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Pain Management

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Pain Management

Sreejani Bandopadhyay Journal Editorial...

Pain is a term that is inevitable, can we think of life without it.

Pain is something that is felt by every individual Human being, at any point of time, be it acute or mild.

Pain as such has no bounded definition - The World Health Organisation defines Pain as “an unpleasant sensory or emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage.”

But in my opinion, the definition of Pain is vague; it tells us the root cause behind it, but does not tell us the effects.

So therefore it is my opinion that Pain management is an important need because “uncontrolled Pain reduces the quality of life and persistent Pain interferes with activates of daily living and social interactions.

Pain can also affect mood and psychological functioning.”

I would really appreciate if individuals give suggestions, opinions, comments related to the post.

Sreejani Bandopadhyay Journal Editorial...

Dear Sreejani Bandopadhyay

I can think of nothing better to start the day with a posting as this - that asks for opinions.

If we may take the information as contained in your text as representative of world and the World Health Organisation opinion - it somewhat confirms; although very true, how little is known about Pain worldwide, moreover "why" any form of treatment intervention is only ever short-lived or never a permanent cure.

May we therefore consider Pain is not inevitable - it is created by the very ones that are supposed to love us, thus is a Protection - not a fault we have to live with.

Therefore. Pain as we are but humans as defined by The WHO is only bounded by the need for profit.

Thereby; Defining Pain as; “an unpleasant sensory or emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage.” is so incorrect in 2016 - as to render all the studies ever carried out on Pain, not worth the paper they are written on and why worldwide - Pain is so poorly understood and treated.

All because the root Cause is never treated EVER and the Pain is never in the part of the Body where it is described or viewed by the best imaging devices - ever.

It is a memory and if the Mind does not remember - there was or is Pain; there will be no Pain, as the immune and Body replication systems would, in a heart-beat be carried out as it does - Ongoing minute by minute self-repair of damaged tissues.

Confirmed by most People in Pain have never received Tissue Damage in the so-called Painful Area.

There is a powerful but sadly mistaken truth in the statement "But in my opinion, the definition of Pain is vague; it tells us the root cause behind it, but does not tell us the effects."

This sadly could not be further from the truth the definition of Pain is not vague it is virtually non existent - for once the term Management is used it renders all knowledge of no value - including that of the Person in Pain.

Thus the effects are no more than the Emotional Phenotype expression by the Person of the real root cause, as the effects of the Pain to all around; are only an opinion of the observer - thus a dream about something one can never posses - an effective treatment; creating freedom from Pain.

So therefore - it is my long-term opinion; until such times as we all accept a new or better understanding of Pain, that management may well be an important need because uncontrolled Pain reduces the quality of life and persistent Pain.

Yet NEVER interferes with activates of daily living and social interactions - the original cause does this all on its own and will never cease until an understanding of the true cause of Pain is received and the entire Body Chemistry is altered to a new Mind expression and understanding of the emotional cause of illness - let alone Pain.

Until such times - it must as the evidence clearly demonstrates; all treatments are no more than Long-term Medically Assisted Death, post the madness the real cause would have created - had the Pain not existed.

Conclusion: Pain "never" affects mood and psychological functioning.

The original Mind stored information does this and Management only exacerbates the requirement for understanding Medications and other management techniques can never deliver.

There are only (Link) TWO types of Pain

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures

Roman Garcia

1. Mr. Smith your definition and explanation of pain borders on the metaphysical.

2. You can argue philosophy has strings which intertwine with the practice of medicine.

3. But there is a point when the sole expression of one dilutes the effectiveness of the other.

4. I will give you an example from your article...

5. You say the effect of pain is as much a contributory product of the observer as is from the individual experiencing the pain.

6. This mind expression you refer to is thus maintained by the transference of ignorance or unknowing expression of the treating medical personnel following protocols of knowing high failure rates.

7. Thus propagating the patients mind expression with chemical biological pain deriving experience.

8. Further more you use an example that most pain patients can not recall a particular incident of traumatic nature which would of caused such a painful protracted experience.

9. Well let me remind of a simple biological real matter fact.

10. Trauma does not come only in violent single acts.

11. Most inducing trauma initiating events occur over a multitude of small apparently innocuous habitual acts - such as prolong siting, over head activities, lifting or excessive bent over or squatting activities ect.........

12. The point is if you refuse to accept a definite defining description of a condition well established in our collective consciousness and able to express through language and other sensory emergent behaviours available to us.

13. Than you will never formulate objective physical examination protocols for uncovering those painful pain patterns specific to a biological insult in the body.

14. If you bunch all pain patterns together - as it appears to me you do - you will have a hard time categorizing the emotional from the physical pain patterns.

Roman Garcia

Dear Roman Garcia

Many thanks for your comments, you make very eloquently my opening gambit of. "Nice discussion and worthy of much support and hearty debate."

It must first be said - Sreejani requested "I would really appreciate if individuals give suggestions, opinions, comments related to the post. My response was in keeping with this request and respectfully placed!

May I respond to your points missing out those items that do not require a response - in number order:

1. I can think of nothing more metaphysical than a branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world that encompasses it.

Metaphysics attempts to answer two basic questions in the broadest possible terms: Ultimately, what is there? What is it like?

This appears to my simple mind an approach to Pain Management - of Dreamers Dreaming of that which they can never Posses.

2. Your term. "Practice of Medicine" under this guise is eloquently demonstrated by the fact in 2016 Pain Management still only lasts as long as the drug which has only obliterated the Pain - remains in the system.

Appearing to confirm the "Practise of Medicine" is but a Philosophical Dream that has no practical application other than to continue to practise - in the hope no one will notice it is not right, until the Patients money for treatment runs out; or the Dreaming turns into reality and starts to cure for the first time in the history of Medical Intervention.

Thus I conclude and argue - my Understanding of Pain never has been a Philosophical Dream State; it is a reality.

3. Thus I am comfortable in agreeing with you when you suggest. "But there is a point when the sole expression of one dilutes the effectiveness of the other."

5. Of course it would not be common sense for me to argue my understanding of the presentation of illness is only an image of the entire contents of the Mind expressed as the Emotional Phenotype.

As not only did I create the understanding - it is not and cannot be Scientifically Proven as all illness is as Unique to a Person as their Fingerprint.

Moreover when it comes to outcomes from Scientifically Proven treatments - I am obliged to ask of myself. "Just what is Scientifically Proven" or am I just. Philosophically Dreaming."

Thus if the observer - a practitioner, is only able to consider the symptoms - they demonstrate no knowledge of the Emotional Phenotype.

Therefore; As the Pain is NEVER Where the Patient presents; will only be contributory to the Symptom Presentation and never will be able - as the evidence suggests; effect - as the long suffering Patient requires; relief or even a cure..

6. I could not have put my case more profoundly as you have

Moreover in Medical History so far I have been unable to find One Scientifically Proven Paper that refers to THE MIND and effect treatment only using the Mind and never ever any form of management.

Surely any treatment protocol that does achieve this has to be considered. "A New Science," worthy of much debate and heated argument - if Medical Science for the first time in its history is able to remove its self from the self-imposed prison the factitious story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde tells.

7. Once again you are to be complimented in your deep intuitive observations of my comments with your comment. "Thus propagating the Patients Mind expression with chemical biological pain deriving experience.

Where your comment. "Chemical Biological" confirms Pain is exacerbated by the use of Chemicals called medication - used in order to relieve the Pain.

8. For Thirty Four Years now I have specialised in the treatment of People with multiple symptoms - often on multiple medications somewhat dismissed by the Medical Profession as. "It is all in your Head."

Never once, even when an Accident/Incident prevails has the Person been able to truly remember the cause of the Pain.

Surely to use Medical Science own words - the Immune systems would have self-repaired and if it did not; the true cause as we later in their Mind explore and release the Person from its life destroying effects demonstrates with the relief of the Symptoms and natural self repair - much more secure than a life time of medications that only last as long as the heat from a massage or the drug resides in the system.

10. Whilst I have and am content in agreeing with you on this point of yours. "Trauma does not come only in violent single acts."

First it is imperative we recognise the strongest possibly - a Person has first be susceptible to react to Trauma - thus like there are only Two Pains there is only One Trauma the rest being only like the fruit on a tree; an adaptation of the original seed.

11. May we accept there are no such things and Habits or Addictions these are only symptoms of the Emotional Phenotype - as indeed are: prolong siting, over head activities, lifting or excessive bent over or squatting activities ect...

Therefore. If the Mind does not remember Pain - there can or will not be any Pain or illness.

12. Surely we have to consider in the absence of Long-term relief or Cure - there is something most seriously wrong with your comment - defined by; "collective consciousness."

My now very long-term findings are; there is no such thing a The Conscious Mind collective or not - this again is Philosophical Dreaming, as this so called process is only an expression of the Subconscious Mind or the Emotional Phenotype.

13. May we remind ourselves of the position Medical Science is currently in as expressed by Sreejani Bandopadhyay Journal Editorial... with her request for comments and opinions. "The cause is not known and there is no known cure"

Thus would it not be the sensible in the face of constant failure; we at least accept there is another way at looking at Pain or illness - that despite the best efforts of our many dedicated practitioners who are only able too see Pain Illness as a "biological insult in the body." Only ever becomes worse over time with the addition of many more of course Unrelated Symptoms.

Concluding with The entire Medical Profession - has never in real terms once formulated an objective physical examination protocol for uncovering those painful pain patterns specific to an individual; looking puppy eyed to practitioners for, if not relief, at least a sensible explanation.

14. One again may I compliment you on such deep intuitive observations - you are so correct when you say; "If you bunch all pain patterns together - as it appears to me you do - you will have a hard time categorizing the emotional from the physical pain patterns.

Thereby resides the problem - not once in pursuit using Medial Science has in it real terms it been demonstrated - it is Scientifically Proven rather that a guesswork hypotheses.

Meaning if the Medical Science continues with its belief the Mind plays no part in illness then it will only ever continue on the path to profitable destruction - of Pain Management.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures

Roman Garcia

Mr. Smith have you ever considered you may just be in a Dream State yourself?

That which you purport all others are and it is you, the only one in such a state.

Observing from the dream world as others practice in the real world of molecular interaction and active conscious states of experience with matter and facets and dimensions of the living environment.

And it is you who works under the guise of illusion waiting till some sense of validation appears giving value to your belief and practices.

I believe this is a valid consideration we all have to put to test against ourselves, for no illusion is harder to break than the one controlling our evolving minds.

Roman Garcia

Dear Roman Garcia

Do you not find as I and so often history confirms - a Psychotic never does the dirty work himself, always seeking an Alternative Agent, thereby ensuring his hands remain clean.

It is rather strange how the Medical Profession and their activity - just in the USA of recent times, runs its practise by attempting to suppress any threat to their, know very little existence.

Demonstrated by the published information - many Alternative Practitioners have mysteriously disappeared from the planet.

One of the ways they achieve this and I feel sure you will concede - is the Brother at the top of the tree says something in a somewhat cavalier manner and with a sneering style of jocular laugh and down the line; one of the Alternatives Agents I spoke of earlier, does something the man at the top knows nothing about.

It is by this process of distraction - of the 100,000 illnesses in the world the medical profession has recognised and diagnosed - yet strangely in the year 2016 do not have a single definitive cure for and seem rather oblivious of.

Thus as your comment suggests, "the dream state others practice" remains alive and well the profits remain and the Patients have no say in the matter - other than MANAGE Their PAIN as best they are able.

Thus an eloquent discussion as this is relegated to the "interesting and novel but of no Scientific Value," because the psychotic controller has somewhat slipped down the greasy pole.

And yes; I am in a dream state; forever hopeful, the entire Medial Profession will join with me and in this Dream State - wake up and examine their history - before they destroy the golden goose for ever.

May we now return to the discussion - as it is distraction from sensible debate as I often find with those that know "all" but prove very little if anything worth while at all.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

Roman Garcia

It appears Sir we are dealing here with a clear case of Confirmation Bias.

This is a documented real world mental condition emergent behavior anyone can fall victim to.

Just like your mind induced pain patients from which the only hope for them is through some cognitive pattern reorientation.

Your own Confirmation Bias state prevents you from achieving some more normal plane where your mental apparatus would allow a more balance approach to pain suffering where if I strike my finger with a hammer, you would conceived the pain is a result of the fact my finger just got crushed by a heavy metal object and the biological real matter response is pain which would lead to eventual healing through automatic processes which I would not be entirely under my control, but would be under evolutionary processes developed through the history of biological evolution.

Roman Garcia

Dear Roman Garcia

Once again you demonstrate the integrity of someone intelligent - but fail to use it.

May I repeat - so often I find with those that know "all" but prove very little if anything worth while at all, clearly seen in online comments they make.

Always seeking to avoid the subject in question - despite repeated requests to return to the true and originating debate.

If one could look past the Utter Stupidity of hitting ones finger with a hammer and see it was caused by a moments inattention (where did the Mind go in that moment and why) and use intelligence to solve a problem instead of the Confirmation Bias you demonstrate - that you are right and I am wrong by default. Just because you say so.

Then you may just see; you are utilising Back to Front Medical Thinking, of why it is worldwide no-one-ever truly recovers from Pain.

Most, if not all Pain - is not caused by a Hammer blow or in fact any direct tissue damage at all; it is of unknown cause.

Even Pain as this - instead of self-repairing through the automatic processes, not only rarely repairs, but so often becomes much worse - moving to affect other parts of the body.

Leaving our dedicated Doctors with no alternative - but to do the best they are able with the current knowledge and manage the Pain; until a completely New Science that understands Pain and illness; emerges, where for the first time in medical history an illness or pain is automatically cured = No more Pain/illness and no more medications. Using the Persons own Mind, Body Chemistry, immune and body replication processes.

Sadly it is this process that the application of medical science and alternative treatments often concludes with. "The Person Died of an unrelated disorder." Thus Scientific Medicine et al. Buries it successes.

If there was a spark of intelligence in you that understood Pain - then you would not make statements as this extract from your response, "which would not be entirely under my control."

Understand this and you may well be on to a New Science and as such become famous and rich.

Until such-times it may well be best if you remembered - you just do Alternative Medicine.

Medicine; either works or it does not - if it does not then I have to ask; does it deserve to be called medicine at all let alone Alternative.

Confirmation Bias

Demonstrated by; "Confirmation Bias" (Francis Bacon (1620) which reinforces itself while seeking to destroy all opposing opinions and vilify those seeking logical and scientific truth.

No one will ever be able to change a Person - so set in their Mind as and if they listen to others - unable to cure any illness despite having Scientific Proof. 

Thus, it would appear - we all suffer from. "Confirmation Bias" and good for the advancement of Humanity it is too.

Moreover - if the true cause of illness is not known and does not has a definitive cure - where is the science; how does it deserve to be called science at all.

May we look at the process of. "Confirmation Bias.”

Say with their own Confirmation Bias - a film maker is started off with their superior intelligence by picking a subject - Mind and Body connection, of which the writer perhaps knew very little, yet recognised it had never been covered very well before.

One then took all the available information currently available applied this information to this highly intelligent Mind with ability to search and more importantly - collate history.

Then picked out the nonsense from the interesting and made it into a film, which would be of serious interest - to a wide range of viewers.

Thus one has confirmed a BIAS towards the truth of inviting others to add if only in their own Mind information presented in a new way, thus confirming their own. "Confirmation Bias" - by deciding; if they agree or not.

