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Because Pain illness and fatigue are destructive to our
Health, Wealth and Well being...

Is Disease really originating in the Mind and in time manifesting in the Physical Body?

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Talking, Cures? Really? = Blueprint of illness?

During late December 2014 Romel Cordeiro Partner at Body Smart Clinic Nerve Pain Solution & Natural Pain Clinic Queensland Australia in a discussion on LinkedIn - Chronic Pain Management Support Group - requested a response to the question;

"Is Disease really originating in the Mind and in time manifesting in the Physical Body?

Talking, Cures? Really?


Is Scientific Medicine missing the Blueprint source of Disease or Pain, by not looking deeper into the Minds abilities to have stored all the information of Positives and Negatives - since the start of life?

Are we missing the powerful ability of the Mind to solve? Erase these problems?


 All ill Health-Disorders-Explored-Explained-Understood


One may term this as hiding from the truth as we all appear to do - when mysterious illness strikes?

This Paper is as much of what is reasonable to consider - as it is a matter of fact...

Moreover, for a Medically qualified Person considered as. Anecdotal - a posh word for storytelling.

If in reading this paper my writing appears to be like a foreign language or even rambling.

Consider reading this paper - not as a book; take some time to comprehend and absorb the contents.

Where I would like to think and feel sure, it will make sense?

So often we read or hear in detail. "What," (description) of an illness - but rarely if ever does anyone take the time to truly explain....


...this paper is designed to answer many of the questions - we are so often left with.

Where many times we have the questions and no answers - or the answers and not the questions.

If I have unwittingly left anything out or not satisfactorily answered, please email (address at the end of this page) and I will include it in this Paper at the earliest opportunity.

Please include item number or a copy and paste if possible - of the item that is not clear.

Did we not all struggle as a Child to learn many things we now through the experience of life - are now extremely competent with.

No apology if offered if discussions are repeated within this paper.

The understanding for this, is nothing is more repeating than illness that is there every day of one's life and - despite treatments does not get better or have a satisfactory explanation/understanding or when Medical Science writes Scientifically Proven Papers about illness; in a confusing or repeating manner that confuses everyone - even themselves!

The first thing in the process of answering this is, for any one suffering, it is clear...

"...New understandings are required about illness..." it appears the existing education is the same worldwide?..


From Talking Cures point of view and therapeutic practice - names of illness especially Medically Diagnosed recognised and Scientifically proven, are of no real value in the understanding and treatment of any illness - the only Name we should use or symptom we may label is...

"A Person is unable to achieve a Healthy and satisfactory lifestyle...”

...Or have never been allowed to become the Person they should have...

Thus requires. “Specialised assistance,” in order to make sense of all the presenting symptoms, the cause and reason for them - enabling automatic resolution via the Persons own immune systems and Body replication process - referred to as, the entire Body Chemistry. 

...Surely if a Person cannot be in control of self repair - when can they be in self control!

To a trained Medical Mind these questions and answer updates may well appear or feel patronising or Anxiety creating - it is hoped not, as their structure is at the very  substance of the success of Talking Cures as a therapeutic application and may well be a serious asset and improvement in successful outcomes from Medical Treatment.

In order to fully appreciate this, it is helpful to consider and accept;

All of the information as to why a Person became ill in the first place and as a consequence - all of the information required for them to automatically create immune response repair is - not only contained within the confines of their Mind - it is the only information required to bring about the required Automatic Cure using their own immune systems and Body replication processes...

...As designed by the Mind and Body.

By creating very cleverly constructed questions - knowing the Person is able to answer them with their own knowledge of themselves, of which they are a Master and if they are unable to with my interpretations, accepted as re-education of their own information, that continues/completes on an ongoing bases; the process either returning to well-health or well-health for the very first time in their lives.

The content for this discussion are from a collection of Scientifically Proven papers in the Public Domain and discussion forums and are in a Question and Answer style.

It is important to accept I am both the Questioner, on behalf of interested Person's as well as the Person supplying the Answers, thus in many ways - my own best critic.

Leaving one to choose the Questions and Answers that are important for a better or individual understanding of seemingly mysterious illnesses.

This question has many answers and over a long period of time it my intention to answer as fully as is possible - in order for a comprehensive understanding of why Talking Cures appears to be the first and only disease modifying treatment, able to work with as many symptoms of Mind and Body a Person is able to present including symptoms that are constantly changing or dormant. Mostly referred to as Sub-Clinical...

"...Is Disease really originating in the Mind and in time manifesting in the Physical Body?

Talking, Cures? Really?"


Is Scientific Medicine missing the Blueprint source of Disease or Pain, by not looking deeper into the Minds abilities to have stored all the information of Positives and Negatives - since the start of life?

Are we missing the powerful ability of the Mind to solve? Erase these problems?

Starting from this point all items will be a Copy of the LinkedIn online discussion post with a link to a Web Page that goes into detail regarding any questions raised by interested Persons regarding the illness symptoms being discussed.

In addition to the repost of the original discussion on LinkedIn - during this web page creation I will take the opportunity to edit for better readability some of the many postings - addressing and updating items not fully answered.

Start date: January 1st 2015.

Romel Cordeiro. Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution

Is Scientific Medicine missing the blueprint source of disease or pain, by not looking deeper into the minds abilities to have all the information of positives and negatives since the start of life?

Are we missing the powerful ability of the Mind to solve, erase these problems?




Dr. Stephen Grinstead. Author of the Book "Freedom from Suffering: A Journey of Hope" Helping People With Chronic Pain Since 1984

Thanks for the Post Romel.

Onward & Upward,

Steve G.


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution

Thank you kind Sir for starting this discussion which I will take as aimed solely at my self and Talking Cures.

A challenge I will rise to on the understanding - NO Person's comments are ever sent for Editorial Review or Modulation as long as it is on topic and not a blatant advertising of goods or services.

I do not support any form of Editorial Suppression.

Therefore I would request all contributors are welcome to say whatever they feel is contributory, even if it is derogatory to myself and Talking Cures and to respect this as an educational - not an advertising forum.

May I will start with an entry as to how and why Talking Cures was created.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

May we start with some of the considerations I work with.

1. Having somewhat removed myself many years ago from the Complimentary field of medicine, mainly because as I saw - there was no secure foundation.

2. At the same time I attached myself to the Conventional Medical Field of Medicine. Although - as I saw it, there was no real foundation to it.

At least through the many dedicated Scientists and Doctors there was a serious attempt to create a secure foundation.


1. I am not against Doctors.

2. I am not against any form of Alternative or Complimentary Medicine.

3. I am not against Medical Science.

I am most seriously against bad Medical Science which has no cures, existing perhaps only for Research Funding, Charity Support, Noble Prizes or Profit, where no one recognises... one ever become illness or medication free.

Although as a therapist treating only People with Long-Term multiple unresolved symptoms, I never give Life instructions nor be anything other than supportive of our dedicated Doctors work - by never interfering with their advice or prescriptions.

Medication adjustment is only achieved by collaboration between the Patient and Doctor or with over the counter products - the Patients themselves.

Because ALL of this activity is carried out by Humans there is always an extremely important element missing.

To which we will attend to as we progress in the understanding of the Missing Blueprint of illness you have requested.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dr. Stephen Grinstead Author of the Book "Freedom from Suffering: A Journey of Hope" Helping People With Chronic Pain Since 1984.

Thanks so much for this great discussion. Peter; I just want to tag onto what you said about...

"...Medication adjustment is only achieved by collaboration between the Patient and Doctor..."

I so agree with this and empower my Patients to be proactive participants in all aspects of their health and healing.

Onward & Upward,

Steve G.


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

To truly understand Talking Cures there are many facts to consider:

To achieve this one has to consider what prompted me in the beginning and what somewhat cemented my aggressive stance.

May we start with the second part first.

My Aggressive Stance. If one reads with one’s Mind instead of one’s Eyes - then history has the answer to this.

For this discussion we are only concerned with the Medical Profession.

Now history is not my strong point, thus may we apply a somewhat broad open Mind to my comments?

It is what one may well refer to as the. "Henry the Eighth philosophy."

"If I (Henry) are to succeed in accession to the throne I have to have full control" - hence the death of many of his closest allies.

Now apply this to the Medical Profession past and indeed present and so many times in history have bright minded students who may well have held the blueprint to the understanding of illness; were suppressed, shouted down and shut up - as the professor tutor is in charge. “Are they Not,” or their erudite papers stolen or put on the shelf for later review. Labelled as Of Novel but no Scientific Value.

This refers to of course, "cures for illness," demonstrated by - there are no cures for any illness in the world at the end of 2014, as the bright minded students knowledge was never allowed to come to fruition.

It is these People in their weakness with. Suppression - who have most seriously contributed to my strength and determination to put the Blueprint on Show.

This process of. Suppression, has ONLY made our Noble Medical Profession an often...

...Long -term Assisted Death Service.

Despite the dedication of our scientifically blinded front line clinicians, as they are only able or allowed to listen with their Ears and never their Mind.

Thus are unable to properly Hear the long suffering Patient - who if prompted correctly will tell all.

And in doing so make their immune system(s) with the aid of the prescribed medications better able to work as a collaborative team.

Instead of Them and US.

The Patient - We Humans, also have to be educated into this process, by understanding the true process - Blueprint. Cause of all illness.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Joel Liu founder of leautek

I believe you are raising a question that has real worth! Romel.




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

My Beginning.

Part 1 At now Seventy One (June 2014) years of age having in two distinct stages attempted to make sense of. “ME.” First as a normal - if I may use such a word - Person. And then from 1982 evolving through to 2016 and ongoing the creation of Talking Cures and the evolving thus current ME.

Some of these events are made with that wonderful of Human tools. “Hindsight” and will be marked with a (H.)

In 1978 following many years of suffering emotional and physical symptoms - I recognised I was in need of specialist assistance.

1. My GP. When I presented to him my most concerning symptoms - Constipation, said to me. “What do you want to go to the toilet for.”

Three days after taking the medications he gave me. Now feeling rather like a Zombie, I ceased taking the medications.

2. Following consulting with a Private Specialist - I completed the/my weekly diet sheet as requested, on my return the specialist looked at the mess of scribble I had delivered, threw it aside and said. “Pay on the way out please.

He may have been better referring me to another type of specialist.

3. Next an Acupuncturist, who said. “I will not cure you, but I promise you will not go back.” Funny ring to that, whilst there was a lot I was helped with, the words came true.

4. On now to perhaps the worst encounter. A Hypnotist.

For the first Fifteen minutes of my four sessions the Hypnotist was doing house work and my emotional state would not let me say anything.

Meanwhile I was sitting on a very uncomfortable couch and shivering cold at that.

I left vowing I could do this; but better than you.

In Nineteen Eighty Two - for once in my life lady luck showed her cards.

A Person was advertising in my home town. “Learn Self-Hypnosis.”

During the telephone call to the tutor to sign up, he asked. “Why do you want to learn self-hypnosis.” I replied. “I do not - I want to learn to be a therapist.”

Within Ten minutes of the very first session and one word.

I instantly knew the cause of all illness. E S_I_A_I O_.

The students had to fill in the blanks. ESTIMATION; was the word - and is at the heart creation of all illness.

Still today the teachings of Mr Steven Quinn, although I no longer use Hypnosis; formed then as now a major - yet somewhat unrecognisable, part of Talking Cures and without any doubt; still today the most advanced and knowledgeable treatments there are - short of Talking Cures.

Bringing me recently to write a quote.

“If a Professor/Tutor/Therapist cannot teach the Student/Patient to be better than the Professor/Tutor/Therapist, there is not only something wrong with the Professor/Tutor/Therapist; there is something wrong with the Teaching/Therapy.

With this knowledge from the very first teaching session - I became the student with the courage to experience in front of the class, EVERY treatment being taught by Steven.

Based on; my desire to be well and. “If I am not prepared to do this,” how on earth can I expect any Person I ever treat too commit to the process of becoming well.

This process remains today - March 2016, with my own well-being.

It was not long after 11th July 1982 my tutor referred a prospective student to me.

A Woman with a very long history of mental health concerns as well as a history of some twelve suicide attempts.

With my limited experience and of course knowledge; of the interaction between the Mind and Body via the entire Body chemistry....

....The lady within three months or so of treatments and for the first time in her life, was able, not only to run her life, but to also start a business.

There is a sad end to this - some Ten years later with no contact in between; she arrived at my door with a cake as a present.

Although I was more experienced, there were no apparent clues...

to ... In the coming days - she would tragically end her life.

Demonstrating to me in the absence of a true understanding of the entire Mind Body connection and its Chemistry and how this relates to symptoms and although just treating symptoms - was never a therapeutic application for me...

...Hypnotherapy the seedbed of. Pain Relief Therapy = the seedbed of Talking Cures, were no more than - Snake Oil or short-term symptom management.

Thus, right from my fledgling beginnings - I carried on as I started out (H,) if only to respect the sad-end to my Patient, let down by so many well-meaning therapies.

By becoming - a multiple symptom treatment specialist who treats People through their many symptoms - not a faceless Person with a long list of symptoms.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

My friend read your post and she is curious:

Question. 1: in the assumption that everything is already established on the Mind as a blueprint for the life of the Person, including Pain.

Question. 2: How do you tap into the Mind for correction?

I am asking for Julie, she works in the office close to mine.




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Please Thank your friend for her question.

Answer. 1: From my point of view there are no Assumptions as to the Mind and its memories causing all illness.

I leave assumptions to Medical Science as there are no cures for any illness it must be fair to say everything the Medical Scientists tell the dedicated Doctors is Scientifically proven; is nothing more - than an assumption or an opinion.

Thus my comments are as relevant to the understanding of the many mysterious illness, as are any Medical Scientists opinions?

Answer. 2: The explanation - is not to be considered, a one line approach of how...

...I Allow/Guide the Mind to reinstate the Natural Immune System(s) in order to self resolve the illness Pain or Negative Emotional State.

Thus I will continue with my expose in an orderly manner.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Hello Peter,

keep the posting coming, I have 4 people in my clinical group that have their eyes on what you will say next.

We are waiting for the moment where you say on how you connect with the Persons Mind and how you do make the change.

I am impressed with how you started all the process.

By the way, could you tell us, what do you think the Cake that Lady gave you before she died, represents.

I know she was pleased with you inter-action with her.

But why kill herself - if everything was working well.




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Thank you and your colleges for their interest.

Everything I am writing has never been written in this way by me before, so it is unique.

Will try to post each day now.

Medical Science has taken many years to get to the position it is currently in, my story is not so long - but all parts are seriously important to the understanding you and your colleague Julie seek.

The Cake; Interesting comment.

In hindsight; I feel it was an apology for letting me down and a thank you for the years of - if only but temporary, release from her many decades (4.5) of torment.

The sad truth of this is; I let her down (H,) just the same as all other therapies before me.

As my knowledge and education relating to perhaps the only reason or foundation ill health stands on was seriously lacking and that is. “Understanding.”

Not the Patronising. “I Know I have felt/experienced/ been through that." Form of understanding.

Therefore - I did not and at the time could not, "Understand," therefore in taking away the protection illness afforded; I left her once again vulnerable to the original cause, to which she had no defence - even thought decades had past since the events.

For her it became of the moment once again and she pushed that along in front of her until - she ran out of Push.

Since 1998. "Understanding," has been one of my unique amongst many tools and techniques.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

During my now Thirty Three (July 2016) years as a therapist many times, People of so-called significance within the Medical World have tried to dismiss me.

Three of these stand out as part of my recognising the desire of the Medical Profession to suppress anyone who challenges their supremacy of knowing very little and strengthening my resolve - not to be destroyed, as so many of our forebears have in years gone by.

1. 1987. A Doctor said to me. “How does it feel to be on the outside with alternative therapy.” I replied; “I am not, my treatment is the medicine - yours is Alternative.”

He said no more.

2. From 1999 to 2005 I requested our local University Hospital Pain or research department work with me, initially they agreed; I sent in a paper and it was peer reviewed.

One reviewer suggested. “This is worthy of further investigation.”

It was not approved on the grounds it. “Was not Scientific enough.”

At the same time, Dr Graham Tosh Clinical director at Southend on Sea Essex England University Hospital became vexatious and in true Medical form when threatened, created as a protection to the so called integrity of the University Hospital Trust in order to dismiss me. - I take some of the responsibility for this as well, by my publishing in good faith, links to other governing bodies - I was assured by my own governing body of the time, we had links with.

These Links to other Governing Bodies - turned out not to be true.

It was from this let down by my own Governing Body - I was later to relinquished ties with all Governing Bodies.

3. Ongoing discussions with our local Health Care Trust for me to demonstrate my intentions - at their insistence in writing; to provide documented proof of my findings.

Currently not available due to the old Institutional Suppression at work.

Where. Mr Andrew Pike CEO of the now de funded; South East Essex NHS Primary Care Trust Southend on Sea Essex; Feeling threatened by the possibility of Talking Cures creating a data base of real-time treatments in Patients words and demonstrating with a number of participants an automatic immune system response from within, which self-cured them of extremely (Seventy years plus with Three People) long-term and multiple illness's, the medical profession had not and could not possibly achieve?

Mr Andrew Pike - working alone found a way to suppress Talking Cures by disclosing Private and Confidential Patient Letters - without the knowledge or consent of the most import Person. "The Patient" - addressed To Myself and Talking Cures outside of the Primary Care Trust, to the Information Commissioners Office under the Data Protection act.

To be used as evidence against me in the public domain of a proposed Court Trial at Basildon Crown Court Essex - March 2010.

The reality is quite different, having proved my point - I Changed my plea of Not Guilty to Guilty.

Following the court case I emerged seriously stronger as has the treatment/education application of Talking Cures.

This information is very important in the understanding of Talking Cures and how it interacts with the Mind, Body and entire Body Chemistry.

And my aggressive stance in. “Not,” being suppressed - is important in effective therapy as is. In - NOT supporting any form of suppression.

Every Person’s contribution is of value.

Part two of earlier posting will continue.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Part two continued.

The comments above relating to the desire of the Medical Profession to stifle ALL who dare to challenge them along with my own emotional problems made me into an Aggressive therapist who will not, if given time and opportunity to prove my comments, say to a Patient...

...“I do not know the cause, there is no known cure.”

Talking Cures is not a Magic Panacea!

It is a process of re-education.

Working on the premise; If the Mind/Brain represented all the Grains of Sand in the world and illness was contained within just one.

Working as a team - we would find that grain of sand and if time allows-guides the Person to well health, automatically using their own immune systems and Body Chemistry.

2013 saw the introduction of the Grain of Sand being repeatedly ground down and still being found.

Immune System (s) Interesting to note during my career there are many times I have made this disclosure and not once has any Person requested an explanation of Two Immune Systems.

1. The Biological Immune system - well documented.

2. Most important The Mind and its thoughts are an immune system, for if the Mind does not authorise based on new and better information alterations to the Body Chemistry, then the Body does not have an immune system.

It appears as the entire Medical Profession will not yet accept we have a Mind there are No known papers to explore or examine this process.

From the first Patient mentioned above aided by my then Wife and the fact - I was now content I had found and developed a treatment Understanding of the Real and True Cause of, not only my own emotional and physical concerns, but ALL illness.

From this I have never once found any information to sway me away from my line of thinking.

It was my Wife who said to me...

...“You do not need to Hypnotise People to Heal them - all you need to do is Talk.”

This was the spur I required for Creativity to become the Brakes on my Madness and the beginning of Talking Cures creation. (H)

Right from my fledgling beginnings as a therapist this process made me into a Multiple Symptom Treatment specialist with Feminine concerns - once again due to my Wife recommending me to her friends with Menstruation concerns - as my main speciality.

This applies to date.

Working from memory the highest number of symptoms a Person ever presented was 92.

Symptoms are as described by a Person not diagnosed.

If the true cause is known the number of symptoms is of no concern. (H)

It was to be my upside down way of thinking at the. "Heart" of Talking Cures and nearly at the Heart of my time on this Earth - reaching is completion.

Enabling me to see things in a different manner to the accepted way of expression, as demonstrated by the entire medical profession and perhaps humanity itself.

In 1992 I had a Heart Attack and have been fine until 2013 during the process of a DIY home repair job - of which I had most of the skills and knowledge to carry out.

A recent treatment I had given myself relative to the cause of the Heart Attack and the materials I was using sent my Heart into an Arrhythmia.

The treatment was then and more so since to repair my damaged Heart Muscle and in doing so remove the requirement - based on my early life traumas, the need for the Arrhythmia.

Having developed the ability to be somewhat? Objective and subjective - look out and look in on myself at the same time.

I continue to give myself treatment.

The outcome is slow but progressive, thus very rewarding.

Getting my Mind to let go of my pre-birth traumatic history is what is taking the time.

All of this continues to expand my knowledge and therapeutic abilities by Giving me a greater understanding of; “why we get ill and why we do not get well” and that Life from creation is and must be for all time Seamless, on a second by second bases.

And that includes any form of treatment outcome.

In order to get to the point raised I will now complete this part of my history and that of Talking Cures and begin explaining some of the protocols required to show the Mind how to interact with the Body in a natural manner and in doing so repair-replace itself.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Are there words with more power to make changes, than others?

And whenever you have sometime, give me some hints on postures and their meaning?

When you have some time.




Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Quote from your website.

"Among the many areas this method of treatment - better seen as a process - has proven to be most effective with, are Migraine. Emotional Pain. Anxiety, Sports Injuries. Muscle Aches. RSI. SAD. ME. IBS. P.T.S.D. Phobias. Fatigue/lethargy. Asthma. Post Operative Pain, Skin Disorders, Accident Pain (i.e. Whiplash) and Infertility."

"Especially where there is a normal Egg and Sperm count."

I am amazed with clever words and evaluation of Patients Body language can give the results for those diseases quoted above.

Showing the power for solution within the Mind by words, a revolutionary approach.

Another interesting things is that this type of changes in the Mind, is available and applied in a simple office, simple practitioner, with a superb effect/result with a good price.

And the great offices, major staffs etc.. are not producing desired results and are getting the medical referrals.

I have two questions:

1. I saw your video and the video shows you using a technique, what are the changes you have made since that time as in the technique? Therapy Demonstration.

2. I read in your website that you treat virus with Talking cures, how is the Mind process to get the virus out of the Persons Body?

3. What changes have you made?

Interesting to say the least.




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

May I now answer your questions?

Question. 1: Words are just words from our dictionary; however “used” with other tools techniques and understandings on a just in time bases, are powerful tools of re-education of a damaged Mind and Body.

Therefore the Person's subconscious Minds real meanings behind the message - called pain/illness, is reflected in the combination of the words used or do not by the Person. Referred to as the Witting and Unwitting Statement - what we mean by what we say.

The many symptoms of Mind-Body combined with the symptoms presented and with other Talking Cures tools - understanding just what all of this collectively amounts to or means and then converting it - into an understandable by the damaged Subconscious Mind, explanation.

Reading of Body language - posture to which we never received an education is an automatic process - we already have at our disposal and is well documented.

The above explanation the one I use; in addition to other tools and techniques - to which we will go into later.

To Study Body Language is in real-terms of little use as it somewhat numbs our individual intuitive instinct and wisdom by our Mind being diverted onto the memory banks of previous learning.

Thus just. “Posture,” reading is of no value if anything somewhat destructive to effective therapy.

As it would be received as - patronising by the Subconscious Mind.

Question. 2: The many disorders quoted from my website with tentative consideration; my interpretation is, they are not Diseases, they are an expression of the Entire Body Chemistry as instructed by the Mind post emotional and or physical traumas from Birth or sometimes - even before conception.

Show the Mind how to alter its chemistry and it will use its own immune systems to replace - given the correct opportunity, the Body as per genetic instructions.

