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Because Pain illness and fatigue are destructive to our
Health, Wealth and Well being...

Twenty One.

The processes of illness as explained by Scientific Researchers and the Medical Profession of any illness and its Biological causes are well documented and supported by the Scientifically Proven Evidence, as is the inability to establish the real cause of most if not all illnesses.

How can we look at this differently, as we never seem to get well, no matter what treatments we experience!

The findings of The Pain Relief Therapist Peter Smith are;

We only get ill up to and before we are Twenty-One - NEVER AFTER - or when we leave the Parental home, which ever comes first. Never after.

What comes after is the confirmation of - reaction to; an earlier belief/trauma, this is when illness-Pain starts to show or be felt.  

We only get ill from what we hear and see and how we perceive we should run our lives following trauma(s.)

Yes, there may have been an accident/incident still this is a symptom, the real cause of the incident-accident and subsequent Pain is what caused the distraction in the first place.

Fear-anxiety are the cause of all illness whether it is worse at night or day is of no consequence, this being only a demonstration that the cause has still not been addressed, understood and resolved. 

Because illness is Laser aimed or directed to a part of the Body by the Mind, therefore it is not by chance, or the sensitivity in the area a result of the damage. 

It is the Minds way of maintaining the plea that has long since been ignored. 

"Please, won’t somebody understand..," there is never any Person capable of this seemingly simple action? 

The Pain is made worse or site kept sensitive by various Body Chemicals thereby resistant to any form of treatment intervention. 

With continuation of Pain, Burning, Aching and Soreness long after the immune system repair should normally have taken place...  

...Appearing to confirm the symptoms are of a Biological Nature.

This is Never the case? 

Pain; by setting up an area of sensitivity, we are drawn to something being wrong, again believing this to be some failure of the Body, we suppress this with pills potions and suggestive techniques or the more powerful snip a nerve or two. 

If Pain is not addressed properly, it “will continue into the chronic stage then on to degenerative disease/illness.  

In the pursuit of understanding to resolve the trauma and subsequent sensitivity, the Mind uses any tools that it can to gain an understanding, including Physical Pain, illness, Tattoos, Body Piercing, inappropriate attitude or behaviours, Binge Drinking/Eating...

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