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"Peter what is it exactly you and Talking Cures do?” What is Talking Cures.

Dr Nadeem Iqbal Lahore Pakistan wrote:

"Peter what is it exactly you and Talking Cures do?” What is Talking Cures

Do you have an institution in UK for Pain management? 

What is the application of your work in main stream contemporary medical treatment?

I hope you do not mind...I am interested to know.

Nadeem Iqbal.

Dear Nadeem,

May I take the opportunity of first thanking you for posing the question to me on the Rawalpindi Medical Centre (Lahore Pakistan) Facebook page - of which I am privileged to be a member of. “Peter what exactly do you and Talking Cures do? And for giving me the opportunity of, not only replying to your question, but also the authority to post your question as an introduction.

As I see it and from the evidence presented to me from around the world. Talking Cures is without doubt the most significant of findings since the creation of ill-health and scientific medical intervention, being the only therapeutic application I can find with the ability to, first treat a Person in a Wholistic - meaning complete Person manner.

With the unique ability of Encompassing every single symptom of Mind and Body a Person can present within the one treatment specialty and in addition, automatically accommodate to the ever-changing presentations of symptoms and not only; never be phased by this ever changing presentation of symptoms, but with an ability to instantly accommodate to these changes within the Person's therapeutic program

Moreover, by using the medium of talk-conversation to bring about lasting and permanent changes to the Bodies Chemistry processes - including knowing how and why this change happens, which are at the heart of all illness and by the Person them self automatically using their Body's own replication and immune systems.

Although I could say as Talking Cures Guardian-custodian, Talking Cures is the institution; this would not be fair or honest, for a reality it is just myself the creator of Talking Cures and whilst the word Pain and illness are in my vocabulary, management of symptoms is not...

Talking Cures is a New Science of the Mind and its interactions with the Body.

As the word sends an unwitting message to and from the Patient..;

"If you have to use Management of my ever changing symptoms - then you did not understand my Pain in the first instance."

Whilst I have been a complimentary therapist for near 30 (2012) years, from the time that Anaesthetists adopted some Twenty-Five years ago Pain as their Modality, I was able to see that they were in reality on the wrong course and all of their work will only lead to tears.

Therefore I took a conscious decision to leave the complementary field and take a different and deliberate course, as this had no scientific basis at all and to align myself; as in addition - an addendum to mainstream medicine, in the vein hope at sometime I would be allowed to show and indeed medical science would listen.

As medical science still today in the year 2012 does not have one single illness under its belt where the cause is truly known and the cure to eradication of symptoms has been found - with the intention of incorporating Talking Cures findings into mainstream and scientific medicine - where it belongs.

Thus Talking Cures is only invited to give treatment to a Person when mainstream medicine has somewhat lost control of the Person's healthcare pathway and following on, complementary therapists as I see it the main desire, is to fix the future often by finding the past traumas, yet has not had the desired outcome.  

My personal and Talking Cures consideration; work on the understanding; that nobody has the right to predict the future.

It must be said - in pursuit of openness and honesty, with the damaged ability of Persons requiring treatment to comprehend or accept their illness is a process of their Mind, aided and abetted by medicine with. "Its all in your Head or its nothing to do with your Mind." Is often a very powerful Protection to dismantle.

By comparison Talking Cures makes the illness seem so grass roots simple - thereby undermining the importance of their illness; even Talking Cures is many times - even before a Person has received treatment from Talking Cures - denied the ability to show a Person; they, using their own immune system can cure their illness which has no known cause or cure or is. “Genetic.”  Thus - "its all in your Head" or nothing to do with your Mind," is simply, not the real truth, only what the Medical Profession tells us  is the truth.

Talking Cures - working in addition to all other therapeutic applications; encourages every Person in treatment to continue with and comply with everything their mainstream physician’s request of them.

This of course includes all complimentary treatments as well.

The rationale for this is clear and simple; neither I nor Talking Cures are medically qualified and even if we were would not have the legal or moral right to interfere with another clinician’s recommendations or prescriptions.

Finally when Talking Cures work is finished with a Person, their own Doctor and in the UK the NHS, have to adopt the integrity of being the first line of approach when a Person requires any medical assistance.

To explain Talking Cures:

Talking Cures is not:

A Pain Management program or therapy; whilst it must be recognised there are millions of People throughout the world in as many types of Pain as there are People and it is their absolute right to manage in the absence of a treatment to bring proper and permanent relief of their Pain.

Talking Cures is not a management program for Pain or any other illness and therefore any management of symptoms used as a medical, therapeutic tool or technique, does not meet with the approval of Peter Smith Talking Cures, as all management programs are blind too or desire to ignore the true cause of all Pain and illness, as a process of the Mind.

An ill health, diagnostic therapy.

Does not, examine a Person.

Always takes a Person’s word for their ailments.

Makes no promises that may well turn out to be false, as to the, “Cure” of any presenting symptoms.

An instruction therapy, does not advise a Person to change their life style in any manner.

Is not a training regime, therefore does not attempt to retrain various organs of the Body or Mind.

Never interferes with other clinician’s advice medications or treatments.

Never requests or instructs a Person to take or stop supplements, health improvement preparations, medications or make alterations to their diet. 

Never chastises a Person in any way shape or form for not carrying out or complying with therapeutic instructions-applications or in any manner for apparently not listening to the therapist, all this achieves is short-term compliance or improvement as the Person WILL ONLY create another illness at worst or best become very angry and frustrated.

A Money making devise by selling other Health related products, books or prescriptions.  

Talking Cures Is:

Talking Cures as the name suggests, requires a lot of talking.

However one has to be mindful - if one talks all the time or first, unless invited, then one is not listening and if you are not listening, then you cannot be therapeutic and allow the Person to create a beneficial outcome or health improvement from Talking Cures.

Sees only a Person, not a list of mystifying symptoms.

Recognising of, Illness is not. "All in the Mind." But, "A learned process of the Mind.” In other words a reaction to a traumatic Memory.

Understanding beyond understanding.

Consistent in its application.

Only recognises People: not Race, Colour, Creed, Gender, Religion or Sexual Preference.

Recognises there is in reality only one presenting symptom,

“A Person requires specialised help guidance and understandings.”

Is able to work and apply treatment to a Person no matter how many symptoms they present.

Never gives up, if a Person continues to work with Talking Cures.

Never throws the metaphoric hands in the air and says. "I do not know the cause and do not know the cure."

Never runs out of Tools, therapeutic techniques and understandings to apply to a set of symptoms which to others may well seem mysterious.

Is the one therapy that can if indeed the Person’s sub-conscious Mind will allow, to show the Person how they can cure themselves of their Mind and Body symptoms? Using their own body replication system and immune systems, via the Entire Body Chemistry of 2000 +/- chemicals.

Works only on the last instruction from a Patient; yet is able to instantly change to the new demands of a presenting symptom or attitude of a Patient.

Effective over the Telephone or Skype.

Appointments are never made - wherever possible - to accommodate to Talking Cures diary, when a Person attends for treatment it is more secure if they want to be there and not to suit Talking Cures Diary or invoice creation.

Never increases Fees to a Person for the duration of their uninterrupted treatment process.

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