardia and fast - tachycardia.

Treatment for SSS is usually an artificial pacemaker, along with medication.

Sinus Tachycardia A harmless faster rhythm, sinus tachycardia is a normal increase in Heart rate that happens with fever, excitement and exercise.

There is no need for treatment, except in rare cases when it is caused by an underlying problem, such as anaemia - low blood count or hyperthyroidism - overactive thyroid gland.

Arrhythmias that originate in the Heart’s lower chambers, the ventricles, include: Ventricular Tachycardia (VT.)

A life-threatening Arrhythmia, ventricular tachycardia is usually seen along with other serious Heart disease but sometimes happens in People with normal Hearts.

Because VT can lead to ventricular fibrillation - a dangerously fast and disorganized Heartbeat, it is a serious condition that needs aggressive treatment and follow up.

Treatment options are surgery, radio frequency ablation - scarring or burning the area of Heart tissue that triggers the abnormal rhythm and/or medication.

People with VT are often protected by a defibrillator - a device that can shock the Heart out of the dangerous Heartbeat implanted in the Body.

Ventricular Fibrillation (VF) Sudden cardiac arrest caused by ventricular fibrillation is the cause of half of all cardiac deaths.

In VF, the Heartbeat is fast and chaotic, causing the lower Heart chambers, or ventricles, to spasm.

Sometimes, a Heart attack - blockage of the Heart pipes/arteries can lead to VF. VF is sudden, happens without warning and stops the Heart from working.

The lack of oxygen to the body, especially to the Brain - is deadly.

Sudden cardiac arrest is caused by an electrical problem.

It is not the same as a Heart attack - myocardial infarction, which is a circulatory - plumbing problem caused by clogged blood vessels that cut off the supply of blood to the Heart.

Though CPR may help, the only truly effective VF treatment is defibrillation, which uses paddles or electrodes to, “shock” the Heart back to normal rhythm.

Without treatment, the Person with VF will pass out suddenly and die.

Other Arrhythmias include: Premature Contractions Extra, early, or “skipped” beats are the most common cause of Irregular Heart Rhythms.

These can start in the upper or lower chambers of the Heart.

Long QT Syndrome (LQTS) Long QT Syndrome is a disorder of the electrical system.

It can be inherited, brought on by taking certain medications, or caused by a combination of both.

People with LQTS are at risk for VF, the most dangerous Heart Rhythm that causes sudden death.

Heart Block When electrical signals from the upper chambers of the Heart - atria cannot travel to the lower chambers - ventricles, Heart block happens.

The Heart then beats too slowly, decreasing the amount of oxygen that gets to the Body and Brain.

Syncope - Fainting or feeling as if one might pass out, can be caused by serious Heart rhythm disorders and needs to be evaluated carefully.

Sometimes the cause is not Heart related, as in cases of low blood sugar, but it can still be dangerous due to the risk of injuries from falling.

Circulatory Disorders Heart Attack - Myocardial Infarction.

When arteries become so clogged that the flow of blood to the Heart is reduced or stopped, the lack of oxygen can damage or kill the Heart Muscle, causing a Heart Attack.

Knowing the symptoms of a Heart Attack and getting immediate emergency treatment can limit or prevent Heart Muscle damage.

Stroke Strokes - Brain attacks, although not true Heart disorders, are caused by blockage or reduced blood flow to the Brain.

While some strokes occur when a blood vessel bursts, most happen due to clogged or blocked vessels to the Brain, in the same way clogged vessels in the Heart can cause a Heart attack.

Abnormal Heart rhythms such as atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter can lead to the formation of blood clots in the Heart.

When dislodged, a blood clot can travel to the Brain, block a vessel and cause a stroke.

All strokes - pose serious health threats.

Structural Disorders Heart Failure When the Heart muscle is too weak to effectively pump blood through the Body, Heart failure or cardiomyopathy, sets in.

Early diagnosis and treatment can stop or slow down the worsening of Heart failure.

Heart Valve Problems Heart valve problems can be inherited or develop on their own, affecting the Heart’s ability to push blood from chamber to chamber.

Medication and surgery are treatment options.

Question: Please explain what such a long answer to my question is saying?

