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Because Pain illness and fatigue are destructive to our
Health, Wealth and Well being...

Allodynia-FMS Explored Explained Understood?

One may term this as hiding from the truth as we all appear to do - when mysterious illness strikes?

This Paper is as much of what is reasonable to consider - as it is a matter of fact...

It is also combined information, from Wikipedia and a number of professional medical sources.

Therefore it may contain a number of repeats - giving rise to different opinions and or conflicting information; perhaps therefore this particular set of mysterious and distressing symptoms, demands such scrutiny.

Moreover, for a Medically qualified Person considered as. Anecdotal - a posh word for storytelling.

If in reading this paper my writing appears to be like a foreign language or even rambling.

Consider reading this paper - not as a book; take some time to comprehend the contents.

Where I would like to think and feel sure, it will make sense?

So often, we read or hear in detail. "What" (description or symptoms) of an illness - but rarely if ever does anyone take the time to truly explain...

"...WHY," or how it is really caused...

...this paper is designed to answer many of the questions - we are so often left with.

Where many times we have the questions and no answers - or the answers and not the questions.

If I have unwittingly left anything out or not satisfactorily answered, please email (address at the end of this page) and I will include it in this Paper at the earliest opportunity.

Please include item number or a copy and paste if possible - of the item that is not clear.

Did we not all struggle as a Child to learn many things we now through the experience of life - are now extremely competent with.

No apology if offered if discussions are repeated within this paper.

The understanding for this, nothing is more repeating than illness that is there every day of one's life and - despite treatments; not only does not get better or have a satisfactory explanation/understanding.

Moreover often becomes worse, as Medical Science continues to write Scientifically Proven Papers about illness; in a confusing, repeating strange to many language/words or description in a manner that confuses everyone - and ultimately even themselves!

The first thing in the process of answering this is, for any one suffering, it is clear...

"...New understandings are required about illness..." it appears the existing education is the same worldwide?..


If on reading this or any of Talking Cures understanding of illness one gets the impression I am angry - then please believe it; because in 2016 People are, not only not recovering from any illness, so often the treatments make them worse and no one knows why or it appears. Cares.

One could also be forgiven for thinking I am against:

1. Doctors.

2. The Medical Profession.

3. Medical Scientists.

4. Medical Researchers.

3. Alternative Medicine.

4. Complimentary medicine.

5. Religion.

The reality is I am a staunch supporter of any Person or Institution that helps People through tough Emotional and Physical concerns.

I confess being most seriously against Bad Medical Science that has never once in real terms demonstrated the cause is truly known of any illness and as a result created a cure...

= more illness and no more medications.

From Talking Cures point of view and therapeutic practice - names of illness especially Medically Diagnosed recognised and Scientifically proven, are of no real value in the understanding and treatment of any illness - the only Name we should use or symptom we may label is...

"A Person is unable to achieve a Healthy and satisfactory lifestyle...”

...Or never allowed to become the Person they should have been...

Thus requires. “Specialised assistance,” in order to make sense of the presenting symptoms, the cause or reason for them - enabling automatic resolution via the Persons own immune systems and Body replication process - referred to as, the Entire Body Chemistry. 

...Surely if a Person cannot be in control of self-repair - when can they be in control!

To a trained Medical Mind these questions and answer updates may well appear or feel patronising - it is hoped not, as their structure is at the very. "Heart" of the success of Talking Cures as a therapeutic application and may well be a serious asset and improvement in the successful outcomes of Medical Treatments.

In order to fully appreciate this, it is helpful to consider and accept;

All of the information as to why a Person became ill in the first place and as a consequence - all of the information required for them to automatically create immune response/repair - is not only contained within the confines of their Mind. It is the only information required to bring about the required Automatic Cure using their own immune systems and Body replication processes. As designed by the Mind and Body.

By creating very cleverly constructed questions.  knowing the Person is able to answer them with their own knowledge of themselves of which they are a Master and if they are unable to, with my interpretations, accepted as re-education of their own information, that continues/completes on an ongoing bases; the process either returning to well-health or well-health for the very first time in their lives.

Based on the secure knowledge. "The only Person with the Integrity and Wisdom to fully Understand the illness and its cause - is the Person themselves."

There are most serious considerations as to why this process as with all illness treatment interventions - appear not to succeed...

...when the Protection created in response to early Childhood Emotional and or Physical traumas is so great the Person is unable to see the Protection and therefore unable to lower the Protection - allowing a Person to observe in a safe therapeutic environment the cause and consequences of such Protection, is the only safe way to resolve illness.

And. As a result, too gently - if one dare uses such words, lower the Protection, which will allow an immune response and an automatic alteration in ones thinking process, leading to a natural life - with comfort of Mind and Body.


These explanations are from a collection of Scientifically Proven papers in the public domain and discussion forums and are in a Question and Answer forum style.

