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Symptom List of Research Program.

This symptom list was created from just Six Patients participating with Talking Cures research where they were developed = collectively - over Two Hundred years of suffering following many Medical treatments and prescribed medications.

Medically Diagnosed Symptom List.


Brain Fog, Dizziness, Disorientated, Confusion.

Chronic pain,



Facial skin irritation,



Hiatus hernia,

Hyperactive Thyroid,

Hand tremors,

Irregular heartbeat.

Inappropriate facial and vocal expressions.

Manic depression, Bi-Polar disorder,

Multiple sclerosis,


Menstruation heavy loss,

Menstruation Pain,

Sleeping disorders. 

All of these above Medically Diagnosed and treated symptoms expressed below as a COMPLETE MIND AND BODY SYMPTOM PRESENTATION LIST by just Six participants (this is the reason why some symptoms are repeated) within Talking Cures Research Program of the symptoms listed in the persons own words. Medical Diagnosis being on no value, because there is no medically known cause of many of the symptoms if not All?

Inclusion within this list is not a suggestion they are able to be cured using Talking Cures Educating Treatments without assistance of the person's own medical team regarding surgical procedures or medication alterations.

Stressed easily by somewhat Trivial Things.

Fear of Spiders.

Often Dream, although I do not remember what they are about.

Wear glasses for close up vision.

Itchy skin on Nose and inside Nostrils.

Neck and across Shoulders in Pain aggravated by Draughts.

Blood Test seems to be showing a Kidney disorder, under investigation.

Hands always cold.

Legs Ache slightly.

Right Knee hurts if I twist on it or if I walk uphill or stairs.

Feet are Cold all the time, more so in winter.

Generally Cold all over most of the time. 

Migraine headaches.   

Random pains in Head.                      

Dizzy and disorientated.           

Ears sensitive.             

Involuntary choking.              

Erratic heartbeat and palpitations.

Semi-constant Spine Pain.     

Frequency to urinate. Day & Night.    

Inability to Control Bowel & Bladder

Leg Drags as though there are no controlling Muscles, is numb from Calf down & hypersensitive.                                      

Neck & Shoulders Stiff         

Pain in Both Hands                                

Low Back Pain by Spine.

Occasional Pain in Head High above Temples.                                    

Stomach Bloats although on Strict Gluten Free Diet.

Occasional Dull Pain to Left of Chest above Breast.                                             

Constant & Involuntary Choking.

Left side of Nose feels blocked most of the time and has recently been Bleeding.

Hair falls out and is Fine and brittle.

Severe Headaches, mostly on Left affecting the head and eye, but can change to Right hand side head and eye and across both eyes. Makes me feel nauseous to vomiting.

Do not sleep soundly and can worry whilst awake in bed.

Black depression.

Worry about everything.


Mood Swings.

Paranoid Worry about how people think of me and how everything I do can effect and upset everybody.

When the telephone rings or there is a knock at the door I always fear the worst, makes me anxious.

I push things to the back of my mind that hurt me most.

I can be extremely angry, aggressive to a male partner, and irritable with my youngest child who still lives at home.

Feel siblings are holding me back.

Eyes feel Dead, Dull, and Tired. Dark Rings under my Eyes. Weepy all the time.

Whilst at my age now, I can defend myself against any person, however my children can turn me into an emotional; wreck with little provocation.

Pain across forehead into eye sockets down nose and across cheekbones and into jaw.

Sharpe alternating Pain in Right Ear for Four Years.

Pain from Ears down Jaw and into Teeth and Gums.

Pain at rear of Neck up into base of Head changes sides.

Sore and painful down into top of back and across into Shoulders. Tense and Knotted.

Arms and Shoulders feel Painful very heavy.

Sharpe Pain in Elbow Joints when I lift anything that effects into the crook of my arm, and is constant during the night.

Pain at wrist joints so bad can make me drop things.

Fingers Painful to touch, sore, swollen and stiff joints. Worse at Night.

Numb and Pins and Needles at Night in Arms and Hands.

Spine sore to touch.

Pain at Left side of spine feel like a lump of muscles, passes through to my front like a hot knife and I am burning inside.

Pain across lower back.

Tender spots in Buttock area.

