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Alzheimer's Dementia The Truth?

Medically Unexplained and Untreatable to a Cure.

The difficulty in the understanding Patients with Medically Unexplained and Mysterious Disorders is well recognised in medical circles, has been for a number of years and is well published.

Yet still in the year 2015 there is a persistence because the "The Medical Profession has the Evidence," to continue with the aged models of understanding ill health with the constant regurgitating of the research numbers as new research and the creation of a new diagnosis of a disorder already with a considerable number of medical diagnostic labels, yet at the same time - failing to recognise the simple truth.

If the previous research has not created an understanding of the cause using the best medical investigative techniques available, accompanied with effective treatments.

Then surely it is time a fresh look is made at these still medically unexplained symptoms and disorders of Mind and Body.

Like many illness's there are many names that refer to research papers and Alzheimer's Dementia is no exception, how many names there are is of no consequence, as they all appear to bear the same Hall Mark.

"The cause is not known," "There is no known cure."

Often accompanied by...

"No one therapy will ever be able to cure this illness," and "Not to search the world for Miracle Cures that do not exist."

Failing to recognise the Internet is full of Medical Papers that all proclaim the above, therefore within the Medical Industry they are correct, but severely limiting, not only on themselves but the long suffering Patients waiting decades for the miracle cure that does not exist and moreover. May well never exist!

With Memory Loss being the collective explanation - by researchers and Doctors alike, often followed by the explanation, despite our best treatment efforts symptoms become worse over-time and the sufferer reaches a stage where they revert to Childhood and remember with absolute clarity memories from that time.

Shortly after; entering a stage where they appear to have lost all memory ability in which they remain until their departure from this life.

With the explanation so.  "The Person Died of an unrelated disorder or underlying Health concerns." With the final protection of Medical uncertainty, "No one therapy will ever be able to Cure...

"...This.." (insert any illness) illness!

For Thirty-Five Years as a complimentary therapist Peter Smith has Specialised in the treatment of Medical Mysteries - or in other words Medically Unexplained Symptoms, using an education style treatment Talking Cures, previously with the aid of Hypnotherapy, which constantly in a just in time manner educates the sufferer and is able to treat at the same time by educating/treating as many symptoms as a Person can present and never interferes with another clinicians: Doctor or other specialist treatments.

During the Thirty-Four Years plus of all of the People and symptoms treated and either cured or their life improved - the cure or improvement comes using only their Mind, from within the Person who as a result of better understandings of their life and illness causes and creates an automatic immune system response, Talking Cures - does not create the Cure.

However, there is one symptom that is common to every Person approaching Talking Cures for treatment, either at the beginning of treatment - where a comprehensive list of symptoms throughout their Mind and Body is created, or at sometime during the treatment process, included with every Person presenting symptom list - is some form of Memory Concerns.

Not as an instant response to effective educational treatment for all their symptoms, but during sometimes extensive or extended treatment, the Persons Memory retention and recall returns to what would have been expected as a natural feature of our/their lives.

It is because of this long history, yet without a purposeful intent. Peter Smith Talking Cures found himself at the PC writing a book about Alzheimer's Dementia, The Truth? as he sees it, as a Person and therapist of many years experience.

For too long have these Medically Unexplained Symptoms and Gold Standard Scientifically Proven Peer Reviewed, Blind Double Blind Placebo evidenced based medicine have remained unchallenged.

This book is about challenging not only some of the researchers beliefs, but our own as well.

With so many People in the UK alone, often ill with many illness's - about 80%, where is the Scientific Evidence.

The only evidence I can see is the failure to prove Scientific Medicine with a secure outcome cure.

If it is your desire to read and comment or criticize the writings of Peter Smith Talking Cures in his publication Alzheimer's dementia The Truth? or any other writings or blogs, then please email as below.

Anonymous comments or criticisms are seen as the Person who criticises has nothing useful to add to this much needed discussion.

Moreover it can be said...

"If one criticises others harshly without good discussion, then ultimately one turns ones critical eye on ones self and criticises one's self more harshly."

Quote from Mr. Steven Quinn - Hypnotherapy Tutor 1983.

Treatment is: Either in Person within Talking Cures surgery, via Telephone (caller responsible for all telephone fees) or Skype through the PC - camera or not.

Memory is an intangible facet of the Mind that gives us the ability to recall on demand although many decades have passed, information that pleases us and allows us to run our lives in a comfortable to all manner.

If as described in any form or Alzheimer's we are unable to remember it is because over decades we have created a burning desire to forget any information that does not allow us to run our life in a comfortable manner.

The Book. or the possibility of a webpage. Due to be published in the future.

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