It is important to accept I am both the Questioner, on behalf of interested Person's as well as the Person supplying the Answers, or Responding thus in many ways - my own best critic.

Leaving one to choose the Questions and Answers that are important for a better or individual understanding of this seemingly mysterious illness.

Concluding with Talking Cures understandings and explanations of the illness in question.


Courtesy of Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia:

This article is about making 2016 sense of this Individually Symptom Presented disorder.

Regarding Person's having FMS and Allodynia with many interrelated symptoms - all with unknown cause and no known cure.


Allodynia Explored Explained Understood.

Question. 1: What is Allodynia?

Answer. 1: May we start where we mean to carry on of all the names Medial Science has given a distressing set of symptoms...

...Allodynia must surely rate amongst the worst.

A: Allodynia (Ancient Greek άλλος állos "other" and οδύνη odúnē "Pain" refers to central pain sensitization - increased response of neurons following Painful, often repetitive, stimulation.

B: Allodynia can lead to the triggering of a Pain response from a stimuli that does not normally provoke Pain.

Question. 2: Is that it?

Answer. 2: That is what from the Ancient Greek times and still today it is explained as.

Question. 3: Surely there is more to it than that?

Answer. 3: Of course there is - for if one reads (answer. 1) just the Scientific Explanation; it is clear to see, it is only Back to Front Scientific thinking; where Symptoms or the Emotional Phenotype are being discussed or explained.

Question. 4: Back to front Scientific thinking? Symptoms - Emotional Phenotype, please explain?

Answer. 4: When a symptom is scientifically proven to be a cause Medical Science ignores as always the Mind as the cause - thus is back to front thinking.

A. Symptoms are explained in the answer. 1. A. Already Allodynia is listed as a Cause - where in reality, it is a symptom in itself.

B: Emotional Phenotype is the manner in which the Subconscious Mind seeks Understanding of the originating cause of any illness - thus a Person will/can only tell the attending clinicians, what they desire to hear and will have no therapeutic value whatsoever.

Question. 5: Is there any information we are able to explore that has been reviewed by a certified physician? Thus has scientific merit attached to it?

Answer. 5: Yes there is and it is listed below. Where we will revert from Questions and Answers - to reference numbers for individually asked questions.

A. Allodynia Is demonstrated when skin is painful to the touch.

B. A symptom that perplexes many clinicians is Allodynia.

C. That is what it is called when mild pressure from clothing or gentle massage causes Pain.

Response 5. C: This is a demonstration of Back to Front thinking, whilst there may be some truth in the statement it fails to consider and answer Why the Skin is sensitive in the first place, thus it is for the attending clinician ONLY and never the Patient.

D. A lot of People describe Allodynia as similar to bad sunburn.

Response. 5. D: But if there is no Sunburn - then surely one has to consider it is the Emotional Phenotype talking and nothing of value will be heard by the clinicians.

E. Allodynia is a fairly rare type of Pain - other than FMS, it is only associated with a handful of conditions, including neuropathy, post herpetic neuralgia - shingles and migraine.

Response. 5. E All these so called affected by Allodynia; are all symptoms and unless one is able to interpret them - bear no relation to cause. Moreover as the Skin is the largest organ of the Body most of these symptoms have some form of Skin presentation, leaving one to consider - is the list complete and is the Skin a Sacrificial Organ at the expense and therefore Protection of all the internal organs.

Question. 6: Are there more detailed understandings of Allodynia and its presentations?

Answer. 6: Yes and here is a list.

1: Post herpetic neuralgia is a nerve pain due to damage caused by the varicella zoster virus.

A: Varicella zoster virus or varicella-zoster virus (VZV) is one of eight herpes viruses known to infect humans and vertebrates.

B: VZV only affects humans and commonly causes chickenpox in Children, Teens, Young Adults and herpes zoster (shingles) in Adults and rarely in Children.

C: VZV is known by many names, including chickenpox virus, varicella virus, zoster virus, and human herpes virus type 3 (HHV-3).

2: Typically. Neuralgia is confined to a dermatomic area of the skin and follows an outbreak of herpes zoster - commonly known as shingles in that same dermatomic area.

3: Allodynia is believed to be a hypersensitive reaction that may result from the central sensitization associated with FMS.

Response. C. 3: Central Sensitization is a condition of the nervous system that is associated with the development and maintenance of Chronic Pain.

A: When central sensitization occurs, the nervous system goes through a process called “wind-up” and gets regulated in a persistent state of high reactivity.

4: The Pain signals originate with specialized nerves, called nociceptors, that sense information about things like temperature and painful stimuli from the skin.

Response. 4: This may well be the case if there is an accident or incident - however in the absence of these as I would consider most are once again; back to front medical thinking and of no value to the Patient in receiving the long-term relief sought.