I am resolute in my thinking if. “WE Humans” applied this thinking to our “life,” if nothing else we would not require to procreate in the numbers we do - nor would we need to consume the planets finite resources? At the rate we do.

Therefore life would be more sustaining and profitable for ALL.

Question. 3: The foundation. "All illness is a Process of the Mind" Has not, nor will ever change. All illness is a Process of the Mind

Apart from becoming emotionally stronger as a result of others and my own treatments on myself, more experienced and being made therapeutically stronger by the suppressive nature of so many within the medical profession, very little.

One significant change is the Patient’s eyes are always open - No Hypnosis.

The video on my website was taken in 1998 until 2012 my Thirtieth anniversary of being a therapist - I only viewed it once. Therapy Demonstration

In preparation of celebrating I had it prepared for publication and surprised myself regarding the things I was talking about in the presentation part which in hindsight was the seedbed of Talking Cures today.

Here in the UK in the 1950’s there was a research centre referred to as Porton Down.

Or The Common Cold Unit.

The CCU was located at Harvard Hospital, Harnham Down, on the west side of Salisbury. It main objective was to find a cure for the common cold virus.

It was abandoned - as no proof was ever forthcoming.

Or was it suppressed for profit reasons?

“Must not let a cure stand in the way of a good profit.”

The essence of this still continues despite much research today of so called Viruses.

Time will show nothing of value has ever come from this understanding and in my opinion the more Genome and Proteins are blamed for Virus or any other type of illness, the more of a failure Medical Science will become.

The explanation is ALL so called Viruses are but an expression of the entire Body Chemistry thus are not pathogen invaders and in terms only the Subconscious Mind comprehends; thus not in the slightest a disadvantage.

Much is demonstrated by Medical Science about Airborne Viruses - Yet they continue to inject Vaccines as a protection against catching an illness.

Should we not then consider - if we catch a Cold then there is something wrong with our Immune Systems; Vaccines and the like are supposed to boost.

Opening up to the possibility there are no Viruses as our Automatic Immune systems would disable them, thus are only in reality only a Body Chemistry expression.

Give to the Subconscious Mind an understanding it can comprehend and given time - seamless, it will alter the entire Body Chemistry and in turn return the Mind-Body to a more natural state.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

You have to do a video about all the things you talk, maybe like someone interviewing you.

I can tell you have a good thing and you are lucky you have the experience of 30 years as the background and a video in the you tube for example many can see and the interest will come from many and possibly someone that can bring your form of treatment out to a bigger crowd.

And maybe make videos to teach and naturally a profit for someone that has diamonds of cure.

There is a serious lack of cure, Mind in Medicine is the Real thing as you have.

I am impressed that thousand millions of psychologist and psychiatrist and they cannot do, and one Person can.

My hope is that you, your therapy and principles are to the wide world discovered.




Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

From the last post I can tell you are getting to the secrets real soon.

I can also see a sincere process of discovery.




Alireza Gelinimoghaddam Anesthesiologist.

Dear Romel

I think you would better refer to homeopathic medicine, mind chapter?



Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution

Thank you for your comments perhaps a video will come.

May I point out Talking Cures is perhaps best seen as, more of an education, than a treatment process, thus is should be a possibility with the right Mind-set, all of us can learn and in say 100 years - ALL illness will be seen as only a hiccup in our understandings of how we should be as People living on this tiny speck of dust we call Mother Earth, thus no longer required.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dear Alireza Gelinimoghaddam Anesthesiologist

Thank you for your comment the mystery of illness has to be solved - therefore everyone’s comments as not only valid, but seriously valued.

Whilst I am aware of Homeopathic treatments I have no knowledge of how they work or their efficacy, yet comfortable in supporting this style of treatment on the bases of; If nothing has worked for the Person before, they are deserved of relief.

Having said that my view has always been, Homeopathic treatments are of symptom management only and nothing to do with the Mind and its Memories.

Although one only has to drink a glass of say Milk and the thoughts of the Mind will be altered, if only but temporarily.

Therefore I was enthused by your comment regarding referring to the. “Homeopathic Mind Chapter.”

Prompting me to explore a little.

It is clear to see the underlying philosophy of the Mind Body connection is quite secure and very encouraging to read and not my intention or desire to undermine.

However within the little I read. I could see no reference to the fact, as I see it, when Biological treatments are applied to symptoms be they of Mind or Body; the Mind quicker than the speed of light and well before any medicinal preparation has reached the necessary parts - has created a new symptom of Mind or Body or both.

Yet theses new symptoms will not necessarily be seen for days, weeks, months, even years and sometimes not at all.

Often this process is referred to as side effects from medications - not necessarily recognised by the application of other medicines.

Perhaps you would be good enough to enlighten me as to whether my view is correct or not.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith talking Cures


Dear Romel Cordeiro Partner at Nerve Pain Solution.

The value of comprehending the real cause of Pain/illness.

Or Blueprint.

It was 11th July 1982 having just past my 38th Birthday I very nervously knocked on the front door of my very first Patient.

A small featured, frail looking Women with extremely wide-open eyes nervously opened the door and beckoned me in.

It did not take long to comprehend the enormity of the situation she presented me with.

Something stirred within me, call it intuition which prompted me to ask her to list all of her symptoms from head to toe leaving nothing out. - This was not in my training.

From this adding to my earlier intuition on my first day of training of knowing the cause of illness emerged my speciality of treating a Person with a list of symptoms - rather than a list of symptoms which just happened to have a Person attached. (H)

Yet this was not to really come to my attention until some years later following successful treatment of still today with the very best science mysterious symptoms with no known cause, no known cure and very difficult to manage: Asthma, Stammering, Anxiety, Menstruation concerns, Absent of, Heavy, Clotted. Frozen Shoulder, Cystitis, Thrush.

The list is endless.

No proof of this can be presented as ALL illness is as Unique to a Person as their Fingerprint, therefore of no value to any other Person.

In order to demonstrate the power of this may we see it graphically.

Take a seed - say a Cherry Tree seed; Sow it nurture it with Rain and Sun and the tree will grow and provide many fruits, numbered in their thousands and generally speaking; sweet and succulent, thus healthy.

Now can we argue against every Cherry is a product of the original seed planting and subsequent nurturing.

Now if one, many or even ALL of the Cherries are bitter in taste and inedible - cannot we still argue, they came from the same seed.

This can or has been Scientifically Proven.

Now change Cherry to illness symptom of Mind or Body, can we now see all symptoms are inextricably linked to an originating cause - seed.

Change the seed to our creation or birth and our life begins.

Is it not fair to say it is a fundamental right not a gift bestowed on us for being good, to be nurtured in the same way as the Cherry Tree seed, to come here as a guest rather than a pest, as is so often the case.

To be Wanted, Love, Cared for, Warm, Feed, kept clean, safe and educated in a natural and comfortable manner - rather than with Fear or Traditional values which are in reality only of a traumatic - to the individual, nature.

Trauma; There is but ONE trauma we experience in pre or during life...

...When another and significant Person thinks and feels our Mind and Body are theirs to control, using what one may consider Psychotic Controls - mostly these are referred to as Parents.

Do not do as I do, do as I say?

There is no such thing as Naughty Children or Rebellious Teenagers; they are only acting as instructed by their Parents.

Confirmed when a Parent screams at a Child...

...“You are not the Child I/We brought you up to be."

This is now the cause and seedbed of ALL illness of Mind and Body.

Traumas; Are just a repeat of the first “trauma,” just at a later time and place and appearing to be different; to the sub conscious Mind they are no more than a confirmation of an earlier belief.

Where - Someone is trying to control - the Child in a nasty way and now their life is no longer their own - but for Significant Others to control.

The Child is now and forever in Fear, Anxious, Fatigued and of no self-worth.

This Process is the real cause of ALL illness. No exceptions.

Yet so often is hidden by time and further traumas or even becoming a super being.

To which I recognise and aspire to.

It was the time leading up to the 18th October 2014 I was to put into place the final understanding necessary to fully understand, not only the cause of all illness, but more importantly the reason People never truly get well with any treatments.

We will cover this later!

A lifetime of Management with pills, physical therapy or forced lifestyle changes; are not cures.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Hello Alireza,

I understand your point, but if you take a look on all Peters posts or follow his website, you will see his experience in changing the Mind just by talking and observing the Patients posture.

When you see his technique and his 32 years of practice with results, we need to give some credit to his ways.

As not too many People can have this type of influence on the Mind for positive changes.

There are different levels of practice and his is on a superior level.

Imagine just by talking and getting results in many serious chronic cases, no medication, nothing else etc.. then his talks. No hypnotism.

Just Talking, Cures - as he says.

It is a revolutionary technique I have to say.

I am very good in my specializations, but take my hat of to this practice and thinking.




Betsy Timmerman East West Pain Solutions.

Inappropriate holding patterns in the Bodies Musculoskeletal system (as a result of injury or accident) are controlled by the central nervous system.

I have my Patients re pattern their Muscles and Brain at the same time with corrective exercises to reduce pain dramatically but I also use hypnosis and can effect a 4-6 point reduction in pain (on a 0-10 pain scale) within 15 minutes.

The Mind and Body are intertwined in the healing of our Bodies and both need to be accessed for complete healing - I believe.




Dear Betsy Timmerman East West Pain Solutions.

Many thanks for your comments much required and interesting.

May I request you consider if you changed the word Brain to Mind - master holder of all life’s knowledge and experiences good or bad; your excellent work - may well produce even better results.

On the bases the Mind knows the Brain is no more than an organ of the Body waiting for instructions from the Mind to carry the messages from the Mind to the Body.

Thus from physical injury or accident incident the Mind remembers inappropriately the original message and in doing so replicates the Pain.

Love your comment regarding Mind and Body intertwined in healing.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Lauren Sonnenberg, LMHC, D.PSc, CAP Psychotherapist/Wellness Consultant/Founder at LifeCore, Inc., private practice in Miami

The science of German New Medicine (GNM) proves how the Body creates the. "Disease" process as a functional response to an initiating emotional conflict - which is simultaneously a biological conflict.

Brain scans - using CT without dye prove that specific locations in the Brain are linked each to a specific tissue or organ in the Body.

These two components are triangulated with a specific emotional conflict.

In that way, if you know any 1 of the 3 components, you can know what exactly is occurring for a Person on the Mind and Body levels.

There's much more to it than that which I have presented, and that can be found at the GNM site:

GNM has been verified as a solid medical science by numerous medical doctors worldwide; it has never been disproven.

The therapy or therapies applied in light of knowing GNM just have to be ones that are aimed at resolving the emotional core conflict - when it is unresolved and the Person is still in the, "conflict active" phase and should not be a therapy that inhibits the natural healing of the Body - when the Person is in the "conflict resolution," or "healing" phase.


Lauren Sonnenberg,


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

May I now start the process of explaining the blueprint as to how Talking Cures guides the Mind to use its own immune systems to heal the presenting symptoms of ill health of Mind and Body?

Guides not erases.

The process of getting ill and remaining ill no matter what process a Person decides to utilize or explain is a fundamental part of a Person’s history and their foundation.

Remove this and it will create Holes in the Memory which the subconscious Mind will desire to fill.

This will not be possible as the area is still occupied, this process will take a Person’s life earlier than expected.

With my prior understanding of People, this process starts before the Person is aware of contacting Talking Cures.

All the points below are designed to open a Person’s subconscious Mind and prepare it for the working process of Talking Cures.

They are not necessarily - in use order?

1. My telephone has no answering machine; A Person has to keep trying until I answer.

This is Mind opening and desire creating.

Email achieves the same as does Skype.

2. I will not set up a personal relationship with any member of the Family, this breeds confidence within the Person and confidentiality is confirmed.

3. When a Person gains contact, I already know a lot about them before they say a word.

4. They are medical failures with long-term multiple mysterious symptoms all treatment resistant.

5. The first question is. “How may I help you.”

6. Based on the answers and any caveats required - IE: Person is already terminally ill.

I would reply. “If working as a team we cannot improve your Health or Cure you, then based on current Scientifically Proven knowledge and the fact you have contacted me, if we cannot bring about the resolution required, then it cannot be done and never will.”

7. My current fee no matter how long we work together will never increase.

8. The more successful we are the more you and People around you will desire to discontinue treatment or be forced to stop.

9. When you leave the surgery; there is no homework to do, or forced changes to be made and no supplements of any kind, at any time for you to take.

Changes as and when required will present automatically themselves or with your GP or other practitioner.

10. Not at any time will I interfere, more I will encourage continuance with any practitioners treatments or advice, until they advise their Patient otherwise.

11. Please tell me of any medications or self-prescribed supplements you are taking.

I will never tell you to stop taking them, this will happens as required automatically.

Much information is gleaned from just the knowledge of them.

12. Skype or Telephone appointment rules: no one in room, no animals and no delivery expected, no mobile telephone or telephone nearby, no neighbours or visitors expected.

Front Door not to be opened.

13. No; “the cause is not known and there are no known cures are not in my vocabulary,” however promises MUST Not and Will never be made of future outcome.

This will only create failure.

14. The buck stops here.

15. From the first and every appointment it is for the Patient to tell me based on their diary what time and day they wish to come to the surgery, Skype or Telephone and for me to confirm from my own diary and if that is not convenient - I request from the Patient another time and date; Appointments are for them and not me.

To follow. “Rules of continuing engagement with a Patient.”

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.


I read all and is amazing how you engage.

I have a question about question 13.

I understand your intention as the cause is not known etc....... not to be in your vocabulary, but why not promise results?

Is because the Patient might sabotage the outcome?




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Thank you for your question ref 13 to which I am pleased to answer.

Question 13. Answer: When as with Talking Cures one stands on a Unique foundation of understanding of illness, then the true cause of ALL illness is Automatically known as described in the Cherry Tree graphic earlier.

However to Make a Promise - bearing in Mind I only work with People who are long-term multiple symptom medical failures often of many decades suffering waiting for relief let alone a cure, only invites failure, as the Subconscious Mind - our absolute Master Keeper of all Life information, knowing with Laser pin-point accuracy the real cause of their illness, will ensure I fail - the same as it has others; in often a very long line of experts using scientifically proven treatments.

Simply because - as yet I do not have a clue as to the picture the illness cause paints.

In other words - I do not know their story.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Your quote. (our absolute master keeper of all information knowing with Laser pin point accuracy the real cause of their illness,)

Just right here is a world of information with infinite assurances and responses from the deepest intelligence and abilities to bring about high levels of cure.

I hope you put this in a DVD some day.

Just by reading that quote I can tell how revolutionary it is.

I have to say just by reading these type of information I feel a connect to the possibility within me and hopefully others.

Question: Where did you come to that type of understanding?




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Thank you for your response and question.

Everything I write whilst Intellectual Copyright protected is free to for use - nice if I get the credit though.

I have no interest in making a DVD and charging a fee for it.

My information is far more important to the world than a short-term profit will ever give to me a comforting benefit.

Question answer: Sadly my understandings as I explained in my earlier posts on this discussion, came from a nearly or meant to be a fatal beginning for me.

The rest apart from initial training as a Hypnotherapist by Mr Steven Quinn; came sadly from the utter failure of Medical Science to prove anything of real value, right from the earliest mistakes in understanding the Mind and Body I have knowledge of; Galen AD 169 and to date with so called - Modern Medicine with still not a Disease Modifying Cure to its name.

In addition - the constant desire of the so called intelligentsia to suppress anyone who challenges their most serious lack of knowledge in the specialty of medicine.

May I again confirm; I support Good Medical Science as a necessity.

My arrogance will not let anyone suppress me unless they have better or like knowledge, then I am seriously privilege and grateful for their critique of my work.

Thus we are not a threat to each other.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

The sole intention of Talking Cures is to open the subconscious Mind steeped in Fear and a long-term rule of. “No one will ever understand - Will They.

To a world of Natural possibilities - full of an education which makes sense for perhaps the first time in their life.

From the very first appointment when a Patient arrives at the front door of the surgery, this is the time - a few seconds.

ALL treatments succeed or fail.

Notwithstanding desires of others or their Minds pre-programming to failure.

Often exacerbated by many treatment outcome promises, not kept.

1. It is essential to meet a Patient at the surgery door myself and if they are accompanied - they are always first in line to greet, especially if the escort is known and if a Child - under 18 is to be treated; they are the only one to be greeted.

2. There is no such thing as a typical Patient.

To be successful in treating People with multiple mysterious symptoms, I recognise first and foremost - they are unique and I will never ever be privileged to meet another Person like this in my life.

Thus they are more intelligent than I will ever be - on them.

My consideration is - this the highest education honour one could ever seek to achieve if one studied for a lifetime.

Following entry - made to feel welcome and important in a warm and comfortable environment.

This follows for each and every appointment.

First appointment has a Three Hours duration; Although I do offer a free of fee’s Thirty Minute meet and greet appointment.

An appointment to see if this therapy can help must never be a consideration - No one cannot be helped; even if they as a result of long-standing multiple illness they are close to death.

This appointment is to collate a comprehensive list of symptoms from Head to Toe, the bases for every treatment process to follow.

Question to Patient; What: Fears, Phobias, Anxieties, Aches, Pains, disorders and discomforts do you have right throughout your Body NO exceptions.

Symptoms as Items left out as too embarrassing. "WILL," create even more mysterious illness symptoms and later seek to destroy the possibility of an ultimate cure.

These symptoms of Mind and Body MUST be in the Person's own words - Diagnosed and treated Names of any Mind- Body symptom; are not only of no value, will be destructive to a positive outcome.

From this information I know more about the Person - than they will ever know.

As my interpretation of the symptoms from the Mind-Body connection perspective, becomes an education foundation for the Patient, which starts the very process of automatic cure by the Persons own immune systems.

1. Body immune system.

2. Mind Immune system.

Once the Person is seated comfortable a few rules are discussed.

1. I will never answer the telephone or door.

2. I make no apologies for repeating myself during our time together, as there is nothing more repetitive as an illness that is there every minute of every day - for decades.

3. During the course of our therapeutic interaction you the Patient - WILL desire to run away or dismiss the treatment as not working; the more you desire to do this, the more successful the treatment is actually being.

Treatment starts.

Treatment = A continual process of re-education of all Mind stored life’s events which caused or contributed to all illness via the entire Body Chemical and Electrical Systems.

At end of the first session - a second two hour appointment is requested in say two weeks, this and any subsequent appointments MUST be at the Patient's request to suit their emotional as well as financial situation and diary - never driven by the therapist.

Finally; No instructions or home work; other than just go and get on with your life as best you are able, repair as and when it comes will be Automatic and most times you will not even know it has happened.

Until sometime later you miss the symptom.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Could you explain this a little more.

3. During the course of our therapeutic interaction you the patient WILL desire to run away or dismiss the treatment as not working; the more you desire to do this, the more successful the treatment is actually being.

This is amazing and that you have to deal with that occasion also.




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Thank you for your response and question to which I am delighted to answer.

From my very early beginnings as a student - based on information received from my tutor Mr Steven Quinn, I was able to work out and since have recognized there are other contributors to my much used and very powerful understandings...

...“ALL Illness is an advantage not in the slightest a disadvantage.”

Attempt to TAKE the advantage - Symptoms away without having prepared the Person for life without them, by, re-educating of the traumatic cause and planning for the future.

The Mind quicker than the speed of Light WILL create new and mysterious symptoms and it will never tell you when they are going to be used.

This process is most often referred to as Side-effects from Medications or the illness has returned - following seemingly successful treatment.

Seen mostly within the so called disorders much researched and Scientifically Proven to be of no known cause and has no known cure. ME, CFS, RSD, Lupus, Fibromyalgia.

Where the Patients viciously demonstrates...

...“The treatments have made me worse.”

This has led to People like Professor Simon Wessely - who I have met and discussed with, being pilloried for his comments to the point it has destroyed perhaps for ever these very simple to understand illnesses, being successfully treated.

This is because the Mind knows the real truth of the cause of the Symptoms and does not know how to make sense of it, or is too painful to remember - demonstrates the therapist does not Understand and Never Will - until. “We” all recognize and accept the true cause of illness.

Which is a process of the Mind and never ever of Biological Creation.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

"This is because the Mind knows the real truth of the cause of the Symptoms and does not know how to make sense of it, or is too painful to remember - demonstrates the therapist does not Understand and Never Will until, “we,” all recognize and accept the true cause of illness. Which is never ever of Biological Creation."

Things are just getting deeper and deeper.

There is food for thought here and the other posts for a lifetime of pondering so the real can manifest within ourselves.

Genius the Mind knows the real truth of the cause of the Symptoms...

Question: Could you explain if the cause originates in the Mind and knows the real cause for them, why the Mind doesn't know how to make sense of it.

Or the Mind is just like a blueprint and works as in mechanics, put in, take out?

Without having an opinion about the whole process?




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Nice question. “Could you explain if the cause originates in the Mind and knows the real cause for them, why the Mind does not know how to make sense of it?”

Answer: If one considers our Eyes and Ears as HOLES, if one pours or tips a lot of stuff into them all at the same time it will take time for the stuff to pass through into the receptacle.

Consider the Conscious Mind - which in real terms does not exist as this receptacle; now change Conscious Mind to Filter.

And it is clear to see the stuff - information is gently filtered into the memory bank - subconscious Mind.

Now our extremely clever computer like Mind does this is in a nano second, so we are not aware of the process taking place.

Thus stores the information properly and in a logical sequential order for later instant recall and comfortable use.

Imagine going into a dark room for the very first time, the lights come on and illuminate the room and all items within.

It takes us a nano second to see all of this and store it.

Thus next time we enter the room, we are not fazed by the amount of information, so are comfortable.

Imagine a Child in the womb where Father, in thinking the Child is not his, punches Mother in the stomach in order to terminate the life of the Child.

This information would come at a pace the Child would not be able to comprehend and would, as with myself, caused the requirement of spending a lifetime of making sense of it, because in the Womb I could not.

leaving me post Birth with a Knowing - but not knowing -What.

At the same time Mothers entire Body Chemistry - the Child’s life blood, already both toxic and caustic from months of arguing and worry, is even more toxic and caustic for the Child to deal with.

As the entire Body Chemistry passes through the Mind-Brain and all of the Body organs it acts as an exciter to the Mind and disallows the natural and comfortable storing of the information for Life and Body functions.

Therefore from Birth the Child unwittingly alters its way of life in order to accommodate to its Body Chemistry, based on memories it cannot readily recall, but spends a lifetime trying.

You as anyone can prove this process.

Whether you have understood this post or not, is unimportant, you have read it.

Print it, tear it up into a thousand pieces and then try to put it together - so you can read and comprehend its meaning.

First it would unlike a Fertile Mind - take many hours and second, in the area of the tear the information would no longer exist.

How can you comprehend my message?

The same is for a Child trying to makes sense of information delivered in a somewhat toxic environment and at a traumatic pace.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Peter, A beautiful explanation and I am amazed on the works of the Mind as in many levels it filters, stores, changes, creates/destroys.

Seems like Mind has its own nature as in function for the individuals life.

Question. 1: Is there any other higher level control over the Mind?

Question. 2: What is the purpose of the Mind?

Peter your quote: “ALL Illness is an advantage not in the slightest a disadvantage.”

Question. 3: In what way illness is an advantage?




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Thank you for your observations and interesting questions.

Simple answers.

Question. 1: Answer: As human Animals we are all Born with a certain amount of innate information - which one could consider as a Higher level of Control.

One might be better in Life to accept this as earlier traumas and Parent created Traumas.

Question. 2 Answer: To collate and store all Brain/Body instructions - as to how to run an individuals life.

Question. 3 Answer: We create illness as a Protection against others who previously have occasioned some form of abuse against our Person.

More involved answers.

Whilst the Mind can be considered Amazing, in reality it only does One thing...;

...Pursues pleasure and avoids displeasure at all times and cost.

