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Autism Explored Explained Understood?


Nothing is ever what it Appears or Seems. 

It is now July 2017 and the evidence presented daily through the multitude of different opinion media outlets - many of the them from: Medical Science, Medical Researchers Professors of Medicine and Doctors of all specialties including: Patients, Patient Forums and Support Groups, illness support Charities relating to illness of all descriptions or diagnoses - is suggesting there is a World-Wide Failure of all treatments to address Mental illness or Biological illness or a combination of both.

As or more importantly the evidence appears to suggest. NO one EVER asks WHY.

One may term this as hiding from the truth as we all appear to do - when mysterious illness strikes.

This Paper is as much of what is reasonable to consider - as it is a matter of fact...

It is also combined information from Wikipedia and a number of professional sources.

Therefore it may contain a number of repeats - giving rise to different opinions and or conflicting information; perhaps therefore,

this particular medical experiment that may well lead to Understanding the many mysterious and distressing symptoms, thus demands such scrutiny.

Moreover, for a Medically qualified Person considered as. Anecdotal - a posh word for storytelling.

If in reading this paper my writing appears to be like a foreign language or even rambling.

Consider reading this paper - not as a book; take some time to comprehend the contents.

Where I would like to think and feel sure, it will make sense?

So often, we read or hear in detail. "What" (description or symptoms) of an illness - but rarely if ever does anyone take the time to truly explain...

"...WHY," or how it is really caused...

...this paper is designed to answer many of the questions - we are so often left with.

Where many times we have the questions and no answers - or the answers and not the questions.

If I have unwittingly left anything out or not satisfactorily answered, please email (address at the end of this page) and I will include it in this Paper at the earliest opportunity.

Please include item number or a copy and paste if possible - of the item that is not clear.

Did we not all struggle as a Child to learn many things we now through the experience of life - are now extremely competent with.

No apology if offered if discussions are repeated within this paper.

The understanding for this, nothing is more repeating than illness that is there every day of one's life and - despite treatments not only does not get better or have a satisfactory explanation/understanding...

Moreover often becomes worse, as Medical Science continues to write Scientifically Proven Papers about illness; in a confusing, repeating strange to many language/words or description in a manner that confuses everyone - and ultimately even themselves!

The first thing in the process of answering this is, for any one suffering, it is clear...

"...New understandings are required about illness..."

Far too many times I have heard from People. "If the most highly qualified Doctors cannot Cure me how can a Person not medically qualified."‏

...making it appear the existing quality medical education is the same worldwide?..


If on reading this or any of Talking Cures understanding of illness one gets the impression...

....I am angry...

...then please believe it; because in 2017. People are not only not recovering from any illness - so often the treatments make them worse and no one knows why or it appears. Cares.

One could also be forgiven for thinking I am against:

1. Doctors.

2. The Medical Profession.

3. Medical Scientists.

4. Medical Researchers.

5. Alternative Medicine.

6. Complimentary Medicine.

7. Religion. 

The reality is I am a staunch supporter of any Person or Institution that helps People through tough emotional and physical concerns.

I am I confess most seriously against Bad Medical Science that has never once in real terms demonstrated the cause is truly known of any illness and as a result created a cure...

= more illness and no more medications.

From Talking Cures point of view and therapeutic practice - names of illness especially Medically Diagnosed recognised and Scientifically proven, are of no real value in the understanding and treatment of any illness - the only Name we should use or symptom we may label is...

"A Person is unable to achieve a Healthy and satisfactory lifestyle...”

...Or never allowed to become the Person they should have been...

Thus requires. “Specialised assistance,” in order to make sense of the presenting symptoms, the cause and reason for them - enabling automatic resolution via the Persons own immune systems and Body replication process - referred to as, the Entire Body Chemistry. 

...Surely if a Person cannot be in control of self-repair when can they be in control!

To a trained Medical Mind these questions and answer updates may well appear or feel patronising - it is hoped not, as their structure is at the very. "Heart" of the success of Talking Cures as a therapeutic application and may well be a serious asset and improvement in Medical Treatment outcome success.

In order to fully appreciate this, it is helpful to consider and accept;

All of the information as to why a Person became ill in the first place and as a consequence - all of the information required for them to automatically create immune response repair is - not only contained within the confines of their Mind - it is the only information required to bring about the required Automatic Cure using their own immune systems and Body replication processes. As designed by the Mind and Body.

By creating very cleverly constructed questions - Knowing the Person is able to answer them with their own knowledge of themselves of which they are a Master and if they are unable to with my interpretations, accepted as re-education of their own information, that continues/completes on an ongoing bases; the process either returning to well-health or well-health for the very first time in their lives.

Based on the secure knowledge. "The only Person with the Integrity and Wisdom to fully Understand their illness and its cause - is the Person themselves."

There are most serious considerations as to why this process as with all illness treatment interventions - appears not to succeed...

...when the Protection created in response to early Childhood Emotional and or Physical traumas is so great the Person is unable to see the Protection and therefore unable to lower the Protection - allowing a Person to observe in a safe therapeutic environment the cause and consequences of such Protection, is the only safe way to resolve illness.

And. As a result, to gently - if one dare uses such words, lower the Protection, which will allow an immune response and an automatic alteration in ones thinking process, leading to a natural life - with comfort of Mind and Body.


The following explanations are from a collection of Scientifically Proven papers in the public domain and discussion forums and are in a Question and Answer forum style.

It is important to accept I am both the Questioner, on behalf of interested Person's - as well as the Person supplying the Answers, or Responding thus in many ways, my own best critic.

Leaving one to choose the Questions and Answers that are important for a better or individual understanding of this seemingly mysterious illness.

Furthermore it is imperative one recognises; I have no medical qualifications to make such assertions as contained within my answers.

This should leave one in no doubt - it is only written because the entire medical profession since its creation, have never once produced a cure for any illness.

A life time of medication - is not to be considered a cure, only management of an ever-changing and most times ever growing list of symptoms and medications.


Question. 1: Given the understanding you have no medical qualifications - are you able to explain how you can present this information regarding perhaps an illness you have no real prior knowledge of; in the way that you seem very able and comfortable with?

Answer. 1: Good question and thank you.

A. First may we understand it is the ability to work - using only the Persons Mind, with as many and constantly changing set of symptoms a Person is able to present; at the very foundation of Talking Cures.

B. My understanding and acceptance - everyone in the Medical Profession is doing the very best they are able with Management techniques, yet fail to truly comprehend the enormity of the constantly repeated statement. "Of the 100,000 illness recognised and diagnosed," still in late 2017 there is not one definitive cure for any illness.

C. Thus I start from a piece of information where a Person - say on Facebook or LinkedIn posts a question about an illness or from a Television or big screen Film I collect from the available sources, as much information as I am able, regarding the latest information known about the illness.

D. I then create a new web page and copy and paste the information into the page.

E. From here I start the edit process of this information - yet do not attempt to understand it, in much the same way a Person with the illness may in pursuit of answers and questions.

F. Part of the edit process is to convert words that appear are used only to confuse - by research many medical publications or dictionaries, into a readable format, by providing the meaning of the word. This sometimes proves to be quite a time consuming task.

G. I then go through every word and edit out the grammatical parts that I feel could read better IE. Don't = do not. Doesn't = does not or isn't = is not and at the same time remove most reference to the First Parson. "You," then apply reference numbers to each sentence as well as colour highlights of information I feel deserves such treatment.

H. Finely - once the page is in a presentable format. I then start to comprehend the enormity of the message and make responses as required, ending with why Talking Cures feels or has proven if only to my own satisfaction, how the illness is caused.

I. Once the creation process is complete I use a number of ways to spell check the entire document - often confused by different ways of spelling the word from country to country.

J. Some forty to sixty hours later, or many more depending on the amount of information - having read the document more times than I am able to count. having finely checked for best level of continuity. I take the decision it is ready to publish free of any sign up - no collection of saleable contact information or fees for all to use at their desire, or discretion.

1. After all of this there are still times when an error jumps out at me.

2. Usually at this time with a final read/edit - I am reminded; I have no Medical Qualifications and often breath a sigh of relief and work to these principles...

Talking Cures Standards & Priorities


Autism - Explored Explained Understood?

Courtesy of Wikipedia the free encyclopaedia and other named or unnamed contributors:-

This article is about making 2017 sense of this Scientifically evaluated Psychological Process, using perhaps for the first time in history...


Regarding Person's-Children. Following negative instructions from significant Persons - thus become Obedient to the  degree of demonstrating with many uncomfortable emotional responses (Symptoms) with little or no informed knowledge as to the outcome of reacting to such negative information, confirmed as. Biological, Emotional and or Physical Traumas.


Section. 1.

Question. 1. It is 2017 and Autism has been about along time what does the world at large think and have to say about this - to use their terminology. Autism?

Answer. 1. Nice question - although there is much to say on the subject that comes from informed People; we have to start some where:

A. There is a suggestion the Technological Industry Needs More Autists or People with Autism. 

1. There is still a desire or purpose to explain:- What Autism really is.

2. Why it is underrepresented in the technology industry.

3. And - Why the technology industry needs more Autistic People.

B. What is Autism? Psychologists, Psychoanalysts and Neuroscientists all commonly apply a three in one model of the Brain:

1. The Reptilian complex - also known as.  “Instinct” or “the Id:” where primitive subconscious emotions - such as sadness, anger, fear and happiness reside and which is correlated to primitive neurochemical algorithms that measure one’s capacity to take care of oneself.

2. The Paleomammalian complex - also known as. “Consciousness” or “the Ego:” where individual consciousness resides and which is correlated to defensive, perceptual, intellectual-cognitive and executive functions.

3. The Neomammalian complex - also known as.  “Intuition” or “the Super-ego:” where collective consciousness resides and which is highly correlated to the internalization of cultural rules, mainly taught by Parents applying their guidance and influence.

C. In individuals with Autism, the Neomammalian complex does not behave as it normally should, which could have any of a multitude of causes.

D. In essence, that means that Autistic People are lacking what is commonly referred to; as a “gut feeling.”

E. People with Autism cannot just follow; “whatever their Heart desires.”

F. So they need to analyse whatever data they have all the time to compensate for that lack.

G. The emotional life of Autistic People is no less intense than that of other People - if not more intense, but  -  due to the lack of a “gut feeling;”  it is not as layered.

H. Much of the wide-range of subtle nuances in their emotional spectrum of. “Neurotypicals” - also known as. “Normal People” is completely alien to Autistic People.

I. The Autistic emotional life is almost exclusively an expression of the level of (dis)comfort of one's experiences at any given time.

J. While that may seem a very limited range of emotions, the emotional life of People with Autism can nevertheless be just as intense as - if nor more than; that of. “Neurotypicals.”

K. Because People with Autism need to analyse everything all the time whereas. “Neurotypicals” can just rely on their “gut feeling.”

L. Autistic People are far more sensitive to a multitude of stress factors, but also far more capable of experiencing a state of Zen-like tranquility through meditation, hypnotic induction and reduced anxiety. When stress factors are minimal.

M. This means that Autistic People and. “Neurotypicals;” experience a vastly different emotional spectrum, with different triggers, different sensitivities, different preferences, etc.

N. The obvious consequence thereof is that Autistic People struggle to comprehend the emotional spectrum of. “Neurotypicals.”

O. Perhaps less obvious is that it is no different the other way around.

P. It is not just difficult for Autistic People to understand and communicate with “Neurotypicals,” but also for “Neurotypicals,” to understand and communicate with Autistic People, because their perception of themselves and the world around them is so vastly different.

Conclusion. If one reviews the items highlighted in Red it is clear to see - so called intellectuals only use such words to hide how little they know about their chosen subject.


Section. 2.

Item 1...

A. How to recognize someone with Autism.

B. Autism is considered a “spectrum.”

C. This means that it exists in many variations.

D. It also means that some variations have a significant overlap whereas other variations seem almost opposites.

E. This makes it very difficult for many “Neurotypicals;” - including qualified Psychologists to grasp what it means to be Autistic and how to recognize someone with Autism.

F. Even if you know several People with Autism and have a strong theoretical background of what it means to be Autistic, you may totally fail to recognize the Autism of someone on; the “other side” of the spectrum.

Item 2. So how can one recognize someone with Autism?

A. Well, consider that many characteristics of Human behavior and personality have a Gaussian distribution.

1. Gaussian functions arise by composing the exponential function with a concave quadratic function or Bell Like Shape.

2. The Gaussian functions are thus those functions whose logarithm is a concave quadratic function.

3. The parameter c is related to the full width at half maximum (FWHM) of the peak.

Item 3. The more “normal” one is, the more likely to find oneself at the peak of the bell curve of every characteristic, whereas. “Autistic” People; are most likely to be found on either the beginning or the end of the bell curve.

Item 4. Basically, People with Autism are extreme in their behavior and personality.

Conclusion.  This makes Stephen Hawking and his finding of a Black Hole in space on a Blackboard with Algebraic calculations - seem very real compared to the functions calculated in items 1. A, B, C D and E, as an expression of a Child damaged by as yet unknown forces.


Section. 3.

A. Typical characteristics of Autism:

1. Being either hyper-sensitive or hypo-sensitive to sensory stimuli Behaving either in an extremely rigid or extremely chaotic fashion.

2. Speaking either very slow or very fast.

3. Using language that’s either unusually refined or unusually primitive.

4. Having either a very monotonous or a very expressive voice.

5. Being either extremely introverted or extremely extroverted.

6. Being either intellectually challenged or intellectually gifted.

7. Being either totally obsessed or completely disinterested in something.

8. Coming off as either Childishly naive or very wise.

9. Not only do you find both extremes among different People in the Autistic community, but both extremes can apply to a single individual in different contexts.

10. For example, someone with Autism can have an extremely messy desk while keeping a scratch-free DVD-collection in alphabetic order.

11. Or, someone could be passionately invested in everything related to trains, while being totally disinterested in any sport.


A.  Whilst it is imperative we explore all of the known or still hidden aspects of Autism, - is it not the correct thing to do or should we not also at least attempt to explain the rational behind the thinking as described in this section.

B. Otherwise all of the information supplied could be gleaned from a few random subjects willing to share their personal spectrum of concerns.

C.  Is there not sufficient to consider within this information that Autism has nothing to do with being a biological disorder at all - it is only a Mind create set of mysterious and ever changing symptoms.


Section. 4.

A. Other characteristics include:

1. A very direct communication style and distaste for small talk.

2. A very detail oriented mind.

3. A spatially and visually Mind oriented.

4. Extreme honesty and directness in communication.

5. Unusual interests and an unusual taste in multiple areas.

6. Limited, atypical body language.

7. Physically clumsy.

8. Compulsive acts like fidgeting, body rocking or hand flapping, especially under great stress or great concentration.


1. Relating more with Children, animals and/or even machines than with other Adult Humans

2. It is also not uncommon for People with Autism to experience sense and perception-related neurological phenomena like Photophobia, Synesthesia, Prosopagnosia, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia or Dysnomia.

C. However, occurrence of these phenomena differ at the individual level.

D. While some individuals may experience several of such phenomena, others experience neither.

Conclusion. Again a clearly stated in item B. 2 - such clever words - but who truly understands them and more importantly able to use them for a therapeutic advantage.


Section. 5.

A. Autism is NOT a disorder In the DSM-5, Autism is classified as a neurodevelopmental disorder.

1. However, this notion is controversial and outdated.

2. Many People who have been diagnosed with Autism do not consider their Autism a disorder and scientists are increasingly starting to join their ranks.

3. Because Autism comes with both extreme weaknesses - flaws and extreme strengths - gifts, scientists are starting to support the notion that Autism is just a natural but extreme variation in functioning rather than a disorder to be cured.

4. This means that Autism  -  although at the edges of what qualifies as normal Human behavior,  is a part of normal Human biodiversity.

5. It is also argued that many - if not all symptoms associated with Autism are not so much caused by Autism but rather by Autistic People being forced to conform to the mould of a society designed for - “Neurotypical” People.

6. That means that these symptoms can and should be alleviated by allowing Autistic People to be themselves instead of forcing them to behave in ways that are alien to them.

7. One might even argue that in a hypothetical society run by Autistic People, it is the “Neurotypical,” who appears to be have some kind of “disorder.”

8. From this perspective, labeling Autism as a disorder is not just wrong but damaging for the Autistic community, because it creates a false perception that People with Autistic are intrinsically less productive members of society, whereas many People with Autism are not just equally productive - but even more productive than “Neurotypicals,” when fostering an environment that allows their strengths to compensate for their weaknesses.

9. Changes in the scientific perception of Autism Eugen Bleuler, a Swiss psychiatrist, was the first Person to use the term Autism in 1911, as a reference to one group of symptoms of Schizophrenia.

10. Bleuler defined Autism as a detachment from reality associated with rich fantasy life: “The Schizophrenics who have no more contact with the outside world live in a world of their own.

11. They have encased themselves with their desires and wishes; they have cut themselves off as much as possible from any contact with the external world.

12. This detachment from reality with the relative and absolute predominance of the inner life, we term Autism.”

13. Bleuler described a rich variety of clinical manifestations of Autism: poor ability to enter into contact with others, withdrawal and inaccessibility - in the extreme cases, negativism, indifference, rigid attitudes and behaviors, deranged hierarchy of values and goals, inappropriate behavior, idiosyncratic logic and a propensity to delusional thinking.

14. This enumeration demonstrates that Autism is resilient to a simple medical definition because none of these manifestations is sufficient or necessary to diagnose Autism.

15. In the 1940s, researchers in the United States began to use the term “Autism,” to describe Children with emotional or social problems.

16. Leo Kanner, a Doctor from Johns Hopkins University, used it to describe the withdrawn behavior of several Children he studied.

17. His 1943 paper described 11 Children who shared high intelligence, a profound preference for being alone and - an “obsessive insistence on the preservation of sameness.”

18. Kanner considered Autism a form of; “Childhood Schizophrenia.”

19. Around the same time, in 1944, Hans Asperger -  an Austrian pediatrician ,  described four Children in his practice who had difficulty in integrating themselves socially.

20. Asperger identified in four boys a pattern of behavior and abilities that included: “a lack of empathy, little ability to form friendships, one-sided conversations, intense absorption in a special interest and clumsy movements.”

21. In spite of his unfortunate usage of the term “psychopathy.” Asperger passionately defended the value of Autistic individuals, writing: “We are convinced, then, that Autistic People have their place in the organism of the social community.

22. They fulfill their role well, perhaps better than anyone else could and we are talking of People who as Children had the greatest difficulties and caused untold worries to their care-givers.

23. Asperger called these Children; “little professors,” because of their ability to talk about their favorite subject in great detail.

24. Asperger noticed that many of the Children he identified as being Autistic used their special talents in adulthood and had successful careers.

25. One of them became a professor of astronomy and solved an error in Newton’s work he had originally noticed as a student.

26. Another one of Asperger’s patients was the Austrian writer and Nobel Prize in Literature laureate, Elfriede Jelinek.

27. Nevertheless, Asperger’s paper was published during wartime and in German, so it was not widely read elsewhere.

28. For several decades, Kanner’s notion of as a form of; “Childhood Schizophrenia,” persisted in academic literature and psychoanalysts typically blamed emotionally distant Mothering - known as the “refrigerator Mom,” theory of Autism.

29. This theory is considered debunked by - almost? all experts today.


A.  How sad is it when everything in the body has verily been mapped and thus can be scientifically proven or replicated and yet medical scientists are still at logger heads over a satisfying description of an illness and have to prove this by changing the name - or in the modern language; Link one Symptoms to another and suggest they have a biological connection. IE one symptoms causes another illness.

B. However; this is made much worse as Items 10, 11 and 12 demonstrate - from Medical Science; if they do not understand something to do with the Human body and cannot create a pill for it; they absolve their responsibility by forever blaming the Patient, or in this case the, Child affected by the Name they have chosen Autistic. Instead of simply Mary or Paul. Et al. 


Section. 6.

1. In his 1961 work The Myth of Mental Illness, Thomas Szasz famously argued that what is commonly qualified as mental illness is merely a deviation from societal norms.

2. Szasz argued that mental illness is a metaphor and not a genuine disease, that it is merely a way of dealing with problematic People in society.

3. Psychiatry is conventionally defined as a medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mental diseases,” he wrote. “I submit that this definition, which is still widely accepted, places psychiatry in the company of alchemy and astrology and commits it to the category of pseudoscience.

4. The reason for this is that there is no such thing as ‘mental illness.’” By the late 1960s, he was perhaps the most famous psychiatrist in America.

5. However, he was also the most despised among peers.

6. This and his theories being rooted in the discredited field of psychoanalysis, resulted in his work usually being either ignored or vehemently attacked.

7. In 1971, Israel Kolvin conducted seminal research that highlighted the distinction between Autism and Schizophrenia, which influenced the decision to include Autism and Schizophrenia as two separate categories in in the DSM-III.

8. Still, most of Kanner’s description of Autism was not challenged until Asperger’s research was referenced in a 1981 paper, Asperger’s Syndrome: a clinical account, by English researcher Lorna Wing.

9. Objective criteria for diagnosing Autism soon followed, as did a clear separation from Childhood Schizophrenia, although it was not until 1991 that an authoritative translation of Asperger’s work was made - by developmental psychologist Uta Frith, which officially introduced Asperger’s work to the English speaking world.

10. Following this publication, the early 1990’s marked the beginning of a gradual change of the perception of Autism towards a very diverse spectrum condition.

11. In 1997, Professor of developmental psychopathology Simon Baron-Cohen - a cousin of actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, developed the empathising–systemising theory, which suggests that People may be classified on the basis of their scores along two dimensions: Empathising - E and Systemizing - S.

12. Baron-Cohen suggested that the typical Male brain has a stronger affinity with Systemising and the typical Female brain has a stronger affinity with Empathising.

13. Baron-Cohen further suggested that People with Autism show stronger affinity with Systemizing over Empathizing compared with their “Neurotypical” peers - irrespective of Gender.

14. This led to the conceptualisation of Autism as; an “extreme of the typical Male Brain.”

15. Later, in their 2008 study, Bernard Crespi and Christopher Badcock expanded upon Baron-Cohen’s theory and conceptualized Psychosis as; an “extreme of the typical Female Brain” and the diametrical opposite of Autism.

16. Note that Psychosis being the “diametrical opposite of Autism,” does not mean that Autism and Psychosis are mutually exclusive.

17. It merely means is that they are distinct and radically different brain strategies that are associated with respectively extreme Masculinity and extreme Femininity.

18. While some individuals can be considered as purely Autistic or purely Psychotic, others experience symptoms of both Autism and Psychosis.

19. Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder are typical examples where Autistic and Psychotic symptoms co-occur.

20. The exact differences and similarities between these different “conditions” nevertheless remain very poorly understood.

21. By the late 1990s, online groups of Autistic Persons started publicly defending the notion that that Autism is but a variation on the neurological norm and should be recognized and respected as a social category on a par with gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

22. Since the beginning of the 21st century, this concept is now increasingly picked up by scientists as well, although it is still considered controversial and thus far from universally accepted.

23. With recent works like Paris Williams’s 2012 publication Rethinking Madness and Wouter Kusters’s 2014 Philosophy of Madness, a similar paradigm shift has begun involving Psychosis ,  the “opposite” of Autism.

24. ADHD has also been mentioned in this context and the term neurodiversity has been coined in reference to a more general application of this concept, roughly echoing the ideas of Szasz many decades after they were first voiced.

25. Meanwhile, Olga Bogdashina’s little known 2003 publication is one of the first scholarly works to accurately describe Autism in all its diversity and accurately correlate Autistic behavior with corresponding emotions and cognitive styles.

26. This work is the first of several to provide an in depth analysis of the many subtleties and nuances found in the language and perception of Autistic People.

27. Low-functioning versus high-functioning Autism Some People with Autism have successful careers and a normal family life while others barely manage to take care of themselves in any meaningful way.


A.  As such, Autists are typically put into one of two different categories, depending on how self-sufficient they are : Low-functioning an High-functioning Autists.

B. Low-functioning Autists usually have and underdeveloped Reptilian complex and/or Paleomammalian complex alongside an atypically developed Neomammalian complex.

29. This means that they fail to have sufficient strengths to compensate for their weaknesses.

30. When most People hear the word “Autism,” they usually think of Low-functioning Autists, however they are far from representative of the Autistic community at large.

31. High-functioning Autists typically have not just a normally developed Reptilian complex and/or Paleomammalian complex but often even a superior Reptilian complex and/or Paleomammalian complex to compensate for the failure of the Neomammalian complex.

32. That means that they are not just as good at dealing with certain problems as “Neurotypical” People, but actually far superior.

33. Genetics definitely play an important role in deciding whether an Autistic individual is Low-functioning or High-functioning.


A. I have created the various sections and sub sections of this web page in order to break up what may well be considered - just a Single block of text; that talks a lot, yet says so very little.

B. As indeed does this section for Item 1 starts of with quite a revelation for 1961 The Myth of Mental Illness, Thomas Szasz famously argued that what is commonly qualified as mental illness is merely a deviation from societal norms.

C. Instead of this being a clue warranting further explanation - the medical profession scared their profit of money or scientific control being lost; created such confusion even they could not understand the message they proffered and confirmed this by ending up as Item 33 clearly demonstrates, with, it is Genetic - so everything is ok and we are safe to continue knowing little and being paid handsomely for it.  


Section. 7.

A. However, other factors play a role as well.

B. For example, how you educate an Autistic Child plays a far greater role in the development of a Child’s Brain functions, compared with; a “Neurotypical” Child.

C. Raising a Child with Autism successfully is all about teaching a Child how to think in patterns by feeding them information in the form of venn diagrams, line graphs, tabular data, tree structures or other visual patterns that help them see how everything is correlated.

1. A Venn diagram - also called primary diagram, set diagram or logic diagram is a diagram that shows all possible logical relations between a finite collection of different sets. These diagrams depict elements as points in the plane and sets as regions inside closed curves.

D. It is all about teaching them to recognize similar patterns themselves by observing the world around them and comparing it to what they already know.

E. Algebra, programming logic, neuropsychology and sociology are fields of study that can help Children even at an early age to move from basic pattern recognition to advanced pattern recognition and can help them integrate their pattern recognition skills in their daily life.

F. Think of a Child with Autism as a robot born without instructions that you need to program yourself before it is of any use.

G. The more efficiently you and others program that little robot, the more likely it is you who will fall behind on your kid rather than the other way around.

H. A lot depends on his processing speed and memory and by implementing efficient pattern recognition, you significantly reduce strain in these areas.

I. Some might consider it offensive to compare someone with Autism with a robot, yet it is really not intended to be that way.

J. Autism really is a lot more like the Mind of a computer than the Mind of a “Neurotypical” Person and it really can be programmed in a myriad of ways, making the Autistic brain far more diverse, far more flexible but also far more volatile than that of “Neurotypical.” People.

K. The worst thing you could do to an Autistic Child, is feed it loads and loads of raw disconnected data; feed it a lot of data without structuring it or correlating it to previously taught data.

L. The result thereof is that the Mind becomes a maze of raw data scattered across one’s memory and remembering how to do even the simplest things becomes very difficult as there are no directions in the maze.

M. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that the distinction between Low-functioning and High-functioning is rather arbitrary and not always obvious to make.

N. For example, some People with Autism remain mute for many years, yet still manage to develop normal language skills later on and even become successful engineers.

Conclusion.  One cannot and indeed must not deny the challenges Parents face when bringing up a Child deemed as Highly Intelligent thus Autistic yet feed them information demonstrated in. Item E. Algebra, programming logic - that would confuse even the most highly intellectual academics as demonstrated in this section and long-term be of no realistic value to a Child screaming out to be Understood.


Section. 8.

A. Are Autistic People capable of empathy.

1. To answer that, it is important to define what is mean by; “empathy.”

2. The notion of empathy -  as commonly understood ; can be split up into three different concepts:

A. The Brain subconsciously generating physical sensations based on environmental data and more specifically - the verbal and non-verbal communication of other individuals.

B. The Brain subconsciously linking those physical sensations with conscious thoughts, which can be either positive of negative and are based on prior experience.

C. Rationally putting oneself in other People’s situation; consciously and rationally processing the question what would one think and feel in another Person’s situation.

3. A typical Autistic Man is only capable of rationally putting themselves in other People’s situations.

4. They lack the capacity to subconsciously generate physical sensations based on environmental data and thus also the linking mechanism that normally follows.

5. A typical Autistic Woman is both capable of rationally putting herself in other People’s situations and subconsciously generates physical sensations based on environmental data, but does not have a linking mechanism that automatically connects these physical sensations to thoughts.

6. Because of this difference between the typical Autistic Man and the typical Autistic Woman.

7. Autistic Women are more likely to develop strong social skills than Autistic Men and Autistic Women are therefore less likely than Autistic Males to stand out in a crowd as; “weirdos” or “eccentrics.”

8. As a consequence, Autism is less commonly recognized among Female subjects, even by professionals.


A.  I see no Scientific Inquiry in Item 5 to suggest the researchers who created the foundation information paper for my response - have or ever intend to answer the question posed with. "a linking mechanism that automatically connects these physical sensations to thoughts."

B. Yet in their own words in Section 7 Item L. "The result thereof is that the Mind becomes a maze of raw data scattered across one’s memory." Holds sufficient data to say how desperate Scientific Inquiry or in simple terms Investigation is required - in this; as all other illness.

C. And then to have the Audacity of separating Male and Female from being Human after all and thus require specialised assistance to at least work towards being Normal and using their given skills in the best possible manner with the best possible non patronising support. 


Section. 9.

1. Do Autistic People live in their own little world.

A. Autistic People do live in their own world, but not in the way most People think they do.

B. Autistic People are in their own world in the sense that they do not have a cultural identity.

C. “Neurotypicals” tend to identify with one or more specific cultures to the point that they are incapable of distinguishing their individual identity from the group identity and their individual beliefs from the group’s beliefs.

D. Question the religious views of a Christian, a Jew or a Muslim and they all tend to feel personally offended, even though you are merely questioning their views and not them as a Person.

E. The same applies to political views or any views held so dearly People identify with them.

F. Alongside group identity, “Neurotypicals” also develop shared faith-prejudice. “Faith” and “Prejudice” and are respectively positive and negative labels given to the same attitude and behavior: believing something very strongly without being able to prove it.

G. A key advantage of shared faith-prejudice is that it simplifies communication among People of the same cultural background.

H. People know what to expect from each other and how to behave in other’s presence with barely any information at all.

I. A key disadvantage, however, is that this strategy often fails when People come in contact with others who do not share the same cultural faith-prejudice.

J. Autistic People; lack the “implicit learning” mechanism that is responsible for this kind of group thinking, which is what makes us much more individual in our cognition, our emotions and our communication styles.

K. While Autistic People do adopt a lot of behavior and knowledge from their environment like anyone else, they do so much more consciously and are consequently much less emotionally attached to this behavior and knowledge.

L. Autistic People therefore tend to hold less faith-prejudice than “Neurotypicals,” which  in a sense   makes them more flexible than. “Neurotypicals.”

M. A downside of this, however, is that this complicates communication with “Neurotypicals” and culturally isolates Autistic People from their environment.

N. In a way, Autistic People have their own unique individual cultures.

O. In that sense, we truly do live in our own little worlds.

1. We live in our own little worlds, not because we choose to or because we fail to understand the world we live in - some Autistic understand actually the world far better than many “Neurotypicals,” but because our inability to relate to the culture we live among sets us apart from that culture.

P. Consider how it would feel to be a North-American or Western-European living as the sole immigrant in a rural community in East-Asia, sub-Saharan Africa or South-America.

Q. That is exactly how a Person with Autism experiences every day social interactions.

R. Ironically, this makes Autistic People more adapted to living among People of a different culture.

1. One consideration, is because People tend to be more forgiving about social mistakes and quirky behavior when faced with a foreigner.

2. On another hand, that is because People with Autism are so used to living among People who identify with a culture that feels alien to them that actually living among a foreign culture feels only marginally more alien than their every day experience.

S. Advantages of People with Autism often have exceptional memories and can remember information they read weeks ago.

T. They are also less likely to misremember something.

U. People with Autism often outperform others in auditory and visual tasks and also do better on non-verbal tests of intelligence.

V. In one study by Mottron, on a test that involved completing a visual pattern, People with autism finished 40 percent faster than those without the condition.

W. People with Autism often notice details other People do not notice.

X. Rather than starting with an overview and then zooming in on the details, the Mind of the Autistic Person goes the other way around.

Y. They collect detail after detail and will zoom out to an overview only after they have gathered enough details to come to a conclusion.


A.  I see much debate as to the consequences of  being Born Autistic but no Scientific Inquiry to suggest the researchers who created the foundation information paper for my response have or ever intend to answer the question posed in item 1. Do Autistic People live in their own little world. With a truly satisfactory Scientific answer as to "why."

B. Yet in their own words in Item Y.  Holds sufficient data to say how desperate Scientific Inquiry is required - in this; as all other illness.


Section. 10.

