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It took me until late 2007 to wake up to the fact I had never documented any of the Medical Failures or Mysteries successfully treated over the previous Twenty -Four years.

The above even escaped my notice whilst many times giving a presentation to a group of People and taking a stranger from the audience and treating them and in many instances obtaining beneficial results.

During one of these instances (approximate 1987) treating a Frozen Shoulder of a Seventy Two year old lady and having it confirmed some Eighteen Months later she and her shoulder were still OK.

Another lady (approximate 1988) had an Arm that had been becoming weaker (one might have described it as withering) over a period of Seven years, following treatment; some Three weeks later - at another talk/demonstration - it was confirmed to me, her arm was getting stronger all the time.

Medical Failures are when our most dedicated Doctors - around the world - as agents of Gold Standard, Scientifically Proven, Peer Reviewed, Published, Evidenced Based Medicine have applied medications-treatments to patients, only to find, often after many years not only has there not been the cure-promised, but the person has now many more illnesses or are on many more poisons (drugs.) Is this what the Medical fraternity describe as. "Anecdotal." or "I want to tell you a story."

These illnesses are so often called Side-effects of the drugs prescribed to create a cure, but in reality are just other illnesses Scientific Medicine has seemingly caused, for which it will not take the responsibility or is oblivious too.

Operations are only required when Pain or illness have not been cured and is a demonstration of medical failure.

A Medical Mystery is when the Gold Standard, Scientifically Proven, Peer Reviewed, Published, Evidenced Based Medicine does not have a clue as to the cause and it has never been demonstrated with just one illness where Scientists, really know the cause and have a cure.

Abmismaly demonstrated by the Medical Professions own documents There are 100,000 illness in the world and the true cause is not known for one of them no more than any one of them has a definitive cure.

Cure = No more Drugs, No more illness and more importantly the Person died of an unrelated disorder relegated to the Medical Waste bin of history.

Please email if you have information that disproves this.

Is it acceptable in the year 2009 for a prominent Professor having spent many years studying Complimentary Therapies at a leading university and as well being a Medical man, to say, "Just because a person gets well does not mean the treatment has worked." Or is this just another trick of Medical Scientists in pursuit of protecting their weak position by denying any Complementary Therapist the credit for curing a person Scientific Medicine has failed to cure. And should this hypotheses not be applied to conventional medicine as well?

Moreover, is it acceptable for Professors of Medicine - and there are enough of them - to travel the world lecturing on their specialities and at the same time stating this or similar "Researchers haven't yet discovered the cause of ( insert specialty) (ME/CFS), and so far the condition is incurable.

Therefore is it not time, the so often said, especially by those who have a weak position to protect "if some one says they have a cure, do not believe them." is discontinued, if we all continued this, would we not all still be living in caves, and unable to communicate with the world, as the Internet has allowed.

Or is this what is desired by those on the inside of the establishment, especially those who only think they have the Gold Standard of Scientifically Proven Evidenced Based Medicine and the cure of our illnesses, yet fail to or will not see the truth, which is, they have very little by way of cure and so often even management of illness is not very successful. Researchers words, not mine.

Only a small percentage of the people who see a Doctor/Specialist (insert specialty) for (insert illness) Fatigue can be diagnosed with (insert illness) ME/CFS. When a doctor cannot find a cause for (insert illness) Fatigue and the Patient's symptoms don't meet the criteria for (insert illness) ME/CFS, mostly a likely diagnosis given is of "Mysterious Symptoms of ill health of unknown cause and no known cure."

And then going on to clarify "No one therapy will be able to cure (insert illness) ME CFS." If they (Researchers Medical Specialists) still do not know the cause of their specialty symptom range; what gives them the right to limit Patients and their right to be well - in such a Hypnotic manner.

In late November 2007, a number of People were invited into Talking Cures practice to participate in a study project - fully funded by Talking Cures - however they had to fit within a certain criteria. They had to be Medical Failures and therefore diagnosed and treated by various medical teams over many years, yet there was to be no selection other than they had to have an illness that was not going to take their life soon, or one where it was felt could be treated and cured relatively quickly.

Based on the understanding "we need a better understanding for our illness's NOW, not some mystical time in the future!"

Moreover, no one would be pushed out, if in the meantime Talking Cures obtained the evidence required, in other words, Talking Cures contract with them was and is;

“Treatment free of fees until they were either cured by their own immune system or they decided, as is their right, they did not want to carry on with the educational style treatment.”

All participants within this study were given strict rules of entitlement and engagement within the now Talking Cures research Protocol.

They had to supply to Talking Cures all documentation they have relating to their treatment history and authorise in a letter for Talking Cures to write or copy any letter or paper relating to them or their treatment to their Doctor or any person within the NHS that has a care of duty to all patients or Medical profession that should or does show a professional or Patient led interest.

In addition, prior to any subsequent treatment, present a report that Talking Cures, would type in their words (the patient dictating,) Print and Store the Original to ensure continuity to control the Paper and Audit Trail.

To ensure this research does not fall within the so often suspect remit of Scientific Evidenced Based Research; All treatments, typing, stationary and postage will be Fully Funded by Talking Cures, not a funding body with their own agenda as to the outcome of the study. The report has to be truthful to pass a lie detector test.

Not even myself or Talking Cures should or would predict the outcome.

Two Years later and over Four Hundred Patient treatment hours applied there was considerable documentary evidence to demonstrate illness is a process of the Mind that seriously affects the Body.

