Why even the most skilled surgeon will have a high percentage of Patient cases result in post-surgery Chronic Pain.

Romel Cordeiro    Published LinkedIn December 14, 2016.


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The following is from a Paper published on LinkedIn by Romel Cordeiro - The questions and my response. The answers.

We all have a lot to teach and a lot to learn and learn we must if we clinicians are to improve the product output from our work treating the Pain and illness of so many People.


Dear Romel

Nice expose of a growing problem and it leaves me aghast - it is now 2017 and it is abundantly clear from your paper if the professors do not know what is missing from this paper then sadly, they never will. 

Moreover it is clear any operation is only to correct past mistakes, thus only for the medical profession and the Surgeon and never ever for the Patient.

Thank you for approving my request to put your interesting paper into a webpage - this is my response.

There are enough clues within this paper to solve the problem from a paper point of view - may be a little more education if the Patient were added to the list.

For clarity I have broken the paper down into Questions and Answers.

Please feel free to criticize critique or comment and I will with your permission put those  items into the webpage.

Kindest regards and best wishes

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Question. 1. Why does a Patient who has undergone a double hip or knee replacement surgery end up with one normal pain free hip post-surgery and the other hip develops major chronic debilitating pain post-surgery done by the same surgeon at the same time?

Response. 1. Because there is no knowledge of a cause or cure, thus surgery was a nice little earner.

Question. 2. We see this phenomenon in many Patients. 45% to 65% of Patients undergoing surgery from a skilled surgeon will end up in post-surgery chronic pain management and the rest will result in normal recovery.

Response. 2.  Listening ONLY with ones Ears and seeing with one’s Eyes is never to be recommended – if one has a scalpel in one’s hand. 

Question. 3. The answer lies within the approach by the Brain to adapt and regulate the neurological trauma caused by the surgical process.

Response. 3.

A. Confirmation of above answer.

B. Or if one has say Ten Patients that respond as this and one continues to operate - then clearly there is something seriously wrong with the surgeon and the databases from which he/she works. 

Question. 4. When injury occurs to the nerve system such as within the surgery process, the nerve tissue has been crushed, pinched, stretched, irritated and inflamed.

Response. 4. My understanding would be - most People that fit into these criteria, have never had a Physical Injury.

Question. 5. This creates dis-regulation in the neurological region involved in the surgery and for some Patients, the nerve pathway can regulate itself from the trauma experienced in which the Patient has a normal recovery with no pain and a great percentage of post-surgical Patients will end up in chronic pain.

Response. 5.  If one does not understand the processes involved in Pain - Pre, During and Post surgery - then surely one is in the wrong line of work.

Question. 6. The Brain has an incredible ability to regulate, change, adapt to neural pathways and synapses responses, according to the experience and functional needs and we can tap into this neuroplasticity process.

Response.6. Clearly, this is no more than a hypothesis - guesswork and a dream of tapping into the neuroplasticity is no more than a dream one could never poses. 

Question. 7. Modern research shows the Brain continues to create neural pathways and modify existing ones to harmonize levels of function or needs.

Response. 7. If there were a modicum of scientific truth in this then this conversation need not exist.

Question.8. Many in the field of Psychology and Neuroscience believe that organic matter, especially nerve tissue, has an incredible degree of plasticity or ability coming from the Brain to rewire itself following damage.

Response. 8. Clearly - if the Many in the field of Psychology and Neuroscience believe that organic matter is a concern - they too are in the wrong profession and their hard worked for  qualifications no more than a piece of paper - of novel but no scientific value.

Question. 9. Dr. Michael Merzenich, Professor in the University of California, is a pioneer in the research of Brain Plasticity for more than 30 years.

Response. 9.  Then clearly, he has wasted his time.

Question. 10. He states that in the process of Brain Plasticity there is actually a change in the local wiring, changing the previous detail or connection and pathways so the new connection is possible.

Response. 10. Surely if the Professor is unable to see through the misinformation this holds as to the blueprint of why People in Pain never ever recover. He surely is in the wrong business.

Question. 11. The Brain was designed to be stimulated and challenged.

Response. 12. The Brain is an organ of the Body - no more no less.

Question. 13. The central function is to regulate and adapt to new experiences and individual needs.

Response. 13. Hold up is this Professor really aware of the important message in this line alone.

Question. 14. What we found in our clinical research is that there are main switches in different areas of the Body which we can use to speed or increase neurological plasticity to traumatized areas.

Response. 14. Is it really true; medical science seeks simple answers to simple questions?

A. Or is it complex answers to information thus this may well be considered  a statement - not an answered question.  

Question. 15. Many cases where the Person has an injury to the ligaments, muscles, tendons or bone and it is healed, the nerve system could still have glitches where the Person feels like they needed to re-learn to walk again, or they do not have normal function as they had before the injury/accident /surgery. That is due to the nerve system not being fully involved in recovery.

Response.15. If this is answerable by “That is due to the nerve system not being fully involved in recovery.” Surely if a Professor of Thirty Years study is unable to see through this then he has wasted his past Thirty Years.

Question. 16. We found that sometimes due to trauma, injuries, such as in the surgical process can create somatotopic dis-organization glitches leading to disturbances in the local neural pathways that will manifest as pain, numbness, weakness, burning sensations or reduction of function.

Response. 16. Is this or is this not - just regurgitating what any informed or an in Pain Patient would say; thus of novel but no real, let alone scientific value.

Question. 17. Neurological glitches are caused by some form of trauma and the nerve impulse will be disrupted.

Response. 17.  Interesting but of novel only value - if one is unable to achieve a satisfactory outcome or is exacerbating the problem by medically created surgery Pain.

Question. 18. The re-organization of the nerve pathway will be done automatically by the Brain in many cases but in some cases, the trauma within the nerve pathways is not regulated.

Response. 18. Does this actually say anything interesting or intelligent?

Question. 19. The nerve system has memories and if it is not regulated this can result in chronic pain.

Response. 19. This does say something interesting - but only if the Mind of the Professor is able to see, the clue is in. “Memories.”

Conclusion. Whilst I am a supporter of the efforts all practitioners involved in the treatment of Pain put in and accept they are all intelligent - most-more so than myself; why is it I ask myself I never-ever-hear from the Entire Medical Profession and any medically qualified Person.

"We are aware there are and we have recognised and diagnosed - 100,000 illness in the world; including Pain and we still do not know the cause of one of them no more than we have a definitive cure. = No more Illness/Pain and no more medications.

Thus we are now accepting all Scientific Papers are not for the improvement of Patients concerns, no more than being of even Novel value let alone scientifically important; they are for profit and control of the population, to which we have long-lost-control.

Now we are looking to ask and answer. "Why;" have we been such a failure in everything we have ever set out to do." 

Kindest regards and best wishes,

Peter Smith Talking Cures.


Romel Cordeiro.

Partner at Nerve Pain Solution & Natural Pain Clinic. 

I appreciate your comment and as always respect your opinion.

Also, recommend Peter Smith Talking Cures for great reading on his working experience in the use of Mind as Medicine.