1. People with Autism are often non-conformists.

A. They do not follow the crowd.

B. They look at a problem devoid of political or religious conventionality and pressure.

C. They think out of the box and often come up with ideas no one else in their environment had thought of before.

D. People with Autism often have a strong ability in fields like science and technology - superior Paleomammalian complex or fields like art and design - superior Reptilian complex.

E. As a consequence, Autistic People are found among our best programmers, scientists, engineers, inventors, designers and artists.

F. People with Autism often are extremely honest and very passionate about the things they enjoy.

G. They tend to have a strong interest in solving problems in their areas of interest for their own sake, independent of monetary reward.

H. People with Autism often have the ability to hyper focus on a single task for many hours straight.

I. While hyper focusing, their Mind is exclusively focused on that particular task.

J. Note that not all of these traits are present in every Person with Autism, however they are all very commonly found within the Autistic community at large.


A. How sad is it for our dedicated Medical Researchers with yet another difficult to study set of Symptoms to start of with a nice positive Items 1 through to H.

B. Although having the integrity and wisdom to recognise as Item I clearly demonstrates - the Mind is at the  Heart of this mysterious symptom set; then have the audacity to, or is it as planned by the education received from Universities and Medical Schools that erased Scientific Inquiry from excited students and insidiously replaced it with - deflate a Person at all costs.


Section. 11.

1. Autism and Genius.

2. Some of the world’s greatest engineers, programmers, scientists and artists are known to have been Autistic or believed to have been Autistic.


A. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart reportedly had repeated facial expressions and unintentional constant motion of his hands and feet It was also believed that Mozart’s hearing was very sensitive and intense and loud sounds made him feel physically sick.

B. Other reports indicate that he was excessively active.

C. Mozart was unable to carry on an intellectual conversation and existed in a careless and reckless way with impolite and frequent mood changes.

D. It is reported that one day, Mozart was particularly bored and jumped up and hurdled over tables and chairs, meowed like a cat and did somersaults.

E. Mozart’s letters indicated a presence of echolalia.

F. Together, these characteristics seem to point to the conclusion that Mozart most likely had some form of Autism.


A. Isaac Newton was very quiet and not very good at ‘small talk,’ or typical day to day conversations.

B. He was extraordinarily focused on his work and had a hard time breaking away.

C. He was often so focused that he forgot to eat during these times of intense focus.

D. He was not good at keeping or making friends as he did not appear friendly, nor did he know how to talk with individuals he did consider to be friends.

E. He also relied strongly upon routines.

F. For example, if he had been scheduled to give a lecture, that lecture was going to happen whether there was an audience or not.

G. Together, these characteristics seem to point to the conclusion that Newton most likely had some form of Autism.


A. Charles Darwin was a solitary Child and even as he grew to be an adult, avoided interaction with People as much as he could.

B. He wrote letters often, but did not often partake in face-to-face communication.

C. Writing letters was his preferred means of communication.

D. He collected many things and was very intrigued by chemistry and gadgets.

E. He was a very visual thinker as well as a rather obsessive-compulsive and ritualistic man.

F. Together, these characteristics seem to point to the conclusion that Darwin most likely had some form of Autism.


A.. Michelangelo had obsessional behavior, a fiery temper and the propensity to be a loner.

B. He had a single-minded work routine, unusual lifestyle, limited interests, poor social and communication skills.

C. He was obsessive and followed repetitive routines.

D. If he did not follow these routines, it would create great frustration.

E. He has been described as strange, without affect and isolated, as well as being; “preoccupied with his own private reality.”

F. Together, these characteristics seem to point to the conclusion that Michelangelo most likely had some form of Autism.


A. Nikola Tesla was a foremost inventor and engineer, more brilliant by far than his contemporary Edison, who ultimately exploited him and stole many of his ideas.

B. Known as a very eccentric Person, Tesla harbored a crippling series of phobias, maintained his celibacy, had a sensitivity to light and sound and was intensely focused on numbers - especially the number three ;  he would not stay in a room whose number was not divisible by three.

C. He was very soft spoken, but could be nasty in defense of his strange beliefs.

D. While generally reclusive and fanatically driven by his work, he could grandstand and was good friends with Mark Twain in his middle years.

E. As he aged, he became even more bizarre, ultimately earning the derision of the scientific community and dying alone in a hotel room, nearly penniless.

F. Together, these characteristics seem to point to the conclusion that Tesla most likely had some form of Autism.


A. Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft and frequently tops the list of the richest People in the world.

B. The only living entrant on this list, Gates exhibited a marked technical acumen from youth  -  his computer programming skills and attention to detail were remarkable and he racked up an almost perfect score on the SATs.

C. He has a distinct rocking motion when he is concentrating, a clipped monotone speech pattern and has developed a reputation for being distant, avoiding eye contact and lashing out at subordinates when he is displeased.

D. Together, these characteristics seem to point to the conclusion that Gates most likely has some form of Autism.

9. Note that this list is far from complete. In fact, it is but the tip of the iceberg.


A. If history is to be taken as truthful - then it is reasonable we accept this as fact and all of the mentioned subjects did indeed; although clearly demonstrating Genius in their chosen field have a form of Autism.

B. Again I see much debate as to the consequences of  being Born Autistic but no Scientific Inquiry - although the subjects have long since left this world; to suggest the researchers who created the foundation information paper for my response, have or ever intended to answer the question posed in this section. With a truly satisfactory if but only a Hypothetical Scientific answer as to. "Why."


Section. 12.

1. Autism and Employment.

A. With the current economic climate, companies have come to expect more from their employees than in previous decades.

B. Most specifically, they expect employees to have a broad range of skills with at least moderate proficiency and at least one skill that stands out among other skills.

C. To put it simply: companies are typically looking for generalists.

D. This already is a problem for Autistic People, because they tend to have a narrower range of skills.

E. And while they may have skills far superior to those of their “Neurotypical” peers, they often do not have sufficient other skills of at least moderate proficiency.

F. Autistic People are not generalists but specialists.

G. Ironically, many job descriptions mention great expertise in highly specialized fields.

H. Judging by the job description alone, Autistic People would often be the best match for many jobs out there, due to their high level of specialization and often encyclopedic knowledge of their areas of expertise.

I. Yet, when encountered with both a specialist and a generalist, companies almost always prefer to opt for the generalist, even when the job description clearly suggests otherwise.

J. What makes things worse, is that job applicants are typically judged based on one or more job interviews.

K. Knowing what to say and when to say it can be hard even for the most socially adjusted “Neurotypical.”

L. For most People with Autism, it is the equivalent of trying to climb Mount Everest without any climbing material.

M. Because of the failure of recruiters to relate to Autistic applicants as well as the failure of Autistic applicants to relate to recruiters, the Autistic applicant is nearly always misjudged.

N. Because efficient communication plays a key role in the assessment of an applicant, intelligence and skill-set are nearly always underestimated.

O. Also, the applicant is nearly always believed to be a poor fit for the company’s culture, even when it’s a perfect fit.

P. The failure of the recruitment process to correctly assess the Autistic individual and the preference of specialists over generalists is a missed opportunity for both the company and the applicant.

Q. The result is that the vast majority of Autistic People are either unemployed or underemployed, regardless of their skill-set.

Conclusion. Is it possible the judgmental attitude thus Anxiety of the Interviewer is at its highest - as the Person to be interviewed is outside of their Intellectual Quotient; thus they feel inferior themselves. 


Section. 13.

1. Autism and the Technology Industry.

A. While companies in Silicon Valley may be more Autism-friendly in their corporate culture and recruitment process than most other companies, this does not apply to the technology industry at large.

B. Even though it is well-known that Autistic People are often better programmers and engineers than their “Neurotypical” peers and how companies can nourish this potential, this knowledge has barely permeated the corporate cultures of technology companies worldwide.

C. Countless Autistic People with amazing skills in fields like programming or engineering are failing to find employment because corporations fail to recognize their skills.

D. Others are incapable of achieving their full potential because they are forced into a generalist mold, which results in a huge waste of energy on what they perceive as pointless, menial tasks.

E. Sure, there are companies like the Specialisterne or Passwerk that are specialised in getting most out of the characteristics of People with Autism.

F. However, these companies do not pay very well and have a very narrow focus on rather low end tasks like software testing, quality control and data entry.

G. They fail to provide the well paid, high end jobs that many People with Autism are the perfect fit for.

H. Today, it is way part time for a paradigm shift in how technology profiles are filled.

I. It is in the best interest of traditional technology companies to not just consider Autistic People as employees but even create high end jobs specifically for People with Autism.

J. This, not to achieve some politically enforced diversity quota or as altruistic acts of charity, but because Autistic techies often easily outperform most “Neurotypical” techies and come up with the most innovative ideas, if only they are given an environment and context that allows them to optimally use their strengths with minimal impact of their weaknesses.


A. One surely has to consider there is an Estimation-Self Worth battle going on in the PR and Recruitment departments of these companies.

B. Surely if a Person can do the job they can do the job - or is this by Failing to Plan; one is Planning to Fail.


Section. 14.

Question. 1. Is there a reason why you have thus far not broken this paper into a question and answer form style sections?

Answer. 1...

A. Yes indeed there is - the discussion came about as a result of a paper a Business Man published on Social Media - first showing excitement the puzzle of Autism had been solved and then asking for further opinions as to how he and his wife can help their son.

B. Therefore having read his paper I made the decision to provide information as above with a simple conclusion and then to make his paper into a question and answer forum style - with the intention of answering if possible some of his questions. And thereby possibility of assisting in the well being of his son.

C. In order to achieve this and make the questions  and the answers - a certain amount of editing will be required; with the intention of answering My Handley's questions regarding his sons Autism.

D. Let us explore.     


Section. 15.

J.B. Handley, Jr.

Co-founder, Generation Rescue.

Did Chinese scientists find Autism’s missing puzzle piece?

BY J.B. Handley Jr. February 22, 2017.

1. Scientists appear to be far closer to explaining the mechanisms of action within the body that cause Autism.

2. Most of the research that has created this understanding has been published in the last 36 months and largely from international scientists in Canada, France, Israel and China.

3. Four clear, replicable and related discoveries explaining how Autism is triggered are forming an undeniably clear picture of Autism’s causation and possibly ways to alleviate the symptoms.


A. If the drive, integrity and wisdom of  J.B. Handley, Jr.  was replicated by the family members of the millions of People world wide with long-term ill family members then there is a serious possibility one must consider - the Medical Profession may well take note and actually look for the cause of illness instead of finding what they were looking for.

B. Let us now convert Mr Handley's points into questions to see with a proper Scientific Inquiry we are able to answer them in a more profound and helpful manner as the research suggests and in so doing - truly provide the missing piece of the puzzle.     


Section. 16.

PASADENA, California :- 

Question 1. When Caltech scientist Dr. Paul Patterson passed away in 2014, I had little appreciation that he had triggered a chain of events over the course of his career that may now provide a clear and unambiguous explanation of how and why my son developed Autism back in 2004?

Answer. 1. The desire for this to be so must surely be ones driving force - however; although recognising, we all have to die sometime, when one understands how Dr Patterson Died; it poses a question."Why was it he and his colleagues were not able to apply his findings in order to cure his concerns. 

Question. 2. Knowing exactly how my son’s Autism was caused is incredibly important to my wife and I, because the more information we have about causation, the more chance we have to do something about it and perhaps recover my son from an affliction now impacting 1 in 48 American kids?

Answer. 2. When one considers there are approximately 100,000 illness in the world today and the true cause has not yet been established for any of them and as a consequence there is not one of them with a definitive cure. = No more illness and no more medications to manage the symptoms. Would it not be fair to ask. "Are we as a race of People ready for the Truth of the cause of all Illness.   

Question. 3. What you are about to read is the product of more than two dozen very recent peer-reviewed published scientific studies, with really no original thought by me?

Answer. 3...

A.  Is it not the Scientific Inquiry thing to say - as the main thrust of this paper from Mr Handley - says; not much is known for him and his wife to use to improve their sons life.

B.  Would it not be wise to ask; if little in currently known about how Autism is caused - how will the product of more than two dozen very recent "peer-reviewed" published scientific studies, with clearly no original thought; otherwise these really new findings would be in the public domain, be able to create new and substantial findings that Mr Handley could really use. 

Question. 4. I am a businessman and a Father, but what follows - is a “Grand Theory of Autism,” so complete and well-supported that I think it deserves the attention of every member of the Autism community.

Answer. 4...

A. It remains to be seen as to the following. "Grand Theory of Autism," truly being beneficial.

B. Although one would accept this paper will be well supported - it does leave one to ponder. "WHY," or is it we have all been so Blinded by Sciense and as a result lost our own line of Scientific Inquiry we will only believe failure when we see it and recognise such as success. 

Question. 5. When the totality of this explanation became clear to me, not only did my jaw hit the floor, but I was immediately consumed with thoughts about how this clear explanation might impact the way we treat our son’s Autism and I hope it does the same for you and perhaps your Doctor as well?

Answer. 5. Interesting reaction by Mr Handley - it remains to be seen if he shares within his paper; how his new found techniques worked for his Son. 

Question. 6. What I am certain of - is this “grand theory” needs to be heavily debated and I hope by putting it in the public realm I help move it along that path.

Answer. 6.  Indeed Mr Handley in putting this in the pubic domain has prompted me into action - For my part if one is going to call Medical Findings of a Scientific Nature then "Grand Theory" only tells; we have a long way to go before we truly understand this illness.

Question. 7. I am indebted to an anonymous scientist who runs a website called Vaccine Papers, where many of these insights came from.

Answer. 7. The Vaccine argument is long and arduous and still has a long way to go before the are any satisfactory understandings as to the validity or not of Vaccines - I am left to wonder. Although there is good argument for - is there in not more reasons than the Three on the website to why the Doctor providing the information has to be anonymous. Moreover does this really bring the movement any real benefits.  

Question. 8. I will quote Vaccine Papers throughout this piece; referring to Vaccine Papers as. “VP?”

Answer. 8. And quite right too. The mystery of illness is still far too deep for any information to be sidelined - just for profit or control.  

Question. 9. I highly recommend you read the totality of his website, where the explanations are far more scientific than what you will read here?

Answer. 10.  When one includes the real successes of Scientific Medicine and counts them - one is left with; when the trials are carried out on Mice, can there be anything but Guesswork for the outcome and understandings required for the disorder in Humans.

Question. 10. It should not be a surprise that the final piece of this puzzle came from China?

Answer. 10. One might be disposed to thinking. "The Jury is still out on these findings to have made such a secure Judgment." 

Question. 11. I have listened closely to the stories of American Scientists wanting to study Autism and complaining that any studies that are even remotely controversial are nearly impossible to fund or get approved?

Answer. 11. Does this not hold the clue for all Medical Research whether Funded or not - receiving approval is often the stumbling block as there is clearly a body with a vested interest in sustaining the status quo of not knowing, thus more research is required.   

Question. 12. As you will see, Chinese Scientists do not appear to have that same constraint?

Answer. 12. Perhaps the world of Medical Sciense will soon follow China's trailblazing attitude - this would surely be aided and abetted with a secure understanding of the cause of Autism. Scientifically Proven or NOT.  

Question. 13. In a way, many American, Canadian and French Scientists have pioneered a pretty clear picture of how Autism is caused and the Chinese helped tie it all together?

Answer. 13. Only history will tell the story of the validity of the tying together of the available data. 

Question. 14. That is at least my interpretation, please make your own judgment of:-


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism. 1?

Section. 17.

Dr. Paul Patterson.

1. Caltech’s Dr Paul Patterson passed away  20th June 2014 as a result of:-

2. Glioblastoma, also known as glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), a most aggressive Cancer that begins within the Brain.

3. Initially, signs and symptoms of glioblastoma are non-specific.

4. They may include headaches, personality changes, nausea and symptoms similar to those of a stroke.

5. Worsening of symptoms often is rapid.

6. This may progress to unconsciousness.

7. The cause of most cases is unclear.

8. Uncommon risk factors include genetic disorders such as neurofibromatosis and Li–Fraumeni syndrome and, previous radiation therapy.

9. Glioblastomas represent 15% of brain tumours.

10. They can either start from normal brain cells or develop from an existing low-grade astrocytoma.

11. The diagnosis typically is made by a combination of CT scan, MRI scan and tissue biopsy.

12. There is no clear way to prevent the disease.

13. Typically, treatment involves surgery, after which chemotherapy and radiation therapy are used.

14. The medication temozolomide is used frequently as part of chemotherapy.

15. High dose steroids may be used to help reduce swelling and decrease symptoms.

16. It is unclear whether trying to remove all or simply most of the cancer, is better.

17. Despite maximum treatment, the cancer usually recurs.

18. The most common length of survival following diagnosis is 12 to 15 months, with fewer than 3% to 5% of People surviving longer than five years.

19. Without treatment, survival is typically three months.

20. It is the most common Cancer that begins within the brain and the second most common brain tumour, after meningioma.


A. How sad is it for a man to dedicate his life to understanding illness and improving the understandings to not be able to at least recognise the early signs and approach one of his many world wide colleagues via the data that come readily to hand through scientific channels.

B. Or is it possible as with all Cured illness they only fit into the Five year period of cure before surfacing again under a different name. Thus the Medical Profession are safe from being exposed for the reality of their findings. 


J.B. Handley, Jr.

Continuation of Mr Handley's presentation.

Question. 1. While Dr. Patterson’s passing was not something I was aware of at the time, it was certainly recognized by the scientific community, of which his obituary from Caltech explains in great detail?

Answer. 1...

A. Whist Dr Patterson's passing was a serious blow to Himself, his Family and the Medical World as demonstrated by the Obituary.

B. To truly give credit as deserved it would be nice to see his health care history and make judgment to his life's work - in a Scientific Medical Industry that does not know the true cause of illness and has no cures.   

Question. 2...

A. Dr. Patterson’s obituary explains, “his research focused on interactions between the nervous and immune systemsa connection that was not universally acknowledged in the early days of neuroscience?” 

B. “He became intrigued by epidemiological studies that had linked a severe viral or bacterial infection during pregnancy with the increased risk of a Woman giving Birth to a Child with a neurodevelopmental disorder such as Schizophrenia or Autism?"

Answer. 2...

A. and B. Leaving one to question - where is the evidence scientifically proven or not supporting such a Hypotheses - Guesswork, why is it - if only an abstract; not included here.

Question. 3. Patterson and his coworkers reproduced this Human effect in Mice using a viral mimic that triggers an infection-like immune response in the Mother, producing in the offspring the core behavioral symptoms associated with Autism and Schizophrenia?

Answer. 3. A clear demonstration of Guesswork as one could muster - based on Mice are not Humans and will never respond in a way that mimics Humans; simply because they do not think as Humans, how can they being. Mice.  

Question. 4. In 2006, Dr. Patterson introduced his complex understanding of the interaction between the immune system and neurodevelopment through an excellent article in the Engineering & Science journal, titled Pregnancy, Immunity, Schizophrenia and Autism.

Answer. 5. And it was such a complex understanding by 2014 at the time of his death - he still had not made sense of his findings.

Question. 6....

A. Dr. Patterson does a great job of explaining his discovery to the uninitiated, it is really a seminal work. I hope you all take the time to read this?

B. Here is a quote: “As we learn more about the connections between the Brain and the immune system, we find that these seemingly independent networks of cells are, in fact, continually talking to each other?

Answer. 6...

A. Dr Patterson as with all of his colleagues must be congratulated with the manner they explain so often with great eloquence and patience their findings - Yet I am left to feel. Is there really a value is reading all of his work if he did not make any satisfactory conclusion. Surely had he - at least the abstract would be included here.

B. If we accept the cells are indeed talking to each other - what is or where is the message they send and receive.     

Question. 7. As an adult, the activation of the immune system causes many striking changes in behavior ;  increased sleep, loss of appetite, less social interaction  and, of course, headaches?

Answer. 7.  And there we have it - not only the reason for the Doctors lifelong research but also the reason for his untimely death. 

Question. 8. Conversely, stress in life as perceived by the Brain can influence immune function ,  the Brain regulates immune organs, such as the spleen, via the autonomic nervous system?

Answer. 8...

A. Surely for a profession that has very limited knowledge of Stress and how to manage it for only a short while - how can this be anything but an opinion.

B. Especially when one adds into the equation - the brain is no more than an organ of the body and like the heart has no memory of it own - that is the domain of our master keeper of all information for life. The Human Mind.

Question. 9. Recent evidence shows that this Brain-Immune conversation actually starts during the development of the embryo, where the state of the Mother’s Immune System (s) can alter the growth of cells in the fetal Brain?

Answer. 9.  Then it is not the Childs Brain Immune Conversation it is the Mothers entire body chemistry. 

Question. 10. As we shall see, such alterations can lead to an increased risk of Schizophrenia or Autism in the offspring?

Answer. 10. Thus we can with a fair degree of certainty rule out with serious caution. Vaccines given to the Child following Birth - as the cause of Autism. As indeed we can rule out Schizophrenia and Autism; as they are only symptoms and on their own cause nothing.

Question. 11. Are you with me so far?

Answer. 11. One might question are you keeping up, or have you really learnt anything of value in the assistants you requested for your Son.

Question. 12. Basically, what Dr. Patterson is saying is that if a pregnant Mother gets sick with a - virus, bacteria while pregnant,  it is an event that; activates her immune system?

Answer. 12...

A. One could argue: If - ifs and Buts were of any value in the Medical Dictionary. Medical Sciense would have either made an illness out of them or created a Vaccine or other treatment for them. Thereby hiding up the fact the Virus is still so very poorly understood.


B. Perhaps we should look into what is known about Viruses to date:-    

1. Origins:-

2. Viruses are found wherever there is life and have probably existed since living cells first evolved.

3. The origin of viruses is unclear because they do not form fossils, so molecular techniques have been used to compare the DNA or RNA of viruses and are a useful means of investigating how they arose.

4. In addition, viral genetic material may occasionally integrate into the germ line of the host organisms, by which they can be passed on vertically to the offspring of the host for many generations.

5. There are three main hypotheses/guesswork that aim to explain the origins of viruses:

A. Regressive hypothesis/guesswork.

1A. Viruses may have once been small cells that parasitised larger cells.

2B. Over time, genes not required by their parasitism were lost.

3C. The bacteria rickettsia and chlamydia are living cells that, like viruses, can reproduce only inside host cells.

6. They tend support to this hypothesis/guesswork, as their dependence on parasitism is likely to have caused the loss of genes that enabled them to survive outside a cell.

7. This is also called the degeneracy hypothesis/guesswork, or reduction hypothesis/guesswork.

8. Cellular origin hypothesis/guesswork.

9. Some viruses may have evolved from bits of DNA or RNA that "escaped," from the genes of a larger organism.

10. The escaped DNA could have come from plasmids - pieces of naked DNA that can move between cells or transposons - molecules of DNA that replicate and move around to different positions within the genes of the cell.


A. If one is able to accept - a Hypotheses is no more than guesswork; Item A 3C has the clues to perhaps explain why the Virus is still so poorly understood, as the items mentioned are Symptoms or part of the process of the cause of a Virus. Not a cause in themselves.

B. Moreover Item 6. Demonstrates at fertilization or the Genes used to create the Life form - are now redundant and from there on a working ever changing copy is created.

C. As demonstrated in Item 10 with; . molecules of DNA that replicate and move around to different positions within the genes of the cell. 

D.  If one is able to accept the conclusions made are at least interesting if not scientific fact - then it must go without saying; the Virus would then start to be understood with the possibility, were it to be so. illness would be a thing of the past.

E. Perhaps the most important clue for this process to have some validation is in these words from Item 3C. "reproduce only inside host cells."


Question. 13. Immune Activation can impact the neurodevelopment and how exactly the Brain of the fetus is constructed, potentially leading to neurological problems after birth?

Answer. 13. With the word Potentially - as clear a demonstration as one could desire from medical science. 

Question. 14. Dr. Patterson took this explanation a step further, explaining that the Brains of People with Autism reflect the immune system activation that took place, even decades later, as he cites valuable work being done at Johns Hopkins?

Answer. 14. Is it not fair to suggest if the true nature of a Virus is still a mystery - citing John Hopkins only serves to destroy any findings or contribution Dr Patterson may have made from the research of previous papers that failed to understand the Virus and the part it plays in our construction and the creation of Autism.

Question. 15. There is also very striking evidence of immune dysregulation in the Brain itself?

Answer. 15. Would it not have been prudent to include at least an abstract or introduction to the paper relating to - the evidence of immune dysregulation in the Brain itself.

Question. 16. Just last year 2016, a group led by Carlos Pardo at Johns Hopkins found what they are calling a; “neural inflammation” in postmortem examination of Brains of Patients with Autism - who died between the ages of Eight and 44 years?

Answer. 16...

A. One must stand back in amazement at the findings of this groups at John Hopkins - but what does this really tell us.

B. Is it possible it clearly demonstrates between the ages of Eight and Forty Four all the attending Doctors could do is watchful Waiting until their Patient Died of unrelated cause to observe in death they could do nothing about the inflammation that had been in the body and increasing since at least birth if not fertilisation.  

Question 18. But these People were not infected  -  they died of such things as drowning or Heart Attacks?

Answer. 19. I rest my case as described in Answer 16. B.

Question. 19. The study found that the microglial cells, which act as the Brains own immune system, were activated?

Answer. 19...

A. As there is no supporting evidence as to the implication of a Virus in the Body and the secure understanding of its cause - this study must surely be considered as a mathematical equation and bears little value in reality; to the working of the Human Body.

B. Microglial cells are a specialised population of macrophages that are found in the central nervous system (CNS). They remove damaged neurons and infections and are important for maintaining the health of the CNS.

Question. 21. The study also found amazing increases of certain Cytokines in the Brain and of others in the Cerebrospinal fluid?

Answer. 21...

A.  One always knows when medical Sciense is on the wrong track yet have found what they were looking for when they get Amazed or Excited about a finding...

1. Cytokines - cyto, from Greek "κύτος" kytos "cavity, cell" + kines, from Greek "κίνηση" kinisi "movement," are a broad and loose category of small proteins (~5–20 kDa) that are important in cell signaling.

2. Their release has an effect on the behavior of cells around them.

3. It can be said that cytokines are involved in autocrine signalling, paracrine signalling and endocrine signalling as immunomodulating agents.

4. Their definite distinction from hormones is still part of ongoing research.

5. Cytokines include chemokines, interferons, interleukins, lymphokines and tumour necrosis factors but generally not hormones or growth factors - despite some overlap in the terminology.

6. Cytokines are produced by a broad range of cells, including immune cells like macrophages, B lymphocytes, T lymphocytes and mast cells, as well as endothelial cells, fibroblasts, and various stromal cells; a given Cytokine may be produced by more than one type of cell.

7. They act through receptors and are especially important in the immune system; cytokines modulate the balance between humoral and cell-based immune responses and they regulate the maturation, growth and responsiveness of particular cell populations.

8. Some Cytokines enhance or inhibit the action of other Cytokines in complex ways.

9. They are different from hormones, which are also important cell signaling molecules, in that hormones circulate in less variable concentrations and hormones tend to be made by specific kinds of cells.

10. They are important in health and disease, specifically in host responses to infection, immune responses, inflammation, trauma, sepsis, cancer and reproduction.

B. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is a clear, colorless body fluid found in the brain and spinal cord. It is produced in the choroid plexuses of the ventricles of the brain. It acts as a cushion or buffer for the brain, providing basic mechanical and immunological protection to the brain inside the skull.

Question. 22. This is a landmark paper, in my opinion, explains Mr Handley?

Answer. 22. It is a fundamental right not a gift to express an opinion - thus is we accept Mr Handleys opinion; should we not ask. "What has he learnt that is beneficial to the understanding - as to why his Son was born Autistic" and is there anything he can do to improve his Sons and families lives.

Question. 23. It presents the first evidence that there is an ongoing, permanent immune-system activation in the Brains of Autistic People?

Answer. 23. This study may well have provided the first evidence of a permanent on going infection in the Brain of Autistic People - but does the evidence presented make any suggestions - as to why this Inflammation came about in the first place. 

Question. 24. It is a subclinical state, because there is no overt infection. "But it is there?”

Answer. 25. Then surely the evidence is non existent - for does not Sub Clinical mean. Watchful Waiting. Or is guesswork a better explanation. 

Question 25. While Dr. Pardo and colleagues were the first to find this “microglial activation” in the Brain of Children with Autism, this finding has now been replicated many times, there is a study from Japan in 2013 finding the same thing?

Answer. 25. Thus we are obliged to request - where is the supporting evidence that demonstrates how or why this activation was caused.

Question. 27. In conclusion, the present PET measurements revealed marked activation of microglia in multiple Brain regions of young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Answer. 27...

A.  Positron-Emission Tomography (PET) is a nuclear medicine functional imaging technique that is used to observe metabolic processes in the body.

1. The system detects pairs of gamma rays emitted indirectly by a positron-emitting radionuclide - tracer, which is introduced into the body on a biologically active molecule.

2. Three-dimensional images of tracer concentration within the body are then constructed by computer analysis.

3. In modern PET-CT scanners, three-dimensional imaging is often accomplished with the aid of a CT X-ray scan performed on the Patient during the same session, in the same machine.

4. If the biologically active molecule chosen for PET is fludeoxyglucose - FDG, an analogue of glucose, the concentrations of tracer imaged will indicate tissue metabolic activity as it corresponds to the regional glucose uptake.

5. Use of this tracer to explore the possibility of Cancer metastasis - i.e., spreading to other sites, is the most common type of PET scan in standard medical care = 90% of current scans.

6. However, although on a minority basis, many other radioactive tracers are used in PET to image the tissue concentration of other types of molecules of interest.


A. One of the disadvantages of PET scanners is their operating cost.

B. Whilst it is imperative we recognise our Researchers and Doctors are doing the best they can to understand the Human body that is changing so fast - as to make the speed of light seem almost like at standstill.

C. Should there not come a time when the Scientific Inquiry asks. "Why is it we recognise the Metastases of Cancer - Item 5, when it has happened - but do not know why it happened."

D. And then with Integrity and Wisdom seek to discover the true cause of Autism - rather than hide it with University Medical School Scientific imposed Blindness.    

Question. 28. The results strongly support the contention that immune abnormalities contribute to the etiology of Autistic Spectrum Disorder?

Answer. 28. Surely there has to come a time when Medical Sciense stops talking about it and demonstrates WHY.

Question. 29. If you are going to take one thing away from this section, I would recommend an excerpt from Dr. Patterson’s quote worth memorizing. "There is an ongoing, permanent immune-system activation in the Brains of Autistic People?"

Answer. 29.  If we are to give credibility to quotes should we not abide by the message within. Quote Peter Smith Talking Cures: If one does not understand inside the box. Surely it will be more of a mystery outside the Box.

Question. 30. Is that what happened and still is happening to my Son asked Mr Handley?

Answer. 30. Clearly by Mr Handleys comment - there is a long way to go before his quest to answer the concerns he has of is Son are satisfactorily answered.  


Section. 18.

Further Refinement of Discovery #1: Immune Activation from the Cytokine Interleukin-6.

Question. 1. The possibility is for an Autism Parent, the expression; “Cytokine Storm” has come to their attention and they have half-understood what that might mean - anything with “storm” at the end of it, cannot be good

Answer. 1. What this really means is a chronic, slow burn inflammation in the Brain?

Question. 2. In 2006, Dr. Patterson and his colleagues were speculating that the immune systems cytokines might be responsible for altering the Brain development of the fetus during gestation?

Answer. 2. Surely if Scientific inquiry is thorough - the words "Speculating" and "Might" Should be erased well before the paper is sent for peer review and if they are not it cannot possibly be called Scientifically Proven.  

Question. 3. Cytokines are produced by the white blood cells and their levels in the blood - increase with an infection?

Answer. 3. Should we not explore what is the process by which the said Inflammation starts - just what does the future hold if this question is not or cannot be answered.

Question. 4...

A. We think that Maternal Immune Activation alters the Brain circuits and there is a permanent, subclinical, altered immune state in the Autistic Brain ?

B.  Those increased Cytokine levels - are actually interacting with the Brain in an ongoing fashion, with consequences visible in the Patients behavior?

Answer. 4...

A. How does one - either receive funding for such "Think;" speculation as to the cause of Sub Clinical - yet to be clinically diagnosable symptoms and still "Think" Maternal Immune Activation alters - the Brain circuits. 

B. And then say with such certainty - increased Cytokine levels - are actually interacting with the Brain in an ongoing fashion, with consequences visible in the Patients behavior?

Question. 5. I favor the cytokine hypothesis commented Mr Handley?”

Answer. 5...

A.  Leaving us to question - has Mr Handley learnt anything of real value as of yet.

B.  Let us explore deeper into Cytokine's. 


Section. 19.

Question. 1. Just a year after Dr. Patterson’s excellent article about Maternal Immune Activation - “Maternal Immune Activation,” he and his colleagues produced the first study that took their understanding of cytokines to a more detailed level?

Answer. 1. If we accept this as stated - should we not ask are these finding related to Humans. And if not why not.

Question. 2. Knowing that Maternal Immune Activation was producing offspring with neurological disorders - in their Mouse model, they wanted to find out what - exactly WHAT, was causing the altered brain development?