My Confirmation Bias is for Thirty Eight Years of my life I had relied on others for life understandings based on their Confirmation Bias and were it not for my becoming a MIND/BODY therapist Thirty Four years ago with my early life-time of agony. My future would not have been good.

I am obliged to say during that time thanks to the interpretation of Scientific Medicine from a number of Doctors - my life has been improved, but they did not cure me; for their Bias was ONE symptom at a time...

...not me as a Person!

If we look at history as I feel sure we all have in more detail especially in the making of such a film you will see. "Confirmation Bias" was perhaps created in 1620 and by 4 20! in the afternoon. Confirmation Bias was born!

When the lecturing Professor of Medicine was getting tired and a young enquiring Mind - say Nostradamus, who put forward an idea which threatened the Professor’s limited knowledge and in order to shut him up, said in his Medical Trained Manner.

“That young sir is Confirmation Bias.”

Of course the whole class laughed their Gowns off, the student suitably and purposely embarrassed to a point he/she shut up and never introduced a new idea again.

And so was born the tool of. "Suppression" - Scientific Medicine uses today to silence innovative thinking People who may have new and innovative ideas and why our dedicated medical professionals, only practise illness Management - instead of Cures.

There are many such incidents in history with much the same story and again my Confirmation Bias into believing my creation Talking Cures - based on many mistakes of the past innovators is so strong; I passionately and intuitively know...

“...All illness is a process of the Mind,

"that seriously affects as a symptoms, the Body?”

Is a New and as yet unrecognised Medical Science.

And over those very same Thirty Four Years thanks to my Absolute Bias many People with Long-term Multiple Symptoms of Mind and Body deemed failures of medicine, have recovered to go on to lead a very comfortable and meaningful life.

Now thanks to the likes of Nostradamus and of course many others - my Confirmation Bias is such a narrow Minded strength, after more than Six years as a member of LinkedIn (A Business linked Social Media style forum) of constantly and very politely defending myself and others right to make their point.

Would you as I be prepared to give your life for what you believe is the ultimate truth in illness and the Fundamental Human Right of others to make their intelligent - not feeble character destroying comments.

Gradually People are - even if they do not know it, are thereby considering it a virtue in the light of New and better Information too alter their Bias to incorporate the Mind and Body as one - into their conversations.

For without the Mind and its thoughts/memories the Body is just an Organ or no more than a Lump of Meat?   

Having said that I will not have to change; if someone can even talks as if they know better let alone achieves, I will bow to their Confirmation Bias and recognise their superior knowledge and skill with consummate ease.

For the first time in history as best as I am able to determine a Person is able to stand ALONE unfunded with a disease modifying treatment. Talking Cures, against the perceived Confirmation Bias Might of the entire history of the medical profession and not be swayed by idle threats and meaningless innuendos who collectively still at 2016. 21st century...

...Cannot muster one Confirmation Bias understanding of illness where the cause is known and a cure has been created.

Cure = no more illness, no more drugs and the Person died of an unrelated disorder - being a Confirmation Bias opinion - not an option, therefore relegated to the Medical waste bin of history.

Talking Cures is my truth and Confirmation Bias - now tell me yours; change my Bias.

Now please Mr Roman Garcia heed my request; May we now return to the discussion - as it is distraction from sensible debate as I often find with those that know "all" but prove very little if anything worth while at all - just as every word in your postings demonstrate so eloquently.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

Roman Garcia

A veritable organic reasonable underpinning.

Sir you keep saying "tissue never repairs" yet you use phrase such as, replication process, body chemistry, immune system.

Are these not phrase / words which give the idea of tissue repair?

Your branch of science tends to negate and discount the body matter and all its' processes and mechanism designed to maintain and effect tissue turn over under both normal cyclical and under tissue duress environment and assume a holy non-corporeal spiritual state for the mind.

Does not the mind arise from the matter of the brain?

If the brain can create consciousness.

Why not can the body matter create both a localized protracted pain pattern and/or evolve a tissue from a painful condition to a normal non - painful condition with the mind involved in the process?

Roman Garcia

Dear Roman Garcia

I have written a book in this discussion along for you to either challenge me on or learn from - sadly all you seem to desire is the constant lack of polite salutations is to continue your attempts to dominate.

However I would have to consider to onlookers you are just a know very little therapist. who does not even register on the internet with a search.

Your comment. "A veritable organic reasonable underpinning."

This is no more than a dismissal in order to ensure all Pain or illness is of a biological cause - show me a demonstration with the very best scientific paper you are able to find and within it there will be the phrase or similar. "The cause is not or well known - more study is required. It is 2016 we should not be hearing this any more.

It is not myself that says Tissue Never repairs - as I keep saying, but sadly you only see with your eyes and never your mind - it is the entire medical profession them self.

Based on the cause is not known and there is no known cure and the very reason why Sreejani started the discussion on Pain Management...

...The term itself is an admission there is no known cure, thus it is scientific medicine that tends to negate all other doctrines and so often embraces a treatment of interest - only to study it, not be able to make sense of it and in the psychotic manner seek to laugh it out of court by saying of Novel but no Scientific Interest.

My branch of Science is so New it is not known and taking into consideration the past four thousand years of Medical Intervention - some thousand years if front of all other therapeutic understandings.

The Mind does not emanate from the Brain - this is not more than Back to Front medical or Dr Jekyll thinking - it is an unseen and un seeable entity, that is embraced in every single cell of the Body and if the Mind does not remember Pain or illness; there will be no Pain or illness.

I previously stated with conviction - there is no such thing as Consciousness, this is a medical dream of which the answer they will never process.

As for creating, "a localized protracted pain pattern and/or evolve a tissue from a painful condition to a normal non - painful condition with the mind involved in the process?" This is no more than obfuscating nonsense.

Hopefully you are finding out there is no amount of Psychotic Control that you are able to muster that will brow beat me into submission - there is no one in the medical profession, least of all you, with the knowledge and technical ability able to achieve this.

Demonstrated by - With the very best efforts of highly skilled and dedicated Doctors around the world oblivious to the publicly known fact. Scientific Medicine is only Long-Term Assisted Death. Never a cure.

We all have a lot to teach and a lot to learn and learn we must.

This is my truth now tell me yours - change someone's Mind.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

Roman Garcia

Mr. Smith what is the difference between the mind and consciousness ?

I believe your perspective of each has such a convulsed structure you seem to have forgotten a basic principle of what it means to have a mind.. If an entity cannot have a sense of experience - the ability to incorporate sensory stimuli into an intergative information matrix unique to its' interpretation from all possible results than how can it not have a conscious?

A mind has the above quality I just described.

Therefore how can a mind not be conscious of its' self or the world around it.

To say you are conscious is to say you have a mind.

If I was to take a scalpel to a brain and disrupted I at just the right place your body may continue in a vegetative state, but I can assure you your mind and conscious can be obliterate.

Furthermore if being in that vegetative state if I was to put a fire to your foot you would reflexively pull away from the flame.

The reflex would not need the mind to register the pain.

As for my Name not appearing in a Google search. I can live with not being famous.

I suggest the seeker of the hidden laws of nature or any other discipline concentrate on finding legitimate insight into the unanswered questions in nature and less on promoting themselves and their products.

For the later task often takes far to much time away from the former.

Roman Garcia

Dear Roman Garcia

With your response whilst it says very little of improving the knowledge of Pain and Management as this dissuasion requested - it becomes abundantly clear you are a man of a Greater integrity and Wisdom than myself.

Thus may I seek your advise as to how to deal with a Patient request for treatment I have recently received by email.

The symptoms presented in the list I requested in their own language. Not of those with diagnosed names.

1. Sleeping wake often heart fluttering and beating fast.

2. Unpleasant Dreams

3. Nervous shaking sensation all over.

4. Fear of being tired.

5. Fear of pain.

6. Fear of not being good enough.

7. Fear of being attacked physically and verbally.

8. Fear of people being upset with me.

9. Fear of work.

10. Fear of future.

11. Fear of Failure.

12. Pain at temples spreads around towards back of head. 

13. Headaches.

14. Heavy nasal discharge.

15. Flemmy Discharge on coughing.

16. Pain top of back at neck.

17. Pain top of mouth to back of throat.

18. Pain at area of appendix when I am talking about mum.

19. Lower back pain.

20. Chest Pain.

21. Tight across chest.

22. Pain and tightness under breast bone.

23. Nervous Pain in stomach.

24. On eating feeling of diarrhoea.

25. Pain from elbow on too both hands.

26. Pain in both buttocks.

27. Bowels only work fully if careful with diet.

28. Rise during night to pass water.   

29. Pain In thighs all round on activity fades during afternoon.

30. Pain from Knees to feet into toes.

The Person a 40 year male has had these symptoms on and off for the past twenty plus years despite many visits to many different types of Allopathic and Complimentary practitioners - all the symptoms do; is move around his Body.

What would be your approach and treatment program, please demonstrate your right to a greater knowledge and technical ability using management techniques.

Please help this unfortunate man and myself out - out show your Knowledge and Technical Skills.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

We all have a lot to teach and a lot to learn and learn we must.

This is my truth now tell me yours - change someone's Mind.


Mr. Smith

i do not know how you evaluate your patients.

I presume you might have have the gift of diagnosing and treating via the ether.

You might have the ability to hear a voice over the phone or read an e-mail prepared by the patient and diagnose without looking unto the face or observing the patient in real time.

You might even be able to diagnose without the luxury of physically palpating or using other sensory input for seeking of subtle signs of aberrant tissue or emotional distress.

I will dare to tell you in the list you prepare there are obvious symptoms consistent with both of a phychological and mal-adaptive cause and some symptoms of a purely physical manifestation.

Humans because of our complex nature will often present with one source or primary cause of insult directly having a undermining effect being the seed of future physical source of pain.

At the beginning of a mal- adaptive period being of ither the emotional mal- adaptive type or of the physical type will set in Motion conditions which will diverge and no longer bear as agents to their continual propagation in the body.

Each manifestation of the pain would have to be dealt separating and with different treatment protocols.

If you try to treat an emotional/ psychological agent for pain with a rehab program it will fail, and likewise if you try to treat a purely tissue dysfunctional degenerative agent of pain with purely mind altering techniques you will likely fail over the long run.

The art lies in having the ability to distinguish one from the other.

The value of experience is not how much you see, but how you see.

Author unknown.

Roman Garcia

Dear Roman Garcia

The art does not lie in distinguishing one from the other - it is in the ability to treat both at the same time.

Thereby not as it appears - you have been taught failure or have practised failure for too long and fail to recognise so, as this extract from your comment demonstrates. "purely mind altering techniques you will likely fail over the long run."

Moreover, I did not ask you what I may or may not have.

I requested you bring information to the discussion worthy of debate.

Instead of quoting someone else (author unknown,) how clever is that where you make it abundantly clear, the only intention you have is of a vexations nature.

It is clear from your answer you are not able to muster a treatment program for the Person that presents with multiple symptoms - having been evaluated and treated by many different practitioners as I have to and have done for the past thirty four years.

Thus we have to consider there is no option for you but to consider; if one is already in a hole stop digging.

I presented to you edited notes from a real Patient, how would in your words. "Each manifestation of the pain would have to be dealt separating and with different treatment protocols," work with 30 different symptoms would it have no option but to be - 30 different diagnoses and medications or manipulative treatments - what then, dismiss them as it is. "It is All in your Head." When it fails as you describe.

Where I would treat the Person not as a list of symptoms - more importantly a Person using their own immune systems and Body replication process, under the one treatment regime.

Via their entire body chemistry and their MIND.

And never have the requirement to revert to any form of Symptom Management: pills potions or lotions - nor seek assistance or quote from an unknown Person.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures

...In illness - The Mind/Brain/Body is not in the slightest doing something wrong, it is desperately trying to right a serious and terrible wrong?

Mr. Smith

1. Your approach to medicine and specifically to treatment is a one size fits all approach.

2. This principal this modus operandi of which you implant on your patients - may work if you are sculpting a figure from a rock.

3. The same techniques you use on one rock will work on all rocks when sculpting from a disjointed figure to one having a final shape and geometry.

4. But when you are dealing with living mindful entity this one approach to all the possibilities a complex system can assume will fail more times than succeed.

5. The failures will fail for lack of diversity and arrogance, and the success via pure luck.

6. Contrary to your position I claim neither having absolute cognition bordering on a God like understanding of living systems.

7. I only profess myself as a striver for knowledge and understanding of illnesses.

8. Every encounter I have with a patient presents to me a clear opportunity to understand a condition I thought I knew well, into an opportunity to glean some other sign or Some other peculiarity which may open a new and greater insight of a condition I presumed to understand thoroughly, leading the way into a new paradigm of not only understanding the condition deeper than I have ever done before, but more importantly offering a conceptional leap for developing a better treatment.

9. The moment you think you have all the answers to offer, is the moment you probably have hit your creative limit.

10. Mr. Smith nature gives of clues to its' secrets.

11. Unfortunatly for the growth of knowledge and understanding of all things making up the complexity of nature, those clues do not stand as tall structures in front of you.

12. They hide under the obvious and ubiquitous signs and characteristics.

13. If your mind is not attune to this fact than your mind will find itself embroiled in the obvious, while the secrets stay for ever in the dark.

Roman Garcia

Dear Roman Garcia

Let us remind ourselves of the remit of/or ABOUT THIS GROUP;

Chronic Pain Management is a serious health crisis facing the world today.

Combine Chronic Pain with other coexisting disorders such as addiction to prescription Pain Medication and the problem is reaching Epidemic Proportions.

Clearly demonstrating this group is about seeking New and Innovative understandings of the Human Body and its multiple symptoms that so often become long-term instead of the body-self healing by replicating itself every seven years; as Medical Science explains it does or should.

May we work through your now numbered list of interesting subjects and answer them for you.

1. Yes you are correct I do adopt a one size fits all based on the secure understanding. The Mind contains all the information that created the Pain or illness and also all the information to create a cure.

Sadly scientific medicine causes this - to so often be too late.

In addition is not the Medical Professions. "All illness is of Biological Cause" - "but we do not know what this is no more than we have ANY cures," not only a one size fits all but a most seriously failing model.

2. Perhaps we should take a moment to consider there are some Seven Billion People on the Planet and Medical Science through the wonders of DNA would label them all different - thus unique and not a lump of Rock.

3. Thus - if Medical Science of course including yourself accepted we humans are not a lump of rock when it resulted to symptom management with ever changing names of Pain; its many dedicated clinicians, may well be more successful than they are.

4. Perhaps then Medical Science will remember when they are dealing with a living mindful entity this one approach - Symptom Management, to all the possibilities a complex system can assume - will fail more times than succeed.

5. Thus Medical Science will continue to experience failures and will always will fail for lack of diversity and arrogance and any success no more than - Short Term Pure Luck.

I have the intelligence and wisdom to seek to know the difference when a complex situation is presented to me - thus Talking Cures is able to achieve success when many always fail.

6. Where you claim neither having absolute cognition bordering on a God like understanding of living systems.

7. It is clear to me the very last thing you desire is; "to profess myself as a striver for knowledge and understanding of illnesses."

8. If I after taking my training had to continue to use these words and phrases: I thought. I presumed and offering a conceptional leap for developing a better treatment. I would have been aware this process will always fail and then as so many clinicians do following extended treatment when the Patient dies - say. "They died of an unrelated disorder."