5: Painful Paresthesia and Paresthesias are odd nerve sensations that can feel like crawling, tingling, burning, itching or numbness. Sometimes, these sensations can be painful.

A. Paresthesias are also associated with peripheral neuropathy, chemotherapy drugs, multiple sclerosis and migraine.

Response. 5: Once again this a combination of Back to Front medical thinking based on listening to the Emotional Phenotype of the Patient and offering a treatment for the painful pleas of the Patient - in order to hide how little is known about the multi-faceted condition. In addition Scientific Medicine itself is creating many of the additional symptoms with inappropriate understanding, advise and medications.

6: Many common FMS treatments can help alleviate paraesthesia-related Pain, including selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs).

A: Reuptake, or re-uptake, is the reabsorption of a neurotransmitter by a neurotransmitter transporter of a pre-synaptic neuron after it has performed its function of transmitting a neural impulse.

Response. 6: When one considers the Patient and Clinician led information from many different sources - one is obliged to ask. "How long does Symptom Management as this last and what is the change in symptom presentation, when the management ceases to have beneficial effect.

7: Some People also have good luck with vitamin B12, capsaicin cream, massage and acupuncture.

Response. 7: Has medical science now resulted to LUCK in pursuit of Patient relief from long-term symptoms.

8. Often People have no option but to create their own Pain Categories, which are not medically recognised.

Response. 8: It appears Patients are desperately trying to fill the gap in how the Medical Profession treats and classifies different types of Pain.

9. Although they are intended to help keep track of the symptoms and gauge effectiveness of treatments - this process also helps a Person realise they are not or going crazy.

Response. 9: Sadly - although the medical profession does nothing but fail to give long-term relief, they still maintain superiority in the long-held belief; all Pain is of Biological cause and nothing to do with the Mind.

10: Like a Knife in a Voodoo Doll. Sometimes, out of nowhere, there is an intense stabbing Pain that seems to cut through the Body.

Response. 10: Is this not a clear and an unambiguous demonstration. (link) All Pain is a Process of the Mind.

11: This is also described as a fireplace poker in the ribs or being impaled on a spear.

Response. 11: Surely if one had no memory-mental or ability to imagine; A poker in the Ribs or being impaled on a Spear, then this could not happen as there would be no knowledge of such events and how they would affect a Person.

12: The voodoo doll Pain is often used to explain the Body's early warning system - it tells one to stop the current activity and rest.

Response. 12: Is this not again a clear and unambiguous demonstration. All Pain is a Process of the Mind.

13: Other times, There are no clues as to why Pain strikes.

Response. 13: Cannot possibly be of Biological Cause, as the eyes would see an approaching threat and create a protective response.

14: Whilst this Pain is generally in the chest or abdomen, some People say they get it in other parts of the Body.

Response. 14: A demonstration - all Pain is as Unique to a Person as their fingerprint.

15: It can be so intense that it can double a Person over and make it hurt to breathe.

Response. 15: Surely for a Person to get to this situation - it is clear they have a long history of Pain Management that has only exacerbated the presenting symptoms.

16: It is reported this type of Pain usually goes away after a few minutes.

Response. 16: Does the available Medical Science demonstrate. WHY THIS IS.

17: Sadly the medical profession it appears, have no idea how to prevent this type of Pain, other than teaching the Patient to pace themselves.


Randomly Roving Pain.

18: Randomly Roving Pain is one of those things that is a great reminder.

Response. 18: Another great reminder is - After all the years of intense study. FMS/Allodynia, still does not make a lot of sense.

19: A lot of People get Pain that migrates around the Body, sometimes moving between certain places, often striking in new areas.

Response. 19: Strangely although this situation is implicated in many illness - I never read any Study Papers, evaluating and answering, this well-known situation.

20: If a Person also has myofascial Pain Syndrome, it can be especially hard to tell randomly roving Pain from the referred Pain caused by Trigger Points.

Response. 20: Never do I read in a Scientific paper or a BOOK of a Medical Scientists or a researcher asking "WHY do these exist" - leaving me to consider they do not know so Pay on the way out please is their only option.

A: Often a medical practitioner in desperation of protecting a weak position; will demand of another they cite a reference in a published Book to substantiate there is no medical proof or there is proof.

B: When one looks at the numbers of ill People in the world never recovering - one has to consider there is no book scientifically proven or otherwise that has the or any satisfactory answers.

C: Long ago I was fortunate to recognise we "all" not only have such a book - there is not a day goes by we do not make reference to it.

D: This book has as many pages as there are individuals that inhabit the planet - yet all of the pages are the same for every one of us.

E: It is a book where every page is a Mirror - when we look in it and if we look carefully or long enough - all the answers we will ever require for satisfactory well health or improved ill health are safely and indelibly logged on every page.