Answer. 2.  One must consider - had Dr Patterson found what really was causing the Altered Brain Development; the results would have been included here and Mr Handleys questions relating to his Son would have been answered. 

Question. 3. They figured it was a cytokine - of which there are many, but which one?

Answer. 3.  Does the statement. "But which one" not answer the question - as there are in excess of Two Thousand Chemicals in a Human Body and none of them relate to a Mouse in how they are activated, moreover just one chemical on its own cannot possible alter the entire body chemistry and in turn cause a symptom let alone an illness.

Question. 4. As Doctor Patterson and his colleagues noted, “however, the mechanism by which Maternal Immune Activation causes long-term behavioral deficits in the offspring is unknown.” That is until they discovered it?

Answer. 4. Leaving one to consider - just what it is they have discovered and how will this be helpful to Mr Handley and his Son.

Question. 5. “Following the discovery we show that the cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6) is critical for mediating the behavioral and transcriptional changes in the offspring?

Answer. 5.  Are we really to accept the understanding - just one chemical in a body of more than two thousand is capable of the earth shattering movement from;  “the mechanism by which Maternal Immune Activation causes long-term behavioral deficits in the offspring is unknown.” To showing that the; "cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6) is critical for mediating the behavioral and transcriptional changes in the offspring."

Question. 6...

A. A single maternal injection of IL-6 on day 12.5 of mouse pregnancy causes Prepulse inhibition (PPI) and Latent inhibition (LI) deficits in the adult offspring?

1. Prepulse inhibition (PPI) is a neurological phenomenon in which a weaker prestimulus (prepulse) inhibits the reaction of an organism to a subsequent strong startling stimulus (pulse). The stimuli are usually acoustic, but tactile stimuli - e.g. via air puffs onto the skin and light stimuli are also used.

2. Latent inhibition is a technical term - no longer in fashion; used in classical conditioning to refer to the observation that a familiar stimulus takes longer to acquire meaning - as a signal or conditioned stimulus, than a new stimulus.

Answer. 6. There may well be some truth in this - however when one consider a Pregnant Mothers body chemistry for the production of the Child; for good bad or indifferent, was perfectly balanced during pregnancy - is an injection of what is tantamount to a poison - not rather like being under water for five minutes and expecting to live without Oxygen.   

Question. 7. In the case of the 2007 experiment, Patterson and his colleagues injected pregnant mice with a specific cytokine  - interleukin-6 - IL-6 and saw changes in the neurology of their offspring?

Answer. 7. Sigh I rest my case.


Maternal Immune Activation alters Fetal Brain Development?

Section. 20.

Abstract and Introduction of the above Study.


Question. 1. Schizophrenia and Autism are thought to result from the interaction between a susceptibility genotype and environmental risk factors?

Answer. 1.  Is it not fair to say - when such times as Medical Scientifically Proven results still have to rely on. "Thought." What does it say about the findings.

Question. 2. The offspring of Women who experience infection while pregnant have an increased risk for these disorders?

Answer. 2. Whilst it is imperative to accept this is only the Abstract of the finding - should it not contain the Unique Selling Points of the findings that explains in simple terms. "Why the illness style reaction;" so as to gather the funding for the research or the Noble Prize for the findings.

Question. 3. Maternal immune activation (MIA) in pregnant rodents produces offspring with abnormalities in behavior, histology and gene expression that are reminiscent of Schizophrenia and Autism, making Maternal Immune Activation a useful model of the disorders?

Answer. 3.  It is said. "Failing to Plan is tantamount to Planning to fail. As clearly demonstrated by this question. Meaning one has to cease explaining diagnosable symptoms as Cause, just because the mathematical model says so.

Question. 4. However, the mechanism by which Maternal Immune Activation causes long-term behavioral deficits in the offspring is unknown.

Answer. 4.  And then go on to prove it.

Question. 5. Here we show that the cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6) is critical for mediating the behavioral and transcriptional changes in the offspring?

Answer. 6. Should one not question - have the researchers earned the right to suggest they have shown or proven anything; when one revisits Question. 4, within this Abstract.    

Question. 6...

1. A single maternal injection of IL-6 on day 12.5 of mouse pregnancy causes Prepulse inhibition (PPI) and latent Inhibition (LI) deficits in the adult offspring Mice?

2. Moreover, coadministration of an anti-IL-6 antibody in the poly(I:C) model of MIA prevents the PPI, LI and exploratory and social deficits caused by poly(I:C) and normalizes the associated changes in gene expression in the brains of Adult offspring Mice?


A. Although Mice may well have a shorter life span to adults thus age quicker is it not a correct observation to make - having waited until a Mouse becomes Adult; to observe the defects.

B. As at this time the Mouse may well be into the ageing process of dying - thus proves nothing; other than a Mouse ages and dies in the same manner as a Human when filled with Poisons called medications. 

C. In the absence of supporting information than may well be in the Main Body of text - one has to consider Model = Mathematical Model of Maternal Immune Activation.

D. Thereby appearing to give rise to the notion. "exploratory and social deficits caused by poly(I:C) and normalizes the associated changes in gene expression in the brains of Adult offspring Mice. Is no more than guesswork.   

Question. 7. Finally, Maternal Immune Activation in IL-6 knock-out Mice - does not result in several of the behavioral changes seen in the offspring of wild-type mice after Maternal Immune Activation?

Answer. 7.  Following a Scientific Thesis. Claim. One only has to wait and in the next breath Medical Sciense will self destroy the findings...

Question. 8. The identification of IL-6 as a key intermediary should aid in the molecular dissection of the pathways whereby MIA alters fetal brain development, which can shed new light on the pathophysiological mechanisms that predispose to Schizophrenia and Autism?

Answer. 8.  And by waiting a little longer have it all Scientifically confirmed.  

Question. 9. Keywords Schizophrenia; Autism; Cytokine; poly(I:C); Maternal Immune Activation; IL-6; Influenza?

Answer. 9.  Moreover with even more patience of waiting - have it confirmed; the entire Medical Sciense process is just to relieve the Anxiety of knowing little, by giving something as yet not understood symptoms a nice sounding new name in order to ensure all illness is only of a biological cause and nothing to do with the Mind or Emotions.  

Introduction of the Study.

Section. 21.

Question. 1. Birth in winter or spring months is an accepted risk factor for Schizophrenia and the preponderance of evidence suggests that the prevalence of Influenza in winter months is responsible - Tochigi et al., 2004?

Answer. 1. Answer this question and the understanding the cause of all illness is created. Yet in the Thirteen Years since this study. I doubt anyone even recognised it as a serious question - that once answered would provide many clues as to the foundation cause of all illness.  

Question. 2. Over 25 studies have analyzed Schizophrenia incidence after Influenza Epidemics and the majority have found an increased incidence among exposed offspring?

Answer. 2. Still the content of the question and now the studies have not seen or have they been educationally - blinded to the question.  

Question. 3. More recently, Brown and colleagues - Brown and Susser, 2002; Brown et al., 2004; Brown, 2006 examined the medical records of >12,000 pregnant Women and found that second-trimester respiratory infection increases the risk for Schizophrenia in the offspring threefold to sevenfold?

Answer. 3. If question 1 and 2 have not forced a Clinical Brain to ask - the question, as number 3 clearly demonstrates; they have no intention of doing so, if indeed the question has been observed.

Question. 4. Because of the high prevalence of Influenza Infection, they estimate that 14–21% of Schizophrenia cases are caused by Maternal Infection?

Answer. 4...

A. Is there any value for Mr Handley in the constant move by Medical Sciense away from the subject in hand; to a new subject of Influenza Infection and Schizophrenia, or is there in reality no difference.

B. For they are all just scientifically mysterious symptoms to join the list of all illness still waiting a secure understanding as to the true cause.  

Question. 5...

A. These findings are also supported by an association between elevated Cytokines or Anti-influenza Antibodies?

B. Any Correspondence should be addressed to Dr. Paul H. Patterson at the above address. E-mail: J. Li’s present address: Department of Physiology, University of California Medical Center, San Francisco, CA 94143. NIH Public Access Author Manuscript J Neurosci. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2008 May 19?

Answer. 5. It is clear the request for correspondence arising from the content this Abstract and Introduction is near Ten Years old - one would have to question; would there be a value in making contact as Mr Handley's discussion and request for assistance for his Son is dated February 2017. Clearly demonstrating. Nothing has changed. as the good Doctor has long since passed away.  

Question. 6. Published in final edited form as: J Neurosci. 2007 October 3; 27(40): 10695–10702. NIH-PA Author Manuscript NIH-PA Author Manuscript NIH-PA Author Manuscript. Maternal Serum and Schizophrenia in the offspring - Brown et al., 2004?

Answer. 6. A non exhaustive search for the latest information failed to reveal there are any recent findings - other that repeating in the same or similar words of the ancient thus dated research findings.

Question. 7. Maternal Infection may also play a role in the pathogenesis of Autism - Patterson, 2002?

Answer. 7. How sad is it for Medical Research of 2017 - to be little more than a ride on a Merry Go Round. 

Question. 8. These links are even more remarkable considering that the epidemiological studies are unable to screen for susceptibility genotype?

Answer. 8. Thus again we are Blinded by REMARKABLE Science - even  though the epidemiological studies are unable to screen for susceptibility genotype.

Question. 9. Because of the strong genetic component in Autism and Schizophrenia, it is likely that only genetically susceptible individuals who were exposed to Maternal Infection would develop the disorder, suggesting that the risk associated with Maternal Infection may be considerably more than threefold to sevenfold in susceptible individuals?

Answer. 9.  So no longer is it Maternal Immune Activation - it is Genetic; the "epidemiological studies are unable to screen for susceptibility of  genotype." How can Medical Sciense even believe their own findings.

Question. 10. Several lines of evidence indicate that the Maternal Immune Response, rather than direct infection of the fetus, is responsible for the increased incidence of Schizophrenia and Autism in the offspring of Mothers who suffer infections during pregnancy - Patterson, 2005?

Answer. 10. It is difficult to determine if this is nonsense, plain stupid or worse Medical Sciense guessing - for does not even deserve the accolade of being referred to as a Hypotheses. A posh word for Guessing.  

Question. 11. First, Human Influenza Infection is usually confined to the respiratory tract?

Answer. 11. Very profound - now please medical Sciense explain. "Why." or better said - by what process.

Question. 12. Moreover, in a mouse model, influenza infection during pregnancy produces behavioral deficits in the adult offspring - Shi et al., 2003, but we detected no virus in the fetuses - Shi et al., 2005?

Answer. 12. I seem to remember playing Doctors and Nurses with my elder sister when we were Children at a higher lever of education than this.

Question. 13. Most importantly, injecting either the double-stranded RNA poly(I:C) or bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS), which both induce strong innate immune responses in the absence of infection, into pregnant rodents produces behavioral and histological abnormalities in the adult offspring similar to those seen in the offspring of infected mothers - Shi et al., 2003; Zuckerman et al., 2003; Fortier et al., 2004a; Zuckerman and Weiner, 2005; Meyer et al., 2006; Ozawa et al., 2006?

Answer. 13. If I could not makes sense of this. I would desire to return my certificate to practise Medical Sciense or Medicine; if I had one.

Question. 14. After Maternal Immune Activation (MIA) by influenza infection, LPS, or poly(I:C), cytokine levels are altered in the Maternal Serum as well as the Amniotic Fluid, Placenta and Fetal Brain - Fidel et al., 1994; Cai et al., 2000; Urakubo et al., 2001; Gayle et al., 2004; Paintlia et al., 2004; Gilmore et al., 2005; Ashdown et al., 2006; Beloosesky et al., 2006; Meyer et al., 2006; Xu et al., 2006?

Answer. 14. Of course they are but please do not tell us about it - tell us. "Why."

Question. 15. Because Cytokines drive the Innate Immune Response, they are logical candidates for disruption of Fetal Brain Development?

Answer. 15. Really and what are all the other 200 +/- chemicals in Mothers body doing at this time.

Question. 16. We have examined several proinflammatory Cytokines as potential mediators of the effects of Maternal Immune Activation on Fetal Brain Development?

Answer. 16. However we are not going to share the results - because we do not know how to explain. "WHY."

Question. 17. Using the behavior of Adult offspring as the readout, we first tested whether injection of single cytokines in the uninfected Mother can mimic the effects of maternal infection on the offspring?

Answer. 17. One has to consider Mimic should have been spelt. Comic - with; al, added to the end it most certainly should not be considered as Medical Sciense.

Question. 18. To then test the involvement of endogenous cytokines, we asked whether anti-cytokine antibodies can block the effects of maternal poly(I:C) injection on the offspring and whether Maternal Immune Activation affects the behavior of offspring of Cytokine knock-out (KO) in Mice?

Answer. 18. For what reason one must ask.

Question. 19. The data identified interleukin-6 (IL-6) as a key mediator of the effects of Maternal Immune Activation on Fetal Brain Development?

Answer. 19. Surely we must have the confidence in our studies from the outcome to ask - do we truly understand our findings and how can we incorporate them into a workable therapeutic style understanding for Mr Handley to possibly improve the life of his Son.


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 1?


Section. 22.

Question. 1. Replication of Dr. Patterson’s discovery about Maternal Immune Activation and IL-6?

Answer. 1. If one is able to accept as the evidence Clearly suggest - All modem Scientific Papers even if a PhD study or Professor level; are only a repeat of the existing findings, is there a value in replicating Dr Patterson's discovery.  

Question. 2. Dr. Patterson’s work was groundbreaking?

Answer. 2. If we accept this as so - should not the most recent studies offer a secure understanding of Maternal Immune Activation and Autism. If they do not was Dr Patterson's findings so groundbreaking after all.

Question. 3. He tied the immune system and Brain together in ways previously not recognized?

Answer. 3. If we accept this as so - should not the most recent studies offer a secure understanding of Maternal Immune Activation and Autism. If they do not was Dr Patterson's findings of the manner in which the Immune Systems integrate with the Brain - so groundbreaking after all.

Question. 4. Like all great new discoveries in Science, Dr. Patterson’s theories have since been replicated many times?

Answer. 4. When one collects the secure information from Medical Sciense - there are approximately 100,000 illnesses in the world and in late 2017; still the true and definitive cause has not been located for any and not one has a definitive cure = no more illness and no more medications.

Question. 5. In 2012, Dr. Patterson and his colleagues produced this paper, which was more Autism-Specific and reached a similar conclusion?

Answer. 5. Thus we have it in Dr Patterson's own words. "If one always does what they have always done they will always conclude what they have always concluded."

Question 6. These results indicate that Maternal Immune Activation yields Male offspring with deficient social and communicative behavior, as well as high levels of repetitive behaviors, all of which are hallmarks of Autism?

Answer. 6. If one always works with back to front Medical Sciense then this will always be the result. Meaning Autism Behaviours are caused by a Biological process by the Brain. 

Click here to read study the above study.


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 2?


Section. 23.

Question. 1. In 2014, the M.I.N.D. Institute at UC-Davis published an important study that took Dr. Patterson’s work in Mice and replicated it in Monkeys?

Answer. 1. Is it beyond our Human comprehension - although it is said we have very similar Genetic Structure to The Monkey world; we would have long ago with the failure of scientific medicine to understand the cause of illness and create treatments that cure; realised carrying out what may well be only mathematical calculations on Monkeys, will never produce any satisfactory understandings. As it never has. 

Question. 2. Why do Monkeys matter?

Answer. 2. Because as searched for - researchers already know it will not provide answers as we cannot speak Monkey Talk. Or is the reality - perhaps Medical Sciense does, yet is still unable to convert the findings into English. 

Question. 3. The study authors explained?

Answer. 3. Maternal Infection during pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of Schizophrenia and Autism in the offspring.  

Question. 4. Supporting this correlation, experimentally activating the Maternal Immune System during pregnancy in Rodents produces offspring with abnormal brain and behavioral development?

Answer. 5. Yet despite extensive research we still do not know the cause of Autism - as like Mice; we cannot talk to a fetus or a recently born baby.

Question. 6. We have developed a nonhuman primate model to bridge the gap between clinical populations and Rodent Models of Maternal Immune Activation?

Answer. 6. With Non Human Primate Model one is left to ponder - who is kidding who; or what is being hidden behind the seemingly clever Abacus use of words. 

Question. 7. And, the M.I.N.D. Institute scientists saw similar results to what had been found in Mice?

Answer. 7. But when is this research going to take us even a little closer to understanding the Maternal Immune Activation.  As it appears this is going backwards in the understanding.

Question. 8. In this Rhesus Monkey model, Maternal Immune Activation yields offspring with abnormal repetitive behaviors, communication and social interactions?

Answer. 8. Would not anyone show their displeasure - at any interference in the most important time of our Life; our creation. 

Question. 9. These results extended the findings in Rodent Maternal Immune Activation Abacus models to more Human-like behaviors resembling those in both Autism and Schizophrenia?

Answer. 9. Is it not time Medical Sciense recognised once it name an illness spectrum they can no longer call that a cause - as it is now a diagnosed symptom.

Question. 10. There are many additional studies that support Dr. Patterson’s findings, here is one more to make the point from Neuroscience: Brain IL-6 elevation causes neuronal circuitry imbalances and mediates Autism-like behaviors - published in 2012?

Answer. 10. One may well be able to Scientifically Replicate such studies carried out with an Abacus or on Mice - should at some time the results show in treatments; that if nothing else assist, rather than just tell the story.

Question. 11. In summary, our study supports a critical role of IL-6 elevation in modulating Autism-like behaviors through impairments on synapse formation, dendritic spine development, as well as on neuronal circuit balance?

Answer. 11. However; IL-6 is only one of the many body chemicals we have yet to study what all the others are doing at the same time. Or is it scientifically proven these are off duty.

Question. 12. These findings suggest that manipulation of IL-6 may be a promising avenue for therapeutic interventions?

Answer. 12. Or is it scientifically proven these are off duty - thus; if one does not look nothing is there. Or another. Road Less Travelled.

Question. 13. Dr. Patterson: what can cause Immune Activation?

Answer. 13. Clearly the good Doctor did not know or perhaps did not have the Scientific Inquiry to care - and still the question in 2017 remains unanswered.

Question. 14. Dr. Patterson helped establish as scientific fact that an Maternal Immune Activation during pregnancy - can cause Autism?

Answer. 14. How can anything be recognised as established as FACT when the true cause is only guessed or ignored.

Question. 15. As a Parent, I am haunted by Dr. Patterson’s words that; “there is an ongoing, Permanent Immune-System Activation in the brains of Autistic People?

Answer. 15.  There are perhaps many Patient stories of their interactions with many clinicians that tell the story of Fear Mongering - the Churches-Religion have the same attribute, it surely is their own Fear of losing control as being the "Specialist," or a way of raising their sagging self-worth of knowing very little. 

Question. 16. If that is really what is happening to my son, it creates an obvious question: "What can we do about it?" It is why understanding exactly what happened to my Son is so important?

Answer. 16. Leaving one to ponder. If one found the truth would one be able to accept it and then work with such truth.


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 3?




Section. 24.

Question. 1. There has been much in the way of discussion on the positive and negative value of Vaccines - did Dr Patterson have any views, that may or may not have had an implication in his work of Maternal Immune Activation and Autism?

Answer. 1. It appears there is something else Dr. Patterson mentioned in his 2006 magazine article, something that today might get him run out of Caltech; but was still allowed in the scientific discourse back then...

Question. 2. Is that anything to do with the long-term - Understanding that Medical Sciense never will allow anything that is a positive statement that undermines their negative. So what was it he said..?

Answer. 2. It appears he wanted to ask a question that has come up in the literature in the last few years  - "should we really be promoting Universal Maternal Vaccination?"

Question. 3. Had he a foundation of knowledge or experience to ask such a pertinent question?

Answer. 3. There is a possibility it was as a result of his findings into the cause of Maternal Immune Activation and the published fact; The Flu Vaccine has been recommended routinely to Pregnant Women in the United States since 1957.

Question. 4. What did it appear the rational behind this was? 

Answer. 4. Although - The official policy of the Centers for Disease Control stated that; “administration of Vaccines to Women seeking prenatal care is an opportunity for preventative intervention that should not be wasted." The words. "Women seeking prenatal care" sparked a line of Scientific Inquiry he could not fully explain what it was or what to do with it.

Question. 5. We discussed in Section 23 answer 15. Fear imposed by significant People - are we able to demonstrate such a Fear..?  

Answer. 5...

A. Now a consulting Doctor or Nurse may well say. “Well, of course, you do not want to get the Flu if  you are pregnant!”

B. Any Medical Professional with real knowledge of how the Mind works and the power of negative words over a vulnerable Expecting Mother - may say this and be totally unaware of the Short, Medium or long-term negative consequences of such words. 

Question. 6. How can we evaluates his seemingly wise words?

Answer. 6. By remembering the double-stranded RNA experiment  - where the activated immune system caused all the downstream effects on the fetus.

Question. 7. Are we able to understand in simple terms - what does a Vaccination do?

Answer. 7. It activates the immune system. That is the point of Vaccination.

Question. 8. What other comments did Dr Patterson make?

Answer. 8...

A. It appears Dr. Patterson said,  "I do not have to be the first to bring this up..."

B. ...In practice, not all Pregnant Women receive Flu shots and I think that Universal Vaccination of Pregnant Women - could get us into a whole new set of problems.

C. ...He said a Vaccination; “Activates the Immune System" and he also told us that; “Immune Activation;” can cause Autism.

Question. 9. How exactly - does a Vaccine activate the immune system?

Answer. 9...

A. Whilst it appears the historical date suggests. Aluminium  Hydroxide, aka “Aluminium  Adjuvant.” Is a serious consideration.

B. It may also be common sense to consider - why it is so many Women in the early stages of Pregnancy in a vulnerable emotional state present them selves to a Medical Professional  who threatens with Vaccinations when in reality they should only concern themselves on the presenting Symptoms. Say excessive Morning Sickness. 


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 4?






Section. 25.

Question. 1. If we are to accept this should we not explore as well. Discovery #2: Aluminium  Adjuvant causes immune activation and is far more neurotoxic than previously thought.

Answer. 1. Aluminium  compounds - Al hydroxide and Al phosphate are the most common Adjuvants used in Vaccines.

A. An Adjuvant is a pharmacological or immunological substance or agent that acts to accelerate, prolong, or enhance antigen-specific immune responses when used in combination with specific Vaccine Antigens that modifies the effect of other agents.

B. Adjuvants
may also be added to a Vaccine to modify the immune response by boosting it - such as to give a higher amount of antibodies and a longer-lasting protection, thus minimizing the amount of injected foreign material.

Question. 2.
What are Vaccines currently used for?

Answer. 2.
They are currently used in the Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis - DTaP, Tdap, Haemophilus Influenzae type b (Hib), Human papillomavirus (HPV) and Pneumococcus (PCV) Vaccines.

Question. 3. What is the intension of their use?

Answer. 3. Aluminium  adjuvant “activates” the immune system, which induces long-term immunity to antigens in the Vaccine.

Question. 4. Has the understandings of Vaccines changed from the medical profession point of view since - say 1957?

Answer. 4. The Scientific understanding of Aluminium  Adjuvant toxicity - has changed and deepened dramatically in recent years; since 2007.

Question. 5. Deepened - what does this mean?

Answer. 5...

A. It would appear there is a degree of confusion amongst the Medical Profession, as the published research on Aluminium  Adjuvant although so new it has not even been considered by the FDA or CDC.

B. Who are still basing their recommendations about Aluminium  use in Vaccines - on a study published in 2011; that erroneously concluded that; Aluminium  from a Vaccine likely ends up in the body’s skeletal system.

Question. 6. What if anything does this all suggest?

Answer. 6.  According to the Scientific Data. While the contribution of Vaccines to an infant’s Aluminium  body burden can be slightly higher than that of the dietary contribution in our model, the fact that the primary pool where the Aluminium  is residing, as a long-term storage depot, is likely to be skeletal and not a more sensitive soft organ system is reassuring.

Question. 7. Is it not a more secure understanding Most of the research is based more or less on - guess work?

Answer. 7.  One could say that about Aluminium  based on dissolved Aluminium, not Aluminium  Hydroxide, which is the type of Aluminium  used in Vaccines.

Question. 8. Is there any validity in this. "We are now learning that Aluminium  Hydroxide is a nanoparticle, absorbed by our body’s macrophage - the immune system’s garbage man, where the macrophage can then easily transport the Aluminium  hydroxide to the brain - the macrophage passes easily through the blood-brain barrier."

Answer. 8. Surely as it is Scientifically Proven one must accept this as so - however, if we are to do that should we not also ask; Is this in Mice, Rodents or Monkeys and if so; has this or how can this be proven in Humans. 

Question. 9. Is there a possibility we may see a complete takedown of the “safe level” of the Aluminium  argument still made by the FDA and CDC?

Answer. 9. To answer that it appears there is some excellent work by a webpage called Vaccine Papers, here are some extracts from the publication:-

A. It is not reasonable or scientific to use studies of ingested, water-soluble Aluminium  salts - like AlCl3 or Al-lactate to establish a safe dose of Injected Aluminium  Adjuvant -  comprising Aluminium  Hydroxide/Phosphate Nanoparticles.

B. The chemical forms and route of administration are different.

C. It is well-established today that nanoparticles can have higher toxicity than bulk or soluble forms of the same material.

D. It is the Vaccine promoters that created this inherently-invalid approach to Aluminium  Adjuvant safety.

E. Vaccine critics including Mr Handley argue that the safety of injected Aluminium  adjuvant can only be tested using injected Aluminium  Adjuvant, not ingested Aluminium  salts like AlCl3 or Al lactate.

Question. 10. Accepting this should be common sense, where now?

Answer. 10...

A. leaving aside the important issues of nanoparticle toxicity and administration route, it is a necessity to address the question: "is it really true that animals - mice or rats, are not harmed by ingesting 62mg/kg/day or 26 mg/kg/day Aluminium.

B. After all, this is the fundamental basis for Aluminium  Adjuvant safety.

C. Whether Animals - Mice or Rats, are harmed by ingesting 62mg/kg/day or 26 mg/kg/day Aluminium  pales into insignificance when it comes to understanding Maternal Immune Activation and Autism in Pregnant Human Females - as the so called illness is created in Animals by the injected substances and in Human Females; a symptom with a cause of its own as yet; not at all understood by Medical Sciense.

D. Thus; it is all a created confusion that never will supply truly Scientifically Proven Data.

Question. 11. Heavy statement that may well be as true as not - but how can we demonstrate this?

Answer. 11. Vaccine promoters - rely on Keith and Mitkus to make the case that Aluminium  Adjuvant is safe and Keith and Mitkus depend on the claim that these dosages are safe for Animals to ingest.

Question. 12. So is that not demonstrating. Humans are not really important in this research process?

Answer. 12.  If the 26 mg/kg/day dosage is in fact harmful to Animals, then the analyses by Keith and Mitkus are wrong and unsalvageable.

Question. 13.  Are there recent studies that appear to confirm this?

Answer. 14. Several studies clearly demonstrate that dosages much lower than 26 mg/kg/day are harmful and they are presented below:-


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 4?

Aluminium  2.



Section. 26.

May we first understand the Doctor involved in these findings - as it appears he raised numerous interesting questions.

Dr. Chris Shaw of Canada.

Question. 1. Is everything published and written here true?

Answer. 1. It appears from the elite publishing houses of the world - much of the latest Scientific Studies; has, for as yet reasons not clear; been compromised as to its validity.

Question. 2. Could the explanation really be that simple?

Answer. 2...

A. One has to consider perhaps it really is that simple - but for; which we all have in illness.

B. A damaged Human Mind that desires to have a superior control over a process as yet no one truly understands - thus it is only to hide the truth that illness knows no boundaries, money cannot buy wellness and every Person in the world - either personally or with their loved ones have the unfortunate experience of illness within their Family. All with no known cure.   

Question. 3. Did a rising number of Vaccines containing the Aluminium  adjuvant trigger an autoimmune epidemic, of which Autism is the most severe, but not the only manifestation?

Answer. 3...

A.  If one is able to accept Medical Sciense - as yet has no real and tangible knowledge as to the cause of illness and has no known definitive cures; then it must be reasonable to consider, until Maternal Immune Activity is fully understood as to its cause and, how this continues following birth to seemingly cause Autism.

B. Then surely one has to include in the research. "Every known illness has an element of Autism."

C. As every illness known to Modern Medical Sciense is based on the Immune Systems not working in a natural manner.   

Question. 4. Does an epidemic of food allergies, ADHD, learning disabilities, Eczema and Diabetes fall into the same realm of causation?

Answer. 4...

A. The names of illness pale into insignificance compared to - every one is based on the Immune Systems not working in a natural manner.   

B.  Moreover in the absence of knowing the true cause and having a cure of any illness. Names are to relieve the Anxiety of not knowing or perhaps not wanting to know - of the family and medical profession and nothing whatsoever to do with the Patient.

Question. 5. Is it possible that injecting an Immune System Antagonist - Aluminium  Adjuvant, all but guaranteed to cause immune activation events, has done just that in the brains of many of our Children?

Answer. 5...

A. When one enters into the fray - many Autistic Children are born having received Maternal Immune Activation whilst within the Mothers Womb, unless one is going to accept; it was the Aluminium  Content Vaccine she received post her own birth; still very resident in her own blood system, that is able to pass the placenta and natural protection she should during confinement afford her Child.

B. Then whilst the Aluminium  - unless naturally contained within a Diet; will only be seen by the bodies immune systems as a Poison and will react accordingly, is not a fully valid argument as the cause of Autism from Birth.

C. If we are to accept this - then we must also accept from a Child affected thus born affected by Maternal Immune Activity; its own resilience to any antigen style overload, must place Vaccines as a Poison to the Childs system, where in time any illness is able to take hold of the Child. Thus will no less mysterious in its cause than any other illness known to Medical Sciense.

Question. 6. Do even mildly impacted Children suffer from a permanent, simmering brain immune system activation?

Answer. 6. Until such times as this simple to understand process is within the realms of Medical Sciense and Scientific Inquiry then there will be no improvement in the understanding of ill health - let alone Autism with its numerous names. Thus whilst the answer to your question may be Yes knowing what to do to decrease the symptoms may as yet be way out of reach of any scientifically proven medicine.

Question. 7. Should we believe the growing body of scientists from all over the world who are sounding the alarm about the impact injected Aluminium  Adjuvant is having on so many Children?

Answer. 7. If we are to sound any alarm - it is of the illness tsunami that is flooding the world all due to Humans lack of desire to face the truth - mostly for an actual or emotional profit.


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 5?

Aluminium  3.



Section. 27.

Question. 1. Based on the published findings of Dr. Chris Shaw; prior to his demise did he ever participate in any interviews?

Answer. 1. Yes he did and below is Mr Handley's transcript from his perspective of one such interview. Which I have converted it into questions and answers. 

The Interview.

Question. 1. The first time I personally woke up to the idea that the Aluminium  adjuvant used in Vaccines might be far more toxic and dangerous than I knew - was when I started reading about the incredible work of Dr. Chris Shaw at the University of British Columbia in Canada?

Answer. 1. Of course with the benefit of late 2017 hindsight - one can question; did Dr Shaw achieve his aims at awaking the world to his findings and has Mr Handley actually learnt anything of value to aid his search for information to assist his Son.   

Question. 2. In 2007, Dr. Shaw published the first study looking at injected Aluminium  adjuvant in this paper, Aluminium  Adjuvant Linked to Gulf War Illness Induces Motor Neuron Death in Mice and sounded a worldwide alarm about the dangers of Aluminium Adjuvant?

Answer. 2. Leaving one to question was Dr Shaw the kidded or the kidder.

Question. 3. In addition, the continued use of Aluminium  Adjuvants in various Vaccines - i.e, Hepatitis A and B, DPT and so on - for the general public may have even more widespread Health Implications?

Answer. 3. If we are able to look deeper into this should we not recognise a Vaccine is designed to prevent an illness not as a treatment once an illness is contracted - thus the widespread increased ill health implication; may well be vested in the Mind of an infected Person reacting to the Poisons of Vaccines.

Question. 4. Until Vaccine safety can be comprehensively demonstrated by controlled long-term studies that examine the impact on the nervous system in detail, many of those already Vaccinated as well as those currently receiving injections may be at risk in the future?

Answer. 4...

A. Many a truth is vested in hilarity - surely we have to recognise any animals are never going to be able to demonstrate the understandings of the impact on the nervous system; as surely they do not think the same as Humans.

B. Moreover; most Animals especially Rodents do not continue to grow in size for some twenty years with a constantly changing body chemistry - driven if only; by life experiences.  

Question. 5. Whether the risk of protection from a dreaded disease outweighs the risk of toxicity is a question that demands urgent attention?

Answer. 5. Perhaps we should ask Dr Jekyll or should it be Mr Hyde.

Question. 6. In 2009, Dr. Shaw’s and his colleagues in British Columbia published another study looking at injected Aluminium  Hydroxide and the results were deeply disturbing?

Answer. 6. And so they should find it disturbing - as on its own Aluminium  Hydroxide is only one chemical and a Human body will Activate every one of its Two Thousand Plus Chemicals in defence; that no Human Brain nor Computer could ever track and make sense of.   