Answer: Yes of course - if one comprehends the information it only discusses Symptoms and refers to them as the cause, in order to ensure we all believe illness is of biological creation and nothing to do with the Mind.

I started this paper with "This Paper is as much of what is reasonable to consider - as it is a matter of fact..."

And can find nothing that truly can be referred to as fact within the Scientific Information contained here.

Question: So how do you differentiate Fact - from, may we say Fiction?

Answer: At the early stages of my now Thirty Three year career I created how or why I am not sure - a protocol that I adopt not only as a therapeutic application, but in my own life as well.

The protocol is; "I believe everything I hear and I do not believe a word."

This keeps me nicely balanced and not judgmental - thus as a therapeutic application not only useful but very searching of the information stored in a Persons (my own included) Mind, causing them to be ill and the way for them to become well.

Therefore in reading the remainder of this document - please consider:

1. I absolutely respect our dedicated medical staff.

2. Recommend others to do the same and work with all of their medical teams.

3. In my own life I do my utmost to work with my medical teams, preferring to adjust my ways rather than expect them to adjust theirs - from the direction Medical Science demands of them.

4. In the main I take the medications prescribed - however as I am working in direct contradiction to the accepted medical protocol, I take each and every circumstance on its merits.

Based on what is active in my Mind and Body at any given time and the advice or direction given by my medical teams.

In addition is must be considered or concluded Talking Cures and myself work in addition to all and every modality of treatment there is - or ever will be.

What follows now in keeping with the above is to be considered my truth and not a completely documentable truth!

May we return to our look at the Heart Pump:  

My investigations began with: 

Movement of Blood through the Heart.

1. Blood from the muscles and organs of the Body enters the right side of the Heart into the Right Atrium

2. It is then pumped into the Right Ventricle

3. From there the Heart pumps the blood to the lungs, where it takes up oxygen and gets rid of the carbon dioxide it has been carrying.

4. This oxygen rich blood then enters the left side of the heart into the Left Atrium.

5. It is then pumped into the Left Ventricle - the strongest of the four chambers.

6. From there it is pumped into the Aorta - largest blood vessel in the Body to all parts of the body including the Heart Muscle itself.

...I said to my cardiologist recently I will either cure the Arrhythmia of my Heart and in so doing repair my damaged Heart Muscle or it will kill me - I do not care which...

Therefore I had no option but to consider any treatment they give to me was no more than management of symptoms, thus as time passed and the symptoms became more profound my Cardiologist would have no option - but to increase the medications...

...Which may well prolong my life; but at what cost to my comfort of Mind, Body and relationships. I had to ask myself.

Under these terms I had to consider Death - does not come easy...

A price I am prepared to pay for my failure to Cure my Heart and other related symptoms...

...Therefore there was no option - but to not only make the comment, but mean it...

...Or Death is perhaps welcomed!

And in so doing reevaluate my position and the activity of my Mind and my Heart in pursuit of creating the necessary healing Medical Science at this date suggests is not possible...

...Because it is not my desire or intention - to leave the life I love, for a very long time.

Question: How are you going to do that or achieve what may be considered  "Impossible?"

Answer: The clue lies in why the Heart muscle was in the first instance damaged and did not self-repair following the 1992 Heart attack, in addition the way the Heart Pumps and the electricity within the Heart is generated to cause the Arrhythmia.

May we first look at the Heart Attack and the damaged Heart Muscle.

This only happened because of the long-term effects of Emotional and or Physical damage caused by Pre and post Birth traumas - affecting my entire body chemistry and stored in the deepest recesses of my Mind.

Thus because the traumas - although long dormant were still as active as if they were happening now.

Therefore - My Mind was unable to instruct an alteration to my body chemistry and in so doing repair the Heart Muscle.

An activity although it should be automatic - through the application of Hypnotherapy I had worked diligently for eight years to achieve.

Since the Heart attack I have continued to work in such a manner as to resolve ALL emotional and or Physical traumas stored - yet always highly active as to produce many symptoms of my Mind and Body.

With this in mind whilst I still have any symptoms - the only sign of success I have, is one of Failure - to relieve myself of ALL symptoms of dis-ease of my Mind and Body.