Currently not available due to the old Institutional Suppression at work where Mr Andrew Pike CEO of the now defunked South East Essex NHS Primary Care Trust Southend on Sea Essex; Feeling threatened by the possibility of Talking Cures creating an automatic immune system from within the participants which self-cured them of long term and multiple illness's, the medical profession could not; he - working alone found a way to suppress Talking Cures by disclosing Private and Confidential Patient Letters - without the knowledge or consent of the most import person The Patient - addressed To Myself and Talking Cures outside of the Primary Care Trust, to be used as evidence against me in the public domain of Basildon Essex Crown Court at a Jury Trial (Mar 2010,) the reality is quite different I have emerged seriously stronger as has the treatment/education application of Talking Cures.

This growing body of experience from Talking Cures ongoing treatment of Patients with a multitude of symptoms appears to be unique in the world: Depression, Fibromyalgia, Hiatus Hernia, Manic Depression, Diabetes, Migraine, Menstruation heavy loss…, hyperactive thyroid, Anxiety, Hand Tremors, Chronic Pain, Sleeping disorders, Multiple Sclerosis…See Symptom List Page.

Should it matter whether the cause of illness or Pain is a process of the Mind or in the Body, is it not more important if nothing else, a better understanding as to the cause of all illness's or cure is found.

Any person is welcome to say; this study by Talking Cures is too small to be of any significance, Hypothetical, Anecdotal, Qualitative or Quantitative; as Scientific Studies are and have been for many years now getting smaller and smaller, or has been Random Controlled, Blind, Double Blind or Placebo trialled and has not been subjected to a Peer review or Meta analysis; if someone has the desire to criticise then please demonstrate they are able to prove and the Scientists demonstrate they even know the cause of any illness let alone have an effective cure.

When they can do that, then they can criticise Talking Cures.

If I were a Doctor or researcher I would have either been on the Television, in the Press or online media, making a false promise “We have found a Cure” but it will not be available for a number of years, the years pass still no cure and the promise is quietly forgotten amongst the Jolly ups on the Funding, or had one of my colleges nominate me for a Noble Prize.

Talking Cures does not seek Media Frenzy or Notoriety - although in time this may have to change - nor make such false promises, preferring to have to hand; secure experience first , rather than raise peoples hopes only to dash them by saying “cure” or better understandings, will not be available for years to come.

The better understandings are here now!.

It appears Scientific Researchers never stop to consider the damage to sufferers of Illness, let alone the Friends and Families who have to constantly observe the loved ones suffering yet are unable to do a thing to help, whilst waiting for the promised time to pass waiting for the “cure.” Surely, no person would desire for this to continue; all that is required is the real cause of Illness to be found with fresh understandings as to how it may be treated.

As to whether it is in the Mind or Body, a combination of both or a Mind process that causes it is really of little concern, what is of concern for all, is why so many suffer and how this can be changed and not the continuation of the escalation of numbers of ill people we appear to stretching too.

I am eager to demonstrate illness is not so mysterious at all, based on Talking Cures secure understandings; All illness has a foundation of Tiredness; no Illness is Psychosomatic, Mental, Psychological, or as a result of a Hypochondriac desire, lead swinging, laziness etc etc etc, and finely not "all in your mind Ducky."

These being nothing but symptoms of an earlier cause…The Mind and Body must be brought together and treated as ONE!

What is a better explanation; All Illness. No matter what some researcher in pursuit of more and more funding, call it - is simply, a process of the Mind, which interferes with the Body’s chemicals to such, an extent, although it is still well balanced the only thing that transpires, is Tiredness, Extreme Tiredness, Fatigue or Illness the Bodies immune system cannot resolve.

Changing the name of an illness can be considered as a result of the earlier illness not being understood or cured or in pursuit of new research funding.

Change this, as can Talking Cures with its unique ability of working with the heterogeneous and diverse complexity of the interaction of the Mind and Body and we are on the way to understanding the cause of all Illness, tiredness and Pain.

Becoming angry or frustrated at the number of symptoms a patient presents is not a consideration, as Talking Cures is the only known therapeutic application having the ability of working with more symptoms than any Patient would be ever be able to present.

Is it not said “Prevention is better than cure” in the absence of treatments that really work; Talking Cures treatments are an education which when given in a just in time manner bring about the cure from within the person without any instruction from the therapist, but also preventing by effective treatment, short term illnesses as a result of treatments not being effective, becoming long term mysteries.

Thereby denying any form of medical intervention that may appear to cause the person so often to either die tragically, be forced to take their own life or long arduous painful death on the most powerful of prescribed medications.

Neither the Medical Profession not the Patients should be frightened by this, for, change we must, meaning we cannot go on with the failures of understanding and treating illness in the Cartesian dualistic (Mind and Body are not connected) manner any more.

The object of this exercise being - no Professor Doctor or Consultant as agents of Scientific Researchers in their usual dismissive manner when a cure is brought about by means other than they had to hand - will be able to dismiss the fact the Person has recovered.

Barack Obama quoted in January 2011 "Suppressing New and Innovative Ideas never made them go away."

Using Talking Cures:

1. It is known why and how a person becomes unwell in the first place.

2. How to apply an education treatment to multiple symptoms that are presented by patients, without my being confused or isolating one symptom or another for treatment.

3. Why and how Talking Cures educating treatments work.

4. Why, when it appears they are not.

5. Why, as it can appear, a person appears to become worse as a result of educating treatments.

6. What to do when this occurs.

7. Jointly takes responsibility when it appears the treatment is not being successful.

8. What to do when treatments have not and are not being successful.

9. Jointly takes responsibility when it appears the treatment are being successful.

10. Make no demands on a Person recovered from illness to publish the fact for the accreditation of Talking Cures, for to do so would not recognise. "Well-Being is a Fundamental Right - not a Gift."

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