Question. 7. Overall, the results reported here mirror previous work that has clearly demonstrated that Aluminium, in both oral and injected forms, can be neurotoxic?

Answer. 7.  If one conveniently forgets there are some 7 Billion unique People on this Planet - all with a different Body Chemical expressions; then this has emotional validity; if not scientific.

Question. 8...

A. Potential toxic mechanisms of action for Aluminium  may include enhancement of inflammation - i.e., Microgliosis?


1. Microgliosis is an intense reaction of Central Nervous System microglia to pathogenic insults.

2. One of the characteristic features of Microgliosis is an increase in the number of activated microglia at the site of lesion?

Answer. 8. I see no method of explaining this Potential - perhaps because there is no explanation or if indeed there is, it has been University or Medical School suppressed.

Question. 9. As far back as 2012: Mechanisms of Aluminium  adjuvant toxicity and autoimmunity in have been noted in pediatric populations?.

Answer. 9. Yet it appears in the years following his groundbreaking study, Dr. Shaw and his colleague, Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic, published a paper in 2012, expressing grave concerns about the limited understanding of Aluminium  adjuvant’s toxicity - and still today again it appears no one has noticed; in order to make significant alterations for an improvement in new born Children's life and health.

Question 10. It is fair to suggest this is somewhat surprising?

Answer. 10. Only to be made worse or confirmed to find - that in spite of over 80 years of use, the safety of Al adjuvants continues to rest on assumptions rather than scientific evidence.

Question. 11. Are there areas of research where this is has clear example?

Answer. 11...

A. Yes it is stated - nothing is known about the toxicology and pharmacokinetics of Al adjuvants in Infants and Children.

B. Pharmacokinetics, sometimes described as what the body does to a drug, refers to the movement of drug into, through and out of the body. Along with the time course of its absorption, bioavailability, distribution, metabolism and excretion.

C. In spite of these observations Children continue to regularly be exposed to much higher levels of Al adjuvants than Adults, via routine Childhood Vaccination programs.

Question. 12. Does no one in some form of authority ever scientifically ask. "Why?

Answer. 12.  It appears just two scientists have called for an urgent reevaluation of the safety profile of Vaccines containing Aluminium Adjuvant.

Question. 13. On what grounds do the scientists make their assertions.

Answer. 14...

A. It appears the existing data - or lack thereof raises questions on whether the current Vaccines aimed at pediatric populations can be accepted as having adequate safety profiles.

B. Because Infants and Children represent those who may be most at risk of complications following Vaccination, a more rigorous evaluation of potential Vaccine-related adverse health impacts in pediatric populations than what has been provided to date - is urgently needed.


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 6?

Aluminium  4.


Question. 1. Have any study authors expressed more or later serious concerns about this very new discovery?

Answer. 1...

A.  It appears in 2013, French scientists demonstrated that Aluminium  adjuvant, when injected into the body of a mouse, ended up in the brain 1 year later.

B. Further hypothesizing/guessing - continuously escalating doses of this poorly biodegradable adjuvant in the population may become insidiously unsafe, especially in the case of over immunization or immature/altered blood brain barrier.

C. It appears the authors choose their words carefully, recognizing the ubiquity of Aluminium  adjuvant’s use in pediatric Vaccines all over the world, which is why their choice to call Aluminium  Adjuvant; “insidiously unsafe,” should - cause any Parent; worry.

D. Unfortunately, the very thing they express real concern about  -  escalating doses; is exactly what has been happening to Children since the early 1990s, when the immunization schedule in the U.S and all over the world more than tripled, largely due to new Vaccines being introduced that contain Aluminium  Adjuvant.

Question. 2. Is there any question of other influences at work on this escalation and indeed continuation of this program of Vaccine increase?

Answer. 2...

A. One might be swayed to consider - there are many more answers to this that are not currently publicly available.

B. However due to the worldwide increase for the demand of transparency - this appears to be changing.

C. There may well be some serious clues as each year goes by with the efficacy of Scientifically proven treatments being in serious question - by many of the words leading Medical Publications.

D. One of them my be the well and Scientifically Proven fact there are more People ill today on a world wide bases even taking into consideration the increase in population than ever before.

E. Is it not reasonable to consider we must have Scientists - who created the very treatments we all desire to rely on to question this with a greater degree of Scientific Inquiry and vigor.

F. As many are the worlds leading Doctors - who see in their own practise with their own Patients; no one ever become fully well with any Scientifically proven treatments; whether Vaccinated or not.

G. Leaving one to consider a life time of medications is not a cure.

H. Thus we must continue to question the activity - of what one may well consider a Poison; to the Body. Human or Animal. Vaccinations.


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 7?

Aluminium  5.


Question. 1. With Medical Scientists now questioning this more an more is there a suggestion they are if only subconsciously - as they have yet to discover the Mind, recognising there is an ill Health Tsunami travelling our way and it may well hit sooner than later - if "WE" do not change our Perception as to the true cause of all illness?

Answer. 1...

A. Yes indeed. In 2015, another study from Université Paris Est Créteil (UPEC) in France - further supported this new view of Aluminium Adjuvant as a dangerous, bio persistent and ultimately a brain-injuring toxin.

B. The study confirmed that Aluminium  Adjuvant slowly makes its way to the Brain, where it then stays, possibly forever.

Abstract of Bio persistence Paper.

Bio persistence paper click here to read. 

Question. 2...

A. The study explained that Aluminium Adjuvant can generate a long-term immune response - because of its “bio persistence?”

B. Which basically means our body has no ability to rid itself of Aluminium  Adjuvant, because it is a man-made substance we have no natural designs to eliminate?

Answer. 2.  Thus Aluminium  and other poorly biodegradable materials taken up at the periphery by phagocytes circulate in the lymphatic and blood circulation and can enter the brain using a Trojan horse mechanism similar to that used by infectious particles.

Question. 3. What is or what is the value of a Trojan Horse style mechanism used to transport Aluminium  around the Body and into the Brain?

Answer.  3...

A. One may accept a Trojan Horse as demonstrated in History is an instrument used - when one is trying to hide the obvious.

B.  And if one is able to observe for all of the ancient and recent studies that still in 2017 have not created a satisfactory understanding as to the true cause of Maternal Immune Activation and Autism - then one may well feel there is nothing of value in the Trojan Horse theory.

Question. 4. What then have previous experiments shown?

Answer. 4. That Aluminium  administration can cause Central Nervous System dysfunction and damage, casting doubts on the exact level of Aluminium  safety.

Question. 5. What if any are the most recent findings?

Answer. 5. It was reported in November 2016: Non-linear dose-response of Aluminium  Hydroxide Adjuvant particles: Selective low dose neurotoxicity.

Question. 6. Is that supposed to mean something - surely there was more?

Answer. 6. And in 2016, the most important and revealing study yet done on Aluminium  Adjuvant provided more bad news and yet more insight.

Question. 7. Is it safe to say that this study’s conclusions have revolutionized our understanding of Aluminium  Adjuvant? 

Answer. 7... From the journal Toxicology, the French study authors were very concerned about the widespread use of Aluminium  Adjuvant.

Question. 8. Where there any further Concerns about Aluminium  Adjuvant’s safety?

Answer. 8....

A. It emerged following recognition of its unexpectedly long-lasting bio persistence within immune cells in some individuals, there have been some reports of chronic fatigue syndrome, cognitive dysfunction, myalgia, Dysautonomia and autoimmune/inflammatory features temporally linked to multiple Al-containing Vaccine administrations.

1. Is it not fair to comment all the symptoms in item A are in fact all diagnosed and named illness in their own right all with as yet cause unknown and no known cure - so how is it possible they are temporarily linked to Vaccine

B. It was also discovered and perhaps confirmed, through mouse-models, a deeply alarming unique characteristic of Aluminium  Adjuvant: low, consistent doses were MORE neurotoxic than a single bolus dose.

C. They conclude that Alhydrogel - Aluminium  Adjuvant injected at low dose in Mouse muscle may selectively induce long-term Al cerebral accumulation and neurotoxic effects.

Question. 9. Have there been any moves to explain this seemingly unexpected result?

Answer. 9...

A. An avenue that could be explored in the future relates to the Adjuvant - size; since the injected suspensions corresponding to the lowest dose, but not to the highest doses, exclusively contained small agglomerates in the bacteria-size range known to favour capture and, presumably, transportation by monocyte-lineage cells.

B. In any event, the view that Alhydrogel neurotoxicity obeys; ‘the dose; makes the Poison rule of classical chemical toxicity, appear overly simplistic.


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 9?

Aluminium  7.




Section. 30.

Click to read Abstract.

Click to read full Paper.

Question. 1. Mr Handley added. This a confusing conclusion, but profoundly important, so I am bringing in Vaccine Papers to further explain?

Answer. 1. A new paper - Crepeaux et al. by the Gherardi research group in France reports important results on the toxicity and transport of Aluminium  (Al) adjuvant in Mice.

Question. 2. Why is this single study especially valuable?

Answer. 2. Because it looked at many outcomes: behavioral effects, immune - microglial activation in the brain and Al transport into the brain.

Question. 3. By which process of study was the outcome achieved?

Answer. 2... 

A. The study tested dosages of 200 , 400 and 800 mcg/Kg, injected intramuscularly (IM).

B. The Al adjuvant used was AlOH - brand name Alhydrogel, the most common Vaccine Adjuvant in use today.

C. It is used in the tetanus, Hep A, Hep B, HiB, pneumococcal, meningococcal and anthrax vaccines.

D. Remarkably, the study found that the lowest dosage - 200 mcg/Kg was the most toxic.

E. For many outcomes, the 400 and 800 mcg/Kg dosages had no observable adverse effects, but the 200 mcg/Kg dosage did.

F. The low toxicity of the higher dosages appears to be a consequence of dosage-dependent inflammation at the injection site.

G. The high dosages caused intense inflammation at the injection site, forming - granulomas.

H. The 200 mcg/Kg dosage did not produce granulomas.

I. Granulomas are hard nodules in tissue produced in response to injury, infection or foreign substances.

J. It is a way; the body “walls off” injured tissue and prevents the spread of infection or toxins.

K. The granuloma appears to provide protection from Al adjuvant toxicity; apparently the granuloma prevented Al adjuvant particles from leaving the injection site.

L. This explains why the 200 mcg/Kg dosage affected the brain and behavior, while the higher dosages did not.

M. This suggests that it is more dangerous and harmful to administer numerous small injections of Al adjuvant, compared to a large single injection capable of inducing a granuloma.

N. The study authors also disputed the way the FDA and CDC currently think about Aluminium  Adjuvant toxicity, basically saying that the current approach is wrong.

O. As a possible consequence, comparing Vaccine Adjuvant exposure to other non - relevant Aluminium  exposures, e.g. soluble Aluminium  and other routes of exposure, may not represent valid approaches.

P. And, the French scientists finish with a conclusion that all Parents should find very troubling:

Q. In the context of massive development of Vaccine-based strategies worldwide, the present study may suggest that Aluminium  Adjuvant toxicokinetics and safety require serious reevaluation: As this study that has only been public for 2 months clearly demonstrates.

Question. 3. Is there a different or better evaluation that can be made as to what is going on in the body following the injection of the varying amounts of Vaccine?

Answer. 3...

A. Whilst it is interesting to note the 200 mcg Dose had less of an effect than the 400/800 mcg doses - is there a clue to this in Item G. "The high dosages caused intense inflammation at the injection site, forming - granulomas."

B. It is  outside my need to know or education to have to hand just how many Ingredients there are in any given Vaccine, I do have better knowledge there are in excess of Two Thousand Chemicals in the Body and they are; second by second in a state of alteration.

C. Moreover whilst my mathematical skills are limited - I am able to equate in a generalised manner the calculations of injecting a Vaccine with multiple ingredients.

D.  Let us say there are just Ten although the possibility exists of a serious understatement. Thus is we use an abacus or a calculator the number should add up.

E. Just one chemical in a Vaccine will affect every one of the bodies Two Thousand 1 x 2000 = 2000. And with Ten 10 x 2000 = 20,000. Only if one uses an adding machine.

F. However if one looks at this with a lateral Mind one is able to see the calculations are infinitely more.  Perhaps we can express this as. 1 x 20,000 = 20,000 x 20,000 = 80 million computational values of the entire Body Chemistry. Correction of the numbers by a mathematician welcomed.


1. Now one has to question how does a body. Mouse or Human deal with such - that may well be considered as; a serious toxic shock.

2. The greater the amount of Chemicals the quicker the Body has to deal with what may well be termed as an Antigen. 

3. Thus an all body response is made causing inflammation at the site of damage and is no more than an immune response the body is designed to do.

4. The lower dose however is interesting as the body does not go into the same degree of toxic shock and thus has more time to deal with it and as a consequence is able to scream. "This is no good for the body" and show this with a greater Brain Activation." 

5. It is a way; the body “walls off” injured tissue and prevents the spread of infection or toxins deigned by the intense reaction to the larger dose.

6. That is - if one observed the consequences long enough; the outcome may well of or would have been the same or worse.

7. Or did the Mice die before this poorly understood activity could be observed and be included in the data - referred to as Medical Science.     


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 10?

Aluminium  8.



Discovery #3: Aluminium  can increase IL-6 in the Brain.

Section. 31.

Question. 1. One of the only frustrations of the remarkable toxicity studies on Aluminium  Adjuvant coming out of France is that many scientists did not explicitly measure the Mice brains for the cytokine IL-6 which we know can be released during an immune activation event and also know is strongly associated with causing Autism?

Answer. 1. If I were to turn my Scientific Inquiry into Frustrations - I would never see anything of any value in understanding the interaction between the Mind and the Body and in so doing be scientifically blinded to see; "which we know,"  is of no real value if one is unable to accept - let alone compute one chemical against the 2000 plus; known Chemicals and their interaction activity, in the body.

Question. 2. But, a study from the Middle East published roughly one year ago, provides a strong foundation for the IL-6-Aluminium  Adjuvant connection?

Answer. 2...

A. In this case, scientists were using Aluminium  to induce Alzheimer’s in rats, which they appear to have done successfully, showing that Aluminium  caused a 4-fold increase in IL-6.

B. The results also showed that Aluminium  administration increased the hippocampus pro-inflammatory cytokines TNF-α by 3.8-fold, IL-6 by 4-fold and iNOS by 3.8-fold compared to the normal control group.

C. Leaving one to ponder "Is Alzheimer's really and only created by Aluminium  Poison - the same as that created naturally by the Mind in reaction to Emotional Traumas that interfered permanently with the entire Body Chemistry of a Human."

Question. 3. What does one do if any of this remains confusing?

Answer. 3...

A.  Apart from another name change Mr Handley thinks Vaccine Paper’s description of Aluminium  Adjuvant in the body will fill in any holes.

1. Most Vaccines contain Aluminium  and Aluminium  is a proven neurotoxin, in amounts received from Vaccines.

2. Vaccines in combination can result in toxic Aluminium  overload.

3. Even the Aluminium  in a single Vaccine can be harmful if the Aluminium  is in a form that is more dangerous than ingested Aluminium .

4. Specifically, Vaccine Aluminium  is in Nano particulate form, which is harder for the body to eliminate; because it is transported around the body differently than ingested Aluminium.

5. It is natural and normal to ingest small doses of Aluminium  from food and water.

6. It is not good for you, but the body has adequate defenses.

7. Absorption of ingested Al is low, about 0.3%, so about 99.7% is eliminated in feces.

8. Ingested Aluminium  is in ionic form - individual charged atoms, which is readily removed by the kidneys.

9. Also, ionic Aluminium  is blocked from entering the brain by the blood brain barrier.

10. The low absorption, rapid elimination by the kidneys and barrier to brain entry adequately protects the brain from Aluminium .

11. However, Nano particulate Aluminium  from Vaccines cannot be removed by the kidneys.

12. The particles are far too large to be filtered out by the kidneys.

13. The Al nanoparticles do dissolve slowly - converting to ionic Aluminium .

14. But long before they can dissolve completely, the Al nanoparticles are “eaten” by immune system cells called macrophages.

15. In other words, the particles wind up inside the macrophages.

16. Once loaded with the Al nanoparticles, the macrophages spread Aluminium  as they travel through the body.

17. This is dangerous, because the Al-loaded macrophages carry Al nanoparticles to tissues - e.g. the brain, that are damaged by very small amounts of Aluminium .


A. Whilst from a purely scientific point of view we must accept this has validity - however; should natural and uncompromised by the education system; true scientifically inquiry, not ask...

B. "If the natural diet of a Mouse or other Rodents and other Animals is scientific manually increased way above the natural values in their food - should one not consider; there will not be a part of the body and its chemistry, that will not be affected."

C. However, if this diet is manually enforced - are we really able to scientifically suggest; it is only the Aluminium  that affected the Brain, instead of just educated guesswork.

D. Moreover, as it appears this is scientifically induced in Mice and other Rodents/Animals - does it really relieve the  frustrations; change that to confusion, over the true cause of Maternal Immune Activation and Autism. Or in real terms only add to it.  


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 11?

Aluminium  9.



Quick Pause: The Chicken-Egg of Immune Activation Discovery.

Section. 32.

Question. 1...

A. Mr Handley requests; Before we discuss the fourth discovery -the final puzzle piece from China. " I want to address a topic that triggered much of the exploration that drove me to write this article in the first place."

B. A few weeks ago, I got into a bit of a public squabble with Dr. Peter Hotez, a Vaccine Patent holder who also serves as a spokesperson for the merits of Vaccines.

C. Dr. Hotez also has a daughter with Autism, so this debate is very personal for him, as it is for me.

D. Dr. Hotez is convinced that Autism; is “created” in utero - as he explained to me. “My read of the scientific literature is that Brains of Children with Autism, like ours, were that way by the first or second trimester of pregnancy.”

E. Dr. Hotez bases his conclusion about Autism’s timing on the work of a single study by Dr. Eric Courchesne and colleagues titled, “Patches of disorganization in the neocortex of Children with Autism.” which was published in 2014 in the New England Journal of Medicine.

F. Dr. Hotez even took his refutation of some of the things I have publicly written about Autism and Vaccines a step further and I think this is really the dividing line for many scientists, he wrote to me:

1. “A Vaccine given in the first year of life could not possibly cause a total reorganization of the Brain Architecture, it just defies reason.”

2. Does it? defy reason that the re-wiring of the Brain - that we now believe is caused by an Immune Activation event  - could never happen after a Child is Born?

3. This is the single most important question needs to be answered to determine Autism’s cause and I think the answer will govern the Autism causation debate from here on out.

4. If Vaccines cannot cause a “reorganization of brain architecture” after a Child is Born, then Vaccines are unlikely to be the cause of Autism - however, Vaccines given to a pregnant Women may still pose a risk to triggering a Maternal Immune Activation.

5. If Vaccines given after Birth can cause the Brain to “reorganize,” then we have a serious, serious problem with Vaccines.

Concluding with - I believe The Science is very clear on this point. Read on...


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 12?

Aluminium  10.



The evidence for post-natal Autism triggers - is strong.

Section. 33.

Click here to read Abstract.

Question. 1. Mr Handley continued. The study that Dr. Hotez mentioned to me, the study that proved to him that Autism was determined in utero, I have now read it probably a dozen times?

Answer. 1. You can read it for yourself, it is a study where scientists looked at the actual post-mortem Brains of Children with Autism and found striking differences in Brain Architecture.

Question. 2.  Having read it so many time I continually ask myself. "What in reality have I learnt," "What did the study - not do or explain?"

Answer. 2...

A. Because it would be impossible to do with post-mortem brains, some as old as 15 years, that is; speculate exactly WHEN the Brain disorganization took place.

B. And, really, how could they. I am guessing Dr. Hotez was thrown off by the conclusion of this study, where the authors offered up a guess.

Question. 3. Was there a conclusion to this guesswork?

Answer. 3. Apparently the study identified discrete patches of disorganized cortex in the majority of postmortem samples obtained from young Autistic Children that were examined.

Question. 4. Knowing how well the Brain has been mapped - has this been allocated to any specific areas?

Answer. 4...

A These patches occurred in regions mediating the functions that are disturbed in Autism: social, emotional, communication and language functions.

B. Does not answer 4. a. confirm once again. Autism is not a Biological illness it is a Mind created illness

Question. 5...

A. When one accepts as of todays date and indeed thus far in Mr Handleys findings The Mind plays no part?

B. What is the Scientific certainty such abnormalities may represent a common set of developmental neuropathological features that underlie Autism and probably result from dysregulation of layer formation and layer-specific neuronal differentiation at prenatal developmental stages?

Answer. 5...

A. Medical Sciense still will not have it. The Mind plays the only important part in the creation and sustaining of illness.

B. Did you catch what the study said (in red) and understand such obfuscation, moreover, was this the part that Dr. Hotez turned into fact, in order to support his claim and the way he has cited this study repeatedly in public writings about Autism’s cause.

Question. 6. The authors said the disregulation they saw in the Brains of Children; “probably” happened during “Prenatal development stages?”

Answer. 6. It appears Dr Hotez concluded with; "the evidence you will see actually points to the opposite."

A. Vaccine Papers explained it well...

B. The “patches of disorganization” paper, is actually further evidence implicating Immune Activation and therefore Vaccines.

C. Immune Activation experiments have shown that immune activation/cytokines causes disruption of neuron layers.

D. So a Vaccine could definitely do this.

E. I believe that Autism-associated differences in the prenatal period are simply indicators that the baby is particularly susceptible to Immune Activation Injury.

F. Immune activation works like this: each time there is an activation event, the immune system becomes more sensitive and reactive to immune stimulus.

G. So, an activation “hit” during gestation; can render the baby more susceptible to immune activation injury, postnatal.

H. This increased reactivity is known to occur with microglia in the brain - microglia are immune cells in the brain. it is called “microglial priming.”

I. Once microglia are primed by immune activation, they become hyper reactive for a long time, perhaps a lifetime.

J. Vaccine Papers went a little farther than Dr. Hotez, providing this image which is hard to shake once you have seen it:-

Question. 7...

A. Bearing in mind there are numerous times when it has been suggested Guessing is the mainstay of the research does Item H and I offer any clues? 

B. Would not true Scientific Inquiry be best served if we were to at least look at some emerging evidence."Unvaccinated Children are Truly Healthier Than Vaccinated" apparently gleaned from published facts?

Answer 7...

A.  Indeed this is so. It may well depend on how the understanding is created - if it is from post mortem slides of Animals and Rodents; the word Perhaps a Lifetime, clearly demonstrates, it is no more than guessing. 

B. Indeed it would - following which; we well look at the image.


Question. 8. Here are the statistics: "Unvaccinated Children are Truly Healthier Than Vaccinated."

A. Less than 10% of Unvaccinated Children suffer from allergies of any kind. This compares with 40% of Children in the USA ages 3-17 reporting an allergy to at least one allergen and 22.9% with an allergic disease.

B. .2% of Unvaccinated Children suffer from Asthma.  This compares with 14-15% of vaccinated Children with Asthma in Australia, 4.7% in Germany and 6% in the USA.

C. 1.5% of Unvaccinated Children suffer from hay fever.   This compares with 10.7% in Germany.

D. 2% of Unvaccinated Children had neurodermatitis. This auto-immune disorder affects over 13% of Children in Germany.

1. Neurodermatitis is a skin condition that starts with a patch of itchy skin.

2. Scratching makes it even itchier.

3. This itch-scratch cycle causes the affected skin to become thick and leathery.

4. It may develop into several itchy spots, typically on the neck, wrist, forearm, thigh or ankle.

E. ADHD was present in only 1-2% of the Unvaccinated Children. This compares with nearly 8% of Children in Germany with ADHD and another 5.9% borderline cases.

F. Middle ear infections are very rare in Unvaccinated Children - less than .5%.  In Germany, 11% of Children suffer from this problem.

G. Less than 1% of Unvaccinated Children had experienced Sinusitis. This compares with over 32% of Children in Germany.

H. Only 4 Unvaccinated Children out of the 7,600+ total surveys reported severe Autism.  In all 4 cases, however, the Mother tested very high for mercury.  

I. In the USA, approximately 1 in 100 Children suffer this neurological illness and 1 in every 38 boys in the UK.

J. These results are no surprise to those who chose to not to Vaccinate their Children. 

K. While not Vaccinating is no guarantee of health for a Child, the odds are certainly in favor of far fewer problems both in the short and long term by forgoing immunization.

L. It seems by quite a landslide that Unvaccinated Children are indeed healthier than Vaccinated Children.

M. Another large comparative study of Vaccinated versus Unvaccinated Children published in May 2017 unearthed similar findings.

Answer. 8...

1. Whilst this is a very powerful finding that perhaps has a greater Scientific Validity than medical Sciense is prepared to accept.

2. However if we are truly to accept these finding should we not have a least a few case studies - that include the Parents healthcare statistics and indeed their Parenting philosophy; that only scientific inquiry into the Mind and its activities would demonstrate.  

Question. 9. Are we able to draw any conclusion not readily seen in these statistics?

Answer. 9. Yes perhaps we are. If one takes from the above list of symptoms.  

A. Allergies and allergic disease.

B. Asthma. 

C. Hay Fever.  

D. Neurodermatitis.

E. ADHD and borderline cases.

F. Middle ear infections.

G. Sinusitis. 

H. Autism. 


J. To compare Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children with a broad range of health outcomes as the true cause is still unknown - for any of them; the argument for or against Vaccines still requires much debate; moreover a mathematical study procedure may well baffle the greatest mathematical computer programs - attempting to make a mathematical model for the research to be justified against.

Question. 10. What is NDD?

Answer. 10.  It appears there are two answers to this One Scientific and the other interestingly from a Childs book.

A. Neurodevelopmental Disorders. B. Neurodegenerative Diseases.

1. Neurodevelopmental disorder is a mental disorder.

2. A narrower use of the term refers to a disorder of brain function which affects emotion, learning ability, self-control and memory which unfolds as the individual develops and grows.

3. Neurodevelopmental disorders are impairments of the growth and development of the brain or central nervous system.

4. The term is sometimes erroneously used as an exclusive synonym for Autism Spectrum Disorders.

B. Speaks for itself.

C. Nature Deficit Disorder. 

1. Nature Deficit Disorder is a phrase coined by Richard Louv in his 2005 book. "Last Child in the Woods."

2. Meaning that Human beings, especially Children, are spending less time outdoors.

3. Resulting in a wide range of behavioral problems.

4. This disorder is not recognized in any of the medical manuals for mental disorders, such as the ICD-10 or the DSM-5. Evidence was compiled and reviewed in 2009.

5. Richard Louv has stated. "Nature Deficit Disorder is not meant to be a medical diagnosis - but rather to serve as a description of the Human costs of alienation from the Natural World." 

6. Louv claims that causes for the phenomenon include Parental fears, restricted access to natural areas and the lure of electronic devices.

7. Recent research has drawn a further contrast between the declining number of National Park visits in the United States and increasing consumption of electronic media by Children.

8. The phrase has been criticized as a misdiagnosis that obscures and mistreats the root problems of how and why Children do not spend enough time outdoors and in nature.

Question. 11. Whilst interesting is there anything we should be aware of in Natures Deficit Disorders?

Answer. 11...

A. Yes Item 6 suggests including Parental fears, leaving one to question. "Does anyone let alone medical researchers understand the message here, especially if one includes - the lure of electronic devices."

B. Item 8 on the other hand appears to recognise the information presented as a threat; otherwise they would not have the requirement of suggesting. "Obscures and mistreats the root problems." As all medical Sciense fits into this self destroying prophesy.

Question. 12. What is the other explanation alluded to in Answer 11. A?

Answer. 12...

A. One could argue there are many explanations from the world we live in today - however we can look at one item that is perhaps the most significant in recent history of the world and has implications perhaps further reaching than anyone has really given consideration too.

B. 16 years ago at 8:46 a.m. – 10:28 a.m. - EDT September 11, 2001; Whether one recognises this as an actuality or not - it is a serious possibility; as a result on the USA the world as we knew it changed forever. But are we truly as a result of the atrocities aware quite how.

C. It is well documented in four locations...               

1. The World Trade Center. USA.

2. The Pentagon. USA.

3. Stonycreek Township near White House or U.S. Capitol. USA.

4. Shanksville, Pennsylvania, USA.

D. These consisted of three types of Attacks...

1. Suicide attacks.

2. Mass murder.

3. Terrorism.

4. And one other not reported at the time where the real cause is still a mystery as to how the towers all collapsed the way they did.

E. The attacks were a series of coordinated terrorist attacks reportedly by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda on the United States on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

1. The attacks killed 2,996 People including numerous brave First Responder personnel in and around the affected buildings and injured over 6,000 others and caused at least $10 billion in infrastructure and property damage.


1. Four passenger airliners operated by two major U.S. passenger air carriers. United Airlines and American Airlines all of which departed from airports in the northeastern United States bound for California were hijacked.

2. Two of the planes were crashed into the North and South towers, respectively of the World Trade Center complex in New York City.

3. Within an hour and 42 minutes, both 110-story towers collapsed, with debris and the resulting fires causing partial or complete collapse of all other buildings in the World Trade Center complex, including the 47-story 7 World Trade Center tower, as well as significant damage to ten other large surrounding structures.

4. A third plane was crashed into the Pentagon - the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense in Arlington County, Virginia, leading to a partial collapse of the building's western side.

5. The fourth plane, initially was steered toward Washington, D.C but crashed into a field in  Stonycreek Township near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after its passengers tried to overcome the hijackers.

6. This was the single deadliest incident for firefighters and law enforcement officers in the history of the United States, with 343 Firefighters and 72 Police personnel killed.

7. The aftermath of the attack resulted in immediate responses to the event, including domestic reactions, hate crimes, Muslim American responses to the event, international responses to the attack and military responses to the events.

8. An extensive compensation program was quickly established by Congress in the aftermath to compensate the victims and families of victims of the attack as well.

Question. 13. Are you not just repeating history or is there really a valid contribution this information is able to make to the discussion?

Answer. 13. Yes I am well aware there appears to be quite a large degree of separation from our discussion - but did the debate by Mr Hanley not start with the comment. "There are 1 in and rising nearly 50 Children being born or later developing Autism and it has risen quite markedly in the past years and no one knows why.

Question. 14.  And the reason is?

Answer. 14....

A. It first came to my attention when I applied my understanding of the gestation of illness from emotional and or physical trauma to information on the internet although the full story can be read at this link this extract spells out my point rather nicely.

B. "For many Parents, the diagnosis was woefully inadequate, even insulting.“It’s a very hard pill for me to swallow - what are we, living in the 1600s.”

C. The guardian of one of the girls said. Besides, kids are always stressed and some of these kids may have been less stressed than most.


1. On CNN, James DuPont, the father of an afflicted girl, said, “A lot of these kids were just, you know, having a happy, normal life.” Miller told me she did not buy the diagnosis, not one bit. “My daughter has not had any trauma,” she said. “She was just happy, going along. She was as happy as can be.”

2. Western New York that had long prided itself on the things it got right.

3. The kids here were wholesome and happy, their Parents insisted; “cheerleaders and honor students,” as one Father said; "the Children are products of a place that, while not perfect, was made up more of what was good about small-town America than what was bad.

4. Now, though, the girls’ writhing and stuttering suggested something troubling, either arising from within the community or being perpetrated on it, a mystery that proved irresistible for onlookers, whose attention would soon become part of the story itself.

5. One of the affected Girls,  at home with her sister received a large bruise on her face when an uncontrollable tic caused her to hit herself with a cellphone.


Question. 15.   What was the official version of events or perhaps better said the Medical diagnoses of the problem? And what has this to do with the seemingly rapid increase of cases of Autism?

Answer. 15...

1.  May we finish of the content about Le Roy Western New York first - as this is seriously connected to the situation in 2001 and Autism today.

2. There are many contributions to this story and I have extracted a few from the attached newspaper publication.

3. The captain of one of the school’s cheerleading squads, awoke from a nap - stuttering and then later started twitching, her arms flailing and head jerking?

4.  It is clear for any young Girl to suffer these symptoms it is an affront to her feminine dignity; meaning  on the Gestation Scale of illness must rate fairly high. Thus the symptoms that "only" appeared when she  woke from her nap; cannot possibly be so - as they had been festering for a very long time.

5.  Two weeks after that another senior, erupted in tics and arm swings and hums.

6. Then word got around yet another cheerleader, who recently moved to town, was making the same strange noises, the same strange movements, leaving school early on the days she could make it to class at all.

7. The numbers grew - 12, 16, then 18, in a school of 600 and as they swelled, the ranks of the sufferers came to include a wider swath of the Le Roy high-school hierarchy: girls who were not cheerleaders, girls who kept to themselves and had studs in their lips?

8.  If one is able to accept - it is not natural for a young girl to. "Keep herself to herself" and whilst to some it may appear cool to have Nails in ones lips; the reality must be for both Girls, they have an Anxiety they are unable to relieve, as they have know knowledge as to its cause that may well have been a decade or more prior to the onset of symptoms that are only a temporary relief of Anxiety. Even if they never resolve.