Working on the secure understanding - our Body has a replication process Medical Science would have us believe is complete after Seven Years.

Yet in reality as it is an ongoing process that never sleeps; I continually ask myself "why" is it my own Body (Heart Muscle) has not repaired.

The search which involved invoking an entire body chemistry change - is ongoing and recently has made what I consider major advancements.

Question: Are you saying you have cured or repaired your Heart Muscle?

Answer: Not at all - as I have said the Bodies replication process is ongoing and takes some Seven Years to fully complete, therefore if indeed I have done anything of value, it is start the replication process which I am patient to wait for the end results. Or die in the process.

Question.: Explain in more detail please? 

Answer: May we recap on a couple of items, to explain simply the progression all illness traverses:

1. Depending on the level of Fear - Anxiety is created.

2. Anxiety remains and must be resolved - better said relieved.

3. Toxic body chemistry causes Mind inadequacy - unable to cope with the demands placed on a Person or Body.

From my point of view this again in simple terms amounted in the long-term to a Heart Attack - a damaged Heart Muscle with as stated by my cardiologist with only a 25% Ejection Fraction and a Heart Arrhythmia.

From a Scientific Medical point of view for many years I completely accepted this, yet from 1982 was always working towards bringing about alterations in my Mind and later Body Chemistry to allow this to come to fruition.

This all change following - or better said fired me into a different set of understandings regarding MY Heart damage and the possibility of more long-term repair following receipt of the letter which explained my Heart was only pumping at 25%.

There was not a second thought on my part. Had I not the knowledge of how the Mind instructs the Body Chemistry and the ability to create self-repair - there is no question this information would have had a devastating effect on me, as I am confident it would on many thousands of other in similar position, instead of inspiring me to look differently at the Heart Pumping Arrhythmia's and Heart Muscle Damage.

May we first examine the Damaged Heart Muscle for repair.

It is imperative we accept the incredible views of the inside of the Body and Heart modern imaging devices demonstrate - but surely, this should not mean we should be controlled as to what they appear to demonstrate as a definitive - cannot be repaired image.

The Human as any other Animal has amazing Immune and Body Replication Systems that maintains the equilibrium balance of the Body chemistry at all times - no matter how ill a Person or close to death.

Therefore it should repair the damage to the Body - especially the Organs in order to sustain life.

Skin - will always show scars, Bones broken via an accident follow the same but attenuated pathway, relevant to the damage caused and how well the Mind is able to complete the repair without the process relating to the true cause of the accident being addressed.

Can we consider if we stretch a Balloon - from start it is thick and dark as it stretches it becomes lighter and thinner.

Surely if this was a Heart Muscle under stress - viewed via an electron imaging device, it may well appear - as if it were scarred.

Can we therefore consider - if the resistance in the entire Body was reduced or returned to natural; the Heart would return to pumping at its accepted rate and the shadows considered Scarring - my well disappear or self repair.

If the Body does not self-replicate as with all illness including Pain we must demand to know why.

Sadly as of 2016 the answer to this multifaceted question is still without an absolute and definitive answer.

As there is not one definitive cure for any illness - despite the protestations of Medical Science.

Thus the way is clear for Medical Science to be shown - like it or not.

The essence is surely - why does not the Body replication, as distinct from the immune system process, not work to its full; as designed potential.

In simple terms the instructions stored in the Mind as a result of Childhood Emotional and or Physical traumas that caused the illness or Heart attack to be created in the first instance - are still working at the same potential as before the illness or Heart attack.

Much more importantly as a result - not only will no chemical interference alter this process - it will enhance the power of the original driver (trauma) causing more mysterious symptoms... 

...Thus the damaged Heart muscle cannot self-repair.

Repair negative thoughts to the satisfaction of the Subconscious Mind, our Master and there is a strong possibility the Mind will instruct chemical alterations that allow the Body replication to create the replacement/repair of the damaged Heart Muscle.

In exactly the same manner as a Mind not traumatised automatically repairs//replaces itself or a Mind with traumas resolved will repair/replace a Mind/Body damaged by illness.

From my own point of view as previously mentioned my Mind and Body - Heart repair is work in progress.

  May we now examine the pumping action or Ejection Fraction of the Heart.

