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Because Pain illness and fatigue are destructive to our
Health, Wealth and Well being...


Many sportsmen and women often at the height of their career find themselves with injuries or negative emotions that persist to the point of denying them the accolade of success they have many hundreds and thousands of hours, trained for.

Even after pursuing, in the treatment rooms or at the sports arena: cold compress, massage, relaxation techniques, physiotherapy, or in the gymnasium, muscle strengthening exercises… their ability to continue their sports activity is so often compromised or removed.

When the Pain still persists, traveling the world to find a cure for the degree of fitness required, thus allowing return to sports activity.

When the degree of success desired has not been achieved, as a last result, an operation, finding in many instances - although sometimes the Pain is worse following an operation - the Pain subsides or is resolved completely.

As soon as a Sports Person returns to the Sports-Field the Pain returns?

This, as a result of Childhood Trauma(S) not being addressed or resolved? "Generally speaking..." there are two directions a person can go following a trauma(s.)

1. Follow a pathway that will lead them to illness of some description or other, There is no distinction as to whether the illness is of Mind or Body or a combination of both.

2. Follow a pathway that will lead them to be High Achievers of one description or other, Superstars in the Entertainment Industry or Super Sports Stars or even Business.

Firstly, it would be helpful for us to investigate the making of a Sports Person.

It is well understood many people participating in sport achieve different success abilities. Some - if not most - become very good, whilst others achieve brilliance. Many times it appears, the top sports personalities suffer most…

Talk to top-sports and indeed show-business personalities - they will possibly tell the same or similar story, one of early life difficulties and experiences - who never quite realize the long term effect these experiences had on the making of the personality that spurred them to achieve great abilities and of breaking their ability to sustain the achievement.

Can we consider Darwin's theory; the survival of the fittest? Darwin, in my opinion never quite expressed his theory correctly.

My view is; it is the survival of the weak that creates people most likely to be life’s greatest achievers, from a position of weakness; any person has the ability to enable their Mind within any chosen modality to reach stardom. By simply - if simply is the word - saying..... "I am going to be the best."

Causing a natural-phenomena; Natural Fear aggravated by Trauma(s) = anxiety, and in the process of relieving anxiety a person strives to; out perform others, to - reach (Beat) World records...

It is within this process my theory - although not seen generally - "An introvert will rise to the occasion and an Extrovert will fall." Do we not so often see a flamboyant sports - or show business - personality fall by the wayside at a time when the finishing post (metaphor for succeeding or winning the tournament)is in sight?


YES and NO. There are many emotional (thoughts) and physical (exercise) processes a person goes through on route to a position of greatness; many of them penned as growing Pains, Natural ability, and determination; however as a result of trauma(s), the Minds ability to aim (position) Pain, is as accurate as a laser! Therefore by no means…as Darwin would desire us to believe - Chance.

When a Sports Person is involved in a situation leading to accident-injury, whilst the incident is deemed responsible for the ensuing Pain, in my experience this is found never to be true...

Residing within the Subconscious Mind are Negative Thoughts or drivers (Traumas) waiting to be triggered by later negative destructive experiences? (Incidents-Accidents-Injury.)

My findings indicate “There is no such thing as an accident.” Often we use the term. “An accident waiting to happen.” This being part of the earlier installed and or innate belief system of ‘perception.’                        


1. Pre accident sensitivity - reaction to trauma.

2. Fear >anxiety >perception or expectation.

3. The Incident-accident-injury.

4. Incident-Accident - trauma.

5. Post- incident-accident trauma.

6. Recovery-rehabilitation.

7. Surgery Trauma.

8. Fitness regime’s.

9. Return to the sports arena. - Training.

10. Full-scale exertion - Return of injury.

For each of the Ten steps - pre, during and post incident-accident - there is a cause and a corresponding psychological thought process reaction, the Pain now being a Process of the Mind and the many Body Chemicals;

1. The pre- incident-accident sensitivity is caused by a number of factors: Birth, Perception, preceding negative destructive incidents in ones life, without life’s experiences to enable resolution of the trauma-traumas.

Traumas instil Fear in a young Child’s Mind causing Anxiety, Muscle tightness-capillary restriction - and negative anticipation thoughts, e.g.,” I never want to go through that again.”

2. Fear, Anxiety, Negative Anticipation, preceded by and included in action! At this time a Person may be termed; ‘hypersensitive.’ Or even a Born Natural?

3. Due to Lack of, or over concentration, - thought distraction - appear to cause mistakes to take place (Incident-Accident-Injury.) Or inappropriate activity - missing an important shot?

4. Post incident-accident-injury. With the Pain comes the subconscious confirmation of earlier beliefs - trauma further destroying ones self estimation…

5. During treatment and recovery the Subconscious Mind is lulled into a sense of false security, because it is now getting attention - massage, touch - not the understanding the original weakness was created for.

6. With the muscle tension set into - the Mind - any fitness regimes can only further tighten the offending and surrounding areas. Strengthening the already tight muscles forcing other muscles to become tighter or in Spasm or the seemingly complete opposite "Flaccid" or slack, therefore more susceptible to strain/damage.

7. Confidence…on return to the arena is often quite low, and rightfully so, with encouragement (visualization techniques) the sports person returns to, or near to, the former fitness level, always with a negative thought - albeit hidden - in their Mind. "I do not want to go through that again."

Can a Person so disposed really be coached with visualisation techniques to see past the winning post or Tournament success as part of a process to gain the accolade of the "win," or is it just possible this will only create failure, as deep within their own Mind - even if they are not aware of it - there is a process going on, that as the person nears the win, his/her anxiety levels are increased to a point where they are unable to think clearly with the tools of the sports feeling nothing like what they are supposed too and so fall at the winning post? Or perhaps better said "breaking down at a Crucible time is nothing to do with the Venue what so ever." This being only to excuse us from accepting the breakdown is a Process of the Mind?

8. As much as a year after the injury - sometimes much longer - following many hours of treatments and rehabilitation that have not addressed the cause of the Pain stored in the Mind or even when visualization techniques and training exercises have run their course; Still the Pain persists or returns with a vengeance?

9. During the first full scale match exertion - a sudden return of the same or adapted Pain, confirmation of the earlier belief. “I have hurt myself again.” The subconscious Mind reacts to this by making the Conscious Mind think, it is time I retired, to ensure this does not happen again…

The true cost to sports-persons, show business personalities and the world as an audience in financial and psychological damage is perhaps incalculable, what is obvious, the onlookers suffer Pain and Denial of the entertainment value our hero’s give to the populace at large.

By looking beyond the apparent cause of the Pain to the weakness created by trauma giving guidance not only for the symptom, but treatment and satisfactory resolution of the trauma, thus allowing continuance of our entertainers chosen modality.

During now Thirty Five Years of offering treatment for the release of Pain - be it physical or Psychological - the above has never been found to be anything but true, (Talking Cures are not an alternative to Physiotherapy; more in addition too) never more so when a condition is deemed to be sub-clinical or when a clinical-condition materializes and the muscle tension has been brought to breaking point and often does…

When we reach and apply this understanding in conjunction with all other modalities then "Evident Based Medicine" will truly be here to stay.

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