21: Sometimes what appears to be the smallest of traumatic episodes in a young Childs life, hanging onto a hand held firework for too long - where sparks hit the Childs hand.

A: Caused tiny pinpricks of Pain almost identical to sensations decades later the Child now gets regularly and without warning.

B: Having the ability to make the Child jump, where scratching them triggers negative tactile feelings.

C: These sensations usually just last a few seconds.

D: Moreover - the now adult Child has no idea what triggers them or how to prevent them.

Response. 21: And of course the Mind cannot possibly be anything to do with it because one would feel like one; is going or is crazy. Neither is the truth.


Rattled Nerves.

22: Is it fair to suggest - People will not understand why this is referred to as a type of Pain, most People with FM will.

A: Certain things tend to get the body feeling on edge, jumpy and feeling rattled.

B: Making one ache all over and sometimes becoming nauseous, dizzy and anxious.

C: Things that rattle nerves generally involve sensory or emotional overload, such as: Certain sounds - repetitive, loud, shrill, grating; Visual chaos - crowds, flashing lights, busy patterns; Stressful situations - busy traffic, confrontations, fibro-fog induced confusion or disorientation.

D: When nerves are rattled, trying to get out of the situation as quickly as possible and relax, preferably somewhere quiet.

Response. 22: The only People who do not and will not ever understand is the many clinicians who hide behind Referred Pain because they will not recognise - it is they with inappropriate treatment of the original Pain that forced the Mind to move the Pain elsewhere.

A. Thereby placing a now long-suffering Patient into High Protection mode in case they are labeled by the know very little clinical teams with. "It is all in your Head," another version would be. "I must be going crazy." Just to protect the fragile egos of the attending clinicians.

B: If one reviews item 22. A.B.C and D: it is clear to see they are all Mind related responses.


Living with Pain.

23: It is difficult to live with Pain, especially when it is unpredictable.

Response. 23: Sadly made worse by clinicians that PRETEND they know about Pain and prove they do not by continually changing the Name of the Patient presenting Pain or creating new names.

A. Further proof is when the efficacy of the treatments offered - do not last long, or a stronger medication is required.

24: The more one learns about Pain and its Triggers, the better one may be able to manage it.

Response. 24: This is the time when Patient Creativity becomes the Brakes on Madness comes into effect - for if there is no relief then surely a Person has a Fundamental Right to go or be sent MAD by the very treatments designed to offer relief.

25: Finding the right set of treatments takes time and experimentation.

A. Many do find significant relief.

Response. 25: Leaving one to ask. "For how long."

A: Is the answer. When a Light Touch Means Pain:


Fibromyalgia & Tactile Allodynia.

26: Fibromyalgia Nerve Pain: Paraesthesia is an abnormal sensation, typically tingling or pricking - ‘pins and needles,’ caused chiefly by pressure on or damage to peripheral nerves.

A: Weird-Feeling Nerves in Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

B: Hyperalgesia is abnormally heightened sensitivity to Pain.

Response. 26: Leaving one to ask "What about a Person being already sensitive and WHY- to such sensations."


Defining Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

27: A lot is reported and always changing regarding, "Fibromyalgia Pain."

28: Those with Fibromyalgia (FMS) experience several kinds of Pain.

29: Medically speaking, only a few of the Pain types have names and definitions.

30: But just as Eskimos have several words for snow, there is a requirement to have several ways to name, define and categorize Pain.

31: Some categories are based on experience and on conversations with other sufferers.

32: With the hope understanding medical terms will help better communicate with Doctors.

33: While other categories will help one understand the illness and confirm - one is not alone.


Types of Pain

34: The are some three types of Fibromyalgia Pain medically defined:

A: Hyperalgesia.

B: Allodynia.

C: Painful Paraesthesia.

Response. 34: Leaving one to ponder - if the cause is not known and there is no known cure - who are these names of any value too.

A: Or is there some form of profit for all concerned.

35: The next four types are the creation of a sufferer with special knowledge, which is obvious by their names. Do not use these terms in a Doctor's office - unless you want to be seen as crazy. These labels may help one get to know the Body's quirks, Triggers and Patterns, etc:

A: Knife in the Voodoo Doll.

B: Randomly Roving Pain.

C: Burns.

D: Rattled Nerves.

Response. 35: Or is this no more than an expression of the Emotional Phenotype based on the entire collection of Negative Thoughts stored in the Subconscious Mind.

A: Or is this better said as - do not take the illness away for we will not know what to do with the time now at our disposal or without the profits illness delivers.


Medically defined Pain types.

36: Hyperalgesia; "Hyper" means excess and "algesia" means Pain.

A: Hyperalgesia is the medical term for Pain amplification in FMS.

B: The Brain appears to take normal Pain signals and; "turn up the volume," making them more severe than they would normally be.

C: Most of the drugs used for managing FMS Pain are aimed, at least in part, at reducing hyperalgesia.

