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Essential Tremor or Parkinson's Disease Explored Explained Understood.

Section. 1.

This article is about making 2017 sense of this Scientifically evaluated Psychological Process, using perhaps for the first time in history...



Essential Tremor or Parkinson's Disease.

Section. 2.

A. Best described as an unstoppable from minuscule to a visible - by others - trembling or shaking of various Body parts.

B. For the sufferer a most distressing set of symptoms, which denies the ability to carry out many daily tasks and often ridiculed by others, if not in their words, but often by the visual signs of dismissal? Eyes rolling to the top of the head. Etc Etc Etc.

C. When the sufferer presents the symptoms to a Doctor or Specialist, whilst shown compassion by the Medical professional, there is often a feeling of being let down because the Doctor or Specialist has no knowledge as to the cause and no effective treatments to offer.

D. Or given a list of instructions by the medical professional, in defence of treatments of no value, or the Patient could not possible comply with, for if they were able to; they would not require the list in the first place and In addition, being given Life Style and Health Care limiting statements such as:

1. There is no known cause.

2. There is no known cure.

3. Often High Achievers get this condition.

4. Learn Coping Skills. 

5. Not to search the world looking for miracle cures that do not exist.

6.  No one therapy will ever be able to cure this.

7.  Use this (of many) aids - computer mouse; to help.

E. Forgetting a sufferer of any illness has a right to choose any therapy that fits their purpose, or gives to them the degree of health they are comfortable with and have a Fundamental Human Right too.


Interesting observation.

Section. 3.

A. At a recent event - 2011, many of the attendees were Doctors; I observed one of the party gaining a special and concerned interest from Doctor Friends - the Person may also have been a Doctor?

B. The interest or concern was clear to see; the Persons hands were quite visibly shaking, giving the appearance of either Essential Tremor or Parkinson's Disease - to which the Doctors could do nothing about, or the Person would not let them?

C. The event was a joyous affair with many ladies dancing in beautiful dresses.

D. The Person was taking video photos of the dancing.

E. It was clear to see although holding the camera above shoulder height for the duration of the dance - which was longer than the three minutes of a music record by far, the Hands were rock solid at all the times the camera was running. As soon as the camera was stopped the shaking hands returned.

F. Surely if this was purely a Biological Disease this could not happen, therefore it had to be a process of the Persons Mind?

G. As in numbers Five and Six; a statement from a Professor or Medical person of similar training only describes his/her feeling of being defeated by symptoms that have defied scientific understanding for many years, or is it the desire to stop any Person not medically trained from making them look foolish by having better understanding and treatments.

H. Furthermore; if a sufferer asks questions about their condition, the reply they receive may well challenge the collective intelligence of professors of medicine, consultants and specialist in a particular field of medicine, having spent a lifetime studying the (any) disorder:

Question. 1. To Professor, Specialist or Doctor "What causes my Tremors or Essential Tremor.

Answer. 1. Essential Tremor is due to an abnormal communication between certain areas of the Brain. IE. The Cerebellum, the, Thalamus and Brain Stem.

Question. 2.  What to a Patient does this really mean?

Answer. 3.

A.  In the majority of People with Essential Tremor, the Tremor(s) seems to be inherited as an Autosomal Dominant Trait.

B. Genetic in other words or the absence of something tangible!

C. Familial or a member or members of the family have it. Is this why we have hair, skin and bones, just because other members of the family have the same.

Question. 4.  Do the neighbours have Essential Tremor, because they have the same organs as well?

Answer. 4.  For a Person, because of the tremors and earlier more serious considerations/symptoms, this surely amounts to little more than gobbledygook or perhaps better said, "Rubbish."


Talking Cures explanation.

Section. 4.

A. Although some of the above initially may well be received with a sigh of relief or even a smile. ”At last someone is able to understand and diagnose what is wrong with me,” this feeling of excitement will possibly be extremely short lived.

B. Or told by their medical teams using; Gold Standard, Scientifically Proven, Peer Reviewed and Published Evidenced Based Medicine. Essential Tremor is not life threatening?

C. That is until; because the cause is not known and there is no known cure it turns to something like Parkinson's Disease which appears to be progressive and most times fatal.

D. Of course to the Medical Profession this is an unrelated disorder?

Therefore can we consider:


Essential Tremor is not caused by.

Section. 5.

A. Alcohol or Alcohol withdrawal.

B. Cigarette Smoking or withdrawal.

C. Hyperthyroidism.

D. Too much Caffeine.

E. The use of certain medications.

F. Members of the family via Birth or Genetic mutations.


A. The above all being created by a reaction to traumatic event(s) and the requirement to relieve an Anxiety that cannot be relieved in another manner.

