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The Pain Illusion - is it the Body controls Mind or Mind controls Body?

One wonders what is to happen to Medical Science as in the year 2015 there are some 100,000 illnesses recognised and diagnosed in the world by Medical Science  and not one of them is the cause truly known and not one of them has a definitive

cure = no more illness and no more medications.

Leading one to consider what will we  all  do after the Medical Profession as we know it no longer exists - as it appears; it is not only destroying itself, it is also killing of all who seek treatments from them.

Is it not fair to say; the only language communication between Medical Scientists and Frontline Medical Doctors should be; the interactions between the Mind -Brain and Mind-Body via the entire Body chemistry which cannot be mathematically equated and whether the understanding of an illness is created by a Medical Scientist or a working Doctor, pales into insignificance - to the understanding of the 100.000 +/- illness recognised and diagnosed in the world.

Moreover, there is not one of them has a definitive cure = no more illness no more medications and the Person died of an unrelated disorder - relegated to the waste bin of historic Medical Science.

Therefor it is not a language barrier between them at all - it is more as if they can

Hear and see with their Eyes but never Hear with their Minds.  

Whilst it appears on the face of it: Medical operations and treatments are a resounding success, is it just possible medical interventions actually causes more illness that it ever cures and no one asks "WHY" or perhaps is even aware - because no one Hears with their Mind.

Question: How does this relate to the Pain Elusion?

Answer: It appears in one major country it is reported One in five adults suffers from Chronic Pain. This may well apply in every country.

Question: But what exactly is happening in our Brain when we experience Pain? And who is actually looking at the true connection?

Answer: One can talk to Many Universities who are studying within a Body in Mind research group to find out.

But if one looks closely one will see it is the same old back to front thinking.

Question: So is this saying "People are speaking in derogatory terms they suggest aches and pains are

“all in your mind?”

Answer: But the fact is they are right. It is "All in our Mind." However it would be much less derogatory if they said...

"all Pain or illness is a Process of the Mind."

Question: Do they say that? And if not are there any signs they will in the future?

Answer: When it is realised the most modern of Pain-illness management techniques do not deliver the long-term relief - then the answer is most certainly YES. 

That is the only safe place to go.

Question: So are you saying - this is not correct? "It is the Brain and the Brain alone, that decides whether an injury is sufficiently bad, or causing enough potential danger to warrant getting some kind of internal warning?"

Answer: This has been known for decades. Still the understanding and long-term effective treatment of Pain is almost nil by comparison.

Question: Surely this is not so? Has there not been something of a revolution in recent years in the understanding of exactly how this process works?

Answer: On the face of it, that is what is said by many research Universities.

Yet if we consider this modern day understanding "And how it can - and should - affect our approach to Managing Pain, particularly Chronic Pain.

Surely if one in the year 2015 has to "manage," Pain then the NEW understanding are not "new" at all they are no more than a regurgitation of past mistakes - in understanding the entire Body.  

Question: How then can this be demonstrated?

Answer: It is reported. "We now know that the Brain is responding to more than just the signals being sent to it by the ‘danger receptors’ around the damaged area."

Question: Does not appear to be anything wrong with that?

Answer: Only the fact it is back to front thinking and only the same as in Pavlov's time. It is a Person - not a Dog we are concerned about.

Question: Is it the understanding what these signals are and how the Brain processes them - that drives Universities Body-Mind research?

Answer: It appears this is the case.

Question: So are we to understand there is a move away from medication as the only scientifically proven Pain management?

Answer: It appears so. In developing new, non-pharmacological treatments for Chronic Pain, it is hoped much can be made in financial savings from a condition estimated to cost major countries many billions in their own currency - each year.

Question: Is there a move to simplify the understanding of Pain related disorders?

Answer: It is reported - The research group’s leader a Professor of Clinical Neurosciences and Chair in Physiotherapy points to the results of a "simple" experiment that has transformed our understanding of how Brains react to both potential Threats and Injuries.

Question: What is the Medical Profession saying with all of their protestations - they have the Scientific proof; if now they are saying it is. "Simple."

Answer: Good point - a self-defeating prophesy, if ever I saw one.

Question: How have they gone about this revelation?

Answer: In somewhat a "UNIQUE" style of experiment, participants’ hands were touched with a very cold piece of metal while being shown either a red light or a pale blue light.

Almost without fail, those who saw the red light described the experience as significantly more painful, some even pulling their hands away and talking about it being ‘burning hot.

Question: Even I can see that is not UNIQUE - it is no more than a modern day...

...Pavlov fairground trick?

Answer: “That was a powerful study because it showed clearly that Pain is not just a direct response to what’s happening to the Body,” The Professor excitedly stated.

Question: What does if anything this mean?

Answer: It was decided by the study group “we cannot conclude that lower Back Pain," for example, is simply about danger messages coming from the Back.

Question: Why?