Response. 36: If this is the truth of all scientific research outcomes - then just in this one sentence, Item C, there is a clear demonstration of the total failure after all of these years to make a modicum of sense relating to FMS and all of its ever-changing symptoms.


Alternative Fibromyalgia Treatments.

37: Coping with:

A: Related Conditions.

B: Daily Life.

C: Diet.

D: Exercise.

E: Supplements.

Response. 37: It is clear to see from this list - from the initiating cause leading up to A. there is a progression towards self-management and Supplements; as the clinicians have run out of ideas and the Patient and or insurance company have run out of money to waste on treatment failures.


Frequently Asked Questions.

38: What is Allodynia?

Response. 38: Allodynia is Pain, generally on the skin, caused by something that would not normally cause Pain.

39: Does Allodynia have implications in other illness?

Response. 39: This Pain type is associated with Fibromyalgia and some People with chronic fatigue syndrome - have it as well.

40: Are Other conditions associated with Allodynia?

Response. 40: They include neuropathy, post herpetic neuralgia and migraines.

A: Neuropathy is a disease or dysfunction of one or more peripheral nerves, typically causing numbness or weakness.

B: Post herpetic neuralgia is a nerve Pain due to damage caused by the varicella zoster virus.

C: Typically, the neuralgia is confined to a dermatomic area of the skin and follows an outbreak of herpes zoster - commonly known as shingles, in that same dermatomic area.

D: A dermatome is an area of skin that is mainly supplied by a single spinal nerve.

E: Each of these nerves relays sensation - including Pain from a particular region of Skin to the Brain.

Response: 40. E: This is a typical demonstration of back to front medical thinking to ensure ALL Pain is of a Biological Cause and nothing to do with the Mind.

41: Does it stop there?

Response. 40: Outside of these conditions, Allodynia is a rare symptom.

A. Knowing this may help better communicate with Doctors and other health-care providers as well as with understanding the research about illness.


Types of Allodynia.

41: Allodynia comes in three forms.

42: A Person can have one, two or all three.

43: They are:

1: Tactile Allodynia, which is Pain caused by touch. This can include clothing laying against the skin - especially the tighter parts of clothing, such as waistbands, bra straps or the elastic part of socks.

2: Mechanical Allodynia, which is caused by movement across the skin. This can be a towel as a person dries themselves off, where bed sheets brush against the Body or even the air from a fan blowing moving over the skin.

3: Thermal - temperature-related Allodynia, which is caused by heat or cold that is not extreme enough to cause damage to tissues.

A: Demonstrated by the hands and feet turn blue when they are cold. This symptom should prompt a further talk with a Doctor.

B: As this may be a symptom of a different condition called - Raynaud's Syndrome.

4: It is often hard for other People, or even the Person with the symptoms to understand how these seemingly harmless items - can cause so much Pain.

5: However, it is a real Pain and does not mean that you are crazy or making too big a deal out of "normal" Aches and Pains.

6: Allodynia is different from hyperalgesia, which is the mechanism that; "turns up the volume" on Pain in these conditions.

7: Hyperalgesia takes normal Pain and makes it worse.

8: Allodynia is an actual type of Pain.

Response. 43: If one reads items 1 through to 8; it becomes clear to see they are not individual symptoms with different presentations, they are as progressive in nature as a Person from a single cell through some Forty Nine mutations to a Human being and over a number of years since birth - a fully grown individual.

A: In other words this is all clinically created - aided and abetted by the individuals themselves.


What Causes Allodynia?

44: Allodynia is believed to be a hypersensitive reaction that may result from something called central sensitization, which is associated with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Response. 44: Surely if one looks with EYES and MIND wide open, it is clear to see Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are bigger mysteries in the year 2016 than they have ever been.

A: For with all of the advances in Scientific Medicine; still the cause in not known and even the many subsets have not proven their worth; by demonstrating reasonable - if not long-term management of the ever-changing symptom presentation.

45: "Central" means the central nervous system and "sensitization" means that it's become extra sensitive.

Response. 45: Or does this really mean ; this is our collective best efforts to explain the presenting symptoms; but still have no idea WHY. SO - pay on the way out please.

46: The Pain signals of Allodynia originate with specialized nerves called nociceptors.

A: The job of nociceptors is to sense information about things like temperature and Painful stimuli from the skin.

B: Nociceptors are special because they do not need to send signals to the Brain, then get instructions back before they can react.

C: That is what gives Humans the ability to pull a hand away from something hot before getting burned.

D: When these nerves become sensitized, they start interpreting all kinds of sensation as Pain.

Response. 46. How desperate can a profession be in order to sustain their perceived position of superiority in the understanding of the Human Body and its multiple illnesses.

A: Galan AD169 was not correct in his assertions and it is clear to see (item C) no one in the medical world has had the integrity or wisdom to update his findings.

