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PAIN on a Desert Island Part 1 & 2

“Societal Impact of Pain” Linked In Discussion.

Response to a UK National News Article

Mark to Kristina

When I read stories like this, One million 'needlessly in pain' A million People in Britain are needlessly suffering from long-term pain without getting access to drugs, pharmacists warn today. It makes me wonder what are these Pain Specialist doing with their time there in Britain and what do they do for these Pain patients that need help.

Do they just say ho hum learn to live with the pain, how can they do this to all these People needing help.

Being in chronic pain every minute of every day, all day and all night is not living, its called suffering. How can these doctors live with themselves.

When a person suffers these doctors called Pain Specialist are suppose to do what's necessary to get the Persons pain under control.

When I read this I think to myself I'm very lucky to get the pain treatment I get here in Houston ,TX.

I can find pain relief for most any pain patient here in the U.S. but they might have to travel a ways depending on where they live.

These People in Britain should not have to suffer in silence like this, it makes me sick to my stomach to know older People are suffering there in Britain.

These are suppose to be their Golden years not their Going to suffer years. A GP named Dr. Martin Johnson with a specialist interest in pain management, said older patients with arthritis were the biggest single group not being treated. Too few realized there were drugs or other treatments that could help them.

10 million people suffered from long-term pain, while pain-related disorders cost the country more than $10 billion a year in terms of lost productivity. Gee I wonder why when they cant move because of the chronic pain they are paralysed from.

Treat the pain they suffer from and get their productivity back, that's pretty much common sense.

But General Practice doctors don’t fully understand that there are different types of pain that require different drugs. I think I can pretty much get in there with a white coat and diagnose pain patients myself or give advice on how to treat these peoples pain.

Also Dr. Johnson stated access to pain assessment clinics, where pain patients learn about their condition and how to treat it themselves. And states he wants GPs to be financially rewarded for managing peoples chronic pain in the future, under the Quality and Outcome Framework, otherwise paying them to do their job correctly.

My gosh this is appalling Kristina , what can be done so these people that suffer from long

term chronic pain can receive better treatment.

This just upsets me because I know how they feel , I've been there and I know the chronic pain they suffer from. With just better treatment of chronic pain , a lot of people can be more pain free.

Peter Smith to Kristina and Mark

Just who is kidding who in this UK press article.

One Million try 1 Billion worldwide and that is conservative. Pain is Pain and it does not need to be any more complex than this, People are in Pain as a result of Childhood Traumas and any attempt to stick a needle in or a pills down their throat will only end in tears for all concerned.

This is made worse as our dedicated doctors as a result of the No Hope Service changes, now get points for diagnosing and prescribing and these extremely valuable points convert into pounds (Stirling in UK.)

Pain management falls into two distinct categories. * the Patient any form of assistance to relieve their Pain is good management. * the clinicians any form of Pain management is extremely poor scientific understanding of Pain made worse by the stupid names it calls pain.

All Pain is only made worse by these stupid names. To answer the question.“What are these pain specialist doing with their time.” Wasting it chasing clouds that might just contain a silver lining for more research funding, or kudos for creating another futile little name to call pain.

When oh when are they going to realise; what they are doing is worse that Nero fiddling while Rome burned as all of their medically trained for specialities in the field of pain go up in smoke. One of the question of Doctors being financially rewarded; how about the quality of outcome is measured only on the Doctor as an agent of Scientific Medicine, firstly knowing what was the cause-absolute of pain and if the pain did not respond to treatments, then they had to pay the sufferer.

This will ensure a quality of medical research that produces cures as, first do no harm, instead of. How much money can we make out of this? Me Arrogant , pig headed and more you based on the argument for near thirty years as a therapist the only thing in real terms I have ever had to do is sort out the mess the pathetically and so-called scientific medicine brigade leave people in.

Still today at the beginning of the year 2012 I am unable to find enough evidence of any real value to put on the Sharpe end of a pin. It does not make me sick to the stomach, but it seriously saddens me to think worldwide so many extremely talented medical scientist and clinicians are seriously wasting their time chasing rainbows or playing children’s Doctors and Nurses.

Moreover if we continue as we are then soon there will be no one left to either create bad snake oil medicine or deliver it as they will all be too ill to do so.