9. It is now many years since the moment I knew I had the answer. "The Mind creates all illness - no exceptions, this was the moment I became creative in the treatment of People so many other modalities of treatment had not succeeded with or made them worse.

10. If I had to rely on nature to give off clues to its' secrets. I would be no different to all other modalities of treatment - thus, not at all successful.

If I is unable to read what the Mind is saying through the many and ever changing symptoms - I would know; I had a lot to learn and should not be giving treatment until I had some secure learning.

11. Thus I would be seriously limited to this framework of thinking "Unfortunately for the growth of knowledge and understanding of all things making up the complexity of nature, those clues do not stand as tall structures in front of you."As you clearly are.

12. Being limited to this thinking which clearly cannot be in any Patients best interest. "They hide under the obvious and ubiquitous signs and characteristics."

13. And here in your words of wisdom is the very reason why so many treatments are not as long-term successful as the dedicated clinicians desired or was given to understand the Evidenced based Treatments would provide but did not. "If your mind is not attune to this fact than your mind will find itself embroiled in the obvious, while the secrets stay for ever in the dark."

Conclusion: Sadly although you talk a lot and say very little - you are not as clever as you try to make out you are and demonstrate by not engaging in the part of the discussion where I requested you demonstrate your skill by creating a treatment program for the Thirty Long symptoms list I provided - a simple enough task for one so knowledgeable.

Suppression of New and Innovative ideas - only makes for a Dull Child and an Adult with high untreatable/un curable Anxiety.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

Romel Cordeiro

I wonder why an article response such as from what Peter Smith Talking cures, the owner of the group Mind is Medicine is not forward in the Medical Schools or Medical Meetings for pondering the possible truths within it??

That it would undermine the silence code that shows not much as in success has been the end conclusion for all the medical research in the past and present.

I have read your posting and I am speechless on how much therein your writings, to digest as truths and awakening for the weak position of the medical community, using what is not working, lower standards are accepted by most in the industry.


Romel Cordeiro

Dear Romel Cordeiro

Many thanks for your erudite comments - full of integrity and wisdom; no matter how professionally painful to you.

I feel sure you would agree there is nothing intentionally vexatious in my comments, no more than profit taking.

Everything I write is for all clinicians to utilise as indeed you explained you have incorporated my knowledge and if applicable techniques in your own practise.

Every thing I write is not only an adaptation of the papers representing the entire medical profession - they are all completely free to use for ones own creation and indeed profit.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

Roman Garcia

Mr. Smith

1. You should know better on the difficulties of diagnosing and offering treatment protocols based on pitifully scant information such as you provided in order to test my "knowledge."

2. Why do we not go back to the origin question posted in this forum.

3. The gist of the question had to do with the nebulous definition ascribed to chronic pain.

4. This is a very complex issue having many layered facets.

5. One of these facets of why chronic pain is so hard to define and treat is because each definition ; each principle used and developed to explain and treat chronic pain has a large subjective component underlining its' basic principle and workings.

6. Your method of treatment is no better in that aspect.

7. How can you objectify your stated success rates objectively?

8. Beside the prolific method on basing your success on patient subjective feedback.

9. Remember it is you who through the course of our debate consistently repeats the mind is Not Of Matter, it resides outside of living matter.

10. If that is so Then how can you objectively measure your progress?

11. Where an observer verify your claims?

12. You may not like it, but until you are able to measure, predict, give a value symbol to your results you will be operating in the realm of Chartism by our current methodology used to expand our knowledge base.

13. One hundred years from you may win a post-Humous noble prize, but not today.

14. Unless you can objectify your results, which can be tested and verified by outside researchers or clinicians you will be operating singularly within your own ideas.

15. The essence of my stating how nature gives up her secrets little by little, is to mean the body being of nature itself does give clues of where pain comes from in the body.

16. In nature everything which resides outside of a normal state usually recks havoc where it occurs.

17. Think hurricanes and tornados, wildfire ect. ........

18. To predict where these offset normal patterns will develope you need to know what normal conditions are and what are the first signs

19. And condition developing outside of its' normal patterns.

20. This example I used you can transfer it over unto the body proper.

21. The body has a normal state and a always developing away from normal state.

22. The problem with practitioners is get thrust into experiencing the away from normal state only when dealing with chronic pain sufferers.

23. And until you know what a normal neuro musculoskeletal normal state is.

24. How would you be able to know when normal is staring you in the face?

Roman Garcia

Dear Roman Garcia

Many thanks for your comments - once again may we number them for reference and answer in numerical order.

1. Indeed I do know better - there is not a Doctor on the planet, no more than an alternative practitioner that you Hail sham FL from, able to make a diagnoses and more important create a treatment protocol for more than one symptom at a time as indeed does Talking Cures - without the requirement of any form of practitioner Medication or Patient self management.

Thus the inability to do this - is not a reflection on any given practitioner; it is a clear and unambiguous demonstration of the entire history of the medical profession and its Dr Jekyll style of ignoring the Mind in favour of all symptoms are of biological cause - thus can be medicated for a profit.

2. I just love it when a plan comes together - as a result of and for myself with the well proven fact. "There is no part of a Mind I cannot get into with a willing party," as you have demonstrated you are - in your request, if only to sway away from how little you actually know - back to, as I have request many times, the original discussion.

3. If the cause is not known and there is no known cure with poor management being the only option - is anything the entire Medical Profession, whist in the form of a cloud or haze; hazy. "a giant nebulous glow" synonyms: indistinct, indefinite, unclear, vague, hazy, cloudy, fuzzy, misty, lacking definition, blurred, blurry, out of focus, foggy, faint, shadowy, dim, obscure, shapeless, formless, unformed, amorphous; rarenebulose."

Where the situation regarding Pain was still nebulous - where Doctors never can quite see it. "As the of a concept is only to vague or ill-defined or of a nebulous concepts like quality in the description ascribed to Chronic Pain."

This is surely a practitioner Dreaming of what can never be Possessed.

4. Thus Pain from a medical science point of view is a very complex issue having many layered facets.

However for myself - it is simple, there are but Two Pains:

1. One self-repairs and requires no treatment.

2. Never repairs unless a special treatment/education process the Patient understands someone at last is listening to them and not the presenting symptoms.

5. Pain is most times only hard to treat or define if the Medical Profession has messed unwittingly with the Patients Mind with poor quality treatments of a biological cause only.

Demonstrated by this extract from your comment No 5. "to explain and treat chronic pain which has a large subjective component underlinning its' basic principle and workings.

A clear demonstration of the Patient - is not ever being listened too.

6. Clearly you have no real knowledge of how or even if scientifically proven treatments work - Thereby confirming; you are not qualified to make such comments on a completely New Science that for the first time in history is able to treat a Person's many symptoms using only their Mind, Body Chemistry and Immune Systems.

7. Based on the Scientific Proof there are some Seven Billion People on the Planet Earth and every one of them is as individual as their fingerprint, where treatment to be effective has to by individually created and administered.

Therefore I cannot Objectify my stated success Objectively and here lay the reason why Medical Science is such a miserable failure - as it continually attempts to make everyone the same.

8. Therefore the only Person and ironically the very same one a Doctor takes information from in order to diagnose - is the Long Suffering Subjective Patient themselves.

9. Indeed for the very first time in history at last there is one person - myself, who insists the Mind is Not Of Matter, it resides outside of living matter yet instructs the Brain to control and run the Body.

Moreover the Body is quite inanimate (Dead) in the absence of information coming from the Mind.

10. It is not for the practitioner to measure the progress and improvement following treatment - it is the Person desiring the treatment.

Many a good treatment has been destroyed by the Practitioner becoming excited over a short-term improvement.

11. In my Thirty Four year career I have never once met a Doctor or read a paper that demonstrates to me - anyone in the medical profession is actually qualified to observe via research - for they would not recognise a cure if it slapped them in the face.

Having never seen one from the outcome of their work.

A cure = No more illness and No more medications and most certainly none of the cop-out by the medical profession. "The Person Died of an unrelated disorder." Pain and all illness is as unique to a Person as their own Fingerprint.

12. You are so correct. "I do not like it" and it appears you concede to the value expanded by the Medical Profession of - being and operating in the realm of Charlatanism by the current methodology used to expand their knowledge base.

Number crunching by the medial profession and research has never once proved its worth - only by producing more funding for more useless research.

Surely on current knowledge - just as this Pain Management posting started, the only thing the Medical Profession is truly able to measure is; Profit based on failure to create a satisfactory drug-free outcome for their long-suffering-customers.

13. That is the trouble with the Noble Prize laureates they only award the prize in Medicine based on Failure to perform.

If this were not the case - we would not be required to have this ongoing and most enjoyable debate - there would be cures for all illness.

May I compliment you on your sideways glance at history being made in front of your eyes.

Sadly I will - even if I lived another hundred years not be awarded this medically coveted prize, for no Doctor will nominate Talking Cures; will they.

As such a recognition will put themselves out of work with a treatment education understanding that works.

14. There is not a Scientifically Proven treatment in the world that is truly able to Objectify the results.

Moreover I would not trust on past history - any researcher or outside clinicians; even Dr Richard Horton of The Lancet is saying quite publicly. "Most of the modern research is fraud."

My position is to teach those that desire to be taught the many reasons why their work is not as successful as desired - by their many years of study and dedication to their work and Patients.

Until that time as clinicians face up to their Long-term Assisted Death (yes we all will die, but not medically assisted please) program I am very content to operate singularly within my own treatment protocols - that is demonstrating is a completely New Science.

15. Yes on instructions the Mind does indeed give clues as to where the Pain appears to be in the Body.

Sadly this is as you so eloquently suggest is only a CLUE - the Pain is Never Ever where the Person says it is in the Body.

Thus - this is a false trail for simpletons that desire to follow the biological cause of Pain.

16. If we are going to make such meaningless statements as this should one not have a modicum of proof as to the existence of Nature herself and where she resides.

Surely if we accept such an entity as Nature - then we must accept all her creations are no more than symptoms - to coin a phrase.

17. Only an obfuscating fool would desire to use Hurricanes Tornado and Wildfire to substantiate their feeble act of suppression of Talking Cures.

Have theses not been in existence long before mankind entered the fray, as Nature seeks to cure any illness her creation has made, by fire - a cleansing act if ever there was one.

18. Sadly this is where your argument falls flat on its study.

Any attempt to study Normal Patterns is a pursuit of gamblers.

Every one in Pain or ill in any shape way of form is Normal.

Effective treatment should only seek Natural.

Thus I am extremely content I know - even before I meet a Person when they seek treatment; the cause of their illness and already know the first signs they presented so eloquently ignored or dismissed by the medical profession as Growing Pains - they will grow out of.

Sadly this - when decades later a Person is ill, never becomes a reality. Instead they grow into illness; instead of leaving behind - the so called Growing Pains.

19. It is only the long-term lack of desire by the Medical Profession desperately trying to recognise. "Normal Patterns," that has caused the breakdown of public trust and treatment efficacy - we are seeing around the world today.

Recently a Group in Pakistan "Apicare Journal" put on my Facebook Timeline; "Medical Science has been so successful over the years; today - Nearly everyone is ill.

20. I think for convenience and clarity we should refer to you as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde where you uses such phrases as, "transfer it over unto the body proper."

Got to keep it biological at all costs.

No profit from a customer that is not ill.

21. The Natural Body in illness is no longer; "a normal state" always developing away from normal state." This is just confusing medical nonsense.

22. Sadly Medically And Scientifically proven treatments only leave all practitioners as you suggest with. "The problem with practitioners is get thrust into experiencing the away from normal state only when dealing with chronic pain sufferers."

Thus the term "speciality" was created - based on failure of other practitioners having a problem with comprehending. Natural from Normal.

23. Moreover it leaves me to ponder on. "And until you know what a normal neuro musculoskeletal normal state is."

Is there really a highly trained practitioner - whom I have the greatest respect for, with their Natural or University trained ability of knowing what a Normal musculoskeletal state really looks like.

Of course we have to have at least a model to start with - but lest we forget; it is a Unique Human being we are offering our treatments too not a workbench or computer (CAD) three dimensional Model.

24. For me it is easy to recognise our (Patient and myself) success when they explain they are now Natural - a recognisable state demonstrated by being free of pain, illness and self or drug induced management states.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

Many times I explain to a Patient; "it is not a crime or weakness to not know for one cannot know what one does not.

It is both of these and much more for a parishioner or tutor to not recognise their treatments or education is of no value and to not upgrade to teach well.

If I student does not become more intelligent that the Professor Tutor there is not only something wrong with the teaching there is something most seriously wrong with the tutor/professor

Romel Cordeiro

We do not need more research, more classifications on Pain of any type, we have had enough of end conclusions as: not conclusive, more investigation needed, not enough evidence, " from decades of research and meds application for Pain.

Where at their best, they can give us is, poor pain management and the answer for: "I still have pain," is always more medication or higher dosages.

The last study (2015) I saw on post surgical pain, is that 80% post surgery patients still had an 80% percentage of pain even after pain management care.

21st Century and we still cannot control, but poorly manage.

What is wrong with this picture?

Patients wants solution, not a better denomination of chronic pain.

Romel Cordeiro

Dear Romel Cordeiro

Once again many thanks for your erudite comments.

Whilst I agree completely with your comments - may I adjust in favour of our many dedicated medical professionals - whilst there is no excuse for continuing to use treatments that only have a history of failure.

We as patients must also bear some of the responsibility for failure, although perhaps taught by our medical profession into believing their mistruths - Humans have developed a Mind created idiom of Protection.

"Do not take my illness away for me I will not know what to do without it or the profits is so often brings - financial and emotional.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

Roman Garcia

Mr. Smith

1. I rather be a fool who accepts the fact humans are intrinsically woven into the fabric of nature and are as vulnerable to nature's law and order - as any other living being in it, than to be under the guise and delusion of what a mystic would claim the world to be.

2. Your claim that the mind is not of the brain matter, but resides outside the body pulling on the body, as does a puppet handler would do to control an innate doll, flailing its' arms and legs in some discordant fashion, offers prove of your mystic ways and beliefs.

3. Lets take one of your positions having to do with what you believe is the reason why the accumulation of human knowledge can not be trusted as having any value in both accuracy or benefit to the human race , because in one paper or two or maybe a few- out of millions!

4. There was a conclusion not correlated to the test variables.

5. Basically your logic made a leap to discount all accumulated information from a relative hand full of fraudulent research report.

6. Your logic show a very poor syllogism argument.

7. More than that it demonstrates an almost child like demeanor.

8. I say this as a result the reverse logic could easily be used using your weak logical structure.

9. If one bad article can be used logically to discredit the who information apparatus , than why can your logic not come to the conclusion that one good valid research paper not be interpreted to validated the information apparatus?

10. It seems to me your created ideas need confirmation by picking those events in the media which support your ideas.

11. It should be the other way around.

12. Valid and suported information carefully taken through the validation processes - these processes do exist in academia- should drive the subsequent created ideas.

13. As for patterns .You claim they are for Gamblers.

14. Obviously you are obliviously to patterns in nature and in general occurring all around you.

15. Without getting to in depth on what a pattern looks like or what its' significance is to the flow of life.

16. Let me just describe one of the more simple patterns in nature That is pressure.

17. Pressure flows upward and downward and from side to side.

18. We humans in the medical field rely on this pressure to tell how the state of the cardiovascular system is operating.

19. This pattern of pressure was discovered by someone who was very curious of what this pattern meant and if it had any significance to human health.