GALEN Circa AD 169.

B: Galen stated that the Brain and senses were linked to different parts of the Body; he described ‘hard nerves’ (motor nerves) and ‘soft nerves (sensory nerves) and said, that two types of nerves served different parts of the Brain; Via every organ which had its own supply of nerves and control and learn by experience.

C: Peter Smith Talking Cures explanation 2005, is; If Galen could have explained this differently, today the possibility of our understanding of Pain may well be greater than the evidence suggests.

1: “The Mind and its collective of Memories through the Brain controls precisely the Body's hard and soft connections.

2: Thus the reaction to the sensation of Heat - is already a fully working attribute of the Human Mind-Body at conception and birth.

3: If this were not the case a Child in the womb would not be able to - as the imaging devises we have today adequately demonstrate; the ability to respond to soothing music or be made to visibly jump at a loud noise or feel Pain, as the available evidence appears to suggest they can.

4: Thus with such advanced knowledge would know how the Body via the Mind does/should/will work.” Known as the Emotional Phenotype.


Managing Allodynia?

47: Allodynia can make things like wearing clothing uncomfortable, painful, or even agonizing.

Response. 47: Let us accept this as secure Patient supplied; Emotional Phenotype information.

48: Many People with these conditions find that they need to tailor their wardrobes to reduce the impact of Allodynia.

Response. 48: Clearly there is no satisfactory response from clinicians as to why this is and then a desire or ability to do something about it.

49: Help with this is via Clothing Related Pain with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Response. 49: This is a clear demonstration of the revolving door aspect of Scientifically Proven treatments. No clinician is prepared or able to take responsibility for the eventual resolution of this most distressing set of symptoms.

50: Thermal Allodynia can play a role in other related symptoms: temperature sensitivity.

Response. 50: To manage it, one may need to do things like moving work stations away from vents that blast hot or cold air.

51: To learn more ways to keep this symptom at bay, see:

A: Cold Survival with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

B: Heat Survival with Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

C: Most of the common drug treatments for these illnesses can help alleviate Allodynia along with other types of Pain.

D: These include: Lyrica (pregabalin), Neurontin (gabapentin), Tricyclic antidepressants such as amitriptyline.

E: A lot of People also get some relief with topical painkillers such as lidocaine, BioFreeze, Tiger Balm and Aspercreme.

Response. 51: This is a clear demonstration of an extension to the revolving door at least with this, there is the possibility of some relief.

A: The back door out to the street, having paid via insurance or from Patients own funding, the pay on the way out please, has long-since ceased to have a rewarding effect, it has become an embarrassment.


Making Allodynia worse?

52: It is possible for massage therapy to make Allodynia worse.

A: Therefore; is it important to find a massage therapist who understands the condition and knows how not to aggravate this symptom.

Response: 52: Surely for a massage therapist to be involved - it is a clear demonstration of the total failure of Medical Science to understand the symptom presentation and be able to even manage for a short while - if a cure is not available.

A: Moreover; for a massage therapist to even consider massaging in or near a sensitive spot - can only mean. Pay on the way out please is back on the treatment table.


Hyperalgesia - Pain amplification.

53: Types of Fibromyalgia Pain Pronunciation: AL-uh-DIN-ee-uh Also Known As: Cutaneous Allodynia.

A: When a Light Touch Means Pain.

B: Fibromyalgia & Tactile Allodynia Painful to Touch.

C: Fibromyalgia & Tactile Allodynia.

D: Does Your Skin Hurt?

Response. 53: Again a clear demonstration, medical intervention only means progression to self-diagnoses and management.

54: Here are the peer reviewers explanation of Why!

A: Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

B: Basics Treatments.

C: Alternative Treatments.

D: Coping with Related Conditions.

E: Daily Life. Diet and Exercise Supplements

F: It is another one of those Fibromyalgia symptoms that just does not make sense.

G: Pain, sometimes severe Pain, from a simple touch.

H: The closest thing it compares to; is having sunburn all the time.

I: A lot of People do not understand this symptom, including those who have it.

J. Because - while it is common in Fibromyalgia, it is rare in the general population.

J: This kind of Pain is called Tactile Allodynia.

K: Here is what that means in non-medical terms: "Allodynia" means that the Body perceives something as Pain - when it is actually harmless.

L: Pain is supposed to come from damage, but no damage is present or being inflicted.

M: "Tactile" means touch.

N: So tactile Allodynia is what makes clothes hurt when they touch the skin.

O: And what makes a sheet feel like sandpaper and turns a light touch into searing Pain.

P: While some types of Pain - like muscle or joint aches are very common, Tactile Allodynia is rare.

Q: It is associated mainly with Pain conditions including neuropathy, postherpetic neuralgia and migraine along with Fibromyalgia.