Response. 8. Demonstrating the treatment was for the Doctor not the Patient - as prior to making the statement the Doctor already knew there is no known cause and know known cure for Anxiety; thus it was a very patronising statement, one that the girl will never forget, even if she never recalls it again.

9. There was even one boy and an older woman, age 36.  

10. Doctors at the hospital told one class member and her Mother - that she was having an Anxiety Attack?

Response. 10...

A. The Girl a straight-A student - admits she can be anxious at times? 

B. At such a tender age to have Anxiety and yet be a Straight A Student can only mean the Anxiety is very aged.

11. When Doctors told one Mother her daughter’s tics were stress-related, she “went along with it,” she explained . “I know she has a huge heart and is wound tight.”

Response. 11. Signaling many years of living in Fear or unresolved and unresolvable conflict - with the possibility of the recognition of the pain involved in Pleasing others always and only at her own expense; as there is never any recognition of her pleasing gestures, from the takers.

12. This Girl also had an episode of tics three years ago, yet was able to confirm.  “I was always so active and everybody was always happy to be around me,” she also said, in fits and starts. “But I don’t feel like myself any more?”

Response. 12. Perchance the young lady were to able to answer - why she does not "feel herself any more;" would she be able to confirm. She really was ever able to feel herself or was the episode of tic's some three years earlier a sign she could not. 

13. The school superintendent, stood before the town’s Parents and faced hostile questions about a host of environmental concerns: natural gas wells on school property, toxic-waste cleanup sites within a few miles and a sticky orange substance oozing out of the playing fields.

Response. 13...

A.  Whilst we must accept both legally and morally the purposeful contaminating of Natural Resources cannot be good for the Planet we call home - let alone the: Lives, Health and comfort of those that live closest to the contamination site.

B. In addition. Whilst at any time - let alone during a public; meeting, where no one in authority desires to truthfully answer sensitive questions, anyone can be forgiven for becoming hostile in their demand for answers.

C. Would it not be as wise to ensure this hostility does not have a agenda of its own in a society that has a protective wall of silence around; that  it yet if one looks carefully one can see it is hidden in plain sight. Thus no one desires to see it.  

14. One of the Doctors, Laszlo Mechtler, explained to the meeting, that.  "Patients who had been improving" were suddenly in his office, “crying, ‘This chemical is in my head and I am damaged for the rest of my life.’ 

Response. 13. Should this not have created even more hostility and demand for answers. Or is the truth really known but the desire is to keep it secret.

14. Doctors also saw an increase in cases, which they attributed to sensational coverage and increased stress.

Response. 14. Or does this contain a painful truth everyone is under hidden or unknown orders to maintain the desire to keep it secret.

15.  As more girls became  sick, the story got bigger and then more girls became sick.

16. One Mother. In addition to a tumor,  also suffers from trigeminal neuralgia, a nerve condition that causes excruciating pain in the face.

17. In the weeks leading up to the surgery, was so sick she sometimes had trouble getting out of bed.

18. The surgery took place just a week before the onset of her daughters tics.

19. Several years ago there was a traumatic loss in The family, the details of which they requested remain private.

20. And now her relationship with her biological Father, with whom she has not lived since she was very young, was weighing on emotionally on her.

Response. 14-18. If we are to respect a Families fundamental right to Privacy as Item 19 - should one not consider the effect this if taken to the ultimate family trait of. "Family Secrets" and ask. "How is this process implicated in the illness of all of the Children mentioned in Le Roy catchment area.   

21. The girls’ symptoms were broken down by status: there were the kids who were really sick and then the kids whose illness was; “psychological” and then - the kids who were faking it so they could get on the news.

Response. 21...

A. Should one not once again ask "If Medical Sciense does not know the true cause of any illness and has no cures how would it be known if one has a Psychological disorder or was faking it."

B. May we first look at the meaning of the words used. 

1. Psychological of or relating to psychology.

2. Pertaining to the Mind or to Mental phenomena as the subject matter of Psychology.

3. Pertaining to, dealing with, or affecting the Mind, especially as a function of Awareness, Feeling, or Motivation.

4. Psychological play; Psychological effect.

5. Faking it. Believing in yourself is a key element and is where the saying “Fake it until you make it” comes from. Or, at least what it means. If you don not feel confident, pretend you are until you gain the experience or tools necessary that it is all for real.

C. If one looks carefully at the word Psychological one may see it is a description or a diagnosing process not a Mental condition - one may be better of to see tis as a Medical Sciense dismissal to hide how little they know.

1. As for "Faking it," a scientific medical poor excuse for. "We do not know what to do as the symptoms are confusing us.

2. The truth behind. "Faking it" is - whilst we can spend a lifetime of believing we are faking it; or another way of saying the same thing is. "Living life on a wing and a prayer, or getting by." In both instances we are only acting on previously stored negative information that stole away our fundamental right to be the Person we should have been - thus we are not and cannot FAKE IT as in appearing to do so, we are seeking an understanding of something we cannot make sense of on our own. From People that are doing the very same thing.     

22. No matter how many times the Doctors explained that these symptoms were real, something the girls could not control, the finger-pointing persisted. One mother even went on Facebook to publicly accuse her daughter’s best friend of faking,

Response. 22. Or is this just another way of protecting the Family Secrets.

23. Researchers think the illness might have something to do with the amygdala, a locus of startle and fear responses in the brain, which has been shown to be overactive in Patients with conversion disorder.

24. Ordinarily, the amygdala might create psychological distress, but instead, in these cases, it would create an involuntary movement,” says Mark Hallett, a senior investigator at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

25.  He added, though, that while the theory is plausible, “we are at a primitive level;” in terms of understanding how it works.

Response. 23, 24 and 25. As confirmed in item 25 all Medical Sciense is still very much at the Primitive Level. 

26. Conversion disorder is somewhat better understood now than it was when the French neurologist Jean Martin Charcot displayed his Patients’ fainting fits; to hundreds of dazzled audience members in the 1870s.

27. Fainting and non epileptic seizures are common symptoms, as are seemingly paralyzed limbs; less common, but still well represented, are certain types of tics and twitches.

Response. 27 and 27. Still today late 2017. Even though some Two Hundred Years ago Jean Martin Charcot made a public spectacle of People having Fainting Fits - as their cause still remains a complete mystery to medical Sciense it is clear; despite the Modern Technological Approach to Medicine, his efforts made no improvement in the understandings required. 

28. Recent research has confirmed some of Freud’s early theorising on the subject, finding that a history of trauma is higher in Patients with conversion disorder than in other kinds of Psychiatric Patients.

Response. 28. And still today it is still only Theorising - as the cause and consequences of Trauma almost does not enter into the papers that contain sufficient data to demonstrate there has been an understanding and treatments aimed at cure developed; instead of treatments that increase the frustration to the point of near madness.

29. In 2002, 10 students, 5 of them cheerleaders, in a rural town in North Carolina suffered from non epileptic seizures and fainting spells. 

30. But there were also some Le Roy residents who knew the girls’ backgrounds and who made the link between those histories and the symptoms.

31. Lynne Belluscio, the director of the Le Roy Historical Society, said that in a small town, “People were not going to go and shout, ‘These kids have got these kinds of problems.’

32. They were not going to say it at a community meeting and they might not even say it to friends. “That would damage the trust within the community,” she said.

Response. 29, 30 31 and 32. All the answers one could possibly require are contained within items 31 and 32 of is this their expression of Family or Community Secrets and if so what is it they are hiding.

Conclusion. Having edited this content into a readable fashion I decided to go back to the beginning and from Answer. 15 convert the contents to questions and responses/answers. As the content has far too much content to explain in a conclusion. 

Question. 16. Have we made the link between the incident of 16 years ago at 8:46 a.m. – 10:28 a.m. - EDT September 11, 2001 and the rise of Autism and Tics amongst perhaps many other illnesses?

Answer. 16. Not quite - there is still a requirement to evaluate all the information Mr Hanley provided before we can answer that interesting question. Meanwhile let us look at the abstract of Vaccinated against unvaccinated Children.



Pilot comparative study on the health of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated 6- to 12- year old U.S. Children.


Section. 34.

1. Vaccinations have prevented millions of infectious illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths among U.S. Children, yet the long-term health outcomes of the Vaccination schedule remain uncertain.

2. Studies have been recommended by the U.S. Institute of Medicine to address this question.

3. This study aimed:

A. To compare Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Children on a broad range of health outcomes.

B. To determine whether an association found between Vaccination and neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD), if any, remained significant after adjustment for other measured factors.

4. A cross-sectional study of Mothers of Children educated at home was carried out in collaboration with homeschool organizations in four U.S. states: Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oregon.

5. Mothers were asked to complete an anonymous online questionnaire on their 6 - to 12-year-old biological Children with respect to pregnancy-related factors, birth history, Vaccinations, physician-diagnosed illnesses, medications used and health services.

6. NDD, a derived diagnostic measure, was defined as having one or more of the following three closely-related diagnoses: a learning disability, Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

7. A convenience sample of 666 Children was obtained, of which 261 (39%) were Unvaccinated.

8. The Vaccinated were less likely than the Unvaccinated to have been diagnosed with Chickenpox and Pertussis, but more likely to have been diagnosed with Pneumonia, Otitis Media, Allergies and NDD.

9. After adjustment, Vaccination, male gender and preterm birth remained significantly associated with NDD.

10. However, in a final adjusted model with interaction, Vaccination but not preterm birth remained associated with NDD, while the interaction of preterm birth and Vaccination was associated with a 6.6-fold increased odds of NDD (95% CI: 2.8, 15.5).

11. In conclusion, Vaccinated homeschool Children were found to have a higher rate of Allergies and NDD than Unvaccinated Homeschool Children.

12. While Vaccination remained significantly associated with NDD after controlling for other factors, preterm birth coupled with Vaccination was associated with an apparent synergistic increase in the odds of NDD.

13. Further research involving larger, independent samples and stronger research designs is needed to verify and understand these unexpected findings in order to optimize the impact of vaccines on Children’s health.

Question. 12. These are extremely serious questions that appear to have the answers - is this so?

Answer. 12...

A.  The only satisfactory answers that all of the research suggests is; Medical Sciense does not have the answers to the questions, or the questions for the answers - thus the only thing that is secure is the confusion, as demonstrated in Item 13 that confirms this as correct.

B. The graph below demonstrates how little is known and unless one is able to read in the graph why there are no answers then - all is lost.     


Question. 13. How can you make such comments; Answer 12 - when the graph shows what one can see fairly clearly - that the Brain is far from done developing once a Child is born?

Answer. 13. Because I am able to read the graph as to what is a seriously missing element Medical Sciense speaks about but as it does not understand or take the information into consideration as designed the Sciense always leaves room for doubt and of course more detailed study.  

Question. 14. But there is an established fact, there are 5 separate phases of Brain development that are either in process or yet to start?

Answer. 14.  Only if there has been left - room for Scientific doubt.

Question. 15. But the evidence clearly says; "an Immune Activation event after the Child has been born can impact Brain development?

Answer. 15. And the Scientific Data confirms; "Yes, it could."With, the published Science supporting this view.

Question. 16. How does the Sciense support this view?

Answer. 16...

A. In a study done in 2012, Wei and colleagues induced Autism-like symptoms in Mice by injecting them with IL-6 AFTER they were born.

B. This is NOT a Maternal Immune Activation event, this is an Immune Activation event of a newborn that leads to the development of symptoms of Autism.

Question. 17. Surely that is sufficient proof - that is supported by Medical Sciense studies?

Answer. 17. One would like to think so - however how would this work if one were to suggest they are too completely different process with no connection at all.

Question. 18. How can you make such comment in light of the weight of Scientific Evidence - surely one with such advanced Scientific qualifications and a laboratory would have a far superior knowledge to yours?

Answer. 18. That of course is a Magnum Opus of consideration - let us not forget it was Mr Handley in 2107 having done his own research that posed the question in this paper of his.

Question. 20. Are you suggesting you know what is missing?

Conclusion. 20...

A. No I under these circumstance do not make suggestion that is the same as thinking - I either know or I do not know and if I do not. I find out.

B. The truth is I have been aware of what is missing almost since the start of Mr Handleys paper.

C. I suspect there is many a mile to travel before we come to that. May we continue. 


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 13?

Aluminium  11.



Brain IL-6 Elevation causes Neuronal Circuitry imbalances and mediates Autism like Behaviours.

Section. 35.

Click here to read Abstract.

Question. 1. The authors noted: that Mice with elevated IL-6 in the Brain display many Autistic features, including impaired cognitive abilities, deficits in learning, abnormal anxiety traits and habituations, as well as decreased social interactions?

Answer. 1...

A. Unless one is able to demonstrate one is able to linguistically converse with a Mouse - apart from educated guesswork; how is one to really determine just One Chemical IL6; be that a Body/Brain Chemical or injected is really able, on its own to achieve such changes measureable cognitive changes.   

B. In addition fully demonstrate IL-6 elevation - caused alterations in excitatory and inhibitory synaptic formations and disrupted the balance of excitatory/inhibitory synaptic transmissions.

C. And that IL-6 elevation that resulted in an abnormal change in the shape, length and distributing pattern of dendritic spines; was a valuable understanding.

D. And do these findings really suggest that IL-6 elevation in the Brain could mediate Autistic-like behaviors, possibly through the imbalances of neural circuitry and impairments of synaptic plasticity.

Question. 2. If one still thinks Dr. Hotez has a point, that Autism happens during gestation or never?

Answer. 2...

A. Or is there another process as yet not understood and accepted into the process that ultimately leads to the still in 2017 mystifying as to its true cause. Autism and its numerous other names and expressions.

B. Then perhaps this study will really blow ones mind, from all the way back in 1981.

Click here to read Abstract.

Question. 3. In this case study of Three Children, published in Child Neurology, the authors describe three cases of sudden onset Autism, all caused by infection and inflammation of the brain?

Answer. 3. Surely if anyone in the complementary field of medical were to proclaim they had cured Three People with any illness the entire Medical Profession would laugh them off the kindergarten playground.  

Question. 4. How can that comment be fair?

Answer. 4. It appears - not only can an infection trigger an Immune Activation event that leads to Autism after a Child is born, it can even happen to a Child who is 5, 7, or 11 years old  - which are the ages of the Three Children in this study.

Question. 5. Are you reading this, Dr. Hotez?

Answer. 5.

A. During an acute encephalopathic illness, a clinical picture developed in Three Children that was consistent with infantile Autism…

B. In the study cases, the abnormalities are acquired and not developmental, but they clearly fit the critical clinical features of the Childhood Autistic Syndrome.

Question. 6. Sounds a bit like the final word from Medical Sciense on the matter?

Conclusion. 6. Or is it "We the medical profession are right by default just because we say so and an no one can be right" Leaving one to consider - room has once again be left for Scientific Doubt; thus, more research is required to answer a basic question. "What do we not know about the entire body chemistry that may well give us the answers we are not searching for."  


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 14?

Aluminium  12.



Discovery #4: Hepatitis B vaccine induces IL-6 in postnatal Rats.

Section. 36.

Question. 1. Mr Handley continued. When this paper was published in China, no one I knew in the Autism community mentioned it, I am guessing because it was hard to patch together its significance?

Answer. 1.  Is there not a most serious clue as to why it was not mentioned - in; "it was hard to patch together its significance." Is this not the unspoken mantra of the entire medical profession and why so often it can take so many years to reach a diagnoses of a set of symptoms; only to conclude. "The cause is not known and there is no known cure." 

Question. 2.  One has to appreciate all of Doctor Patterson’s work and in so doing understand the IL-6 connection to Autism?

Answer. 2...

A. Let us assume Mr Handley did understand Dr Patterson work and it was in fact correct.

B. How will that understanding affect - when only one of the Bodies Two Thousand Chemicals are involved; the long-term understanding of this medically complex set of symptoms.

C. How will he convert this to assisting his Son and family.

D. How will this assist in the overall understanding when a foreign body is injected into Rats despite it being a product of the Planet Earth and in minute quantities - is a natural requirement for balanced well health.

Question. 3. Although the heading of this section relates to Hepatitis B Vaccine in Post Natal Rats would I be correct in observing this appears to have become lost in translation?

Answer. 3. Whilst that appears to be the way of understanding things far to difficult for Modern Medical Sciense - one has to consider they may well come to that later in the paper.   

Question 4. One has to appreciate the brand new insights about Aluminium Adjuvant Toxicity and the low dose implications - Aluminium  Adjuvant was ending up in the Brain?

Conclusion. 4.  In order to make a Scientific Inquiry understanding of this; "Brand New Insight," it is not imperative we explore first. "The Blood Brain Barrier" and Second. "The Scientific Hypotheses." Neither are in my remit of - requirement to know in detail or my medical dictionary.


Blood Brain Barrier.

Section. 37.

1. The function of the Blood Brain Barrier is due to: tight junctions that restrict movement of substances between the endothelial cells, specific transport proteins that determine which substances can cross the barrier transcellularly and enzymes that may degrade or alter substances prior to passage.

2. Various components make up the Blood Brain Barrier in addition to Brain endothelial cells: pericytes; astrocyte end feet; microglia and a basement membrane made from structural proteins such as the extracellular matrix proteins collagen and laminin.

3. The structure and function of the Blood Brain Barrier is stated as having three cellular elements of the Brain microvasculature compose the BBB-endothelial cells, astrocyte end-feet and pericytes - PCs.

4. Tight junctions (TJs), present between the cerebral endothelial cells, form a diffusion barrier, which selectively excludes most Blood-Borne Substances from entering the Brain.

5. The Blood Brain Barrier works where the Brain's Blood vessels are lined with endothelial cells that are wedged tightly together, creating a nearly impermeable boundary between the Brain and Bloodstream. ... The Blood Brain Barrier blocks most molecules from entering the Brain through Blood vessels.

Question. 1. Whilst from a purely scientific point of view this appears to be sound - is it possible there are further understandings that may be helpful in the absence of a secure understanding as to the true cause of Autism?

Answer. 1. Yes indeed and there are three clues; one repeated twice: May - Most and Nearly Impermeable. 

Question 2. How would one explore the meaning behind these three seemingly innocuous words?

Answer. 2. May is an expression of what might - be but is not. Most is an expression of - not all and Nearly Impermeable - demonstrates there are circumstances as yet unknown as to how or why the Blood Brain Barrier is not exclusively excluding of all foreign substances in the Blood. Of course we have to accept without Blood the Brain like any organ would soon die.

Question. 3. Are you suggestion the possibility of there being a different or even better explanation?

Answer. 3. I do not suggest surely to do so would be no more than a Hypotheses or Guesswork.

Question. 4. Please explain then?

Answer. 4. Yes and it is contained with Nearly Impermeable - for this to happen there has to be one or a number of reasons - why the Blood Brain Barrier can be passed and under what circumstances.

1. The Brain is only an organ of the Body - no different to any other organ and unlike the Heart; cannot work on its own or outside of the Body.

2. The Brain like any organ - requires a constant stream of properly oxygenated Blood full of all life's nutrients.

3.  The Body is the greatest chemical analyst the worlds populations will ever be privileged to know.

4.  Thus, instantly recognises all chemical activity within the entire Body.

5.  However; without the decision making process of the Mind expressed in every cell of the Body - on its own, the Body would not know what to do with the chemicals and more important. know if they are indeed required - or are an Antigen, or Poison. Then decide whether to excrete them or not. 

6.  Based on the instructions from an undamaged/traumatised Mind the instruction to the Brain will be only to allow past the barriers those chemicals that are deemed by the Mind as desirable or beneficial for a balanced chemical wellbeing.  This correlates to Well Health.

7. However - if the Mind is damaged/traumatised and the entire body chemistry is already compromised; the Brain Blood Barrier will not be able to offer the desired protection.

8. With this in mind there will be certain chemicals (Aluminium ) that the Mind is able to instruct the Brain to allow pass the Blood Brain Barrier in order too give the chemical greater consideration - as to its worth to the body - before excreting it.  

9. Then there are chemicals the Mind considers Poison, that take far longer - to either decide what action to take; or make chemical adjustments to the entire body and in the process place the body's chemical destroyers on notice to take action.

10. During this time anyone studying the chemical reaction in Animals or Rodent would not be able to give the time and patients required to see the long-term effect of such Mind activity.

11. Finely the Mind Body connection in conjunction with other prevailing and unknown to Medical Sciense body chemistry reactions - may well retain and use the intruding chemical to manufacture; earlier than possibly it would have, an illness, with no known cause and no known cure.    

Question. 5. Mr Handley concluded with, one has to read the paper from China that covered a lot of other ground, as well as providing the missing link in the Aluminium  Adjuvant-Cytokine (IL-6)-Autism hypothesis that it helped fortify.

Answer. 5.  May we continue with the view of - an...



 "Hypotheses" "Hypothesis." "Hypothetical."  .

Section. 38.

A. A Hypothesis - plural hypotheses is a proposed explanation for a phenomenon.

B. For a hypothesis to be a Scientific Hypothesis, the scientific method requires that one can test it.

C. Scientists generally base Scientific Hypotheses on previous observations that cannot satisfactorily be explained with the available Scientific Theories.

D. Even though the words. "Hypothesis" and "Theory" are often used synonymously, a Scientific Hypothesis is not the same as a Scientific Theory.

E. A working Hypothesis is a provisionally accepted Hypothesis proposed for further research.

F. A different meaning of the term Hypothesis is used in formal logic, to denote the antecedent of a proposition; thus in the proposition; "If P, then Q," P denotes the hypothesis (or antecedent); Q can be called a consequent. P is the assumption in a - possibly counterfactual - What If question.

G. The adjective Hypothetical, meaning; "having the nature of a Hypothesis," or "being Assumed to exist as an immediate consequence of a Hypothesis," can refer to any of these meanings of the term. "Hypothesis."

Conclusion. Is it just possible the explanation of the word used - it no more than a posh educated way of saying because we do not know we are Guessing.


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 15?

Aluminium  13.



Neonatal Vaccination with Bacillus Calmette-Gurin and Hepatitis B Vaccines Modulates Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity in Rats.

Section. 39.

Click here to read; Study from China that seals the deal

Mr Handley continued:-

Question. 1. Vaccine Pages has written extensively about this study, I will start by quoting Vaccine Pages, but if you want a highly detailed scientific analysis of this study, check this out.

Answer. 1...

A. Whilst it has to be said - injecting Rats to evaluate Humans is possibly a valid argument; yet at the same time, a waste. As after all these years of Animal Study we still do not have a cure for any illness.

Conclusion. Let us look at the design as extracted from the study:-


Study Design.

Section. 40.

A. The study used only Male Rats. Four sets of measurements were performed on control and Vaccinated Rats at 2, 4, and 8 weeks of age.

B. BCG - Vaccinated Rats were Vaccinated once with BCG.

C. Hep B - Vaccinated Rats were Vaccinated with 3 doses at 0, 7 and 21 days of age.

D. The study was designed to mimic how these Vaccines are used in Humans.

E. Li et al states: “The BCG and HBV Vaccination procedures imitated those used for Human Infant Vaccinations.

F. One group of Rats received both BCG and Hep B Vaccines.

G. Rats were sacrificed at ages 2, 4, and 8 weeks and the Brains were analyzed as described below.

H. No behavioral tests were performed.

Question. 1. What if any was the outcome of this section of the study?

Answer. 1.  It appears to have been recognised as an important new study by Li et al. Who reported - the effects of bacillus calmette-guerin - BCG, Vaccine - for tuberculosis and hepatitis B vaccine on Brain development in infant Rats.

Question. 2.  What if anything did the study conclude?

Answer. 2...

A. The study relates the observed Brain changes to the type of Immune Activation - Th1 or Th2, explained below, stimulated by the Vaccines.

B. The BCG and hep B Vaccines had opposite effects on the Brain - BCG being beneficial, hep B being detrimental and a combination of both Vaccines resulted in cancellation of the effects.

Question. 3. It this is the first study to test the effects of Immune Activation by Vaccination on Brain development?

Answer. 3. It appears all other studies of Immune Activation have used essentially pathological conditions that mimic infection and induce a strong fever.

Question. 4. When we make opinions of such power as it appear is this study. Is it not the correct thing to do - subject ourselves to the harshest of scrutiny of such opinions; in order to flush out the real truth, we are all desperately searching for?

Answer. 4. A protocol I adopt - not only of myself; I encourage my therapy patients to do the same, not only of themselves, but of my interaction and involvement with them.

Question. 5. Is this a practise of all academics?

Answer. 5.  Fortunately there are exceptions - one such criticism I have heard often from Vaccine advocates; is that - the Immune Activation experiments are not relevant to Vaccines because Vaccines cause a milder Immune Activation than injections of poly-IC or lipopolysaccharide - two types of Immune System activators.

Question. 6. How was this criticism - is it not best explained as Critique, received?

Answer. 6...

A. This new study demonstrates that Vaccines can affect Brain development via Immune Activation.

B. Hence, the Immune Activation experiments are relevant to Vaccines.

C. The hep B Vaccine increased IL-6 in the Hippocampus - the only Brain region analyzed for cytokines.

Question. 7. Surely if that was the reaction to a Scientific Inquiry critique - then all I am able to say this study will open no doors to better understanding of Autism; only close them?

Answer. 7...

A. Sadly you are correct and the defining factor in your critique is in Item Answer 6. C.

B. Whilst I consider the Brain is only an organ and only works on instructions from the Mind - I am able to accept the findings of Medical Sciense; the Brain fills our Head and has many different sections that are all required to work in Unison. For a Healthy Mind and Body to exist. Thus studying just one is sheer blind scientific lunacy.  

Question. 8. What or where now?

Answer. 8... 

A. Vaccine Pages continues, explaining the timing of the injury to the Hep B Rats.

B. An important finding in the Rat BCG/Hep B study is that many of the effects of hep B Vaccine did not appear until age 8 weeks.

C. This finding undermines claims of Vaccine safety, which are almost always based on short-term outcomes of a few days or weeks.

D. Furthermore, 8 weeks is a long time in Rats.

E. 8 week old Rats are almost fully mature adults.

Question. 9. What does this suggest?

Answer. 9...

A. This suggests that adverse effects of Vaccines may take years or decades to appear in Humans.

B. This is consistent with what is known about Immune Activation and Schizophrenia.

C. Immune Activation in the fetus can cause Schizophrenia 20–30 years later.

D. The accumulating scientific evidence and the Li et al study in particular suggest - that Vaccination may cause Mental illness.

E. The Mental illnesses would emerge years or decades after Vaccination of an Infant - then how would one be able to confirm this.

F. Vaccines have likely contributed to the rise of Mental illnesses in the USA and perhaps worldwide over the last 25 years.

G. The rise in Mental illnesses in the USA and perhaps worldwide is coincident with the dramatic increase in Vaccination that started in the 1980s.


1. The serious possibility with - the Aluminium  content of Vaccines and their many other chemicals; It is not just the Human Brain Body that reacts to all of these chemicals; but how via the Mind, instead of being excreted, they are utilised in a negative manner and then wait many decades to show their negative effect by creating what are clearly. Mind related disorders - Autism and Schizophrenia.

2. There can be no question - although Vaccines are developed with all good intentions; it is far to much to ask for the Body of a Child to be subjected to such an assault at such a young age and not have long-term negative implications. Especially as the true cause of illness with or without Vaccines is yet to be satisfactorily established and entered into the Study literature.

3. Under these circumstances it may well be wise to blame the increase of illness on Vaccines.

4. However I do not see any peer reviewed: Blind, Double Blind or Placebo designed trials to demonstrate an open minded unbiased trial has been considered or even taken place to establish and validate Vaccines are truly responsible.

5. Moreover I do not see any data that compares with true Scientific Inquiry - a Non Vaccinated Childs long-term Mental or Biological health against that of a Vaccinated Child, or even turn the clock back and use the same Child again.

6. Leaving us to ask. "Are there  any Published or otherwise. Scientific Medical Studies to date 2017; that clearly demonstrate - if only an Opinion; the true cause of all illness is known.

7. For surely without this - any information regarding the effects of Vaccines are only of a speculative nature whether the outcome from their use is good or bad. 

Question. 10. It appears Mr Handley has stated. "This study is extraordinary." Has it been possible to validate that positive statement?

Answer. 10... 

A. There were three different groups of Rats: Rats receiving the BCG Vaccine - not given in the U.S.

B. Rats receiving the Hepatitis B Vaccine - given on day 1 of life in the U.S and a control group with no Vaccine.

C. The BCG Vaccine does NOT contain Aluminium Adjuvant and the impact on the Rat’s brains from BCG was - Actually Positive.

D. The Hep B Vaccine Rats, however, showed the kind of Immune Activation event we are seeing in Autism - high IL-6.

E. This is biological proof of the link between a Vaccine  - given to a post-natal animal , inducing an Immune Activation event, including the cytokine marker for Autism, IL-6. A scientific first.


A.. Let us accept this is a remarkable finding - when one considers this is in Animals; does it really tell us about the workings of the Human Mind and Body in the creation of illness.  Whether assaulted by many Vaccines or not.

B. And if it does not - does this single chemical study really validate the entire foundation for the study.


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 16?

Aluminium  14.



How Aluminium  Adjuvant Causes Autism.

Section. 41.

Question. 1. Are there any clear pathways established to Autism?

Answer. 1. It appears there are Four discoveries and here is a simple graphic that spells out the process of triggering Autism very clearly, as demonstrated by the published science we have shared:

Question. 2.  Is the graph a fair assessment of.  How Aluminium  Adjuvant Causes Autism?

Answer. 2...

A. Published studies are showing that Autism is caused by an Immune Activation event.

B. The adjuvant in Vaccines  - Aluminium  Adjuvant ; can activate the Brains Immune System and is far more neurotoxic than previously realized.

C. All the new science has been published in just the last few years, points too. Aluminium  can cause IL-6, the key cytokine implicated in Autism.

D. Chinese Scientists  - for the first time anywhere in the world ; used a Vaccine to trigger an Immune Activation event and recorded elevated levels of IL-6 in Rats.

E. THIS is a biological basis for HOW a Vaccine can cause Autism.

Question. 3. Have you answered my question?

Answer. 3...

A.  No - although there are serious clues in Items Answer. 1. B, C and E. the real answer is outside of the study, with the possibility we have not touched on the true answer yet.

B. Remember what Dr. Hotez said to me (Mr Handley?) 

1. “A Vaccine given in the first year of life could not possibly cause a total reorganization of the Brain Architecture, it just defies reason.”

2. But, that is exactly what the science is showing us.

3. Vaccines, administered early and often, are igniting Immune Activation event after Immune Activation event.

4. Here is a different chart (below) looking at the development of the Brain over time, from a neuro-immunological perspective.

5. Imagine 6–7 Immune Activation events - right after they receive 4–6 Aluminium Adjuvant containing Vaccines in a single appointment.

6. In certain vulnerable Children during critical phases of Brain development.

7. With everything you have just read, is it really that hard to imagine.


1. Knowing the true wisdom of Medical Sciense - whilst I find it difficult to accept they have not; but have they realised from conception and birth the Human Brain is constantly changing - Opps Reorganizing.

2. This has validity - when one considers the cause of not one illness has been found, so how would Medical Scientists know in Humans or any given Child that Vaccines or the naturally growing of a Child is responsible for the illness caused Autism with Brain reorganizing.

3.   Knowing the history of Scientific Medicine and its lack of success to understand the cause of any illness; does it not "just defy reason.” as Aluminium  Adjuvant s are far more neurotoxic than previously realized. thus the key cytokine implicated in Autism is seriously subject to Interpretation and the inclusion of "biological basis" appears to suggest more is subconsciously known but medical Sciense is unable to express it yet; or are by convention not allowed too...

4. ...As Vulnerable Children provide profits thus making the sectors of Human race strong and in so doing - susceptible to further destruction of the world we call home.


Section. 42.

Development of the Brain over time.


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 17?

Aluminium  15.



How Aluminium  Adjuvant Causes Autism.

Section. 43.

Implications and Questions.

Question. 1...

A. Mr Handley confirmed. I cannot help but tie everything I read and see here to my own son’s experience.?

B. Born in 2002, my son seemed to get sicker with every Vaccine appointment and his head always seemed to be hurting?

C. And, with each appointment, unusual behaviors and odd movements began to appear?

D. A really sad reminder of this reality appeared in a study published just last week in Nature, that described how Children with Autism developed enlarged foreheads?

Answer. 1.

A. One cannot help and indeed should Feel Emotional - for not only Mr Handley and Family; but all other Parents in the same position.

B. However should this emotion blind us to the points raised in B and C;

C. And then with the integrity and wisdom of hindsight - knowing Maternal Immune Activity has not yet been understood; not realise MIA, like all symptoms requires time to manifest itself and then be diagnosed by the very latest research. That does not know the cause of MIA; nor have an effective treatment for it.

D. In addition correlate this against a Child just Born - who requires time to grow.

E. Surely if one cannot do this-  then it brings into question the validity of all findings relating to: MIA, Vaccines and Autism.


A. We must also recognise; for an affected Child and Parents an Enlarged Forehead is equally distressing - however we must take into consideration; if MIA is not understood then the possibility of this arising from MIA has to be considered, as well as the implications of Vaccines.