20. If this person who discovered this pattern was a degenerative gambler. I am glad he was. He was also an astute observer and worthy of a noble prize.

Roman Garcia

Dear Roman Garcia

Many thanks for your comments they are very much appreciated.

For all my life and career as a multiple symptom treatment specialist only working to resolve medical lack of knowledge of failures I adopt a policy... "

...If what I doth profess is not worthy of serious scrutiny and I am not prepared to respond to such observations - then there in not only something wrong with my unique finding there is something seriously wrong with me."

Let us answer each of the now questions in your response.

1. Then by your own words you are invited to remain a fool - what we should be discussing yet you only dream of what you are unable to poses; is successful Pain Management or treatment of illness to a cure.

Surely that is only under the guise of a mystic of ancient medical findings that has never been brought up to date with cures of any Pain let alone illness, by any therapy let alone the much acclaimed by Noble Prize awards Medical Profession.

2. The medical profession in the year 2016 still will not recognise the Mind and its implications in ill health thus your comment of "puppet handler" fits rather well. with your false interpretation of my comment regarding the Mind is in every Cell of the Body yet controls everything by thoughts alone the Body being only a slave to the Mind based on ALL of its store of memories.

It is Medical Science own words I use - this alone offers prove of mystic ways and beliefs, with not a single cure for any illness on the planet.

3. Let us accept your argument regarding the accumulation of human knowledge - relating to ill health; thus you being medical trained and conversant with the millions of scientific papers - show me just one that demonstrates a cure.

4. Is there meant to be a scientific meaning in this statement of yours.

5. I do wish it were my basic logic - sadly Medical Science confirms this on them self with no outside assistance.

Moreover it is the BMJ and the NEJM making the very same statement.

6. A syllogism, "conclusion, inference," is a kind of logical argument that applies deductive reasoning to arrive at a conclusion, based on two or more propositions that are asserted or assumed to be true.

What a wonderful expression of Medical Research Science where the outcome is mostly created by numbers.

7. Let us accept your premise - I would rather be a Child of Integrity and Wisdom than an aged medical Professional as you demonstrate you are - based on a science that has no secure answers to ill health concerns - only short-term management.

Sir of all the comments you have made thus far this is without doubt the most intelligent and observational of them all, "an almost Child like demeanor."

This is not because I am stupid - it is a demonstration of my desire and skill in treating People that come to me often having seen many highly qualified practitioners in many fields of medicine - with more symptoms of Mind and Body than one could shake a stick at.

The highest number of symptoms in one Person I have ever treated is Ninety Two.

Many of these symptoms - whilst not originality created by said practitioners, were all created before the Person reached the age of Twenty One or left the Parental home.

Thus all symptoms until encouraged out into the Mind or Body with Symptom Management were Dormant and may well have remained so if the Medical Profession were to Understand something of interest - the Mind creates all illness and requires understanding of the cause created by the very People that are supposed to Love us.

Therefore may we look at my Childish manner in presenting my case - is one of Purpose and most Serious Intent to right a terrible wrong; created in Childhood and made worse in adulthood by lack of knowledge and Symptom Management.

Far too many times I hear from the very People my treatments are aimed at or read of Medical Superiority - using say a thousand words of multiple syllables in an purposeful obfuscating manner in order to maintain the superiority of knowing something of value.

When just an cleverly expressed Childish few, well chosen words may well be at least the beginning of a process designed to bring a Person to improved or completely well health of Mind and Body using their own Body Chemistry and Immune Systems.

A process that depletes and rightfully so Massive Profits - yet gives a Person the ability to achieve in Life, by becoming the Person they should have from Childhood, instead of a Profit making machine drugged up and on the slippery slope to early or painful death - All scientifically Proven of course.

Thus we can conclude my Childish attitude is possibly my greatest therapeutic aspect as it keeps me if not below the Estimation of the Person I am treating at least on the same level.

By recognising ALL illness is created at or prior to conception in the womb or early Childhood and it is the damaged Childs Mind that requires repair by an intelligence so great to recognise this and adapt to the Person instead of the Person in Pain or ill having to adapt to the Medical Science or pander to the therapists own damaged ego.

Thus not of some superiority attitude that has all the qualifications but never long-term proves they are really worth the paper they are written on.

8. Surely it is so much more secure to have a logical structure that may be seen as a reverse logic - than none at all.

9. There is no question in my mind Dr Richard Horton of The Lancet was referring to - most research papers being fraudulent, not just one.

Leaving it by the evidence posted by so many People that have ben let down by often abusive Doctors, who are desperately attempting to protect their weak position who come to the conclusion that one good valid research paper could not be interpreted in order to validated the information apparatus - as they cannot find one.

10. Coming from a Person that talks a lot - yet has not one single thought of his own, this is a revelation. "It seems to me your created ideas need confirmation by picking those events in the media which support your ideas." Medical Science has always done - this based on guesswork and false superiority, not published scientific medical papers.

11. And it is always the other way around - stacked in favour of medical science, just because they are supposed to have Scientific Proof. Of which there is none.

12. Show me some worth while or stop the pathetic nonsense of trying to suppress Talking Cures with weak and feeble, and unnecessarily vexatious postings.

These processes do exist in academia - and should drive the subsequent created ideas. On whose instructions does this revelation come from.

13. When research is substantiated mostly by numbers making pretty patterns. Surely this alone gives creditability to my comment and claim - they are for Gamblers.

14. Is it not fair to say and at your suggestion we return to the Pain Management rather than Nature that of course is occurring all around us, yet is nothing to do with illness most of which unlike natures creations cannot be seen.

15. Are you actually capable of getting into depth with a debate relating to illness and its' significance to the flow of life.

16. is it not fair to say. Pressure is just another word for (link) Stress another subject the Medical Profession has little knowledge of and most certainly does not have an effective treatment for.

17. One would not desire to argue this point - however what in real terms does it have to do with Pain or illness Management - the cause is not known for and there is no known cure.

18. And that to a degree is all it is capable of. Taking Blood Pressure and Pulse measurements - however ask it to cure any Pressure or Heart relate conditions and all apart from often an operation, "the Science will demonstrate " there is no known cure."

19. Let us accept this as being say 500 years ago - please demonstrate what improvements have really been made since.

20. Of course I am pleased to concur. "If this Person who discovered this pattern was a degenerative gambler. I am glad he was."

In addition for the time was indeed worthy of a Noble Prize. However if his work has never in real terms been improved on should the theory apply today.

Is it not said in Medical Papers Blood pressure can only be reduced by some 20 or so points at 195 over 140 does not seem to me to be much of an improvement.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

Romel Cordeiro

Harvard University puts a report every year about death caused by medication, the numbers of deaths by medication is in general around 150 thousand a year and hospital death another big number.

This is every year, like we can predict the next year also.

Medication, prescriptions. Can we say this is a sign of advancement in medicine, the results of great research.

Many books, statements by Doctors in the field of oncology stating the treatments offered are not producing much results and no changes in the way they are prescribed.

I know first hand the amount of laparoscopy done to certain problems, with no results or very temporary and no changes in amount of laparoscopy done.

Money talks. But we need at least wake up to the denial that everything is going Ok and so-called medical science is the highest.

Research on cancer that never ends. Profit versus integrity, we need to open our eyes to the reality offered and continue our search for answers.

I saw neurologist Doctor with 2 Phds in neuroscience and when presented with a simple case of headache, he is completely confused in what treatment and no signs of being sure of the results.

Here we can see the amount of information not really helping the practitioner, researches.

The question is simple, is working or not, do you really understand the process, is there more, outside of what was taught to us in medical schools?

Is the path provided by them really producing great results?

Do the amount of books, papers, research produce results?

Why so much side effects and deaths every year from medication?

The challenge is real and just information will not save you or produce results in a real medical challenge.

Who is funding this Journal Editorial?

Right there you will see that the perception or acceptation, will just be based on who you are working for.

How can we have an independent view, experience, opinion when we are already under the pay check of a pharmaceutical root based industry?? Go figure.

Romel Cordeiro

Dear Romel Cordeiro

Only a man of great integrity and wisdom could make such comments as the ones you have made above - surely something has to be recognized as being broken before any repair can take place.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

Roman Garcia

Mr. Smith

1. the qualities which children have that serve the seeker of information as an adult are curiosity of the unknown; drive to learn and experience different events; flexibility of thought .

2. But the child like desmanor you present are those which education is meant to extinguish from the cognitive and behavior tendencies of a young developing mind.

3. Those are a predilection to believe in fairly tales; impulsive inclination; Use of non sequitur articulation.

4. For example; how could you state a single cell posses the ability for a quala phenomenon ?

5. Such an experience can only be expressed by entities intertwined within the environment, with a full complement for sensory perception.

6. A single cell can not be conditioned as possessing such sensitivities .

7. As is often said in Academia about the perceiving self.

8. The whole is greater than the sum of it parts.

9. So this mental aptitude you profess cells express, reminiscent of an actual mind , is pushing the limit of credibility, into the absurd.

10. Mr.Smith let me ask you about what you think of Mr .Daniel Lark and the history he has presented in this forum'

11. Would you deny his pain experiences is anything other than the degenerative conditions expressed in his joints?

12. The pain he is experiencing in his right knee is anything other than caused by tissue matter?

13. Does Mr.Lark's mind produce his pain , or is the biological consequence of degenerating tissue the cause concentrated in a very local region.

14. Can Mr.Lark be treated by mind techniques only and expected to be free of his condition?

Roman Garcia

Dear Roman Garcia

1. Sadly the curiosity of Children as you so eloquently demonstrate are with medical practitioners in the making...

Hypnotically destroyed by the very Universities they are taught their skill - leaving so often high-handed professionals that only seek to dominate through lack of flexibility of thought, the ability to recognise different events and the ability to only manage illness and never cure - because the cause is not known.

Thus an Adult Practitioner only able to poorly short-term manage - loses the ability of Curiosity in favour of Psychotic Control, Profit and converted awards.

2. Having never been to university I maintain the ability of Child curiosity.

Thus Academic Education Never Destroyed my Young and now aged developing Mind and Cognitive behaviour.

Giving me the grace to be able to treat People that have long since been tossed aside by well meaning professionals - dull in the Mind to not be able to see the past the management of symptoms is not working.

One must also recognise until we all recognise the treatment of symptoms is broken and understand the real cause of illness as a process of the Mind - then Management if but only short-term may well be the only tools our dedicated front-line professionals have to use.

We all have a lot to teach and a lot to learn and learn we must if Scientifically Proven medicine becomes the problem not the solution or cure.

3. Thus it is University trained medical practitioners that have impulsive inclinations to believe they are doing the Patient a long-term good service by the predilection to believe on impulse and excitement of short-term anaesthetised gain, the fairy tales handed down through Universities and their Masters the drug companies.

In addition your Non Sequitur comment leaves me to know not think. "If the medical profession and or their poorly educated Children have to result to such terminology - it is proof enough. "If you are the ones making the smoke, best not call the kettle black." This is real from your own Mind not a Fairy Tale Inclination.

4. As Talking Cures is as stated a New Science - not a Quala Phenomenon that medical science can only dream of yet - has never been able to possess.

Only by being medically trained would the well tried and failed reductionism techniques be brought into play - in a desperate attempt to bolster a sagging ego with as yourself nothing of value or ones own to say.

Reductionism refers to several related but distinct philosophical positions regarding the connections between phenomena, or theories, "reducing" one to another, usually considered "simpler" or more "basic."

The entire Body is made up of trillions of Single Cells and every one of them receives instructions from the intangible Mind.

Thus the Body is only a recipient of Pain not a sender.

Quala. In philosophy, qualia (/ˈkwɑːliə/ or /ˈkweɪliə/; singular form: quale) are what some consider to be individual instances of subjective, conscious experience.

The term "qualia" derives from the Latin neuter plural form (qualia) of the Latin adjective quālis (Latin pronunciation: [ˈkʷaːlɪs]) meaning "of what sort" or "of what kind").

Examples of qualia include the pain of a headache, the taste of wine, or the perceived redness of an evening sky.

As qualitative characters of sensation, qualia stand in contrast to "propositional attitudes."

In other words Quala as with Philosophy is for Dreamers and of no value in the understanding, treatment or even management of Pain.

5. What on earth the environment has to do with Pain is only conjecture not science - thus of no value in the surgery or to a Person in Pain only seeking relief.

Surely it is better to prove this statement of yours, "entities intertwined within the environment, with a full complement for sensory perception."

Rather than just express or repeat it from Anonymous sources, without the knowledge of why the originator wrote the comment in the first instance.

6. What a revelation coming from you. "A single cell can not be conditioned as possessing such sensitivities."

Only a Medically trained reduction alternative therapist would have to say this in defence of a very weak argument.

Much as it may well be true - however does not Cancer - still awaiting the cause known and a cure found; not derive from a single cell.

7. This - As is often said in Academia is about the perceiving self.

Sad this University taught idiom - only results in the practitioners being pushed out of university with such short sighted ability, that is never interred in anything or anyone but themselves and their much coveted Profits and Awards for continual failure.

8. This statement of your copied from Anonymous and history - is just about as contradictory as they come in your argument. "The whole is greater than the sum of it parts." If it does not include the Mind and the collection of slave cells called the Body.

And if ones training is not able to comprehend and work with this instead of Single Cell Pain management of Trigger Points - then one may well consider the true value of ones training.

9. Surely it is the medical profession and of course we must include you that borders - not only on the verge of lacking a mental aptitude it borders on insanity - a tad higher than absurd in thinking management of Pain of illness is anything other as you say Pushing the limit of credibility into the realms of ridiculous.

10. With regards to Mr Daniel lark - although his situation is in the public domain only a poorly trained Professional would seek to use his postings with such a lack of Confidentiality as you demonstrate.

Is it possible with your other medically qualified person's over a drink or too many, you Laugh at Patients that continually - in the vain hope some real-long-term relief will be achieved, have no option but to Pay for failure.

Not under any circumstance would I break the confidentiality of a Patient, by talking with a loose tongue about the very private concerns at all - let alone in pubic.

11. 12. 13. and 14. Destroy the ability of the very profession one is a member of and is so doing brings discredit on the profession that has long since enjoyed the remit of. "First do no harm" whether this was ever said is inconsequently; as it says it all.

Conclusion: It is well known Medical Science buries their successes - However; there are times I have the unique opportunity of working with a Person having suffered many years at the hands of Management Medications and only been made worse; where no one will take the responsibility for the failure and worsening situation - thus blame the Patient without a clue as to the meaning of such nonsense - with. "Its all in your Mind."

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

Roman Garcia

Mr. Smith let me ask you something.

1. You say you have never been to a University.

2. How did you get your training and your licensing to present yourself as a health practitioner ?

3. That explains your mystic ways.

4. That explains why you chose to get your information from journals printed in Pakistan. Do you also listen to Aljezeer media?

5. You show a common trait in your posting.

6. You really never answer simple questions in defense of your ideology.

7. You skirt around the issue and use ecceletic language repetive in style.

8. Mr Smith I do not know if you appreciate this , but this forum we are here in , this present moment, is a social and thus public arena.

9. Each person who has devulged information - being of intellectual experience or personal real life experience- the moment they use this forum as a means to express a thought or offer some help to someone else.

10. This information becomes public information.

11. The idea of social media, such as this is .Is not a kin to having someone's medical Chart in front of you and sharing the data or the personal medical conditions or relative diagnostic results with non -relative and non- vital personnel.