What is Tactile Allodynia Like?

55: Tactile allodynia can range from mild or severe.

56: It can be all over the Body or only in certain areas.

57: It can be constant, or it may come and go with symptom flares.

58: Common complaints from People with this condition include:

A: Burning and/or squeezing-type Pains from waistbands - even if they are not tight.

B: Bra straps, socks and other clothing that constricts or puts pressure on the skin.

C: Pain from tags in shirts or stitching that is against the skin.

D: All-over Pain from fabrics that are not extremely soft.

E: Sometimes, even fabrics that other People find soft, such as silk or satin, may feel unpleasant to the Person with Fibromyalgia.

59: As one might imagine, this symptom puts a lot of focus on the clothes worn and the sheets that are on beds.

60: Ask for help managing these areas of life.

Response. 60: Dress accordingly for Less Fibromyalgia Pain

A: Adjust bed clothes for getting comfortable in Bed.


What Causes Tactile Allodynia?

61: This form of Pain comes from a malfunction of specialized nerves called nociceptors.

A: The job of nociceptors is to sense information about things in your environment, such as temperature and things that may cause you harm at skin level.

B: In Fibromyalgia, for some reason, our nociceptors start telling our Brains that just about any sensation is Painful.

C: Researchers believe is part of the central sensitization associated with Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and a handful of other conditions.

Response. 61: Just reading this section it is clear to see in all of the research that has been carried out over many years - nothing of real value is known about Nociceptors and moreover never will be known, until the response they make is recognised as a symptom only. Never a Cause.


Treating Tactile Allodynia.

62: So what can the Medical Profession do about Tactile Allodynia.

A: Drugs that work for some People include:

1: Tricyclic antidepressants;

2: Seizure drugs, especially Lyrica (pregabalin) and Neurontin (gabapentin);

3: Topical lidocaine.

4: Some People also get relief from topical Pain creams including capsaicin-containing products, Tiger Balm, Aspercreme and BioFreeze.

63: It can take a lot of experimentation to find what works best for a Person.

A: As can be expected; massage can be tricky for someone with Allodynia, as can other treatments that involve touching.

64: To keep this treatment from making you worse, research:

A: What to Look for in a Massage Therapist.

B: Physical Therapist or Chiropractor.

C: Everyone's experience with Allodynia is different.

65: For relief, your Doctor is a great resource.

66: Leaving one to experiment with lifestyle/habit changes that help lessen or avoid triggers.

67: Allodynia also comes in two other forms: mechanical - movement across the skin and thermal - temperature sensitivity.

Response: How a Person with Allodynia and FMS with the never ending changing presentation of symptoms is able to absorb and utilise all of this Scientifically proven yet confusing and often contradictory information is a testament to the Minds ability and desires to gather understanding of the originating cause.

More importantly - why Medical Science with all the research is still unable to understand in many ways perhaps the simplest of symptoms of all; we humans, once we are able to converse; is a miracle in itself, or is there some other hidden agenda even the most passionate of medical practitioners are unable or not allowed to see. The real cause of all illness - is in the Mind.


Allodynia-FMS Explored Explained Understood?

68: Perhaps the first and most important point we must accept in the understanding of these disorders is every Human is unique - there are no exceptions to this.

A: Therefore illness expression is unique to an individual and any attempt to label it - is for the practitioners benefit only and never the suffering Patient.


May we first explore the true cause of FMS:

69: 1. Pre-conception sensitivity within the Parents - especially the Mother.

2. Post-conception during confinement - the Child is subjected to the traumatic onslaught of Mothers entire Body Chemistry.

3. Pre-During Birth - physical and emotional traumas.

4: Post Birth and pre Twenty One or leaving of Parental Home whatever comes first - emotional and or physical traumas.

5: Child following any and all traumas unknowingly sets up a rule or protection, in order to avoid further traumas or against the same ones occurring again.

6: Entire Body Chemistry adjusts in keeping with instructions from the Mind - based on the Childs perceptive value of the traumas.

7: As a result - symptoms are created that can take decades to be felt or demonstrated.

8: Once presented - symptoms are to gather understanding of the now, somewhat forgotten cause - embedded in the Mind and the entire Body Chemistry.

9: Person is forced by peer pressure to seek medical assistance for the symptoms - sometimes against the Persons will or desire, as deep in their Mind they have a knowing; medications are not the answer.

10: All medical teams with the infinite wisdom of Medical Science have to alleviate their own anxiety by giving the symptoms a name in pursuit of making a determination of the medications required.

11: Once applied the medications seek to alter the already balanced Entire Body Chemistry to a new and unnatural chemical balance.

12: To which the Mind and Body make an Immune system response.

13: The Body seeks to realign the chemistry back to the Minds instructions - by creating a further immune response.