Answer: That would fly in the face of all their understanding of how the Body system really works.

Question: Where do they go from there?

Answer: What it means is and THEY have said "we have to accept the reality that Back Pain is about a response to all credible evidence of - Danger to ones Back.”

Question: What if anything does this tell us?

Answer: Nothing - it is no more than an "illusion" People who study Pain actually know anything.

As well as another feeble effort to demonstrate ALL Pain is only Biological.

Question: What is it really saying?

Answer: Back to front Medical legalese.

Question: How can this be demonstrated?

Answer: When during serious Pain research from an Authoritative Body discusses with childlike innocents - that the harmless red light was not credible and that the Brain had been conned.

With the leading research professor agreeing and indeed stressing, "it was conned in a biologically advantageous way.”

Therefore, “The danger receptors acted in the correct way but the Brain was also influenced by what it saw.”  

In other words, it increased the warning message - the pain, because it perceived the actual danger as being greater than what the danger receptors were suggesting.

This from a point of impact can be acceptable - however within a Healthy Body Immune response would soon heal the Pain - if the Pain never Heals no matter what the intervention - then it was never at the site of Pain.

Therefore all the research is of no value - as it is ones again back to front thinking.

Question: That said are there any "key points" here we can consider?

Answer:  Yes it appear the research suggests "the Brain is influenced by a range of factors," which means that potentially it can also be made to respond advantageously to other factors.

Question: Where is this leading?

Answer: And at the University researchers are following both of those paths.

However more research is needed to elucidate more significant information.

Question: So with this research facility having demonstrated, if only they but knew it - they have wasted their time?

Where now do they go?

Answer: It is reported much of the leading professor's work is looking at how to use cutting-edge cognitive and behavioural strategies to modify the way the nervous system responds to various cues.

Question: Is one able to demonstrate one of these "Various Cues"

Answer: Say Clues! It appears - One critical step is for People to understand their Pain is very real.

Question: And it took an Authoritative Research Facility to say that...

..anyone in Pain would describe their Pain as real?

Answer: Of course they would and rightly so and add - in some cases it is absolutely horrible.

Question: Would this be acceptable as an accurate reflection of the actual Danger their injury presents to their Body.

Answer: NO - it is to a Person in Pain a clear and unambiguous demonstration of this Person does not have a clue what they are talking about.

Question: Are there other contributing factors we can use to support your harsh but possibly very true statement.

Answer: Yes. It can be as simple as their own Perceptions of how Bad their type of Pain injury is, or negative comments made by Doctors or Friends.

As what they see, believe, presume or are told most times increases or it is hoped - just sometimes it decrease the - Pain they feel.

Question: Is that saying? "We know if People can really understand their Pain it slowly reduces,” The leading research professor says?

Answer: Yes the professor goes on to say “For chronic pain, explaining the "biology" of Pain to sufferers is effective in giving them Pain relief in the long term.

But that is not a trivial task.

We have to convince - not just them but also their internal processes.

Question: What are the. "Internal Processes?"

Answer: The one thing for certain in this paper - the Authoritative Research Facility does not know?

Question: Ouch?

Answer: Sadly yes - surely if they did, would that not as "Explaining Pain" is their fortee; do so! 

No more than "explaining the "biology" of Pain to sufferers is effective."

If the Mind is not included or given any credibility.

Question: Demonstration please?

Answer: The Authoritative research facility reported. “We are doing research that is "trying" to work out how we can "squeeze" another "one per cent" of effectiveness out of that strategy.

The Person knows with Laser Aimed accuracy just where the Pain really is, thus explaining - just Biology to them is useless.

Question: What lengths do you feel they will go to in order to demonstrate their research has real validity and is not just another Novel and interesting understanding with no real foundation?

Answer: It is reported they are collaborating with educational and cognitive architecture scientists, marketers and advertisers to try to work out how they can best give People an understanding of their Pain.”

Question: Is that enough People or Modalities to make some modicum of sense of this now aged question?

Answer: If we take current knowledge of Pain which on a worldwide basis it is so poorly understood and treated - it has surely to be a consideration if every Medical Scientists in the world as well as mathematicians and all the computing power were brought together - still the outcome would be the same.  

Having said that it is reported a Research Fellow who works with osteoarthritis sufferers is providing fascinating insights into how Brain can interpret information coming from a Painful Body part.

Osteoarthritis is a very limiting condition that can require surgery.

However, in most cases the amount of Pain the subjects report is out of step with the amount of bone degeneration showing on x-rays.

A series of studies revealed, in many cases the Patients also had problems with other things, such as the ability to sense how and where they were being touched and how they saw their affected Body parts, which all suggests involvement of the "Brain."

In one project they gave People with osteoarthritis in their hands images of their hands, and when asked to choose an image that looked to be ‘the right size,’ they selected a smaller image than people in a control group,”

The research Fellow stated.