Everything we ever do in our lives whether Good, Bad or indifferent follows this fundamental blueprint.

As distinct from Sigmund Freud’s same quote where...

...“Pleasure is the Pursuit.

Illness in whatever form is the. “Pursuit of Pleasure” and avoidance of the originating cause, “avoiding displeasure at all costs.”

How many times do we hear People following some form of trauma say...

...“I do not want to go through that again.”

Whilst it is essential for our Mind to create based on our individual experience - it is not intentional or inherent for the Mind to have its own nature and express that as illness.

During illness; it WILL, “only” ever, unless a higher understanding is offered and accepted seek to continually demonstrate - it is the boss and WILL make a Person die as a consequence of protecting the true originating cause.

Makes all religious beliefs no matter what God is worshiped seem like a pleasant or unpleasant - chat with a Loved one or Friend.

One could argue but without true foundation or ability to demonstrate so, the Mind does indeed have a higher level of control.

This can be sort of demonstrated - when a Person is spoken of as, being Dispirited.

Thus our Spirit - our essence - comes into play here, but in reality only shows itself post traumas even those - pre conception.

The purpose of the Mind is first and foremost to store ALL of life’s information for instant recall in order to satisfy an impending need.

And to or coordinate this information into Body Electrical Chemical activity to coordinate the Brain and Body into a cohesive action.

A demonstration of many; A few days of so before a loved one’s birthday, we are reminded so we can send a card or well wishes.

Illness is an advantage as it becomes a protection from further aggressive - traumatic events. “Do not come near me I have a cold,” I cannot go to school/work today as I have a headache/period - are but two examples of many.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Why Dreams? Why the Mind has to have them?

Is there any translations of the Dreams?




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Again nice question and well warranted.

We have Dreams and Nightmares at a time when the full responsibility of the running controlling of the Body is removed from the Mind.

Laying down in Bed - SAFE, cannot fall.

Thus sleep time is the seedbed of Creation or Destruction the time WE create ALL illness.

Dreams and Nightmares are part of this process or said more simply, the time when we try to makes sense of Traumatic information, difficult or impossible to do when awake and/or distracted by what may well be life or more traumas.

Thus we can consider they are not in reality Dreams/nightmares, but a process of sorting information into a Logical Sensible order, in the warmth and somewhat safety of a bed.

Where in reality we may well be deeply asleep, yet feel wide awake.

Only called Dreams/Nightmares by well-meaning professionals desperate to make sense of something they do not understand. THE MIND.

To desire to have a Dream or Nightmare interpreted - translated, is no more than a further advanced or desperate attempt by the Person to have earlier traumas - Symptoms of ill health, understood and resolved.

Any attempt by a professional to interpret dreams/nightmares for a Person. WILL ONLY be met by some form of hostility.

Sadly this hostility may never be recognised, because still today in 2015 for most People the Mind and Body are not connected.

Follow the healthcare pathway of a Dream interpreted Person and some Three plus years later a new and even more mysterious symptom(s) will emerge.

But not linked to the Dreams/Nightmares interpretation.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

From my very first Patient I developed the desire and ability to encompass every symptom under the one treatment regime a Person could present, I do not know any other way?

Patient first appointment symptom list:

As a fledgling therapist in 1982. “First do no harm,” should have been in my vocabulary, however as I am not and have never been medically trained, perhaps I can forgive myself for the fact - it was not.

Have I been able to fully incorporate and practice this during my Thirty Two year career?

NO OF COURSE NOT - In the beginning I was too ill to be me, let alone be a Therapist.

Do I practise it now?

Whilst I am not the best judge of this; I absolutely do my best.

Confidentiality however is perhaps the area where harm can be done, but never seen, as per my earlier post regarding Mr Andrew Pike Southend on Sea Primary care trust disclosure of Confidential Patient written Information addressed to me - not him.

Therefore I neither make nor keep confidential notes - exchange of emails not covered here, by hand or Computer Data Files - other than Name, Address, contact details and a list of symptoms.

If I do not remember a Patient’s story - then that part was not worth remembering.

Moreover I will not write case stories or books which contain any form of confidential information.

Such information provided by a Patient is so Unique - it will never be of value to any other Person - even an identical twin.

From the moment a Patient sits comfortable and warm in inclement weather very warm...

I never answer the door or telephone or allow myself to be distracted from the ONLY important Person in the surgery.

To do this in any way shape and form WILL destroy the dynamics of the therapeutic discussion - perhaps for ever.

The Patient who must always be advised to request adjusting the heating up or down; to their comfort.

So as to set the scene for the explanation of Talking Cures blueprint of many tools techniques and understandings; May I introduce; It is essential we remember at this time;

ALL illness is unique to a Person as their Fingerprint.

IE. 1 Person = one illness.

One illness - any illness, Multiply by the population with any disease - still equals One Person - One Disease.

A sort of - Typical First Appointment.

This information is from a Patient having suffered all of her 75 years with many symptoms.

As the true cause of a symptom is always known - the Cherry Tree seed.

The number of symptoms does not present a problem to me and Talking Cures.

Resolution or cure is within the Person and is an ongoing process.

MEDICATIONS: Blood Pressure tabs. Water Tablets. Arteritis Rheumatoid and Osteo. Indigestion Tablet. Pills for ankle swelling.

Pills are for relaxing these SYMPTOMS - as described in the Patient’s own words.

1. Sleep Apnoea.

2. Sleeplessness General Pain wakes me up - if I do not take pill.

3. Family Anxiety.

4. Fear of Dying.

5. Watery or Dry Eyes.

6. Eyes Blurry.

7. Pain at sides back of neck.

8. Arthritis in Jaw.

9. Trouble swallowing.

10. Shoulder Painful left side.

11. Left Arm Pain at top.

12. Elbow swollen.

13. Wrist swollen.

14. Hand lumps on bones.

15. Right Pain in shoulder and down arm.

16. Pain in bottom lower back from waist.

17. Clot in Lung dispersed.

18. Breasts too big weight on shoulders.

19. Acid reflux.

20. Gall Bladder removed at 29.

21. Appendicitis at 52.

22. Hips sometimes painful.

23. Pain at left thigh fatty tissue lump.

24. Left knee replacement sometimes Pain around the new joint.

25. Right knee pain sometimes.

26. Left leg swollen.

27. Left Ankle swollen and can be painful when walking.

28. Right Pain in right leg when walking.

29. Left foot swollen and painful.

30. Right foot post operation to straighten plane of foot inserted screws and bolts to stabilise.

As it can be seen some of these symptoms are to be considered post-surgical intervention, therefore somewhat outside of the remit of Talking Cures.

The emotional and or physical traumatic causes of these symptoms is not, as these are still, “extremely active and destructive.” Via the Body’s entire Chemistry, as the, “dormant foundation” of all symptoms because; all symptoms were and are still intrinsically related in some way shape or form.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Does your therapy or would it work for.

Question. 1: Right Pain in right as when walking, Left foot swollen and painful?

Question. 2: Would the Mind still correct the blueprint of these problems and make a difference?




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Nice question. First may I explain my position is not to attract Patients for treatment, it may well be noticed even on my website I never say; “come to Talking Cures,” no more than I advertise or suggest any other treatment or product.

My position is to show those who are interested a way of looking at illness to answer - why it is when so much Scientifically Proven Treatments abound, No one ever truly recovers, often getting worse or spending a lifetime attempting to manage their pain/illness with many medications and so many - so called side effects.

Question. 1. Answer: First my I correct it too? “Right leg? Pain. Left foot swollen and Painful.

I would require this information direct from the Patient, so they can be precise.

From this information I would know more about them than they do.

My response would then be unique to and for them.

With this information I would create a discussion in order for the Persons Mind to respond.

It would appear reasonable to consider there are other symptoms the Person could or would present, these would also be implicated in any form of repair.

Question. 2. Answer: Based on the Persons deepest Mind set of thoughts - as to whether the Mind would allow repair or not, the Mind would then be able to change its illness blueprint, instigate an immune response and begin the process of Body replication.

Along route the Person would from the instructions of the subconscious Mind create and demonstrate new symptoms from a dormant yet active store of symptoms, which would have to be addressed as well.

A bit of a long winded but necessary way of saying Yes to your question.

Hope this helps makes sense of your question.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

From Life creation to Talking Cures - May we now begin the process of exploring the Blueprint of Life as well as Talking Cures Blueprint; both inextricably linked.

Science has very eloquently demonstrated for us within plant life; Photosynthesis is the very essence of life, growth and reproduction of plants.

However has Science unwittingly missed - perhaps a very important point.

Although the blueprint appears to be correct for plants, the understanding has perhaps a fundamental flaw.

We can examine the flaw by looking at many flowering plants - where they open mostly at daylight, turn to the sun and close a night.

In addition - can adapt itself to grow in hostile conditions as well as protect itself and even supplement is energy requirements by consuming visitors. (Flies.)

Thus as in scientific medicine’s long history of ignoring the Mind in ill health - thanks perhaps to my efforts this past 25 + years, it is now incorporating the Brain into mainstream medicine.

Is it possible, bearing in Mind we cannot and perhaps should not talk - plant talk.

All plant life has a Mind, even if it is of limited resource.

This recognition of Plant Mind is a serious contributor to my thoughts as demonstrated above.


Again Science has made great strides in the understanding of life, which rightfully, until later and better knowledge emerges, we accept.

I cannot with honesty say these comments were or were not in my Mind at my first session to learn to be a Hypnotherapist.

I can say they have been part of my Mind set of thoughts for many years and are intrinsic to the creating and understandings required for Talking Cures.

As a fledgling Earth a large piece of volcanic style rock from a very large explosion hurtled through space at an incredible speed, gathering enormous heat in its travels.

Time and motion slowed down this mass to a stop, yet still spinning.

As science has explained to us and we all know - heat rises and if it hits a cold surface condenses, this turned to rain and in time formed the Seven seas, Rivers, Lakes and Ponds.

We all know if one leaves water to stand, especially against a cold surface without sufficient air change, the water will turn mouldy.

Hence an early form of plant life.

The lump of rock; Earth we will now call it, as we know has delivered many different forms of chemical substances; many for our use, some for our destruction.

All of these chemicals Earth have produced even in untraceable elements are implicit in our creation - surely if they were not we would not be able to have established ourselves in any life-form.

As the Earth was solidifying these very chemicals made the now oceans toxic and in some places caustic.

If we apply to the small section of mould the same process of Photosynthesis, then all it does is procreate and replicate as mould.

Add a limited Mind set and with this small amount of intelligence, reconciles; if it were to separate, yet stay as one, it would then be better able to protect itself.

Thus - life was born with the process of multiple splitting of a cell.

The process of this separation in Talking Cures language; is Fear of being dissolved by the toxic sea and Anxiety, the process of Creation, without this, we humans as indeed animals, would go Mad.

Perhaps this is the real reason we left the sea to inhabit the islands which make up the planet.

Time and this ever-changing process, from small beginnings, created life, as we know it.

If we look more closely at the single cell, “mould,” we can see it set up an ever changing process, much used today and at the centre of ALL illness; even those labelled Genetic - no exceptions.

Once again science has educated us - Humans evolved from Apes, which we readily accepted.

Until such times as later and better information allows us with virtue to change our Mind.

If we apply here the mould principle, it is reasonable to consider all Human style life evolved from mould.

Imagine - going in one step from a piece of Mould to a Human; surely no one would believe that - would they.

No of course and neither should they.

How can we make sense of this process of evolution.

Let us move to the stage Apes are well established - would it not frighten a Mother Ape to death - if her new born emerged looking like a modern Human.

Of course it would.

Thus the process of evolution has to be slow and insidious. Seamless.

Is there a way we can demonstrate this process using modern thoughts and Body process understanding.

Yes is the answer.

We all know and the Female race - our Mothers, will bear testament to the very early stages of our birth passage from conception.

Shortly after. Does she not experience Morning Sickness.

Of course science now medical has come to our rescue here, by explaining. "It is the changing hormones at the heart of morning sickness" and of course as we must until later and better information comes along, believe and accept this explanation.

Or is there later and better explanation, which is acceptable to us.

Medical Science demonstrates - it is Mother’s Body Chemistry, hormones, which feed and nourish the growing Child to and post birth whilst she breasts feed the Child.

Natural birth and evolution follows this fundamental principle.

The same applies with Children born with some form of illness or unnatural shaped body - it is Genetic they proclaim.

If we take in pursuit of recognising this process.

Man’s Sperm to be an intruder.

Just the same as say a snake bite to which we would have to make an immune system response.

Is it just possible in the very early stages of pregnancy that simple single cell Mind from Mould desires to dismiss the intruder - toxic sea, in order to preserve the incumbent life.

Thus can we consider - if this simple Mind decides the changes are too rapid - Ape to Human, without the Female’s knowledge and authority, it can and will excrete the recently conceived Child, way before any pregnancy recognition has taken place.

During what we refer to as natural or normal menstruation.

Or is this what Darwin really meant as Natural Selection.

Or, as we cannot in real terms interfere with procreation - adjust the Females Body Chemistry to allow the changes to take place and a natural and progressive evolutionary confinement to begin.

Thus from mould to Humans as we know them today, evolution was and is a slow insidious seamless process.

As is our very life itself - delivered to us on a second by second bases.

Reparation from ill health MUST take the same insidious seamless pathway.


First we have to go back to the very first free thinking animal, if they came before Humans.

Much the same as today as Darwin would have us believe; Survival of the Fittest/Strongest, kill or be killed. Eat or starve - at any costs.

Does this not ignore the masses or onlookers to this greedy style of evolvement.

What of them, does their single cell Mind not have a desire, direction and outcome in Mind.

If - Yes, is this is the real truth of our evolvement to Humans and the diversity of animals on earth.

The masses are made to be and kept in Fear.

This may well be acceptable for Man who is often stronger in size than a Woman and able to protect himself and family.

Does not the Woman do the same - in her way.

Yes is the answer and is at the centre of all evolution - Man’s part with his sperm, is a mere but necessary inconvenience.

Fear in Man causes Anxiety which he can relieve by killing - first a Women’s partner and Children and then seizing her as his own and procreating a new pack.

Survival of the strongest.


And later for the family food and protection.

Divide and conquer is created.

Women however, particularly if on the end of Man’s brutality, automatically convert their Fears into Anxiety - which has to be relieved, no matter what.

Under these circumstances; Women are extremely skilled at relieving Anxiety and Man would never know how.

All of this is at the centre of Talking Cures understandings and subsequent resolving of so many medical mysterious symptoms.

As a growing Child - we mostly all have a thought process similar too or even the same demonstrated with:

When I grow up I am not going to get married, I am Not going to have Children, but if I do, I will not bring my Children up to suffer in the same manner as I.

Thinking this to be a good Parental attribute.

Not realising this ONLY makes the Child suffer worse.

This process is at the centre of ALL evolution, genetic defects, genetic illness, all illness and inappropriate behaviour patterns.

As well as the seedbed for ALL creativity which most times is the Brakes on Madness.

For if we could not relieve the Anxiety - we would go mad.

No one - I repeat. NO one is. “GUILTY.”

No matter how nasty or horrible a Parent they appear to be for the part they play in the creation and sustaining of any illness - they are however RESPONSIBLE for their part in continuation of the evolutionary chain of command.

For we are all - Children of Parents, or with a few created exceptions...

...Parents of Children.

That includes myself.

Illness in the long term. “IS,” evolution and if we do not grasp the enormity of the situation soon, it will destroy the Human Race.


“If;” we only go back Ten generations we can see our Parents; both had Parents - whether they knew them or not.

The resulting Fertilisation is a clear demonstration of. “Knew them or not”

Many years before our Parents met, their individual Parents would have brought our Parents up to the above and to their individual profile - two sets of rules.

Failing to recognise this only made them suffer far worse - and the emergence of so many different named illnesses with cause not known.

Bring this system down just Ten generations and it does not take a degree in physics to see the catastrophic affect this process has on the destruction of humanity as we know or knew it.

And why illness is so difficult to manage, let alone cure.

For all of my career as a therapist I have practiced all illness was created on a shaky emotional foundation and for an ultimate cure a Person must stand securely on that very same foundation, as it is the only one they have, or will ever have.

On the eighteenth of October 2014 with the assistance of a Patient with a lifetime of Anxiety; I put into place what is the last piece of the puzzle of the creation of all illness with no known cause and no known cure.

Thus Talking Cures as an education style therapy in addition to all and every forms of treatment; finely became complete.

Which we will discuss later.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

From the depth and despair regarding my own knowledge regarding the cause and sustainment of my own Mind and Body Pains and discomforts.

My so called complimentary or alternative medicine tutors with their dedication, skill of teaching and knowledge, brought forward my intelligence to think more clearly and more important to take their teachings as my own and improve their works - instead of being constrained by their narrow Minded thinking.

I took this to mean. “We have taken our ideas regarding illness from historical and so called Scientifically proven Papers, using words that instead of making illness understanding clear, only taught students to obfuscate in such a manner they did not understand their own thinking, thus their writings and subsequent so called new age thinking remained as designed distinctly - OLD AGE.

This can be proven as a valid statement of extremely forward thinking, by looking at the pandemic understanding of illness, the effective management and cures for the 100,000 illnesses known in the world today are still seeking understanding of the cause, cure or management, which lasts for longer than the words and wisdom of scientific knowledge known at the time of writing this paper.

As the years progressed I built from the many medical papers I have read, my own dictionary of these words, phrases and understandings; in order to EXCLUDE them from my therapeutic vocabulary.

As they clearly have made no tangible and necessary impact on the understandings of Illness Pain or Fatigue.

Thus we can consider If a treatment does not cure - has it earned the right to be called medicine or even complimentary/alternative.

I hope in writing this response to your discussion-posting I have opened your Mind to a new way of thinking for you to improve on and incorporate as your own.

We all have a lot to teach and a lot to learn and learn we must if we are to improve the Mind and Body Health of the world’s population.

Understandings as Foundation of Talking Cures is the Blueprint of illness.

1. If the cause is no known or well known. Destroys any integrity that should follow.

2. Ever changing names. Destroys the integrity of proving anything scientifically.

3. The inability of anyone to listen to any form of Argument against their firm long standing beliefs. Which, are part of their inability to truly understand illness.

4. The ability or desire in the absence of their solid argument - to change the subject to a point away from the argument and to force a free thinking Person with new and innovative ideas into complying with the nonsense suppressive rules.

Often used by backward thinking Tutors or Professor Tutors who create laughter in the audience in order to ridicule the inspiring student with innovative ideas.

5. Repeating aged papers from the Nineteen Eighty’s and way beyond as fact and failing to link them to the harsh fact of today’s misunderstandings, understandings and poor treatment outcomes.

6. Using these aged papers as a way of accreditation for the new and latest obfuscating papers.

7. Dismissing Inspired thinking as Guesswork - because it is not “Scientifically Proven.”

8. The failure to recognise - ALL illness is as Unique to a Person as their very own Fingerprint.

9. Failure to recognise the Brain is but an Organ without instructions of the intangible Mind.

10. The thinking that Trigger Points at Pain site were the originating site of Pain instead of referred by the Mind.

If the Mind does not remember and incident as negative, the immune systems will always self-repair.

11. Thinking that cold spray or gentle stretching will make the Pain go away.

12. Thinking Muscles Protect Nerves instead of being recipients of the same Mind process.

13. Thinking - understanding the Bio-mechanical workings of the Body in Pain will advance the understandings.

14. Confusing seeing Pain through imaging devises as a diagnoses instead of a demonstration of an earlier cause - a symptom.

15. Using todays knowledge failing to recognise in real-terms there were no. “Experts in the past. Only contributing opinions."

16. Saying a lot but meaning very little.

17. Writing papers as long ago as 1994 and in 2015 still not being able to manage well the long studied - as a speciality, symptoms. Fibromyalgia is well known to be in this category.

18. Current inability to establish a cause and resolve Nerve Inflammation - still no more than a hypotheses, or guesswork.

19. Thinking. Axons, nociceptors. Abnormal mechanical sensitivity activity ETC ETC ETC. will be perceived by the Brain.

Failing to recognise - the Brain does not think or Perceive. It receives.

20. Thinking neurobiological is an understanding for Biological Pain. Instead of a symptom - projected by the Mind through the Brain.

21. Reading and writing papers which left the writer with - “a major challenge of how to explain biological Pain” - the revolving door of misinformation continues.

22. From my many readings - it is clear “no one has ever succeeded in demonstrating nociceptive input from putative myofascial trigger points.

23. All subsequent “research,” simply assumed the truth of what started out - and remains - as conjecture.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Your quotes:

"As the years progressed I built from the many medical papers I have read, my own dictionary of these words, phrases and understandings; in order to EXCLUDE them from my therapeutic vocabulary.

"As they clearly have made no tangible and necessary impact on the understandings of Illness Pain or Fatigue."

Here I see your talent on the interpretation process, you are a natural of this process.

It is amazing how you see the Mind as the primary creative force - for all the possible problems.

Wow Keep on going, I am amazed.

I know one Doctor right now that wrote his view of trigger point and he thinks he is the authority or that his is adding new knowledge to the existent one, but if I would put your argument on that discussion about trigger points, it would spin his theories to outer most limits.

Question. 1: Would you say the things that we created outside - good or bad, is based on our Minds thoughts?

Question. 2: So is the Mind is directly creating our worlds?

Question. 3: If so who created the universe mountains, clouds, ocean, rivers, sun, moon?

Question. 4: Is there a higher Mind, or can we say two rocks meeting in a high velocity could have created all what we see even the evolutionary laws with all their organization laws?

Question. 5: Meaning no life = two rocks in collision in space, creating life.

I was just thinking about that yesterday.

Curious on what you think.




Dear Romel Cordeiro Smart Body Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Many thanks for your question to which I am delighted to respond too.

It is best I say, not only from my own thoughts but from the many years of working with People with multiple and mysterious symptoms of Mind and Body ill health; I have never found any reason to believe different than...

Question 1 Answer: ...We Humans create and destroy many things on this planet and many times move things around the planet in order - in our Mind to improve, which later turns out not to be so. Perhaps the only answer we should accept - is a relief of Anxiety.

Introducing Rabbits into Australia - may be one of them.

Question. 2. Answer: So yes our Mind and its natural or unnatural - damaged, thoughts create and or damage the world as we know it.

Question. 3. Answer: Although I have demonstrated in an earlier posting my version of the world’s creation, one has to consider - it is my version, an opinion, not fact.

Question. 4. Answer: Something I feel no one will ever have the knowledge or intelligence to know and more importantly something perhaps Mankind - should never know.

Based on the greed corruption and self-created high-power Mankind has positioned himself with, which in reality only came from a damaged Mind or self-poisoned - Body Chemistry and as a consequence a high Anxiety and a seriously low self-worth/estimation.

Who knows what level of stupidity someone would come up with if they truly had the answers?

Question. 5. Answer: Thus it is reasonable to accept or consider the planet as we know it was and is still being created by Seismic and or Volcanic activity and all earth - mud and plant life evolved from this activity with a single cell mould - as the very first demonstration of life.

And clouds are but another form of steam, oceans and rivers, where steam too heavy to be supported by the atmosphere fell as Rain.

The Sun and Moon part of the same process and is there a Mind at the centre of all of this.

Hopefully we will never find the answers to this revelation.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Please explain. "Rights are fundamental to Human life - therefore are not Gifts, bestowed on a Child for being good."




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Taking into consideration other updates - can we consider, when illness prevails - there has to have been in place, a process.

The process as described from just or only the Ten Generation history leading to the education of Parents enables us to consider - a Child can only be conceived as a result of or by one of two processes.