B. There are many questions with very eloquent answers but none of them of any value to the Person because, all they are concerned about is;

C. “Are, or when, are my tremors, going to stop.”


Diagnosing The Condition.

Section. 6.

A. Of course, a Professor or Medical specialist must take and understand the Person’s history to ensure there are no underlying medical conditions causing the disorder, or medically prescribed medications causing side-effects or symptoms that have been missed by previous medical specialists and no action taken and of course; the Family History?

B. In reality; is having prior knowledge of a Person’s history in offering an effective treatment to Essential Tremor, of any real value, or can prior knowledge be considered a detriment.

C. For it may well give the therapist a way out - blame underlying conditions or unrelated disease or disorders or the classic; "blame the Patient," for not following/complying with the treatments offered - if the treatment offered does not produce the outcome desired.

D. However. To a therapist with an effective educational treatment process and the knowledge and skills to effectively treat the disorder using educational techniques as to why the illness was created in the first place and why the immune system is not able to deal with the symptoms, thereby allowing the Person/sufferer with better knowledge to create within themselves an automatic Immune System response - the Person should cure themselves, thus, there is no requirement for needless history taking.

E. If a Person’s General Practitioner has a grasp on current Scientifically Proven Evidence relating to this disorder, why is it necessary for a specialist with interest and expertise to give his/her opinion; “there is no known cure.” Or is this just to add to the current knowledge, which amounts to, "not a lot!" Or another invoice for the beleaguered NHS. This should not mean No Hope Service?

F. Tremor is just a symptom of an Anxiety disorder and not in any manner a mystery; therefore shaking of the Hands, Head, Voice or Legs does not under any circumstances, make the Anxiety worse.

G. It is a sign for a Person with specialist knowledge and educating treatments to understand what is wrong and guide the Person into a position of automatically putting it right.

H. Although having being a victim myself; suffering for most of my life with: Roving Aches and Pains, almost permanent headache, Brain Fog, confusion, trembling all over, Mouth ulcers, High Anxiety - known also as Essential Tremors, Sleeplessness, Bowel movement concerns, Heart Attack - 1992 and many more symptoms that had - as one presentation of symptoms - defied the best medical brains and scientific evidence to understand, let alone cure?

I. Despite this; since studying to become a Hypnotherapist in 1982 for Thirty-Four years -2017, Peter Smith Talking Cures has specialised from the beginning using Hypnotherapy with education and now days Talking Cures - which is an education in the treatment of symptoms of Mind and Body that have defied the best of medical brains.

J. Thereby sorting out the Mind and Biological confusion our best-intentioned Doctors unwittingly leave us in following their drug induced treatments, which, in most, if not in all circumstances only create more and more mysterious symptoms, which defy cure with the use of most modern of scientifically proven treatments.

K. Spending much personal time, treating my many symptoms listed above, to the point many of them especially tremors - shaking all over if a letter dropped on the door mat, too uncontrollable if it was of important or legal content; are no longer an issue.

L. More importantly; I never have to - since they were automatically cured by my own immune system - use any management techniques on the tremors or the situations which could make them appear. Because the tremors no longer exist.


Natural response Anxiety, does and should exist.

Section. 7.

A. Although having been originally taught by Mr Steven Quinn to use extremely effective hypnotherapy techniques, which still today are the best understandings and treatments the world has yet to see.

B. No longer is Hypnotherapy required to be used.

C. Furthermore I have used this secure foundation to improve, not only on the understanding of the creation of All illness, but also in the treatments and application of treatments, by developing a more secure understanding; as to the cause of illness and education treatments to match.

D. Talking Cures; a unique talking educating therapy that does not rely on talking through one’s life, never interferes with another clinician’s treatment regime, is able to encompass, with one therapeutic application and process, as many symptoms a Person is able to present, as well as the constantly changing symptom presentation.

E. Whilst One to One and Face to Face consultations are preferred; Talking Cures can be given over any reliable communication connection: Telephone, Skype or Mobile Telephone.

F. With one Person applying the treatment, which does not come with a, “to do list,” life style changing instructions, no retraining of body Organs/Mind/Brain.

G. Other than, between treatments. “Just get on with your life as best you are able,” the outcome from any education/treatment applied is completely automatic and once achieved through thorough treatments - permanent.

H. For if the outcome is not Automatic it is most definitely not secure, it will not last.



Section. 8.

1. Listen to the sufferer they will always tell you the cause of their illness and Essential Tremor is no exception, or is ET yet to come home, and “why” is it called Essential.

