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Dear Dr John Quintner - Medical Researcher Perth Australia.

Whilst I am content to rise to your challenge I'm at pains to point out; I always explain Talking Cures extremely well on all postings I make in the various Linked In forums and indeed wrote a paper entitled “Process of the Mind,” at your request, which was felt as precise an explanation as to how stress causes illness as, one, if so minded would desire to comprehend.

All Papers on my website are as I see them - of course I am biased - from a collective of currently available Medical Research information, are just a breath of fresh air - compared to Medical writings which even the writers are unable to make sense of or cures from - in the understanding of illness and I share them willingly - as they are unique in the world of medical misunderstandings.

However one must read the front page of my website - which contains no selling of any description - before venturing onto other pages and take the time to comprehend the pages unique message. 

To understand my response to this challenge may I first lay out a few ground rules:

1. Stress or Stressors are not words in my vocabulary - however I will allow them within this discussion - as they are not of any value in applying a treatment to a person who is a medical failure, loaded with drugs which have not created the cure they were administered for and symptoms which are medical mysteries.

2. Use of these words within the medical environment just explains to the patient in an unwitting manner, the clinician has not a clue what they are talking about.

3. When I make a post in response to a question it is always my desire to be pleasant. Yet at the same time asserting my cause, thus I never attack anybody for their comments and my continual discussions regarding Medical Science is based, not on my words, but the words from all medical papers from all over the world.

My desire is always to make sense of these writing. Having reread your paper “stress-response guesswork” John Q. I reserve my right to remain polite!

4. When the word assume is used I always take it. It is an attempt to make an ASS of U and ME.

5. Hypotheses - which I find difficult to accept an educated Mind utilities as a definitive study tool - is no more than guesswork and demonstrated very clearly by the fact today - and I have posed the question many times before, yet you choose not to answer it - “There is not one illness on the planet that Medical Science truly knows the cause of and has a cure for.”

6. Before and during my writing about any subject, whilst it is my intention to explain Talking Cures or my unique viewpoint on a subject, I diligently explore the evidence readily presented to me by the Internet and the various medical papers on the subject I am currently writing about. Following this I will only write what I absolutely feel is the truth.

7. Therefore, it seems fitting when I responded to Jennifer's recent comment, where I requested she pointed me towards the studies she was referring to and her response was “I doubt there are any,” following this, I did some research, I find Fibromyalgia your own specialty is the fourth and most prevalent of disorders and poorly treated; not only in Australia - where the treatment numbers came from - but Worldwide.

8. I do not attack people as individuals nor do I sit in judgment on things that have happened over many thousands of years, my aim is merely to bring certain information into current mainstream thinking.

9. Because within Talking Cures I'm very fortunate to have an extremely powerful body of Therapeutic Tools, Techniques, Understandings and information amongst the most unique set of therapeutic tools ever known, of which one relates to “Estimation;” that is the value that we put against ourselves, relative to another person and if we deem our Self-Estimation Lower than the other person, we will attack them and try to bring them down to a level lower than ours, thereby giving us a perceived value of Estimation, which will give rise to behaviour rather similar to Bi-Polar disorder - such as ever changing sides or opinions. My Self-Estimation is therefore extremely secure!

10. “Medical Science has the scientific proof of its findings/treatments,” yet all I see and read is Millions of People worldwide are despite the best efforts of our most dedicated Doctors, still ill, in pain, fatigued or dead; including many Doctors themselves and so often getting worse after many decades of so-called Scientifically Proven Treatments.

11. Whilst I readily admit to my constantly referring to the stupidity of René Descartes and his separation of the Mind and Body and that I find it difficult to understand and comprehend any so-called intelligent medical scientist with all of the advances in medical understandings and technology in the Twenty First Century; could still believe René Descartes rule should exist and must consider simple game play on behalf of a Descartes with Res Extensa  Res Cognitans where he “waxed” (see Rene Descartes Wikipedia) lyrical about something, which was then and still is of no value when it comes to understanding; how illnesses is caused and much more importantly, how to cure.


To understand this, we must recognise that “Stress” is a collective, thus a diagnosis and not a descriptive and does nothing at all in the understandings of the “Processes of the Mind” and only adds to the lack of knowledge regarding its destructive ability. 

Stressors again we must recognise this is a diagnosis and no value whatsoever in making an understanding as to why a person appears stressed or even making a person stressed.

Thus, we can consider Stress/Stressors are words used by the medical profession including us as a race of people, because we do not understand the protocols surrounding Stress to explain the unexplainable as non-curable and a person in pursuit of gaining an understanding; for what is truly wrong with them.