1. Love; the natural desire based on the Parents own confinement, emotional stability and happy contented life, where two People come together in the process of creating a Child, they will Love and Cherish - till death, they do part.

2. Rape; Now, one and rightfully so, would consider this a bit narrow minded - too simplistic or of no scientific foundation.

One could interpret the above as...

...“We can only come to fruition as a Person as a result of being a...

1. A guest thus wanted.

2. A pest and not wanted.

Until one incorporates the understandings previously described.

Answer. Rape = a brutal or forceful attack on a Child, Women or Man. No contest.

Until one takes into consideration...

“...When I grow up I am not going to get married, I am Not going to have Children, but if I do, I will not bring my Children up to suffer in the same manner as I.”

Surely from this premise, one is able to conclude in the absence of true love, all conceptions are tantamount to or an expression of - Rape.

As they are not fully consensual, thus are subject to many manipulations by the Body Chemistry as designated by the Parent’s Mind history relating to their individual - Sperm and Egg health.

Only until fertilisation is the Father implicated in Genetic Construction and whether involved with the Child or not post conception and Birth will still negatively impact on the Child’s Emotional, Physical Health and Educational Wellbeing. Because the Fathers Mind history - is not of natural creation.

During confinement the Mother has full and unambiguous internal control of every aspect of a Child’s growth.

Mothers emotional stability during the confinement and life of the Child depicts to further and negative involvement - as to how the Child will mature or not through its entire life.

At this time the Father whether involved or not can still impact negative reactions and if involved and say - there are angry outbursts between Mother and Father these will impact on the Child’s entire life.

EG: Father saying through anger. “The Child is not mine, whose is it.”

To think the Child cannot make sense of this is a demonstration the Mind and Body are not connected or is not life until Born, surely is truly narrow Minded or Dualistic Thinking.


What are Fundamental Rights of Life.

If for the point of this discussion accept the Mould principle and consider - if the Seas were less or not toxic and caustic, the Mould would possibly have evolved completely different to the creation of life as we know it.

Surely the first and most of Fundamental of Rights of Life, is for our growth environment to be of a comfortable and properly fertile composition.

Surely No one would knowingly plant a cherry tree in an acidic earth, if current knowledge says it requires a different form of earth - please help me here gardeners, to grow and produce healthy fruit.

Thus Fundamental Rights are summarised - but not exclusively, as:

1. The Right to be conceived in a loving environment.

2. The Right to be nourished with and in - amniotic fluid. Mothers Body Chemicals which promotes good Mental and Physical Health.

3. Right to be Respected during confinement and a Person's entire life.

4. The Right to be loved.

5. The Right to be Happy.

6. The Right to be Warm.

7. The Right to be Fed and Emotionally - nourished during life.

8. The Right to be Safe.

9. The Right to be Educated in a respectful manner.

10. The Right to be Guided to see things in a way that is acceptable to both Parents and Child.

11. The Right Not to be blamed for - Not being the Child you were brought up to be.

There are of course many more Rights of Life too many to mention - however the rest are only adaptations of those listed above.

Rights - therefore are an expectation prior to and from conception and are permanently retained or removed by emotional and or physical trauma(s) until returned.

Whilst one must always refer to trauma in the plural - Traumas, the reality is there is but one trauma; An incident which denies or removes one’s Fundamental Human Rights.

Repeated many times during a Person’s life.

Of course one can name a trauma - Rape, but is not a Rose a Rose, no matter what colour.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures.


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

When I started to write the expose of myself and Talking Cures, I said, “the integrity of the question deserves my response to be Unique,” instead of copied from my many hundreds of papers relating to ill health.

This I have achieved so far with an extremely high degree of success.

With your permission I will for the next post use, albeit an edited version of a paper - I first wrote in 1996.

Although since my very first Patient in July 1983 dealing with as many symptoms a Person is able to present and accommodating to their ever changing presentations, has been one of consummate ease with my automatic use of the many tools techniques and understandings I have to hand being introduced and used - on a just in time bases, in relation to the presentation of information from a Person’s subconscious Mind.

However; during this time since you posed the original question - I have made many notes in order to create the response in a manner to which Illness is created to answer your question. “The Blueprint of illness -Talking, Cures? Really?”

Today these notes, whilst even to me I am astounded at the number of tools techniques and understanding I started off with and have built up over the years, which amount to Ten PC Word pages.

Over time; I will share all of these in order to fully answer your question.

With the introduction of Rights in the equation from Life creation to Talking Cures can we see with a full complement of Rights a Person will develop with a Healthy Mind Body and attitude to Life.

And with any one of the rights removed - to all of them; a very unhealthy life in all departments will insidiously develop and until the rights are returned; be treatment resistant.

Leaving us with and gently guiding us into the next conversation.

The Mystery of illness.

Sadly the only Mystery of illness is in the Minds of every one of us and the Medical Profession, who, having set itself up as The Font of Knowledge and confirmed it with...

...“We have the Scientific Proof.”

Yet the true understanding of illness for all of us is as rare as a ride on a Live Rocking Horse.

Thus we can see with Talking Cures understandings, there is no mystery - only a pandemic desire of humanity to hide from the truth.

As all well Health relates to Rights installed or ill-health Rights Removed.

From at least and during our conception - and possibly before, we have but One Emotion available to us.

An emotion perhaps a scholar would dismiss as mere poppycock or a misuse of a word or in my case misuse of the Queen’s English.

Yet without this word in our vocabulary; in life we could achieve nothing and is at the heart - cause, of all illness - No exceptions.

Perception - is the emotion; I know this sounds ridiculous; it is just a word.

Put it to the test, take it out of your vocabulary and daily activities - try to plan: just getting up in the morning, washing, dressing, having breakfast and getting to work on time.

If you do this exercise well, you will find and accept it is impossible.

However as the Mind does this with such speed and ease we would not even know we have planned our day.

As we have never been educated this emotion exists or how we should use it.

Therefor can we consider there is - no, “mystery of illness.”

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Peter I just thought of a question as you brought up the idea - mystery of illness.

I know without any question that the cause of all diseases is in the mind, I am still growing in that reality as a normal process of realizing it fully, I hope.

Question. 1: How can you explain a Child 1 year old having as serious problem in health?

Question. 2: How has the Mind brought that up without a full perception of conceptions or beliefs?

Question. 3: Where is the negative information in the Mind of that infant and without the help of beliefs or conception yet formed?

Question. 4: I heard one time a metaphysics Person saying, " the Mind is a Chair, when he saw a chair?

What does he mean by saying - the chair is the Mind?

Any clue?

Question. 5: What is Mind made of. why is part of our identity?


Thanks for you sharing these amazing information, I have no doubt many will come to read these info. someday and realize - Mind in Medicine.




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Thank you for your questions which I am delighted and most privileged to answer.

Question. 1. Answer: Sadly it is a scientific and Human belief derived from a lifetime of misinformation; that a Child either in the womb or just born - is of no intelligence or knowledge.

I feel we take this from some of the many animals who straight from the womb or egg, are up running and independent, because as Humans we are helpless for years as we grow and mature.

Question. 2. Answer: The truth as I see it is; Right from conception - or even from just before; we have an innate knowledge - a knowing, of such diversity and depth, in reality we do not require any further knowledge to run our life as we are of Full Maturity.

Sadly this is limited by our total inability of us Humans to fend for ourselves from Birth and the negative controlling activity of Parents.

From this we will have NONE of this life’s natural or comfortable experiences - memories.

Thus - if the perception in the womb is distorted by Mothers Body Chemicals or the negative environment prior and during conceptions - the Child’s Mind will interpret how it should grow and as illness is part of long-term evolutionary either change or not form correctly - as we Adults feel it ought too, or create illness as a protection.

Question. 3. Answer: The information for life is stored rather as a PC will run on RAM. = Random Access Memory.

In a PC switch it off and the Memory Dies.

The Mind however retains this rather like Smart Phones store much of our data in the cloud, where if we lose the phone or it is destroyed it is automatically downloaded when we log onto our account.

Therefore in the electrical and chemical circuits contained in our Head or better said Mind.

Mostly referred to as the Brain.

Like a PC has to have Disk operating system on the motherboard to connect and interact with the hardware, hard drive operating system and programs - without all of these working together the operator - The Brain is unable to use the machine - the Body.

Perhaps in reality we should not ask or know the answer to this question, however if we are to, then perhaps it is best we accept the Mind is in every one of our Body Cells.

Then we cannot be wrong - as it is and will remain as it should - intangible.

Question. 4. Answer: I could say I have not a clue, or it is esoteric claptrap, talking out of the part on the Chair being sat upon. which the Person is unable to truly answer.

However, Surely it must be fair to say the Chair has a prior knowing following being built; it is for sitting on. Thus is a Mind thing.

Question. 5. Answer: From an electronic scanner point of view the Mind in terms of substance matter, does not exist and never will - no matter how clever or even intuitive imaging scanners become in the future.

Thus it is ONLY intangible - yet of serious Chemical and Electrical Pulse, construction.

All electrical pulses are only symptoms of the Chemical Activity based on the memories and how the Mind deems it should latterly react to them and the new incoming information.

Therefor these and all memories are stored in the intangible or subconscious Mind - every cell in our Body - thus it is our Memories are our construct, our Identity or Emotional Phenotype-Ego presentation...

...The part we show to the world in order to interact with the environment and its Peoples.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

I understand all the explanations you gave me, but I have other questions.

Question. 1: You said; "therefore the memories are our identity (ego) and we could say memories also have the disease information?"

Question: 2: But how is possible with serious diseases that infants have them at just a few months old, when the amount of data is very small and at that stage without beliefs etc...?

Question. 3: And if all Children's Minds goes through similar Mother/Father relationships troubles, fears, anxieties, how come some kids have serious diseases at those earlier months and some do not?

Question. 4: 1 understand why an Adult can have such serious diseases from Mind information data, manifesting it. But not - the Child only months born could surely not have all those bad beliefs as an Adult to have leukaemia for example etc?




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Question. 1. Answer: Sadly and of course you can be forgiven as your Mind and thinking are constrained by the disinformation of Medical Science and its long standing belief. “The Mind and Body are separate.”

And that illness is complicated in order to protect their belief they have the Scientific Proof.

The reality is, illness is not complicated it may be considered complex; as its presentation is of many diverse symptoms.

In simple terms - Mothers Body Chemistry infused into the Child will carry what Medical Science would proclaim as disease information - the reality is Mother is without true knowledge, just asserting her will, based on her own miserable life onto her Child as a Protection.

Thus ALL of our memories become the Emotional Phenotype - image we present to the world or our - Ego.

Question. 2. Answer: It is the perception - of Size or intensity of the originating traumas that depicts as to whether it is of Childhood presentation or much later in the Adult.

Based on the power of desire to garner understanding of the originating cause and to make sense of it.

Question. 3. Answer: Again sadly this is scientific thinking, instead of - All illness is as Unique to a Person as their Fingerprint.

Based on their individual perception of their growing environment.

Time in womb and entire life.

Question. 4. Answer: If so challenged whilst in the womb a Child can and often does based on its perception of the situation create a lifetime rule which forces it to hide - as it is painful, unless and until a unique form of, "understanding," is presented - and presented - and presented = Talking Cures. Understanding

This of course has to be given a Scientific name to have meaning, "leukaemia." Is only a name to explain away, "we Scientists do not know."

No one will ever understand this unless they are able to demonstrate their depth of understanding - cannot be challenged or destroyed.

Romel, this possibly with an open Mind can be observed by my continual polite, patient, respectful, yet firm response to any challenges of myself my writings and of course Talking Cures.

Even I cannot tell Talking Cures what to say, thus I cannot be destroyed or sent packing just because I cannot or better said - will not provide any Scientific Proof.

Because all illness is as unique to a Person as their Fingerprint.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

I hope you are not taking my questions as a desire to destroy or anything of that matter.

Is that I know you have the knowledge and I like to see the different angles and off course I do not know the answer and the reason of the question.

I might be a little challenging, but for the sake of deeper answers?

Question: Peter would you accept there is higher truths, unlimited knowledge information, ways to address the Mind?

I like to also say, I consider you a good friend a colleague and a Person of integrity, I have no fear or nothing to hide in front of you.

And that is the reason I ask you, I like to see what you think and hopefully you are seeing my respect within my questions also.




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Thank you kind Sir for your comments - I do take your questions as an attempt to destroy me and so I should.

However they are in a respectful way, thus deserve all of the questions to be answered with the integrity of the question asked.

How are we to change the narrow minded thinking regarding illness - if you only sing my praises, based on pure nonsense thinking of mine, because it suits current suppressive thinking?

The very reason why Medical Science - in real terms; is such a nonsense.

Question. Answer: Although it would be my desire to find and accept there are higher truths, unlimited knowledge and information as ways to address the Mind.

As of todays date I am unable to find such Knowledge and Understandings - as it appears ALL treatments are only of Symptoms Management style; words that are only in my vocabulary to deny their validity as a treatment regime.

Working on the premise - if a Person's entire Body Chemistry is not addressed as implicit in their Health care improvement - it is for the therapist only and profit, not the Patient and the resolution of their long standing symptoms.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

From my readings of many posts in many discussions all throughout Linkedin I never saw yet anyone with integrity as you, or having the right vision on how medicine is done or have been done or the so-called representant of Medicine so-called science.

Your ways of showing the other side of the so called medical science is a direct one which they try to cover up.

Question. 1: I hope you let me use some of your quotes at times when I need some help to show the group in the discussion the cover ups or the so called need of scientific proof.

Your posts are very clear and concise.

Would you permit me in using some of your quotes.

Peter you have to explain this quote:

Question. 2: "How are we to change the narrow minded thinking regarding illness if you only sing my praises, based on pure nonsense thinking of mine because it suits current suppressive thinking" ....based on my pure non-sense thinking of mine....

I need to understand this part.

Thanks and refer to you as the one quoting it?

Peter explain this one also:

Question. 3. "I do take you questions as an attempt to destroy me and so I should, however they are in a respectful way, thus deserve all of the questions to be answered with the integrity of the question asked." why an attempt to destroy me........

Once you answer this to me I will tell you something.




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Thank you kind Sir for your words of wisdom and vision, I am humbled by them.

Question. 1. Answer: Nothing I write although intellectual copyright protected carries a fee for use.

I will be most honoured for you and any other interested party to use my works and quotes and publish if you feel it will be of assistance in advancing the worlds understandings of why we get ill and why we do not get well.

To give me and Talking Cures the credit will be reward enough for me.

Question. 2. Answer: In order to understand this - One must look at the history of medicine and its advances and the subsequent accreditations and Noble Prizes awarded to papers which even at the time of the award or going to press, were, if only in the Minds of the writers of no value and to keep decades later with what should be later and better information giving them worldwide accreditation and puppy eyed adoration - even though they have never proved anything of tangible value.

Thus - if I talk such nonsense it is imperative I know now and then I can improve my line of thinking, instead of gloating in the spotlight on a Strawman or an Ad Hominem mistake.

Never fear in any way shape or form to ask me to explain my thinking, the more you disagree - the more important it is to ask.

Is it not a virtue to change one's Mind in the light of later and better information.

Question. 3. Answer: If I am not truthful I am only lying to myself.

Cannot see the point in that, done that in my early life, no value.

I work on the bases WALLS Have Ears, thus I am talking in any of my web pages and social media postings to the World and desire them to hear. “therefore argue this with wisdom and you become my friend, do this with stupidity and you will still be my friend, but I will tear you to pieces if you cannot make good argument.”

Scientific Medicine is destroying its own integrity by constantly suppressing new and innovative ideas in favour of those which are not meant to work or for profit only.

I will not lower myself to this idiom?

A subject I have been giving presentations on for over Twenty Years now.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

One exception from writing this response uniquely is a paper I wrote in 1996 slightly edited for this presentation.

Mystery of illness.


illness is still in baffling the world of Medical Science/Medical Researchers and Doctors let alone the Millions of Sufferers of Multiple Symptoms and their Family, Friends and Colleges.

We all cry out, “I am ill." "I cannot cope with the Pain, Illness, Fatigue or the stresses of life," yet we do not know why.

It appears to me the reason for this based on poor knowledge and education of life. “WE” do not want to know the cause(s) as it would destroy our profit. - Emotional and Financial.

Of course, there are always horrible and very real Body symptoms we can demonstrate to the Medical Teams!

Thankfully and many times a medication, manipulation or an operation will resolve our dis-ease's.

The puzzle arises when all the current Chemical, Manipulative or Technological advances - including pills, potions, exercise, relaxation and holiday have been exhausted…

...Imagine having a two-week break from what you have come to understand as the stress in your life - 'Work.'

Having returned from the best holiday of your life - you have laughed your sides off - so you must have been relaxing.

Lazed in the sun - must be relaxing, pursued all of your interests - must be relaxing.

You return to work: - Monday morning midday, three hours have passed, one hour to lunch....

...There you are as Tired, Lethargic or even Fatigued as that Friday afternoon before the holiday, where you blamed the tiredness on the forward preparation, thereby enabling you to take the well-deserved break, free of any unresolved work.

Puzzled? or is it confirmation, it is the job. "I must get out of this place," your Mind proclaims.

Why should these feelings return so quickly after such a wonderful break.

A "tonic" that is what I need.

Feeling run down you take yourself to the Doctors.

The Doctor, wonderful and understanding as he/she is, after perhaps three months or so with little or no improvement, metaphorically throws his/her hands in the air and says. "I do not have the answer," whilst perhaps a phrase or quotation goes through his Mind, "Tiredness, unspecified ill health."

With the passing of time, soon forgotten is the tonic, as is the conversation with the Doctor. The tiredness comes and goes, insidiously replaced by a cold or summer flu, frequently reoccurring and takes simply ages to leave you.

Is this a similar pattern - so many of us recognize at some time in our lives.

Three to six-years or even more pass and seemingly unconnected, new symptoms appear.

'Is it as simple as that.'

One symptom or a collection: Chest Pains, Dizziness, Headache, Back Pain, Sore or inflamed Joints, Muscle, Bowel or Bladder dysfunction, Mouth Ulcers or an uncomfortable Throat or Chronic Fatigue - all of which - thanks to the Doctors wonderful tonic, we fail to link with earlier disorders discomforts and TRAUMAS.

Pesticides, Depression, Virus, Bugs, all are blamed on the insidious progression of many illnesses. "It is all in the Head," say Practitioners at the end of their tether, as they have neither the answers - nor treatments to offer their Patient's.

The Patient retorts back "it is not in my Head, it is in my Body, because I can feel it?"

Neither of them are correct.

The term. 'All in the Head,' has become a modern day icon - almost always said in a patronizing manner that can and does, make any Person feel depressed and...

...Qualifies Medical certificates - as no more than pieces of Paper.

It is this attitude that causes People to withdraw into their shell, afraid to pursue their illness any further.

Even loving Parents or Partners saying often without their knowledge on behalf of their loved ones. "We have done enough searching for effective treatments; we are not going to do any more."

Many create support groups with a rightful desire and need to force the awareness of government and public.

Clearly, what is needed is a different understanding, of the real cause of all illnesses, we have for too long been shrouded by the mysteries of illness.

Did Freud, in his infinite wisdom, fail to see the significance of his principle; "The Mind pursues pleasure and avoids displeasure at all costs."

His perception of the very wisdom that created this now age-old philosophy was, perhaps, at the very least incomplete - if not incorrect. 'Fun, good health and enjoyment of life are our Fundamental Human Rights of life! Not gifts.'

Did he rescind the use of Hypnosis due to his own personal-professional reasons, or was it that old peer pressure or Institutional Establishment Suppression.

When they say; "We do not do it that way," "Do We."

We can add to this Darwin's theory of evolution, in that 'Life is per chance' “Survival of the fittest” and ask was this correct.

Whilst we are re-evaluating Freud and Darwin what about the Geneticist's - are they correct in the belief that many illnesses are the result of faulty Genes?

Or is illness in itself, part of the process of genetic mutation and evolutionary change.

If a Person is ill with a genetic illness, is taking their own stem cells creating a cure, or is it creating another mysterious illness for generations to come.

Or Even a NEW Race of People.

Was Darwin's theory more environmentally friendly or did peer pressure stop him, either finding fear - creator of Anxiety - created evolutionary change or publishing the truth as he really felt it to be, and was.

The man who mesmerized trees - Anton Mesmer bathed People in iron filings and was banned from practicing his seemingly bizarre method of treatment by the Church and the men that professed they had a greater degree of knowledge; proclaiming his actions, as dangerous and of no value in the treatment of People who had illnesses, even though the medical profession of the time could not cure.

Today in the year 2015 these same men would be able to hide behind the protectionism afforded by their Governing Bodies, such as the British Medical Association or the Advertising Standards Authority.

Perhaps protecting their low-self-esteem or lack of better understanding of the cause and effective treatments of all illness.

On the other hand, was it the fear within them or the fear of losing their valued position in the community...

...That suppressed Mesmer.

Let us first examine Freud's principle. "Pursue pleasure and avoid displeasure at all costs," change his perception and consider that 'Illness' is the pursuit of pleasure.

'Displeasure' is the avoidance of the original cause - traumatic incident.

Can we, do we, ever, truly put down life's traumas and continue our life unaffected or do we remember or desire not to remember them on a painful - daily basis.

Resulting in Illness as a process of the Mind, not. “All in the Head/Mind” - expressed as a weakness.

It takes much more Strength and Fortitude to sustain illness, than it ever does to be well.

Picture an inverted pyramid: the point where contact is made on the ground representing the time and place that a trauma took place, the remainder - Further traumas or reaction to Trauma, built up level by level, two or three levels from the bottom a membrane - call this attitude change or even Childhood illness; measles, croup, growing pains etc etc etc... is created, rather like a damp course in a building.

Imagine the enormous pressure brought to bear on the lower point or ground beneath.

This can and perhaps should be considered as all Humans.

Change now the part beneath the membrane to represent a trauma that family pressures Traditional Values can place on a Young Person, with the instructions. “Put it to the back of your Mind, it will be safe there," it is never safe there - change the membrane to the cross over between the so called, conscious and sub-conscious Minds, allow time to seemingly fade or destroy the memory.

Feel the pressure on the contact point.

Consider the damaging effects our now out of control - yet controlled to absolute balance - Body Chemicals have in the safe running of our Mind and Body.

Add much later during illness and treatments, “You have got to move on.”

If we could move on, do we really think we would have to be told.

If a comparison can be made, then Darwin's theory becomes a little easier to understand and we then question, is there such thing as - 'per chance' in his theory of evolution, or is it the weak who create genetic change. Surely the strong have no need to change.

In addition, how much, if at all does Fear or Anxiety cause Genetic change, first in the Mind of the Mother or the Father in turn altering the hormonal/chemical secretions throughout their Body, changing the RNA - Building blocks of DNA in the genetic message - DNA contained in the egg and sperm, result - faulty genes.

If this is true, are faulty genes, really an error…

Do we ever make a mistake in anything we do - or is it merely the right thing to do at any one time.

Only milliseconds later with the benefit of hindsight do we, wish we had done that better.

Leaving us with the feeling. "I do not want to go through that again."

Now where have we heard those words before.

Rather like having a bag of Nails for a construction job and throwing half of them away because the Point is the wrong end.

Five items for further consideration within this new revelation.

1. Is there such a thing as a habit or Addiction: - Smoking. Drinking. Drugs. Allergies etc.

2. Are there really withdrawal symptoms from Drugs, Alcohol, etc.

3. Senile Dementia and Alzheimer's are they 'really;' illnesses of old age.

if not - Can they be treated before the destructive strength of time and inappropriate medical applications take hold.

4. Are there accidents or purposeful incidents of subconscious desire/acts.

5. Is 'Obesity,' really just a result of what we eat.

6. Is HIV/AID’s really the killer it is made out to be, or is it just a collection of symptoms set out to defy all but those intuitive enough to see through the cloak of Multiple Symptoms.