2. Surely; If something is Essential it is something we need.

3. Nobody needs Essential Tremors nor should they have to suffer it.

4. And why was the term Benign used to describe Benign Essential Tremor. Benignity (Latin bene = "well and "-innis" = "fire", is a medical term to describe a condition that is harmless.

5. Here lies the answer; Essential Tremor is not harmless, it is extremely destructive, not only to the sufferer, but to all of the helpless onlookers.

6. Or with this new name is it just a good earner. Waiting to be renamed for further good earnings.

7. Whether we like this understanding or not, or even if we proclaim from the highest mountain. “I had a lovely and wonderful Childhood and lived in a very close and loving family environment; if we are ill in any way shape or form or have Essential Tremor, then there is no way we had the lovely upbringing we describe.

8. What we/they had was a trauma or even a series of traumas. Created by close members of the family - who are considered responsible not guilty for their negative actions - that are so often forced on younger members of the family by the significant Person forcing the younger to run their life as they are told. This causes Anxiety no drugs will permanently sooth.

9. Where within our Mind the traumas damaged our ability, to store or archive the information correctly and subsequently, blocked out our ability to recall and resolve the traumatic events.

10. In other words, so we can run our life as we should. In good health, peace and comfort! Which are Fundamental Rights of life not gifts - just because some busybody thinks we have been good.

11. These traumatic events first placed the Person in Fear - being in fear of say spiders, Mice, closed or open spaces, flying in Airplanes, is not ever to be considered being in Fear, this being just a relief of Anxiety which was created as a natural response to a fearsome event.

12. A fearsome event is a situation where a significant Person in our life thought our Mind and Body was theirs to control.

13. In other words: Abuse: Mental, Verbal or Physical; as in beatings or sexual abuse.

14. Fear in an Innate Emotional tool, Fundamentally Essential for survival, without it we could not survive.

15. Fear is only a concern when such time as it is installed on a Person by significant others by traumatic activity.

16. Once installed in such a manner will drive the Person for ever at their own expense for good bad or indifferent.

17. This form of Fear at inception creates all illness and is for most times Dormant - yet as highly active as it would be were the consequences - illness symptoms, known.

18. Thus all things we deem as morally wrong or incorrect are created and driven by Fear.

19. A trauma can appear as simple as the belittling statement from a Parent. “Why are you not be good/clever like your brother/sister! or some mystical Person near or far related. Whether said just once or many times - the outcome is always the same.

20. But it is not simple, it is extremely serious, in not only its implications but also in the creation of untreatable illnesses.

21. The greater the trauma the greater the destructive power of the ensuing illness.

22. Once this process is started the only way a Person can deal with it, is first create a desire to be understood, when this is not met - and it cannot be by drugs - the Person automatically creates some form of illness or behaviour situation.

23. Considered by Adults and Psychologist alike as. “Attention seeking or even growing Pains.”

24. A Person NEVER sets out to or ever is Attention Seeking!

25. The wrong or inappropriate treatment or dismissed as too young to understand, perhaps over many years will place a Person into a position of appearing to Attention Seek.

26. When a treatment that does not securely address/resolve the cause or a punishment is applied and it is of no concern, which. The Persons only way out, is to Automatically create another Ache Pain disorder, Discomfort, or illness or some form of inappropriate attitude or behaviour. Leading to more treatments leading to even more serious illness concerns.

27. All the time the Anxiety is building up and up to the point, it is the main controlling factor in the sufferer’s life and a mystery to all concerned in their health Care Pathway, thereby creating Body Tremors.

28. Conversation regarding this paper is welcomed by the author, as well as criticisms, however harsh. If it is ones intention to do so please be prepared to bring to the discussion.

A. Better information - as a sufferer - as to the cause of this distressing condition and treatments that are able to cure, rather than badly manage.

B. As a Scientific Medical Researchers or Professors/specialist/consultants bring to the discussion, not only Scientific Proof of the cause, but in addition Scientific Proof of treatment success along with evidence to prove to the contrary why it is People only are made worse by Scientifically proven treatments and suffer more and more symptoms, during the same treatment period.


Treatment by Talking Cures.

Section. 9.

A. Whilst it is preferred to be on a one to one basis in Talking Cures surgery a Persons response can be extremely effective even when distanced by thousands of miles as an effective education treatment for this as many disorders can be given through the medium of the Telephone - static or mobile - or using Skype on a personal computer just with sound or video if available.

Please send a Skype invitation to Talking.Cures.

Kindest regards and best wishes,

Peter Smith Talking Cures.                      

The truth hurts and so it should - lies and mistruths never ever show the true damage they cause.


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