May we first recap on the information previously discussed.

It was my cardiologist saying my Heart was only ejecting some 25% of the blood in any one Heart contraction.

Although in the very first instance on reading the letter I felt somewhat threatened and indeed was later to accept - this was Patronising and not at all Clinically Helpful, as it may well not be a mechanical truth of the pumping ability of the Heart, under all conditions.

Let alone following a Heart Attack and all the fears that accompanied the condition.

This I felt was worthy of most serious further investigation.

My findings indeed confirm a normal Heart will as a fraction of the blood content; eject some 55% and some People up to 70%. 

My findings also confirmed there are virtually no mechanical pumps able to eject 100% of its capacity, thus I was able to see with the Heart being a biological pump - the 55% actually amounted to 100% making the 25% in reality a 50% ejection fraction.

Psychologically, whilst on the face of it these numbers do not amount to much, for a Person with a Heart condition they will be extremely important - as it appears misinformation as this may well have a very serious long-term damaging effect on their health and indeed recovery.

May we now examine my findings and interpretations in an abstract way:

Let us draw a graphic demonstration to enable us in very simple terms to understand the pumping action of the Heart.

Take your hand and imagine it clamped around a ball where the fingers are able to touch the other side of the ball.

Now with the hand clasped shut is the pumping action of the Heart with no resistance.

Now change the ball to say a soft balloon and with the same action try dislodging the air in the balloon so the balloon in your palm has no air - you will find with one hand it next to impossible to achieve this action.

As the air in the balloon will try to push through the joins in your fingers, path of least resistance - you will find this in simple terms to be the same with any pump. It will not fully evacuate on any one pumping action.

The Heart is much the same, therefore the residual or the amount of blood ejected is the Ejection Factor.

And if we were to scientifically measure this - it may well demonstrate an ejection factor of say 55%.

Thus this must surely be the 55% is in reality, 100% - as no more can be ejected.

Now  if we as an in line factor include the damaged Heart Muscle and replace the balloon with the Ball, we can see the effect is much the same... Only this time with a resistance...

...the Ball - relative to the Air contained within will put up a resistance to the hand pumping - or the Heart contraction activity and as the Heart contraction is activated by the electricity impulse of the Heart, will be so timed as to make it appear as the Heart has not been able to pump the required amount of blood.

In accepting this we must also consider in a Normal as indeed with a damaged Heart - there must be resistance otherwise there would be no blood pressure.

The reality the Heart has not been allowed to Pump normally as instructed by the Mind.

Give this a gestation time and it is clear with the driver (Traumas) that caused the Heart Damage which will not and cannot repair as the Heart is being constantly put under a pressure it was not designed for.

Show to a Person so traumatised as to create a Heart attack; an. "Understanding" as to why the attack happened.

And in so doing allow the damaged Mind to reevaluate the long-term stored information and now store this in an up-to-date logical sequential order.

Once this has occurred and in a seamless manner there is a strong possibility, via a change in the entire body chemistry and immune systems now working at a more natural level, there will begin a process of replacing the damaged Heart Muscle back to a natural value and allow a full 55% Ejection Factor.

This is the very process I am working towards with my own damaged Heart Muscle.

May we now explore my findings or what may well be the true understanding of Heart Arrhythmia's.

May we revisit earlier points raised.

We surely must accept until later and better information comes into Main Stream Medicine our dedicated Doctors are doing a magnificent job with the best tools techniques and understandings available to them from Medical Science.

We have spoken of Arrhythmia and of Irregular Heart Beats, my findings tell me there is no difference between them.

Most of the time based on our activity and the resulting body chemistry expression - Irregular Heartbeats-Arrhythmias are harmless and happen in healthy People, free of Heart disease.

Abnormal Heart rhythms - Arrhythmias are caused by problems with the electrical system that regulates the steady Heartbeat.

With this information to hand we must surely ask - is this the truth or the Scientific Proof and then seek to know the difference - if ever our Doctors are too have an understanding of the Heart in order to offer a real long-term satisfactory outcome of their treatments.

If one accepts the electrical impulses originate in the Heart - then this is the truth of it.

However; if one with a questioning Mind does not - then the impulses are contained in the Heart and in the very first instance the Mind instigated the electrical impulse.