Or do we all, when suffering pain/illness with multiple symptoms have, A I D, An acquired immune deficiency, as distinct from syndrome.

How many other icons can be added to this list.

7. Update March 2016 - at a presentation on Dementia in central London it became clear a new and most seriously worrying tread is starting. Treatment concern is now aimed at the Carer rather than the Patient.

Take Freud, Darwin, the Geneticist’s, these six-addendums.

Put them in the melting pot with one contrary or lateral Mind - Mine - that looks at things differently and yet still has the same life’s prejudices and Body discomforts to deal with...,

...'the mystery of illness is then solved.'

It is the traumas of life that create the very illnesses without a cure! or the circumstances explained on this site, do we without better knowledge; really want them cured.

Teach or Educate us Humans from this equation into a new way of running our life, then in the passage of time perhaps illness can be eradicated or at the very least considered a complete waste of energy, as well as strength and not in the least a weakness.

Consider the Mental as well as Physical strength and energy that a Person with Visible Physical Disability uses to walk, compared to what a 'normal,' fit Person would use.

Apart for the protestations. I.E. Limping, complaining we make, where in reality very few diseases can be seen with our eyes.

So remain a part of the mystery of life/illness. I Wonder WHY…

Peter Smith Talking Cures asserts the right to be recognised as author and Intellectual ©Copyright holder of this document Dated 6th November 1996, Revised: 29th July 2002, 6th April 2009, 26th January 2011, and 23rd April 2011.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Question. 1: Peter do you think all the Mind problems that manifest in the physical realm are based on traumas in essence?

Question. 2: Or there are more factors that add to the trauma?





Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Nice questions.

Question. 1. Answer. Although from my very first lesson of instruction on route to becoming a Hypnotherapist in 1982 - I “Knew,” any form of Trauma caused all Body illness.

No exceptions.

Therefore it is fitting; if at any time since then I had to, “think,” as you describe “Mind problems that manifest in the physical realm are based on traumas in essence.”

I would demonstrate to the Subconscious Mind of the Person in my surgery and any Person I conversed with; I do not know what I am talking about. Thus failure will be next.

I either Know or I do not Know, there is no Grey matter division in between.

There is nothing wrong with not knowing, other than one cannot not know what one does not know.

Which should spark intelligent questioning.

Why do I not know and how can I find out.

My Thirty Years of experience has demonstrated very clearly - All illness is caused by Traumas. No exceptions.

Question. 2. Answer: Once a Person has been subjected to a Trauma this information is filtered through what is called. “The Conscious Mind,” into the Subconscious Mind...

...our master keeper of ALL life memories - no exceptions.

This Traumatic information like all good information, cannot, even by subsequent traumas of exactly the same nature be altered, added too, moreover must not be taken away.

Once sensitised by a traumatic even during confinement - this will make a Person susceptible to further traumas as the Parents will be the creators and thus perpetrators of a traumatic life.

Moreover any attempt to forcibly change traumatic memories will be met by serious resistance from the subconscious and any attempt to Remove by forgetting - WILL result in HOLES in the memory and WILL cause a Person to die. No exceptions.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Question. 1: Is by changing the perception of these traumas events, the way to fix the trauma reactions causing disease?




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Question. 1: Yes that is exactly the case, Later as my exposé progresses will cover this in more detail.

It is the manner in which Talking Cures brings back the traumatic memories which allows the Mind to store them in a better more comfortable order.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Question: What makes one perception right and the other wrong, causing diseases, etc..?




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Thank you for your continued question; as always I am delighted to answer.

Question. Answer: Simply the content or intent of the information received.

Positive = Positive Perception.

Negative = Negative Perception.

And how anyone based on previous knowledge and experience automatically decides - perceives how they should for the rest of their life or until Understanding is received - deal with it.

Negative alters the entire Body Chemistry which in time become illness.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

We have discussed from Life Creation to Talking Cures and Rights of Life.

Although not directly or as it should be featured - as a Right; can we now discuss the desired outcome of this entire process.

To create a secure Foundation; It is our Fundamental Right to build-create a secure foundation for us to run our life from and on.

It is a fundamental right and a necessity for us to build a foundation during confinement, sadly this for most of us is compromised by our Family heritage via Mothers Entire Body Chemistry and our perception of the situation - not family medical history!

Thus having a secure Foundation is a Fundamental Human Right.

Because it can only exist in secure form - with all of the fundamental rights being in place.

Therefore, any form of Mind or Body discomfort which has not self-repaired is a clear demonstration of the negative aspects of this process.

The process of our Foundation creation is denied satisfactory completion or is destroyed; if our Birth is further compromised with Mothers arduous, enduring labour, our passage through the Birth Canal and the Pelvic Girdle in particular.

Although this impact on us can, it may not be, creating of everlasting and unrelievable pressure on every sinew or cell of a Child’s tiny frame.

This is much dependent on our perception of comfort within the womb and birthing process.

And whether or not we have experienced a major trauma during or just prior to our conception.

Following birth; for the first few weeks we are taking control of our life and altering our entire Body Chemistry to suit; in accordance of our history and memories so far.

Therefor it can be seen; if we have created a secure foundation we are then able to progress more naturally and healthily.

If we have experienced during confinement, a massif trauma or at Birth then our foundation is either not completed to satisfaction or much worse is stripped away from us by later traumas.

At this time we have to make a decision - thinking a Child this young is not able to make what will be Life Making or Breaking decisions is a demonstration of the much misinterpreted and misused Dualistic thinking.

In Simple terms the decision we make is - Either Die or Survive.

It is this process where so many later treatments - are not by the subconscious Mind; allowed to be successful, even if they are disease modifying.

When we hear a Person - A Teenager use the term. “But you do not understand,” it may well be, yet is not guaranteed to be linked to this process.

The decision to die needs no further explanation as the Child will either be stillborn or die inappropriately during life, with multiple and mysterious symptoms.

Survive is a different matter and can be explained as and is the latest addition in my long line of unique understandings as to; why we get ill and why we do not ever get well.

With instead of creating a tangible foundation to live our life on, we create a “virtual foundation,” as the only one we have and is of. “Anxiety.”

The emotion we will subsequently use to. “Drive,” everything we do in our life, for good bad or indifferent.

Anxiety is discussed more fully in this Web page. Anxiety

At approximately Three weeks of age this decision making process is or should be automatically given credence by the creation of the combination of Mind Body and Spirit.

The process by which we become whole, or can be described as the creation of our Personality and Phenotype Personality.

It is advisable not to consider Spirit in any other way other than stated or of religious intent.

Our Spirit - combined with natural Anxiety - Is our driving force.

If this process does not or is not allowed to automatically take place, this then becomes the seedbed for ALL creativity as the Brakes on Madness.

For if under the explained circumstances we did not or could not become creative - we surely would go mad.

It is by this process we lose at an early or inappropriately timed point in their life, the People we call innovators or superstars.

It is this process which creates so-called - Manic Depression or as it is now known by a name change; Bi Polar Disorder.

AND ALL of the skills we create in life and especially those labelled. “Born a Natural.”

Thus we can perhaps see from approximately Three Weeks of age - our Life time of achievements is somewhat mapped out.

This can and should include ALL illness.

Added too by subsequent traumas.

At the time of any and all traumas the Subconscious Mind has to instantly make a life lasting decision - protection - as to how to deal with the situation it perfectly understands, yet is - unable to make sense of.

Thus later traumas - only confirm the earlier belief.

It is essential to recognise the Subconscious Mind as an entity in itself, almost as separate from the Person and to give credit to it.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Peter in your experience:

Question. 1: How long, more or less will it take a Person with for example - Cancer of the Breast?

Question. 2: Or Leukaemia?

To get better with Talking Cures.

Just curious on how long it would take the Mind to accept the new changes as experience.

Thanks - I think the psychology world should look at your material.

I have just listened to a psychiatric Doctor stating - that all the Mental problems and others are due to Brain damage he discovered after carrying out thousands of MRI scans and found Brain damage and poor circulation in all the problems he was studying: Depression Bipolar, Schizophrenia - etc... anger, insomnia etc....

Missing the main point all information as to cause is written in the Minds experience.




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Question. 1. Answer: Nice question, with all of my collective years of experience I can safely say. “As long as it takes,” is the best and only answer.

This does however rely on how the Person’s subconscious Mind interprets my early information in a therapeutic environment; as their illness is a Protection, stored in their Mind - but in an inappropriate manner.

Thus is an advantage not in the slightest a disadvantage.

The People around them play a large part in our speed of success or failure, as they are the ones who either created the illness or perpetuate it.

Many times following intensive conversations about a loved one’s long-term mysterious ill health, a significant Person in an ill Person's life have said to me....

...“We have done enough we are not going to do anymore.”

And if the emotional value of...

...“Do not take my illness away from me, I will not know what to do with the time.”

Can be re-educated, to...

“We cannot and must not predict your future but we can and must work towards you becoming the Person you would have been without the lifetime of traumas and responses to traumas - called illness.

Breast Cancer. Again there is no definitive answer; Just a little over four years - December 2010, ago my 66 year old dancing partner, although a lifetime of no smoking, Drinking or eating junk foods was soon to be operated on for Breast Cancer.

Following surgery to remove the Breast - no reconstruction and lymph Node removal, the surgeon said. “By the way you had the most aggressive Breast Cancer there is."

She also had a lifetime of reoccurring or permanent: Colds and Flu, IBS, High Anxiety, Sleeplessness, Fatigue and open wounds sores on each side of her nose and a dry scab on her forehead.

Following Radio and Chemo Therapy as a result of Talking Cures as anticipated, there was just one side-effect - the loss of Hair. Although there is no way of knowing the truth I felt at the time the Protection disallowed my offering a treatment to avoid this unpleasant side effect.

And at the behest of the Patient - no follow up medications.

Today - March 2016 she is apart from some fear of the sleeplessness concerns returning for which she self-prescribes a Herbal Sedative as a safety blanket. She is almost symptom free.

With just a small red spot, with no feeling of irritation on just one side of her Nose.

Assuming the negative Mind Thought processes are securely and completely dealt with I would somewhat expect this process to apply to most cases - depending on the initial time of intervention. And how the Mind accepts the intervention.

The case history of this is written up, but not for public domain publication!

Question. 2. Answer: Leukaemia. Only once have I treated a Person with this disorder and very quickly according to the Patients Doctors - the blood count improved.

Sadly and I can only consider the answer above applied, as I was not privy to the final outcome.

Talking Cures is not so much a treatment - as a process of re-educating the Mind and its entire Body chemistry.

Making promises as to process time and the outcome is tantamount to predicting the future - the premise of therapeutic foolhardiness.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Rosemarie Lanchester CCH, Speaker, Stress and Pain Relief Specialist, Transformational Coach

The Mind is all powerful, all knowing and is infinitely powerful !!...

Traditional medicine has no idea how pain manifests...

The Body will heal unbelievably rapidly, based on what I have seen within my own clients and my own personal issues - once we identify the root cause.

I believe all pain and illness has an emotional root.

This is not fiction!!

I challenge anyone who thinks otherwise!!...

Chronic pain and the manifestation of illness is preventable once we identify our own emotional trauma and utilize techniques that are EASY and self-administered, I am sooo truly grateful to have discovered Emotional Freedom Technique.

It has saved my life and those I have had the privileged of serving!


Rosemarie Lanchester


Dear Rosemarie Lanchester CCH, Speaker, Stress and Pain Relief Specialist, Transformational Coach

Many thanks for your comments. It is seriously encouraging to read a comment which mentions. “The Mind.”

For it is our Master and Keeper of ALL information for our life; for good bad and indifferent and without our memories, not only would we not be able to function on even the lowest biological level, moreover illness and Pain would not even exist.

It is true Allopathic Medicine or Modern Medicine does not have a clue as to the cause of illness - let alone Pain.

Yet it imperative we constantly remind them of this well published, by themselves - fact.

In addition we must recognise they have set up a unique treatment regime, able to take on if only to poorly manage the many symptoms we humans present to them by the millions.

Until such times as other healthcare bodies - alternative Complimentary, have the same or greater ability, they will from my point of view remain the first point of call for any one suffering - any disorder.

And all others therapies must work collaboratively - as in addition to this Healthcare Body and more importantly they must encourage our participation on a. “Never do harm principle.”

Yes the Body will heal rapidly if a Person is not pre-traumatised and WILL NEVER Self Heal until all of the manifestations of the trauma - including subsequent traumas or adaptations of same; are resolved.

You are correct ALL Pain and illness has an Emotional Root, however even with my Thirty Two years of experience only treating People with Multiple and poorly treated Mysterious Symptoms to state as you do it is a “fact;“ somewhat fails to take into consideration. “All illness is as unique to a Person as their Fingerprint.”

Thus it may well not be. “Fiction” yet we must recognise it is a personal opinion - not a fact.

With this I rise to your challenge.

Your comment. “Chronic pain and the manifestation of illness is preventable once we identify our own emotional trauma and utilize techniques that are EASY and self-administered.”

Appears to me to be somewhat contradictory.

With the use of; “illness is Preventable.”

Surely this may be so if it was prefixed with. “Further.”

Otherwise what you are suggesting is further Management of Symptoms with; “utilize techniques that are EASY and self-administered.”

Sadly my long-term experience has shown to me whilst. “WE,” “can” identify our own emotional traumas - sadly alone we cannot completely resolve them, only move them so they do not show in the same manner - for a while.

With regards to your comment regarding. “Emotional Freedom Technique.” I can confirm whilst I have knowledge the technique exists, I am not trained for its use - however as Romel has put Talking Cures under the microscope by setting up this page up for me to explain why Talking Cures has the Blueprint of illness and Allopathic has not.

It would not be in keeping for me to distract from the point of this discussion by make any comments I have regarding the use of EFT, may I suggest you put your own Knowledge and skills under the microscope, by setting up a like page to further explain the secrets of EFT rather than just talking about how successful EFT is.

If its use has improved or saved your life this garners my support.

In the absence of ANY Scientific Proof - regarding any illness that does not self-destroy its intent by the use of the words. “The cause is not known and there is no known cure.”

I adopt a policy; “every Persons comments are not only acceptable - but necessary,” thus any LinkedIn or Social Media Group still adopting the “posting sent for editorial review" policy, is just hiding - if but only from themselves how little they know or indeed want to know about their chosen speciality.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Wayne T Pickett I.T. Comms & Services Professional, Polymath, innovator, sometime visionary, Inventor and Pioneer

Looks to me like Talking Cures, are using techniques based on a genuine scientific. Phenomenon called PNI. - PsychoNeeurImmunology - without knowing it.

Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), also referred to as psychoendoneuroimmunology (PENI), is the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the Human Body.

Suggest all interested. Look it up..... the field was first proven and elucidated by Ader & Cohen and you will find plenty online about it.

I believe it to be. An extremely important. Part of 21st century medicine.

I personally used it myself - with the aid of a Hypnotherapist. - on my wife who had stage 4 colon cancer - prognosis 3 to 6 months - "go home, settle your affairs & say your goodbyes..:"

Mostly I Invented my own techniques for visualisation and immune attack based PNI. - She also continued; 'conventional treatment, ' which didn't appear to do much - her 'peers' on that same treatment were dying like flies...

There is no question- it worked, in some cases was like a true miracle - e.g.

After ONE, hugely successful Hypno. Session aprox 15 to 20 metastatic tumours on her liver disappeared, virtually overnight, something entirely inexplicable in the 'conventional' medical Chemo sense.

There is no question- it WAS the PNI based techniques that did it.

The PNI was the only thing directly & exclusively targeting these tumours.

She was still with us nine years later - she only died because she basically gave up the PNI after being ravaged by the highly toxic chemotherapy which I think was worse than the disease.

Had she not given up the PNI I believe she would still be with me... "sadness."


Wayne T Pickett


Dear Wayne T Pickett I.T. Comms & Services Professional, Polymath, innovator, sometime visionary, Inventor and Pioneer

Thank you kind Sir.

I just love it when I am challenged with constructive and valid points of interest to which your comments fit perfectly.

It is true to say Talking Cures is based on many of our forebears who did not get it right, they can be forgiven to continue their work is unforgivable in many instances.

All I have done is interpret what I felt they really desired or knew was correct to say, but was suppressed into submission by their own weakness and the collective strength of those with most to lose from the finding of the truth regarding the cause of illness.

Thus there is no such thing as Genuine Scientific Phenomenon called PNI - it is all an opinion based on poor earlier knowledge.

As regards Ader and Cohen the only interesting point I am able to gather from their work is the use of the word. “Mind.”

Their investigations into Mice and Lupus is somewhat laughable as fails to take into account Mice do not speak nor do they think the same as Humans and any imposed stimulus will NEVER give and results - other than those one desires to find.

And to think one can Condition a Mouse let alone a Persons Mind is no more than Dualistic thinking at its worst.

Thus they Scientifically Proved nothing of value if they did in such a short space of time since their finding - treatments would be more successful, which they are not.

As perhaps the only Person in the world ever to have improved the life and outcome with a Person with Lupus given Five years to live - I feel somewhat justified in making this point.

The only impotent part Ader and Cohens work has been somewhat brought to the fore by my efforts over the past near thirty years is to be seen the entire medical profession is rushing headlong into disaster by thinking the Brain a has a part to play in illness - soon they will have no option but to incorporate the Mind, only then will PNI bring added value to an ailing industry.

I would not disagree Visualisation techniques as a management tool shows some improvement, as the story of your wife demonstrates.

Sadly however your argument is weakened by your further comment “she was still with us Nine years later.”

Had you have truly understood what you were doing, she may well have survived.

Demonstrated very eloquently with. “She only died because she gave up on PNI.”

If you are unable to answer this simple point, then one must consider PNI is only a short term management and not of any Scientifically Proven Value.

May I share your sadness.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Hello Peter, your quote is amazing. "In the absence of ANY Scientific Proof - regarding any illness that does not self-destroy its intent by the use of the words; "The cause is not known."

Are you saying that any illness can be destroyed by the use of words?

Is that because the Mind will change the way understand the trauma event that happen in the past or present, in a different way more accepting?

If that is true is an amazing process that can be used to change information deep inside the Mind data bank.




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Thank you. No Romel I am not saying illness can be destroyed by the use of words.

I am saying ALL illness has its foundation as to its cause, steeped in negative words - which can and are often demonstrated by actions; Bullying/Murder are only Words; put into action.

Yes when the Mind understands, there is - by its own long forgotten or not as the case may be, information or Negative words - not of my creation in a Person.

As trauma irrevocably altered the entire Body Chemistry - the biological cause of illness, a new better way of interpreting the stored and negative information, then the Mind will insidiously alter, again irrevocable, the entire Body Chemistry as a process of working towards and eventual freedom from long-term and mysterious symptoms.

Any attempt to. “FORCIBLY CHANGE” information stored with the MIND - WILL KILL a Person.

However to re understand or as I would prefer; put aged information into a better Logical Sequential Order will improve a Person health, rather than the random and seriously damaging order created by trauma.

Try printing just this page first reading it. Second, tear it into a thousand pieces.

Patiently iron flat all of the pieces - put together the page and then try to read and make sense of it.

First the print on the tears will not be there and second, check how long this took and how much energy used, which could or should have been use elsewhere.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.





Rosemarie Lanchester CCH, Speaker, Stress and Pain Relief Specialist, Transformational Coach

Taking information from your post Peter, I would like to make these comments for everyone's benefit.

1. "I'm not sure if People have an actual 'blueprint,' that their life path follows."

2. "I do believe that family history and certain medical doctor's 'diagnosis' play a significant role creating an 'auto suggestion,' with some Patients."

3. "The Mind can either accept or reject those influences."

4. "We all have this power!"

5. "I do believe that People reincarnate with a Soul's purpose that People may or may not fulfill throughout their lifetime."

6. "We are all here to evolve, learn lessons and help others with our knowledge."

7. "I also believe that past lives play a definite profound role in what is going on in our lives this moment."

8. "I have had my own experiences from past lives and had readings by two separate individuals that I was hung in a particular lifetime.

Through hypnotic regression with another individual, I recall looking down at the weave of my dress just before the rope tightened around my neck."

9. "I actually developed stigmata (mysterious Body Marks appearing from no where) during that session which lasted several hours and have always felt uncomfortable wearing turtleneck sweaters."

10. "I confirmed this fact testing my own muscle, which is a powerful way to access the subconscious mind."

11. "My intention for this post is to suggest that we all have immense power; more than we could ever realize!"

12. "I have pure intention to share what I hope will enhance the reader's understanding of how the Mind and Body are one."

13. "There are tools that actually alter neural pathways just by tapping on certain points."

14. "This method quickly allows that part of the brain called the 'amygdala' which holds the 'fight or flight' stress response, to 'neutralize' the effects of these old blueprints."

15. "Once the negative event or emotion is neutral, no longer evoking an uncomfortable response, the Body dissolves the need to be painful or ill."


Rosemarie Lanchester


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Your posting-discussion is about my and Talking Cures sharing the Blueprint of illness and how to bring about a resolution of presenting symptoms.

With this in Mind and subsequent postings and questions in order to ensure the integrity of the understandings thus far explained we must have the integrity and wisdom to revisit some of the earlier discussions in order for this to happen.

During my early education and prior to my first Patient I was under the secure understanding that Direct Suggestion using either Words or Hypnosis was just about the worst therapeutic tool one could use.

Being in reality; only for the therapist benefit - not ever the Patient.

Today and for many years I have been aware - this can be construed as Management of Symptoms and of no therapeutic long-term value.

This practise fools one into thinking One Understands illness Blueprint, sadly this is not the truth as it only confirms one only listens with one’s Ears and sees with one’s Eyes.

A demonstration of this can be seen in my earlier discussion; my first Patient was placed in a position of removing herself from the torment I unwittingly left within her.

Through my lack of knowledge and indeed of Hearing with my Ears, seeing with my Eyes - and NOT WITH MY MIND.

My Patients demise only confirmed for me - my inability’s, through lack of knowledge of the True Blueprint of illness.

Although I have never felt Guilty for her demise, I did and still do to a point, hold myself responsible.

Teaching me - all I did within her treatment was listen to, “her;” Blueprint of illness, which is not to be confused with. “The Blueprint of illness.”

Had I not previously learnt - not to use Direct Suggestion - Management and had it confirmed to me by this story.

I would no doubt today by popular scientifically proven opinion been coerced to use management tools to manage illness, based on the Patients portrayal of their illness, which for them is correct - but in reality; never so.

This process is confirmed by the fact - for Ten years she was able to run her life well, but all of the time because I did not or was not allowed to complete the resolution to HER Subconscious Minds satisfaction all of the traumas in her life were returning with full venom.

Importunately - I DID NOT SEE IT COMING.

A bad therapeutic shortcoming, which can and does fool all of us at some time into thinking management of symptoms in any way shape or form, is of therapeutic expediency.

Family medical history IS NOT part of the Blueprint of illness, tapping into this is only a distraction of the truth and forces the Mind to make a decision it is right in the belief. “NO ONE UNDERSTANDS or even cares about - My Blueprint of MY illness.

This is nothing directly to do with any Mind or Body symptoms, although it is the creator of and will later bring out dormant yet highly active symptoms - my Patients death, as a result of management having tapped into the information with the Patients Blueprint of illness not the. True Blueprint of illness.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Question: Peter your quote: "Teaching me - all I did within her treatment was listen to, “her,” Blueprint of illness, which is not to be confused with. “The Blueprint of illness.”

So are you saying that many times what we are hearing as a complaint of the so-called problems - is not the real problem?

Is always about a trauma somehow deeper within the Subconscious Mind?




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Question. Answer: This is exactly what I am saying.