Pain at both Hip Joints, alternates from side to side.

Tender above Left Breast.

Fluctuations in top Center of chest slightly to the left.

Sometimes If I lay down, I feel tightness across my chest.

Sometimes When I wake up, I feel tightness across my chest.

Tender in Center of chest.

Right Breast has lumps at Top and Side that is tender most of time especially when touched.

Stomach constantly feels bloated and uncomfortable.

Gurgly acid feeling in stomach, feels like an air bubble stuck and burning in stomach up throat.

Alternate between Constipated and Loose stools.

Sometimes Diarrhoea.

Stomach bloated and uncomfortable Four/Five days before a period.

Pain one/two days before period travels into groin alternates both sides.

Bloated feeling carries on during period and feeling of discomfort across stomach.

Bloated feel carries on for a few days after period. 

Can have Clear mucus with a slight yellow colouring discharge mid way between periods.

Unable to achieve an orgasm.

Dragging pain down legs most of the time worse at periods.

Dull dragging pain down leg from right hip with occasional numbness.

Painful Knee Joints.

Painful Shins affects my walking, worse with flat shoes.

Tender Ankles.

Ankles Stiff sometimes.

Fear of small spaces,

Fear of Heights,

Fear of Spiders,

Fear of Moths.


Worry about welfare and Health of Children.

Feelings of Guilt.

Worrying things come into head, and have to work hard to get it out of head.

Pain in Ears down to Jaw, worse on right side.

Eyes dry.

Pains in Back of Neck.

Pain in Shoulder Blades.

Pain at Shoulder Top of Right Arm.

Pain in Both Arms. (Biceps).

Swelling in Right Middle Finger.

Dull ache in Left Chest (Just above left Breast).

Tightness across chest (Occasional).

Burning in Center of Chest.

Hiatus Hernia.

Pain and Fatty Lump under left breast.

Pain in Center of Stomach.

Rise during night to pass water.

Pain in Back starts right side and moves across to left side.

Pain in Right Buttock travels down front of leg, worse at night.

Bowel movement urgency.

Inability to achieve Orgasm.

Pain in Right Ankle.

In my head, I feel like screaming.

Do not sleep well.

Past come back to me.

Feel I am a positive person.

Hide my feelings.

Get frightened of my own body because of my illnesses.

Try to hide my illness but cant as I get pains.

Do not like to upset other people especially my family.

Feel I am a burden to my family.

Anxious because I have never seen my real father.

Anxious because I have never see my sisters.

None of my family come to see me.

Think about my Mother.

Get angry with my dead mother.

I tried to find my father.

Mood fluctuates.

Buy things to hide any form of misery.

Nose gets blocked up and into my ears, have to breathe through my mouth.

Catarrh goes down back of throat.

Feel guilty.

Pains in my Neck.

Shoulders ache right across.

Aches and pains in hands and arms.

Left arm weaker than Right.

Hands shake.

Pain under Right shoulder blade, when pain goes it gets sore.

Nagging pain across low back.

Searing pain down spine.

Pain in Left side by Kidneys, also starting on left.

Pain in Above Left Breast.

Tightness across chest on occasions.

Burning sensation in Center of Chest.

Pain under left breast worse in cold wet weather.

Pains in stomach. Sore as well, worse in winter.

Pain and sore across low stomach.

Rise at night to pass water.

Bladder does not empty completely I have to wait a few seconds before second flow.

On the Vaginal Canal, I have outgrowths that sometimes bleed.

Bowel Movement only every three or four days.

Bleeding from glands in the bowel.

Back of top of legs Hurt and itch.

Pain in Left Knee that sometimes locks.

Right Knee Hurts and makes me feel irritable, sad, depressed.

Lower part of Legs makes me want to scream, Itch, hurt and is Painful.

Ankles swollen. Not so much in morning.

Worry about Ankles because it might mean I have a bad heart.

Do not Sleep well.

Inappropriate Shaking of the Head.

Inappropriate Sounds especially when rising from bed.

Tired Eyes.

Pain in Center of Spine (following an Accident)

Occasionally Rise at Night to pass Water.

Knees Ache.

Heart Pounding as though it were coming out of the chest

Skin Irritation around nose.

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