B. The question surely is. How would based on its history Medical Sciense know the difference.   


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 18?

Aluminium  16.



Early Brain development in Infants at high risk for Autism Disorder. 

Section. 44.

Question. 1. As the cause of Maternal Immune Activation is still not known - is this section a question of watchful waiting or no more than educated guesswork?

Answer. 1. Brain enlargement has been observed in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder - ASD, but the timing of this phenomenon and the relationship between ASD and the appearance of behavioural symptoms, are unknown.

Question. 2. What can one make of this scientific comment. "Retrospective head circumference and longitudinal Brain volume studies of two-year olds followed up at four years of age have provided evidence that increased Brain volume may emerge early in development?"

Answer. 2. Is that not a confirmation of Question 1. above.  Watchful and Waiting and Guesswork surely are not to be considered as Scientific Proof.

Question. 3. Would not the above theory about how Autism is triggered do a pretty good job of explaining why these Children have large - Swollen Heads?

Answer. 3...

A. As you know, the Immune Activation event leads to what Dr. Patterson called; “an ongoing, permanent Immune-System Activation in the Brains of Autistic People.”

B. And, guess what, permanent Immune System Activation means inflammation…which may well lead to a. “Large Brain” and a “Swollen Forehead.”

Question. 4. Is that why Children with Autism are known to head bang?

Answer. 4. Perhaps you would too if your Brain was in a state of permanent inflammation.

Question. 5. Is that a satisfactory answer?

Answer. 5. No of course not  - that would only be an expression of what I would refer to as the Emotional Phenotype. Understood as. "The words we speak based on the entire contents of our Mind - known as our Truth rather than The Truth.

Question. 6. So why do Children Head bang?

Answer. 6.  As a result of the information in their Mind they are unable to express - as their Emotional Phenotype, let alone their own truth. 

Question: 7. What about gastrointestinal disorders?

Answer. 7...

A. So many Children with Autism experience gastrointestinal disorders, my son most certainly did.

B. And, gastrointestinal distress is now fully appreciated to be a “co-morbid” condition of Autism, according to Autism Speaks. But what exactly might cause it, is still unknown. 

C. Whilst Mr Handley confirmed. "You do not have to look too far." The last comment above clearly demonstrates the Medical Profession do not as yet now what direction to look in. 


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 19?

Aluminium  17.



Aluminium  Enhances Inflammation and Decreases Healing in Experimental Colitis in Mice.

Section. 45.

Click to read full paper.  

Question. 1. What is the Thesis or claim of this paper?

Answer. 1. Aluminium  increased the intensity and duration of macroscopic and histologic inflammation, colonic myeloperoxidase activity, inflammatory cytokines expression and decreased the epithelial cell renewal compared with control Animals.

Question. 2. Did it tell us anything we ought to know in a language that is understandable?

Answer. 2. Under basal conditions, Aluminium  impaired intestinal barrier function. In vitro, Aluminium  induced granuloma formation and synergized with lipopolysaccharide to stimulate inflammatory cytokines expression by epithelial cells.

Question. 3. Point taken - but what did it really tell us?

Answer. 3. Deleterious effects of Aluminium  on intestinal inflammation and mucosal repair strongly suggest that Aluminium  might be an environmental Irritable Bowel Disease risk factor.

Question. 4. So is it fair to suggest all it said is we are guessing?

Answer. 4. Sadly that is what it appears they said.

Question. 5.  What about all the other types of autoimmunity - food allergies, etc, that are at epidemic levels and often co-morbid with Autism?

Answer. 5...

A. Mr Handley Noted: Down below I cite a second paper by Hsiao and colleagues that shows that an Immune Activation event can CAUSE gut dysbiosis, in the section titled. “Heal the Microbiome.”

B. Dysbiosis - also called dysbacteriosis is a term for a microbial imbalance or maladaptation on or inside the body, such as an impaired microbiota.

Conclusion. One would well be worthy of considering Dysbiosis - Dysbacteriosis symptoms are no more than an expression of Maternal Immune Activation - in itself no more than a symptom with as yet no secure cause known and no known cure thus the term Heal the Microbiome no more than educating dreaming. 


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 20?

Aluminium  18.



Vaccines and Autoimmunity.

Section. 46.

Question. 1. If this research is Spearheaded by Israeli scientist Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld, what can be made of it?

Answer. 1. The scientific evidence that Aluminium  Adjuvant is causing epidemics of a wide variety of auto-immune conditions is becoming overwhelming.

Question. 2. And this?

Answer. 2. First it is imperative we accept the research findings then we cannot be wrong - but is so doing; are we not observing the self-destruction of the Medical Profession as they have no secure answers for Maternal Immune Activation, thus are once again fighting over who has the most cited research and who is worthy of a Noble Prize. Rather than improving the knowledge and treatment outcome of research.

Question. 3.  What became of the research?

Answer. 3. Dr. Shoenfeld has his own text book explaining this!

Question. 4. With the discovery of autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA), what is the next move?

Answer. 4. It appears. The work of leading researchers from 14 countries on the role of Adjuvants in different Vaccines and how they can induce diverse autoimmune clinical manifestations in genetically prone individuals has been published in the newly released medical textbook, Vaccines and Autoimmunity.

Question. 5. What is meant by the term. "Genetically Prone Individuals?"

Answer. 5. for all of our research we still have not got a clue as to what in real terms we are talking about - so in order to leave as required; Scientific Doubt, we label it Genetically Prone, then we can study this until the cows come home with no tangible explanation, as no one can prove or disprove our findings.

Question. 6. How would one consider this article: “Researchers at the University of Virginia Health System’s Division of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology report that an era of food allergies that began with the post-millennial generation might be a response to Vaccines containing the adjuvant alum, a known trigger for allergic traits?

Answer. 6.  Knowing the current understanding of: Asthma, Allergies and Immunology - is not really any different to the 1950s, thus one would only be able to conclude. They have nothing new to offer - that as it states; is only reporting previous failures to makes sense of the known triggers for Allergic Traits.  

Question. 7. Does the data even if subliminally suggest the alum use is sort of hidden sometimes?

Answer. 7. One might consider it a bit of a stretch of the imagination to suggest; "Alum is usually the name given to Potassium Aluminium  Sulfate when used in Vaccines, the Federal Drug Administration states. "Sometimes, Aluminium  Hydroxide and even other forms of Aluminium  Adjuvants are also referred to as Alum in Allergy Research.”

Question.  8.  Is it so; Certain Vaccines - Increase Food Allergen IGE: Susceptible Post-Millennials Reacting To Adjuvants?

Answer. 8...

A. Health Researchers at the University of Virginia Health System's Division of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology report that. Dr. Shoenfeld’s groundbreaking study in 2013 explained the role of Aluminium  adjuvant in triggering autoimmunity across a wide variety of conditions: Autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants (ASIA) 2013: Unveiling the pathogenic, clinical and diagnostic aspects.

B. The study reads: “Notwithstanding that molecular mimicry and bystander activation in a genetically predisposed individual have been called to be responsible, the finger should be pointed at the adjuvants.

Question. 9. Have any responsible bodies raised any reason for this apparent distress?

Answer. 9...

A. One in particular has: Aluminium . Indeed, has been used as an adjuvant for the past 90 years - but it is also an experimentally demonstrated neurotoxin.

B. Experimental research has showed that alum adjuvants have a potential to induce serious immunological disorders in Humans. Thus, efforts should be put in clarifying the potential threat of alum-containing Vaccines.

Question. 10. What about Mercury?

Answer. 10....

A.  When my son was diagnosed with Autism in 2004, the only thing Parents were talking about was the Mercury in Vaccines.

B. Thimerosal, a preservative made from Ethyl-Mercury, had recently been revealed to be in Children’s Vaccines far in excess of EPA safety guidelines.

C. The Autism rate was exploding and a 2001 paper showed a compelling correlation between the symptoms of Autism and the symptoms of Mercury poisoning.

Conclusion. And in the Thirteen years following his sons diagnoses - the status quo still exists as strong if not stronger than ever "The cause is not known and there is no known cure.


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 21?

Aluminium  19.



Thimerosal let the Science Speak..

Section. 47.

Question. 1. It says Let the Science Speak based on what we have explored so far should we not ask. "Can the Sciense be trusted?"

Answer. 1. Perhaps not the best of starts to say. "Mercury is not good for Humans.

Question. 2. The use of Mercury in a Vaccine seems insane to most rational People given the extreme Neurotoxicity of Mercury?

Answer. 2. Although it has been demonstrated in hundreds of published studies and I am no metallurgist; I would like to see experiments of these two highly toxic metals combined and then amongst other experiments - added to a tissue cell slide to observe the outcome.

Question. 3. We have learned that Vaccine Mercury travels straight to the Brain of Monkeys. But what precisely does it do?

Answer. 3. It has been scientifically established it depletes glutathione, a vital antioxidant and that it blocks critical pathways in methylation and Mice injected with Thimerosal exhibit-show behaviors similar to Autism.

Question. 4... Bearing in mind Mice have to be sacrificed to obtain the data can we really consider it is any more than guesswork to understand how Humans react?

Answer. 4.  Moreover to retrieve the data from a Human that is now deceased of illness too severe to continue life - would the data really provide satisfactory answers; to compare against a sacrificed Mouse.

Question. 5.   what if any would the consequence be if Thimerosal was removed from Vaccines?

Answer. 5...

A. It appears Thimerosal was removed from most Pediatric Vaccines - beginning in 2002.

B. However as is so often with items that may be considered similar to this - there has been an odd development, as possibly under the Radar it was started to be injected into Pregnant Women in 2004, when the flu shot - of which a portion contained Thimerosal, was recommended for the first time by the CDC for Pregnant Women.

Question. 6. So, does this article abandon the Mercury-Autism Hypothesis?

Answer. 6...

A. The possibility exists the answer to this is complex:

B. Mercury in Vaccines is dangerous and unjustifiable based on published science.

C. It should be removed from 100% of Vaccines immediately.

D. Synergistic toxicity means that Mercury combined with Aluminium  may be 100 times more toxic than either metal by itself, we do not really know.

Question. 7. How can 1 + 1 = 100?

Answer. 7. ‘Synergistic toxicity’ refers to the effect that when exposed to two toxins, the toxicity level  of the two toxins is far greater when combined.

Question. 8. With this is mind what is the latest information available as to the truth of this?

Answer. 8. It is reported there are many anecdotal stories confirming Children diagnosed with Autism today are; “less severe.

Question. 9. If  this is true. Is the removal of Mercury the reason?

Answer. 9. There is no data Mr Handley is able to find to support this, so it is just conjecture for the moment.

Question. 10. Does that mean  the core hallmark of triggering Autism is an Immune Activation Event?

Answer. 10. Does leave one to consider Would the same happen if Aluminium  was no longer added to any Vaccines - what then would happen if all Vaccines were stopped. Would Autism cease to be.

Question. 11. It is not my desire to confuse things but would that not leave us with the aged mystery as to the cause of Maternal Immune Activity? 

Answer. 11. Mercury is NOT an Immune System Antagonist the way Aluminium  Adjuvant is, Mercury was in Vaccines for its effectiveness as an antibacterial and an anti fungal, not an adjuvant.

Question. 12. You appear to be as clever as Medical Sciense at not answering clearly expressed questions - please answer my question?

Answer. 12...

A. VP has very strong opinions about the Mercury vs. Aluminium  adjuvant debate, including this:

1. There are far more important issues than Mercury, such as Aluminium  Adjuvant Neurotoxicity and Immune Activation Injury.

Question. 13. Is that your or the only answer you are able to provide?

Answer. 13.  It is surely abundantly clear the question is an embarrassment as the answer is not known - endlessly talk about it but not asked.  As demonstrated in Answer 12 . 1.

Question. 14.  What about the MMR Vaccine does it contain Aluminium  Adjuvant?

Answer. 14...

A. The MMR Vaccine does not contain Aluminium  adjuvant.

B. Yet, many - but far from all Parents; point to the appointment where their Child received the MMR Vaccine as a trigger for Autism.

Question. 15. Now let me get this right - are we now saying Parents are more educated in these matters than Medical Scientists. 

Answer. 15...

A. One may well be minded to think so with Medical Science saying. "We need more scientific data than we have about what exactly the MMR Vaccine does to the Brain - does it generate IL-6 or other cytokines."

B. However because we do not know, we are left to speculate.

Question. 16. Is it possible as usual there is an obvious answer?

Answer. 16...

A. it is said there is indeed one obvious answer - the MMR Vaccine is the first live virus Vaccine Children receive - it is typically given between age 12–18 months, most Children have received 15–20 Vaccines by then and it is a triple - Measles, Mumps and Rubella live virus.

B. For an immune system bathed in Aluminium  Adjuvant and possibly already simmering with activation events, this triple dose might push a Child right over the edge.

C. This might explain the seizures - an Extreme Immune Activation even that which sometimes follows the MMR appointment.

D. We also know that Children who also receive the Varicella Vaccine - Chicken Pox along with the MMR have higher rates of seizure events.

E. This would make sense, four live viruses at once would likely challenge the immune system more than three, but we cannot explain exactly how the MMR biologically impacts the immune system the way we can for Aluminium  adjuvant and now for Hepatitis B Vaccine - thanks to Chinese scientists.

F. Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld discusses the fact that a live Vaccine Activates the immune system more than a Vaccine using Aluminium Adjuvant:

G. It is evident that a live attenuated Vaccine is more prone than a killed Vaccine to Activate the Immunity Response.

Question. 17. Did not they already prove. Vaccines do not cause Autism?

Answer. 17...

A. Having read this far, one may assume already it is known this is a fable.

B. If unsure, just look at this simple graphic.

C. All those Vaccine industry spokespeople who say; “the science is settled,” yet fail to mention that only one ingredient - Thimerosal and one Vaccine - MMR; has ever been looked at for its relationship to Autism.

D. No Vaccine containing Aluminium Adjuvant has ever been explored for its relationship to Autism, despite a growing and clear body of evidence implicating Aluminium Adjuvant in causing; “Immune Activation,” the currently accepted central cause of Autism.

Conclusion. There is one ingredient that is the most potent of all that has never once been included in any Medical Study into any illness. 


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 22?

Aluminium  19.



Vaccine Ingredients.

Section. 48.

Question. 1...

A. One cannot not help but feel for Mr Handley and any Child-Parent on the receiving end of Medical Science that administers these mostly Dead Animal tested results of study on Children?

B. Leaving one to ponder on the available evidence as presented in the above graph?

C. It reads there are some 38 chemical ingredients in Vaccines?

D. Is this the complete truth of facts - or is there something in plain view we are all missing?

Answer. 1...

A.  Nice questions - as an overall view perhaps we should be taking a deeper look at illness itself and asking how can we demonstrate in its entire history Medical Science has proved it worth. A question for another time.

B. Item  6 Antibiotics. It is well known Antibiotics are becoming more an more difficult to produce based on the Body's resistance to them.

C. There is no doubt the Medical Scientists who create Vaccines do so in the wisdom of - they are doing good for Humanity.

D. And when such times as these items - 7. Bovine Components. 18. Human Components. 37 Monkey Kidney Cells are included - consideration is taken that each of these; if we may only use Human Chemical count have in excess of 2000 Chemicals inherent within them...

E. This may well amount to say 6000 different Chemicals - too which Medical Sciense in a Human body has not begun to research all of them and how they are implicated in well being and illness.

F. The proof of this lay statement is surely within the well published fact if only in Mr Handleys contribution; Maternal Immune Activation is still not Scientifically understood and explained satisfactorily.

G. Now if we were to do the same with all 38 items as per the graph the indication must surely be one would require perhaps a thousand PhD's in order to make sense of multiple Vaccines administered to a Child in what chemically one might be minded to consider - the most important growing time of their life.

H. Concluding with; If we as Children of Parents or Parents of Children truly desired to know and indeed acted on the true cause of all illness - then the illness many not have been there or predicted to be so in the first place or if it was many well have been better suffered until the immune systems could take over and create the cure desired.

I. Or is it better said Vaccines and protection of illness in their Children - is for the Parents relief of Anxiety only and nothing to do with the Child.           

Question. 2. Is this also worthy of pointing out. "In the early and mid-2000s Parents first started sounding the alarm about the connection between Vaccines and Autism, saying they had no biological evidence to support their view, just having the collective experience of seeing their Children disappear after Vaccine appointments?

Answer. 2. 

A. Misunderstand me at ones peril - whether or not I am for or against Vaccines pales into insignificance compared too us as a race of Parents protecting our involvement in the creation of our Children's illness; with the above comment.  "Collective experience of seeing their Children disappear after Vaccine appointments."

B. Today, it is a completely different world. We are waking up to the serious possibility Medical Sciense is not about well health it is about profit and control - if this were not the case by now we would have at least one cure for one illness = No more illness and no more medications. 


A. Consider the words of Dr. Kimberley McAllister of the UC Davis Mind Institute just this past August - 2016:

B. These MIA - Maternal Immune Activation animal models meet all of the criteria required for validity for a disease model.

C. They mimic a known disease-related risk factor - construct validity, they exhibit a wide range of disease-related symptoms - face validity and they can be used to predict the efficacy of treatments - predictive validity.

D. It is time for the CDC, FDA, Autism Speaks and the American Academy of Pediatrics to face the biological evidence staring us all in the face.

Question. 3. How can comments as this; "face the biological evidence" coming from a "Mind Institute." Be considered worthy of the oxygen of publicity?

Answer. 3.  Or are they just, “moving the goalposts” on the Autism-Vaccine Hypothesis; in the vain hope no one will notice.

Question. 4...

A. Of course critics will say this?

B. First it was the MMR?

C. Then it was Mercury?

D. Then it was; “too many, too soon?”

Answer. 4.

A. What the difference is now is very important: overwhelming published, peer-reviewed science making a clear connection between Immune Activation Events, Aluminium  Adjuvant and Autism.

B. That is why this article is filled with study references, not conjecture.

C. What has been true throughout the Autism epidemic remains true today: an overwhelming - tens of thousands number of Parental reports of regression of their Children into Autism after Vaccination.


A. Although as in answer A; a clear case appears to be made of. "Making a clear connection between Immune Activation Events," I see little to none that satisfactorily explains Maternal Immune Activation.

B. In addition what can one make of; "Tens of thousands number of Parental reports" compared to the millions of People that receive Vaccines or not as the case may be.


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 23?

Aluminium  20.



Implications for Treatment.

Section. 49.

Question. 1...

A. Mr Hadley quite rightly proclaims?

B. "We want our Children to feel better?"

C. I want to know what, exactly, happened to my son?

D. When he was diagnosed with Autism in 2004, the prevailing understanding of Autism in the Parent community was that it was growing exponentially, many Parents were seeing changes after Vaccine appointments and that mercury a live virus - or measles were the most likely causes?

E. We had no biological science?

F. The understanding of Aluminium  or the Aluminium  Adjuvant was comically simplistic, almost a throw away point?

G. We had no idea what an Immune Activation Event, a cytokine, or IL-6 meant?

H. In fact, if you want a good laugh, At this Link: see how Dr. Paul Offit is still describing Aluminium  Adjuvant, despite its now proven extreme neurotoxicity?

I. He states: “Parents can be reassured that the trace quantities of Aluminium  in Vaccines cannot possibly do harm.”Based on published science beginning in 2009, this is an unsupportable lie?

J. Everything you have read so far in this paper attributed to My Handleys expression - is based on published science?

K. The grand theory of Autism’s causation, in my opinion, holds together pretty strongly?

L. Will we look back one day and say that Aluminium Adjuvant caused the Autism epidemic the way we say that Thalidomide triggered birth defects?

M. I think we will, but that is just my opinion?


A. If one takes into consideration "Comically Simplistic" in Item 7 one can only feel for Mr Handley and the many families whose Children have been affected in this manner.

B. This feeling of frustration in the families could only be exacerbated by the way the lack of knowledge as to the real cause has been lost in translation by the constantly updated Medical lack of knowledge.

C. Sigh and if only the real truth was known about why the damage Thalidomide occurred - of course it was a Poison and should never have been given to Pregnant Mothers who may well have been suffering Maternal Immune Activation; hidden by Morning Sickness, if the truth was known.

D. Thus all three must be implicated in the creation of Babies born denied the fundamental right of being born as they say Normal.      


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 24?

Aluminium  21.



What follows next is Conjecture and Opinion.

Section. 50.

Question. 1. Mr Handley contributed with. "I am not a Doctor and this is most certainly NOT medical advice, but I do believe that the treatment of Children suffering from Autism may be radically altered by the simple description Dr. Patterson made of Children with Autism?"

Answer. 1. Much as maybe however if the medical profession never solve the Maternal Immune Activation then everyone's opinion - is not only valid; but very necessary. Confirmed by. “There is an ongoing, permanent Immune-System Activation in the Brains of Autistic People.”

Question. 2. If he is right and if Aluminium  adjuvant is the primary trigger of the immune activation, then the following ideas might prove helpful in reducing the symptoms of Autism in Children?

Answer. 2.  Surely - before we explore any more ideas we must first establish these two comments are not contradictory.

1. “There is an ongoing, permanent Immune-System Activation in the Brains of Autistic People.”

2.  "Aluminium  adjuvant is the primary trigger of the immune activation."


4.  Surely - if we are to accept this; then we must dismiss Maternal Immune Activation.

5. However, if we include. "Permanent Immune System Activation," as the Sciense suggests, then we must surely conclude...

6. The Vaccines; although seriously poisoning of the Childs system, are no more than a contributory agent - because  the Maternal Immune Activation depleted the Childs ability once born, to cleanse its system and prepare for life of perpetual assaults that it would normally be expected to deal with automatically, via its fully operating Natural Immune Systems.

Question. 3...

1. Mr Handley requested. Please note that any links I include to actual products are just for illustrative purposes, I am not endorsing anything and I have no commercial interests in any products or ideas mentioned here?

2. Get the Aluminium  adjuvant out of the body?

3. I know that there are products that are suggested may be considered possible ways to remove Aluminium  from the body?

4. Will they also work on Aluminium Adjuvant? I have no idea?

5. Vaccine Pages has a perspective on Aluminium removal that cites a wide body of scientific research.

6. Consider ketogenics.

A. The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that in medicine is used primarily to treat difficult-to-control - refractory epilepsy in Children. The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates.

7. I was incredibly excited to see this study, released this month. February 2017, about the impact a ketogenic diet had on suppressing Immune Activation in Mice.

8. Could ketones play a role in reducing Brain inflammation and turning off the Brain’s Immune System.

9. whilst one has to recognise The Ketone Diet has been around for a long time and been reported to have beneficial implication in relieving Epilepsy - when one considers the understanding of Epilepsy is no better today.

Conclusion. One has to question will the excitement be short-lived following another Management Technique - that if one examines the evidence; no management therapeutic application lasts for very long.  And is always replaced with another mysterious symptom.  

Click here to read about Ketogenic Diet.


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 25?

Aluminium  22.



What follows next is Conjecture and Opinion.

Section. 51.

Question. 1. It has been shown - metabolic therapy with a Ketogenic Diet improves and can even reverse ASD-like behaviors in the MIA Mouse model?

Answer. 1. Thus we do not question the fact the Maternal Immune Activation was induced in Rodents by Medical Science - thus cannot be considered the same as Human Maternal Immune Activation; with cause unknown and no known cure; so guessing Mice are able to be understood via post Mortem Slides is the answer. Scientists always knew was there. 

Question. 2. It is worth noting that the ketogenic diet at this link. Has been used for years to help reduce seizures?

Answer. 2...

A. Whilst it is essential to recognise anyone with any illness has a fundamental right to relief and if diet provides this - so be it.

B. However, if it is majored on in a Scientifically Proven paper - is it not the correct thing; to supply at least one subjects entire life history of presenting symptoms, especially following the introduction of a Ketogenic Diet. Otherwise; surely, it is no more than an opinion.

Question. 3. Ketogenics are going through a bit of a revolution, with “exogenous ketones,” as they are now being made available as supplement products to put a body into ketosis more quickly?

Answer. 3. If we accept these Exogenous Ketones accelerate recovery - should we not see the Science that backs the long-term use and outcomes of interfering with  body chemistry that was balanced even with the illness; even Medical Sciense world accept this as so. 

Question. 4. Mr Handley explains; I have no idea, but this study alone seems to show its worth far more exploration?

Answer. 4...

A. We could see another study from 2014. At this Link: Potential Therapeutic Use of the Ketogenic Diet in Autism Spectrum Disorders

B. And, a study of the ketogenic diet with Children with Autism, way back in 2003.

Question. 5. Can we Heal the Microbiome?

Answer. 5...

A. We know that Aluminium Adjuvant can contribute to Gastrointestinal Distress.

B. But, how do we heal the gut - microbiome.

C. A 2013 study highlights the relationship between the Gut Microbiota, Immune Activation and Autism.

Conclusion. Or is the question answered by observing the available scientifically proven evidence - not only for Autism; but all illnesses.

Read the full manuscript at this link.


What follows next is Discussion.

Section. 52. 

Question. 1. Our findings provide a novel mechanism by which a Human Commensal Bacterium can improve ASD-related GI deficits and behavioral abnormalities in Mice, possibly explaining the rapid increase in ASD prevalence by identifying the microbiome as a critical environmental contributor to disease?

Answer. 1...

A. Is there not a most serious interest we should explore in: Novel, Human Commensal Bacterium in Humans not Mice and the rise in incidents of Autism.

1. Human Commensal and Mutual Organisms.

2. From the moment of birth and throughout our entire lives, Humans share their bodies with a surprising variety of microscopic organisms.

3. Scientists estimate that the Human body has around 7.5 1013 cells. Many of these cells are not of Human origin,

4. In the case of Human commensals, the Human host is the table.

5. It is often difficult to identify a relationship between organisms as purely commensal, mutual, or parasitic, as the way in which one organism benefits or harms its host may not be obvious.

6. The host may receive a variety of benefits, including protection from infection, improved digestion, or cleaner skin.

7. While in the womb, Humans live in a sterile environment, protected by the placenta and the amniotic sac.

8. After birth, Humans are introduced and subjected to an array of new organisms.

9. The first step in this colonization process requires the microscopic organisms to adhere to their host.

10. If the organisms find a suitable location, they will form long-term, stable, interdependent relationships with other organisms in the same location and the Human that harbors them.

11. A wide variety of microorganisms interact with Humans, taking advantage of several microenvironments.

12. Certain parts of the body, such as the solid organs, blood, cerebrospinal fluid and urine, are normally sterile.

13. If for any reason the commensals gain access to inappropriate body sites, infections may occur.

14. As explained in - Item 5. It is often difficult to identify a relationship between organisms as purely commensal, mutual, or parasitic, as the way in which one organism benefits or harms its host may not be obvious. And do not the words "Often Difficult to identify;" not give rise to question the Maternal Immune Activation and Vaccine connection.

Question. 2.

A. In keeping with the discussion MIA and Vaccines cause Autism - does this hold any value or should we say. Clinical Pearls?

B. We propose the transformative concept that Autism is, at least in part, a disease involving the gut that impacts the Immune, Metabolic and Nervous systems and that microbiome-mediated therapies may be a safe and effective treatment for ASD.

C. There a wide variety of natural therapies to; “heal the gut,” that should be discussed with a health care professional.

D. A more recent study: Link to: Emerging Roles for the Gut Microbiome in Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Answer. 2...

A. It appears quite clear to me the available science with no tangible answers to: Maternal Immune Activation. Vaccines. Autism and Permanent Immune Activation are trying to hide their failure; by changing the subject onto another long-term - but in mid 2017, much on the discussion table. "Gut disorders cause Mental illness concerns," but it requires much more study in order to fully understand.

B. This is confirmed in Item Question. 2. C. Or another way of saying we can do no more Pay on the way out please.    

Question. 3. What is the current Scientific thinking regarding Vitamin D and what if anything can we make of it?

Answer. 3...

A. Whilst we are able to accept Medical Sciense is suggestive the Human body cannot make its own Vitamin D deriving it only or mainly from Sunshine - perhaps it is time a different viewpoint was made. Let us first examine Vitamin D.

1. Vitamin D refers to a group of fat-soluble secosteroids responsible for increasing intestinal absorption of calcium, magnesium, phosphate and multiple other biological effects.

2. In Humans, the most important compounds in this group are vitamin D3 - also known as cholecalciferol and vitamin D2 - ergocalciferol.

3. Cholecalciferol and ergocalciferol can be ingested from the diet and from supplements.

4. Only a few foods contain Vitamin D.

5. The major natural source of the Vitamin is synthesis of cholecalciferol in the skin from cholesterol through a chemical reaction that is dependent on sun exposure - specifically UVB radiation.

6. The Dietary Reference Intake for Vitamin D, made by the Institute of Medicine, assumes all of a Person's Vitamin D is from oral intake, as recommendations about the amount of sun exposure required for optimal Vitamin D levels are uncertain in view of the skin cancer risk.

7. Vitamin D from the diet or skin synthesis is biologically inactive; enzymatic conversion - hydroxylation in the liver and kidney is required for activation.

8. As Vitamin D can be synthesized in adequate amounts by most mammals exposed to sufficient sunlight, it is not an essential dietary factor and so not technically a Vitamin.

9. Instead it could be considered as a Hormone, with activation of the Vitamin D pro-hormone resulting in the active form, calcitriol, which then produces effects via a nuclear receptor in multiple different locations.

10. Cholecalciferol is converted in the liver to calcifediol - 25-hydroxycholecalciferol; ergocalciferol is converted to 25-hydroxyergocalciferol.

11. These two Vitamin D metabolites called 25-hydroxyvitamin D or 25 - OH D are measured in serum to determine a Person's Vitamin D status.

12. Calcifediol is further hydroxylated by the kidneys to form calcitriol - also known as 1,25 - dihydroxycholecalciferol, the biologically active form of Vitamin D.

13. Calcitriol circulates as a hormone in the blood, having a major role regulating the concentration of calcium and phosphate, thereby promoting the healthy growth and remodeling of bone.

14. Calcitriol also has other effects, including some on cell growth, neuromuscular and immune functions and reduction of inflammation. 

15. Vitamin D has a significant role in calcium homeostasis and metabolism.

16. Its discovery was due to effort to find the dietary substance lacking in rickets - the Childhood form of osteomalacia.

17. Vitamin D supplements are given to treat or to prevent osteomalacia and rickets, but the evidence for other health effects of Vitamin D supplementation in the general population is inconsistent.

18. The effect of Vitamin D supplementation on mortality is not clear, with one meta-analysis finding a small decrease in mortality in elderly People and another concluding no clear justification exists for recommending supplementation for preventing many diseases and that further research in these areas is unneeded.


A. One may be minded to suggest Sun Bathing to  is a distraction not a past time.

B. Does not the same Medical Sciense suggest - Humans can still sunburn when the sun is cloud hidden.

C. As every Person in the world has a Scientifically Proven different Genetic Makeup - it would seem reasonable to consider - every Persons Body Chemistry would not only be unique as would their daily requirements for Vitamin D.

D. Vitamin D is Still not fully recognised as being created from food intake or made exclusively by the body.

E. Should not an attempt be made to ask - of all the chemicals in a body; if Vitamin D is not one of them. Is it possible under normal conditions the Body does not require Vitamin D - only showing a deficiency in illness; to satisfy Doctors, desperate to have some answers as to why a Person is ill and how they are going try to cure them.

F. Leaving us to consider as it is recognised Vitamin D is in reality a Hormone not a Vitamin - is the entire process commercially driven and nothing in reality to do with the body at all.

Question. 4...      

A. Vaccine Papers has an (Link) excellent section on the role Vitamin D can play in reducing Immune Activation. Does this have validity by stating:?

B. Vitamin D strongly reduces Immune Activation and IL-17 production specifically?

C. Vitamin D strongly improves many diseases, including almost any disease with Inflammatory or Autoimmune Aspects?

D. Vitamin D favorably regulates the immune system, simultaneously improving its effectiveness at eliminating pathogens and reducing inflammation?

E. This is exactly what you want for optimal health: the combination of high immune function and low inflammation?

F. When the body has adequate Vitamin D, the immune system can eliminate pathogens without becoming dangerously over activated?

G. Vitamin D is consumed by the immune system when its activated?

H. It is a nutrient that is metabolized at a faster rate during infection or inflammation?

I. Consequently, People with inflammatory conditions need greater amounts of Vitamin D?

J. They must supplement at a higher dose to achieve healthy blood levels?

K. Since Chronic Immune Activation is always present in Autism, Autistics require higher Vitamin D intake than normal People?

Conclusion. Surely if we accept the Medical Sciense. That demonstrates Maternal Immune Activation - is a sign of or cause of Inflammation; or a serious contributory agent to Autism in a Child post Birth - should we not then bring into question the same Sciense; when it is abundantly clear, although the Mother may well achieve satisfactory sunshine exposure, the Child does not.   


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 26?

Aluminium  23.



Section. 53.

Question. 1. Are there any studies or case reports where a Child’s Autism symptoms improved dramatically from Vitamin D products entered into the diet?

Answer. 2. It appears there are from China. Let us explore...

Click link below to read.