This in a way you can try yourself.

Go to a time when a Person says something too you.

It could be a compliment or even a detriment.

Then consider your response to the comment.

Let us make a demonstration.

A Man or a Woman says to and Woman or a Man. “You look nice.”

On the face of it - this is a compliment.

However based on the Persons pre-existing Emotional Phenotype this very compliment may well be received as. “You do not mean that.” Or “What do you want.”

Now for adults somewhat easy to comprehend.

Consider a Child damaged by traumas then only the negative part will have consequence yet the biological response seen many years later will compute into say. “Doctor I am always tired yet I sleep well.”

The Doctor responds with a tonic and the True Blueprint is lost forever.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Peter your quote:

Question: "However based on the Persons pre-existing Emotional Phenotype this very compliment may well be received as. “You do not mean that.” Or “What do you want.”

Are we all living as an. Emotional Phenotype? Seeing, hearing, feeling all in the emotional state?




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

I know and perhaps appreciate the exposé of a Person and a therapy in this way sharing ALL of their therapeutic techniques and understandings free of fees is somewhat unique and your intuitive and wise on subject questions, make it a joy to utilize the energy and time required - to explain in the detail so far.

To which I make no apologies for repeating as there is nothing more repeating than being told - try this and it does not work; so try this.

Question. Answer: Phenotype as we know is the shape our Genetic construction depicts.

Emotional Phenotype is our construction from Mothers Body chemistry based on her early life positive or negative emotional history.

To which as further life experiences take place again be they positive or negative we automatically and without our knowledge create our Emotional Phenotype as the picture of us - we desire ourselves and the world to see.

Clearly from this premise if the emotional history is negative then the image we show to the world is of a negative nature.

This process is to gain understanding of the traumas and make a more comfortable sense of them.

E.g. When one hears ones Child scream. “Mum Dad you do not understand,” when told - they must at say 16 be home by 9pm.

Child response in their Mind. “You do not mean that.

You just do not want me to suffer in the same manner as you, “because in the first world War or Victorian Times you were constrained by such rules.”

The problem is not the time constraint; it is the embarrassment in front of their peers, of like a baby - having to go home early.

Therefore showing up a low self-estimation brought on by negative traumatic input from significant Persons. - Parents.

Therefor with any Person when any symptom prevails be they of Mind or Body, then a pre-existing and still unresolved trauma exists - creating “our” Mirror to the world our Emotional Phenotype.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

This discussion is about my and Talking Cures sharing the blueprint of illness and how Talking Cures brings about a resolution of presenting symptoms.

There are many tools techniques and understandings I use on a just in time bases - this is impossible to share without the time line I have so far created, bringing in information at a just in time bases, therefore my message - which has taken Thirty Three; July 2016, years to create - has an understandable structure.

May we come back to Cancer prompted by a UK web based live debate about the Genome in the understanding process of illness and wellness.

Genes in our construction are a use ONCE - our phenotype inheritance, process from the Egg and Sperm.

During and following our Birth Genes play no real part in our life.

It is the RNA - Ribonucleic Acid, construction of Genes which is in constant flux as a result of Mothers and Childs Thought processes and their corresponding - Entire Body Chemistry.

In simple terms Genes are construction building Proteins: adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine.

Surely it would not be the correct course of development to continue growing without some form of control.

Or is this the process Dinosaurs grew and finely become extinct.

As Protein interference by latest medical science comes to bear on the Human Body; if we think illness is a mystery today - wait until some ten years from now!

For me to say Cancer can be cured would be a downright lie on my part, for it predisposes my ability to diagnose, which I cannot for any disorder as I do not have the medical training or the law on my side.

Moreover to be recognized/diagnosed, it has been left a long time in its development leaving surgery - as a last and only resort.

Try to cure something which has been surgically removed.

There is a better explanation of this; treatment of Cancer or many diseases if so often seriously delayed by Scientific Medicine and Doctors who build a metaphoric wall around a Person with illness, where they will not let a Person out. “You must take my medications” and will not anyone else in - sometimes even their own colleagues, with different knowledge to assist, give an opinion or interfere with what they are doing.

Despite their scientific knowledge telling them; "the cause is not known and there is no known cure."

If a Person came first to Talking Cures and synchronously with their Doctor, then the possibility of serious disease developing is seriously undermined, as the originating cause will be dealt with, at and during the same time as their Doctor carries out their multiple tests and examinations in the process of diagnoses and decision making process of the correct medications to use.

A necessary collaboration.

This would have been the case with my friend - My Dancing Partner, it would though have had to be some four years or earlier than the time she first recognized the swelling in her breast/chest.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Peter your quote:

Question. 1: if a Person came first to Talking Cures and synchronously with their Doctor, then the possibility of serious disease developing is seriously undermined, as the originating cause will be dealt with, at and during the same time as their Doctor carries out their multiple tests and examinations in the process of diagnoses and decision making process of the correct medications to use. A necessary collaboration.

Question. 2: Is it possible the process of Talking Cures can be that quick?

Question. 3: I cannot believe that there is information such as what you are relating yet the Medical world is not searching for this possibilities.




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Nice question.

Question. 1. Answer: First we must recognise a Person usually only approaches me because of multiple long-term symptoms are not being resolved, cured or managed well.

The reality is I would request information relating to their medical symptoms and treatments they are taking.

At all times I would ensure as best I could the Person continues with whatever their Doctor prescribes or suggests.

Therefor the tests would have not long completed, repeated or being reviewed.

Therefore as with my friend had she approached me years before, there is no question in my mind she would never have developed Cancer as the IBS, Anxiety, Sleeplessness, and Nose lesions would have been dealt with.

Bearing in Mind her situation was a lifelong - 66 years.

With this in Mind it is reasonable to consider - if a Person with no previous negative medical history came to me first as they were now showing signs of illness; I would recommend they at the same time see their Doctor.

Their decision, whilst we carry out our work.

The responsibility for any cure is not ever mine it is the Person themselves.

Question. 2. Answer: Therefore the answer to your question is; Depending on the severity of their symptoms - relief under these circumstances - could be very quick.

The reality is moving from illness, however presented, to being well, must be like life - seamless. For if it was not - it would not be secure or lasting.

It would be like waking up the following day after say ones Twenty First Birthday looking in the Mirror and finding overnight one has aged from Birth to Twenty One years - this would surely frighten us to death.

Question. 3. Answer: No profit in a cure which is why the health Care industry is imploding quicker than it ever evolved.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

"No profit in a cure which is why the health Care industry is imploding quicker than it ever evolved."

As you say above, can imagine the negative reactions and actions undergoing in the Persons consciousness, that are in the top of this Suppression of cure by reasons of cure does not create money in the long run.

If as you say the sub consciousness is a witness of all the information, theirs must be in a very sick state.




Rosemarie Lanchester CCH, Speaker, Stress and Pain Relief Specialist, Transformational Coach

In response to the comments that Peter Smith made regarding my recent post, I do not feel it necessary to defend my belief and passion for the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques...

I am living proof that they work, having had two blood clots hit the frontal and insular cortex of my brain back in 2010; both strokes within 22 hours of each other.

Had I not known to. 'Tap' while awaiting treatment, I feel I may not even be alive today.

Spending over 4 days in the hospital and hearing the Doctors and Nurses amazement, that I was totally functional, I can only assume it was as a result of the Tapping.

This technique was developed by a psychiatrist and used so successfully within his practice, he actually had to file bankruptcy due to all his clients healing!

My intent for participating in this discussion is to share what I know to be true from my own experience, educate those reading this and suggest that one would try this on for size.

My knowledge of the subconscious, tells me that I manifested a 'broken heart' starting at the age of 6 losing my mother on Christmas Day.

I spent my lifetime in mourning her death.

I believe my heart was broken many times throughout my life and thus, manifested my broken heart in actuality.

I back my belief in these techniques by studies conducted by People far more learned than myself.

There is actual clinical trial data supporting the effectiveness of EFT with those suffering with PTSD.

A ground breaking documentary was professionally produced called: "Operation Emotional Freedom - The Answer" a study of how these techniques have helped many of our Veterans process their experiences that left them broken.

These techniques have SAVED lives!!

Everyone has the right to their own opinions... I choose to believe that trauma manifests in physical symptoms, pain and illness.

I also choose to believe that EFT is the ANSWER to many of our own issues and, if we are OPEN and WILLING, it will surely help anyone seeking an 'Alternative', safe and self-administered tool that one can incorporate into their daily lives.

In closing, I just want to mention a book written by Nickolas Ortner, called 'The Tapping Solution" which has been on the 'Best Sellers List' for many months.

The book jacket shows endorsements from several doctors and psychologists including Eric Leskowitz, M.D., Director of Integrative Medicine Task Force, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School.


Rosemarie Lanchester


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

May I once again take this opportunity of thanking you for setting up the discussion for me to demonstrate why it is Talking Cures has the Blueprint of illness and the Medical Profession does not.

During this post and my working with a Patient there is a requirement to take stock of our position so we remain guided by the desire for the only outcome - a Person being free of Symptoms.

Therefore I am obliged to say: As there are more People in the world ill now than just Ten years ago - I support any form of illness intervention that is working to lower this, before the Human race is too ill to do anything, but be ill.

1. I support ALL of our dedicated front line staff working for the same ends - but with poor tools techniques and understandings.

2. If a Person with multiple symptoms decides of their own free will to self-manage I support that.

3. I support ANY form of illness intervention from practitioners outside of the medical profession who sadly only work on medical failures.

4. In a strange way I even support Snake oil treatments, surely it is a Right, in the absence of relief for a Person frustrated enough - to try anything.

5. Thus I educate my Patients - They must if they think I have said or done anything not in their best interest; to Argue with me - so we resolve - my comment or action, the issue or use it as their Emotional Phenotype desire for a new understanding based on aged and negative information.

6. I do not support Scientific understandings if they do not cure or are not recognised form of making a Person worse, especially or even if they are unaware of the process, yet made aware by their Patient becoming worse.

It can be seen from Five above. Within the many World-wide groups I subscribe to, my own website, Facebook, LinkedIn as well as the website to which I am assistant editor.

I will not tolerate any form of suppression or postings being sent for review by the editor or group owner - to see if it fits within their narrow remit of understanding.

Thus in the absence of a - well, world population.

Everyone’s comments have equal value.

And if addressed to me directly I will with wisdom and patience reply to them.

Otherwise I will in the respectful manner, reply through the Chair or Person who made to original post.

I aspire only to the Mind and Body within the largest organ of the Body - the Skin - are one UNIT.

And any attempt to separate or keep them so will only result in more mysterious illness direct from our master. “The Mind.”

When a Person brings into the conversation personal factors - Symptom, it is ONLY from their Emotional Phenotype they are talking; this in Talking Cures Blueprint language is the sole reason why Medical Science is such a failure.

Treat the Emotional Phenotype and the Mind quicker than the speed of light will create new and more mysterious symptoms and not tell anyone.

Proof of this is when one - and I am no different have the tools techniques and understandings and yet succumb to an illness or medical emergency, only to use the tools after the event.

Surely Tapping into an illness and improving it is a wondrous thing and must be recognised as so, but if tapping was so easy to learn and use - should it not be an easy preventative activity.

We have to recognise there are 7 billion People in the world and most of them ill in some form or other, thus if a treatment is so successful it should be recognised recommended and there being no need for bankruptcy.

There are two answers to this.

1. The treatment is not successful in the medium to long-term.

2. The treatment truly is the Blueprint of illness something Everybody needs and nobody wants because WE will not accept nor are we allowed to accept - ALL illness is a Process of the Mind and ultimately created unwittingly by our Parents.

Finely I will not tolerate any form of Suppression, especially of new and innovative ideas relating to ill health.

This is the sole reason why the medical profession is the only profession never to have improved its product outcome and in its wake has created many People who try to suppress by either distraction comments or Group Editor Owner - here on Linked in Having to send for Editorial Review postings failing to recognise ALL comments ON TOPIC are not only of tremendous value by necessary.

Below is one such posting and my response.

Cognitive Testing.

Assessment, and Screening Cutting Through the "Brain Training" Hype: Christian Elliott Editor and Founder,

Removal of my posting or submitting it for editorial review, may well - in your little Mind be the correct thing to do.

Suppression of new and innovative ideas has and is destroying the entire medical profession; put back or leave my postings alone.

For as a Person I am extremely nice and considerate, try to suppress me and you will not like the Person you have made me into.


Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Talking Cures is a personal educational treatment process designed from a Person’s own contributions of information, from either their so-called Conscious Mind or more importantly, from their Subconscious Mind.

From the gathering of every symptom a Person is able to present, I know more about the Person then they ever did or to a degree ever will.

From this information; many times I create questions which can be answered or not in numerous ways.

As - The Person: knows the answer, Does not know the answer, knew the answer but has forgotten it, Knows the answer but is unable to verbalise it, knows the answer is able to verbalise it but WONT. There are many more adaptations of this.

However the responsibility of the answer or the quality is mine to elicit, as behind it lay the key to why the immune system is working at a restricted level - by instructions from the subconscious Mind. Called illness.

Whether a Person can or cannot answer the question is inconsequential as they MUST always be given the opportunity or even coerced into an answer, sometimes even sort of brow beaten into an answer - which if delivered correctly they will accept.

Answering, “for them,” is just about the worst thing one could do - as it WILL set the Subconscious Mind against everything, ensuring failure.

Answering will be accepted if it is carried out to the approval of the Patient as an education they could not already have access too.

Therefore if the answer is truly not known - then Education in the right manner and at the correct time will achieve the outcome desired.


“All symptoms,” in their own way are trigger points; but do we understand what they are trying to say or indeed do they really trigger anything of biological or just Mind concerns.

May we explore a hypothetical conversation between Talking Cures and a long-term sufferer of so-called Myofascial trigger points, also known as Trigger Points, trigger sites, or muscle knots or Tender Spots.

Which are reputed to be hyperirritable spots in the fascia surrounding skeletal muscle and associated with palpable nodules in taut bands of muscle fibres.

Question. 1: I have been diagnosed with Trigger Points. But what do I do with my trigger points now?

Answer. 1: Nothing. Trigger Points as a diagnosis are just a way of saying. “We do not know what causes the tender/painful spots or how to treat them.

Question. 2: How many years have you been practising treating and researching chronic pain?

Answer. 2: Thirty Three (2016) years I have been treating not practising - although my pre-confessed lacking in knowledge may well be construed as such, treatments of Pain and still today when searching, I can only find poor education or little knowledge of Pain let alone Trigger Points.

Still today many People laugh at me when I say. “Pain is a process of the Mind” and can be effectively treated using a unique Talking Therapy.

Mostly these People are all ill of Mind, Body or Both.

Question. 3: Do you believe pain will be explained one day?

Answer. 3: No is the short answer to this, if we continue to listen to People who set themselves up as Highly Trained Researchers and Doctor Specialists with Scientific Proof.

Yes is the longer answer - if we all accept ALL illness is a Process of the Mind following Childhood Emotional Traumas.

Question. 4: We hear much about and even use the term Consciousness, do you have any thoughts on this.

Answer. 4: Simple answer. A word used to explain the unexplainable.

In real terms it does not exist, or at best it is a short term exchange mechanism to filter information into the subconscious Mind for secure storing in order to create our Emotional Phenotype. The image based on our history we desire to project to the world.

Question. 5: What might your findings mean for someone with Chronic Pain?

Answer. 5: Having dismissed all Medical Science and its long-term inability to secure a cure for any of the 100,000 illness in the world today, the longer term outlook for People in Pain will be extremely good with the understandings of Talking Cures.

Question. 6: Stigma can obviously be damaging for Patients?

Answer. 6: This only occurs because in the first instance Medical Science will not allow us to know the true cause of illness/pain and in second, we already know - but prefer to dismiss the true cause of our Pain and illness.

Question. 7: Often we are left to doubt what we are feeling and our ideas we believe might help - us if it’s not in line with recommended treatments/approaches?

Answer. 7: This is because still today the entire Medical Profession will not accept the Mind and Body are one unit; so Pain if it does not resolve by our treatments - must be. “All in your Head.”

Question. 8: Would you say Patients should feel a confidence with the latest Medical Research?

Answer. 8: No is the only answer to this.

Question. 9: Or should we listen to our inner voice or selves a bit more?

Answer. 9: Yes is the only answer to this, but we must feel the hurt from the information we receive.

Question. 10: Could the Patient be doing most of the work during these treatments without knowing it?

Answer. 10: Given the correct information as to the cause - YES, only, but with an understanding support.

Without correct information. ONLY manifesting the failure of any treatments.

Question. 11: Can you explain your research in simple terms?

Answer. 11: All of it has been Practical - working with medical failures, never theoretical and has involved deconstruction of existing scientifically proven theories, critically examining them and when found wanting in terms of their logic or science, to offer People a more credible explanation for their symptoms.

Mathematics or Data will never be an acceptable explanation.

This approach has served well both myself as a Person, as well as the People I give treatment too.

Question. 12: Could your understandings be applied it to: “RSI,” “Whiplash Associated Disorders,” “Fibromyalgia” and ‘Myofascial Pain Syndrome?”

Answer. 12: Of course, despite the well published, “facts,” the knowledge base in neurobiology has in real terms never been broadened.

Talking Cures style of Understanding of illness will need to be encompassed by ALL of us.

However I am Pleased to confirm ALL of Talking Cures funding for such understandings comes from my own funds or fees for treatment.

I will not allow even myself to predict the outcome of the true Blueprint of illness or a treatment.

So funding from Drug companies or other institutional bodies - is an absolute taboo.

Question. 13: Are there any plans to re-evaluate opinions as we learn more about experience of Pain?

Answer. 13: Only to further interfere with the profits from failure to even manage Pain well.

Question. 14: Is there a need to listen to the Patient more?

Answer. 14: No one ever in real terms listens to the Patient, especially in a University Teaching Hospital - they are a necessary inconvenience to the teaching of more failure.

Question. 15: Have you answered my last question?

Answer. 15: No, purposely.

For if we continue to listen to the Patients Blueprint of illness without better knowledge of the True Blueprint - we are only prescribing a; Long Term Assisted Death.

Question. 16: Is there a value in Helping a Person make sense of their Pain in context of their life.

Answer. 16: No. Living in the Moment is like a snow flake on a fast flowing river; here for the briefest of seconds and gone forever.

Question. 17: Is there an outcome value for someone who is having dry needling or trigger point therapy?

Answer. 17: Whilst in the absence of a treatment that addresses and resolves the true cause, these treatment interventions are a necessary evil.

Of no long-term value in the same way as are treatments for Fibromyalgia; are only a failure as a result of holding onto past research and beliefs which have proven only to be a failure.

How could we all be so blind not to see this.

Question. 18: What might these understandings mean for someone who is having remedial massage and acupuncture treatment?

Answer. 18: Whilst one may well feel a sense of relief it may well only last as long as the heat from the therapists hands takes to cool or the spike of the needle after it has left the Body.

However if one feels relief from a practitioners work, then this is an asset.

Question. 19: Is there a better understanding for relief one may experience?

Answer. 19: Yes. It is largely attributable to the depth of understanding unwittingly sought and received from the therapist during the session.

And as long as the surgery is clean and warm/cool, welcoming and there is NO BARRIER - Desk, between the Patient and the therapist, the environment has little to answer for this revelation.

Question. 20: Does or can the approaching appointment have any bearing on the outcome?

Answer. 20: Yes without doubt, however if the therapist does not recognise this or know how to deal with it, the outcome will only be of a negative nature.

This is the sole reason why any appointment has to suit the Persons Diary not mine.

Question. 21: Can Tailored Exercise or Diet programs be of assistance in relieving or removing of my trigger points?

Answer. 21: No is most truthful.

Surely if one could change one’s eating patterns and exercise regime.

Then one would not have to be told or encouraged by a coach to do so. It would be automatic.

Question. 22: Can Music or any other creative activities assist?

Answer. 22: To be able to carry out these activities is a Fundamental Human Right not a gift in order to alleviate Pain or discomfort.

So as long as one continues on a minute by minute bases - relief may well be felt.

Question. 23: Is there such a thing as Natural Creativity?

Answer. 23: Only if a Person throughout their life has NO Mind or Biological illness concerns - ever! Otherwise Creativity is the Brakes on Madness.

Without becoming Creative the Anxiety or Pain would drive one MAD.

Question. 24: Is it time for a new Pain Directory?

Answer. 24: It will only remain a necessity for this whilst Pain exists in any other form other than "Pain."

Constant renaming Pain is only an admission - nothing is known about Pain at all.

Question. 25: Is there an indication Pain is indeed in the Brain?

Answer. 25: Nothing is in the Brain ever, until instructed by the Mind our master keeper of ALL life information and instructions.

A light cannot illuminate, until the switch delivering the power is thrown.

Question. 26: Is it my nervous system then?

Answer. 26: The nervous system, whilst on duty at all times only works on instructions from the Mind, thus if peace prevails the Mind has so instructed, if pain, the Mind not only has instructed - but will never alter these instructions, until it has good reason too.

Question. 27: Is Pain in my Mind or Body?

Answer. 27: Only those practising the Ancient art of Dualistic thinking - Mind and Body are not one, will think this.

The truth is Pain or illness is NEVER in the Body.

However if the Mind processes are not resolved the Body will as instructed - self-destruct.

Making it appear the illness is only of biological cause.

Question. 28: How then would one understand LOVE?

Answer. 28: Love. Whilst extremely necessary emotive response for the world’s populations to live in harmony, it is a Mind process. Thus no more than a relief of Anxiety.

Question. 29: Are there any organisations worthy of recommending in pursuit of searching for better understandings of Pain?

Answer. 29: Sadly with current knowledge NO is the safest way of replying.

However when modern scientific medicine has no satisfying answers; those who consider the Mind and Body as One and illness is not necessarily only of Biological Creation, may well be a good start.

Question. 30: Having tried a lot during the years of being in Pain and having learnt a lot; am I right in thinking you can never be armed enough knowledge relating to Pain.

Yet the reality is - I have never found anything that has been of true value.

Do You have an opinion as to why this is?

Answer. 30: As your question describes - the reason Medical Science has left you in this position is they only listen to what you say and not what you mean - when presenting your symptoms.

My long term findings are; until we as a Race of People recognise Adults or better said Parents cause all illness and it is our desire to protect ourselves from more emotional damaged by them and at the same time protect them at all cost - is the reason why Pain or illness does not self-repair as it was designed too.

Question. 31: What would you do if you were living with Debilitating Pain?

Answer. 31: Now there is a question worthy of a Noble Prize.

Had it not been for my creation of Talking Cures as a One Size fits all disease modifying treatment which in reality I only developed for myself.

There is no question; today. I would be Strapped up, drugged up. Banged up or Dead.

Either by my own hand or as a result of a mysterious disease/disorder or misinformation from Medical Science.

Quite unrelated to the DISORDERS I was being treated for.

Question. 32: Have you answered my question?

Answer. 32: NO. Purposely.

My remit is. "Never do harm," so.

No - the cause is not known or there is no known cure are not in my therapeutic vocabulary.

Always working towards a cure no matter how long it takes - is of true therapeutic value.

Question. 33: Why do you share your knowledge in such a prolific manner?

Answer. 33: The world is full of well-meaning People who have dedicated their lives to understanding illness and creating treatments and perhaps because of suppression of new and innovative ideas from others - have NEVER ONCE created an illness understanding of true value.

This I refer to in other pages on the website as the. "WHAT." And the reason items are highlighted in Red.

Talking Cures - which I created and own, but am only guardian off - is that understanding.

Therefor I have no desire other than; People take willingly my ideas, free of any fees - whilst my retaining of intellectual copyright and make them their own and in so doing create for the first time from the Medical world treatments designed to and indeed do cure.