Thereby leaving the Heart appearing to instigate the electrical impulse from within itself as a seemingly biological process.

Leaving us to consider in extreme excitement or high physical activity. "The Heart rate may be slow, fast; it may stay steady or become chaotic, irregular or disorganized."

None of this matters to a Healthy Mind, for it knows; as soon as the activity stops - it will adjust the entire body chemistry and stabilise the entire body systems including the Heart to natural. Which it does most eloquently.

It is when this does not happen there is a concern and as my own cardiologist teams confirm when I asked them. "When, or are you ever going to cure my Arrhythmia."

There was not a moments reflection in order to answer my reasonable question; "NO" was the resounding answer.

Thereby confirming my findings and belief. "If I cannot cure my Heart problems;" then I have been prescribed a long-term medically assisted death as the medications I have been prescribed are to obliterate my Heart from going in to arrhythmia.

Sadly the brilliance of my Cardiac Team and the entire Medical Industry fail to take into consideration all so called side-effects from medication - are mostly the Mind still very eloquently doing what it has always done, which is not something wrong it is something very right.

Surely the conclusion we must make in the light of later and to be considered better information is obliterating the Heart Muscle from going into an Arrhythmia whilst a necessary evil in reality stops the Heart as instructed by the Mind - doing what it is programmed to do.

In order to truly understand this we must go back to the ball and balloon demonstration.

Take your hand and imagine it clamped around a ball.

The hand clasped shut is the pumping action of the Heart.

Change the ball to a soft balloon and with the same action try dislodging the air in the balloon.

The Ball will put up a resistance to the hand pumping or the Heart contraction activity.

The Heart contraction is activated by the electricity impulse of the Heart.

Moreover timing is altered by the interference of an Arrhythmia - say another Heartbeat, which makes it appear as the Heart has not been able to pump the required amount of blood.

The reality is it has not been allowed to - as there is a resistance; not only within the Heart as a result of the Damaged Muscle, but in the entire body blood systems - not readily seen by any imaging devices and is a seriously contributing cause of the Heart Attack in the first place.

This is as a result of Extreme Fear caused by Childhood emotional and or physical traumas unresolved in a Person's lifetime prior to or following a Heart Attack.

May we look at this in graphical form of an undamaged Heart.

Remember the Hand around the ball unable to compress the ball - let us say this action is achieved by compressing the ball 55% of its ability.

May we now change the ball to a clock face And see this compression as 35 minutes.

Thus at minute one - the Heart electrical signal instigates a contraction and the circulatory action of the Heart goes through the various Atrium's and Ventricles phases to return to say; minute one - for a new contraction and eject fraction of Blood.

To understand this activity in a damaged Heart we must first accept the Heart is only doing as instructed by the Mind.

Thus if we accept the clock face principle - if the Mind is the only mechanism of Heart control, surely there would not be a problem.

It is because the Heart has its own internal electrical system an Arrhythmia is created.

Following a Fearsome event many years prior to the Heart Attack the entire body chemistry is altered and thus somewhat Toxic and Caustic causing many alterations in the entire Body to take place culminating in say a clogging of the arteries in the Heart. Leading to an attack.

This in turn working as an exciter in the Heart makes it run in a now unnatural manner, yet because it is created by the Mind is not seen as abnormal so the chemistry is not altered.

Sadly this activity has knock on effects that disallows the Person and or the Body to run as expected.

May we return to the clock face, the activity as immediately above, comes to the attention of the Mind where it now has to arrest the Heart from running out of control by recognising the timing is out of sync due to the Fear and Chemical activity.

However as so often the Heart is running very fast in order to keep up with the demands placed by the Lungs and Body for - if only Oxygen, thus the Mind attempts to reset the timing by attempting to override the natural Heart electrical cycle from the first minute of electrical activity - this would be tantamount to trying to catch a speeding bullet, yet undaunted the Mind at opportune moments or other Mind Body activity continues to intervene, resulting in what is recognised as a...

...Heart Arrhythmia; which is in reality part of a process of trying to rectify a wrong - not make something wrong.

Question. Can you please explain the process of Heart Pumping and Arrhythmia intervention in a more clear or perhaps graphic manner?