14: Entire Body becomes toxic and caustic and; as it is now self-created, no attempt is sought to cleanse itself of the symptom creating Body Chemicals - that are constantly moving their presentation as the Body seeks to maintain the symptoms or create repair, or gather (link) Understanding of the cause.

15: Applying more or changing medications will only make the entire Body Chemistry more Toxic and Caustic - causing the Mind to vehemently react - via The Emotional Phenotype.

16: The Emotional Phenotype is a verbal expression of the presenting symptoms both emotional and physical and is only to ensure NO ONE thinks the Person is Going or is Mad. (Link) The Dr Jekyll Syndrome

70: Conclusion: One must not consider this list is comprehensive or everyone will experience all the implications - for just the Unique Emotional Phenotype expression can send a dedicated clinician - in not only the wrong direction, but as many directions as the many Patients would unwittingly send them or they would offer treatment to, in a clinical lifetime, without secure knowledge as to the Real Cause of any presenting symptoms.


May we now explore the true cause of Allodynia:

71: Sensitivity to touch, feeling disoriented - these and other mysterious symptoms are often related to Fibromyalgia and Allodynia.

A: Surely there is sufficient information contained in this collective of information relating to these disorders to suggest - the medical profession in the year 2016 knows very little about the cause and effect of traumatic experiences have on the Mind and Body, these mysterious symptoms represent and effective long-term relief of the ever changing symptoms is just as mysteriously absent.

B: Surely there is sufficient information contained in this extract from Item 43.5 "However, it is a real Pain and does not mean that you are crazy or making too big a deal out of "normal" Aches and Pains..."

...To clearly demonstrate; if one does not listen to and comprehend what the Patient is "Really" saying when they describe their Mind-Body Discomforts and later Skin related disorders, then one is surely responsible for the very act as eloquently described by many Patients - coming to fruition.

72: In order to make sense of the transition from FMS to Allodynia one must consider accepting - the Skin is not only the largest Organ of a Human Body; it is also our window to the world - or better said our message board for others to read and respond too.

73: Whilst it is known with skeletal bones - whether they are damaged by illness or not, they go through a well-regulated replacement process; we will label simply as:

A. Remove old bone.

B. Cleanse the site.

C. Replace - with new bone.

D. Rest - waiting for the next cycle to start.

74: What is not or very well-known and if at all researched - is every organ in the Body goes through the same or similar process.

A: Although it is well recognised the Skin; has with a few exceptions. Seven layers and one is shed on a continuous bases - completing the loss of the top layer on a monthly bases.

B: It therefore would be reasonable to consider; the same 1. 2. 3. 4. replacement process - happens with the Skin.

75: Whilst it is reported and indeed written about - I have to wonder is the true importance of the skin, truly accepted and understood.

A: Apart from often as not its predecessor as a sacrificial organ - the Hair; the Skin seems to be the most sacrificial of any Body Organ.

B: Where as many as One in Four practitioners Patients - present with Skin Problems.

C: Skin absorbs incredible abuse to maintain the equilibrium of the entire Body and the internal organs which would find survival - difficult to impossible, if their chemical or temperature environment varied by say Ten percent Plus or Minus of the daily requirements.

D: Therefore the Skin is called upon in times of biological stress to excrete the excesses by rushing such excesses to the surface in order to heat a rapidly cooling body or cool a rapidly heating body and more importunately rid the Body of excess: Toxic and Caustic Body chemicals.

1: Which the Body replaces on instructions from the Mind - quicker than a heartbeat.

2: Making or altering as in 74. B: the replacement process say 2.3.4. 1.

3: Clearly from this the skin will now demonstrate something is wrong.

76: It is not too difficult to see from 75. A. B. C and D, how clinicians seek to ensure all Skin problems are of a Biological Cause and seek to offer management treatments of the presenting symptoms.

A: Where the attending clinicians as well as the Patient fail to realise the now and new presenting symptoms are no more than an expression of the entire (Link) Body Chemistry, as instructed by the Mind following emotional and or physical traumas perhaps many decades earlier.

B: Not only unresolved, but highly active and through the Emotional Phenotype seeking (Link) Understanding of the cause - Scientific Medicines as a result of long-term lack of desire or ability to recognise; it is the Mind and not the Brain - which is only an organ of the Body, instructing the Skin to become a sacrificial Organ to save the destruction of all the internal organs.

C: Thus Allodynia whether in FMS or as a stand-alone is not only made worse by Scientifically Proven Medicine it is actually caused by it.

77: Question. So what does Allodynia actually mean if it is an Expression of the Emotional Phenotype.

Response. 77: Do not under any circumstances come near me or even think of touching me...

...Thus is a very powerful protection.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith


This is my truth now tell me yours - change someone's Mind.


...In illness - The Mind/Brain/Body is not in the slightest doing something wrong, it is desperately trying to right a serious and terrible wrong?

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