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Because Pain illness and fatigue are destructive to our
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There are only two types of Pain:

1. Pain which self repairs and requires no treatment intervention.

2. Pain which never repairs and is always changing and treatment resistant.

Whilst from a conscious point of view Pain can seem to provide a degree of protectionism, it cannot and must not be relied on to protect us.

Yes of course Pain, particularly Chronic Pain is extremely debilitating in as many ways as one can think, touching all members of the community at some time in their lives.

However most Pain is never successfully treated. 

Pain can be considered in a number of ways Pain! Pain! And more Pain!

It is no more complicated than that…For a Therapist to consider threshold of Pain in a Person as to be of a high or low level is of no therapeutic treatment value.

The only Person qualified to judge Pain is the sufferer. No amount of telling or explaining the different scientific explanations of Pain will make in the long-term an iota of difference to the Pain experienced. 

Can we consider; If we have had a Pain for a long time and no amount of rest and exercise has helped in its cure, why is it, when we say take vigorous exercise and are left the following day with muscle aches we had not experienced before, it  repairs on its own? 

The onset of pain - symptom - is no more than that, yes there may have been an accident/incident. Illness takes the same course - still this is a symptom.

Or is Pain when described by a Patient no more than a collective (symptom List) or is it really just descriptive (Diagnoses) and is the former the reason why Pain is so Treatment Resistant or the latter?

The real cause of the Pain is what caused the distraction of the concentration to allow the accident/incident in the first place.

Here lies the culprit of Pain. With Burning, Aching and Soreness long after the immune system repair should normally have taken place, there is a continuation; Pain of this type can persist for years… any pain based on an individuals perception can be or is Chronic! 

If the cause of Pain is not addressed or resolved properly, it will continue onto the Chronic stage, then begin, the degenerative disease process.

There are times when an operation is deemed necessary, sometimes a resolution takes place, most times, this is not the case and the Pain becomes worse.

Pain that persists without identifiable cause is for no other reason than, the diagnostician has not the tools to diagnose or able to offer a treatment which has the ability to be affective.

Listen, the sufferer will always tell you the cause.

Now we are talking to the diagnostician (The sufferer). When we are Hurt the Brain is already on alert; being nothing more than was expected.

It would appear this is not the case, there can be no proof of this, for if we pin-prick the skin we jump, was it the chicken or the egg that came first. Do we not see the pin-prick coming, as our Mind is always on alert.

Fear-anxiety - caused by what we see and hear - is the cause of all illnesses whether it is worse at day or night is of no consequence, (this being only a demonstration,) the cause, has not been addressed.

The traumas we experience until the age of twenty-one contribute to the sensitivity we already have.

Because illness is laser aimed (purposely placed by the Sub-Conscious Mind, therefore not by chance. The sensitivity in the area is not just a result of the damage (Incident-Accident).

It is the Minds way of maintaining the plea that has long since been ignored.

"Please, won't somebody understand." as there is never any person capable of this seemingly simple action, the Pain is made worse or site kept sensitive - inflamed by various bodily chemicals thereby resistant to any form of treatment intervention.

If Pain be in front of the Gate would we not be able to see and resolve it, if we looked the other side of the Gate to find the true site of the Pain and thus the cause. Meaning unless caused by Accident, this being only for a small amount of time, the site of the Pain is never where the Pain appears to be or feels like it is.

Massage, Acupuncture/pressure, Surgery, Drugs or Suggestion Techniques, Etc. All have a part to play.

Never must it be forgotten people have choices and if the choices presented to the patient are not in keeping with the desires of the Sub-Conscious Mind, the Pain-illness is never going to be resolved.

To continue this theme, there can be nothing wrong with pursuing relief of discomfort that disallows the person from having the experience of fundamental born with Rights of Life. 

Rights of life are not gifts:

In being brought into this world whilst it is not given much thought or credibility there are things that we have a right to.

EG: eat, sleep, learn, laugh, love, be loved, be adequate, be truthful, hate and have a sense of comfortable self-esteem, not be in constant fear or anxiety, these emotive responses - unless it is a natural response - are not GIFTS; should we not be well; in all of its meanings… therefore to be denied those rights by another person is inappropriate. And always painful!

In illness this is always the case, people who think our Minds and Body's are theirs to control are confused and badly in error.

When we as a race of people are prepared to face up to this well known yet hidden fact, we will then be able to see that the theory of evolution we have run our lives by, is not as we thought.

It is not the strong that create genetic change it is the weak (Traumatised.)

The strong have no need to change. Increasing the strength of Drugs, as is well known, does not cure Pain, but creates a greater dependency on stronger Drugs, or the more powerful version, Surgical Nerve Cutting. 

Any of these applications can and most certainly will, create an ever more powerful desire within the Subconscious Mind to keep the Pain, because the cause has still not been addressed. 

Are there are such things as side-effects from drugs or operations, or are they because the cause has not been understood or resolved, or does the Mind simply side-step the Pain/illness site, make it worse or create another one.

The Subconscious Mind simply finds another pathway to pursue, as the earlier one had been blocked by Drugs/Medications, prescription or so-called Social Drugs.

Enhancing the state of Mind in the context of relieving Pain is of no long-term benefit in the effective treatment of illness - Pain must not be suppressed.

Have we learnt nothing when after all has been tried and not succeeded, the Pain still persists and everyone throws their hands in the air and says "We do not know the cause or how to bring about a cure." 

Educating sufferers in Pain management is of little value if the Minds Negative thought process cause has not been met, understood and resolved.

Research must not look towards better management, but to an effective way of treating Pain with techniques, which releases the cause. 

Pain is a process of the Mind, not to be confused by "It is all in your Mind." 

When we reach this understanding then "Evident based Medicine" will truly be here to stay.

We all have a lot to teach and a lot to learn and learn we must.

This is my truth now tell me yours - change someone's Mind.


...In illness - The Mind/Brain/Body is not in the slightest doing something wrong, it is desperately trying to right a serious and terrible wrong?


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