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Andrea - Societal Impact of Pain Linked In

To Peter, 

I understand you are perhaps trying to sell your technique, which may work for some folks,

but to write of the many causes for Chronic Pain is just unfair and short sighted.

Please take a look at what some other folks have written.

Perhaps it will enlarge your focus a bit.

Cam is Great,

but when you've got a tumour pressing on a major organ or nerve bundle, you need immediate Pain Relief.

And that's only one of a thousand scenarios.

People do have to leave their jobs because of Pain. It's a fact.

Blaming them for not being able to psychologically handle it, or because they had a trauma in their childhood has little to do with it--ask someone with a ruptured disc or diabetic neuropathy, or any number of congenital or accident-related conditions if childhood abuse is the root cause.

Dear Andrea

Many thanks for your comments, which are very much appreciated.

There are many questions contained with your short posting which deserve an open and honest reply, I will answer all of them and comfortably leave what I have written open to as harsh a criticism as you or any other person can muster.

A quote to me from a UK well known and respected Professor of Medicine with a specialty of ME CFS (This was whilst attending an ME CFS research Ward including Patient Conference and Ward rounds with the Professor)  Parkinson’s Essential Tremor Etc Etc Etc. “We all have a lot to learn and a lot to teach, I learnt a lot from you.”

It is not just a question of my selling Talking Cures; surely, everything we do or say is selling in some way or another. Even “I am  ill or in Pain “help me” is selling, more it is replying to or talking for; the many millions of people worldwide still in Pain, many times after many decades (sometimes as Long or longer than Three)  of suffering or receiving treatments from professors of Medicine, with no relief.

Leaving one to ask? “Why does indeed everyone post here and elsewhere unless they are either wanting to sell their idea or treatment or looking for answers their many clinicians have not provided?

Moreover, the suggestion “I am writing of (off) the causes of Pain is unfair and short-sighted " pales into insignificance to a life time of medics as High up the treatment chain, saying, “we do not know the cause nor have a cure. 

How much more Dismissing or Patronising can one get or useless can one be made to feel if our dedicated Doctors do not have and substantial answers.

If you read my website it states quite clearly whose side I am on, disrespecting people especially those ill or in Pain - is not one of them.

If I try to enlarge my focus as you suggest by reading all of the comments and many many more, all I find in the understanding and treatment of Pain is the most miserable failure of Scientific Medicine in their understanding of Pain and too offer a treatment that shows effect at all - let alone after many decades.

All of sufferers are these days trawling the internet world looking for clues as to the cause of their illness let alone Pain, be it chronic or otherwise.

The inference of the above paragraph is if “They“ find the cause of Pain or illness then cures can be created,

Well for the first time perhaps in history Talking Cures are plainly setting out the cause, so cures can be created because there are currently not any available anywhere in the world; for any illness!

My findings are, even when one looks at the Pain Society of London’s website; “no one has a clue.”

Often with the maxim delivered by another failure to understand or effectively treat a person’s Pain “Not to search the world looking for miracle cures that do not exist.”

In medical terms of Scientifically proven medicine, not even cures exist, let alone miracles?  

Deep in our sub-conscious Mind Everybody KNOWS where their illness or Pain cause is; we just have to be gently guided into looking into the corner we do not want to look because we know something not very nice resides there.

If the Mind represents all the Grains of Sand in the world and Illness is contained within just one Grain. With a willing (conscious,) sub-conscious Mind of a person Talking Cures will find that grain and assist the person in resolving the contents - of course the Medical Profession must have left time before the person dies, which are not only the cause of all illness moreover of all mysterious symptoms of Pain Fatigue or illness.

The name of the illness is no more than a pathetic attempt by scientist to explain away the fact “they do not know”  

Call me Psychotic if you desire, however I can find no better understanding of Pain than on my own website pages titled - Pain.

Bearing in mind Using Talking Cures I do not have a problem of treating, not only Pain but also under the same treatment regime; all of the ever changing complexity of symptoms which clinicians using their Scientifically Proven techniques would not even be able to bring them all together and I can assure you they are all intrinsically linked.