In the years since Scientist stole Medicine as their own and applied the guesswork (hypotheses) to it, the only thing they have created is a tiger wagging the tail, or better said the last thing anyone in the hierarchal chain of Pain or illness desire is some idiot to come up with a cause known and subsequent cures, as it will strip away the power illness gives by making the search and thus the distraction illness gives, a waste of time. Peter Smith Talking Cures Pain is not a Mystery at is link address. Pain.

Mark to Peter,

I'm sure Kristina was talking about the older people that cant even get a appointment much less pain control in Britain.

It maybe twice as many people but that’s not the point, the point is getting these people good pain care.

If its medication therapy or physical therapy something is better than nothing than leaving the person to suffer.

And Peter when different painful diseases have different names it means they have been diagnosed despite what the disease is named.

I have to admit some of the names are a bit squirrely.

Some doctors and administrations need a word to call a person’s; painful disease to get them treatment if not compensation if the person is living on a fixed income.

Back to the subject Kristina wrote about these specialist are failing to diagnose these people so they can get the treatment they deserve for the pain they suffer from.

Maybe then these people in chronic pain can find a way to better treat the chronic pain they suffer from. Not one person on this earth should have to suffer, unfortunately their many that don’t even get the food they need to live each day, its sad. Kind Regards, Mark Chronic Pain Advocate.

P.S. By the way Peter thanks for your kind words you wrote about me and the slightest hope of anything coming from the so-called medical profession.

Regardless of the fact that aggressive medication therapy works for me, I've searched till I could not search anymore.

Dear Mark

Many thanks for your response.

Perhaps the millions you mention are not seeking treatment because in reality they know they are lifetime sufferers of multiple symptoms and thus medical failures and medical mysteries and refuse to take any more poisons as they do not want to find out as Scientific Medicine buries its successes; they do not muck about down the crematorium.

If you have an hour to waste you may like to look at a Power Point presentation of a Presentation I gave at a Global Pain Conference in October and listen too.

It is in two parts - all explained on website or see links below - and takes

Part 1. Approx 50mins.

Part 2 Approx. 25 mins.

Your comments will be appreciated.

Best wishes


Mark to Peter,

Sounds good even though I don’t have time to waste, I will listen to your presentation and email you back to let you know about your Global Pain Conference.

Let me ask you a question, if you were stranded on a Island and had water and food most everything to keep you alive and comfortable.

Then one day you had a accident and it caused you a great deal of chronic pain every day for 10 years.

Then a suitcase washed to shore with bottles of pain medication in it, enough to last for years. Would you live your life in chronic pain and suffer day after day or take the pain medications you where familiar with.

Mark Chronic Pain Advocate – U.S.A. email:

Pain on a deserted Island.

Dear Mark

As always many thanks for your response including your comments about my Global Pain Conference Presentation.

Pain as all illness has an extremely serious impact on the world’s society, when a person is in pain or ill no one - around the ill or in pain person - escapes the damaging effects, thereby enhancing the importance of discussion as these.

Having seen so many posts you have made on the many Pain discussion pages of LinkedIn and read some, I feel certain you have scoured the world, as have the millions of people ill, let alone in Pain, seeking if nothing else a crumb of information; leading to either you being able to manage your pain better than you do, or a miracle cure.

Where to date in your own and many words as I see it; you have not found enough to put on the sharp end of a Pain Medication Injection needle.

Which of course does not exist; because the stupid medical profession; knows it does not and never will, whilst they control the research.

May I respond firstly to your discussion about the suit case of pain medication, this would never happen because the snake oil salesman would rather take it down with him than allow someone to benefit free of cost. LOL.

But seriously to answer your question; In a different way (in an attempt to contradict Talking Cures)

I too have searched the world seeking a Scientifically Proven treatment for many illness, let alone pain and to date even though I have had the request on my website for a least Two-Years, the same on twitter, Linked in and more places I can shake a stick at - and feel sure you have read in my recent postings; for someone, anyone to give to me secure information or research papers there is just “One illness in the world that Scientific Medicine does indeed know the true cause of and have a cure.

Cure = No more drugs and no more illness and No the person died of an unrelated disease (designed to hide the miserable failure of medicine.)

To date not one person has given me this information or challenged my request. Leading me to believe there is not one.

So to answer the first part “What would I do if I was injured on a desert island?” For a start because there would be no stupid medical no cure treatments to hand and no Doctor to say “You are, how old?, being alone on this deserted island you must be depressed, take these pills.”

My mind as everybody’s would adopt a different attitude to the Pain.