12. I do not want to put words nor action of thought in Mr.Lark's intent for using and publishing his experience on this forum to formulate an opinion on this subject matter.

13. I believe the reason Mr.Lark chose to make public his personal medical experience, was as a means to express his knowledge base and give existential value to his posting.

14. Nothing teaches greater wisdom than experiencing an event.

15. So Mr.Smith your position about violating patient confidentiality by using a public post and thus public information within the social structure of this forum is not only ludicrous but using sophistry as a means to divert the issues.

16. As a matter of fact the real ethical issue is under what licensing structure are you performing your medical intervention with?

17. You may not like it but in America the medical profession is regulated by state boards.

18. You have the freedom to be performing brain surgery in your garage, and be the best brain surgeon in the country.

19. But without having the educational and regulated sponsored participation in quality and quantity training and testing surpervision granted by State regulating institutions you will be in violation of standards of practice.

20. It is healthy for Mavericks to exist in professions.

21. They often come up with the revolutionary ideas.

22. But differing in thought is different than disdain of institution and wanting the uprooting of it.

23. The later breeds positive change and the former breeds a recalcitrant stance slowing the evolution of information.

24. So Mr.Smith how would you approach Mr. Lark's free willed published musculoskeletal issues.

25. We have a chance here to help pro bono.

26. If Mr.Lark does not what to hear alternative means of intervention he just will make it public to all.

27. Mr.Lark was kind enough and strong constitution to share his experience with us.

28. So let's use the information he gave us To work with.

29. The first issue at hand would be to define where the pain is coming from.

30. So I pose the question again to you Sir. Is coming from his documented musculoskeletal degenerative condition or is it emanating from outside his organic system?

31. What do you think Mr.Smith?

Roman Garcia

Dear Roman Garcia

Once again may I complement you on your continuous tirade of which many People have tried and gone away having run out argument - in a desperate attempt to prove I am wrong and they are right - just because they say so.

One such attempt was from as far away as Western Australia.

Considered an other side of the World attempt - that failed to put up a long-term sensible argument, yet at the same time supporting Medical Sciences that is well documented as only having a short-term efficacy of Symptom Management before in some mysterious manner the symptoms return or mischievously moves to another part of the Body and is then cutely called side-effects of medication.

Before the attending teams have as I previously said; say. "Its all in your Head" in a dismissive or even unwitting manner.

May we now patiently trawl through and respond to your post - now for comfort of reading and comprehending - converted into a question and answer situation for openness and clarity.

1. This is the truth. I see no value - having created a unique New Science, any form of qualification misrepresentation is anything other than self-estimation ego building.

Thus of only short-term gain - when one considers almost exclusively I only work when many others have not succeeded.

Can there really be a value in a Person saying. "I am highly University qualified" - yet still after say some thirty-years and becoming a world renowned specialist in an illness condition; still not know the cause and more import have a definitive cure for their specialism.

Of course we must have standards and surely one of those is to see after some Thirty Years of a specialism - it is not working (Curing,) thus must be fixed.

2. Nice question. First I must be open and explain - I live in a country that encourages medical entrepreneurs thus has no requirement of a License - of course one must work within the few rules - not to administer controlled medication or puncture the skin in any form. Are but two.

I received my training at a time when I had a daily requirement to pass a motion but could not and despite our dedicated medical teams best efforts of the time; all they could offer was a drug that in just a few days made me feel if not appear like a zombie.

I stopped the medication and after a while returned to the degree of normal I was able to feel prior to the medication.

In 1982 fortunately for me and many others I attended a Learn Self Hypnosis class - having already explained to the tutor. "I want to be a therapist."

The teaching this class presented - is still in my opinion the best there has ever been, yet I am unaware and in all the years; since have never once been able to demonstrate - from whence the ideas of my tutor Mr Steven Quinn; came from.

It is now many years since I perfected from the wisdom of my tutor, the ability and understandings required to treat as many symptoms a Person is able to present despite the lack of success of many previous practitioners by Talking Cures alone without the requirement of any form of Hypnosis and short lived management techniques.

Today I adopt as I created from the integrity and Wisdom my tutors gave/taught me. "If a Person being treated cannot or does not at sometime become better than the therapist," then there is not only something wrong with the treatment there is something wrong with the therapist.

Talking Cures must never be seen as a Short-Term quick-fix - no more than Alternative or Complimentary.

Talking Cures - is best seen as in addition to all - whether the many practitioners know it or like it or not.

3. "That explains your mystic ways." is a good expression how much more mysterious or mystic does a treatment have to be - it either works or does not work.

Surely nothing is more mystic if it is only short-lived Management of Symptoms or does not work at all.

4. I am invited into many Social Media Groups - thus listen to any group that shares Honest information relating to the success or failures of treatments - sadly I do not see the same degree of Honesty emanating from the USA or my own country the UK.

Thus the response that I make are all of my own understanding as to. "Why we get ill and Why we do not get well" - with the very latest and best scientifically proven treatments.

A subject I presented to a Local Doctors meeting at Southend (Essex UK) University Hospital Academic Centre in 1999.

So if I listen to journals printed in Pakistan or Aljezeer media.

I do so with the deepest degree of Integrity and Wisdom required to makes sense of the information and utilise it if required into my own ongoing education.

5. Yes it is true I show; "a common trait in my postings."

I will not be suppressed into submission by those that only think they know and in reality know very little at all.

Meaning I will commit every second of my days in responding to your nonsense - I will never ever concede to someone of an entity that is unable to demonstrate in real-terms it knows more than myself. When we then we speak on equal terms.

Moreover - unlike the medical profession I have no desire to constantly change the name of Pain in order to hide how little I know - as there are only two types of Pain.

1. Self repairs -requires no medical or other intervention.

2. Never repairs despite the very best and latest intervention techniques.

And my trait is. If a Person does not become well - there is something; we the Patient and I are not doing right, thus we continually seek to establish the cause embedded deep in their Mind and in so doing reinstate at a comfortable pace a re alignment of the entire Body chemistry via the immune systems and Body replication processes.

In a building or even on the street often the only important Person is the cleaner - for without their efforts HEALTH and SAFTEY WILL NOT ALLOW THE BUILDING TO OPEN.

6. Surely my explanations are to all of us - let alone a university medically trained Person as they are within a New Science - difficult to comprehend thus are not in the slightest; unlike the medical profession an Ideology I am able to Prove on an individual fingerprint style bases.

Hence I am prepared as in this instance - to go to such lengths instead of brushing you away like an irritant fly - just because you test my knowledge technical ability and patience - to explain this New Science in a much detail as this discussion demands or allows.

In addition when you cease this nonsense and start asking intelligent Pain related direct questions I will answer them and be prepared to debate them with you and anyone so inclined.

7. I remain steadfast I clearly explain if one is of an open Mind.

Moreover often explain in every day language - the words used by a University Trained Person in order to confuse anyone, including many times themselves, not so trained.

One such word is Eclectic.

A. Selecting or choosing from various sources.

B. Made up of what is selected from different sources.

C. Not following any one system, as of philosophy, medicine, etc., but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems.

D. Noting or pertaining to works of architecture, decoration, landscaping, etc., produced by a certain Person or during a certain period, that derive from a wide range of historic styles, the style in each instance often being chosen for its fancied appropriateness to local tradition, local geography, the purpose to be served, or the cultural background of the client.

Is it not a clear demonstration of a Person of great Integrity and Wisdom - they are Eclectic to the highest standards.

Nothing is more repetitive than an illness - that despite the very best scientifically Proven or Alternative treatments; is not only there every day, but more importantly never-ever-goes away.

8. What I do appreciate from this forum - it contains People from many areas of the world and even practitioners who long-term suffer some form of illness and are seeking answers they never have in often many years received from Scientifically Proven treatments or the proponents of such treatments.

Surely we have to recognise a treatment or idiom that seeks comfort in the MOMENT is not unlike the Moment - here for the briefest of seconds and gone for ever.

And yes if anyone thinks for just one of these Moments - I am only talking to them or the 8500 members of the group; May I set the record straight now.

I am always and only talking to the World's population in desperate need of waking up to these well proven facts...

Medical treatments that are only able to short-term manage are in fact in many instances or perhaps always . killing People before their time.

9. I could not agree more. "Each Person has divulged information," from here I differ in my understanding - the moment they use this or any forum means they are seeking answers to questions, no one medical trained has yet offered; that are believable or acceptable.

Thus express a thought in order to receive help for themselves - not "just" for someone else.

10. For once we are in agreement."This information becomes public information."

11. Once again I agree - but this is not a contract for some unknown to ask another to publicly comment on; this is a breach of confidentiality of the highest order and like many University Trained clinicians takes away a Person's fundamental right to express their own opinion and thus truth - their truth not another's interpretation.

12. Well - do not put words into others Mouth or Mind; this is the lowest of the low and the bases by which all illness is created from and the very foundation it stands on.

13. Surely as you say. "I believe the reason" is to assume which means to make An Ass of U and Me.

Moreover. When a Person puts their long-term illness information in the Public Domain does anyone really listen to what they are in fact saying and more importantly would a University Trained Medical Practitioner - know what to do with such information.

14. As all illness is a individual to each and every ill Person. "Nothing teaches greater wisdom than experiencing an event."

Is only a Protection put up by an ill Person to Protect those responsible for the true cause of the illness and to ensure no one takes away the illness and from a practitioners point of view that practises the magic of pain management only a doorway to more profit.

15. Sophistry the use of clever but false arguments, especially with the intention of deceiving. "trying to argue that I had benefited in any way from the disaster was pure sophistry" a fallacious argument.

This can only come from a University Trained Person - desperate to hang on to the facts but miserably fail to recognise...

Medical Science is failing - not only the very People that in a dedicated manner practice it; but the very People it is supposed to cure of their illnesses.

This is ludicrous, thus not a good argument and Patient Confidentiality only a distraction from the Sophistry of the point you are feebly attempting to make.

16. Your comment. "As a matter of fact the real ethical issue," is Pain or Symptom Management anything other than. "Pay on the way out please."

"Under what licensing structure are you performing your medical intervention" is answered in item No 2.

17. But I do like it - for in each countries way, it is the same worldwide.

Sadly most of the Science and thereby rules of engagement is coming mainly from America - where the rules you speak of are created by Big Business for profit only.

If this were not the case why would 100 + Million People in America be in long-term Pain.

This makes it abundantly clear there is something most seriously wrong with the practice you so admirable seek to defend.

18. Correctly. No one in the UK as previously demonstrated is allowed to Puncture or Cut the skin without a licence.

Often so many times post a brilliant operation a Person is not better and Brain stimulating implants brilliant they may be - only work whilst switched on; this is management not a cure.

Thus we can consider - an Operation is only an admission of long-term management of symptoms not becoming scientifically proven to be cured; now dangerous to a Persons health and life.

19. I could not agree more. I would be very comfortable to hang up my armaments if, "the educational and regulated sponsored participation in quality and quantity training and testing supervision granted by State regulating institutions." Actually were able to perform as the highly skilled training attempts to demonstrate.

20. Why not for. Thousands of Years that is all trained Medical Personnel have been able to be. "Mavericks."

Surely some one has to be responsible for speaking the truth whilst there is still enough People left well enough to earn the money to pay for failed symptom management treatments.

21. And I could laugh. "They often come up with the revolutionary ideas." This is the very reason I wrote the Dr Jekyll 2016 paper, as so called Medical Science seeks to dismiss any thing that is revolutionary.

I would prefer Revelationary as a New Science would be termed.

22. "But differing in thought is different than disdain of institution wanting the uprooting of it. "Says it all. I can do no better.

23. Recalcitrant;

1. having an obstinately uncooperative attitude towards authority or discipline.

That only breeds more profit from failure thus is not a positive change - moreover is going backward or how much more obstinate can a profession become in not accepting - even they have a Mind and without it we would all be in a very story state.

It is 2016 we are nearing completion of and still of the 100,000 illness recognised and diagnosed - not one of them is the cause truly known; no more than has a cure.

24. Having often offered my unique understandings and been somewhat ignored - I would no longer unless invited to do so.

This is the much the same for anyone on social media.

The reason for so being is the medically created desire; "If the best doctors in the world cannot how can someone by talking, cure me."

Sadly such Person fails to realise - it was by a Person or Persons significant in their lives Talking or Touching out of turn without due regard to the long-term outcome or effect - that caused the illness in the first place.

25. "We have a chance here to help pro bono." I do not see you attempting to help at all - let alone in this gracious manner.

Is it possible a Person has to live close to your surgery for you to help, thus a tweak or a kindly rub will help only as long as the Pain from the tweak or heat from your hands - remains.

My position is. I work mostly by Telephone and or Skype often never meeting the Person - not the best of options, but in the absence of Person to Person; the best that can be achieved.

Sadly sometimes the damage done by failed operations whilst not impossible to improve comes with its own obvious difficulties.

26. This is just misleading nonsense of no real value.

27. Sharing information in the public domain and outright asking for another unknown to seek answers for another unknown is surely - of assistance to no one.

28. When a Person is ill or in Pain - if the practitioner is only able to use the information gleaned from the symptoms; then one is only hearing what one desires to hear in order to fit into a University Trained slot or pigeon hole.

Thus Pain or illness symptom Management will always fail - however scientific medicine always seeks to blame the Patient; not the poor training of the practitioner being at fault.

29. "So I pose the question again to you Sir." My reply to such nonsense will always be. "I know precisely where the Pain resides and if given the opportunity know what to do with it," however would ask you to confirm - DO you have sufficient University Trained knowledge to do this.

30. Is it to obscure for you to see; "musculoskeletal degenerative condition," is a SYMPTOM with an earlier cause.

Thus is emanating from a Process of the Mind that via the entire body chemistry and the Brain that instructs the organic system to demonstrate Pain or illness.

31. "What do you think Mr. Smith." I do not think I either know or I do not - if the latter I seek to find out.

Thinking is for Philosophers - Dreamers, thus of little value in treating the multiple symptoms that have defied the best Scientific Treatments.

Conclusion: I am convinced and have made it clear - whilst you are making an incredible job of protecting the coveted Medical Profession; you talk a lot but sadly say so very little.

In addition It is long-since I have recognised Psychotic Control Freak activity that only has the oxygen of power as long as the Victim remains the Victim.

Thus if the Victim looks deep into the Psychotic Control Freaks Eyes, never diverts the eyes, never shows any form of distress or turns their back on the Psychotic - they cease to be the Victim and when the Psychotic Control Freak and they will, averts their eyes they start the process of becoming the Victim or better said - lose their perceived control.

With this in mind - when a control freak tries to suppress me into the position of being a victim or wrong just because they say so - I will set aside all of my activities and concentrate on making them the victim.

Of course what is meant by this is they learn being a control freak is an illness and it is much better if they enter a debate with quality questions and thus learn from the answers.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

Romel Cordeiro

Roman Garcia, I have a question for you.

1. There is an interesting research done by the Mayo Clinic to do with the procedure vertebroplasty, the injection of medical cement into a vertebral compressed fracture.

2. This problem has to do with a fracture of a vertebrae causing major Pain, inability to move and also poor quality of life.

3. It is said there are 700 cases a year in the USA.

4. Mayo Clinic selected a group of Patients with this problem and all the active complaints are standard to this problem, such as Pain etc...