I have read the posts other people have written and find them all very illuminating. Yet at the same time sad, so many millions of people are desperately seeking an understanding and effective treatment of their Pain and all professional specialist desire to talk about is the symptoms, or telling them to go home and suffer, there is no more we can do!!!!!. 

There is no requirement for a long-term sufferer to attend a Pain Specialist as they will be able to diagnose their symptoms much better than any clinician, no matter how much Science he/she has to back up the protestations they have the “Scientific proof.” Talking Cures always listens to the sufferer they always Know better about the cause.

May I respectively point out from my perspective and all of these posts and many more on other sites confirm when people are still in Pain or ill despite the application of the best Scientifically Proven medicine delivered by Medically trained persons It is Talking Cures, which is the Medicine and so-called Scientifically Proven, is Complementary and by definition Alternative.

Your own comments (May I quote you) prove the point “but when you've got a tumour pressing on a major organ or nerve bundle, you need immediate Pain Relief.”The second part of this sentence I cannot and have no desire to disagree with, it is the first, which concerns me.  

“A person will only develop a Tumour having had a life time or the very least many years on the receiving end of treatments for many symptoms “However, they will know deep in their Mind - these treatments have not or could not work; because they only treat the symptom and not the cause. Which is a process of the Mind post emotional trauma in childhood.”

There is so little known in the Medically Scientifically Proven world of well-publicised, peer-reviewed papers on the Mind and its interaction with the Body, this statement (copied below) of yours appears to be without good foundation. 

Please provide your scientific evidence to support this, (your statement) “because they had a trauma in their childhood has little to do with it - ask someone with a ruptured disc or diabetic neuropathy, or any number of congenital or accident-related conditions if childhood abuse is the root cause.”

All of these symptoms will be as a result of  long-term illness not previously treated with Scientifically Proven Medicine to a Cure; Cure = No more  illness No More Drugs and most definitely; Not.“The Person died of an unrelated disorder” which appears to me to be a medical cop-out instead of  admitting their Scientifically Proven medicine was not proven?

Pain or illness is only a symptom of something being wrong within the processes of the Mind that requires understanding and has for many years not been so. Thus, People Never lose their jobs or lose family relationships because of Pain or illness.

I prefer to leave the blaming of failed procedures to The Medical Profession they are extremely good at it if only to cover up their inability or lack of real knowledge to resolve the Pain or illness.

If there is a blame following what appears to be lack of success using Talking Cures, the blame rest securely with both myself and the Person receiving the treatment, thus trust and respect can be achieved and a resolution sought for the presenting symptoms.

Psychological does not fit into my vocabulary, as It is no more than a symptom of something being wrong in the Mind due to an earlier trauma.

"It's all in the Mind" so often used by clinicians to hide the fact the treatment has not worked and the therapist does not have a clue what caused the symptom and moreover does not know what to do next, so blame the patient.    

Finely and may I make it abundantly clear Talking Cures is a treatment of last resort; when all others having tried their dedicated best have not succeeded in resolving the one or many symptoms.

Thus, offers - using the person own immune system, an educating method of treatment to People - not a list of symptoms.

All of which are either medical mysteries or medical failures or both with multiple symptoms and on multiple medications sometimes as long a Seventy years or more and is very capable not only of encompassing All the presenting symptoms under one treatment regime but also of accommodating to the ever changing presentations of symptoms.

Leading me to understand from not only Millions of Sufferers from all illness throughout the world including Medical Scientists Peer reviewed and published papers “Scientifically Proven medicine is the biggest Myth and Most Miserable Failure of All time.” Moreover, always will be until WE accept the Mind post trauma is the cause of all our illnesses.

Everything we know or do is by learning and illness (seen best as someone needs specialists help or educating) is the same.

Irrespective of how ill a person is; their body chemicals are always perfectly balanced, as depicted by the negative thought processes of the Mind and can only be altered by re-educating - This is not telling the Mind to think so, it has to be Automatic as result of a therapy that delivers - the Mind to think differently about past negative events.    

Andrea I do hope I have respectively answered the questions contained within your post, if not I welcome good quality argument based on the written word and not the writer.


Peter Smith Talking Cures

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