And if that failed; as Talking Cures to the best of my knowledge; uniquely based on the above, does indeed not only know the cause of ALL illness, but if the stupid no nothing medical profession have left us time, has a treatment which uses the persons own immune systems and will if the person can work with me create a cure; not needing any pathetic time wasting management techniques or the rubbing on of lotions, when the Pain returns.

Talking Cures is not a magic panacea or a quick fix therapy; it is a process similar – but in reverse of - to the illness creating process of the Mind.

So in conclusion; although I am comfortable in confessing I am not as skilful at treating myself as I would be others, but my life already, being on deserted island with nothing to distract me but the pain you describe, I would dedicate more time - than currently - in treating myself to ease the pain.

Much more importantly, prior to my intervening with a self imposed treatment regime I would expect - as it was an accident - my mind and body’s immune systems to replicate the body back as it was.

Pain that does not do this is never to do with an Incident.

Thus I would, as I do today with a certain amount of Pain be able to continue as I do without the requirement of Zombie making poisons.

The sad part of this story if it were true, is. “I would not have Skype or a telephone and to a certain extent emails to continue as I do, giving effective treatment to people who actually desire to be well or free of pain.

There are a papers on my website describing Worldwide medical mysteries - given freely - which as far as I can find and of course I am biased - is the best information to hand the world has ever seen which, in deference to the laughable world of Scientifically Proven medicine within their gobbledygook, is written for everyone to comprehend.

Keep up the good work Mark.

Best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

Mark to Peter,  

Thanks for your response but you still did not answer my question, you wrote: So in conclusion; although I am comfortable in confessing I am not as skilful at treating myself as I would be others, but my life already, being on deserted island with nothing to distract me but the pain you describe, I would dedicate more time - than currently - in treating myself to ease the pain. This is not a answer, it’s your way of avoiding what I asked.

So again if you were stranded on a Island and had severe chronic pain for many years and a suitcase of opiates washed to shore. You open it and find many bottles of sealed medications you where familiar with, what would you do, take the meds or throw them away.

I have to agree when you asked for someone, anyone to give you secure information or research papers on “One illness in the world that Scientific Medicine does indeed know the true cause of and have a cure.

I think if we had all the answers we would not be debating all of this on SIP.

So keep up the good work, I'm going to read the information you sent me on your Talking Cures today.


Mark Chronic Pain Advocate - U.S.

Pain on a Desert Island Episode 2.

Dear mark

Once again many thanks for your response to my posting.

I felt I answered your question most eloquently but am quite prepared to accept I could have made it clearer and will do so now.

The Pain would not last as you describe, for many years or until the suitcase full of Opiates came along; a miracle cure is only seen as medical dreaming;

For all my life I have suffered some sort of mind/body discomfort or other and apart from appendicitis at the age of 11 and a Heart Attack in September of 1992 I have always been, what one might describe, as not ill.

Yet; suffering many different and always changing symptoms; A persistent; unable to be relieved, dry cough (I am a lifetime none smoker) ringing in my head (not ears), brain fog, inability to concentrate, fatigue, burning eyes, stiff neck, pain in Center of my back, pain down arms, sensitive skin all over, especially fingers, extremely high anxiety causing hand and leg tremors, High pitched voice, low back pain (due to my inattention causing and incident, a girder fell across my lower back,) Painful hips, Knees, sleeping problems - waking every hour to pass water and finely but not exhaustively, inability to pass motions leaving me feeling poisoned all the time and I am somewhat dyslectic.

All with the use of Talking Cures knowledge and techniques easing or resolved and most certainly live-able without medications massage or body tweaking techniques.

My Doctor said, when many years ago I presented to him my dilemma, with all of his medical knowledge he replied. “What do you want to go to the toilet for?”

I did not have the speed of mind or courage then, to say to him, “If you do not eat, you do not S....and if your do not S... you DIE.”

This piece of wisdom from a Psychiatrist - perhaps the only - given at a presentation some Fifteen Years ago.

Then he promptly put me on Valium, within three days I felt like a Zombie, so stopped taking them and have never taken any poisons since.

My private and highly recommended Medical Specialist was nothing less than a fool and had no right being a Doctor, let alone a Consultant Specialist.

Fee in 1978 £150.00 for a fifteen minute consultation.

My acupuncturist (1978) said to me at my first consultation “I will not cure, you but I promise you will not go back.” Of course he was true to his word.

