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Pain News Presentation University of London

Once again our illustrious countries national and local media in its desire to only print what its writers or editors want their customers to read in their publications and not what the public desires to or should be reading, did not or would not print - what, for me, is not only extremely exciting but an important step.

"We" the long-suffering People of the world with mysterious and no known cause and no known cures disorders of the Mind and Body really ought to be making if we are ever going to achieve the Mind Body comfort - we have a fundamental right too.

Which is, the acceptance; the Mind following Childhood Emotional and or Physical Trauma (Not just physical impact- accident) creates all of our bodies sufferings.

If and when we accept this revelation I feel certain our dedicated Doctors, using the best evidence based medicine they have at their disposal will be more successful in the treatment of our multiple and mysterious ills.

For the Twenty Eight (October 2011) years I have been a therapist having been ignored by many, I was not only delighted but felt it was a great step forward in the understanding of illness and Pain; for me - a complimentary therapist - to be invited to the University of London, Russell Square to address a Global Conference on Pain Management and in my ignorance or stupidity felt the media would only be too delighted to print such a story, as so many times they carry stories of the failure of medicine and the NHS, without the understanding; as to why.

Therefore I have no alternative but to print the story myself with the added bonus of all of the nuts and bolts that went with the story - and media space would not be able to cover - as well as the presentation itself and in multiple forms to ensure any PC will open the presentation.

If any document does not open on your PC, please send and email to me and I will send to you a personal copy.

Press Release

Pain; Frustration of Treatment Specialists and Patients  Explained...

A local (Southend on Sea) community based therapist has been invited as a keynote speaker (see Pain Management brochure) to give a presentation about Pain to a Global conference on Pain Management.

Where he will explain. The Frustrations of Clinicians and Patients. As too.

1. “Why we get Pain,

2. Why Pain treatments are not successful.

3. Why we keep Pain.”

Including; the use of the word Pain Management sends to the sufferer the wrong message.

The conference was organised by Sabrina Daw Appel Consulting Ltd London and held in the Senate Rooms University of London Russell Square London on 25th & 26th October 2011.

Some of the UK's University based and world leading Pain Research Specialists were in the audience.

For near twenty-eight years Peter Smith as therapist has offered, treatments for a wide range of Mind and Body symptoms, always attempting to do the best but recognising the best was not always good enough, mainly as a result of the negative aspects of his own life created by traumatic experiences as a child

Emanating from his Father punching his Mother in the stomach whilst eight months pregnant, only recently Peter discovered his Father, thought Patrick - birth name - was somebody else’s. Clearly, Patrick/Peters looks confirmed his parentage.

Peters work always is made more difficult and sometimes impossible to even start because so many Doctors implanting into their patients "There is no known cause and no cure for your illness, including not to search the world for miracle cures that do not exist"

Leaving the long-term sufferer saying to me "If my Doctor with all of the scientific research and medical qualifications cannot cure, how can you possibly do so without out supporting evidence."

My reply "there is little value in Scientific Evidence" if it always says we do not know the cause and have no cures only management and the amount of people in the world just with pain is enough to suggest Management is not as successful as is desired. No one asks "Why."

Today Peters belief is “Always work towards resolving the Pain or illness, never blame the Patient for not improving and never give up on the person."

Time passed as did the use of Hypnotherapy - urged on by his former wife saying. “You do not need to use hypnosis to cure, all you need to do is talk” and with experience the development of new and innovative methods of working with persons who have suffered multiple and sometimes mysterious - to the medical profession - symptoms and on a number of medications for many years without the desired beneficial effect.

Following a number of years of development and other therapy alterations, near Ten years ago recognising the World if not the Medical Profession would have to enter the Mind as its treatments and understanding had run their course; Peter created Talking Cures which is not just or only a Talking Therapies Treatment, but an education, which releases the person from early childhood traumas and uses their own immune systems and Body replication processes to bring about a cure of the symptoms, automatically from within.

Wherever we go in the world and what ever skills we achieve there is nothing we can do without learning and education. illness is exactly the same it is a learned process and not "All in your Head." this being a symptom of an earlier but negative learning.

Peter was at a late stage asked if he could give a second (listen to sound files at and of presentations) presentation as two speakers had not been able to attend, he offered to create an impromptu talk about the about the medical worlds No 1 mystery, Simple Tiredness, leading to Chronic Fatigue not refreshed by sleep, rest or many scientifically Proven treatments.

Peter included in his second talk "the world’s population, as so many are ill should consider accepting the Mind is the creator of all illness." Concluding with “will assist Doctors treatments to improve.”

Despite in 2008 through to March 2010 being suppressed by two of the country’s largest institutions.

Peter took the decision to plead guilty to the charges under the Data Protection Act, to protect the Patients whose Private and confidential documents were released outside of the NHS - included in the Jury documents - without the Patients knowledge or consent by Mr Andrew Pike South East Essex Primary Care Trust NHS. In order to stop Talking Cures demonstrating many of the symptoms the medical profession say are cause unknown and have no cure, do indeed have a cause and a cure.

Peter emerged from Court elated and not only personally but also therapeutically seriously stronger whilst the barrister ashen faced tail between his legs disappeared in a huff. The four court cases Peter endured are vested in the public domain.

Pain Management Brochure Adobe Reader

The Presentation

Peter following being introduced opened his presentation with;

Ladies and Gentleman; So we are under no illusions may I start by levelling the field some.

  • I have the greatest of respect to all front line Medical Staff for their achievements when working with our population of multiple symptom ill people and never interfere with their work, moreover, I encourage it.

  • I feel Gold Standard Scientifically Proven medicine to be the biggest myth and most miserable failure ever. Based on the argument “There is not one illness on the planet were the true cause is known and a treatment when applied means; No more illness no more Drugs or the requirement of self-management.

  • I have never been research funded for the creation of Talking Cures. Which appears to be; the most significant of findings since the creation of illness and Scientifically Proven Medicine.

  • Rightly, you will question my evidence and qualifications; If you show me yours, I will show you mine.

  • I am not medically trained in fact the only qualification I possess is a C Grade pass in Human Biology in 1986/7 at a return to study course. The qualifications I use, in reality only show I have spent time studying and nothing else.

  • At the end of my presentation, I welcome any challenge you may care to make as to my interpretations of illness and its causes. At the same time with a willing member or two if the audience I will demonstrate why patients will not let go of their Pain.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen it is my hope that my presentation today is not received as my selling Talking Cures but allowing us all to see, as we must, different understandings are required about the cause of illness and how patients are treated as People before everyone of us is too ill to give treatment to anyone.

  • Pain Management “That is what we are here to discuss, a word that is not included in my therapeutic vocabulary; as the use of the word Management sends to the sufferer the message. “you do not know what you are doing if all the best Scientific Treatments have not worked how can anyone, especially me improve my Pain by managing it.

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Sound Recording

Presentation Part 1

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Sound recording of Impromptu presentation.

Presentation Part 2(approximately 26 minutes.)

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