Answer. Of course with pleasure...

1. Do we not use as a sign of. "OK" our Thumb and first Finger - looks like an. "O."

2. Make one of those and then open the Thumb and Finger to approximately the size of a Heart.

3. Now open and close as in a pumping action.

4. Please accept when closed in the graphic it appears to suggest the heart would now have emptied at the value of 100% - the reality is the heart generally only pumps at around 55% as an Ejection Factor.

5. A normal and undamaged Heart would do this approximately 72 times per minute.

6. A damaged Heart would be instructed by a damaged Mind to pump anything from this value up to as many as 200 times - or even more, a minute.

7. This on a temporary bases may or may not be a problem - it becomes so when it is up to and includes permanente.

8. Perhaps the only real important aspect of a Heart Cycle is one often not considered and that is the minute amount of time in between beats - resting. For without this the entire body is put at risk. As it is at the centre of yet another Medical Mystery - Inflammation that affects every cell in the body.

9. Arrhythmias come to the fore when the Heart that should pump - as a separate supply; blood to the direct to the Lungs for them to work...

10. And in conjunction with the delivery and collection systems of the Heart and Lungs - deoxygenated blood to the lungs to be reoxygenated.

11. As the speed of the Heart and its inability to rest now interferes with the motion of delivery and receipt of blood to and from the lungs - makes the Heart appear spasmodic-erratic inn its actions.

12. This would be recognised by the medical profession as a Flutter or an Arrhythmia - a process even a normal heart would experience many times during a lifetime - but as it is not monitored by an electronic chest implant ICD it would and rightfully so go unnoticed.

13. It is when the heart flutters - the only organ of the body that will work outside the body having been suitably filled with liquid and given a kick start; or pumps erratically; thus fails to pump and receive the necessary amounts of blood,  That although created by the Mind - becomes a life threatening concern to the Mind; with the requirement to do something about it.

14. May we return to the Hand Gesture and imagine under these circumstances the pump only pumps say a quarter of the necessary blood and then returns to pump again - meanwhile the Lungs are not only expecting the correct amount of Blood cannot function correctly without it.

15. Clearly the systems cannot survive like this so the Mind seeks to do something about it and intervenes with an overriding message to the one that is stored in the Heart - with the intention that cannot possible work; as it is now contradictory to the initial instructions for the Heart to race, based on Traumatic memories.

16. This can be demonstrated with two points. A and C; where B is the new insertion point for the electrical source from the Mind that is trying to change the Heart timing back to Normal or even better Natural.   

Having created Talking Cures which from the information received over a very long time appears to be the first and only Disease Modifying treatment currently known - endorsed by not at any time is any form of Symptom Management; by myself as the clinician, or by a Person receiving treatment - ever required.

Mind and Body symptom repair is based on all illness no matter what the presenting biological symptoms are a Process of the Mind and not in the Body at all, other than an expression of the entire Body chemistry.

This process I apply to myself at all times under all circumstances as a recent reaction to on-going treatments demonstrates....

...Saturday 9th January 2016 5.45 am.

Having had a good night's sleep of some seven hours I woke at 5.45 and laid in bed warm, cozy and content - with nothing going on in my Mind apart from, but not desperate, a growing requirement to empty my bladder.

As requested by my GP to keep a check my Blood Pressure - which has remained on resting at or just below the 120/80 with a pulse of 70-80 unmediated for a long time now I decided to check not only my BP as my machine also tells me whether my Heart is in Arrhythmia or not - but this as well.

At this time my BP was below the above figures and no Arrhythmia was present.

Following this I emptied my bladder and decided to return to bed, where I am not sure if I went to sleep or not - yet was aware of my warm cozy and silent Mind. In a sort of twilight Zone.

Suddenly seemingly out of nowhere - I felt an electric shock and somewhat was mystified as to why thinking it was the ICD has shocked, yet knowing from experience and the earlier BP Machine readings this should not have been so - for a minute or two I was somewhat annoyed.

Gradually I started to work on the information in order to makes sense of it and soon realised it was not in my chest - although sometimes when the ICD shocks, it is over so quickly, it is not so easy to determine where the shock is felt. It was this time in my Head.