5. The Patients were told this was a randomized study trial.

6. You can see the video yourself on this link Vertebroplasty Study Mayo Clinic

7. So some Patients the real procedure of injecting cement was done and the same amount of Patients nothing was really done - placebo.

8. In the end of the study where they follow both Patients - their pain was controlled, quality of life increase and range of motion was normal to the spine.

9. Mayo clinic follow the progress on both Patients from days, months to a year and the results was the same in both of them.

10. Here is my question: Nothing was done really as a medical practice - as in medical cement being injected to support the vertebrae in the placebo group and at the local area where the problem was.

11. What happened to those Patients in the placebo group, they had the same amount of benefits as the Patients had the procedure really done to their spine?

12. Here clearly we see no engagement with the area at all, no real cement, nothing done and the results amazing.

13. Nothing done to the local area and 100% results.

14. Placebo is a believe system, faith etc.. coming from the Mind.

15. Could you agree the Mind having power over matter in this case?

16. The Mind in the placebo group is supporting the Theory Mind as medicine.

17. There is hundreds of researches where placebo or NOTHING done, had the same or close results as in so-called real application.

18. I know so many cases of trials where the results of placebo was even stronger then the medical procedure itself.

19. Mind over matter.

20. Many not understanding, the mind mechanism, as in power in medicine, throw the subject as in non-medical or not worth a look into the Minds abilities in medicine by itself or in conjunction with.

21. You cannot deny the placebo ability to control some serious problems without any medical intervention.

22. I am not against medicine, but we need to have a better all round vision and because we cannot wrap our Brains around the mechanism, does not make it non existent.


Romel Cordeiro

Roman Garcia

Mr. Cordeiro

the interesting aspect of your example is that it affirms what you believe western medicine takes as a disdainful facet of medicine.

The very reason a placebo group is used by researchers in medical studies , is not because western medicine believes not in the healing process rising from the perception of healing within individuals, but because western medicine recognizes the healing effect initiatedc and taken to completion by the single intervention of belief.

The Study you used above are many in kind.

Interesting most are in the orthopedic surgery domain.

Do not forget the human race and the medical field has gone though a mind over matter stage in its' evolution of development on its' way to where we are now.

It was called the Middle Ages .

This period as you may know was also distinguished as the Dark Ages.

Without getting into specifics it was called Dark ages for a reason.

All the facets of society was under the impression and the yolk tha faith and belief would bring Roman Garcia Solace and healing to those afflicted with disease and suffering.

This type of medicine of the power of the mind over matter did not help the millions who died from the diseases which ravaged the land during those times.

It was only after critical thinking which made discoveries of the cause and eventually the actions undertaken to effect and lessen the load of diseases.

Earlier you mentioned an experience of yours with a neurologist with two PH.D. who was completely dumbfounded by headaches .

I will say do not expect a man who is trained to rule out serious neurological disorders to uncover simple entities having causitive reprocess ions.

Did the neurologist perform a physical examination on the patient?

Isvthe neurologist capable of examining the joints level by level?

Is the neurologist able to see the signs of stress convergence in the soft tissue?

Didvthe neurologist examine the sub- occipital region?

Did the neurologist test for neuro logical stress in the cervical spine?

Did the Neurologist ask pertinent questions to attempt to gauge recent personal stressful situations which may need of just a simple outlet or intervention?

You see once the neurologist rule out very serious conditions his training does not permit going beyond to the individual parts of the system.

Thec reason I bring this example to the discussion here is to show you the complexities of the human body.

We are mind and matter.

To be one end of the spectrum and profess its' dominance over the other is perceiving and limiting yourself to only one facet, one dimension of reality .

Roman Garcia


From this point - in order to make following the questions and answers easier - especially for those using Smart Phones I will create the question from information provided and respond immediately beneath the question.

Peter Smith Talking Cures



Roman Garcia

Roman Garcia - response Peter Smith

Question 1. Mr. Smith you say thinking is for philosophers and dreamers and a waste of time.

Response. 1. No Sir I did not say that only a PT where the Brawn has changed places with the Brain would attempt to dismiss something they could never posses.

Thinkers are the ones who created evolutionary change in the world - sadly Philosophers are just Dreamers like you and many of our dedicated medical practitioners that philosophise or hypothesise they are doing good - but fail to look at the evidence or next presentation of symptoms are only a demonstration of Medical Science failure - not success.

Question 2. Forgive me sir for saying this , but that is the most asinine thing you have said thus far.

Response 2. Asinine - extremely stupid or foolish. "Lydia ignored his asinine remark" synonyms: stupid, foolish, pointless, brainless, mindless, senseless, doltish, idiotic, imbecilic, imbecile, insane, lunatic, ridiculous, ludicrous, absurd, preposterous, nonsensical, fatuous, silly, childish, infantile, puerile, immature, juvenile, inane, witless, half-baked, empty-headed, unintelligent, half-witted, slow-witted, weak-minded;

Clearly you have been looking in a mirror and NOT admiring your physique long enough.

Question 3. I would counter the above statement of yours, with stating - thinking is what gives the human race the wherewithal to comprehend the subtle differences in nature and unify them into whole concepts which reveal the laws of our environment .

Without the emergent behaviour called thinking we would still be living in caves and be at the mercy of our living planet.

Response 3. Could not agree with you more.

I do have to wonder how it was medical practitioners and the Medical Profession were not in the queue - let alone at the back of the queue when the ability to self-think was handed out.

Question 4. I did not know you were stationed in England.

Response 4. Had you read my web page and comprehended the information so contained you would have seen clearly my Country-Home Town and Private Address is clearly listed there for all to see. I will not hide behind a make believe name.

Question 5. Forgive me for my perspective of how a medical profession or any other discipline which has repercussion for people's safety ,on how its' personnel should be managed with pertinent exposure to fundamental laws and consistent events correlating with probable outcomes within each scope of interest , specific to the discipline under study.

Response 5. Of course I forgive you - have I not complimented you for your tenacity.

I will not however forgive the Medical Profession for being the only profession never-once to have in real-terms improved their product outcome.

Meaning - the cause known and cure found for any illness.

Question 6. But I would imagine England would be no different in its' requirements or its' Demand of the people working within the medical field or any other field.

Response 6. That is your trouble you are only able to imagine that of which you could never poses -My earlier post made this abundantly clear.

Question 7. You asked me to give some recommendation to the person who volunteered his information in this post.

I will speak in general terms initially.

My intervention would consist of the physical and the informative . I would examin him physically and those joint of still the native type I would objectify their current degenerative state.

Every joint in the human body exhibit a very unique biomechanIcal marker - similar to a chemical marker in the blood- which demonstrate both quality and quantity of damaged organic tissue.

The hurdle in treating musculoskeletal sources of pain is the inability to objectify the normal from the abnormal.

These biomechanIcal markers allow this level of specificity and sensitivity.

During The whole process of reconstitutive intervention using the initial baseline as the means as to gauge the effectiveness of the intervention in both symtomology and objectivity and how both variables ither converge Or become discordant relative to each other, will allow the treating practitioner a template wherein the treatment environment will allow a realistic flow of information both of the symptoms and objective nature mixing within the patient.

During the whole process I instruct the patient as the ability of the tissue proper if given the quantitative and qualitative stimulant appropriate for specific body segment , the ability to change the body chemistry and hence forth the tissue state is never loss under most local pain sources.

The information you give to the patient - of which entails more than I can give here now- is just as important as is identifying measuring the biomechanIcal markers.

Response 7. I most specifically did not make such suggestions - I quite clearly said; it is a breach of confidentiality to engage with an unknown Person another's self-published long-term physical concerns - only some one with little by way of sensible argument of their own would make such assertions.

Roman Garcia

Romel Cordeiro - Roman Garcia

My reply lets start with the neuro doctor double Phd in neuroscience. I saw many.

Einstein made a comment that if you understand the subject you should be able to explain it simply.

If you understand nerves as in PHd's about it you should be able to stop most headaches in minutes If your understanding comes to simplicity in the end, it is easy.

What I usually see is too much information and practitioner is really confused, no realization.

I have to say is not a generalization.

For the evaluation aspect of a neuro doctor you mention to be missed by me, will do nothing to evaluate the cervical region, anatomic,mechanically, neuro tests if the headache is caused by menstruation, kidney, liver, stress, ocular disturbances for example.

If you understand nerves you should be able to by pass all these evaluations and come to a corrective approach in 15 minutes or less.

Off course if that is your specialty you will find the cause and also treated.

But for the sake of a challenge, you could by pass the evaluation and demonstrate your real understanding of neurological self regulation aspect in 15 minutes or less.

My point here is if you really understand neurological processes you can demonstrate in any possible way nerves are concern.

But as I said I find a lot of confusion, more data then results.

Most of the time, sorry to say, if you see the doctor in the Mayo clinic as I sent the link to you, you will see how amazed he is with the outcome placebo for a case where the vertebrae is fractured and in pressure sending strong pain as you can imagine the situation.

And with nothing really done to the anatomical structure as fractured vertebrae, the hidden mechanism of self regulation got engaged, brought the pain control and quality of life same as the ones medically induced.

There is some amazing case studies about placebo, by the way is braking the Big Pharma attempts many times to sell their products.

You need to admire the mechanism underlying placebo, nothing given and results at high levels, if you want to tap into the extraordinary mechanisms within the body and mind for better corrective work.

I am not saying do nothing(placebo) but at least study the underlying mechanism for better correction, that is possible. the difference between some great practitioners and others is that some is tapping into the extraordinary hidden mechanism within the mind or hidden process of self regulation and many are just mediocre with their understanding , just using information and no deeper realization as I mention the neuro Phd doc, a lot of information but not real understanding.

We can do better, there are different levels of knowledge , information already here and is up to us in what level we want to practice and be happy in the end of the day.

You have the last say. I feel comfortable in my skin, have been around the block a few times, had some great teachers and have daily demonstrations of these hidden processes.

Was nice to talk to you, the reality is in our realization and demonstrations on a daily clinical basis.

I find arguments just good to clear the possible and the rest to be waste of energy, since you have to live with your results, either of a high nature or mediocre as I see around.

Romel Cordeiro

Roman Garcia

Mr. Cordeiro

All I can say is that any and all techniques , all treatments all practices employed by you , by me , or by anyone else, which you cannot test or objectify or reproduce with predictable outcome belongs in the extracorporea realm of reality .

Modern science and the pursuit of knowledge and the integration of information evolves from the conscious awareness created from our capacity to observe natural and real phenomenon in nature and not from a belief system devoid of observable and testable events.

To make specific challenges and statements of a derision nature toward the current medical field based on isolated incidents and incompetent practitioners is falling pray to the proverbial error of negating they skills of the rest by the actions of the few.

Roman Garcia

Romel Cordeiro

For Roman Garcia

Nice try.

What do you have to say to all those placebo affect, happening and being repeat all times, books and books about it.

On Research trials? Is that possible imagination or truth that you do not want to accept?

The Mind is involved seriously like it or not. My best behaviour:)

Dear Romel Cordeiro

I feel sure you have better knowledge than I within this concept. "A PT would without X-ray CT or MRI scan would possibly cause more harm than good for manipulating in the absence of such incredible information prior to any form of treatment.

I hope you do not mind I have taken the liberty of copying your posting onto the web page, edited and numbered it in order for me to submit answers for consideration.

Roman Garcia, I have a question for you.

Question 1. There is an interesting research done by the Mayo Clinic to do with the procedure vertebroplasty, the injection of medical cement into a vertebral compressed fracture.

Response 1. Clearly all the tried and tested Pain Management procedures had been tried and not demonstrated the success desired by all parties - for someone to come up with what on the face of it may well be and in the long-term prove to be; nothing short of brilliant.

Question 2. This problem has to do with a fracture of a vertebrae causing major Pain, inability to move and also poor quality of life.

Response 2. Whilst I may desire to question the fracture a little more - the rest is not and must not be argued against.

Question 3. It is said there are 700 thousand cases a year in the USA alone.

Response 3. When one considers there are reported to be 100 million Americans in Long Term Pain - this by compression is a very small number. However does beg a question. "Why."

Question 4. Mayo Clinic selected a group of Patients with this problem and all the active complaints are standard to this problem, such as Pain etc...

Response 4. With anything new one has to start somewhere thus selecting a group of Patients has to considered acceptable - however one should not lose sight of the fact - they were carefully selected.

Question 5. The Patients were told this was a randomized study trial.

Response 5. However no one asked the Mind if it really accepted this and did not therefore have the Integrity and Wisdom to make its own appraisal.

Question 6. You can see the video yourself on this link Vertebroplasty Study Mayo Clinic

Response 6. For later discussion.

Question 7. So some Patients the real procedure of injecting cement was done and the same amount of Patients nothing was really done - placebo.

Response 7. This of course would be well documented even if the applying practitioners were unaware of who received the Real or the Placebo procedure.

Question 8. In the end of the study where they follow both Patients - their pain was controlled, quality of life increase and range of motion was normal to the spine.

Response 8. Worthy of further later discussion.

Question 9. Mayo Clinic follow the progress on both Patients from days, months to a year and the results was the same in both of them.

Response 9. Worthy of further later discussion.

Question 10. Here is my question: Nothing was done really as a medical practice - as in medical cement being injected to support the vertebrae in the placebo group and at the local area where the problem was.

Response 10. Whilst for the trial point of view this must be correct.

Should we really accept this or believe this or is it worthy of further later discussion.

Question 11. What happened to those Patients in the placebo group, they had the same amount of benefits as the Patients had the procedure really done to their spine?

Response 11. Begs a question. DID they or do we just believe this because we were told so. Worthy of later discussion.

Question 12. Here clearly we see no engagement with the area at all, no real cement, nothing done and the results amazing.

Response 12. The results would of course be documented at the time of later follow up interview - however are we listening to the Person in Pain or the Pain in the Person.

Question 13. Nothing done to the local area and 100% results.

Response 13. For all the People in Pain this is without doubt worthy of the respect it deserves.

Question 14. Placebo is a believe system, faith etc.. coming from the Mind.

Response 14. Or is there more to it than that - worthy of later discussion.

Question 15. Could you agree the Mind having power over matter in this case?

Response 15. Sadly this is back to front biological thinking - if we are talking about the Mind via a biological intervention having Power over the Mind is back to front medical thinking. Worthy of later discussion.

Question 16. The Mind in the placebo group is supporting the Theory Mind as medicine.

Response 16. As long as we also accept the Mind is also the creator of Pain and illness - not the other way around.

Question 17. There are hundreds of research Papers where placebo or NOTHING was done, had the same or close results as in so-called real application.

Response 17. A revelation so many researchers have unwittingly decided to ignore as it strips away the underpinning of the medical remit - all illness and Pain is of biological cause.

Question 18. I know so many cases of trials where the results of placebo was even stronger then the medical procedure itself.

Response 18. However are the process that are clearly at work here studied or if they are - in the very least understood.

Question 19. Mind over matter.

Response 19. Whether the Pain is accepted as say a physical impact - one cannot use Mind over Matter to eradicate or manage the Pain as it no longer resides at the site in question.

Question 20. Many not understanding, the mind mechanism, as in power in medicine, throw the subject as in non-medical or not worth a look into the Minds abilities in medicine by itself or in conjunction with.

Response 20. This is so true - yet if we were to refer to an innovator in Medicine having received a Noble Prize would his/her peers not say. "They have a brilliant Mind." Never a Brilliant Brain.

Question 21. You cannot deny the placebo ability to control some serious problems without any medical intervention.