That can for the very first time be Scientifically Proven.

This I refer to in other pages on the website as the. "Why." And the reason items are highlighted in Blue.

Question. 34: Have I Peter Smith Talking Cures - left you with any questions to be asked or any not answered to your complete satisfaction.

If I have. ARGUE with me; tell me where I went wrong.

And in so doing demonstrate Trigger Points - only exist as a diagnoses in the Hope for more and more research funding.

Answer. 34: Please Post questions as desired.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

You may feel and even wish to argue..;

...“When am you going to get to the point of explaining How does Talking Cures get the Mind to erase illness.”

I do not get the Mind to erase illness, albeit forced on a Person by trauma which has to be made sense of. illness is a learning and must/will always be part of a Person’s Emotional Phenotype.

Thus Everything I have written so far and will continue to write is intrinsically involved in getting the Mind to automatically alter its Body Chemistry via the Mind and Body immune systems - in order to automatically create a secure wellbeing.

Talking therapies abound today and quite right too, given time I feel sure all practitioners will be as I, easily be able to explain the treatment understandings which underpin their particular style of Talking Therapies.

I purposely changed my Trading Title and Therapy Name some years ago to Talking Cures as I knew then and is precisely what I had planned for many years...

...The Medical Profession would have to follow me and attempt as they have done many times before to incorporate new findings under their wing - if only to prove they do not work.

One of the things never talked about by Medical Science is Body Chemistry; Of course this is not so, when a Person first becomes ill, do their Doctors not call for blood tests and is this not - Body Chemistry being examined and understood.

Yes and NO.

When a medical blood test is examined - it is often or always looking for a particular component, in order to confirm or deny the Doctors own diagnoses.

Wikipedia: A blood test is a laboratory analysis performed on a blood sample usually extracted from a vein or via finger prick.

Multiple tests for specific blood components - such as a glucose or a cholesterol tests are often grouped together into one test panel; called blood work.

Blood tests are used in health care to determine physiological and biochemical states, such as disease, mineral content, pharmaceutical drug effectiveness and organ function.

Typical clinical blood works include a basic metabolic evaluation or a complete blood count.

Blood tests are also used to detect drug abuse.

This understanding is all well and good from a Biological point of view - but does this in itself contain flaws.

Yes is the simple answer to this.

When a component is extracted from blood and recognised as a cause of illness, all that is in real terms recognised - is a symptom or something that according to the Published Data - is an illness.

So a medication is applied to this.

Now there are to my little mind some 2000-4000 chemicals in the Body and every one of them is perfectly balanced at all times; no matter how ill a Person is or even close to death.

So how can just one Body Chemical or Protein be responsible for illness and how can stopping or starting this one Chemical or Protein with a medication a medicinal preparation or a diet change - be of true therapeutic value.

But what of the Persons Mind when their illness is only their Emotional Phenotype, does this not count and make a challenge via the entire Body Chemistry - to the now poisonous intruder...

...Yes. In order to, first: force the intruder out - even if it is a seen by Eyes - or heard - by Ears intruder and second to ensure the Body Chemistry returns to its pre intruder norm.

Now if the intruder/intrusion is repeated - say every four hours - regular Drug taking or repeated traumas, then it will not be a few seconds before the Mind is forced to make a decision and rebalance the entire Body Chemistry to a new norm and in so doing, not only create an illness but continues what we recognise as existing illness, adding new symptoms we call - side effects.

No Exceptions!

In simple terms to make sense of this.

It is under these circumstances we have what is commonly known as: Myalgic Encephalopathy. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Brain Fog. Lupus. Fibromyalgia; Etc.

All names in order to hide the lack of knowledge regarding Body Chemistry and how to alter it, to a or a more natural norm.

It is the very same Body Chemistry utilized to cool us when we are hot and to heat us when we are cold.

Thus when we are not able to achieve this naturally - something is amiss.

Meaning our natural Body Chemistry balance or Natural Emotional Phenotype has been interfered with by traumas.

Fear is a Fundamental Human Right not a gift for being a good Boy or Girl; which we can use as a protection against intruders.

Sadly our ability to utilize this and then return it to central store is stripped away from us by Childhood Emotional trauma at the behest of mainly - our Parents.

And now used by us as a gift to protect us for the rest of our life from further Parental - including all others and now is the cause of all illness.

No exceptions.

Fear causes us to interfere with the Hypothalamus - our thermostat and as a result of the Fear and the resulting alteration in our Body Chemistry, confusion - Later Brain Fog takes place, which we are unable to comprehend and make sense of.

This is both - Natural Protection Fear and Fearsome response.

Pain. Anger. Aggressiveness - unnatural behaviours, become part of our Emotional Phenotype in order to gain "Understanding" of the traumatic events.

We come from nowhere we go to nowhere, we are here on Earth in Heaven and Hell at the same time same place - we Humans only are required to exist for the spirit - of Life to experience the sensation of touch - imagine going through life; never once touching anything, it would surely send one quite mad.

Or the reverse being emotionally and inappropriately touched - traumatized which never leaves us anything other than ill.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Much is made of age related illness, what is the true rational behind this.

Of course when a Person becomes ill at any age, that is the age they become ill - cannot argue with this.

And of course if much was gathered as Data and then analysed, it would appear to confirm this to be true; People at certain ages get ill.

How does this fit into Talking Cures - one might ask.

It is intrinsic; but in this way: As the Mind knows precisely the Blueprint of all illness, then it must surely know the time line as well.

In all of my Thirty Three years have I have never doubted the truth of this paper written by myself in 1998.

Twenty One. Link to paper.

The processes of illness as explained by Scientific Researchers and the Medical Profession of any illness and its Biological causes are well documented and supported by the Scientifically Proven Evidence, as is the inability to establish the real cause of most if not all of the recognised and diagnosable illnesses.

How can we look at this differently, as we never seem to get well, no matter what treatments we experience!

The findings of The Pain Relief Therapist Peter Smith are; We only get ill up to and before we are Twenty-One or when we leave the Parental home, whichever comes first.

Never after....

What comes after is the confirmation of - reaction to - an earlier belief/trauma, this is when illness-Pain starts to show or be felt.

We only get ill from what we hear and see and how we perceive we should run our lives following trauma(s.) this is known as the or our - Emotional Phenotype.

Yes, there may have been an accident/incident still this is a symptom, the real cause of the incident-accident and subsequent Pain is...


Fear-anxiety are the cause of all illness, whether it is worse at Day or Night is of no consequence.

Both being only a demonstration - the cause has still not been addressed, understood and resolved.

Because all illness is Laser aimed or directed to a part of the Body by the Mind - relative to the cause.

Therefore it is not by chance or the sensitivity in the area, a result of the biological damage.

It is the Minds way of maintaining the plea - that has long since been ignored.

"Please, will somebody understand..," there is never any Person capable of this seemingly simple action.

The Pain is made worse or site kept sensitive by ALL body chemicals - thereby resistant to any form of treatment intervention.

With continuation of Pain, Burning, Aching and Soreness - long after the immune system repair should normally have taken place.

Appearing to confirm the symptoms are of a Biological Nature.

This is Never the case.

Pain; by setting up an area of sensitivity, we are drawn - to touch it, demonstrating something is wrong, again believing this to be some failure of the Body, we suppress this with pills potions and suggestive techniques or the more powerful - snip a nerve or two.

If Pain is not addressed properly, it “will continue into the chronic stage then on to degenerative disease/illness - even following nerve snipping.

Just in a different place.

In the pursuit of understanding to resolve the trauma and subsequent sensitivity, the Mind uses any tools that it can to gain an understanding, including Physical Pain, illness, Tattoos, Body Piercing, inappropriate attitude or behaviours, Binge Drinking/Eating... Any Human activity others consider not. “Normal.”

There is no such thing as Normal - because we are all like it.

Thus no different.

Natural may be a better description if no symptoms are present - very few of us if any, follow this trait.

Conclusion; Illness is only young age related and only appears at certain age related times in a Person’s life - if the true emotional cause has not been understood and resolved.

Where the strength and endurance used has eventually alongside many different attempts to resolve with biological treatments - rendered the Body unable to utilise its immune systems to any effect and is now by traditional biological methods of...

...“No known Cause with No known Cure.”

Thus a Mystery. Peter Smith Talking Cures asserts the right to be recognised as author and Intellectual ©Copyright holder of this document dated 29th October 1998

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Peter your quote: "Conclusion; Illness is only young age related and only appears at certain age related times in a Person’s life if the true emotional cause has not been understood and resolved."

Question. 1: How is the true emotional cause better understood by the Mind, to be resolved?

Question. 2: Is there a common ground for the Mind to understand the emotional component of most problems?




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

As this paper discusses. “We only get ill up to the age of Twenty One or leave the Parental home - whichever comes first.”

Thus if we are taken at birth and separated from our Parents - no matter what the circumstances, this is always deemed as Twenty One and no matter what illness such a Person has in their entire life - they will all relate in cause back to this time and before.

NO Exceptions.

Therefore the ONLY reason we get ill is to - gain UNDERSTANDING.

In the case above the understanding required by such a Person at say the age now of Forty, would be ONLY from information stored deep in their Mind and now protected by Fear.

From this with guidance and education from the therapist - the Mind WILL resolve to a new and better way of thinking about this aged information.

We will return to this when we discuss - Memory Loss.

Question. 1. Answer: The Mind knows everything, sadly it has forgot to remember because of fear - how to remember it and put it into a logical order thereby enabling the immune systems to work unrestricted.

Skilful and secure guidance will allow such a Person to put this aged and seemingly forgotten information into a comfortable and workable order.

Question. 2. Answer: The common ground you speak of is; first from the Person knowing something is not right and desiring a resolution and second from a therapist who knows what they are doing and stands unshakable on their knowledge.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Peters quote: "Thus if we are taken at birth and separated from our Parents - no matter what the circumstances, this is always deemed as Twenty One and no matter what illness such a Person has in their entire life - they will all relate in cause back to this time and before. NO Exceptions."

"Therefore the ONLY reason we get ill is to gain UNDERSTANDING."

"In the case above the understanding required by such a Person at say the age now of Forty, would be ONLY from information stored deep in their Mind and now protected by Fear."

The statement above is very amazing, stating all the memories or experiences that we will have up that age 21 to be the cause of all possible disease manifestations from that time to old age.

And by understanding the meaning, the Mind will unleash the power of cure.

And about, "the Only reason we get ill is to get understanding," is a great platform for deeper thinking.

Thanks for the explanations.




Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Peter you always say that the problem is in the Mind and the poor understanding of some emotional experiences, creates a stored trauma that will be cover up and at some stage it will come to the surface as a disease to be understood by the Person with that problem.

In your opinion is there a basic understanding that we should have as the essence for all understandings the Mind needs?




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Nice question.

Yes there is a very simple answer and one that I have been addressing since the turn of the year on a number of posts including my Facebook (Public) Time line and Twitter account..

Yet it is extremely difficult for all of us to comprehend, especially with our complicity in illness.

And if we do not incorporate it into our Vocabulary soon, then in the not too distant future we will ALL be too ill to even demand a treatment or create treatments designed NOT TO CURE. Or for Profit and Power only.

Parents no exceptions create within their Children ALL illness - no exceptions, this includes so called - Genetic Mutations, which they never are.

They are a creation by us as Parents - whilst we must never be considered Guilty for our actions, we are responsible by virtue of our subconscious Minds adaptations of our entire Body Chemistry relative to our Emotional Phenotype.

All of this activity by Parents is In order for our New born Child not to be brought up to suffer in the same manner as ourselves.

Which we as Parents continue to make them suffer - by becoming clones of us or in the opposite; for all of our/their life.

Traditional Values are often a poor excuse for what is an action in order to hide Parental Psychotic activity. “You will become a Doctor the same as I.”

"But I do not want to be a Doctor I want to be a Singer."

Go to bed!

One of these and I feel sure you as a Doctor will have an opinion of this Male and Female Circumcision with our without the Persons permission and not only in the absence of a professionally performed anaesthetised state, but often a week long and very public performance.

This is the UNDERSTANDING we all must make, in order for treatments to have at least a longer term beneficial effect - if not a cure!

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

I bet you could write a book just on this post above.

Amazes me that the story information code is within the Mind and we can change if we want by understanding the different experiences we had.




Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Yes Romel Understanding the Negative experiences we had at a time in life when they are slowly destroying the Body is a good way of expressing how Talking Cures brings about change.

I am mindful in my presentation of the processes that are the blueprint of illness and underpin Talking Cures - I am making it possibly appear too simple, to complicated, or not complicated and Scientific enough to be of interest.

And the Maxim aimed at Doris Day the singer of...

...“To good to be true, to nice to be interesting - a perpetual virgin - may well apply.

I am assured when working to resolve a Person's with multiple long-term mysterious no known cause symptoms - where one of them may be Brain Fog, any attempt on my part to continue blinding them with Science will only result in my/our failure.

They are far more intelligent - than I will ever be, on themselves.

However to invoke a Person’s use of one of the less known of Human tools is a virtue and part of the healing process, which without we could not ever survive or achieve anything.


In order for us to make sense of the mass of new information coming at us on a daily bases, our Mind has to very quickly utilise confusion - as a tool so that laying down of this information into a logical order to recall on demand, is possible.


Comes in two types.

1. A reactive agent, for use at a moment’s notice in order to protect us from any perceived or real threat.

Once used or the threat is resolved is returned to store.

2. Fear as a proactive-protective agent brought into play by traumatic events which as long as the perpetrator - Usually a Parent or a close trusted one has not understood the severity of their actions and apologised to the Person’s satisfaction, will remain in perpetuum and create ALL of life’s illness which will; only defy any treatments - that does not demonstrate understanding until the Subconscious Mind is satisfied; the therapist does indeed truly understand.

Even to the point of withholding pertinent information relating to symptoms which are either New, aged, never been presented or symptoms seemingly successfully treated - which have returned, often with venom.

Fear lowers Body Temperature!

By Altering the Body thermostat by raising the setting - which remains until Fear is resolved.

Fear creates Anxiety as a short-term reaction to raise the Body temperature.

When Fear remains other organs of the Body are brought to bear to raise Body temperature: Heart - increased pulse rate and Pressure. Kidneys, adrenal secretions, Pancreas and Liver as heat producers.

The reality is Every Organ and Cell of the Body is required - in order to maintain the Body Heat.

Including the Bowels retaining waste - acts as a radiator assisting in keeping the Body Core warm. Sadly in turn this activity works against the Mind as the entire Body becomes more Toxic and Caustic.

The result of this is to maintain the Core temperature of the Body, sadly works overtime at the expense of all Organs of the Body, showing mainly with the Skin - as it has become a sacrificial organ. In order to satisfy the requirements of all the internal Organs.

Which is the creator of Wrinkles of the Skin - not in character with age.

The change in core temperature will never be recognised - measured as it has by effort, returned - to what is deemed as normal.

All of this alters the Entire Body Chemistry and constricts ALL arteries, Veins and Body Cells and increases the desire for fuel - food.

As we cannot eat every second of the day and night, the Body seeks to provide its own fuel and does this via a secretion from the Liver of Cholesterol.

Which as the Arteries and Veins are constricted and the Body Core temperature cooled, solidifies because there is insufficient heat to maintain the fats and Cholesterol in a blood-friendly liquid form.

Fear can and does present itself via many Mind and or Body symptoms yet be recognised as such. E.G.: Cold when hot, hot when cold, both at the same time. Hot or cold extremities, excessive sweating.

Many times no matter what a Person does in order to become warm - they are not successful.

Mostly given names to alleviate the clinician’s anxiety mainly by naming and only in reality - relieving the Person’s Emotional Phenotype.

Thus - in reality is nothing whatsoever to do with the ambient temperature.

In order to further maintain the Body temperature our Emotional Phenotype changes to incorporate Anger or Aggression.

Which may or may not show - but it will be there.

From here all Heart disorders are created.

Fear now is the ultimate foundation for ALL illness.

No exceptions.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Peters quote: "Fear now is the ultimate foundation for ALL illness. No exceptions."

That is amazing.

Question. 1: What turns Fear around?

Question. 2: Or how do we understand Fear to the point of correction?




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Thank you.

Question. 1 Answer: Understanding and putting aged and negative traumatic information into a more logical sequential order.

Question. 2. Answer: This is where Talking Cures clever use of words comes into play, by opening the closed Mind - closed by Trauma and educating the Person by their own words and actions into a new and acceptable way of thinking.

This in turn switches of the immune systems, switched on not to work correctly and makes sometimes only a minute adjustment to the Entire Body Chemistry in the process of an eventual cure.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Jaime Tirado Independent Distributors Real Time Pain Relief and Solar Energy Contractors

The solution of pain is Real Time Pain Relief (RTPR) if you want to know more about it visit the site


Jaime Tirado


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

I feel sure you would agree with me in my requesting from Jaime to respond to.

“Your comments are welcome on this discussion.”

However, it would be helpful in the understanding of the true Blueprint of all illness, if Jamie you could explain how this product is able to Shine a Solar Energy Bright Light and treat effectively Pains and multiple symptoms on many parts of the Mind and its negative thoughts and Body without any form of symptom management or by rubbing in or spraying the effected part of the Body with a cream or lotion.

Talking Cures treats People with a long list of previously not successfully resolved often on a long list of Medications - including so called alternative medicinal preparations.

Not a long list of symptoms; where the therapists selects one that fits within their model of ability that just happens to have a Person attached to them.

And in so doing allows by resolving the Fear - an Automatic symptom resolution; using the Persons own immune systems by altering the Entire Body Chemistry.

Thus the repair is carried out by the Person themselves and they must take all of the credit.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

In posing this question to me and Talking Cures with my many responses with many more to come.

I have come to recognise the UNIQUE opportunity you have afforded me to explain my many years and tools techniques and understandings used to treat People with a very long list of mysterious symptoms and how simple I find the process is and to present them to the world as My interpretations of many of my forbears findings - although well-meaning, were not right in their assertions as to the True Blueprint Cause of ALL illness.

Moreover I feel sure, if they Galen, Darwin, Freud, Mesmer Et El were around today they would endorse wholeheartedly my interpretations.

In addition as my postings demonstrate, made a Yard Stick for others to follow by baring their “own,” soul and their OWN and Modern interpretations of this much required Blueprint.

May we now explore a hypothetical conversation between Talking Cures and a Person seeking assistance for their long term suffering of Pain - also known by many different names.

Hypothetical Conversation:

Question. 1: I recently read a Scientific Paper about A. “Novel,” alternative to Pain medication.

However it was too complicated for me and did not seem to make sense.

What do you think was meant by the word description in the title – “Novel?”

Answer. 1: Whether one works from a Body in Mind point of view or as it should be a Mind-Body pales into insignificance, “Novel” may be better explained as a Child paperback Comic called. “Desperate Dan” and of no value when it comes to understanding Pain.

Question. 2: That appears to be a bit harsh on Medical Science and our dedicated Pain Doctors?

Answer. 2: Sadly it is true, but if Mohammed will not come to the Mountain then the Mountain must come to Mohammed.

Question. 3: Have you answered my question?

Answer. 3: No purposely. Pain from a Scientific Point of view has so many names Medical Science no longer knows what to call it - so. “Novel,” seems to fit nicely.

If Medical Science and the Doctors are unable to see what they have done so far is the best they can do, then surely it is time someone quietly told them, so they can change their viewpoint - on the cause of Pain, to which NO ONE in the Medical Profession; either knows or is allowed to say because of suppression from their own governing bodies.

A good example of this is within the most simple of disorders to understand ME CFS - now it is to be known as S.E.I.D. OR Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease.

As a result of this one might add. “Watch this space.”

Question. 4: In the paper I read it mentioned, the "Brain;" how does this play a part in Pain?

Answer. 4: Like the Body it is just a lump of Meat and does not in real terms play a part in the cause of Pain, other than to be a messenger for the Subconscious Mind to say something is wrong.

If this is not listened to, the Mind will via its entire Body Chemistry will just play games with the clinician and move or change the Pain until it becomes a tangible life destroying symptom - with no known cause.

Question. 5: Does that mean you think Clinical Studies are a waste of time?

Answer. 5: In a manner of speaking Yes.

But until the entire body of medicine changes its Dualistic way of thinking and only being - an Assisted Death Service, Clinical Studies are a necessary evil.

Question. 6: What do you mean by. “Dualistic Thinking.”

Answer. 6: In simple terms. Thinking the Mind and Body are separate and the Mind plays no part in in illness or Pain. In Realty - trying desperately to maintain the treatment high ground of Scientifically Proven, by only studying the Body in Pain.

Only in earnest and recently - thanks it would appear to my efforts, bringing the Brain into play.

This will only be of. “Novel” value until they catch up to Talking Cures Blueprint of illness and include the Mind as the true cause of all illness via its Emotional Phenotype.

Question. 7: What is Emotional Phenotype?

Answer. 7: The image we show to the world using ALL of our memories Good Bad and Indifferent.

The good needs no explanation.

The bad and indifferent create all of the things others see in us as unpleasant or ill - to which they constantly tell us. “We should see a Doctor for That.”

Failing to recognise. “We” have made them into our Punitive - punishing. Person as they are the ones who caused it - thus they do not or will not Understand.

Question. 8: Much is used of the word Holistic.

Do you have a view on this.

Answer. 8: Yes; it is a pretend or meaningless word - all very well in the pretend world of Politics (1926 Jan Smuts PM South Africa) of no value in Mind Body Treatments yet used by many to Blind a Person within a treatment regime. “The practitioner knows what they are talking about” and as a result, are encompassing them as a complete entity.

And in using such a word they miss out, somewhat purposely the depths of Mind.

The Emotional Phenotype is not the Mind but a symptom of.

Fully Encompass the Mind and it would suit better, if one has to use such a word. “Wholistic.” - to mean a complete entity, not a HOLE!

Question. 9: What do you think of the use of Morphine as a treatment of Pain?

Answer. 9: When one looks at the number of People in long term pain (USA 100m) As a Gold Standard treatment, the only thing it has ever proven to be successful at - is Failure and that appears to be 100%.

Question.10: What do you think about the many side effects Morphine and related drugs Like: opioids and other pain killers such as aspirin, diclofenac, coxibs, which appear to have serious and sometimes life-threatening side effects - arrest of breathing, nausea, drowsiness, dependence, addiction, bleeding, heart attack, stroke.

Answer. 10: There is no question these products are designed in the hope they will do good, yet it is failed to recognise they only produce profits.

Whilst they must be and are considered by the Mind and Body as Poison’s - we have to consider many People feel they are their lifeline and we must respect that.

The reality may well be better understood as. “The Body will see them as Poison’s and utilize its immune systems to neutralize them and dismiss them from the Body.”

A bit on the difficult side if they are administered - as is often the case - by the handful and every four hours or so.

And in doing so confuse the Prescriber and Patient into thinking there are side effects instead of new or dormant symptoms.

Question. 11: The paper I read other than the writer - mentioned many Medical Scientists/Researchers from the past, almost as a reference to aid their paper.

What do you feel is the truth of this?

Answer. 11: Sadly we have to go back many hundreds of years for this answer and my understanding I have gleaned from the many papers I have read is. “By convention No one as a student or fledging Doctor is allowed to outshine the professor tutor with new and innovative findings relating to an illness or even mention the Mind - Body connection.”

Thus they are constantly stifled into submission by having to accept the previous ideas are correct and if they want to get on they have to comply with this convention.

The way they do this - succeed is write treatment papers, even, “they,” cannot understand and utilize as an effective cure thus give citations and credit to other failed papers and their writers as the Gold Standard.

Question. 12: Is the use of Animals of any value in understanding illness.

Answer. 12: Only if you can speak and understand; say - Mouse Talk. Thereby are able to truly comprehend the effects of the drugs or treatments applied.