Core Symptoms of Autism improved after Vitamin D Diet Supplementation.


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 27?

Aluminium  23.



What role if any does Selenium have in the creation or treatment of Autism.

Section. 54.

Question. 1. What role if any does Selenium have in the creation or treatment of Autism?

Click to read Selective Induction of Il-6 by Aluminium -Induced Oxidative Stress can be prevented by Selenium.

Answer. 1....

A. Selective induction of IL-6 by Aluminium -induced oxidative stress can be prevented by Selenium Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, 2012, Dale Viezeliene, Piet Beekhof, Eric Gremmer, Hiliaras Rodovicius, Ilona Sadauskien, Eugene Jansen, Leonid Ivanov.

B. This fascinating study from scientists in Lithuania and the Netherlands highlighted two things:

1. Aluminium  raises IL-6 levels in Rats.

2. The mineral Selenium reduces some of Aluminium ’s negative effects

3. Therefore it was concluded that short-term exposure to Al - Aluminium , causes adverse effects on the intracellular oxidative stress processes in the liver, as reflected by the selective increase in the IL-6 concentration.

4. This process can be restored by co-administration of the trace element Se - Selenium as a part of the glutathione redox system.

Conclusion. When one factors into the equation Items B. 1. Rats and Item B 2. Some, should one not consider; Rats do not represent Live Humans and one Chemical Selenium in a sea of 2000 plus is like trying to find a fish caught once before - in the North Atlantic Ocean. Or like being underwater without Oxygen - as long as you are under water the only certainty is; you are going to die.


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 28?

Aluminium  24.



What follows next is Conjecture and Opinion.

Section. 55.

Next Steps.

Question. 1...

A. Mr Handley believes - we may be far closer than we are at present realise; to a complete explanation of how Autismand many related Autoimmune conditions are being caused?

B. Scientists from all over the world have created a compelling body of work to support an almost complete biological understanding of how Autism is triggered by Aluminium  Adjuvant inside the body, creating an Immune Activation event and leading to Autism ?

C. Most of this research has been published in just the last 5 years?

D. Is Mr Handley correct in his belief?

Answer. 1...

A. Should we not explore if everything published and written here is really true.

B. Could the explanation really be that simple.

C. Did a rising number of Vaccines containing the Aluminium adjuvant really trigger an autoimmune epidemic, of which Autism is the most severe, but not the only manifestation.

D. Does an epidemic of food allergies, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Eczema and Diabetes - really fall into the same realm of causation.

E. Is it possible that injecting an immune system antagonist - Aluminium  Adjuvant, all but guaranteed to cause immune activation events, has done just that in the Brains of many of our Children.

F. Do even mildly impacted Children also suffer from a permanent, simmering Brain Immune System Activation.

G. Should we really believe the growing body of scientists from all over the world who are sounding the alarm about the impact injected Aluminium Adjuvant is having on our Children.

H. Let us answer Mr Handleys questions in their order.

1. A. If one looks at the clear and unambiguous evidence as presented by Medical Sciense relating to the successful understanding of "Illness" and the definitive "Cure;" one may well be minded to think - with all the technology at their disposal, in reality Medical Sciense is further away than ever from an explanation of how any illness is caused

2. B.  It may well be the body of work does indeed - biologically demonstrate scientifically induced Immune activation in Rats is compelling; however does the word "Almost" not explain the most important part is missing and thus more room for Scientific Doubt has been left for later more detailed study. Leaving the cause in Humans somewhat untouched by Medical Sciense.

3. C.  Is it not fair to say my seemingly harsh comments in Item 2. B. are confirmed with; "but not the only manifestation." Where it appears no mention is made of what this manifestation may be.

4. D. When one considers it is Vaccines contents we are talking about there may well be some truth in this - however until such times as we have a more secure understanding of all illness cause; then this is as it appears, is no more than guesswork and speculation.

5. E.  When one examines the word "Many" to mean a lot - but most certainly not all; then one has to question the entire program of the Poisons called Vaccines on their own, causing Autism at all.

6. F.  Does this not explain the above answer. Or is there something most important Medical Sciense - having listened to the truth Parents speak; have made a serious error in their research study findings.

7. G. Yes we most certainly should not believe no more than we should disbelieve - however we must all be seriously concerned; at least until Maternal Immune Activity is fully understood as to its cause and the full implications it makes on a Human life and a Cure created.     


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 29?

Aluminium  25.



What follows next is Conjecture and Opinion.

Section. 56.

Question. 1. Is there any hope of recovery for all these impacted Children?

Answer. 1...

A.  Perhaps the most painful yet honest answer to this is NO.

B. Once we have accepted this then we have a secure foundation to work from.

C. Perhaps one way as a starter is to start treating the Child with total respect and an extremely intelligent Being - instead of the village idiot every one talks over and never see's.

D. And more importantly stop thinking the disorder as being Biologically caused - thus is able to be treated by more Poisons that in reality are only for the Anxiety relief of the attending profit making clinicians and nothing whatsoever to do with the Child. In addition  long-term will only kill the Child before it has had the opportunity of experiencing life.

E. Be a loving Parent - not one that barks orders at the Child or anyone else in the Family or close vicinity of the Child. An observer is always the worst Victim.

F. Whilst Diet is not in my remit - meal times should always be at a table as a peaceful family event not a time to be in Fear as a result of more barked orders.

G. Accept the possibility - there is not diet that will consistently bring relief; thus a well balanced ever varying diet of what is termed. NON Junk Food full of Salts and Sugars as well as many preservative chemicals of no value to anyone but the company making a profit.    

Question. 2. Will removing Aluminium , introducing Ketones to the Brain, repairing the gut and supplementing with Vitamin D do anything to alleviate Autism and other ailments in Children who have already been damaged?

Answer. 2...

A. No is perhaps the most secure answer to this - maybe for a short; rather than the long-term, one must surely be seeking.

B. As of todays date there are no secure studies that clearly demonstrate the true cause of any illness - let alone that relating to the gut; thus perhaps the best one can do as a Parent is as Item G; above explains.

C.  When one accepts as a general understanding  - the body is unable to produce Vitamin D of its own; relying on the Sun to provide the requirements. One must then surely accept the Body will excrete any Dietary added Vitamin D; as it would not be the same as if it produced it internally aided by the Sun. 

D. Leaving one to consider; if the Child has an emotional and dietary secure life - then there is the best opportunity for the body to excrete the Poison Aluminium  - in its natural striving for Homeostasis, from its system. As this substance is not usually required or stored in the manner described.

Question. 3. Will these Scientists who have published all this wonderful work pool their collective expertise and let the world know what they are learning?

Answer. 3. Perhaps they will take their exhortations for caution and further exploration ; all buried inside their published studiesand publicly warn Parents about what is becoming so clear.

Question. 4...

A. Mr Handley states. "In my opinion, we are much, much closer to understanding how Autism has been triggered in so many Children and I hope this article is another step on the path to the truth."

B. And, for so many of you out there doing everything you can to help your Son or Daughter with Autism live the best possible life, perhaps a clearer understanding of how their Autism was triggered will improve their chances for recovery.

Answer. 4. Although one is obliged to respect J.B. Handley as a Father of a Child with Autism and his on site experience being more than I could ever have - I do so have to feel for him as the paper as it stood; in my own opinion, did not appear to satisfactorily answer any queries or question. only provide a secure foundation of; more questions than answers and more answers than questions. Based on the understanding Maternal Immune Activation is still an mystery waiting further research to solve. 

Question. 5. What then could be Mr Handleys next move.

Answer. 5...

A. He and his wife co-founded Generation Rescue, Jenny McCarthy’s Autism charity.

B. He spent his career in the private equity industry and received his undergraduate degree with honors from Stanford University.

C. He is also the author of. “The Only Vaccine Guide a New Parent Will Ever Need.” “An Angry Father’s Guide to Vaccine-Autism Science” and, “7 reasons CDC employees should be; “crying in the hallways." 

D. Mr. Handley has started a podcast called. “How to End the Autism Epidemic” - you might enjoy his first six interviews:

Question. 6. Have there been any online discussions relating to my Handleys paper?

Answer. 6.

A. Yes indeed there has been a great deal of discussion and I am delighted to have played my part as Mr Handley invited. People to contribute.

B. Some of the debate was in the form of questions - some as a statement; in the face of such mystery surrounding this disorder, every one's viewpoint are valid.

Question. 7. May we explore and answer these discussions?

Answer. 7. Yes of course. Please remember I have edited them to make them more readable or into questions - whilst doing my best not to change the subject or content.


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 30?

Aluminium  26.


What follows next is Questions and Opinions from online forums.


Section. 57.

Question. 1. Does it defy reason that the re-wiring of the Brain of an infant is not being “rewired,” it is being built and is in a foundation state of architecture?

Answer. 1...

A. Of course it is beyond doubt this is correct.

B. Giving consideration Autism cannot be as a result of the infant Brain being rewired.   

C. One must therefore accept - if a Child is born  and post Birth has no Vaccinations - yet still develops Autism then is it possible the old mystery of. Maternal Immune Activation has to be considered as the cause. 

D. These Doctors seems blind to the reality - that Human Brains grow and develop most after Birth  -  this is the entire argument behind the Science of why Human Babies are born so helpless compared to most Animals; so our big Brains can grow after Birth instead of tearing Mothers Vaginal canal during Birth.

E. Logically it follows if we believe Babies Brains grow more after Birth - that our Brains are not formed or wired yet at Birth.


1. If we are truly to accept. "Logically," our Brains grow more after Birth and are not wired yet.

2. Then Logically - we must also accept all other faculties are not wired yet.

3. For they are all part of the same body that continues to grow in size until maturity of full size is achieved.

4. Then of course we must Logically inquire. "Why does this process not work in what is termed as. "The little People;" who have at maturity, all the facilities of a full size Human being, except Size. 

5. Proffering this is due to only the Genes is not a good understanding or answer.

Question. 2...

A. Unfortunately; the “Jenny McCarthy” connection at the end of the article - tends to negate what was otherwise a well-written piece?

B. Why, because she reported honestly that her son declined into Autism after his Vaccine appointments?

C. Because, as a Parent, she had the courage to stand up and warn others?

D. Jenny was operating at a time BEFORE the biological science supported everything she said?

E. So, how, exactly, does that negate an article that quoted 2 dozen published studies?


1. Still today in late 2017 the evidence does not make a convincing argument either way.

2. However that pales into insignificance compared to Jenny's Fundamental right to her opinion; "because she reported honestly that her son declined into Autism after his Vaccine appointments." She may not be right, but that does not make her wrong.

3. Especially when one takes into consideration. Many, if not all Doctors have no option but to make their diagnoses of a Childs illness - unable to speak for themselves; based on the information gleaned from a doting Parent as well as the tests and examinations of the Child. 

Question. 3...

A. My son clearly had several Vaccine injuries that I missed because I was not looking in the correct place?

B. I wish I would have listened to Jenny…but like many, I was simply following the herd at the time?

C. Now I get it, my Son was finely diagnosed with Autism and we are now working on healing him with the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet, supplements and just a lot of love?

D. It has been a very hard road to go down?

Answer. 3. 

A. The GAPS diet was derived from the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) created by Dr. Sidney Valentine Haas to naturally treat chronic inflammatory conditions in the digestive tract as a result of a damaged gut lining. 

B. SCD gained great popularity after a Mother, Elaine Gottschall, healed her own Child of Ulcerative Colitis and became an advocate for SCD. 

C. Elaine Gottschall is also the author of the popular book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet. 

D. Through years of research and clinical experience, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride adjusted her protocol to fit the individual healthcare needs of her Patients suffering from a variety of intestinal and neurological conditions as a result of an imbalanced bacterial ecosystem within the GI tract. 

E. The GAPS Diet focuses on removing foods that are difficult to digest and damaging to gut flora and replacing them with nutrient-dense foods to give the intestinal lining a chance to heal and seal.


1. In the absence of a secure understanding as to the cause of Autism and the damaging effects of Vaccines one has to support any attempts to control the symptoms by the Parents with dietary and loving family methods.

2. Always of course - taking into consideration Maternal Immune Activation; is as yet not clearly understood as to its cause and the implication in the cause of Autism. 

Question. 4...

A. Jenny was brave to speak out when she did and like I said not a day goes by that I do not wish I would have listened to her and done some real research before I let my baby get injected?

B. And then on the other hand, I am grateful for the whole of this experience because it has forever changed my life and who I am as a Person?

C. I would even go so far as to say this difficult journey has brought me to God?

D. So although it is not all bad and my son is actually making strides that are incredible…I still would not wish this on anyone and especially - not on any Child?


A. This Person speaks of doing some real research leaving one to question in the wake of Mr Handleys research and writings - just what would the research have shown.

B. Moreover is there a most serious - yet not as positive as it appears, message in this extract Item B. "I am grateful for the whole of this experience because it has forever changed my life and who I am as a Person."

C. And does this extract from Item C. Not confirm the message in Item B.  "I would even go so far as to say this difficult journey has brought me to God."

D. What would this Person thoughts be if there was a secure understanding of Maternal Immune Activity in the creation of Autism.  

Question. 5...

A. The Pain these Children endure when they are banging their heads and suffering tremendous gut problems, I cannot even imagine?

B. But I have seen it first hand and it is not charming or just a diagnosis?

C. Autism is actually Painful for these Children?

D. That alone should not be discounted?

E. But until you are the Parent of the Child suffering, it is easy to not see or understand that part?

Answer. 5...

A.  The Pain Children endure when banging their Heads and associated Gut problems - pales into total obscurity compared to the Pain of the unknown or unexpressed thoughts going on in their Mind.

B. Confirming - yes it is so much more than a diagnoses; that in reality for the Child, is only for the Anxiety relief of Parents and attending Clinicians and nothing whatsoever to do with the Child.

C. As Item B appears to confirm. Autism is only a diagnoses - thus the suffering must be something else.

D. Leaving one to question "Just in total reality - what is the suffering of the Parent."   

Question. 6...

A. Outstanding article and summary I am sharing everywhere. Your work is fantastic?

B. Thank you for your insight, courage and science-based activism?

C. I agree that we are on the precipice of perception change in the Vaccine world?

D. This article sums up why that is so eloquently?

Answer. 6... When one considers what appears to be documented scientific fact: The true cause and Cure of Maternal Immune Activation, the true Cause of Autism and Permanent Immune Activation and Gut problems in a Child has yet to be established.

Conclusion. Just what is the excitement and encouragement of Mr Handleys paper - really about; or covering up.   

Question. 7... Lyme Disease Challenge.

A. Thank you for the fascinating analysis in this article, as well as other publications?

B. We challenge you to take the analysis one step further and explore factors that may make Children more susceptible to immune activation/vaccine injury?

C. For many Children, the answer is Lyme Disease, a global pandemic that has been downplayed and grossly mishandled by the Centre of Disease Control?

D. Lyme Disease Parent support groups are filled with accounts of Vaccine injured Children, some of whom present with Autism?

E. Often, Doctors do not recommend Vaccines for Children with Lyme Disease due to immune dysfunction and frequent co-morbid mitochondrial dysfunction?

F. Experts believe that Children with Lyme are generally more fragile and susceptible to injury or reactions from Vaccines, environmental exposures and other infections?

G. We invite you to read the Lyme Disease Challenge blog exploring the Lyme Autism connection which can be found under the blog tab under the Lyme Disease Challenge website?

H. Simply stated, Lyme Disease loads the gun - making a Child susceptible and Vaccines pull the trigger?

I. Lyme Disease causes Immune Dysfunction - both immunosuppression and autoimmunity, high inflammation and a plethora of GI manifestations. Sound familiar?

J. While most People think that Lyme can only be spread by ticks, congenital transmission from Mother to Child during pregnancy is most likely the cause for Children with Lyme-induced Autism?

Answer. 7...

A. Whilst in general one can accept that Lyme Disease is spread by Ticks - should one not inquire as to why a Persons immune system was unable to deal with the intruder aided perhaps by Antibiotics.

B. And is the latter part of this answer somewhat confirmed by Item Question. 7. J. Or is it this is asking a question one knows not or desires to ask the question - as they already have the answer. 

C. Further confirmed with; Largely due to faulty laboratory tests and dogmatic viewpoints, there is a whole generation of Women who have been diagnosed, with a “label” diagnosis, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune conditions, unexplained inflammation, unexplained immune deficiencies, psychiatric conditions such as depression or anxiety, joint pain or muscle pain who have undiagnosed Lyme Disease infections.

Conclusion. Or is there - as yet unrecognised, something more serious at work. 

Question. 8.  Maternal Immune Activation. A scenario where both you and Dr. Hortez can find common ground?

Answer. 8...

A. Studies show that Interleukin-6 is expressed at high levels in the CNS for Patients with Lyme neuroborreliosis.

B. As aptly stated in the 2007 study. “The association between tick-borne infections, Lyme Borreliosis and Autism Spectrum Disorders:” “Chronic infectious diseases, including tick-borne infections such as Borrelia Burgdorferi, may have direct effects, promote other infections and create a weakened, sensitized and immunologically vulnerable state during fetal development and infancy leading to increased vulnerability for developing Autism Spectrum Disorders.

C. A dysfunctional synergism with other predisposing and contributing factors may contribute to Autism Spectrum Disorders by provoking Innate and Adaptive Immune reactions to cause and perpetuate effects in susceptible individuals that result in inflammation, molecular mimicry, kynurenine pathway changes, increased quinolinic acid and decreased serotonin, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and excitotoxicity - that impair the development of the amygdala and other neural structures and neural networks resulting in a partial Klüver-Bucy Syndrome and other deficits resulting in Autism Spectrum Disorders and/or exacerbating Autism Spectrum Disorders from other causes throughout life.

D. Most importantly, Children with co-morbid Autism and Lyme Disease improve with treatment for the underlying infections.

E. While the knee jerk reaction may be to cool the immune system based on autoimmunity and elevated IL-6, further immune suppression for a Child with underlying infections can cause further damage.

F. For Children with an autoimmune presentation with Lyme Disease, often IVIG is used in conjunction with antimicrobials.

G. For those who have already tested “negative,” for Lyme Disease; using standard CDC recommended tests, think again.

H. Compare the standards used in China vs. the United States.

I. Consider that the CDC recommended tests were developed to detect a single strain of Borrelia, when there are countless more that infect humans.

J. Logic also dictates that a Patient with Lyme induced immunosuppression is unlikely to mount a robust antibody response on standard Lyme tests.

K. Likewise, a Child born with Lyme Disease is less likely to mount a strong antibody response on CDC recommended two tier testing.

L. In the paper. “Divergent opinions of proper Lyme disease diagnosis and implications for Children co-morbid with Autism Spectrum Disorder,” 94% of the Autistic Patients tested negative using standard labs, yet would have been positive using more expansive standards similar to China.


A. When one assess the understandings as contained in Items B C and K in red - and Klüver-Bucy Syndrome it does surely bring into the guesswork of just who is kidding who and more importantly why.

B. And if one is unable to understand the cause of Klüver-Bucy Syndrome then all is lost.

1. Klüver–Bucy Syndrome resulting from bilateral lesions of the medial temporal lobe - including amygdaloid nucleus.

2. Klüver–Bucy Syndrome may present with compulsive eating, hypersexuality, insertion of inappropriate objects in the mouth - hyperorality, visual agnosia and docility. 

3. Symptoms.

4. The list of symptoms differs somewhat by source. Generally included are the following:

5. Amnesia. Characterised by an inability to recall memories. Its nature is both anterograde and retrograde, meaning new memories cannot be formed and old memories cannot be recalled. The level of amnesia is considered to be profound.

6. Docility. Characterized by exhibiting diminished fear responses or reacting with unusually low aggression. This has also been termed "placidity" or "tameness."

7. Dietary changes and hyperphagia. Characterized by eating inappropriate objects - pica, overeating, or both.

8. Hyperorality. This was described by Ozawa et al. as "an oral tendency, or compulsion to examine objects by mouth".

9. Hypersexuality. Characterized by a heightened sex drive or a tendency to seek sexual stimulation from unusual or inappropriate objects.

10. Visual Agnosia. Characterized by an inability to recognize familiar objects or People.

Question. 9.  While this cluster of syndromes is common to such sources as 1997's The Neuropsychiatry of Limbic and Subcortical Disorders, 2005's Functional Neuroanatomy: Text and Atlas and 1997's "Single-Photon Emission CT and MRI Findings in Klüver-Bucy after Reye syndrome," an article in the American Journal of Neuroradiology, demonstrated the three vary thereafter?

Answer. 9. When one takes into consideration the advances in the mapping of the Human Brain and Body over the past 15 or so years - it does bring into question; how studies of the same disorders can come up with a different criteria of cause and effect.

Question. 9...

A.  Meanwhile Lyme Disease Challenge continued with. "We would love to continue the dialogue?

1. We need funding for further studies, including Brain autopsies of deceased ASD Patients?

2. We need reliable tests?

3. There is so much more to explore?

Answer. 9.

A. Perhaps one should question. "Did the introduction by Lyme Disease Challenge of Lyme Disease add to the discussion regarding Maternal Immune Activation, Autism and Vaccines - or was it no more than an advert for more charity funding. 

B. Confirmed by "If you would like to learn more about the Lyme Disease controversy in general, including the unacceptable conflicts of interest for those controlling Lyme policy - similar to those controlling Vaccine policies, we recommend the award winning documentary. "Under Our Skin."

Question. 10. Thank you so much for pulling together all this research and describing it so clearly?

Answer. 10...

A. Since Autism is a spectrum it may actually be a collection of syndromes with various etiologies and who knows maybe there are some People who develop those defining characteristics via purely genetic routes.

B. However, it seems like the majority of the huge increase over the past 30 years is most likely related to cases involving inflammation of the Brain.

C. And maybe that has always been the main cause.

Question. 11...

A. Aluminium  induced IL6 may well be the primary cause of this Brain Inflammation?

B. But Mercury also does impact the immune system?

C. For example the paper. "Autism is a Novel Form of Mercury Poisoning," states on page 465 that Mercury has these effects on the Immune System?

Answer. 11...

A. Sensitive individuals are more likely to have Allergies, Asthma, Autoimmune-like symptoms, especially Rheumatoid-like ones that can produce an Immune Response in Central Nervous System.

B. Thereby causing Brain/MBP autoantibodies and overproduction of Th2 subset; kills/inhibits lymphocytes, T-cells and monocytes; decreases NK T-cell activity; induces or suppresses IFNg & IL-2; all affecting the CNS structure.

C. Selectively targets Brain areas unable to detoxify or reduce Hg-induced oxidative stress.

D. Accumulates in Amygdala, Hippocampus, Basal Ganglia, Cerebral Cortex; damages Purkinje and Granule cells in the Cerebellum and causes Brain Stem defects in some cases.

E. Causes abnormal neuronal cytoarchitecture; disrupts neuronal migration, microtubules and cell division reduces.

F. And affects Neurochemistry and Neurophysiology.

Conclusion. When one looks at Question 11 and IL6 it becomes very clear the answers sought to the cause of Maternal Immune Activation, Autism and Vaccines have not been forthcoming for some People within this paper of Mr Handleys, yet are clearly explained in. Answer. 11.  A. With "Sensitive individuals." Surely we must first understand this before we are able to truly blame: IL6 Maternal Immune Activation or Vaccines for the true causing of Autism - rather than just contributory.

Question. 12...

A. And I remember the paper by Isaac Pessah at UC Davis - saying that tiny amounts of Thimerosal could disrupt Dendritic Cell functioning in the immune system?

Dendritic cells...

1. DCs are antigen-presenting cells - also known as accessory cells of the mammalian immune system.

2. Their main function is to process antigen material and present it on the cell surface to the T cells of the immune system.

3. They act as messengers between the innate and the adaptive immune systems.


A. To the best of my knowledge the immune system - of which the Dendritic Cells are part of, is present in every one of the 2000 plus chemicals in the body that collectively make up; not only the immune systems but the entire body replacement process.

B. Therefore it appears to defy logic that one chemical could be so life altering on its own.

C. H2O is a chemical we cannot live without - yet it would kill us if under its surface without Oxygen for more than a few minutes; surely does not count.  

Question. 13...

A. And there was a paper showing higher rates of Autism in geographic areas with more Mercury in the environment?

B. So I do think Mercury plays a role?

Answer. 13. Item B is a very powerful statement and may well have validity - were it backed up with more local knowledge that appears to set with at least Scientific Inquiry rather than fact information relating to the Geographical Areas with more Mercury in the environment.  

Question. 14...

A. It is possible, like you mentioned, that the MMR only causes Autism if it follows a number of Vaccines containing Aluminium  that caused there to already be a buildup of Aluminium  in the Brain?

B. But I do wonder if the MMR by itself can cause inflammation of the Brain sufficient to cause Autism?

C. Another interesting aspect of this is that microglial cells have been found to play a major role in Neural Pruning. I have read elsewhere that neural pruning starts earlier, like about age two?

D. The deficits in Synaptic Pruning may be another reason why head size grows and may help explain how People with Autism and ADHD have trouble organizing perceptions, difficulty focusing on what is most important to a task at hand, instead of being distracted by the hum of a bee or air conditioner?

Answer. 14.... Nice questions that clearly Mr Handleys research has not answered - perhaps there are no scientifically proven answers. Let us now do so with lateral thinking.

Question answer. A. When one considers the Maternal Immune Activation mystery has yet to be solved, most of the studies have been on dead rodents and there appears not to be any supporting evidence in the Blind Double Blind Placebo and Control realm - one surely has to accept the answer to this question can only be; educated guesswork.

Question answer. B...

1.   It is clear the supporting evidence for this is still not available - thus we are obliged to use a Child Model born with no particular concerns and the process of adapting for life it goes through in its early days.

2. From the moment the Umbilical Cord is cut the Child has to automatically take possession of its own devices and thereafter for as long as it takes - establish its own Body Chemical balance by cleansing it systems of Mothers Body Chemistry baby grew by.

3.  As it appears there are no studies of this process it can only be an opinion that in a normal and healthy Child the process can take perhaps a number of years or at least until it is eating a solid balanced diet and the waste systems are working as expected.

4. Therefore  to accept. MMR only causes Autism if it follows a number of Vaccines containing Aluminium that caused there to already be a buildup of Aluminium in the Brain - in a Normal Child would have the greatest opportunity of being excreted as a Poison as the Child continuously cleanses its blood body chemistry.

5. Even a Normal Child with such a chemical assault may well have to set aside items of chemicals for more intense processing as they are too large to deal with in the normal cycle - this may be what the scientists observe in Rodents and as their life cycle is terminated at a couple of weeks or so; too soon from them to excrete, thus gives a false positive in the research findings.

6. Perhaps with this information we are able to see in a Child already compromised by Maternal Immune Activation - establishing a natural balance is a much longer process perhaps as long as Seven Years or never because of the permanent Immune Activation that appears to have been made worse by the assault of multiple Vaccines it thereby appears as enhancing the cleansing process outside of the Childs normal ability; leaving the process that appears to be the creation of Autism with no known cause and no known cure.

7. One has to at least accept the possibility - the combination of the MMR and Aluminium  particles left in the Brain of Rodents may well appear to cause Autism - however it also appears there are far to many question left to answer or answers to find questions for.

Question answer. B.  Wondering if the MMR by itself can cause inflammation of the Brain sufficient to cause Autism will never be any more than a wondering at least until Maternal Immune Activation and Permanent Immune Activation is clearly understood.

Question answer. C...

1. Let us first explore. Neural Pruning.

2. Use it or lose it! Medical Sciense suggests.

3. Strong brains have strong connections - wiring between neurons.

4. We form these connections whenever we experience something.

5. But it is only by repeatedly using these connections that we keep knowledge.

6. Our Brain is actively pruning away - getting rid of neural connections that we do not use.

7. Whatever age our brains start the so called Neural Pruning according to the scientists. I say it is pure nonsense and psychotic control speculation. 

8. For our Mind starts to store information from the moment of conception - if it did not we would not be able to react to our innate drivers as we would never remember what they were and how to react to them at a later date. 

9. Further; from birth - whilst we should not have access to our time in the womb, we store every item we: See, Hear, Smell, Taste and Touch; for again, if we did not, life as we know it would not exist.

10. We have no requirement to access every item of stored information as our Mind will automatically do this on our behalf - faster than the fastest computer or calculator as a reaction to every thing that comes at any or all of our senses.  Leaving us free to recall the items necessary at any given time or any given circumstances.

Question answer. D...

1. Let us first explore Synaptic Pruning.

2. Synaptic Pruning, which includes both axon and dendrite pruning, is the process of synapse elimination that occurs between early Childhood and the onset of puberty in many mammals, including Humans.

3. Pruning starts near the time of Birth and is completed by the time of sexual maturation in Humans.

4. The infant Brain will increase in size by a factor of up to 5 by Adulthood, reaching a final size of approximately 86 (± 8) billion neurons...

5. Two factors contribute to this growth: the growth of synaptic connections between neurons and the myelination of nerve fibers; the total number of neurons, however, remains the same.

6. Pruning is influenced by environmental factors and is widely thought to represent learning...

7. After adolescence, the volume of the synaptic connections decreases again due to Synaptic Pruning.

8. When such times as Medical Scientists use the word. "MAY," it always makes me think of Guesswork on Humans - as the ability to truly study neurons it appears cannot be done on live Children; only dead Rodents.

9.  Without the word. "May" - is it possible we are able to look with at least degree of certainty as the words used explain the reason being all is a process of the Mind and nothing to do with biological at all: Autism, ADHD, Perceptions, Focusing, Distracted by the hum of a bee or air conditioner.

Conclusion.  Leaving us to question are the deficits in Synaptic Pruning really another reason why Head Size Grows.


Autism and the Immune System.

Section. 58.

Question. 1. What causes Autism? "It is a mystery!" we are told?

Answer. 1...

A. Something to do with Genetics and Brain Wiring.

B. I have been wondering if this is a thinking moms revelation. seems like Aluminium  and IL6 are a huge part of Autism causation, but may be not the only cause.

C. Anyway, just food for thought.

D. And thanks again for writing about Vaccines Paper's very exciting work and the research behind it.

E. How ridiculous that Vaccine defenders like to accuse our side of; “changing the goal posts.“

F. As if science should stagnate, rather than constantly looking for new information and forming new hypotheses based on that information.

G. Great findings and thank you!

H. It seems quite clear from the question. For all of Mr Handleys and Vaccine Papers investigations and opinions; the situation for some if not most; is still that. "Autism's cause according to Medical Sciense - is still a Mystery."

1. Is it not time we all woke up to the reality Medical Scientists being Children of Parents and Parents of Children working on the secure understanding that the latest MRI Imaging devices clearly demonstrate; Human Body's are not Rodents; are all the same, just different, shapes, sizes and colour's and thus must work the same but uniquely to each species.

2. Giving rise to a more secure understanding. Illness is not of a Genetic Cause - otherwise we would all have the same illness and shape.

3. Where our Construction Genes are just that and Life as we know it is a Working Copy of our Construction Genes; if they were not, we would never as we do - stop growing.

4. Thereby confirming Aluminium  and IL6 - that without question; if the body does not require them it will only see them as a Poison and excrete them. 

5. Moreover if they are body chemicals on their own will do nothing against the onslaught of the other 2000 +/- Immune System Body Chemicals.

6. In addition no matter what side of the fence one is - we Humans will only ever change the Goal Posts to suit our own hidden - even from us; agenda.

7. Finally - All of us yet we will not recognise. "we Humans are also responsible for moving the goal posts." In the process of leaving Medical Sciense - that in real terms has never once in its history really proven its worth; to continue its. "Hypothesis or Guesswork that is very profitable;" as no one has ever challenged with a working Opinion, their combined might.

8. A combined Might - that even those that will use any measures; legal or otherwise to suppress new an innovative challenges may desire to use - would in their Mind not desire to suppress - as they are Children of Parents and thus know within their Mind the truth of this comment. "All illness is a Process of the Mind and the Biological values no more than a Warning Flag." Being the reason they entered the Medical Profession in the first instance - to seek understanding for their own hidden mental issues.                  

Question. 2. I would also like to suggest that Aluminium  triggering a immune response coupled with aborted fetal cells, bovine tissue etc. would also be the cause of a plethora of autoimmune disease?

Answer. 2...

A. Whilst this raises and rightly so, powerful arguments against the use of some of the ingredients of Vaccines that surely can only be included for either Padding or Profit Reasons and of no real value in the intended process of Vaccination - intended as a protection against the possibility of a future illness; implicated with the stated Vaccines design.

B. Should we be Mind Blind to the given fact. A Normal Child has incredible Immune Systems - thus is able to excrete the rubbish so injected.

C. However an already compromised Child may not have the same ability - that surely would make a Unique Individual reaction; giving rise to the many ever changing symptoms present in all illness. Let alone Autism.       

Question. 3...

A. Perhaps we are triggering a response to reject our own self?

B. Kind of brings a new light to self destruction - does it not?

Answer. 3.  A seriously deep and wise question - one that may well provoke the Moving of the Goal Posts by all that are not privy too its wisdom.

Question. 4...