Visual illusions were also used to change the size of the Painful joint, right in front of People’s Eyes and this decreased their Pain and sometimes took it away completely.

We have found similar Pain reductions in People with osteoarthritis in the knees.

It’s surprising but it’s also really interesting because we have past evidence that shows changing how your Body part appears to you - too big/too small, can, modulate the physiological regulation of your Body.”

Question: All very interesting?  But what do you make of these findings?

Answer: The realism is with the use of the word "Brain" it is long-term meaningless to a Person in Pain.

Question: Come on there must be something tangible to come out of all this research and all these brains collaborating together?

Answer: One would like to think so, yet if one is able to comprehend the message here "For the research Fellow it raises the question of how good the Brain is at predicting danger, if some of the key messages it is receiving are not accurate.

Question: So comprehend it for me?

Answer: If one is not able to recognise the Brain is no more than a lump of Meat - then nothing is or can ever be Accurate.  

Question: So how would the researcher deem to accommodate to this revelation?

Answer: They may well desire to - create a larger safety zone in the Brain and therefore perceive many things as potentially dangerous - because they do not trust the information from that Body part.

Question: Should that not be a clue as to the true direction one should be exploring in order to understand and effectively treat Pain?

Answer: Not if this understanding is in a major Authoritative Body Research facilities thinking.

"What we need to do is change someone’s assessment of, or sensitivity to, potential danger."

Question: So what if any do they suggest is the way forward?

Answer: One - they suggest, way forward is to understand how "illusions" work; so we can target those mechanisms in many ways.

“When we do understand these kinds of illusions, we want to understand what is going on in the Brain to bring about a Pain change.”

Question: And what happens if we they use a "stimuli" to make certain Brain zones more or less active?

Answer: Nothing of any therapeutic value - if anything sticking a sharp instrument to see if it hurts in order to understand Pain - will only be detrimental.

Question: Does this demonstrate your apparent scepticism?

"The research is continuing and the leading professor believes this is vital - because figures (Mathematics) show that Chronic Pain is one of the most important Health issues affecting the economic viability of modern society.

Answer: Sure does and this is the icing on the cake.

“The challenge we face with Pain, we do not face with many other health burdens is - Pain is the very end process in the organism, so everything is a possible contributor to it.”

Question: Explain please?

Answer: This is nonsense the world has never had so many People long-term ill with multiple symptoms on multiple medications and no relief even mentioned let alone in sight.

Question: Is it the truth? “A lot of People think Chronic Pain is just some sort of

Mental weakness?

Answer: Pain is a serious demonstration of Strength and Endurance on the part of the Mind - This is the truth and unlike all medical thinking - the right way around.

Question: The right way around?  Surely that is demonstrating you are just a softy or even a liar?

Answer: The major Authoritative Research Facility concluded. “We know that is not the case -

Pain is Real and it is in the "mind" but not in the way you might think.

What we want to figure out are methods to successfully Train the Brain to process Pain in a different way.”

And we have to be so clever and take an interdisciplinary approach to work out what the contributors are.

Question: I see they are Talking about Training the Brain? Is there a value in this?

Answer: No not in the slightest - unless one's pursuit is to ensure all illness including Pain is only of Biological Creation.

Question: Powerful article and Straight to the point? One might conclude?

Answer: And many People are under the illusion this is modern scientific thinking - at its best.

Question: Demonstration please?

Answer: In NLP, clients are often asked to change the size or colour of the problem image.

They might also be asked to use their imagination to remove the image from the mind, notice that it has a natural rotation, and then rapidly rotate it the other way before replacing it - inside the mind.

The only thing I can add here is - all practitioners need to develop the skill of very careful -

observation and listening.

And this last comment with the use of Neuro linguistic Programming is listening with ones Ears and watching with One's Eyes - not the practitioners Mind.

Thus of short-term management value only.    

Question: Do you have any proof of that?

Answer: For the subconscious Mind our master keeper of all life's information - to change the size or colour of the problem image, is no more than a JOKE, to which it will not laugh at, but will show you just who is in charge of the Brain and Body.

By creating in a heartbeat new and more mysterious symptoms and will not give the credit to anyone this is what it has done.

Question: That is not proof?

Answer: This is the truth of it. The reason is; the Mind is an Intangible entity - thus cannot be seen with any form of Modern Medical Imaging Devise.

How ever once the Mind is switch off we are dead.

Question: Have we addressed the introduction to this update?

"The Pain Illusion - is it the Body controls Mind or Mind controls Body?"

Answer: Surely with the main thrust of the information included here;

One must conclude with the Mind - included by The researchers only and almost as an afterthought.

The only "illusion" here is - this Major Research Facility is once again with back to front thinking the Body comes first then the Brain and the Mind well alright; if one insists - it is there.

But said the research Professor we do not know - what if any part the Mind plays in the Pain we find impossible to effectively treat.     

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures.    

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