Response 21. Correct - but does any one ever truly follow such Patients over say three to five years.

Question 22. I am not against medicine, but we need to have a better all round vision and because we cannot wrap our Brains around the mechanism, does not make it non existent.

Response 22. Sad but very true.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Romel Cordeiro - Peter Smith Talking Cures

Dear Romel Cordeiro

May we now explore the video for its comments and make sense the Mayo Clinic were unable to.

Surely one has to consider as the Mayo Clinic is considered one of the most advanced medical facilities next to Harvard School of Medicine in the world - if they are unable in 2016 to answer these question will there ever be a time when someone in a Medical Facility; will be able to.

The first thing to consider is - in the absence of a better understanding and treatment of Pain any form of management has to be acceptable.

Yet from the information gleaned from the video is a demonstration that is nothing short of Medical Blindness.

Or the long term attitude the Mind is not an integral part of the Body it is the Brain that is important.

I have collected some comments from the video and edited them into questions for answering.

May we now explore this information for satisfactory answers.

Question 1. Minimal invasion procedure suffering from Pain.

Response 1. One would question the long-term wisdom of this when one takes into consideration there are between Two and Four thousand chemicals in a Human Body and the intervention let alone the cement injection - will permanently affect every one of them.

Question 2. Related to Spine fractures with no impact injuries.

Response 2. Is Medical Science so blinded by its own scientifically proven findings - they are not able to see past this most serious of clues.

Question 3. Simply bending over in high high heels.

Response 3. Confirmation of Response 2.

Question 4. Before vertebroplasty there were no good options of satisfactory value for the treatment of these symptoms; even with strong medications and bracing - none proved long-term satisfactory.

Response 4. A clear demonstration straight for the mouth of amongst the best Medical Teams in the world - nothing of real value is known.

Question 5. The Medical Cement used in this procedure was created in the 1980's for tumours of the spine.

Response 5. A clear demonstration - nothing of true value was known even then, they can of course be forgiven, moreover this information is useless in this video without the Patient long-term history. Much the same as today of a Person with a spine tumour.

Question 6. Advancements in the 1990's enabled the use in Osteo type fractures.

Response 6. Surely if one does not understand the processes and have a cure well-before the Osteo symptoms were imagery detectable - then the requirement for the cement use was in fact. Scientifically Created.

Question 7. The procedure is where an Injection into the spine of a medical cement on an out Patient day care process.

Response 7. In the absence of better - prior symptom presentation and understanding with a treatment that is able to cure - a much required treatment; yet may well be considered to be; a bridge not far enough.

Question 8. Many People say they stabilise the fracture - the fact is we do not know why or how it works.

Response 8. Preparation for when the treatment has shown its efficacy and the Pain returns it is the Patients fault for not doing as the Doctors demanded.

Question 9. It is thought as the Cement that gets hot it kills the nerves causing the Pain.

Response 9. Is it possible Roman Garcia had a hand in the teaching of the Mayo Clinic. If one is unable to answer this - does one really know what one is doing.

Question 10. Reality is we do not know how it works.

Response 10. Now explain - how any Medical Intervention does not work or even if it does; why does it not last very long.

Question 11. Studies in Cadavers has demonstrated a stiffness in the bone - this does not apply to living People

Response 11. At last some common sense prevails.

Question 12. To date there has been No testing to show it is the spine is that is being stabilised.

Response 12. Makes one wonder why or is that too difficult or revealing a question to answer.

Question 13. We do however wonder how much stabilising we are doing - as it does not matter how much cement was put in. Patient's still tend to get Pain relief.

Response 13. Is it possible serious clues are purposely being missed here or is it simply the entire process is not well understood.

Question 14. We cannot find cannot the find the facts required to support this.

Response 14. Confirmation of an earlier - as in question 13 - belief.

Question 15. What the true treatment effects demonstrated by the Patient was - did not depend on the whether the cement itself was the real agent that caused the relief or a placebo.

Response 15. This process is in reality so simple to understand it never ceases to amaze me why the medical profession are unable or unwittingly to see this with their Brain.

Question 16. A randomised trial took Patient's - through to surgery; where everything was normal, up to a point - including sedation and Pain dulling medication into a vein.

Response 16. One might consider a good start.

Question 17. Then the trial was randomised - where no one knew whether it was true or not.

Response 17. A confirmation of a good start.

Question 18. This was shocking to most People where even to the point of the Cement having a strong odour was mixed to create authenticity within the theatre.

Response 18. A furtherance of the good start - however is the process at this stage understood at all.

Question 19. Following the mock or real procedure Patients were sent to recovery and later discharged not knowing what procedure they had.

Response 19. Or so the story goes.

Question 20. The researchers then followed the participants closely at many different intervals: 72 hours, one week, 14 days, one month, three months and one year. Although it was clearly stated - they do not have the results for the year yet.

Response 20. Interesting last comment - makes on wonder why.

If there is an acceptance - there is a requirement to understand what is going on in this procedure.

Is the penny dropping.

Question 21. The researchers were left to consider - Why is there an Improvement in quality of life - Pain where even the Patients in the control (no direct treatment) received Pain Relief.

Response 21. Were Medical Science to solve this - then all treatments would take a quantum leap forward.

Question 22. Why do People get better.

Response 22. So often with Child like excitement Patients, Families and attending Practitioners jump with joy - at this and quite rightly so.

Sadly no one appears or desires to notice when the excitement turns to tears when the illness returns or a new mysterious set of symptoms arrive.

Question 23. They said prior to the procedure "it does work" to the Patients.

Response 23. What real effect did this have on the outcome and more important what were they and what was the long-term outcome.

Question 24. They get better with or without the Medical Cement.

Response 24. I did not hear within the video from the Mayo Clinic the asking. "WHY."

Question 25. They did however ask in true Scientific dismissal. "Did we choose the wrong type of Patient."

Response 25. Is this not a true and unambiguous demonstration of true Scientific dismissal of their own responsibility.

Question 26. Was the trail outcome only represented by the type of People selected.

Response 26. If they selected the perfect Patient based on previous history would the outcome be any longer term or different.

Question 27. A Fracture will self-repair in six weeks or so.

Response 27. There is 2016 style scientific wisdom for you - or do I detect some, albeit unwitting profit taking here.

Question 28. Is the onus on us to evaluate which type of Patients will benefit from this procedure. They asked themselves.

Response 28. Perhaps the real onus is on all medical; practitioners only carrying out procedures handed down to them where they see - they are not producing the outcome the University Degree suggested they should, to report their findings to the relevant government for a review of the prevailing laws relating to Scientific Proof.

Conclusion. All well and good and indeed necessary for the Mayo Clinic to make such an Honest video - leaves one to ask just how damaging it will be or is to their credibility in the world of medicine and also possibly lowers the outcome of expectancy of the 100 Million in the USA alone. Patients in Pain.

Or should we not have the courage to ask. "Of the symptoms mentioned what caused the weakness in the first place causing the osteoarthritis where often following there is a bone fracture - with no impact reason for it.

To think a Person if only via their Body Chemistry and the deepest regions of their Mind is not able to comprehend the real stuff from the make believe - or not at all.

Is only because the Mind is still not accepted as an integral part of the Human frame from whence all instructions for life emanates from.

And as such is the greatest, most thorough, most precise and fastest - Chemical Analyst the World has seen or will ever see.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Romel Cordeiro - Peter Smith Talking Cures

Dear Romel Cordeiro

May I force the discussion back to Pain Management.

Yesterday evening 06 September 2016. I attended a presentation at the self-professed leading treatment and education facility in the UK.

The private Patient facility of; The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and University College London, Queen Square, London WCN 3AU which promotes teaching & research of the highest quality in neurology and neurosciences.

The subject for the evening was. "Headache." Now who dare to suggest this and it closely related family member Migraine - still after some four thousand years of existence, is not a Pain in any of the many forms or names it has, it is life changing or destroying.

It was interesting to note the death by MS Power point slide presentation was of information that was gleaned from history as far back as 1822. Appearing to confirm Nothing New in Known.

With little or no consideration; It is 2016 and in arms-length-distance - there is, amongst the worlds greatest medical facilities, no less than Seven of the latest imaging devises.

There were some Fifty Doctors in the audience who asked many questions in the time allowed - this denied me the ability of asking this question. "Has any one in the entire world ever been cured of any form of Headache/Migraine."

Being a Person of Integrity and Wisdom - I choose to hold my question as I already knew the answer, as the many Doctors clearly had many concerns about the number of their Patients they see with Headaches.

Indeed the consultant delivering the presentation at the drinks reception afterwards confirmed; no less than Seven Patients were going to be referred by Doctors in the Audience - he also; in a conversation with myself confirmed; he himself was a life-time sufferer of Migraines.

Thereby confirming as we near once again the end of another year 2016 - there is no known cure and management that he swore by; was effective.

I found it very sad having many times including with myself having experienced constant Brain Fog and Headache for many years and had Patients present to me within their many symptoms...

Headache in just about every part of the head there is and apart from one Person who I have no later and better knowledge of - they all, including myself using their own Mind Body Chemistry and Immune and Body replication systems; ceased having Headaches.

Now of course I have to in my defence accept; I cannot scientifically prove any of this and accept it is of no value in so doing; as - ALL illness is as unique to a Person as their own fingerprint - the latter being a scientifically proven and accepted fact.

The presentation although many times discussed the Brain - not once discussed the intangible Mind - clearly the reason; if only but for myself, was because the Cause is not known and is not desired to be known - as there is no profit in a cure.

Thus we can conclude Pain Management is only a necessary evil the Medical profession deems is the only way forward and does not intend with all its technical wizardry to start to be the Twenty First Century Medicine it appears to profess it is.

As I travelled on the two-hour train journey home I pondered.

What value in the year 2016 is being medically qualified and have the foundation of Medical Science to stand on - when management is the only option.

Although the consultant giving the presentation appeared to suggest with his own story long-term management was effective - I was left to ponder knowing how the Mind works just how long will the Pain Management be effective before the Mind - life's real and only scientific controller; says - Now we will see just who is in charge and in so doing create new and even more mysterious symptoms; for even more Pain Management.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures

What is Pain

We have discussed debated and argued about Pain Management and I ask myself - what have we learnt.

Only it appears - there is still much to learn about Pain; as it is clear there are as many different view points and opinions and much confusion as there are People in Pain, or living on Earth.

Today unlike circa 1980's +- when we had no internet and at the time Medical Science via Anesthesiologist were becoming interested in Pain as a unique modality of the Body requiring treating - as it was becoming well recognised; so many People were suffering Pain.

No one then stopped to ask "why" as it appears this new modality was seen as a good little earner by Anaesthesiologist - were more and more People presenting to the Doctor in Pain.

From the fledgling start of the Internet - to todays sophistication with its complex searching algorithms.

Medical Science sought to maintain control it appears by stating. "Beware of the internet - it contains much misinformation as to be somewhat dangerous."

Today the internet is so full of Scientific Papers as to render this statement long-since redundant where we all rely on it to supply us with Answers to Questions about Pain and often gives us Questions with no tangible Answers.

Leading me to search what - in Mid September 2016, the internet has to say about Pain.

So I typed into a search engine - Google. "Pain" and these are my findings.

There were 153.000.000 (if we are able to believe these massive numbers) in 0.45 seconds responses - now of course we cannot possibly subject all of these to close scrutiny, thus as the sophistication of the Google Algorithms suggest. "Search Engine Optimization," is key to being top of the search list.

May we explore the top or paid for search results.

Search Engine Optimization From Wikipedia,

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results-often referred to as "natural," "organic," or "earned" results.

In general, the earlier or higher ranked on the search results page and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users and these visitors can be converted into customers.

SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.

Then there is the Paid for search engine results.

I have made no preference only taking the results as they were presented to me on the day.

Starting with a description of Pain.

1. Types of Pain. In general, there are three types of Pain, based on where in the Body the Pain is felt: Somatic, Visceral and Neuropathic.

Pain of all three types can be either Acute or Chronic.

Acute Pain is short lasting and usually manifests in ways that can be easily described and observed.

2. Types of Pain - WebMD


There are several ways to categorise Pain.

One is to separate it into Acute Pain and Chronic Pain.

Acute Pain typically comes on suddenly and has a limited duration.

It is frequently caused by damage to tissue such as bone, muscle, or organs and the onset is often accompanied by anxiety or emotional distress.

3. Pain Symptoms & Types - WebMD Pain-symptoms-types.

The feeling of physical Pain can vary greatly -- mild, sharp, severe, dull.

Learn the symptoms for different types of Pain, so they can be described to a Doctor.

Whether it is a mild stomach ache, sharp Pain, or stomach cramps, abdominal Pain has numerous causes.

4. Types of Pain - Louis Calder Memorial Library - University of Miami calder.

Types of Pain. In general, there are three types of Pain, based on where in the Body the Pain is felt: Somatic, Visceral and Neuropathic.

Pain of all three types can be either Acute or Chronic.

Acute Pain is short-lasting and usually manifests in ways that can be easily described and observed.

5. Different types of Pain and how to describe it - Information and support.

Coping › Side effects and symptoms › Pain There are many types of Pain.

Describing the Pain clearly can help a Doctor or Nurse to find the best treatment.

6. Quick Guide Chronic Pain: Causes, Solutions for Chronic Pain:

Causes, Solutions and Management.

What are the basic types of Pain?

There are many sources of Pain.

One way of dividing these sources of Pain is to divide them into two groups, Nociceptive Pain and Neuropathic Pain.

How Pain is treated depends in large part upon what type of Pain it is.

Nociceptive Pain

Examples of nociceptive Pain are a cut or a broken bone.

Tissue damage or injury initiates signals that are transferred through peripheral nerves to the Brain via the spinal cord.

Pain signals are modulated throughout the pathways.

This is how we become aware that something is hurting.

Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic Pain is caused by damage or disease that affects the nervous system.

Sometimes there is no obvious source of Pain and this Pain can occur spontaneously.

Classic examples of this Pain are shingles and diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

It is Pain that can occur after nerves are cut or after a stroke.

There are two well-recognized broad categories of Pain: the common sense sort - the Pain of damage and the somewhat more exotic kind that comes from damage to the system that reports and interprets damage, the nervous system.

It is the difference between engine trouble and trouble with that light on the car dashboard that says there is engine trouble.

More specifically:

Nociceptive Pain arises from various kinds of trouble in tissues, reported to the Brain by the nervous system.

This is the type of Pain everyone is most familiar with, everything from bee stings and burns and toe stubs to repetitive strain injury, nausea, tumours and inflammatory arthritis.

Neuropathic Pain arises from damage to the nervous system itself, central or peripheral, either from disease, injury, or pinching.

The simplest neuropathies are mechanical insults, like hitting the funny bone or sciatica, but this is a big category: anything that damages neurons, from multiple sclerosis to chemotherapy to alcoholism to Phantom Limb Pain.

It’s often stabbing, electrical, or burning, but nearly any quality of Pain is possible.

8. Migraine - still tough to classify.

Some experts consider it a major category of its own, parallel to Nociceptive and Neuropathic pain,

But it is probably just a complicated Neuropathy.

Obviously these kinds of Pain can overlap.

Some medical problems, like injuries, can affect both nerves themselves and other tissues, causing both kinds of Pain.

However, it is surprising how little overlap there is: look at any list of the most Painful conditions and they all fit pretty clearly into one category or the other.