A. I have been asked many times in the last 14 years what I think causes Autism?

B. I have always said a genetic predisposition to an environmental trigger?

C. This falls absolutely in line with what many of us have suspected and “known,” for more than a decade. “Doctors cause Autism?”

Answer. 4...

A. Again it is clear - as full of wisdom and integrity Mr Handleys search has been for answers; his very informed paper still has not answered the basic question of. "What causes Autism."

B. Whilst it may well be possible, it is caused by a Genetic predisposition to Environment Factors - without any supporting information; even as an opinion, let alone a Scientifically proven opinion; such a statement only and more clearly demonstrates, the true cause of Autism is as stated. "Still a Mystery."

C. It is a very sad indictment indeed when we have to directly blame our most dedicated front line Health Care officers - our Doctors who are doing the very best they are able; yet we, as they, must recognise. They are only Following Orders from a higher body of control that created the Scientifically Proven Evidenced based treatments that included Vaccines no one is ever allowed to question. THE DATA; almost as though the DATA is God.       

Question. 5. This also fills in another blank with these studies, "how Autism can be both regressive - the adjective regressive to describe something that moves backward instead of forward and yet in some Children can be impacted at Birth?

Answer. 5.  One would have to question - is this a true question/statement or just as contradictory as the evidence base tell us is the cause of Autism. 

Question. 6. It appears there are too many Mothers falling into the Maternal Immune Activation diagnoses, predisposing their babies to neurodevelopmental problems, either in utero, or post delivery?

Answer. 6. And yet the Cause as well as an effective treatment regime let alone a secure understanding is as far away as ever.

Question. 7. I am glad more of these studies are seeing the light of day and that we may see the end of the Autism epidemic in our lifetime?

Answer. 7...

A.  Unfortunately far too many of us have had to sacrifice our Children at the altar of the unknown cause of illness waiting for this day to come.

B. Thank you J.B Handley. for so succinctly pulling these disparate items together in a cohesive look at the origins of Autism.

C. Interesting read. I have always been skeptical re: Vaccine theory of Autism, but this avoids much of the usual alarmism and junk science that the subject attracts.

D. It has to be said Mr Handley has to be congratulated for bringing all of this information into the same pages, however as Parents have we been able to see through all the overt and covert messages to the real truth about the cause of illness. Let alone Autism.  

Question. 8. As far as Aluminium  is concerned, I am not surprised that it has a deleterious effect on pediatric neurology, the link between Aluminium  and Alzheimer's is pretty strong -  so it definitely acts upon the nervous system?

Answer. 8.  There may well be a truth as yet we are not aware of in this - however the future looks very bleak indeed for a satisfactory understanding; when one considers the amount of research that has gone into all forms of Alzheimer's and Dementias and the many names that have been produced. Yet still late 2017 the true cause is not known; no more than even an effective delaying treatment let alone a cure.

Question. 9. If Chinese scientists are involved there is more a chance of finding Plagiarism and Fraud than Autism?

Answer. 9...

A. On the contrary. It is the U.S. pediatricians who it is reported cannot be trusted - due to being very heavily compensated by insurance companies for Vaccinating their Patients.


1. Interesting comment Plagiarism and Fraud is that not the process by which all Medical research is carried out as described by the Academic Process of Studying for a Phd in Medicine.

2. Create a Thesis - a Claim this is what you are going to write about and therefore study.

3. Write an 80,000 word Dissertation of information derived from reviewing all of the available published scientifically proven papers on ones chosen subject - for presentation to the review board as proof of being worthy of the three years study. For a PhD Certificate.     

Question. 10...

A. I do not disagree with anything you have presented in this paper of yours Mr Handley. But I would like to raise what I feel may be interesting questions?

1. Are Aluminium  Adjuvants unique in some way - or is the whole principal of Adjuvants and possibly even Vaccination itself flawed?

2. Because if this recent research drives change in the Vaccine industry, the manufacturers will simply replace Aluminium  Adjuvants with non-Aluminium Adjuvants?

3. There has been research done into Alternate Adjuvants?

4. The fact the MMR appears to be problematic - indicates that it is not Aluminium , nor Adjuvant, but Immune Activation itself; that is the problem?

5. And if this is the case, then Vaccination, in it’s current form, is suspect?

Answer. 10...

A. Item 1 is the question - all the others are statements each making valid contributions to the entire debate; that perhaps should be posed as questions, that at this moment in Scientific Terms are far to difficult to answer.

B. The entire contents of this paper by Mr Handley as well as the history of Medical Sciense having secure understandings of any illness brings to our attention the possibility - the idea behind Vaccines may well show merit.

C. However to demonstrate the true worth of such intervention - whilst the true cause of any illness has yet to be found and a definitive cure for at least one is established and then recognised as True Medical Sciense...

D. Vaccines efficacy must be subjected to the finest definition of Truly Independent Scientific Inquiry - one can muster.       

Question. 11...

A. Mr. Handley, is a loving Father of a Son, who has the experience of  an. “Autism” like syndrome, with his Son - he went out into the world of Medical Sciense to understand the particular consequences of misfortune in a family; by reading directly & deeply into experts; Scientific Research works & findings?

B. Mr. Handley is a layperson, though educated, endeavored in…This Excellent and courageous work?

C. My intuition already said that there was something going on here, when I noticed hysteric reactions towards everyone merely questioning the safety of injecting so many adjuvants in the blood stream of young infants and messing with an immune system which is barely understood?

D. That hysteria and shouting down is a strong…message against such. Great, great work?

Answer. 11. When one reviews; "an immune system which is barely understood?" and adds this - the hysteric reactions of the Medical Profession's suppression of Medical Innovators over many hundreds of years; surely it does not take even a  highly educated LAY Person to see how the Medical Profession has been able to hide all of its failures and therefore maintain its position of superiority of having the scientific proof to back up their guesswork. 

Question. 12. So how does the Human DNA activate microglia?

Answer. 12. Perhaps the only way to explain this on current medical proof - is it does not. 

Question. 13. I know another Doctor that is just about to release an article that shows correlation with the LPS toxin stimulating the CB2 expression which is unregulated once microglia undergo transformation into pro-inflammatory?

Answer. 13. As a purely chemical process this may or may not be correct - however it pales into insignificance; if the rest of the chemical interactions of the entire body chemistry are ignored, made worse if the results were from dead Rodent slides.  

Question. 14. What inhibits this process?

Answer. 14.  Is it not the educated thing to do - if having read and comprehended the contents of Mr Handley's paper, to recognise; if one has to ask such a question, then the answers are not only not there but as yet Medical Sciense has once again hidden up the fact it still does not know. thus there is something wrong with what appears to be the most up-to-date findings there are.  

Question. 15. Does glyphosate also found in Vaccines…cause or contribute to Autism and other ill health?

Answer. 15...

A. Whilst one has to either consider or accept - the true cause of Autism has yet to be established and Vaccines scientifically proven to be implicated in or indeed are the cause Autism.

B. Should that Mind Blind us all to the possibility that has come to the attention of People prepared to expend the time to at least research the product and make a report - that can only add to the missing understanding of the cause of Autism. 

1. Glyphosate is Found in Childhood Vaccines.

2. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's flagship herbicide Roundup and hundreds of other herbicides, has been found in Vaccines.

C. Moms Across America received preliminary screening results from Microbe Inotech Laboratories Inc. of St. Louis, Missouri, which showed:

1. MMR II (Merk) Vaccine had 2.671 parts per billion (ppb) of Glyphosate.

2. DTap Adacel (Sanofi Pasteur) Vaccine had 0.123 ppb of Glyphosate.

3. Influenza Fluvirin (Novaris) 0.331 ppb of Glyphosate.

4. HepB Energix-B (Glaxo Smith Kline) 0.325 ppb of Glyphosate.

5. Pneumonoccal Vax Polyvalent Pneumovax 23 (Merk) had 0.107 ppb of Glyphosate.

D. The MMR II Vaccine had levels up to 25 times higher than the other Vaccines.

E. Following our test, additional independent tests have confirmed these findings at or above the same levels.

F. The tests were conducted using the ELISA method. 

G. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto's flagship herbicide Roundup, has been found in Vaccines.

H. Vaccines contain many ingredients that could be genetically modified - GMO.

I. More than 80 percent of GMOs are genetically engineered to withstand Glyphosate-based herbicides and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) allows Glyphosate on 160 non-organic food and feed crops.

J. This information made us wonder if Glyphosate could be contaminating not only our water, urine, breast milk, food, soil, beer and wine, but also Vaccines.

K. According to MIT Scientist Dr. Stephanie Seneff. "Glyphosate could easily be present in Vaccines due to the fact that certain Vaccine viruses including Measles in MMR and Flu are grown on gelatin derived from the ligaments of Pigs fed heavy doses of Glyphosate in their GMO feed.

L. Gelatin comes from collagen which has lots of glycine.

M. Livestock feed is allowed to have up to 400 PPM - parts per million of Glyphosate residues by the EPA, thousands of times higher than has been shown to cause harm in numerous studies.


A. When one considers Item  C and the; "preliminary screening results from Microbe Inotech Laboratories Inc. of St. Louis, Missouri, which showed. Knowing; if only but an educated guess, how big companies often use tactics to get their product purchased by millions of People. I am left to wonder the real impartial truth of the. "Preliminary Findings" and what will be the. "Final Findings - or more important where are they."

B.  It is now some Twenty Years since I first voiced my opinion against the use of any form of Genetic Modification preferring to leave that to nature who has done a good job so far without mans profiting ways - although at the same time I am mindful the population expansion requires feeding meaning we need to increase or at least use more wisely the worlds food production.

C. Sadly we have GMO food production perhaps on a scale far greater that we are allowed to be aware of - thus we sadly have to accept we are being fed more of these chemicals on a daily bases than we realise.

D. With this in mind - should we then conveniently forget all the chemicals come from the very earth we live on and a by. Thus our body's already have every single chemical the world has ever produced; albeit in trace quantities we could never scientifically find. Meaning we all ready have a protection against them if they are injurious to our Mind and or Body.

E. Therefore - although there is a serious possibility with such quantities of Chemicals a Childs Body can only recognise them as a Poison that until there is a secure understanding of all illness we must not throw caution to the wind and believe the scientists just because they say it is scientifically proven and in so doing keep in Mind.  Glyphosate residues by the EPA, thousands of times higher than have been shown to cause harm in numerous studies.

Question. 16...

A. I can only say Thank You?

B. Please keep up the good work and we will all try to spread the science to as many People as possible?

Answer. 17...

A.  It is thanks to the advent of the internet and social media we are able to share the privilege of reading papers from the opinions of educated People like Mr Handley other than medical Papers.

B. Leaves one to ponder - will they do the same for this updated version or as in the Mind of other educated Medical Bodies; see the update as too controversial to be of anything but novel - rather than scientific value.  

Question. 18. Something I observed from above -  the Selenium effect on inflammation?

Answer. 18. Would not have been the nice thing to do - share the observations, for all to make comparisons to their view. 

Question. 19. I have been diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, an auto-immune thyroid disorder and I found a study that suggested taking Selenium to reduce the thyroid anti-bodies?

Answer. 19. This would surely have added to the debate as to whether this Person experienced the reduction, what effect it had and how long did the effects last - especially if one is able to see with an Open Mind all illness has some form of Autism like symptoms attached to it.  

Question. 20. I think there is a more mundane explanation for the increasing numbers of Children with behavioural problems in the western world.

Answer. 20...

A. Is it possible this Person was able to read between the lines of the findings of Mr Handleys and the Scientific Studies.

B. Were this the case it would have been so nice to share as there is an extremely serious question within the content.

C. To which the answer may not be at all a mundane explanation.     

Question. 21...

A. Repeated Immune Activation of the delicate infant Brain during the critical period of early Brain development is the best explanation for why 1 in 6 USA Children have a chronic development disability?

B. Would this also be the best explanation as to why 50 million Americans have an Autoimmune Disease  or a Repeated Immune Activation?

Answer. 21...

A. In the absence of any supporting information should one label this as any different to the information supplied by Medical Sciense - as being no more than guesswork.

B.  If we take the number cited 1 in 6 and 50 million Americans; even with my shortage of mathematical skill - it is not to difficult to suggest this is: 1 Sixth and 1 Seventh of the total population of America.

C. One must add; this cannot have happened overnight, thus must have been building over many years. So why with all of the Scientific Data was this not recognised and a program of treatment created to lessen the Burdon on society, let alone the Health Care Services.

D. Clearly as demonstrated with the questions there are no satisfactory answers - does the situation not give serious consideration as poisonous and biologically damaging to a Human and indeed Rodent body Vaccines may be. There may well be a serious yet unexplored answer to the double edged sword of Human yet Scientific understanding.

Question. 22...

A. Sharon Meglathery MD suggested it was an. Outstanding article?

B. And continued "In my book Beyond Mental Illness I discuss Patterson’s work?"

C. He found that Maternal Immune Activation predisposes to gut permeability, microbiome DNA alterations and Autistic-like behaviors in Rat offspring?

D. He “treated” the “disturbed” Rats with B fragilis to reduce gut permeability and these Rats showed improvements? 

E. Which is an - Interesting hypothesis?

F. That said, you might want to give this other one a look see for how it might tie in to the immune system dysregulation and potential contribution to the cytokine storms and IL-6 through mast cell activation?

Answer. 22.


1. I was intrigued by this contribution of Sharon Meglathery MD as it appeared more to read as an advert for a book rather than enhancing the understanding Mr Handleys paper is clearly requesting.

2. Leading me to investigate to see if I was not missing some Clinical Pearls of excellence.

B. My investigation led me to Dr Sharon Meglathery MD - may I introduce her...

Welcome: Hello All, I am Sharon Meglathery MD (aka Dr. Sharon, stripey14), a physician who developed mast cell activation (MCAS), postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), raised intracranial pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and a host of other potentially disabling syndromes in the setting of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS-HT) in 2009.  I was shocked to learn that somehow medical education has completely missed an epidemic affecting so many gifted young people (mostly women), leaving the patients to fend for themselves.  I have spent 7 years obsessed with a long list of seemingly connected, overlapping syndromes, gathering patient observations in my clinic and in the forums, scouring the scientific literature, dealing with my own illness and often having to experiment on myself.  Early on, my broad medical background revealed that several commonly held assumptions about these conditions must be false.  By letting those assumptions go, I was able to find a neuropsychiatric marker, dubbed CAPS, which predicts a higher risk of chronic illness regardless of hypermobility status which has stood the test of several years.  From there, a lucky break revealed a set of candidate genes which pulled all of my observations together. The knowledge of these genes changed the course of my illness by presenting novel treatment options, and I expect will pave the way for new pharmaceuticals which will help us. 


1. It is clear from Doctor Sharon's self-introduction leading up to 2009 she had suffered numerous and perhaps long-term symptoms that have defied her immune systems response and from 2009 upon what appears an exhaustive diagnosis; she was shocked to be labeled with more than Five diagnosed - as described in the literature data, symptoms.

2. None of which late 2017 is the cause medically known, no more than they have a definitive cure.

3. Leaving me to question. "How would the body and its immune Systems Chemistry cope with all of the medication prescribed for management of her many ever changing symptoms."  

4. Let us explore Neuropsychiatry - a doctrine that is concerned with disorders that affect, cognition and behaviour that arise from overt disorder in cerebral function, or from indirect effects of extra cerebral disease.

5. The clinician needs to have a practical approach to the assessment, investigation and management of Patients manifesting cognitive and behavioural change and to be aware of the specific cerebral and extra cerebral disorders that commonly involve or are accompanied by cognitive or behavioural change.

6. Definitely a well written piece that presents a plausible and relatively compelling story that is not addressed by the goto vaccines-do not-cause-Autism research.

6. But what does it tell us in Pursuit of explaining Maternal Immune Activation Autism and Vaccines. 

7. It appears Doctor Sharon completed here examination of Mr Handleys paper and confirmed; That said, "because it is so interesting I dove into the primary sources cited and came out unimpressed."

8. Leaving me to ask from the words "and came out unimpressed." perhaps the largest and only important question in the entire paper. "WHY." Meaning - what in the very complex paper was missing; moreover what would the missing piece do to the papers content.


A. Whilst we must surely respect the opinions of Sharon Meglathery MD - as in the absence of any useful information this entire paper clearly demonstrates; all opinions must be accepted as contributory to the ultimate understanding sought for the true cause of Autism.

B. Thus it must surely be wise to consider; One cannot be Objective and Subjective on oneself both at the same time - A Patient and a Professional; for if one is Objective it would compromise the view of Subjective and if one was Subjective it would compromise the view of Objective.

1. Objective. Not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts; unbiased: an objective opinion. Intent upon or dealing with things external to the Mind rather than with thoughts or feelings, as a Person or a book.

2. Subjective. Influenced by or based on personal beliefs or feelings, rather than based on facts: I realize my judgment is rather subjective.

C. Thus we can consider if only a possibility. Dr Sharon's views are somewhat compromised.

Question. 23...

A. Mr Handley set out to make the case for Maternal Immune Activation - Autism against Vaccines and although his paper has achieved great recognition in many places on the internet because of its eloquence -  should one not with full Scientific Inquiry ask. "Did the paper  give him and indeed others; the answers they so rightly desired or did it leave many questions still without answers? 

B. leaving one to ask or observe; was the question of:

1. Maternal Immune Activation answered?

2. Was the cause of Autism securely demonstrated.

3. Was the case made for or against Vaccines as the true cause of Autism actually made.

4. Or is there more to the story we should include in Mr Handleys Paper...


Discovery: “Maternal Immune Activation;” can cause Autism 31?

Having now completed Mr Handleys paper including updated comments. let us now look to answer some of the missing questions and supply some of the missing answers.

Introduction 1.

Section. 59.

A. When one looks at the history of Scientific Medicine and it lack of ability to securely establish the cause of any illness and a cure, whist it is a serious concern Vaccines are harmful perhaps in more ways than medical science realizes.

B. Should we be blinkered as we have in the past with the so called Scientific Proof that Mind Blinds us all into the possibility there is as yet to be established - the real cause of Autism; that Vaccines only aggravate.

C. Humans have a very special trait – they always seek to make the simple so complicated it ceases to be simple and the complicated so complex it make complicated seem simple.

D. This is especially so in illness - the reasoning behind this is; first it makes us feel good and second protects us from the truth that hurts so much we are only able to accept Lies and mistruths for they make us feel good. 

E. A perfect example is Maternal Immune Activation, Autisms and Vaccines - if we accepted all of them were either lies mistruths or even our truths then we would have to seek the real truth as our Mind and Master cannot cope with unanswered questions.  

F. In the context of massive development of Vaccine-based strategies worldwide, the present study may suggest that Aluminium  Adjuvant toxicokinetics safety - require re-evaluation.


Introduction 2.

Section. 60.

A. Different names for Autism.

B. Over the years, different diagnostic labels have been used, such as:

1. Autism.

2. Autism spectrum disorder - ASD.

3. Autism Spectrum Condition - ASC Classic Autism.

4. Kanner Autism.

5. Pervasive Developmental Disorder - PDD.

6. High-Functioning Autism - HFA. 

7. Asperger Syndrome and Pathological Demand Avoidance - PDA.

8. This reflects the different diagnostic manuals and tools used and the different Autism profiles presented by individuals.

9. Because of recent and upcoming changes to the main diagnostic manuals, Autism Spectrum Disorder - ASD is now likely to become the most commonly given diagnostic term.


A.  If one accepts the premise of Scientific Inquiry - that studies; often exhaustively over many decades, a given set of symptoms one is deemed to fully understand and thus deserved of giving a name to the discovered disorder. 

B. Should that give rise to renaming the symptoms at a later date - as still being with the original findings that did not establish the cause no more that create a cure.

C. Or is there a message we should all be aware of. As the cause was never established then the later findings invalidate themselves as indeed does any and every name change.

D. Or is there a message within this we should also be aware of. Naming the disorder was never for the well being of the Patient it was more of an anxiety relief of the researchers in order to satisfy their masters who not only funded the study - but will now fund a new study to find the cause of the new name.

E. Or is there an even deeper more powerful message we should most seriously be aware of.  We are all Children of Parents and or Parents of Children - thus the naming of the symptoms is for the relief of the real or hidden Anxiety of the Parents of any given Child or the researchers that fit into both categories as being Child and or Parent; thus the finding are nothing whatsoever to do with the wellbeing of the Child it is only for on looking Adults.      


Introduction 3.

Section. 61.

Question. 1.  What causes Autism?

Answer. 1. The exact cause of Autism is still being investigated. Research into causes suggests that a combination of factors - genetic and environmental - may account for differences in development.

Question. 2. Autism is not caused by a Person's upbringing, their social circumstances and is not the fault of the individual with the condition?

Answer. 2.  Leaving one to request - just who is protecting who and for what reason.

Question. 3. Is there a cure?

Answer. 3...

A. There is no 'cure' for Autism.

B. However, there is a range of strategies and approaches - methods of enabling learning and development - which People may find to be helpful.


1. I have to confess I am not altogether sure where all of this information came from - only a product of my research.

2. However In the absence of secure understanding as to the true cause of Autism - thereby allowing more aggressive preventative measures to be taken into consideration. Parents must do what ever they think is best for their Child with the assistance of knowledgeable medical professionals.

3. Let us not continue to place ourselves in a position of serious weakness by allowing us all to be kidded into believing the answer to Question 3 is as stated - for it may well turn out to be a lifelong self-defeating prophesy.

4. In addition in the absence of knowing the true cause of: Maternal Immune Activation, Autism and the damaging effects of Vaccines one must surely question the Integrity and Wisdom of the content of Question. 2. Autism is not caused by a Person's upbringing, their social circumstances and is not the fault of the individual with the condition? 


Introduction 4.

Section. 62.

Maternal Immune Activity.

Immune tolerance in Pregnancy.

Question. 1. Having tentatively explored Maternal Immune Activation in Section 59 and observed the cause is not known or understood very well - is there anything we can add to the knowledge? In relation to the Cause of Autism and the implication of Vaccines?


A. May we start as we mean to carry on. MIA or Maternal Immune Activation are no more than posh words to hide up nothing is known about the subject - perhaps the reason for this is; no one will fund the research into its true causes and as a result of the findings create a medication regime that would cure both Mother and Fetus, at the same time.

B. It is clear - as with all Medical Sciense including Biological Psychology. All studies work back to front. From Symptoms in dead Rodents Brain Slides and then attempts to fit them into a Human model and when there is not a fit; either to say. More research is required or the cause is not known. 

C. Had there been a modicum of intelligence they may well have accepted a symptom is a symptom and thus must have a cause and repeated this in perpetuum until they could go not further or to do so would "really," serve no useful purpose.

Question. 2. How does this work and is it easy to describe?

Answer. 2...

A.  Although we have to accept this is mainly as a treatment regime - the process must work in the biological study regime as well, one just has to use a greater degree of Scientific Inquiry and not be satisfied with the old aged get out of Jail Card. "The cause is not known and there is no known cure."

B. This most only be as a result of. "Failing to Plan being tantamount to Planning to Fail. 

C. Thus a Symptom is only ever a symptom never a cause - thus must have a cause; even if it is only another Symptom that will in turn have a cause.

Question. 3. Interesting concept how can we apply it here with Maternal Immune Activation? and perhaps Immune Tolerance in Pregnancy?

Answer. 3...

A. Perchance we could carry out a verbal assessment of a Child in the womb to describe their ever changing symptoms that collectively are named as MIA and or ITP, we may well find the answer so confounding it would set to task the most powerful of computers to solve the mathematical equation - that is of course once we have got past the knowing required to be able to select a Child so disposed as not every Child is affected.

B. Now perchance we were able to get past such barriers - would not the next task be to identify out of all of the Mothers to be; the ones that are susceptible to producing a Child that would be a recipient of MIA and or ITP. For it must be said - with the tens of thousand Children compared to the number of Children Born that go on to develop Autism or any other immune disorder; this task would be enormous.

C. Surely the collective of A and B clearly demonstrate the impossibility of such a task and is this the reason why the diagnosed names - as there would be more symptoms listed in each; are used to hide how little is really known and could possibly be known.


1.  Now if we set this against the latest Worldwide figures of Births available. In 2009 there were 4,131,019 reported Births and out of a population of some 350 million the United States as of 2014 has more than 3.3 million and the United Kingdom some 70,000 People listed as affected with some form of Autism.

2. Surely we are able to see selecting even research study participants from America and the United Kingdom alone, may well be considered as a mathematical miracle - but who would Fund such a study with not much or no profit from the outcome; as the numbers of People when evaluated against the available data as to the cause that have Autism, is far to small to be of Novel rather than real scientific value.

E. In order to understand the complexity Medical Sciense has made of these two symptoms - a change of Name is required; one that cannot ever be changed again as it is surely a definitive explanation of MIA and ITP. "The expectant Mothers Body Chemistry;" that as the Sciense suggests is always in a state of constant homeostasis - meaning perfectly balanced.

F.  If we are going to accept this then surely we must also accept the Child in the womb is in real terms nothing to do with it - other than be an innocent victim in receipt of and reacting to Mothers Body Chemistry, better said the Childs every need. In order to develop and grow into a normal, or better said. Natural Child from Birth.

G.  Therefore if we now with later and better information accept trying to understand MIA and ITP is of little to no real value as now we can accept - even the Child is a Symptom not a cause.

H. In the absence of just one expectant Mothers entire health care record having given birth to a Child that develops Autism - let alone the records for all Mothers; one is somewhat forced as the researchers that use Rodents may well have been to make certain assumptions in such a manner as one cannot be wrong. Safe this way.

I. Prior to becoming Pregnant, in a relationship, or even from a young age - there is very likely to have been numerous symptoms; all seemingly well treated as the symptoms seem to have disappeared following medication intervention or even time alone. This could not be further from the truth, for although the symptoms would have terminated, the reality is they stayed Resident - meaning, became. Dormant, yet stayed as highly active - if not more so; as if the symptoms were full on for all to see.

J. This process creates the seedbed for not only MIA and ITP in the Child it is also a signal post Childbirth of the life of ever changing symptoms and many medications a Mother will endure.

Question. 2. One perhaps cannot or should not argue against such a wealth of information not previously available or connected to Autism? Should we not now ask. "What caused the Mothers Body Chemistry to be expressed in such a balanced yet destructive manner?

Answer. 4...

A.  Whilst we could and to a certain degree should include the Father of an affected Child once the Child is conceived Biologically the Father is nothing to do with the Child bearing process - although he could be considered as having a contributory input from an emotional point of view; whether present in the Mothers-Childs life or not.

B. Earlier we spoke of there only being symptoms that have a Cause - thus any discomfort of Mind or Body a Mother with Child and the Child feel is a symptom that has a cause.

C. Therefore in this instance we can metaphorically dismiss the Child as itself is only a symptom of fertilisation being only a symptom impregnation being a symptom of copulation.

D. Leaving us now with. A Woman within a relationship and whilst this union could result in a Pregnancy - in order to understand Body Chemistry we must accept she is no more than a symptom of her own conception. We could of course bounce this back generation after generation, however, we are going to stop at the Parents of the Woman in question.

E. Whilst the possibility exists within the Medical Profession the Child has no sense of awareness or information storage ability - there is a growing body of work from open minded People; that at least accepts the serious possibility, the Child in the womb has a greater sense of awareness, than previously thought.

F. My own Thirty Four years of treating People with long-term multiple mysterious Mind and Body symptoms that have defied many different treatments - has demonstrated differently to me. The Child has an ability to store and under the correct guidance recall such stored information - one must always treat such information with extreme caution; once accessed there is a way the Person will be able to accept the information as having at least a degree of truth and that is a return of previously felt yet seemingly healed symptoms as part of the process of Natural healing so long denied for reason unknown.

G. Let us now return to perhaps the most important part of a Woman who demonstrates during and post Pregnancy she possessed. Maternal Immune Activation.

1. Whilst we could go back in perpetuum for simplicity's sake let us start with the Woman in question and her Parents. Unknowing to themselves they had an emotional protection or one could say - belief system that expressed quite simply; yet has as many manifestations as there are Parents. one that would have either life style making or including Mental and Biological health - life destroying components. "I will not let my Children grow up to suffer in the same manner as I." From one Parent a considerable ask of the Child; from two impossible to bear.

2. The power or implications of this process may in many ways never be seen - as Children of such Parents grow up loving their Parents; even though they may well be seriously ill as a result always in the vain hope the Parents will wake up and become aware the Parental rule was for their sake never their Child.   Which of course they never do as they created the rules for the Child and if and or when the Child rebels - it is always their fault, never the Parents.

3. Thus we have Parents of Children and Children waiting to be Parents - all carrying out the same set of very destructive instructions; they know not who issued them and why. Only they have to continue the process.

4. A process that creates from Parents of Children a traumatic experience that places their Child in FEAR.

5. This Fear that never goes away nor reduces and once could consider expands and creates an Anxiety that cannot - no matter how much trial and error takes place; be relieved. Causing an alteration in the Entire Body Chemical Processes of their Child. That soon will become a Mother to be and the a Mother of a Child where the process is continued.

6. For the Mother to be pre pregnancy her body chemistry will be both Toxic Caustic and perhaps Acidic.

7. Following impregnation Mothers Body chemistry now having to via the Blood supply herself with the necessary nutrients that allow her body to function but also share them with a very demanding Child - ever growing in her womb.

8. Coupled with the thoughts in her Mind as to the original Fear she was placed in by the traumas her Parents subjected her too and indeed her automatically adjusted thoughts and outcome activity that give her an unknown - subconscious Mind thought or if we have to uses such a word Conscious thought regarding her baby - she automatically alters her entire body chemistry, that for the Child feels and indeed is Toxic Caustic and now Acidic. All giving rise to the belief there is indeed a Scientifically Proven Maternal Immune Activation.                                                     


Introduction 5.

Section. 63.

Permanent Immune Activation. Permanent Immune Dysregulation.

Question. 1. It appears now we have two names saying much the same thing - are they a stand alone diagnoses as different to Maternal Immune Activation?

Answer. 1...

A. Let us first take an abstract view of some of the published science on these two symptom names proclaimed as evidence... 

B. Increasing evidence highlights a role for the immune system in the pathogenesis of Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD, as immune dysregulation is observed in the brain, periphery and gastrointestinal tract of ASD individuals.

C. Furthermore, maternal infection - Maternal Immune Activation, MIA is a risk factor for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

D. Modeling this risk factor in Mice yields offspring with the cardinal behavioral and neuropathological symptoms of Human ASD.

E. In this study, it was found - that Rodent offspring of Immune-Activated Mothers display altered Immune Profiles and function, characterized by a systemic deficit in CD4+ TCRβ+ Foxp3+ CD25+ T regulatory cells, increased IL-6 and IL-17 production by CD4+ T cells and elevated levels of peripheral Gr-1+ cells.

F. In addition, hematopoietic stem cells from MIA offspring exhibit altered myeloid lineage potential and differentiation.

G. Interestingly, repopulating irradiated control Mice with bone marrow derived from MIA offspring does not confer MIA-related immunological deficits, implicating the peripheral environmental context in long-term programming of Immune Dysfunction.

H. Furthermore, behaviorally abnormal MIA offspring that have been irradiated and transplanted with immunologically normal bone marrow from either MIA or control offspring no longer exhibit deficits in stereotyped/repetitive and anxiety-like behaviors, suggesting that immune abnormalities in MIA offspring can contribute to ASD-related behaviors.

I. These studies support a link between cellular Immune Dysregulation and ASD-related behavioral deficits in a Mouse model of an Autism risk factor.


1.  It is interesting to note in item B. with the word "Individuals" there is no suggestion yet appears to be confirmed later as to whether it is Humans or Rodents referred to, leaving one to ponder is this a true Freudian Slip or a purposeful omission - appearing to confirm the studies have indeed been trialed on Humans with ASD.

2.  One only has to comprehend the Item H. highlighted in red to comprehend these two names and MIA do nothing to improve the understanding of so called Autism as it is clearly in their own words a Mind based illness not Biological as these words clearly explain. "no longer exhibit deficits in stereotyped/repetitive and anxiety-like behaviors."


A.  May we now reintroduce earlier information copied for ease of reading...

B. Coupled with the thoughts in her Mind as to the original Fear she was placed in by the traumas her Parents subjected her too and indeed her automatically adjusted thoughts and outcome activity that give her an unknown - subconscious Mind thought; or if we have to uses such a word. Conscious thought, regarding her baby - she automatically alters her entire body chemistry, that for the Child feels and indeed is. Toxic Caustic and now Acidic.

C. All giving rise to the belief there is indeed a Scientifically Proven Maternal Immune Activation.


Introduction 1.

Section. 64.


A. Although thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of Mr Hanley we have discussed Autism in great detail - in the light of the updates may we explore in an Abstract view of some of the published science on Autism proclaimed as scientific evidence...

Research and Study.

1. It is reported the understanding of Autism has developed a great deal over recent years, but there is still much work to be done.

2. Researching and studying Autism and related issues is vital, not just to understand the causes and effects of Autism, but to make sure that Autistic People receive the best possible support.

3. If you are researching or studying Autism, our Autism library catalogue is a great resource. 

4. What are the causes and is there a. 'Cure?'