Inducing Pain in a Mouse to cause Anxiety in order to understand Pain; is the most stupid of actions - as it is the wrong way round and NOTHING to do with the Brain!

For it will never demonstrate the medium to long-term reactions the Mind of the Mouse instructs the Body to make.

Question. 13: Is the use of Anesthetics of any value in Pain treatment.

Answer. 13: From my knowledge this came about in the early Nineteen Eighty’s and the best answer I can give; it is just poor management, as the very idea of being Anaesthetised, is to our MIND is only for an operation - so how can it help Pain.

Our Mind is far too clever to be fooled in such an underhanded manner.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

I know you translate the statements that the Patient tells you about their symptoms.

Question: Could you tell us an example?

I find it very interesting that you have your own way in hearing the conversation from the Patient and you find the mysteries right inside their verbal complaints.




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Thank you. Yes it is true I translate the Emotional Phenotype presentation of a Person’s symptoms into what the subconscious Mind is really saying - a process I have been utilising for most - if not all of my career and is demonstrated as far back as 1998 with the only video - of my work, giving a presentation and demonstration at the creation of Talking Cures.

It is not my desire or intention to frustrate you I will go into this in detail as soon as the process and program of disclosure allows.

Meanwhile if you have the time (1.5 hours) you can see this in action on my website with Three Patients with multiple symptoms I had never before met all being treated at the same time. Hypnotherapy Demonstration.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

I saw the video and I was amazed on how you did you translate their symptoms to a deeper meaning for them and I saw also the relaxation came into play for them.




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Thank you.

It is interesting to note and I have spoken - Whilst I NEVER advertise. “Come to Talking Cures.” a Person must make their own decision whether Talking Cures is the treatment they have long sought - Understanding from.

Yet; If only from this Video presentation and demonstration - unique to my mind of a way of easing pain and discomfort and as you noticed, “the relaxation,” came as a result of release of the negative driving force of traumatic experience - NO ONE, following viewing has ever requested treatment, no more than they have in the one year it has been on my website or YouTube.

Leading me nicely into my next posting “Illness is an advantage.”

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Wayne Watanabe, B.S., D.C. Wellness Chiropractic NonForce Professional

A Budist Patient had asked me to come to a session.

The group chanted In a monotone voice.

I asked, when you are chanting, what are you thinking about?

They chant about what they need and want in their lives.

Chant for good health, chant to make more money, chant to find your match in life.

If you think about it, chanting the same as prayers but both religions will not admit to it.

But both agree, you chant or pray negatively eventually bad things will happen.


Wayne Watanabe


Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Hello Peter you mention many times:

Question. 1: When the Mind understands the trauma, automatically gets the immune system involved in solving the different symptoms.

Question. 2: Do you find the immune system in your opinion, to be more complex in function than what the western understanding of immune system knows about it?




Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Thank you for your questions.

Question. 1. Answer: Yes this is true as a result of any traumatic incident the subconscious Mind will switch the immune on not to work correctly; the reality of this is an alteration of the Entire Body Chemistry - which is not a mistake = pain, illness, fatigue, etc.

When the subconscious Mind makes better sense of negative information, it will, in part re-alter the Entire Body Chemistry and in so doing improve the immune system response.

Question. 2. Answer: No quite the reverse it is extremely simple to understand, it is only western understanding who do not/will not understand the Mind relating to the Body Chemistry.

Which makes for them understanding the immune system response - impossible to make sense of.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.


To understand this one has to return to the discussion regarding creation of life and the Dinosaurs, of course, recognising there is no absolute proof.

As the speed of the Earth slowed to its present perceived stopped position, condensation turned to rain, filled the seas and in time created life.

Life progressed and Dinosaurs grew to the massive size we all recognise - due to the skill of those who found the remains and rebuilt the skeletons to its original full size and shape.

What caused these to become such enormous creatures.

To understand this one must first stand back and look at the Earth as we are shown by astronaut’s pictures of the Earth - looking back from space.

To our wonder it looks like a beautiful multi-coloured round sphere.

But did it always look like that. It must be fair to say No and if one uses a lateral mind and removed all of the beautiful colours greenery and water - it is just a greyish lump of volcanic rock, not at all round.

Formed by millions of years of volcanic activity and seismic shifts, pushing against what we call gravity or the vacuum of space and in doing so created mountains - where only if one replaces the Greenery and Water can their beauty be appreciated.

How did Dinosaurs evolve into the size they did and what caused their demise.

As we have discussed; the early days of what we now call Earth was hot-molten, toxic and caustic, as the resulting condensation turned to toxic diluting rain and the process of cooling took place creating the seas which became salty perhaps as a cleansing or preservative agent as life evolved.

However when there is too much Salt in water - nothing or not much is able to live.

In the heat an abundance of greenery-food; life flourished into the many giants which roamed the Earth at that time.

Their fledgling Body Chemistry had yet to evolve to consume Protein - as the earth cooled these giants ability to survive at the same size was compromised by the same Body processes of controlling Body heat and cooling, not being able to cope with the demands placed upon it.

This created an internal Mind Anxiety which had to be relieved, in order to achieve this; a change in the Body Chemistry was required - in order to survive.

As being big was now a distinct disadvantage.

Had it not been for the possibility of a massif seismic shift and volcanic eruption as Earth evolved.

Dinosaurs may well have become smaller in the passage of time - as we Humans have become larger for the same reason.


In the interim the Body Chemistry change may well be but not to exclusion have for the first time brought into being - Amino Acids.

For unregulated Protein created the massive size and now with the clever use of Amino Acids - protein can be altered to instead of Body building; Body to replication - hence our immune system came to fruition.

As possibly demonstrated by Elephants Rhinoceros, Alligators and Crocodiles being perhaps the only animals left over from the Dinosaur age that developed the ability to utilize Amino Acids to stop them growing to gigantic size by breaking down the Phenotype building Proteins.

Now there is the distinct possibility a Genetic or some other Medical Scientists may desire to say, “this is not so.”

And they may be right. Who knows.

We can of course balance this by asking. “Why then are so many Medical Scientists in the process of making drugs in order for Proteins to pass through the Body Capillaries as is the recognised norm with Amino Acids.

As much illness research as yet with no known cause and no known cures - appears to demonstrate.

As the creator of Talking Cures, as an, in addition to ALL forms of treatment therapy process being the first and perhaps only disease modifying treatment the world has ever seen. Yet is not to be seen as A MAGIC PANACEA.

I feel quite comfortable in referring to myself as a Scientist - whilst recognising I have not in the slightest, any recognisable form of qualifications, yet willing to place myself and Talking Cures under the microscope of the world of Scientific Medicine.

It is reasonable to consider I appear to be destroying all of the Genetic Understandings since Watson and Cricks discovery in the early Nineteen Fifties of the DNA Helix. Not so.

I feel I am adding to the vast amount of knowledge, to enable greater and secure findings to be made and treatments which cure - created.

To this end I have written to Mr James Dewey Watson and asked him what are his observations of the way his and his college’s findings are being utilized in our healthcare today. (9th February 2015.)

No reply as of 25th March 2016.


It can be seen in the beginning, being big may well have been a Protection - only with the integration of later and better information was big a disadvantage and the creation of Amino Acids in order to minimise the growth to later and better understood. Emotional Phenotype Demands.

Bring this Protection now forward to Mankind and as it is said - Survival of the Fittest appears to be the acceptable foundation for Humanoid Mutations.

This is only the case if one is not able to incorporate the Mind and its thoughts into the equation.

Sadly survival of the fittest/strongest only works if you are one of the fittest/strongest, if you are one of the weak and by traditional Suppressive methods - kept weak.

Thus a protection is required.

We discussed earlier our Genetic Makeup is a use ONCE process, meaning - from conception and once the Child is fully formed our Construction Genes play no further part in our life.

Every part of our being is now controlled by; Either Mothers Body Chemistry - could be referred to as RNA building blocks of DNA, or to a degree the Childs until birth.

Only obtaining full control following birth and a period of cleansing and balancing which becomes our Emotional Phenotype.

From Conception and birth a Fathers Body Chemistry plays no further part in a Child’s life - only via Positive or Negative Emotional input.

Dependent on the values of Body Chemistry from Mother, her previous Emotional History the birth itself and finely the comfortable and should be Automatic creation of the combination of the Mind Body and Spirit - our life force not religion.

Which is either not created or broken by further traumas.

Prayer or Medication will not resolve - which is tantamount to being dispirited, only create a furtherance of the Advantage of illness to which no one understands.

Moreover any form of Spiritual/Religious interference will only create more symptoms which will take perhaps many years to manifest themselves and then will not be connected to the Prayers or Religion.

If, “any” of these early life experiences are of a Negative Nature - traumatic, they will - depending on the value create within the Child’s Mind; a rule - a Lifetime unbreakable set of instructions.

The more negative - traumatic to the Child’s perception the more the rule cannot be broken.

Unless someone has the: strength, endurance, technical-ability and extreme patience and is able to deliver a constant level of understanding of a nature to suit the Subconscious Mind.

In the absence of such understanding - illness will evolve, to be not only of mysterious cause, but of ever changing presentation of symptoms and treatment resistant.

This process can and will be added to by any and every traumatic experience during a Persons maturing life.

Up to the age of Twenty One or on leaving the Parental home. Whichever comes first.

There are exceptions to this rule; as illness is as unique to a Person as their fingerprint - if any illness prevails during a Person’s life, some part or all of this early pre-birth and then post birth, processes will apply.

If there are No illness or Negative Emotional Phenotype concerns; this process does not apply.

Once this process is set into motion - the Illness as an advantage will always apply and will defy any attempts at symptom Management with thoughts going on in the Person’s Mind they may well not even by aware of - expressed as...

...“You do not know what you are doing, you do not care, you do not UNDERSTAND.

So often we see People ill with multiple or even a single symptom following a treatment regime showing signs of improvement and they, for an inexplicable reason - suddenly revert to being ill again.

This is not necessarily the treatment has failed, it may well have been in the process of being very successful - however the Mind and its negative memories; having spent some time adjusting its Body Chemistry to incorporate or dismiss the medications will come on notice of...

...the Understanding sought at the time of the illness creation has not been met.

Thus will attempt to protect - defend the Person from the same traumatic incident happening again.

The fact there are many years separating the incident from the illness is of no concern to the Subconscious Mind as the rule set up still applies and will take the Person to Death - if the understanding sought - so long ago - has not been met.

As a confirmation illness is an advantage families partners and loved ones...

...Parents particularly will only in real-terms support, often with excitement and anticipation, at often a great emotional and financial cost...

...Treatments of a biological nature only; never of treatments that work through the Mind or with aged memories.

They know the truth - their own negative as well and do not want their sibling or loved one to remember and perhaps challenge them with it.

Thus will almost with great creative craftiness create many situations that are part of the process of. “I will not let my children grow up to suffer in the same manner as I.”

In order for this to be achieved;

As Parents we can and often do educate our Children to unreasonable and often unreachable standards, often forcing them into relationships and work life that is not of their comfort or choosing.

Parents will unwittingly - yet could be viewed as - on purpose, bring up their Children to be Stupid - so they are not dwarfed-crushed by the Child’s superior intelligence/self- estimation.

Parents are responsible for Everything their Child achieves for good bad or indifferent; they are not in the slightest GUILTY as their Child did not come with an instruction manual any more than they had a life manual of their own to work from.

Thus everything we ever do is - no more than a relief of Anxiety.

When Parents - the cause of ALL illness bring up a Child. "Not to suffer in the same manner as they," or any one of the many incantations of this much misunderstood phrase, based on the many incidents - the Child can only react in a manner as if it was their fault.

As so often the Parent in pursuit of their understanding demand the Child knows it was their fault for not following the instructions - but often, not in plain words given.

Thus Guilt in its many forms. Self-imposed Guilt, Actual Guilt, Irrational or Free Floating Guilt, Imposed Guilt. Latterly converts into illness of either Mind or Biological demonstration.

Parents are our life’s teachers.

If Children cannot run their life comfortably - then there was not only something wrong with the teaching, there was something wrong with the teacher.

Parents and loved one’s will let their loved ones die rather than let place/support them into a position to have Mind oriented treatments for biological/physical illness.


Mother-Father: You used to be such happy little girl-boy?

Child: I am not a little girl-boy anymore!!!

Mother-Father: You are not happy anymore?

Child: I am fine!!!

Mother-Father: You and your Brother-sister are so different in your attitudes?

Child: We both came from the same place and educated by the same People!?

Mother-Father: I knew you would get into trouble one of these days - out all night long?

Child: I was just a teenager out with friends, having fun!

Mother-Father: What about that unsavoury character with the long hair down his back?

Child: He is a Doctor now! what do you know!?

Child: Sorry I am such a disappointment to you Both?

Mother-Father: What are you talking about?

Child: I am not good enough for you Mother-Father?

Mother-father: Can we have an agreeable conversation instead of always bringing up unpleasant long forgotten past information…

Child: Why not; you have been doing it for years - every time you say - one of us is stupid!?

Barked orders from Parents.

When a Parent. “SHOUTS” at their Teenage Child. “I do not know you any more.” are they really saying? “You” are not acting “responsible,” as I brought you up to be! Funny That.

Outcome - Parents Are only supportive of Biological treatments never treatments through the Mind and will do anything to ensure treatment stops or is not successful or their siblings Self-Worth improving.

There are as many way to express this as there are Children. Traditional or Family Traditions are perhaps the worst of them all.

In my experience there are very few People who wish to be free of their Parental imposed Emotional Lead Jacket.

Innate Love of Parents may be at the root of this.

A Patient will desperately desire to change the subject away from the cause. blindly Verbally-forcibly and will not be swayed away from their point, arguing it is of Biological Cause - as they can feel it, so they are right and you are wrong.

Moreover. When a Patient changes the subject I have to remember where we were and bring the conversation back to that position and make it appear seamless, connected and had not been swayed away.

And if appropriate; aware the Person of their Subconscious Mind’s intention to place me in a position of not understanding.

Even though in the Surgery Telephone or Skype I am an incredible force to be reckoned with, there are times I cannot sway them to back to the pertinent conversation.

Then I have to push them towards their conversation – to whit I am demonstrating - I truly understand.

Finely do not take my illness benefits protection away from me I will not know what to with the time without the money.

Is a powerful mantra to keep the illness an advantage.



Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

When I started this expose I said I would write the reply uniquely and apart from a number of updates have so far achieved this.

My last update even to me - has posed a question.

“What in reality do Dinosaurs that ceased to exist some Sixty Five million Years ago have to do with ill health repair in 2016.”

Leading me to conclude if one only considers the Emotional Phenotype - Nothing.

However if one takes into account other information - the understandings are quite different.

For many years Medical Science has proclaimed it has the Scientific Proof and demanding of all others to provide the same level of proof.

Now if we take the population of Australia, United States of America and the United Kingdom alone, the populations amount to approximately 500 Million.

If one approached each countries Audit Commission and requested the number of listed incidents of illness in any given year - say 2014 one may find the numbers exceed the population count by a factor or more than two or even three to one.

Leading one to consider the only success relating to Medical treatments is failure and they in real terms may well be 100% if one looked with a critical eye, instead of one Medically Blinded.

All despite the dedication of our many frontline clinicians.

The same would be of Talking Cures, if some or all of the factors in earlier updates are not considered and dismissed.

Thereby it seems reasonable to consider the only real approach to resolving illness is - Traumatised Mind Resolution; allowing the Patient to fulfill their fundamental right of being well in all of its meanings.

For my entire career those closest to me have often said. “You are talking a load of rubbish” and many times when I am answering a question they have posed - they go silent.

To which I am most seriously energised by.

I know then beyond any doubt Talking Cures is a New and Innovative way at looking at illness and via a re-education of a traumatised Person; bringing restitution to the Person they should have been without a life-time of traumas and reactions.

As a result of this education from many People I am given to understand, this paper I wrote as a result of this negative intervention of my findings and work in 2005, is extremely significant as a technique of understanding in treating mysterious illness - during which times a Patient will in many ways - scream at me. “You do not understand.”

Is now the link between Dinosaurs and Talking Cures, the ability to take a mass of what one may term as misinformation - as not even I can prove and create an; “understanding” as to how they came about and their demise.

The factors, as with ALL illness which lay behind the Emotional Phenotype.

UNDERSTANDING Very little of illness including growing pains are really understood. Inappropriate actions or behaviours, mostly are considered; the Person is Attention Seeking, this may be true to an extent but in reality, not true at all.

Attention Seeking is a term created by well meaning People who have little or no understanding of the effects of trauma on us as Children.

Usually as a result of their own traumatic past and their lack of desire to re-visit it.

We People only become ill by what we see or hear - we could include touch, however most often this is too late as the eyes have already registered the action - an imminent beating.

Always during the formative - Up to 21 years of our lives or when we leave the Parental home - whichever comes first, automatically without our knowledge or consent choosing illness as a last resort to gain understanding.

Pain/illness, inappropriate behaviour is designed - without realising - by a traumatised Person to gain understanding - that was lost within or not given following a trauma.

So often, the Person responsible for the trauma is unaware - as a result of their own Psychological - thought process damage - they have inflicted a trauma on us as Children.

So often thinking they are either doing us a favour or make sure we do not grow up; "to suffer in the same manner they did," failing to see we always suffer much worse than they.

Ultimately, we are responsible - Neither Guilty or a purposeful action for allowing the situation to affect us by changing our parameters, - the way we run our life.

Without life’s experience to judge against or aware us of what changes - without realising - we have automatically made changes that will make us ill, in Pain or highly successful.

It is also said by Professors of Medicine or other high ranking Medical personnel; High-achievers are extremely susceptible to certain illness's: ME, CFS, Manic Depression-Bi-Polar Disorder.

The facts of this may well be true, however, when these same Medical personnel, doing the best they are able say. "We do not know the cause of this, or how to treat the Person," What value other than Kudos or research funding - is this statement to sufferers.

When the answer is so simple to grasp as the paragraphs above and below demonstrate.

In the pursuit of understanding to resolve the trauma and subsequent sensitivity, the Mind uses any tools that it can, to bring about an understanding, including creating Physical Pain and illness as well as Psychological disturbances or inappropriate Social Behaviours...

If there is no resolution - understanding, from and by the now negative, destructive, significant People in our lives, then, "we" automatically create illness.

Creativity or Inspiration is possibly the Brakes on Madness, if we look back through history most if perhaps not all of our greatest creators and innovators had serious concerns regarding their Mental or Physical health and so often died early in their creative life.

Is it fair to ask, "if they were not able to be creative" - what would have happened to them.

Because, when the trauma(s) occurred, we did not have life experiences, to enable us to resolve the trauma(s.)

Then, with all the parameter changes we make, we become excuser's. Anything to avoid the real truth.

We still do not have the ability to resolve it, because of one very basic factor.

Through our actions in pursuit of finding somebody who CAN understand; that understanding has to be very very very specific; when the Patient/sufferer does not, cannot, will not tell, so the Person can understand without the sufferer saying a word.

These are all symptoms - there are many more - of a Person seeking understanding.

1. What do I have to do!

2. Please others, always and only at our/my own expense.

3. Use pain illness then I will be understood!

4. The only tool - illness - left, to get understanding!

5. Illness and Pain are the means by which I will gain understanding.

6. Understanding for what...

...Caused them to no longer be able to follow a true path of pleasure, they look to the perpetrators and then anyone who will listen, to give them the answer or explanation of traumas.

It is this process that causes the breakdown of relationships and marriage.

Hopefully enabling traumatic events in our Mind to be resolved and the individual, more closely follow a true path of Mind, Body and Emotional Happiness.

If that overriding program becomes more and more difficult the Person suffers Fear, Anxiety and Stress - Stress a word used to dismiss what we really know, but do not want to.

In turn causes the Mind to become more determined to the point of desperation, “what the heck do I have to do to get understanding here?” Become ill, become more ill, do something bizarre.

Watch any film and this story is always there.

Become a Person who cannot stop: Eating, Talking, Take Drugs, Tattoos, drink lots of Alcohol, Dye hair some colour or other, install Nails in various and many parts of the body, Run away from home, become a Freedom Fighter etc, etc, etc.

And finely create an illness that defies the best of Medical Science or takes our lives before our time and always at the most inconvenient time.

Example; Seven years or so following marriage a couple start to argue, so often the argument is over something silly, soon/never forgotten.

A familiar story, the marriage breaks down, some or most times neither party knows the real reason, thus have no option but to blame each other.

What has really happened is one or both it does not matter which, have made the other into their Punitive Person - punishing. The subconscious idea and desire being to force the other party to understand.

How often have we heard in a harsh exchange of words. “You do not understand”

Within the confines of our traumatised Mind we make a partner into a Punitive Person to recreate traumatic events or emotive responses, created by the real Punitive Person - say our Mother or Father - it could be any one or more of any of the People in our life.

Mother, Father, Grand Parents whether we knew them or not, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters, Teachers, Doctors and we nowadays must include second, third and even fourth generation Aunts and Uncles or perhaps better said; Mum or Dads New partner(s) and their families.

Of course the other party cannot possibly understand - although they try their best - an event separated from the present by so many years.

The more the now punitive - punishing Person, tries to demonstrate they understand, the more the understanding will be denied.

This is where Psychological Game Playing comes into force.

The Person seeking understanding;

Asks a question; the Punitive Person replies as best as they can.

The seeker asks the same question again, with a subtle alteration to the words.

The Replier answers again as best as possible.

This goes on for a period of time, as long as three weeks, but could be longer.

The question is still basically the same, yet for the listener it sounds quite different.

Again and Again the reply is made with integrity, believing the answer to be that as required.

The seeker then turns on the Replier and states you have contradicted yourself, “Three weeks ago you said!!!

The question was never designed to be answered; more it was designed to place the Punitive Person into an emotive position where they - must now understand.

How on earth can the Replier understand such a demand, from here the breakdown of the relationship starts.

This is a scenario post twenty-one or leaving the Parental home, it is the same at whatever age you care to apply it to.

Kindest regards and best wishes.

Peter Smith Talking Cures


Dear Romel Cordeiro Body Smart Clinic - Nerve Pain Solution.

Thank you for restarting this post originally on Chronic Pain Management Support.

This is a somewhat a revolutionary group as it does not allow any form of Group owner pre editing.

The reason for this is clear - there are no Scientifically Proven medical treatments that show long-term efficacy either in a cure or long-term management.

Thus. We have a lot to learn and through our experiences a lot to teach where every ones opinion on the subject at hand is valued - no matter how harsh a critique the comments are.

From this perhaps we can improve the poor understanding medical science has of all illness and in so doing allow us all to accept our Mind is more important in everything we do in the running of our lives and that includes all illness.

If the Mind does not or cannot remember pain or illness then in time to come, we will be able to accept - there can be no illness.

The previous discussions I have now not only converted them to a Web Page and given credit where due to any contributor moreover have taken the opportunity having rewritten my own contribution by reviewing and improving the editing and some of the expressions.

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... in illness -The Mind/Brain/Body is not in the slightest doing something wrong, it is desperately trying to right a serious and terrible wrong?

"No apologies are made if this paper is seen as simplistic, for too long Scientific Medical Papers have been written in a manner no one truly understands, if this were not so, cures would have long since been found making this paper and Talking Cures unnecessary or redundant.

Whilst it must be recognised, the framework for this paper is in the public domain and credit given to the authors; Peter Smith Talking Cures asserts the right to be recognised as author and Intellectual ©Copyright holder of his contribution to this document "

Is disease really originating in the Mind and in time manifesting in the Physical Body?

Talking, Cures? Really? = Blueprint of illness?

Dated 25th March 2016.

This document is free to use as an education or Patient led assistance in its entirety.

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