My Hypnotist; I will not call a Hypnotherapist - I did not know any better at the time - spent the first Fifteen minutes of my time doing her housework (wish I was kidding,) whilst I was laying on an extremely uncomfortable couch, in a very cold room (I do not feel the cold) and when she returned, not only did she talk a lot of gobbledygook (which I was to find out better much later) but used a badly recorded hypnotic suggestion tape. I am also mindful “Did I really give her a chance.”

After four sessions like this, I said to myself “Lady I can do this, but better than you.”

Luck turned for me; a person in Southend on Sea was advertising “learn self hypnosis.” I immediately telephoned to register myself for the training. “The trainer said to me “Why do you want to learn self-hypnosis.” I replied; I don’t “I want to learn to be a Hypnotherapist.”

Today near Thirty-Years later the Hypnotherapy therapeutic techniques this man, Mr Steven Quinn taught to me are still today the best treatment techniques and understandings there are available - anywhere in the world.

From my early learning’s and later studying Human Biology and many hundreds of Hours attending Medical lectures and Presentation in various parts of the country including University teaching Hospitals, I engorged as much information about how the body worked and where the different organs are (I do not consider in real terms I have actually started to learn about the body, this was never my intention.)

The other thing attending many lectures aimed at Medically trained Professors of medicine Consultants, Surgeons, Doctors Et Al taught me, was, “Only once, in more lectures than I have counted, did the presenter(S) not say. “The cause is not well known or known at all and there is no known cure.”

The one exception was a French Facial Surgeon who did not have to concern herself about the cause; she just had to make a Face look or work better than it did.

This had a greater impression on my medical learning than any other lecture I ever attended.

With better understandings than still today I can find from any Scientific Proven Evidenced papers of the interaction of the mind and body, all of this some ten years ago lead me to cease the use of Hypnotherapy - never once did I ever use; direct suggestion as a therapeutic tool, as I knew then, it was like taking a sledge hammer, to crack a shelled peanut.

All of this education was leading me to create a completely new form of treating persons with long-term suffering of multiple symptoms and medications (a facet of treatment I am unable to find repeated anywhere,) that I had long since learnt were medical mysteries and failures and thus beyond the reach or recovery of any Scientifically Proven medical techniques, quickly learning what the medical term. “Watchful Waiting” meant, “Waiting for a person to either have something we can dig about with and hope we can ease or hope they will die soon so we can claim. ”They died of an unrelated disorder.”

All of this as Talking Cures evolved of course brought about a number of changes to my therapeutic regime, without doubt the most significant treatment process the world has ever seen or based on current demonstrations from the Scientific Medical Brigade; ever will.

It took a number of years of successful treatment on myself to realise my always pleasing others was always and only at my own expense, I was becoming now comfortably selfish, with the realisation I had developed Talking Cures for me alone, albeit my balanced selfishness allowed me willingly to share my knowledge and treatments with those wishing to be well.

Demonstrated by the fact, never once have I increased my fees to a person in continuous treatment, in spite of what inflation did to me?

So mark to answer your question - or are you wishing for me to concede to your answer.

I will use your word “Opiates,” as my direct knowledge is nil and consider as so many millions of people in the world are taking opiates and not in real terms relieving their pain for more than perhaps, just a few minutes.

Then to consider my taking them under the circumstance you describe, will only cause me to be confused with brain fog - now long successfully treated by myself - and the thought raging through my mind. “I hope someone will come along soon with a cure for my pain as the opiates have not done what it said on the box in the suitcase.”

Concluding with my having opened all of the bottles to the elements - and returned the suitcase to the sea for the contents to be dissolved forever.

And then once again turned my therapeutic attentions on myself and continue unabated my own treatment pathway, which is gradually improving my body health and mind well being.

There is only one question in our health pathway which requires answering and it will be answered when the stupidity of Scientific Medicine recognises that it is our negative thoughts which are the cause of all illness and pain and its belligerent attitude in only talking about say “Stress” is the cause of Anxiety and Depression and thinking Drugs will treat it instead of seeing Stress as a symptom created by a negative thinking process, which for well-health requires resolving

With the medical profession it seems all roads lead to Rome or the Mind and its thinking processes are nothing to do with the body.

I hope I have now answered your question instead of emotionally, medically or politically avoiding it.

To me the things we cannot or will not talk about are the only thing in our conversation that ought to be talked about.

Best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

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