This I instantly knew was good news and although not in my now long-term searching of my Mind, something I had been actively searching for - I knew it was important and was able to understand this was possibly the very first reaction I made to the trauma of my Father punching my Mother in the Stomach, one month prior to my birth.

As this was clearly and electric type shock I am as yet unable to confirm if it registered in the recording ability of the ICD - only my cardiologist will be able to confirm or deny this.

The confirmation is not so important as is my reaction since - not only in my Mind but biologically as well.

Since that time I have felt easier in my Body - demonstrated by less muscle tension.

There are Three other symptoms I have had most of my life:

1. My eyes have always had a burning feeling like a weak form of acid in them - this is no longer there.

2. Since the age of Eleven and for many years I experienced Nose Bleeds, time past and these turned to a scabbing in my nose two operations did not cure.

Whilst over the years I have made many attempts to create a cure - whilst the symptoms of the scabbing altered many times, I have not been at all successful in creating the necessary and expected healing.

Since the incident on Saturday 9th January this area has been more comfortable and no bleeding and my Mind is saying to me, "do not try to dislodge the uncomfortable scab, as there is a healing taking place and the scab will dislodge itself when healing has completed." I trust my Mind.

3. Perhaps one of the biggest of all Pain mysteries to Medical Science - is the inverted Triangle Shaped Pain in the upper middle back; which I have had all my life which has now eased being no longer so low down my back.

My Mind is also telling me to stop taking the prescribed medications - 1 x 40mg Sotalol and 1 x 75mg Aspirin daily.

Whilst I have self-modified the Sotalol from 4 x a day - I will work with my Cardiology Team and not against them by ceasing to take the remainder of medications - however cannot have my Heart activity obliterated completely by medications, as I will not be able, working on myself, determine if my treatments are being effective or not - this would not be the same if I was treating another Person.

Whilst I created Talking Cures - not even I can interfere with its workings once a treatment is applied and most certainly not interfere with the foundations of Understandings of Talking Cures.

This has left me with the secure understanding only time and only the advice from my Cardiology Team will be able to confirm - my Heart Arrhythmias are a thing of the past and my Heart Muscle is in the process of replicating itself.

Question: All very interesting but how would this stand up to scientific scrutiny?

Answer: Good question. It would not as it would be considered of novel value but rather rambling - thus not scientifically provable.

However let us not be daunted, let us review its foundation.

1. There are some Seven Billion People in the World.

2. From the data of Medical Science themselves there are more People ill today with many more different disorders than say. One Hundred Years ago.

3. In all my years reading papers and attending medical seminars; I have never once heard of Medical Science say anything other than: "The cause is not known." "There is no known cure." or, "More research is required."

4. There are some 100,000 Medically Recognised and Diagnosed illness in the world and the best evidence I can find demonstrates very clearly - Not one of them has a definitive cure. = No more illness and no more medications or the so often used. "The Person Died of an Unrelated Disorder."

All of this leaves me with a very secure understanding.

Many times I am by seemingly knowledgeable Medical Professionals or ill People. "TOLD," in no uncertain terms - I should read this book or that book and become educated. With the implication - information contained in Books is the Gold Standard Evidenced Based Medicine.

Based on this now secure knowledge; I am obliged to consider, all of the information I have written and will in the future write - is available for FREE on my website, thus has to be considered tantamount to a many books.

Furthermore as the above demonstrates in items 2. 3 and 4.

The reality is; there is no such thing as Medical Science if there were; surely there would be at least one definitive cure for one illness, are we really to consider - a life time of ever increasing medication is to be considered a cure, does medication not clearly demonstrate itself as just short-term management of symptoms.

Update 10th June 2018. During a visit to the Cardiac Clinic for a routine ICD check the Doctor confirmed I have had no signs of Arrhythmias in Two Years and all other signs from the lump of clever metal in my chest appear as normal a message from the Heart as one is required to have.

Leaving me no option but to accept Talking Cures if is only an, "opinion" is No different than the Scientifically Proven without any known illness understanding or treatment - without definitive cures is the main, thus is just for profit...

...Talking Cures with no financial gain desired - is for education of us as a race of People, blinded by so much Science.

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