Who will metaphorically run around like a headless chicken proclaiming I am stressed, in the hope that somebody will understand and resolve the cause of the so-called stress, sadly, because this never happens the stress will turn into other equally mysterious symptoms, which a trained medical person will say “Ahh” and in a flash of inspiration and instantly diagnose “say” Fibromyalgia - could be any illness - which comes with pain, headaches, brain fog, fatigue sleep problems attention problems...

The list is endless; all untreatable and perhaps created by Medical Science inability to understand the Mind and Body are intrinsically connected and cause of all illness.


I could and would argue most vehemently; stress can and often is created at our conception and can and is aided and abetted to, at and from our birth.  I could also argue but won't at this time, stress is - can also be caused, prior to our conception.

At birth we should have had innately installed rights of life, of which there are many, however for brevity I will name just a few: to be, loved, safe, warm, respected, happy, contented, educated... 

These and many more are “rights of life,” they are most definitely “not gifts;” as an instance so often the child with barked - by so-called loving parents -  orders; to eat your food, don’t waste it, you're lucky others have none, this food is now a gift not right. And will cause stress.

One has to now consider this process repeated many times and in many different ways, like; “Why cannot you behave-be clever - like your sibling,” The right to be educated has now been converted into a Gift and is of no value for the rest of the person’s life - even though they grow up to say professor level, only in later life to have this hard-worked for ability; removed by mysterious and untreatable illness.

We can also consider Traditional, Family or Religious values a person was subjected too without their knowledge or consent; can and do create stress and illness.

Stressors - external stimulus’s (what we see hear and feel) new or repeated information, true the individual pictures are unique to each individual, yet are exactly the same for everyone - once again so called to explain away the unexplainable and untreatable, simply stated, Stressors are information that comes at us at a rate of knots far beyond our conscious ability to comprehend and make sense of.

Fortunately our subconscious Mind using the Conscious as an interchange - Consciousness does not in real terms exist - to put the constant barrage of information into a logical sequential order and store it within our Subconscious Mind, which now becomes the operating system by which we run every single one of our daily bodily activities and functions. 

However, when such times as our rights of life are turned into gifts our ability to store this information logically and sequentially is compromised, as is our ability to run our daily lives without stress/illness.

Therefore Stress; as a collective of symptoms is created by information we see, hear or touch and are unable to place into a logical sequential order within our mind - as a result of earlier emotional or physical traumas - which now and forever - unless resolved - disallows us to use what one might say our in built common sense and the way we react thereafter.

Stressors are no more than information which as a result of the cause of stress overloads our ability to quickly comprehend and store securely in our subconscious mind, causing confusion. Please note I use Subconscious rather than unconscious as the latter is just knocked out?

This now alters irreversibly the Thousands of Body chemicals to which the Body does not see as an intruder and thus does nothing to cleans itself of them, these chemicals are in Talking Cures terminology both Toxic and Caustic to the Body and indeed Mind and its rational thinking process, creating so-called voices in the Head, ringing in the Head - not ears, Headaches, Migraine, Brain Fog and of course biologically roving Aches Pains and Tenderness, Fatigue and then at its extreme, illness; all which will defy Scientific Logic.

Cancer therefore “simply” explained is caused by the stressed Mind ceasing to convert by chemical process Proteins into Amino Acids, these Proteins now unable to pass through the capillaries and as they are still living cells designed to build the body, not repair or replicate, now coagulate and appear to grow into what is known as a Cancer Tumour. No so called by lack of secure Medical Science a biological illness/disease. Of which it is NOT. If one desires in a crowd to gain another attention does one not wave, thus Cancer/illness can be seen as a wave from the Subconscious Mind which does not have arms to wave.

Thus Cancer like stress is just a collective word (symptom list not an illness in itself) to explain away the unexplainable and untreatable. 

To the best of my knowledge studies are underway to create medications which make the capillary holes - so to speak - larger for the Proteins collection to pass through, this as I see it will have the most dire consequence for Cancer treatment as well as for the survival of mankind as we know it?

Some Twenty years ago after attending a presentation on Frozen Shoulder the Doctor who gave the presentation during dinner said to me, “If someone says they have a cure for Frozen Shoulder they are a liar.” Looking him straight in the eyes I said “when you can do as I in front to an audience you can criticises, until such time remember; your are just a Doctor.”  He upped and left!

No apologies are made if this paper is seen as simplistic, too long Scientific Medical Papers have been written in a manner no one truly understands, if this were not so, cures would have long since been found making this paper and Talking Cures unnecessary or redundant. 

Peter Smith Talking Cures asserts the right to be recognised as author and Intellectual ©Copyright holder of his contribution to this document Dated 6th February 2012.

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