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Because Pain illness and fatigue are destructive to our
Health, Wealth and Well being...


Have Aches and Pains from Sports Injuries, Vehicle Accidents, Operations, Fatigue Symptoms or Family/Work trauma, stopped you reaching your true potential in Fitness and Health? 

Have you sought help from various treatments but to no avail? 

THERE IS AN ANSWER! Talking Cures is Twenty First Century Medicine able to create an automatic personal immune system response; via Skype (PC with or without a camera) or Telephone -land Line/Mobile.

Thirty Five years experience Counseling and Treatments for: 

Emotional Pain, Migraine, Repetitive Strain Injury, Seasonal Affected Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, ME, CFS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Back Pain. Sports Injuries, Accident Pain, Fatigue Symptoms, Phobias, Asthma, Post Operative Pain, Skin Disorders and Allergies. Feminine Concerns...Etc, etc, etc.

A recently added symptom HIV, using this process a person should following extensive treatment becomes HIV negative which should be without the aid of ANY supplements/drugs, only as result of his/her own immune system response.

Any illness that has not responded to other treatments.

The concept of Talking Cures is Pain Relief. That is relief from any Pain: Medicine, the Immune System, or time alone cannot or has not cured.

Working on the principle all Pain (even incident-accident) is stored in the Mind as negative destructive information.

Bringing about a change, either Physiologically i.e., Hormonal/Chemical or Psychologically i.e., attitude/emotion or simply. "I will not allow myself to go through that again."

With the aid of a specialist - applied in a just in time or at an appropriate time, manner - educating talking therapy, an openness of the Mind is created allowing the Person to face the original trauma that caused the immune systems weakness.

On achieving this awareness, the Person is guided, gently as possible through a technique that allows the Mind to automatically resolve the destructive incident. Coupled - when required - with the use of a special treatment program - in use from Nineteen Eighty-Six - to switch off the Mind's control of the Pain using the Body meridians, without the use of needles or massage.

This has the effect of allowing the Immune System(s) to begin automatic and normal function, for it is the Mind holding onto the trauma that causes the Immune System to cease or reduce functioning-naturally.

Among the many areas this method of treatment - better seen as a process - it has proven to be most effective with, are Migraine. Emotional Pain. Anxiety, Sports Injuries. Muscle Aches. RSI. SAD. ME. IBS. P.T.S.D. Phobias. Fatigue/lethargy. Asthma. Post Operative Pain, Skin Disorders, Accident Pain (i.e. Whiplash) and Infertility. Especially where there is a normal Egg and Sperm count. 

Never must Talking Cures Treatments or Understandings be considered an Island or to the exclusion of all other treatments!

Applying and working with any and every other type of treatment and drugs, thus true trust can be achieved and maintained, allowing full understanding, and therefore giving an automatic yet expected outcome.

For a short time following a treatment it can for the patient however be hard or uncomfortable work. However any Pain or Illness not successfully treated is more emotionally, physically and always financially more costly than the treatment process is uncomfortable.

Treatments are not an alternative to any other treatments so are always applied in addition to all other treatment or Prescriptions.

Telephone our Clinic or send Skype invitation for a Consultation and Treatment - you have nothing to lose but the Pain!

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Talking Cures is a Twenty First Century Medicine... to treat multiple symptoms of Mind and Body in a Person.

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