7. What is Cutaneous Pain?

Superficial Somatic Pain caused by stimulation of structures in the skin that sense Pain - known as Pain receptors.

The word, Cutaneous, comes from the Latin word cutis, which means "skin."

It is with that in mind that superficial Somatic Pain is also called Cutaneous Pain.

The list goes on and I suspect if per chance we were to examine all of the 153.000.000 web pages.

I would have to consider one could put all of them into the category of Pain described in much the same way - in just a few short paragraphs.

But what if anything does all of this information really tell us; It is interesting to note just how unwittingly the Mind is slipped into this comment. "The word, Cutaneous, comes from the Latin word cutis, which means "skin." It is with that in mind that superficial Somatic Pain is also called Cutaneous Pain."

Thus in the year 2016 with the internet being a reliable source of A Scientifically Proven information from many of the worlds leading proponents of Medical Knowledge - nothing of any real value in understanding Pain as all it does is very scientifically, tells us about Pain - nothing in real terms as to the cause or even causes.

May we now go through the same process with the subject of the discussion...

...Pain Management.

From Wikipedia: Pain management, Pain medicine, Pain control, is a branch of medicine employing an interdisciplinary approach for easing the suffering and improving the quality of life of those living with chronic pain

The typical Pain management team includes medical practitioners, pharmacists, clinical psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists.

The team may also include other mental health specialists and massage therapists.

Pain sometimes resolves promptly once the underlying trauma or pathology has healed, and is treated by one practitioner, with drugs such as analgesics and occasionally, anxiolytics; a medication or other intervention that inhibits anxiety.

Effective management of chronic - long-term Pain, however, frequently requires the coordinated efforts of the management team.

Medicine treats injury and pathology to support and speed healing and treats distressing symptoms such as Pain to relieve suffering during treatment and healing.

When a Painful injury or pathology is resistant to treatment and persists, when Pain persists after the injury or pathology has healed and when medical science cannot identify the cause of Pain, the task of medicine is to relieve suffering.

Treatment approaches to Chronic Pain include pharmacological measures, such as analgesics, antidepressants and anticonvulsants, intervention procedures, physical therapy, physical exercise, application of ice and/or heat and psychological measures, such as biofeedback and cognitive behavioural therapy.

1. People living with Pain British Pain Society.

People with Chronic Pain may be able to attend a specialist Pain Clinic for assessment and possible Pain Management, together with advice on living a fuller life.

2. The Pain Toolkit:

Self Pain Management. A persistent Pain problem can be difficult to understand and manage on an everyday basis.

This Pain Toolkit website has been developed from the Pain Toolkit.

Accept that you have persistent Pain and then begin to move on.

Acceptance is the first and the most important tool in your Pain self management toolkit.

Acceptance is not about giving up but recognising that you need to take more control with regards to how you can better self manage your Pain.

Acceptance is also a bit like opening a door - a door that will open to allow you in to lots of self managing opportunities.

The key that you need to open this door is not as large as you think.

All you have to do is to be willing to use it and try and do things differently.

3. Pain Management Services. The Royal Free Hospital London.

Pain relief treatment at the Royal Free: Pain management.

Barnet Hospital and Chase Farm Hospital Pain management services.

4. Pain Management: Treatment & Care - WebMD

Pain Management: Treatment Overview. Medications, mind-body techniques and acupuncture can help relieve Chronic Pain.

Learn about different options.

Pain Clinics. A Pain clinic is a health care facility that focuses on the diagnosis and Management of Chronic Pain.

Treatment & Care Pain is complex, so there are many treatment options -- medications, therapies, and mind-body techniques. Learn the benefits and risks of each, including addiction.


The Pain Management Plan Developed by NHS Pain Specialists Research-evidenced benefits can be delivered with 3/4 brief Patient contacts, face-to-face, by phone or email

Works brilliantly in a group setting Includes a relaxation, breathing and stress management programme on CD (can be bought separately) 95% of users said they would recommend it to others.

PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS Now you can buy it yourself if a medically qualified Person has told you…

You have Chronic Pain or Fibromyalgia and The Pain is not from a life-threatening illness.

The Doctor has explained there is no cure for Pain.

And the Pain has not suddenly changed or got worse.

The Pain Management Plan can help a Person live a better life despite Pain.

Please read all of the information on the site, see some sample pages and look at the FAQs page before you decide to buy.

6. Pain management Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS.

The department strives to deliver a comprehensive and appropriate Pain Management service utilising therapeutic options that best meet the needs of our Patients.

What we do

The Chelsea Pain Centre at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is a team of professionals specialising in helping patients to Manage their Pain.

The department strives to deliver a comprehensive and appropriate Pain Management service utilising options that best meet the needs of our Patients.

Services we offer include: Inpatient Pain Management: Looks after pain management of Patients admitted to hospital for surgery and is a consultant-led service that evaluates, audits and manages post-surgical and other acute inpatient needs.

Find out more Outpatient Pain Management: Deals with long-term Pain conditions, enabling self-management through a multidisciplinary approach.

Lower Back Pain Triage Service: Service based on a multidisciplinary team network for Patients with mechanical lower-back Pain.

Our Patient care includes the normal range of diagnostic and therapeutic services, as well as: Neuro blockage - to interrupt Pain signals travelling along a nerve, drug review transcutaneous - existing, applied, or measured across the depth of the skin, nerve simulation epidurals dorsal column stimulation - pulsed electrical signals to the spinal cord to control chronic pain.

Pain management programmes and Pain Management physiotherapy

We also have a regular teaching programme for Nurses, Ward staff and Doctors including a continuous audit of practices and results.

7. Pain Management Programme - The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Pain Management Programme.

This programme is an affiliate of the Chronic Pain Service and aims to help Patients with long standing Pain through a variety of Pain Management Programs

This programme is an affiliate of the Chronic Pain Service and aims to help Patients with long standing Pain through a variety of strategies including education about Pain, improved overall fitness and gradual drug withdrawal.

The ultimate aim is not just reduction of Pain but also an improvement in quality of life.

Patients are treated in a group with short talks and practical sessions.

Patients are educated about Pain, undergo a graded exercise programme and are taught stress management and relaxation skills.

Chronic Pain is continuous, long-term Pain of more than 12 weeks.

A Pain Management Programme (PMP) is a psychologically-based rehabilitative treatment for People with Chronic Pain recommended by the British Pain Society.

At Hillingdon Hospital, we run three different PMP’s including one for Urdu/Punjabi speakers.

It is delivered in a group setting by a multidisciplinary team, on an outpatient basis.

Programmes are run on a weekly outpatient basis and each session lasts for 3 hours.

The overall objective is to make Patients more self reliant and less dependent on healthcare resources.

We do not provide prescriptions or a medical intervention.

The aim of the PMP is to build up coping strategies to help People control their Pain, in order to limit its impact on the Person as much as possible.

There is good evidence that PMPs improve Pain and function compared to non-multidisciplinary treatments.

National and regional guidelines recommend PMPs for lower back Pain.

The Pain Management Team is a multidisciplinary one, headed by a clinical psychologist and assisted by physiotherapists and occupational therapists, all of who have considerable experience in the management of People with long standing Pain.

It is clear to see from this information that is United Kingdom although I suspect it is the same in every town, village and country on the world.

Based on this information alone - it is clear and must not be challenged...

The Medical Professionals are in a most serious and dedicated manner doing the very best they are able to relieve Pain, yet with so much Self-Management; surely it can be seen, something is seriously wrong.

Is it not the correct and most professional thing to do - look back along any and all Patients time line and see from the very first presentation of Pain.

The only real and tangible change was the Medical professionals having done their very best - have not only kept the Person on many mediations and in many cases made the Person have even more symptoms than at the very first presentation of Pain; have very Scientifically Excused themselves from the failure to manage the Pain at all and educated the Person to look after them self and Manage their own Pain.

Thereby demonstrating near 2017 nothing in real-terms has changed since the heady days when Anesthesiologist first found out they could Anaesthetise Pain away - if only whilst the anaesthetic lasted.

Thus any proponent or activist of the Medical Profession is saying to any that offer a challenge...

"...We - the Medical Profession are right and you whoever you are by default are. Wrong - Just because we the Medical Profession say so."

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures

19th September 2016. Re Queens Square Private Healthcare and - Headache Pain Management.

Following my visit to the Headache Presentation at the Number One Facility in the United Kingdom at the above mentioned centre I received this email.

In order to make it readable I have copied it below.

The Queen Square GP Seminars
Peter Sutton
Mon 12/09,

Dear Peter

I hope this email finds you well.

Peter, it is with regret that I must make contact and raise an issue with you which has caused me some concern and that I wanted to bring to your attention. 

Following the  most recent GP seminar in Queen Square last Tuesday, I have been very disappointed to receive no less than three separate complaints regarding the way you interacted with delegates.  They have all taken a common theme, that being that the way you discussed your point of view and beliefs regarding the topic was inappropriate and at times offensive.  At times, I have to be honest and say that I too have had concerns.

It is very clear that you hold very strong views on modern medicine and I respect that you have views that you are passionate about.  However, the events that I organise in Queen Square are for the benefit of primary care physicians who would like to understand a little more about current guidelines regarding common presentations in their surgeries.  These are events are NOT intended to be a debate regarding the efficacy of modern medicine and I certainly do not want them ever to be the type of event where delegates and speakers who have kindly given their time to me, are made to feel in any way uncomfortable.  I put a great deal of effort into organising these events and disappointingly, I have now had three GPs say that they will not attend again as a result of their experience last week.

As our seminars are focussed at GPs (as the name suggests), might I suggest that there may be a more appropriate platform elsewhere, at which you can raise your point of view and hold the type of discussions you are clearly keen to have?

Best wishes


I replied:



107 Victoria Road Southend on Sea Essex SS1 2TF

Telephone-Fax - 01702 60 30 30



19th September 2016

Mr Peter Sutton

Queens Square Private Healthcare

Queens Square



Dear Peter Sutton

Thank you so much for your somewhat expected at sometime - erudite email.

Confirming it was the correct thing for me to write as above of my experience to a group - desperate for Pain Management information that is effective.

Please accept my apologies for not replying earlier - due to a microsoft system update I have been locked out of my email account, thus did not receive your email dated Monday 12th September 2016 until Saturday 17th September.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to receive your email and at the same-time most seriously saddened.

I have not the slightest difficulty in identifying the Doctors that made the complaint to you - all of them, then I cannot be wrong.

I feel sure you will have observed during my attendance at your company meetings; Apart from just once - during the event I do not ask the presenter questions, preferring to leave the Doctors in the audience, desperate for any snippet of information over and above the Scientific Evidence they receive through the many well respected journals they read: the NHS and the National Institute of Clinical Excellence and the instructions therein, as to how to prescribe for an illness - that will be an asset to the many Patients circa 5 percent of their Patient list they see on a daily bases. Who never in real-terms improve their presenting symptoms.

Thus when I enter a room with so many Doctors I have no Anxiety to relieve; as often or not I have already worked out the answers to the presentation - in this instant Headache's and Migraines.

With this in mind I have no requirement to request a Person explains to me they are a Doctor - where they come from or what specialism they have. Preferring to leave this process to any Person I meet - if they so desire.

Many times when placed in such a position I am requested to explain my position - which I do try to with as much delicacy as time allows and I can muster.

During such times if a Person is extremely interested in my Unique point of View - as time allows, I explain as carefully as possible.

There are times when this process is not allowed where a Person shuts me down with. Silence, or. "I do not believe or accept what you are saying and do not want to talk about this anymore." Indicating or inferring, based on their last comments - I am wrong. I will not be suppressed by anyone no more than I will suppress others - no matter what their medical qualifications or kudos standing.

Never is it my intention to denigrate the Medical Profession - Medical Science does that very eloquently for me for.

Confirmed by - When I take into consideration Medical Science in its entire history have never once understood the true cause of any illness, no more than they have created a cure; with our many dedicated frontline clinicians left to interpret the Science as best they are able in order to support the many millions of People, long-term ill and on many medications with; not a hope of a cure.

Leaving myself with no option but to say as indeed I did to a Person prior to the Headache Presentation. "So I am wrong and you are right - by default; just because you say so."

This of course is like a red rag to a bull with a Person that has a weak argument, made to feel uncomfortable and has been challenged - surely this can only be if there is already an uncomfortable feeling . Therefor and surely it is no longer an option to say...

"...We - the Medical Profession are right and you whoever you represent are by default... Wrong - Just because we the Medical Profession as agents of Medical Science say so."

In addition; How much more uncomfortable can a dedicated Doctor become when every day in the surgery they see the same People with the same conditions or worse symptoms and more of them - despite following the guidelines of Medical Science treatments. And not knowing what to do next.

It thus becomes clear something is seriously wrong with the Medical Science - not the Medical Profession.

Moreover is requiring serious medication itself - before it kills the very People it has become so reliant on to administer the medications and supply the profit.

The sad part as I mentioned earlier, is, when attending recent Queens Medical Centre presentations as Alzheimer's and Headache is the only observation one is able make.

It was clear and one of the presenters confirmed. Alzheimer's it appears at the London Neurological Hospital and Queens Square centre are no longer interested in real-terms with the Patient, only the attending carers and how they look after them - of course a necessary aspect as the cause is not known and there is no known cure.

And then Headache - do you as I not find it strange a dedicated Doctor giving a presentation on Headache and Migraine has the long-term symptoms himself despite the ability of consulting with other specialists able to prescribe an effective cure treatment, as indeed the same applied to another Person I spoke to at the drinks reception following the presentation, your company kindly provided.

Leaving me with no option but to consider - as The well known Neurologist Professor Lesley Findley wrote to me some ten years ago saying and following my visit to the ME CFS research ward and Patient conference at Oldchurch Hospital Romford Essex. (Now known as Queens) "We all have a lot to teach and a lot to Learn - I learnt a lot from you."

Thus I feel with my now Thirty Fours years experience of only dealing with People deemed medical failures with log-term mysterious symptoms and often on many medications. I have a lot to contribute to Medical Science - although you might suggest as you have; I make my point elsewhere. However where better to make my point than at the United kingdom's centre of excellence.

...However does this email not confirm the Medical Profession in a very vulnerable position of continuing the now aged process of. "We do not know the cause and there is no known cure."

Or is Profit and self professed Kudos the only driving force.

History is littered by such suppressive activity with Medical Innovators suppressed into oblivion and is the reason why there are no cures.

And is the foundation of my comments and thought processes of. "All illness is created by loving Parents is no more than a memory or a process of the Mind: Darwin, Freud and Nostradamus are fine examples of suppressed innovators.

In addition; The very reason I recently wrote an update to the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde factitious story.

What does one do with beliefs as this when illness comes knocking at the door of the suppressor and the medications to manage have long ago stopped the ability of Managing - or is it just possible with the exception of myself, no one knows or perhaps even desires to know; the painful answer to this conundrum.

Peter following reading of this if it is your desire I do not attend your meetings please write and let me know.

In so doing please consider. "We all have a lot to teach and a lot to Learn."

And learn we must if the current learning is making People more ill rather than long-term improving lives.

Conclusion. The only Person able to suppress me is someone who knows as much or more about illness and its cause than myself.

Then they will never be a threat to me as I will learn from them and thus improve the work I do.

Which is in Addition to all therapies never Alternative or Complimentary and supportive of any therapy or therapist that helps the long-term suffering of ever changing illness symptoms People endure; until they die of an unrelated disorder(s.)

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures


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